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Mommies Special Bed Wetter

Chapter 2

Written By: Baby Jay NY

That night, my mother told me it was time for bed and to go get ready. I always take a shower before bed. I have been taking a shower ever since my mother stopped giving me a bath at around 5 or 6. My sister and brother were already in bed and a sleep. I turned the TV off and headed for my bedroom. I took my cloths off got my PJ's and headed for the bathroom. As I'm walking down the hallway. I hear the water running in the bath tub. I turn the corner. My mother was just shooting the water off as I came in. Are you taking a bath Mom? I'll come back after you finished if you want to take a bath before me? No my dear this is for you. For me? I don't take baths any more Mom. Do you think I forgot that little out burst in the doctor's office today? I threw your father out. You have no idea. NOW get in the water before it gets cold. Mom, I'm NOT taking a bath and YOU'RE NOT giving me one either. YOU little boy will do what I tell you to do or else. Or else what? Do you really want to know? Take your boxers off or do I have to do it for you? NOW! If I have to take them off, I will take them off.

I dropped my underwear around my ankles and tried to step into the tub. But she grabbed my hand and said, look at you, you still look like my baby boy. MOM? I said as I sat down into the warm and very soothing water. Now isn't this nice? Is there something wrong about a mommy doing something special for her first baby boy? I really didn't understand why after 7 years she was calling herself mommy and me her baby boy again? The water did feel nice. She reached for the shampoo and started to wash my hair. She was scrubbing my scalp real good. It did feel nice to have her wash me again. She rinsed me off and soaped up a wash cloth. She started washing my face, neck, belly and back. For some reason I remembered that I liked when she washed me, when I was younger. I was enjoying it until she told me to stand up so she can finish the bottom half. I felt a hot flash in my face and I knew it wasn't the water. I hesitated and she said what's the problem? Mom, I'm not 5 any more. I changed your wet and poop poop diapers, feed you, suckled you and took care of you when you sick until you were 7 years old and now you're shy? Seven I said. Yes, seven. You were the hardest to potty train. I thought you said Jean and Carl were harder than me.

No I said you weren't that bad to toilet train. But you were the hardest. Now stand up please. So I stood up and she washed the bottom half. I was holding onto her shoulder for support. OK sweetie sit down now. I know that you are older now Jerry but look at you. You still look like you are still 2 years old. I didn't know what to say. She picked me up and stood me on the bath room rug. Grabbing a towel she started to dry me off. She wrapped the towel around me and carried me into her bed room. She placed me on her bed and explained that she didn't want to wake your brother.

She walked over and brought the bag that the doctor had given her. With the night time supplies. Mom pulled out a small baby diaper, with little bears wearing diapers on the front of them. Then she pulled out what looked like a pair of baby plastic pants. They had a baby bear prints on them too. I was so embarrassed. Oh come on Mom I shouted, enough is enough. I'm 12 not 2. If I have to wear a diaper fine. But I am not wearing thoughts things, pointing to the plastic pants. You will do what I tell you to do. All we are trying to do is to help you. How do you except to go to bed tonight and keep your bed dry? These THINGS will help you do that. If I hear one more one out burst about this. You will be treated the way you are acting right now. Like a 2 year old and you will get a spanking like a bad two year old. Got me? I didn't like the sounds of that so I laid their and let her do her mommy thing. I didn't hear you she said? Yes Mom. Excuse me? Thinking for a second. Yes mama. That's better. She lifted my legs high in the air and placed the diaper under my hinny. Lowering my hinny onto the diaper she grabbed the baby powder and sprinkled it all over me and rubbed it in. The smell of baby powder smells soooo gooood. She spreads my legs apart and pulls the diaper between my legs. Tapping it tight to my body. The feeling was wonderful.

I forgot how soft they were. Look at you she said with a smile. You still fit into baby diapers. I turned beat red. I had my eyes closed and a smile on my face. Your enjoying this aren't you? I can tell by the smile you have on your face. I opened my eyes and realized I was smiling. Too late Mom said I noticed. She reaches for the plastic pants. She thinks just because I was smiling. I would let her put them on me with no trouble. She starts pulling them up my legs and I start to wiggle around. I said to myself, I don't want them put on me. They are making noise as she is struggling to put them on me. She looks at me and I yell I'm not 2 I'm 12 years old and I start to cry. She turns me to my side and gives my thigh a little spank. You're asking for it. Will it be the easy way or the hard way? You decide. I decide to relax and she pulls the plastic pants up my legs and past the diaper. She lets the waist band go with a loud snap. She pulls me up to a sitting position and goes to her dresser for a comb. I took one look in the mirror and tears start again. Now I'm seeing red. I snap. I am not wearing these f%$#ing baby things. I ripped the diaper and the plastic pants off and throw the diaper to the other side of the room. The plastic pants fall to my ankles.

I'm 12 years old I'm 12 years old I cried. I ran for the door to lock myself in my room. But I trip on the plastic pants that were wrapped around my ankles. I go down and she is on me. She grabs me by my waist and walks over to her vanity. I'm kicking and crying. I'm 12 I'm 12. She pulls out her chair and puts me across her lap on my belly. She has my legs held down with her right leg preventing me from kicking her anymore. Her left arm is holding me down tight over her lap. I told you one more outburst and that foul language. If you are not going to act your age. I WILL treat you as a 2 year old in all respects. You made your choose. I am trying to help you.

You will feel so much better if you wear them to bed. But Nooo; make your life and my life miserable. No way. WACK WACK WACK. Right on my bare hinny. Oh that hurts. Not even a Charlie Horse I use to get from running hurt this bad. WACK WACK WACK. I hear someone at the door and I hear my mother tell my sister and brother to go back to sleep. WACK WACK WACK. I'm sorry Mom, please stop. It hurts. It's supposed to hurt. I'll be good I promise. Please Mom stop. What's my name MOM.... Mommy, I'll be good boy. Congratulations, I now have a new 2 year old little baby boy again. You will listen to Mommy now? Es I isten omise. You are 2 years old until I tell you, you are 12 again. Understand? OTA!

She helps me up and I start to cry on her shoulder. She hugs me tight and tells me that she loves me. You brought this upon yourself. All you had to do was wear the diaper and plastic pants so you can keep dry at night. Was that so hard to understand? I told you if you were going to act like a two year old. I was going to treat you as one. Now go lay on Mommies bed. I will get another diaper. She comes back with the other diaper and said; OK pumpkin calm down now it's all over Mommy loves you. I'm trying to help you. She lifted my legs again and replaced the diaper. She tapped it tight and pulled the plastic pants past my diaper. She sat me up and she kissed me on the forehead. She picked me up and pulled the covers on her bed down. She laid me down on a pillow. You can sleep with Mommy tonight. She tucked me in and kissed me good night. I closed my eyes and went to sleepy.

To be continued.............................

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