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Chapter 2

(At the conclusion of Chapter 1 Mommy Lauren and put her big baby Stevie in diapers at the Babies R Us Baby Superstore. She had determined what kind of diapers she needed for her big baby and was ready to continue shopping.)

"I think we'll need that shopping cart, baby", Lauren said; "bring that one along for Mommy." Stevie flushed but didn't say a word as he pushed the cart along beside Lauren as they headed down the diapers aisle at Babies R Us. Lauren loaded several packages of Gerber flat 24.5" by 27" diapers into the cart, the picked up an equal number of extra thick prefolded diapers and added them to the cart as well.

"Look, baby," she said, "the package says these are the same diapers used by diaper services." Then she added with a laugh, "Should Mommy get baby a diaper service? Just imagine having the diaper service delivery van pulling up in front of our house once a week - a reminder to the neighbors that a little diaperboy lives there!"

Next Lauren selected half a dozen packages of toddler size vinyl baby pants.

"Mommy is going to have to figure out a way to get these baby pants up over the back of your diapers, Stevie; we can't have your diapers sticking out from under your baby pants can we?"

The next stop was a huge array of diaper bags. Lauren searched for the most babyish looking one she could find.

"There is no sense pretending baby's diaper bag is Mommy's gym bag or travel tote; Mommy wants everyone to see that its for you - maybe we can even get baby's name put on it!"

While Lauren shopped, Stevie began fidget and finally whispered, "I need to go to the bathroom". Lauren just look at him and said, "Well, go ahead and use your diapers!" The she added with a chuckle, "Did baby forget that he wears his bathroom wherever he goes?" And so as Mommy examined the diaper bags, Stevie soaked his diapers like a little baby. Finally, Lauren found an adorable diaper bag adorned with pictures teddy bears and other baby toys.

"This will be perfect," she said and added it to the cart.

"Next stop - baby bottles!" Lauren announced and Stevie's face turned redder. On the way to the display of baby bottles on the front wall of the store, Mommy spotted bibs and said, "Oh, we will need some of these, too." And before Stevie knew it the cart contained three baby bibs. Two of them said "I love my Mommy"; and the third read "Mommy's little angel".

AS Lauren surveyed the huge variety of baby bottles, Stevie fidgeted then said, "Look, Lauren, really ...

". Lauren whirled and took Stevie by the chin.

"Look, who?" she asked sharply.

"Mommy has explained this before, baby. Baby's don't call their mommies by name."

"Alright," Stevie whispered, "but I don't want to drink from baby bottles."

"I see," said Lauren.

"Tell Mommy what you are wearing."

Stevie looked down at his diapers, turned deeper red in the face and whispered, "Diapers."

"That's right - baby diapers ... WET baby diapers" Lauren replied in a slightly louder than normal voice.

"And what else?"

"Um, er, ah, baby pants," Stevie muttered

"Right again, diaperboy," said Lauren; "and what do we call people who wet their diapers and wear baby pants?"

"Babies," Stevie sighed softly.

"Very good," said Mommy Lauren.

"Now then, since you agree that you are a baby you will need to be fed like one. Babies nurse from their mommies or from their baby bottles. Since I am not lactating, you will get a bottle or nothing at all. Now let Mommy pick out some bottles."

When she had selected several baby bottles Lauren decided that they had accumulated enough for one shopping trip.

"We'll stop for baby food at the grocery store on the way home, baby," Mommy noted as they started to the checkout counter.

At the checkout counter Mommy said to the helpful sales associate "Just look at what a big baby my Stevie! Is; he just couldn't wait until we got home and he has soaked his diapers." Then she further shamed the big baby by pulling down his baby pants and saying to the lady, "Just feel those diapers; they are sopping wet. Now you can see why I have him diapered! Can I change him here?"

"Of course," said the clerk as she rang up Lauren's purchases.

"Actually, I think there is a diapering demonstration going on in the changing room. Maybe you would like to see it - and show them how to diaper a bigger baby!"

"Excellent idea," Mommy exclaimed as she signed the credit slip, put her card back in her purse and turned the cart toward the back of the store.

In the changing room, half a dozen expectant mothers were watching as a store associate finished diapering a doll the size of an 18 to 20 month old baby. Snapping baby pants over the diaper and tucking them in around the diaper's edges she said, "And that's all there is too it!

Lauren cleared her throat and said, "And now let me give you a demonstration on a real live baby! He's bigger than most, but you never know how long your baby will be in diapers!" The ladies all turned and laughed to see Stevie standing there in his soggy didees.

Lauren opened a package of flat diapers and a package of the Diaper Service prefolds and began laying them out on the table used for the demonstration. She showed them how to lay out one flat diaper then put two prefolds down the middle and add a flat diaper on top.

"When I get baby down for his nap I will lay out his diapers like this, secure them in place with straight pins then just sew around the edges and down the sides of the middle panel formed by the prefolds," she explained.

Then she laid out a second set of diapers and set it on top of the first, folding in the sides, "Stevie needs double diapers," she observed, then said too Stevie, "Hop up here on the table - its diaper time."

Stevie was speechless with embarrassment as he lay on the table and Lauren slid down his baby pants and unpinned his soggy diapers. One of the ladies watching whispered to another "Just look at those diapers - he drenched them!" Her friend nodded in agreement and said, "I bet he goes through a lot of diapers!"

Lauren lifted Stevie by the ankles and slid his diapers under him, took some baby powder that has been used in the earlier demonstration and powdered Stevie and pinned his diapers securely on him.

"Stand up, baby," she order and Stevie stood up on the table, wearing nothing but his diapers and little t-shirt. Lauren helped him step into his baby pants and pulled them up as far over his diapers as they would go.

One of the ladies watching her diaper her big baby said, "You know, if you cut one pair of baby pants from one leg hole to the other, you could put it inside the second pair and it would slide up over the back of his diapers."

Lauren thought for a moment then reached for a second pair of baby pants and said, "Lets give it a try!" She slid Stevie's baby pants down off his diapers. The associate who had done the demonstration produced a pair of scissors and Lauren cut from one leg hole to the other toward the front of the crotch of the second pair of baby pants. Then she slipped the cut baby pants inside the whole pair and slid them up Stevie's legs.

When Lauren stood her baby up again she could pull the whole pair of baby pants up over his diapers, then slide the inside pair on up over the back of the diapers.

"Just look at my big baby;" she exclaimed, "he's wearing exactly the same diapers and baby pants your babies will wear!"

Then she helped Stevie off the table where she had diapered him and said, "Come along now diaperboy; we still have to stop at the grocery store and get you some yummy baby food!"

To Be Continued

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