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Michelle the new Diaper Slave

My name is James and I am 38 at 6'0" about 180lbs and in good physical shape. I met Michelle online we agreed to meet in a city half way between us. When we met her appearance, took my breath away 25 yrs old about 5'5' and approximately 110lbs with long dark hair a white blouse and jeans that hugged her little behind. it was hard not to let her know how much she affected me. At dinner we discussed what she hoped to obtain from our relationship and her future desires. I then told her the house rules letting her know what my expectations where. I expected both of us to enjoy ourselves but also expected complete obedience. She would be staying with me during the upcoming long weekend, if all went well she would be my new baby. Infatuated or not I wasn't going to let her off easy she needed to know what she was getting into. I took her hand and led her to my truck before I opened the door for her I told her to "trust me I know it is hard to but you must if you want this to work now, pee your pants". She was hesitant but shortly there after, I saw her jeans darken and a puddle form at her feet. I took her cute little face and gave her a long slow kiss. Then I opened her door and took her to Walmart. There, I filled her cart with diapers, absorbent pads, a baby bottle, apple sauce, a pacifier, milk, laxatives and six bottles of tea. I watched her head to the checkout giving her cash to pay for her own torment. I enjoyed watching her turn red as the lady checked her out. I then walked her back to the truck. She quickly got in I could sense that she was not only embarrassed but also excited, I set off to our next stop informing her she was required to drink all the bottles of tea and the sippy cup full of chocolate milk. I reassured her as we stopped at an adult store. She reluctantly came in not knowing what I was going to have her do. I took her in and informed her to pick a form of punishment and two toys. She picked a medium sized dildo a small butt plug and a pink riding crop. When we arrived at the house around dusk I told her to remove her blouse and bra once again she was reluctant to comply. I took one of the sippy cups and mixed the chocolate laxative and milk in it. She was once again informed of her obligation to finish the two remaining teas and the chocolate milk. I then gave her the sippy cup and watched her drink it. She was instructed once finished to enter the fence gate and that she was to fold her remaining clothes and place them on the table out back and stand by the back door. I then went inside. This really had her flustered I live in a residential neighborhood with the fence gate about 15 feet away. I watched from the bedroom window as she dashed to the back gate trying to open it and keep herself covered. With the privacy fence no one was paying any attention but she was squirming until I let her in I didn't let her stay out there more than a few minutes. I took Michelle into the house and told her to kneel . Watching her all day, had me at the bursting point. I pulled her head back and inserted my membrane in to her supple mouth pulling out just in time to cover her face in my semen.

Picking her tiny frame up I took her into the changing room were I quickly secured her arms spreading her legs with a leg spreader. Slowly trimming away her pubic hair and then shaving her clean and giving her a sponge bath. I pulled her secured legs up to until her knees touched her shoulders and placed a disposable under her with two absorbent pads. I couldn't resist running me tongue up between her legs, paying close attention to her just cleaned bung hole and licking my way up to her already drenched cunt working on it until she was thrashing at her restraints. I then inserted a suppository into her tight rear end. I then slowly let her down rubbing her down onto her diaper and applied a generous amount of baby powder. After securing what had become a rather thick diaper a pair of pink tinged plastic pants were pulled on over it. I picked her up and set her down in front of the couch. A soon as I set her down I noticed she was squirming, Informing her that she was a baby now and baby's utilize their diddys she need to go ahead and relieve herself and make herself feel comfortable soon her diaper expanded. I then set about Combing her hair and placing it into pig tails and a short shirt that didn't quite reach her diaper a pink collar with matching wrist and ankle bracelets had transformed her into my new diaper slave.

Michelle was once again given her special bottle while, I explained the following rules. Diapers are required at all times., only when I decide on special occasions makes it necessary will you be allowed to go without a diddy. You will address, me as Daddy and my friends as aunty or uncle unless told otherwise. If you have to potty you will stand in front of an adult and ask to be changed. You will do this by placing both hands on your bottom and asking to go potty. If we are in the mood we may let you use the potty if not you have your diaper. I will either dress you or leave out what clothes you are allowed to wear. Lying to me will meet with the most intense form or punishment. Removing or adding clothes is considered a blatant ignoring of the rules and would result in more than just a red bottom but several encounters with my choice or punishment. Playing with ones self would lead to just a long slow spanking and my amusement not informing me immediately about a transgression will be considered a lie.

The laxative and suppository were starting to work she was trying to hold it back. I then informed her she wouldn't be given permission to utilize her diapers or the potty. She would rather be given a choice. She would be punished or sent too bed where she would be allowed to utilize her diaper but wouldn't be changed until morning. I could see the panic in her eyes . I then set her down in front of the TV and put on a cartoon for her to watch and returned to her with a one liter bottle of milk with a nipple on it she was informed she was to finish the bottle before she was allowed to go to bed. I sat down with my wine, I saw a devious look come over face, shortly there after she was squatting in front of the TV relieving herself. I came over and pushed her down onto her now overly filled diaper. Pinned her down and began to tickle her. She squirmed until her excrement had worked it's way into every nook and cranny. I took my time enjoying my wine as she patiently waited for me to begin my games.

I then took her hand and led her to the master bedroom. She was surprised to see the master bath first it didn't have a wall separating it from the bathroom. Second, the floor of the shower was the bathroom floor running down to a central drain and a flexible shower head, two ropes with latches hung down from the ceiling, bars ran along one wall at various heights and two eyelets on opposite sides of the drain had been installed to secure the ankles. Third the sinks countertop had been converted to restrain the occupant in a multitude of compromising positions.

Securing her wrists to one of the ropes until her arms were above her head but not quite on her toes, and inserted a pacifier and tied the lace ends, behind her head. I then removed her dirty diapers and secured her ankles. Grabbing the showerhead I proceeded to spray her down from top to bottom. I didn't wait for the water to warm up the cold water ran down her chest and between her legs this had her squirming and her aerials at attention. Lathered her up from neck down and began the cleaning process. After drying her pretty little frame I removed the pacifier and kissed her supple mouth then worked my way down her neck tasting her soft fragrant skin. The application of warming oil on her nipples and down the center of her back had her nipples rigid and ready for the titty clamps they hurt at first but I adjusted them to were they just applied pressure. I then placed the dildo she had chosen on a adjustable stand that held it firmly in place raising her up until she was on her toes I placed it beneath her and gave her some extra slack. The first blow from the riding crop, caught her by surprise. She squirmed at her restraints as I administered the crop. As the crop landed on her ivory skin just below her behind it would cause her to go up on to her toes. Then she would quickly settle down on to her impaler, as soon as her behind started to show signs of a tinge, I started elsewhere with no intention of ending this soon I restrained myself from reddening her behind but rather teasingly worked her breasts and the softness between her legs. I released her arms and told her to grab the second bar. This forced her to bend over but provided some support. Then my hand caressed her behind as I applied a generous amount of lube to her rectum. I Then entered her slowly inserting myself to the hilt. Her tight warm ass and the warmth of her bottom had me filling her insides with my semen after just a couple of minutes. I lingered inside her hole until I could relieve my swollen bladder, after filling her ass with semen and urine I pulled out and quickly inserted a nozzle to an enema bag and released the fluids. She then tried to stand up but a hard slap to her right butt cheek put her back in place. After the bag was empty she was allowed to stand a couple of minutes later she was told she could relieve herself. She looked at me apprehensively as I watched her squat down and empty her bowels she finally ended up on her knees . After rinsing her and the shower her ankles were released.

I know by now she thought she was done as I placed a thin white shirt on her and clean socks. I then pulled a set of pink tinged plastic pants on to her. I then took her to my spanking chair and a padded stool placed in such a manner that she is completely open to my administrations but her torso is comfortably parallel to her bottom. I then informed her now that she was clean it was time for her punishment and told her to bend over my lap. There was a look of concern but I quickly pulled her over my knee securing her with my weight and gave her four quick hard smacks on her thin plastic pants. I then informed her to suck her thumb while she got her spanking. Pulling the plastic pants over so that they completely exposed her left butt cheek I applied two more strong slaps then proceeded to do the same to the other side. Now that her bottom was starting to show a little flush I roughly pulled the plastic pants up giving her wedge and applied three more rather moderate strokes to each buttocks, she squirmed on my lap the first few had her crying out but now she was beginning to enjoy it. I then pulled her pants down to knees and began kneading her tight little rear end. I took some oil that had been sitting in the fridge and placed it so that it would slowly run down the crack of her ass. I intermittently applied a few light slaps here and there to keep her squirming and then pulled off her pants. With one leg I locked her so that she was now fully exposed. I then lubed the butt plug she had chosen and slowly inserted it. With her gyrations on my lap and my enjoyment I blew another load onto her belly as she sat squirming. I then wrapped one arm under her body and pulled out a 8" dildo not the small one she had chosen and then began to insert it. I would place pressure on the toy and then apply a few more slaps to her ever reddening behind. I released her after her behind had turned a nice shade of red. I then placed her on the changing table with her stomach down and legs hanging over the edge. I then kissed her bright red little ass and licked her drenched cunt. I then entered her tight little twat working it as hard as I could. By now I had already come three times I knew I probably wouldn't come again but my hard on would remain until I was just plain exhausted. I pulled her off and took her in three different positions before I finally gave up. I then placed a large cloth diaper on the ground then placed a disposable on top of it and an extra absorbent pad on top of that. I then laid her down beside me. She had the look of someone who was happy and content. I clipped together her ankle restraints and pulled her ankles back to where she almost could kiss her toes. I then rubbed an ointment onto her bottom and placed the diaper under her then changed her sweat soaked shirt. After grabbing another 1 liter baby bottle she sat on my lap finishing her bedtime ba. I then checked her diddy and placed by unit inside and relieved myself, the hot urine hit the crack of her ass and was quickly absorbed. Then I put her in her crib and kissed her goodnight. We had what I thought was an enjoyable weekend. Sunday I took her to her car and told her if she wanted to be my baby 24/7 show up next Friday at the back door wearing nothing but a diaper.

We will see?

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