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Chapter 3

(At the conclusion of Chapter 2 Mommy Lauren had just changed Baby Stevie's diapers at the Babies R Us Baby Superstore. She and baby are about to leave for the grocery store to shop for baby food and formula.)

"Thank you for your help," Lauren said to the nice lady at the check out counter as she packed baby's new diapers, baby pants, bottles and bibs into his new diaper bag, took baby by the hand and headed for the door..

"Don't forget these," the clerk called, holding up the blue jeans Mommy had taken off Stevie to diaper him. Lauren hesitated and looked at Stevie with his double diapers and new baby pants bulging below his little t-shirt.

"Ohhhh, he looks so cute like this!" she exclaimed.

"Just put those in a bag for me and I'll carry them; this way everyone can see for sure that my baby is still in diapers!"

Lauren put the bag with Stevie's pants in it in the car, but kept the diaper bag on her shoulder as she and baby walked to the grocery store conveniently located in the same shopping plaza as Babies R Us. On the way, Mommy and baby passed a crafts store and Lauren noticed a display of colorful stick-on letters in the window.

"Let's make a quick stop here, Stevie," she said, and turned into the store.

"I'd like to see those decorative letters - the brightly colored ones - she told the associate who stepped up to help her, staring only briefly at Stevie's double diapers.

"Of course, m'am; right over here." He took out several packages and put them on the counter.

"How many packages will you need?"

Lauren paused and thought out loud.

"I want to put 'Baby Stevie's Diapers' on his diaper bag and need enough letters to decorate his baby pants with sayings like 'Diaperbutt' and 'Mommy's Diaperboy' and 'Stevie Wets His Diapers' and 'Still in Diapers' - you get the idea."

"Ahhh, yes I do," said the salesman, with another bemused glance at Stevie's diapers.

"There should be enough letters in a half dozen packages to do that and more."

Lauren saw that there were eight packages left on the shelf and that they weren't very expensive, so she said, "Why don't we just take all of these to be sure! Maybe you can show me how to apply them."

"Certainly, m'am", said the salesman; "right over here." He led Mommy and baby over to a fabric cutting table that was not in use and opened a package of letters.

"Ummmm do you want to do his diaper bag first?"

"That would be fine,' Lauren replied and started sorting through the letters to find the ones that would spell "Baby Stevie's Diapers". With the salesman's help she soon found all the letters she needed in a variety of colors. The salesman showed her how to peel the back off the letters and press them onto Stevie's new diaper bag and in no time the job was done.

The salesman accompanied Mommy and baby to the checkout counter where the sale was quickly completed and Mommy and baby were on their way again, now with a diaper bag that declared Stevie's babyhood in bright red blue, green and yellow letters.

"You are going to have the world's cutest baby pants when I get done with them," Mommy told her baby. Stevie just blushed.

At the supermarket, Lauren got a grocery cart, took Stevie by the hand and looked for the baby food aisle. Mommy smiled or nodded at the people who paused to stare at her and her big baby as he waddled beside her in his thick cloth diapers. She paused briefly to chat with an acquaintance while her baby stood meekly by her side. He heard Mommy say, "Well, yes, he is big, but he is still just a baby. He even wet his diapers at Babies R Us!"

Finished with her conversation, Lauren and baby started down the baby aisle, but before they got to the baby food Mommy spotted big boxes of baby wipes and stopped to take a package off the shelf.

"We'll be needing these when Mommy changes your diapers, won't we baby?"

Stevie just blushed and shuffled his feet.

"Won't we. Baby," Lauren said in a louder voice.

"Yes, Lau ... uh, Mommy," Stevie whispered.

"That's better, baby!" Lauren laughed, and put the baby wipes in the cart.

"Hmmmmm," Mommy Lauren said as she paused by the Baby Oil and Baby powder, "I should have remembered these at the diaper store; these will keep baby all comfy and sweet smelling. Ohhhhh, can't forget this!" she added, putting ointment for diaper rash in the cart along with the other items.

"As wet as you get, Stevie, we don't want you getting a rash!" When she noticed a woman staring at her and baby, Lauren quickly observed, "Well, you know how babies are! Stevie's diapers are almost always wet!"

When the woman looked skeptical, Lauren said, "Well, lets just see." Before Stevie knew it she had slipped her fingers under his baby pants to check his diapers. He blushed deep red as Mommy straightened up and said, "Mommy knew it! Baby tell the nice lady what you have done!"

Stevie fidgeted and whispered, "I wetted my diaper."

"You can do better than that, Stevie; no one can hear you!"

"I wetted my diaper," Stevie mumbled.

"That's a little better, baby; but you seem to have forgotten that you are too big a baby to wear just one diaper. Did you forget that Mommy double diapered you?"

Squirming with shame and blushing red as a traffic light, Stevie finally said clearly, "I wetted my diapers!"

"Good for you, baby!" Mommy exclaimed and clapped her hands.

"Now lets find you some yummy baby food and get you home where Mommy can change those soggy didees!"

At the baby food display Mommy said, "Oh, don't these look tasty for my baby," and "Ummmm yum - strained peaches," and "Mashed peas and carrots - baby's favorite," as she loaded our cart with jars and jars of Gerber baby food. She picked out fruits and vegetables and even meats pureed just for babies. Then Lauren spotted one more thing and said "Now there is just the thing for Mommy's Diaperboy - and reached for a package of Enfamil baby formula.

"Mommy will make you a nice warm bottle when we get home. You will eat what babies eat and drink what babies drink and wear what babies wear!"

At the check out counter, the teen age girl who lived down the block was trying not to stare at Stevie's diapers while she rang up Lauren's purchases. Mommy saw what was happening and said, "That's right - he's still in diapers; maybe you would like to babysit him sometime!" She looked at Lauren then at Stevie then back at Lauren, then she laughed and said "I bet that would be fun, but I might need a friend or two to help me!"

"That would be fine," Lauren said; "the more the merrier! Besides, he's just a baby and babies don't mind being seen in their diapers. I'll have him set up with a high chair and playpen and changing table. But I have to warn you - keeping this big baby fed and dry is a full time job! He is always hungry and almost always wet!"

"Stop by and see us when you get off work," Mommy Lauren told the girl; "I'll show you Stevie's nursery. We can discuss your babysitting fee and you can leave me your phone number."

"Great, I'll see you later," called the girl as Mommy and baby started out to the car.

"OK, Diaperboy; off we go," exclaimed Lauren as Mommy and baby headed for home and Stevie sat quietly in the corner in his soggy diapers - and sucked his thumb.

To Be Continued

After you've finished reading, you might want to return to the DailyDiapers Story Index

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