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Mistress Mommy


I awake to my girlfriend wearing her new mistress collar and holding a diaper, lotion and a vibrating butt plug. Worried I immediately tell her I have to go to the restroom she tells me to shut up and lay still. I tell her no I don't want to play much to my dismay she says "I'm not playing lay still and shut up".I start to get up and she pushes me down and smacks my leg I don't know which was more shocking the SMACK sound, the pain or the fact that she actually did it.

As I lay there she begins to put on my spider man mittens ( with cardboard so I can't grip) and locks them together now my hands are bound at the wrists as she puts on my spider man booties and locks them together leaving the chain about a foot and a half so I can carefully walk down the stairs. After that she says "I'm going to give you a choice but you can talk today only cry or shake your head ok?". I shake my head yes and she said here is your choices do you want to be diapered with this holding the butt plug in one hand or this holding ex lax in the other Shocked I just stare for a minute. She kisses me and tells me to choose. I shrug my shoulders as I don't like either option. She then smacks me and says I'll choose for you then. As she picks up the vibrating butt plug I start to cry she says "hush baby boy" and gives me a bottle of chocolate milk.

She starts to lotion my tummy working her way down to my rising penis and then down to my tight balls. Then she says "flip baby boy" I roll over and she starts to lotion my butt cheeks and then my butt hold I tighten up and she smacks me and says stop. Then she slides in the vibration butt plug and turns it on and tells me to roll over. I roll back over onto the disposable diaper before she pulls it up she opens three depends boosts and inserts them into the diaper pulls it up and tapes my diaper up adding boxing tape to keep the diaper nice and snug as the tapes on these purple diapers are not all that good.

Then she gets up and gets a pair of locking panties and puts them over my diaper and locks me in. She then tells me to get up and go downstairs to my room. I start to go down the stairs carefully being locked I had to go very slow. Once I get in my room she comes in and unlocks my booties and hands and gives me boxers black jeans and a shirt and tells me to get dressed. Once dressed I am to start the car and wait for her.

Finally after about 5 minutes she comes out and gets in the car. She tells me to drive to get breakfast. We go in and sit down to eat as we are eating she grabs my leg and asks how's my baby boy? I respond fine and dandy. She asks if i'm thirsty and i say no i'm good. She says no your not as she gets up and gets me a refill. Now on my third cup of soda she says your going to drink 5 of these before we go baby. I look at her in awe she says don't look at me like that your going to do as I say.

After about 20 mins I finish my last cup of soda. Now she gets up and says lets go you have a big day ahead of you. I follow her out to the car and she tells me to drive to the flea market. Half way there I feel the sodas ready to be released and she notices me squirming and says whats wrong baby gotta pee? I shake my head yes and she says well go ahead fill your diaper for mommy. She then reaches over undoes my pants and starts rubbing on the crotch of my diaper as she does I release one of the biggest pees ever into my thirsty diaper soaking my diaper as she grins and says good boy I can feel the warmth of your pee and you must be soaked. She smiles as she fastens up my pants.

Finally we arrive at the flea market and start walking around outside first looking at all the different vendors she starts looking at the produce and finds bananas and buys 5 or 6 of them as she pays she grins at me real big and I look at her confused. She just grins even bigger.

We continue our walk and as we pass by the bathroom on the inside she pushes me in and follows after me. I ask whats going on and she smacks my cheek and says hush baby and commands undo your pants as I do she peels a banana and slides it inside the back of my diaper. She does that with all of the bananas and tells me to get dressed we continue our walk now waddling more with the bananas in my diaper finally we get done and get in the car to drive home now the bananas squash in my diaper some sliding up pushing the no longer vibrating plug farther up my butt.

When we get home she tells me that i was a good boy and now its time for a treat she takes off all my clothes leaving me only in my diaper. Then she tells me to get in bed. I go upstairs and lay in bed waiting on her she finally comes up with chocolate syrup and whip cream lays on the bed squirts some chocolate on her pussy and up in it and follows it up with whip cream inside and out and says here is your treat baby. I dive in you can imagine the rest.

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