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Chapter 5

(At the conclusion of Chapter 4 Mommy Lauren is just putting her big Baby Stevie into a brand new pair of snap-on baby pants , inscribed "Mommy's Diaperboy" in colorful letters across the front and "Still In Diapers" across the back, and getting ready to leave him with his new babysitters. Stevie's babysitters are younger than he is. How embarrassing to be diapered by three girls younger than the big baby!) "OK, then - nice and clearly so your babysitters can hear you!" And as Lauren snapped his brightly lettered baby pants over his left hip, baby and Mommy chanted together, "Snap! Snap! Snap!" As Lauren snapped Stevie's baby pants over his right hip, the three babysitters joined the chant, gleefully exclaiming "Snap! Snap! Snap!" with Mommy and her Diaperboy.

"All right, girls, this big baby is all yours for the next several hours," said Mommy Lauren, picking up her purse and looking forward to an afternoon of relaxation.

"We will take good care of him," Melissa promised.

"You bet," chimed in Jill and Heather.

"Come with us, baby," the sitters instructed Stevie as Mommy Lauren pulled out of the driveway.

"You can play in your playpen while we call our friends and tell them about our big baby!" Placed in the playpen in the living room, Stevis sat and sucked his thumb and idly played with the big soft sided blocks that Mommy had found for him.

Mellissa, Jill and Heather lost no time getting out the phone and calling their friends, and before long had even invited several over to see the Diaperboy for themselves. By this time Stevie had wet his diapers and needed to use the potty to poop. Although he wet his diapers, Stevie was sufficiently trained not to mess them anymore.

Heather drew the first potty duty with Stevie and as they finished she heard some of the sitter's friends arriving.

"I don't have time to change you right now, baby," she said; "besides, your diapers aren't all that wet yet anyway - we'll just put them back on you." And she lay Stevie down on the floor and, remembering what Mommy said, exclaimed , 'First we put the baby on the diapers!" Then as she pinned Stevie into his soggy diapers she added, "Then we put the diapers on the baby!"

Taking Stevie by the hand she said, "This is great; you are already wet soour friends will see that you really do belong in diapers." Stevie just blushed and waddled along beside his babysitter.

"Oh, isn't he cute," exclaimed one of the girls.

"Such a big baby to still be in diapers," giggled another.

"Oh just look at his baby pants - 'Mommy's Diaperboy' - that is soooooooooo cute," laughed a third; "what do they say on the back?" A fourth girl, from behind Stevie read "Still in Diapers" and added "Just in case nobody noticed!"

Then Melissa appeared with a bottle of baby formula so all the girls took turns putting baby on their lap and bottle feeding him. One of the girls wondered what it would be like to breast feed him and was starting to unbutton her blouse, when Jill said, "Maybe we should check with his Mommy first - she didn't say anything about that."

"Oh come on" said the girl who now had her blouse open and was about to raise her bra off her left breast, "let's see if he's a real baby!"

"Please, no, not this time," pleaded Jill.

"This our first time babysitting him; I promise I'll ask his Mom and if she says its OK you can do it next time ... promise!"

"Oh, all right," said the girl, whose name was Angela.

When the girls had finished feeding and burping Stevie, they decided to take him outside and moved the playpen to the big shady front porch. They plopped baby down in his playpen and went back inside to see if they could find something cold to drink.

Soon they came back outside with icy cold Cokes and started to chat happily among themselves. From baby Sevie the conversation drifted to their own brothers and other boys they knew, school, the latest music and fashions and soon they had all but forgotten Stevie who had lay down and drifted off to sleep in his playpen.

It wasn't until one of the girls noticed a small puddle at the leg of Stevie's baby pants that anyone realized that baby had by now soaked his diapers.

"Uh, oh," said Heather; "I'll go get the diapers while some wakes up the baby."

"I'll come with," says Angela; "I want to see his nursery." As Heather and Angela go in to fetch diapers, baby pants, powder and pins, Melissa and Jill lean over the rail of the playpen and gently rouse the sleeping baby.

"C'mon, baby", coaxes Jill; "Time to get those soggy didees changed", says Melissa.

"I brought three diapers," says Heather.

"Good thing," laughs Jill, "just look how wet he is!" Jill is pointing to the trickle down Stevie's leg at the bottom of his bulging baby pants.

"Awwwww poor wittle babykins," coos Melissa.

"We'll get you into nice dry diapers; won't that feel good," she says as she lays Stevie down and unsnaps his baby pants. She unpins the sopping wet diapers and slides them our from under baby. Then Jill, who has folded three diapers together, slides the dry stack under baby. Heather has a baby wipe handy and dries Stevie, then Angela, eager to get into the act asks, "Can I pin them on him?"

"Just a minute," says Melissa as she reaches for the Baby Powder. Soon the girls and the big baby are nearly engulfed in a cloud of sweet smelling powder.

"Ooooops, that might be a little too much," laughs Melissa spreading powder liberally onto baby.

"Now he's ready," she tells Angela.

Angela bends down over Stevie and pulls his diapers extra tight over his left hip.

"My Mom always says we need to put my baby brother's diapers on good and tight or he will wiggle out of them". Then she pulls Stevie's diapers good and tight over his right hip and pins them in place.

"Here are the baby pants - I brought the pull-on ones since the snap-ons leaked, said Heather holding up a pair of extra large baby pants lettered "I Wet My Diapers" across the front, and "Diapered by Lauren" across the back.

"Maybe we should each give Stevie a pair of baby pants with our names on them - you know Diapered by us," suggested Jill.

Angela held Stevie by the shoulder as Heather helped him step into the baby pants and Melissa pulled them up over his diapers and tucked them in around the edges.

"There you go, Stevie; all dry!" she exclaimed. Then whispered to her friends, "How long do you think he can stay that way?"

After awhile, the friends began to drift off; it was getting to be dinner time and there was no sign of Lauren yet. Heather was the first to go.

"Bye, bye baby," she said to Stevie giving him a pat on his thickly diapered bottom.

"Don't forget to ask his Mommy about the feeding thing," she reminded the others.

Soon Melissa and Jill said, "Gee, Angela, we need to go, too; will you keep an eye on him."

"Sure," said Angela, nervous that she would be left alone and didn't know for how long.

About a half hour later Mommy was not yet home and Angela's Mom came driving by.

"Come on," she called, "did you forget you have a soccer practice this evening?"

"Omigosh," exclaimed Angela; "we were baby-sitting Stevie and his Mommy isn't home yet. I can't just leave him here - and it looks like he needs his diapers changed again."

"Alright," said Angela's mother; I'll leave his Mom a note with our address and phone numbers. Can you find his diaper bag? We'll bring him with us. I already have your baby brother in the car. I guess I can cope with having two in diapers. I'll change his diapers while I wait for you at soccer practice.

(To be Continued. Readers are invited to submit story ideas to )

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