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The Diary of a Victim

This story has been flagged by the automated processing system as potentially being hard to read. The main causes of this flag are that the story may be very badly formatted or where a NLP program was unable to intepret an unambigious and consistent plot in the story.

To most of the people that will read this diary, you won't know me. These days that are written about seem vague and unfamiliar, I don't honestly remember

writting them. When I wrote these, I was a man. I proud man sitting at a stout 5'9" with a bit of a sized belly. My hair was brown and curly, and

pretty darn short. My name was Jesse. That is in the past though, as now I live a completley different life. One you will learn about very shortly, I am sure.


Yesterday during Christmas, my Uncle gave me this journal. To be completely honest, I'm not sure why. It's quite a strange gift to give me as I've

never been too into writing, but I figure it might be a good trend to start. Take down my thoughts of each day and just kind of gather myself at night.

Still, it seems sort of a girly thing to do. I got lots of other presents too, including a new car from my dad that I can drive to school with in the

last part of my senior year. It's a black century, and while it's no sports car, its really good looking. I drove my dad everywhere even though there

was nothing open to drive to. I wish gas prices were lower though, half of my paycheck is going to be going towards this car already, I don't need to be

spending all of it on gas as well. The other gifts were more small and most of my other family didn't even send me anything. Maybe they pulled together on

the car and its a family gift, I don't know. But its late, and I'm gonna stop myself here. I don't know when I'll write again, but probably not too soon.


It's the new year and I've made my peace and resolution. I can't help but think about 2008 and I think it will help me a little bit if I write some of my

memories down. Thats what this thing is for anyway, isn't it? Everytime I think about it I can't help but break down. In the beginning of the year, my mom

past on. She was told that she had cancer in 2007, and battled it all the way through the year even though she was told she only had two months to live. While

she was a strong woman, her body couldn't keep up with her mind and she died in January. Two weeks from today actually. The weeks after her death both my dad

and I were very close. I seemed to be taking it harder than him, and when I asked him about it, he told me that it was because he knew it was coming and that

he had been heartbroken since the day she was diagnosed. He had even begun to move on before her actual death, and a few months later started dating new women.

At first, I was angry about it but I never let it get to me like it should have. I don't know why. Maybe it's because I understood at the time why he needed

to have someone else in his life, or maybe its just because I needed someone else too. He eventually found someone that he could stay with for a long period

of time, and they have had plans to get married this year. That'll be strange. Calling someone mom again. Maybe I won't call her mom. Maybe I'll just call

her by her first name. Emma is a pretty cool name anyway. She makes my father happy, and thats what really matters. Maybe one day I'll be able to call her

mom. Anyway, other than my mom passing on, 2008 was big for me in school. I was never very good in my classes, but I was a damn good linebacker. I was put

on the varsity team as a Junior, and our team was undefeated until the championships the entire year. We lost in the state championships, but it was a close

game and it is going to be something I remember for my entire life. I've already gotten multiple college invites and I can't wait to end my senior year when

the time rolls around. My popularity was always something I took for granted, because I've always partied and never settled down with a chick. I suppose

that doesn't matter at my age, but I get jealous when I see some of my old friends in good relationships. Speaking of partying, there is a party right

before school starts back up here in a couple of days. I'm gonna go to catch up with people and I've been itching to get laid as it's been a good month now.

I'll write more later, I might even bring the journal with me so when I crash I can write a couple of things down so I can remember it the next day. haha.


I don't know where I'm at. I don't know what happened. I just remember the party. All of my friends were there, there were two kegs in the two story

party house. I was drinking a lot. I was incredibly thirsty at all times, and couldn't help myself but keep drinking beer. I was hitting on this chick,

really skinny, really adorable. I was being nice to her friend too, but I tried to ignore her as best I could. She was kind of cute too, but taller than me.

A lot taller. Like, if chicks were to work out and use steroids without the manly appearance, it would be this chick. Eventually I realized that 'she' was

the one trying to get with me, and her friend was trying to hook us up. I'm not the kind of person to put down a chick, so I went with the flow. I allowed

them to see if they could work their magic on me, but directed myself more towards the friend trying to help her tall friend. I think she noticed too... I

remember something bad happening. I don't remember what it was, but something happened with the tall chick. Hold on, I hear something.


Jesse was sitting in the fetal position as the ceiling seemed to raise from above him. All of the sudden it was clear what was happening, he was in a trunk

and someone was coming to his rescue. The light hit him hard, sitting in almost all darkness for the last couple of hours -- or so it felt. When the trunk was

completely raised, he saw a familiar face. It was not one of his friends or family. It was the tall chick from the other night. Jesse was overwhelemed with anger.

While he was tied completely, he started to attempt to frail his legs and arms showing clear disposition. He accomplished nothing. The lady grabbed him from the

waist line and put him over her shoulder. Jesse thought this was extremely impossible -- and immediately thought that he was dreaming.

'I'm a big guy, theres no way any chick can lift me up like this. It's time to wake up.' He thought.

Again, he started to flail his limbs in an attempt to get free. He was able to do exactly that, but forgot that he was sitting 6 feet in the air on someone

elses shoulder. He crashed to the ground: getting knocked unconsious immediately.

What felt like a few moments later, he was in a room that looked oddly like that of a babies or a little girls. There were pink banners going across the

ceieling with rattles, pacifiers, and had a paticular frilly look to it. He looked down at himself, and he was still in one peice. He was fully clothed, and

his head did not hurt. However, upon furthur inspection he realized he was tied and eagle spread on what looked to be an oversized changing table. It didn't

finally hit Jessie what was going on, until the lady that was his kidnapper came into the room holding a huge diaper.

He also noticed after staring at the diaper that the 'lady' was naked -- and she had quite a long penis where her vagina should have been. She was not a she

at all! Jesse immediately protested: "What the fuck is going on? Let me go!"

"You are getting taught a lesson. Not a small lesson like all the girls give the boys, but this lesson is going to take you years to learn. I once learned it

myself. It took me years to finally understand. It'll probably take you more." The ladyboy said.

"What lesson? I didn't do anything to you!"

"You were too drunk to remember. You did lots to me, and my friend. Which is the reason you're in the position you are in. I am not going to talk about it.

Are you ready?"

"No - Fuck no I'm not ready. I'll never be ready. You're not going to do anything to me."

"You will be calling me mommy from now on. Anytime you call me anything else you will be spanked. Do you understand?" 'Mommy' asked.

"FUCK YOU BITCH!" He yelled.

Immediately, the ladyboy grabbed a remote control. When she did it flipped Jesse over face first into the table. She walked towards the table and told him:

"The first offense is 10 Spankings. The number multiplies the more you disobey me."

She hit him once. His face reddened, he was already in pain. Nine more licks came his way, and at the end of them, he was in so much pain that all he wanted

to do was cry: which is exactly what he did. The tranny noticed this and pressed the button again, facing him heads up.

"You can avoid pysicial pain easily, that's what I'd recommend. You're going to get a lot of abuse either way." She said, as she opened one of the drawers that

was under the table. She pulled out a diposable enema, an incredibly large one.

"Please...Please let me go." Jesse pleaded, before feeling a finger enter his asshole, followed by the tip of the overgrown enema. The water began to fill him

instantly, and within a few painful seconds, it was all inside of him.

"This will not be as easy as you think. The enema is for pain, not for cleansing." She said, as she went back under the table to reach something else out

of the drawer. When she came back to the top, she was holding a butt plug. Jesse's eyes opened wide. He knew what was coming.


"You're okay Jessica. I won't make this hard on you. All you have to do in order to relieve yourself is to suck me off. When I cum, I will pull the buttplug

out and allow you to release yourself. You better hurry, before the cramps start to really effect you." The tranny said with a crooked smile while placing the

over-sized baby diaper on Jesse.

Jesse stared at her for about a second. Still in awe, still in utter confusion. He looked down at her 11 inch erect cock. It was already pre-cumming. It was

turned on. Jesse knew his own anatomy. He knew it would only take a few minutes to make it explode. He had to do it.

The straps on the table released. Jesse was free to run away. But he didn't. He leaped off of the table and got on his knees. He placed the throbbing cock

into his mouth, and started moving slowly. The tranny was not going to have it. She immediately grabbed the back of his head and forced her entire cock down

his throat. He gagged, threw up on the throbbing cock, and then felt out of air all at the same time. Then she backed off. Told him to breathe, and two seconds

later did it again. In and out, in and out. Each time she let his nose touch the end of her shaft. Each time, he gagged and threw up. What only took minutes felt

like it took hours to Jesse, and once he had cum in his stomache, he also felt it come out. The butt-plug was yanked out of his asshole and all of his

stomache left with it. His entire diaper was filled to the brim.

The tranny grabbed Jesse by the hand, as he was crying and bleeding from the recent throat-fuck. She took him over to the other side of the room and opened

what looked like a cage with a bed inside of it. She helped him inside, and he willingly climbed inside of it. She placed the top over the cage and locked it.

"You are going to be a lot easier than I was to my mommy. I nearly killed her when she tried to put me in the cage. I guess this is what you want. I'll be

right back." She said, as she turned to leave the room. All Jesse could do is continue to cry.

Mere minutes passed as Jesse sat in his poop filled diaper, every second feeling the poop meld around his big butt before the tranny came back into the room.

This time she was fully clothed. She had on a nice top that said 'Mommy on board' and had a small skirt on. Each step she took he heard a crinkling sound as

she went over to where he was previously being throat fucked. She got on all fours and started to towel-wipe the throw up that was on the floor. When she

bent over, he saw the tell-all sign of a diaper. He wanted to ask questions, but his throat hurt so much he had to breathe through his nose. When she was

finished, she got up and handed Jesse a babies bottle.

"Drink up. It will help with the pain and more." She said as she, again, left the room. Jesse began to feel abandoned after only a few minutes. He wanted out

of his diaper and into a new one. He never thought he'd feel that way. He was still sobbing, but all of the sudden he began to cry. Not a quiet, i've-just-been-raped

cry, but a top of his lungs, change-my-diaper cry. Immedaitely the shemale came running into the room.

"Oh, does my baby need his diaper changed? He's nice and smelly yes he is!" She talked to him with the worst of baby-talks. He was offended. His throat was

now in even more pain after the yelling he had just finished and now she wants to make him feel worse? She opened the cage with a ring of keys, and when she

did, he jumped out at her, and immediately tried to punch and kick his way out of the situation. He got a good hit on her with his right arm, but once she fell

back he couldn't get out of the cage. It was a tall cage, maybe four feet tall, and he could probably jump out of it if it wasn't for the huge messy diaper.

He was stuck. The shemale came back at him with an angry face. She grabbed his hands so he could do no more damage and quickly brought him over to the changing

table. She strapped him down with enough force to keep him from being able to fight back, and then she looked him in the eye.

"I was hoping you wouldn't do that. But you're a man, I should expect it." She started to dig through one of the drawers. She took out two padded gloves and

placed them on his hands. She tied them and moved on to his feet. She angled them in a weird way and then also placed some sort of padding on them as well.

"These will keep you from hurting mommy and force you to crawl on all fours when you want to try and run away again."

She then moved on to the diaper change, removing all of the tapes. Moving down the diaper caused the smell to move even furthur around the room and it was

unbearable. How she stood the smell was an amazing feat in Jesse's mind. He then had the courage to ask her something.

"Whhyyy," he still had a sore throat, "Why do you wear diapers?"

She looked at him oddly.

"I thought I already told you that I had this same thing happen to me by my mommy. I was in diapers for years. I need them now, as will you when we are done.

Jesse came to tears.

"Oh, it's okay. Soon you'll start feeling like a female and using your diapers like a baby." She said as she freed his ties and walked out of the room,

shutting it behind her. He looked around the room a little bit now that he was in a fresh diaper and had a moment to himself. He saw the cage across the area,

and also saw a rocking chair next to the changing table. There was also what looked like a playpin filled with all kinds of baby toys. He wanted to go over

there. He didn't know why, but he wanted to. He carefully edged himself off of the table, unused to the extra padding on both his butt, and his hands and feet.

He immediately noticed he could not walk. He crawled to the playpin which sat close to the door. Right before he was going to get into the playpin himself,

he heard another voice. He heard the trannies, but not this other voice. It was more demanding and feminine. He tried to open the door to hear better, but

could not. He placed his head against the door and tried to listen in.

He could still not hear anything very well, but it wasn't because of the door. It was because there was no more talking. He quickly crawled into the playpin

when he heard footsteps walking over to his door. He pretended to play with the baby toys that were left for him. The door began to slowly open and two

outlines were standing in the door opening. Both of which he had seen before. The night of the party. It was the other woman, the one he wanted for himself.

She sounded out.

"Aww! You've got a good baby Christina. I wish you would have behaved this well for me in your first day." She said, as she put on a big smile.

"Yeah, yeah Mommie Angela. Jessica, this is your daddy. You should be very happy to have one, as when I went through my training she was the only one to

raise me." Christina said.

"First thing is first baby Jessica, lets grab you a nice outfit so we can go shopping today. We have to go get you some girl clothes that fit you now don't

we?" Angela said, as she grabbed Jesse by the padded hand. She helped him on his feet and he wabbled and fell down.

"Oh, she's so cute Christina. She's going

to be great! Follow me baby Jessie!"

The two girls started to walk forward in the room over to a big closet. Inside the closet, Jesse found out, was one of the biggest adult-sized baby wardrobes

hes ever seen.

"These are your baby clothes. You'll wear most of these around the house. You need to pick one out to be your going out clothes just for today so you can

go pick out your new wardrobe for public. We will also be taking you to see our doctor who will get you nice and feminine." Angie stated.

Jesse ignored the comments that the girls started to make about how cute he will look as a girl and tried to find the least embarassing outfit.

"How about this one?" Christina said, grabbing the girliest, pinkest, frilliest baby dress possible. Jesse shook his head no.

"Oh don't be silly Jessica, it looks great!" Angie butted-in.

"Mommy can you please go get Jessica a nice wig and padding bra for today?" Christina asked Angie. Nodding her head, Angie left the room.

"Drink up baby,

you're gonna need it, it's gonna be a long day." Christina stated, giving Jesse a bottle of warm milk. He started to consume the milk without a hesitation.

"I think it'll be something good for you to know, as I don't want to lie to my new baby girl. Each bottle I give you is full of milk, female hormones, sedatives,

and laxatives. That way we keep all of your proper systems going. Don't worry though, we'll make sure to feed you plenty!" Christina said with a smile on her

face as Angie came back into the room. Jesse continued to drink as he felt completely parched.

Angela came into the room with a wavy, brown wig and a huge padded bra. Jesse's eyes opened wide. Professionally, Angela started to weave the wig into his

already curly hair so it would stay on. Afterwards, she secured the bra. Jesse could see a mirror across the room and saw how female he looked already in nothing

but his diaper, bra, and new hair. He actually thought he looked...good. He shook himself a little bit, as he felt he was being brainwashed. Angela then took

a make-up kit out of her pocket. She began to make Jesse truly look like a Jessica. She did a good job of it too. The final touch was the baby dress. They

placed it over his head and helped Jesse, now Jessica, stand up and look in the mirror.

"She" was breathless. The dress did not make her look as babish as

"she" thought it would -- it was just a finishing touch on the feminine look. They then placed Jessica back down on the rocking chair and took off the padding

from her feet. In its place, they put on frilly girly socks and black tap shoes. They left the padding on his hands on.

"Mommy she's very pretty. You did a good job picking her out." Christina said, admiring her baby.

"Christina call me daddy around the baby, you're confusing her." Angela responded.

"Go grab a stroller for the baby so we can strap her in and make sure she

won't cause trouble at the mall. Jessica's liner-covered eyes widened. Surely someone was to notice her -- him -- there! She started to panic and stood up.

Angela immediately grabbed her and leaned her over her right knee taking the rocking chairs' seat. Even though she was fully padded, Jessica felt each spanking

just as hard had they been on her now growing feminine skin. After 20 spankings, Christina was back in the room with an overgrown stroller. Angie helped her

in the stroller and strapped her in at every part. Then, she strapped an over-grown pacifier into Jessica's mouth. It was enough to gag a normal person, but

after the thorough throat fuck she recieved earlier, it was not that bad.

The happy family then left the house, placing Jessica into an overgrown baby seat in their minivan and drove off to the mall.

[To be continued]

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