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Kelly had been married to 'him' for a few years. He had his issues, the love of diapers, the desire to cross dress in and out of diapers, the constant curiosity involving sex with men, were just to name a few. Kelly decided it was time fo fix things. She was tired of catering to the needs of a spouse, baby and girlfriend all in one so she set a plan to get rid of the spouse and keep the best 2 out of three. First her new girlfriend and baby needed a name. She settled on Cindy Lynn. Next she needed a plan. Kelly decided that on friday night her long time hubby would be sat down and told the brutal truth. Kelly kept herself busy the next few days getting things ordered online and planning out the conversation and events to follow. friday night rolled around and her new girlfriend came home from work. Kelly did'nt waste any time.

"Honey, it's time we talked." Started the conversation. Kelly stated the facts and laid down the rules, he could stay or go. He chose to stay. Her name was now Cindy, she would be shaved at once, diapered, and begin intense femme classes and lessons. Cindy had to live as a woman or baby girl at all times. she also had to start hair removal and hormone therapy. Kelly thought Cindy should have boobs. Cindy felt the same way. Kelly also thought Cindy should always sleep diapered as Cindy's new pussy was about go get broken in and Kelly did not think accidents were a good thing. over the next few weeks Kelly and Cindy became best friends. Kelly decided it was time Cindy lost her virginity, she was totally passable in public and they loved to kiss in front of men. Kelly had the talk with Cindy about dating guys and Cindy agreed, stating a deep desire to taste cum and feel it in her diapers. Cindy had the option to wear panties but preferred a thick wet diaper instead. With a diaper in place you could never tell she had a penis. Cindy put an ad on craigslist looking for a few guys to give her a fun first time. her long brown hair, green eyes, and very round ass brought in plenty of emails. Kelly and Cindy picked the best 6 expecting 3 to show up. Wrong. They reserved a hotel room and both decided it would be best to have 2 girls instead of one, so Kelly and Cindy got dolled up and headed out. Cindy had on a school girl outfit with pink and brown plaid and a tranquility atn diaper and kelly had on a teachers outfit with those hot teacher glasses. They got to the room and got everything organized, lube, toys, spare diapers, etc. they started making out to get warmed up and kill some time. someone knocked on the door, the first 2 were here. they were both good looking and claimed to have week long loads waiting. They each took a guy and started talking and flirting. Kelly had alot more experience with guys and had her toy naked within a few minutes. Cindy took the hint and got hers naked too. his cock was above average and semi hard to begin with. she was nervous but wanted to impress so as soon as he laid down she went right for his cock. First kissing it, then licking it. She loved the taste, she looked up and saw him wanting more. she looked over and saw Kelly getting her pussy fingered while she sucked his cock in. Kelly looker over and smiled, then blew her a kiss. Another knock at the door, another guy showed up. He was seriously hot too! Kelly invited him in. she looked out the door and saw the other 3 walking up so she waited. What a great turnout she thought. Once they were all in the room kelly pryed Cindy off her new friends cock. Cindy wiped some pre cum off her lip and licked it off her finger. Kelly took charge and had the guys pust the 2 beds together. she wanted to make sure Cindy remembered this night. she had all the guys strip down. The 2 girls hit the jackpot tonight. She had the first guy lay down and told Cindy to finish sucking him off. Cindy knew to swallow every drop or else. after a few minutes of Cindys attempt to suck the guy inside out he started to thrust his hips and then grabbed the back of her head. He filled her mouth up with a giant load of cum, Cindy loved it, all of it. when he was done the next one laid down and Cindy started again. The first guy started getting hard from watching the blow job and kelly lubed his cock and undid one of the bottom tapes on Cindys diaper. It was already half full with pee, he didnt mind at all. kelly guided him into her new pussy and he eased his head in while Cindy kept blowing the other guys huge cock. she felt like a woman finally. he started pumping her hips, enjoying the feeling of her diaper on his hands and the side of is cock. She loved the sound of the crinkle. Before long the guy in her mouth started shaking and he blew a giant load into her mouth. She moaned and sucked it all down smiling. when he wasw done she gave kelly a kiss and asked for another. the guy in her pussy got a little too into the kiss and pumped her pussy full of cum, pounding her diaper the whole time. he pulled out and Kelly laid one on his back, Cindy climbed on top and 2 guys stood on the bed. she had now progressed to a blow job, hand job and a cowgirl ride at once. Cindy was giving it everything she had. The load of cum had lubed her pussy great. She was taking turns sucking and jacking the guys. The last 2 guys were getting impatient with their hard ons and Kelly decided to pacify them with some slow jacking and light sucking till one of them bent her over the bed and stuck his cock in her, he was close to begin with and she felt it. She loved cock and she couldnt resist a quick fill. She squeezed her pussy as tight as she could and rolled her hips and that was all it took. he moaned and puller her in, staying deep to fill her up. She smiled and thanked him. He left his cock in her while the other guy came in her mouth, he was a shooter. She saved all of it for her girlfriend. Kelly climbed into the pile of sex and kissed that load of cum to Cindy. They both smiled afterward. Kelly then bent over on all fours to let Cindy lick her clean, Cindy did so happily. the last 3 guys were loving this sight so much that they all came almost in time. First the guy in Cindys pussy started bucking her up in the air, then while she had both cocks in her mouth they came together. She had found her calling. After the games she clilmbed off the bed and fixed her diaper, feeling cum drip our of her into the back of it. The guys, as usual left once they were satisfied. Kelly and Cindy laid on the bed in a loving embrace. talking about how much fun they had. Soon after Kelly changed Cindys diaper, taking notice of how little cum was in it. Cindy wanted to save it for her clean diaper to play in. Kelly decided she wanted a diaper that night too. Cindy diapered her very lovingly, tasting cum on her pussy. They both wet immediately after being diapered, taking notice to the thickness of each others diapers. They fell asleep in the bed, thinking about the days events while Kelly held Cindy to her breast to suckle and drift off.

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