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Like I Had a Choice...

chapter 1

"Hey Lou, do you fancy a trip to that new shopping place?" my mum asked sticking her head around my door.

"Sure just let me get dressed" I replied. I slipped on my favourite jeans and my new red t-shirt, did my make up, and I was ready in almost 5 minutes.

I helped mum get my little sister Sophia ready too, and then we all climbed into the car. Sophia usually lived with my dad, as my parents had been divorced for about 3 years now, and I lived with mum.

We pulled up at Sun Beach Mall, about half an hour later, and all jumped out excitedly. It was enormous, as we walked in the entrance, on the right there was a huge crèche, where parents could leave their children while they went shopping.

"Lou, can you sign it for me please?" my mum signalled to the desk where a very smiley lady was gesturing at me with a pen and clipboard. Mum was busy rummaging through her bag for something which is why I assumed she couldn't sign it herself. I turned to wait for Sophia to go into the play area, "In you go then love" my mum pushed the small of my back towards the entrance.

I stopped abruptly, "Hang on what? Soph's going in" I argued.

"Actually sweetheart you've just signed yourself in.

"She began walking away as the smiley lady escorted me into the crèche."I'll be back for you at the end of the day, got lots to do. See you later" she blew me a kiss and disappeared round the corner.

I realised she was serious. I turned to walk out the exit barrier, but I was abruptly stopped by a large man who grabbed my shoulders and pulled me back. I was scared, and in complete shock at this point, and screamed.

"You can't keep me here you freakin' maniacs. Let me go!!" I yelled.

The large man's name badge identified him as Phil, he had slightly darkened skin, and cropped hair, he wore a bright red t-shirt that said 'sunny day's day care' with a massive sunshine smiling on the front. He clamped his hand over my mouth to shut me up. He span me round so I was then face to face with a fairly old, stern looking, neatly dressed woman.

"Louise, you have signed yourself over for this programme, as have both of your parents, and as you are still 17 that gives us every authority to do exactly this. Okay, this may sting a little, but it will help calm you down" I had still been trying to struggle out of Phil's tight grip, but to no avail. The syringe pierced my skin and within seconds my body went limp and weak.

I turned to see a line of staff all watching me, no other children were in the crèche yet, so I had their undivided attention. I was walked past them and shown who was who. There were about 6 in total, Phil of course, Linda the stern one, Scarlett the smiley one from the entrance, and Daniel, Mary and Poppy.

Daniel came and took one arm and Phil took the other, I was light for my age and small, so I didn't really understand why two of them were needed. But the two of them, took me over to a soft mat area, just beyond the colouring in table, against the far wall. Linda followed, "Louise you've just been given a muscle relaxant, and we're going to leave you here for a bit because we've got other children to sign in, shout if you need anything."

And with that they all turned and left me, and a little heap against the wall. About 10 minutes later, approximately 15 more children had been signed into the crèche, and the staffs were all busy with various activities. I suddenly, felt the need to pee, "Oi" I shouted in no mood to be polite "you, I need the toilet! Will someone help me up so I can go to the fucking toilet?" I shouted loudly.

I was beginning to get desperate, I really needed the toilet, and this muscle relaxant must have weakened my bladder muscles too. Linda strode over, and I attempted to get up ready for her to take me to the toilet, but she pushed me back down.

"No, you can sit straight back down, I will not have that language in my crèche. As you were so rude, nobody will be taking you to the toilet. That'll teach you to be so rude" she smiled coyly and walked away.

"Stupid bitch" I muttered to myself, as I attempted to haul myself to the toilet which was difficult considering the weakness of my muscles.

As I pulled myself, I felt my bladder release its contents, and shocked; I watched the warm wetness spread over my crotch and over my jeans leaving a dark stain.

"Uh oh. Linda, looks like somebody had an accident" teased Scarlett, who I realised must have been watching my entire ordeal. I was extremely embarrassed and tried to hide my face.

"Oh deary me, so the little one has" continued Linda, "right let's get this one changed shall we" Phil then came over and picked me up, taking me to the toilet, closely behind Linda. He left me with Linda, and went outside the toilet; the door was left open so I could see that he was still there.

Linda pulled my wet jeans off my legs so quickly, I had barely realised what was going on, she went for my knickers too, but I held them firm round my waist.

"I can do that myself thanks, and I need the toilet again too so if you'll excuse me" I said curtly. Linda wasn't having it.

"Phil" she called, he came in lifting me up again into a cradle position, carried me from the room, and into another named "baby changing facility" he lay me on a changing table, where I immediately objected, and attempted to pull myself back up. Phil pushed me back down, and held me there.

"Phil, love, can you pop the straps on," Came Linda's voice from behind Phil's large mass. He fastened my wrists into straps at the top corners of the changing table; he put one over my chest, one over my waist and a final one, across my forehead. I was completely debilitated.

Linda peeled my soaked knickers from me and then took both of my ankles and fastened them into a strap suspended from the ceiling, she then ran a cold wet wipe, over my private area.

"When you said you needed the toilet again, did you mean you needed a poopy?" she questioned. I felt my face flush bright red, and I nodded meekly.

"Okay then" she continued merrily "I'll just pop this on you, because nobody wants to spend their day taking you to the toilet every 10 minutes" she unfolded a large white diaper from a cupboard beside her, and began to slide it underneath me, "No wait! I can't go in that!" I exclaimed appalled at the idea.

"You can't go in this?" Linda asked me, I shook my head.

"Oh well, I can help you with that" she said. She went to a draw on the other side of the room, and came back with a box of something and a tube, labelled 'lubricant'. I was scared now. She squeezed some lubricant onto my back passage and then inserted her finger inside and twisted it round, she did this a couple of times, "relax sweetheart, here comes the poopy train" cooed Linda. She inserted something into my hole, and then another. I squirmed uncomfortably. Linda lowered my feet, and pulled the diaper up between my legs, and fastened the tapes.

"Right, I've put two suppositories up your poopy tunnel, because you said you can't go" she finished tapping my diaper. She knew exactly what I meant, the cow.

"And because you went wee wee in your panties, you're going to have to just wear your diaper and t-shirt for the rest of the day" she unstrapped me from the changing table, and had Phil take me back into the crèche.

Again I was left alone on the mats, the muscle relaxants had almost worn off, but the suppositories were beginning to work. I decided that I needed to get out of here as quickly as possible. I lay down with my eyes half closed observing the staff for about 10 minutes. When it looked like none of them were watching, I crawled on all fours back to the toilet cubicle. I saw my still damp knickers and jeans and slipped them on, removing the diaper and throwing it into a bin. I then crawled along the floor, sticking to the wall, and under the exit barrier. As soon as I was out I stood up and ran.

I found some loose change in my pocket and called a taxi, to my best friend's house, just across town. I then ran to the nearest toilet, as the taxi would be 20 minutes yet. I got to the toilet just in time, and relieved my bowels. I hid in the toilet a bit longer, and then when I thought it was almost time for the taxi, headed out.

I got to the taxi, and just as I reached for the taxi door handle, I felt a hand on my shoulder. I span round o see my mother, scaled wither side by Phil and Daniel, and closely followed by Linda.

Maybe that wasn't such a good idea...chapter 2

I stood open mouthed, faced by this 'army' of people coming to get me.

"They called me as soon as they realised you had run off!" my mum began to lecture. She grabbed my hand, and led me away from the taxi.

"But mum they've been..." I started before mum interrupted me.

"I know exactly what they've been doing because I told them to do it. Truth is, I want a baby, at my age I can't have any more, and so you don't really have a choice."

I turned to run, but I was caught mid-step by Phil and Daniel, as Linda approached me with 2 syringes, I tried to shout, but yet again, Phil's hand was clamped over my mouth. The needles sank into my arm, and within seconds I was asleep. I wasn't sure how much time I was passed out for but I woke up feeling very drowsy and my head felt heavy. My eyes steadily regained focus, and as I looked around found myself looking at iron bars, and unable to move. I rolled slightly to one side, only to see that I had been dressed in a onesie, that covered both my feet and hands, and by the feel of it, some very thick diapers too.

Phil, came into the room, and lifted me from what appeared to be a crib.

"Hello Louise" came Linda's all too familiar voice.

"Now weren't you a naughty girl running away like that? Well...naughty girls get punished, and I've got a special plan of punishments just for you."

Phil placed me onto the changing table, "I've put a catheter into your wee wee hole, so that you can do wee wees all the time, and so I put you into a diaper, and a onesie to help you sleep." She undid the onesie, and put her fingers inside my diaper, oh my aren't we wet" she stated.

"Time for a diaper change, but firstly..." she removed the diaper I had on and then rolled me onto my front, and attached the straps so that I couldn't move.

"We'll start with an enema, clean out the poopy tunnel; a full bag should do it." She inserted the enema nozzle into my back hole, and left it to fill me up, for about 15 minutes. I felt enormous by the time the bag was empty. I looked pregnant.

Linda then removed the enema nozzle and quickly replaced it with something else, "Now Auntie Linda's just popped a butt plug in there for you, stop it leaking out of the tunnel, and should teach you a lesson too. Roly poly." She babbled as she flipped me back over onto my back. The 'plug' in my bottom hurt and the fluid filling my insides, was beginning to make me cramp.

Linda slid a diaper underneath me, and tapped it up.

"I'm going to put you into lots of diapers because you won't be changed now until the end of the day, again you should learn your lesson. She cut some slits in the diaper, and then added another. She repeated this about 8 times. And then put my legs through some plastic pants. She then reached into the diapers, and removed the plug from my bottom; she then tightened the chain at the top of the plastic pants and put a lock onto it and the key into her pocket.

"That'll stop you taking them off, like you did with that one earlier" she continued.

Linda then re-dressed me in the onesie, and lifted me back onto the floor. Within seconds of being placed on the floor, I felt my diaper get wet due to the catheter, and within another few, I felt the enema empty itself, and my bowel's contents into the diaper. I began to cry as I sat in my dirty diaper, humiliated, and uncomfortable.

"Oh don't cry, especially not now save the tears for later. Trust me it's going to get a lot worse" chided Linda, with a fresh sob I felt the diaper fill a little more, and then I lay on the floor, and cried myself to sleep.

Yummy...ha more like yucky... Chapter 3

I woke back up, after about an hour asleep, on the floor, to find Phil sat next to me eating a sandwich. I suddenly realised that I hadn't eaten today, and I was starving. I hauled myself up so that I was sat next to Phil, "hey Phil" I mumbled still feeling groggy, "could I have a bite, I'm starving" I asked desperately.

"Hey sweetie, sorry darlin' Linda said only she's allowed to feed you. So I think you might have to wait a bit." I sighed.

"Tell you what, give me a sec to finish this, and then I'll let Linda know you're hungry so she can feed you. Hey how's that?" Phil offered. He guzzled down the remains of his sandwich and wondered off to find Linda.

My diaper was still becoming increasingly full and I could feel it beginning to set in my diaper, making me sore. I winced as I rearranged myself into a more comfortable position. Phil wondered back over, about 5 minutes later, holding out his arms to pick me up. I was used to him carrying me now, and lifted my arms in response. He sat me on his hip, and walked me into the kitchen, where all the other children were sat eating. There were only about 5 children now, all at least about 4, up to about aged 8. Phil carried me to a highchair near the refrigerator, and placed me in it. I was small so I fit into a toddler's highchair, but the HUGE diapers caused a bit of a problem, Phil had to cram me in. This caused the mess in my diaper to spread, and i became even more sore, and let out a little whine in pain.

"Sorry Hun" muttered Phil, as he fastened the harness around me, and my hands to my knees. He then clipped the tray into place, over my hands, so there was obviously no way I'd be feeding myself.

I looked up to see the other children staring, and blushed with embarrassment and humiliation. Linda was at the sink washing a spoon, and then pulled something from a drawer before bringing the little tray over to me. The placed a small dish of pureed something in front of me with a bottle of milk. I still had my head held down, with my hair covering it, to avoid the glares of the children.

"lift your head Louise," Linda said as she stood behind me, but I couldn't knowing that the children were still there and watching me.

"Come on. Now. You're already in enough trouble, don't make it any worse" warned Linda. Yet, against my better judgement, I kept my head still. Little did I know the other children had been sent back to play.

"You leave me no choice" she pulled my head back by my hair, and tied a bib around my neck. She took the bottle of milk, back over to the counter and emptied a bottle labelled FASTLAX into it, and then bought it back over to me.

"It's your own fault, you were warned" she snapped. She began shovelling the mushy food into my mouth, it tasted foul. As she did this she carried on muttering, "I've called your mother, and she will be coming to get you in a couple of hours. Tomorrow you'll be back here for the day, before going home with Phil and Daniel. I will pick you up from theirs the following morning and you will be finishing your Training and preparation with me, at my house. Then home to your mummy sometime next week depending on your behaviour."

I finished the last mouthful of mush, and then Linda roughly shoved the laxative filled bottle into my mouth, I sucked at it for a while, until I was full. I pulled my mouth away from the bottle, but it was then immediately forced back in.

"Finish it all, otherwise it won't work" warned Linda holding it firmly in my mouth. I realised that when it came to Linda, I had no choice, and I finished the bottle's contents.

Phil came back into the room, and took me from the highchair and put me onto the floor, the movement again made my bottom sore, and I winced and gasped, biting my lip.

"Please Linda, will you change me, I'm really sore." I asked desperately.

She pulled at the onesie I was wearing, to show the diaper, and i felt her pulling at it for a few minutes, before outing it back in place, and re-fastening the onesie.

"No sorry, you've only gone through 3 layers and you won't be changed until you've gone through all 8, which shouldn't be too long now, with the laxatives you've just had. Besides the rash is there as punishment for earlier, in future you will do exactly as you're told." The diaper rash was itchy too, and due to the number of diapers, I couldn't itch it properly, which made me uncomfortable and frustrated.

Linda then came over to me and started rubbing my tummy, "I want you to learn to mess, without straining, so it just comes straight out, without you knowing." With the laxatives and Linda rubbing my stomach, soon enough the poop started flowing into my diaper, it seemed to last forever. About 5 minutes later and after my bladed had emptied too, my diaper was now very full and very heavy.

Phil then lifted me again, as carefully as he could, due to the diaper rash, and carried me back to the crib I was in earlier. He put me in it, put a pacifier into my mouth, and left closing the door behind him. I had taken the majority of this in good stride, but i was incredibly frustrated now, unable to itch, and in a lot of discomfort. I sat up in the crib, and removed the onesie, I attempted to slide the iapers off, down my legs, but they would barely budge, without breaking my was impossible.

I lay down in the crib in just my diapers, and fell back asleep.


Lou Lou.

Louise, sweetie, mummy's come to pick you up.

I woke slowly, my eyes were blurry at first, but I recognised my mother's voice, and pulled myself up.

I had been re-dressed in a clean onesie, and the pacifier had been tied round the back of my head with a ribbon. Mittens had also been put on my hands. I pulled myself up on the side of the crib, and Phil came over. He lowered the side of the crib and lifted me out. I was still very tired, and lay my head on his chest with my arms around my neck. Beside the Crib was a large pushchair, Phil lowered me into it and strapped the harness around me and he tucked a blanket round me.

"Oh Linda, you've done such a terrific job. Is it okay if i pay you tomorrow?" my mother praised

"Yes of Course, there are a couple of things I want to run through to make sure the training is effective. Firstly..." Linda's voice trailed off as she and my mum left the room.

I still felt kind of drowsy as Phil wheeled me to the car just behind Linda and my mum as they kept chatting. When we reached the car Phil lifted me into a waiting car seat, in the back of the car, again fastening the harnesses and putting a blanket over me. He kissed my forehead, "see you tomorrow kiddo" and with that he shut the door. Within moments I was asleep again.

Home Sweet Home...Chapter 4

I woke up again when we arrived home. The sound of my mother opening the car door beside me, startled me awake.

"Oh sorry, I didn't mean to wake you" my mother cooed, as she unfastened me from the car seat. My mother was strong and I was very small and light for my age, so she was able to pick me up from the seat and carry me inside. Mum carried me inside at sat me in a playpen in the middle of our living room, and then she left again. She returned a few minutes later with a bottle in her hand, she took me from the play pen and lay me across her lap, and fed me the bottle. Once it was gone my mother said to me, "come on then sweetheart, you've had a long hard day, I know. Beddy-byes time" and began moving me, I burst into tears at the severity of the soreness, on my diapered bottom.

"Oh now honey what's up?" my mother soothed rubbing my back.

I explained and stuttered as I did so.

"Oh Lou, I really wish there was something I could do. But Linda told me to leave it on you over night, so I don't ruin your training." She apologised.

"Please mum please" I begged, as I sobbed.

"Right I'll tell you what we'll do. We'll take that nasty thing off your bottom, put you in a nice dry one tonight. But in the morning, I'll have to put it back on you so Linda doesn't find out, okay?"

I hugged her tightly, grateful that I would get some relief. She kissed my forehead, and took me through to what used to be my bedroom, but had now been converted into a nursery. It was all baby pink, and covered in bunnies.

She lay me on the changing table, and unlike the crèche, one I didn't have to be strapped down. My mother unlocked the locking pants with a key that hung on a chain around her neck. And gently pulled all 8 diapers down my legs, she placed them onto a shelf. It smelt so bad. She gently wiped my diaper area with wet wipes, which soothed the burning sensation. She then applied liberal amounts of crème to the rash and finished it all off with baby powder, and put just two diapers on me. It felt great to be in clean, dry, diapers. My mother then dressed me in a very soft pyjama onesie, and lifted me into the crib, where my bed used to be.

She pulled up the side of the crib, and pulled a blanket over me, and tied a pacifier around my head with a piece of ribbon, she turned out the light and left. I was unusually tired today, and fell asleep in minutes.

My mother woke me at about 8am, and took me to the kitchen and put me into a highchair, where she fed me mashed up banana for breakfast, and a laxative laced bottle, as per 'Linda's orders'. I was then changed into yesterday's diapers and my mother dressed me in a pink pinafore dress with a long sleeved white top with pink bunny prints; that fastened between the legs, and some frilly white ankle socks. She then buckled me on some Pink Mary Jane shoes. She tied my long blonde hair into plaits and tied them at the ends with pink ribbons.

My pacifier was clipped to my dress, and my mother put me into the car ready for day 2 at the crèche. My mother had packed a suitcase of things for me, for my stay at Phil and Daniel's, and my stay at Linda's.

Day two at the crèche was fairly mundane; the biggest highlight was being changed out of the awfully full diaper and into several fresh ones by Linda. Besides that I spent most of my day either eating, drinking, pooping or peeing, or sat on Phil's lap as he read me story after story. I was put down for a nap just after lunch. The only major new event was that I had to keep my pacifier in my mouth at all times unless eating and drinking.

At about 3 Phil and Daniel were allowed to take me home. Daniel was already waiting with my suitcase, as Phil strapped me into the pushchair. Linda handed each of them a thick wad of paper.

"Right you both know what you have to do, but if you forget it's all written down in here. And please keep an eye on Craig" said Linda as we were waved off. I looked at Phil quizzically, I hadn't heard of Craig yet.

"You'll see later honey" he soothed as we walked. We walked for about 15/20 minutes until we reached Phil and Daniel's house. Phil wheeled me in the front door, "Home sweet home" smiled Phil.

"I'd hardly call it sweet" leered Daniel.

"Cut it out" hissed Phil in response.

Phil put the pushchair in front of the TV in the living room, while he went to change from his work uniform. I was left alone for a good half an hour, watching mindless children's TV, before Phil returned. He unfastened me from the push chair, removing the blanket and my shoes, and putting me into a playpen next to the sofa.

Phil sat on the sofa, as close to the playpen as possible, drinking a cup of tea, while watching TV. Daniel came in about 5 minutes later, with a beer and sat on the smaller sofa opposite me. I caught him watching me a few times, and turned so that I couldn't see him, quite honestly he scared me.

At about half four, I heard the front door open and shut again, and in walked Craig. He was gorgeous, exactly the kind of guy I'd have gone for outside of this whole fiasco. He smiled at me and crouched down beside the playpen, "and you must be our little'un. Louise ain't it?" He cooed grinning at me. I felt embarrassed and felt for Phil's hand which was draped over the top of the playpen.

"Hey Craig I think you're scaring her" chuckled Phil.

"Sorry kid" he smiled and left to go for a shower.

"Righty-Oh then" said Phil as he heaved himself from the sofa, and picked me up from the playpen; "din dins" he smiled, as he carried me through to their kitchen. It was narrow and long, and the table had a highchair at the head of it. Phil sat me in it, and fastened my hands to my knees, just like at the crèche. Daniel had followed us in, and was taking something from the oven, it smelt really good. He took a large ladle full, and put it into the blender, as Phil tied a bib onto me. He then went to prepare my bottle.

Phil sat to my left, and put the bottle on the tray in front of me, Daniel served up 3 large plates of beef stew and a small bowl of mush to me. Craig came in and sat next to Phil, Phil fed me my food while Craig sorted out drinks and Daniel got some garlic bread to go with the meal. He then unfastened my hands from under the tray and gave me my bottle to feed myself. The 3 men sat and talked almost as if I wasn't there, from girls to cars, and everything in between. I finished the bottle and let out a yawn, "Hey mate," Craig nudged Phil, "I think someone's tired" he grinned.

"Linda's rules say that she must be given a bath by me first" interrupted Daniel, with a cruel smirk on his face. He was one of those skinny little evil blokes, with a pair of glasses perched on his nose, and a ridiculous moustache. Phil looked at Daniel and then at me, I shook my head, I really didn't like Daniel, and I was extremely frightened of him too.

"Sorry Lou, it's in the rules, come on" Phil lifted me from the highchair, and took me to the bathroom, he sat me on the floor, kissed my head and left, "she's all yours, be nice Dan!" warned Phil over his shoulder as he returned to the kitchen back at the beginning of a long corridor.

Dan began to run a bath, and then turned to me, he removed my clothes and left me in just my diaper, he went to the cupboard and removed a small bag, and put it next to the bath. He removed the plaits from my hair, in complete silence, which made me quite nervous. Daniel stopped the running water, and tested the temperature. He removed a key from a chain around his neck and unlocked my locking plastic pants; he then removed my wet diaper, and lifted me into the bath.

"Hey Louise, I'm Daniel. Linda has put me in charge of your punishments, and getting you to love your diapers.

Firstly babies don't have hair just there," he pointed between my legs "so that will have to go".

He reached into the bag, and pulled out a razor, He lay me on my back in the shallow water, and pulled my thigh to one side, reaching and removing all of my pubic hair. He used no shaving cream, but he removed every single hair meticulously. He then rolled me onto my front and told me to curl myself into a little ball, so that my bum cheeks would spread. He then spread them a little further, so that he could shave any hairs off of the back.

"This will itch like crazy when it starts growing back. Now keep still this may hurt, part tow of your punishment coming up." I felt him apply some cold lubricant to my hole, and assumed he was putting in some suppositories like Linda had done, Instead I felt an immense pain stretching my butt hole, and then it plopped into place, it felt like it was splitting me in two.

"Linda wants your butt hole very wide and weak so that you can't hold your poop in. She said you had a little one when you had your enema but nothing this big. It's not the biggest one you'll have though" Daniel informed me as he then flipped me back onto my back and sat me up. Resting on the butt plug really hurt so I had to lift myself from the bottom of the bath a little. He washed my hair, and then hauled me from the bath. He lay me on a changing mat on the floor, and slipped a diaper under me. A sharp stinging sensation began to cover the bit of my bottom that was touching the diaper.

"I've filled your diaper with nettles, again a little bit itchy," laughed Daniel. I lifted my backside off of the diaper to avoid the stings, but Daniel pushed me straight back down again.

"The butt plug in your bottom will also stop you popping until we let you, probably not until tomorrow now." He laughed.

"Now this is the part that will make you love your diaper. By the time I'm finished you're going to want nothing but diapers, especially dirty ones." He then pulled something else out of the bag which I couldn't see, he plunged it deep into my vagina, it really hurt, because I was a virgin and I assumed he'd ripped something down there. He turned the thing on, and I felt it shake violently inside me, it was loud and very audible, and it was weirdly almost pleasurable, but I wouldn't let my tormenter see me getting any pleasure out f his torture, and squirmed to try and loosen it from inside me, or at least from being so deep. Daniel saw what I was doing and pushed it further inside me, until i nearly cried.

He pulled up the diaper between my legs and fastened it, holding the vibrator in place, and also covering the front of my diapered area, ain nettle stings too. He added another couple of layers and then my locking pants. He dressed me in a fluffy pink onesie, and tied a pacifier in my mouth. I now had tears rolling down my face from the pain and soreness, and itchiness. He fixed some d-rings to my wrists, and then unlocking the bathroom door, made me crawl to the living room. The pain as i crawled was at least 10 times worse than the diaper rash I'd had, I sobbed through the pacifier, which caused me to dribble, I was slow as I crawled too, because of the monsters in my holes, and Daniel kicked the back of my diaper with his foot, to hurry me up. I fresh wave of pain came and I was now crying fairly loudly.

As soon as i got to the living room, Phil saw me and scooped me up into his arms, I cried into his t-shirt making it incredibly wet.

"What the hell did you do to her?" demanded Phil.

"Page 5 of Linda's manual. The brat needs to learn" retorted Daniel and he left the room.

"Its okay" soothed Phil, laying me on his lap as he sat down to read page 5 of Linda's manual.

"Shit, aw Lou." He rocked me back and forth until I stopped crying.

"Come on let's let you get some sleep, it might help calm you down a little" he carried me through to a bedroom, on the right before the bathroom. What I assumed was Phil's room. There was a crib in the corner, and Phil lay me in it, and turned the light out.

The pain was intense; I'd been lying there for about 5 minutes trying to find a comfortable position, when Daniel came in.

"I knew Phil would conveniently forget" he said as he approached the crib. I cowered as far from the edge as I could. Daniel lowered the side, and grabbed each of my wrists, using the D-rings he'd attached to tie my wrists to the corners, and he then tied my ankles down too, and a strap across my stomach. He then plunged his hand into my diaper, and turned the power of the vibrator up a notch, it hurt so much, that my bottom flew up from the cot. Daniel pushed me down, and tightened the waist strap. He sniggered and left.

The nettles were causing a rash which was itching like crazy but I couldn't itch it due to my hand being tied up. I was also aware of the need to poop, and the butt plug stopped me doing that too.

I listened to Phil and Craig talking in the living room.

"What a bastard" Craig cursed, yelling loudly "let me go help her, and then I'll give a fucking punch" he shouted louder still.

"There's no point Craig" I heard Phil argue back, she's asleep now anyway, and violence won't solve anything. Now will you sit down and shut up, otherwise you'll wake her up"

"Alright sorry mate just pisses me off" muttered Craig.

That was the last of the conversation I heard.

A few hours later Phil came to bed, he slept in a t-shirt and short. After about 5 minutes he started snoring. I began to tug at the ties around my wrist, eventually managing to pull one loose, i then untied my other wrist, and my both my ankles and finally my waist. The monsters in my holes, made climbing from the crib quite difficult, but I managed it. I crawled up Phil's bed and snuggled up to his big chest. He opened his eyes "Louise what you doing babe?"He asked but I'd already started to fall asleep, so he put his arm round me and cuddled me. Within minutes I was fast asleep.

At about 9 am the next morning I woke to find myself back in the crib and tied up again. Phil was just pulling his socks on and smiled and me and winked, putting his finger to his lips as he heard Daniel coming. I closed my eyes and pretended to be asleep.

"Enjoy phase one?" said Daniel, obviously none the wiser, and 'waking me up'. He lowered the crib side, and untied me and put me on the floor. He told me to crawl to the kitchen for breakfast, but the need to poop was giving me severe cramps, and I couldn't move. Daniel slapped my backside "I said crawl!" Demanded Daniel. I let out a long moan of agony as he smacked me again.

"Dan! That's enough! She can't do it" snapped Phil, scooping me up in his arms. He took me to that bathroom and lay me on a changing mat on the floor; he took a phone from his pocket and dialled a number.

"Hi Linda its Phil. No, no, there are no major problems. Just that we're going to have to do plan B, she can't do A. Yep I know, Okay see you sometime next week." He closed the phone and put it back into his pocket.

He pulled a key from around his neck and undid my diapers, I winced at the movement.

"Sorry" he murmured, he firstly turned the vibrator off, he then slid it out and threw it into the sink behind him, then applied a lot of lubricant to my back hole, and slid out the butt plug.

"Lou, can you hold onto your poopy for just a minute while I sort out your rash?" I nodded "um I think so," I lisped around the pacifier. He applied a very thick layer of diaper rash crème and plenty of baby powder before re-diapering me. He dressed me in some pink dungarees and a white t-shirt, and pink frilly socks.

He lifted me again and took me through to the kitchen. As he carried me he explained what was happening.

"as you heard on the phone, Linda won't be picking you up until next week now, because we're doing plan B which is a lot longer, but a lot less of what Daniel did to you, But anyways its breakfast time." Phil lowered me into the highchair, as he did so my bowels emptied all the poop, Phil fed me a yoghurt and bottle, and then I was changed, and put in my playpen while Phil did some stuff around the house. Daniel had gone to work, and Craig was in the living room watching an action film of some sort. I'd been playing in the playpen and was getting hungry again, because I was used to being fed very regularly at the moment.

"Craig mate, can you give Lou her bottle for me please" shouted Phil from his bedroom, "I've got to finish cleaning".

"Sure thing" shouted Craig, he got up and went to the kitchen reappearing a couple of minutes later. He opened the playpen, and asked me to sit on the sofa. He tied a bib around my neck, and then sat beside me. Craig patted his lap, so i climbed onto it, and he lay me down as he fed me my bottle, still completely transfixed by his film. The lack of sleep from last night had made me very tired. I pulled myself onto the sofa, and lay with my head on Craig's lap. He looked at me, and grinned; he put my pacifier back into my mouth, and began stroking my hair. Again, within minutes I was fast asleep.

I woke up about an hour later, still with my head on Craig's lap, and my feet were now on Phil's lap, as he sat at the other end of the sofa. Daniel came home about 15 minutes later, as I lay on the sofa watching TV with Craig and Phil. As soon as I saw Daniel, I was scared, I grabbed a handful of Craig's jeans, and he started stroking my hair again to sooth me. I sucked on my pacifier trying to keep myself from screaming out loud.

"I see we're on plan B then, judging by the fact she's still here" Daniel asked Phil. He glanced at his watch, "in which case, it's my session with her right about now. Come on you" he stood up and walked towards me.

"Hang on Dan" said Phil putting his hand between Daniel and Me. I let out a quite sigh of relief.

"I think Louise has a right to know exactly what is going on. She's been kept in the dark for about 4 days now"

He turned to look at me, "Right, so basically, your mum decided she wanted a baby, and as she can't have any more, she wanted to have you as her baby. So she hired Linda, who has this special 'regression programme' that she does. She in turn hired us to carry out some of the programme. Dan's job for the next week is to make you love your diapers, so it's easier for your mum to have you in diapers. Linda will be in charge of the fundamentals that will make you do 'baby' things, like medication, hypnosis, catheters etc. And finally I'm in charge of 'babying' you so that you know what its like to be treated like a baby so that your mum can treat you like one, like routines, and feeding etc. But I promise, I'll be gentle." he smiled.

"And I just live here" finished Craig with a smile.

"Right so now it's my bit, hey don't look so scared, we can't do half the stuff we did before, because apparently you're not being punished any more" sighed Daniel as he hoisted me from Phil's lap, and made me crawl down the corridor to a room on the left just before the bathroom.

He lifted me onto his bed, and removed all of my clothes, and the plastic pants, leaving me in just my wet diaper. He then cut a hole in the bottom of my diaper; he then added 3 more diapers and cut a hole in each of those too. I felt very exposed in just my diaper, and tried to cover my chest up, but Daniel slapped my hands away. He then removed my pacifier, and replaced it with an inflatable gag, he blew it up as large as it would go, and fitted it into my mouth, it stretched my jaw so much it hurt.

"This is to stop you screaming." He sat me up and showed me a large object in the corner of his room. It had a similar structure to the body of a rocking horse, but in the middle of the 'back' was an incredibly large vibrator, I was lifted onto the 'horse' and the dildo went through the holes in my diapers, and into my vagina. This thing was a lot larger than the one I'd had in yesterday, so it hurt a lot more too. I attempted to make a noise, as it hurt so much, but the gag, made it come out as a muffled hum.

"I said no screaming" snarled Daniel.

He took my hand and strapped them underneath the front of the shape, so that they met. And then he tied my ankles together underneath the beast, at the back. The shape was wide, so my thighs were being pushed out very far, and drawn back in at my ankles, so my thighs began to ache after just a few minutes.

Daniel then reached underneath the 'horse' and pressed a button, the vibrator started thrashing about inside me, not only vibrating, but also shaking side to side and forwards and back.

"As it's your first time, I'll let you have a full run through. This is level 1, each level gets faster harder and more intense. There are 10 levels. I'll leave you too it, it should take you a few hours so I'll be back then." With that he left. The 'seat' began rocking forwards and backwards, after about 20 minutes of getting used to it, it became quite pleasurable, I orgasmed twice before it changed to level two. On level two it became harder and faster and the vibration stronger, i orgasmed at least 3 times per level i was on it. By the time I was at level 9, it shook inside me so much it hurt, it threw me up and down on the seat, like a bucking horse, as well as forwards and backwards, and side to side. Level 10 was the worst, it did the same as level 9, but every now and then it would stop suddenly smashing it into me, and then going ridiculously fast again. All the same it was incredibly powerful and pleasurable and on level 10, I orgasmed 7 times. I had no idea I could orgasm this much in just a few hours. I was exhausted when it finally stopped, and a small buzzer went off to signal that I was done. It was only when it stopped I realised I had messed my diaper too, and it was now very heavy.

Daniel came back in, "wow you look red, obviously baby Lou isn't used to that sort of pleasure. We'll do this every day until, when i take your diaper off of you, you cry for it back, and as soon as it is put back on you orgasm. Then we'll finish the training." He untied me, and removed my gag, and stood me on the floor, my legs were weak and exhausted and from all the climaxing, my legs couldn't support me. I crumpled onto the floor, and Daniel laughed. He attached my pacifier, and then he made me crawl back into the living room; I crawled with my legs spread wide, like they had been for the last few hours.

"Job done" announced Daniel as he left me on the floor in the living room with Craig and Phil, and then he left.

Phil scooped me up onto his lap, expecting me to be crying, but i smiled at him and yawned hugely.

"You look exhausted" said Phil, as he pulled me in for a hug, "come on you can go for your nap now" He took me to my crib and tucked me in, I was already asleep by the time I was in the crib.

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