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Mommies Special Bed Wetter

Chapter 3

Written By: Baby Jay NY

I woke up in the morning and I was soaked. I noticed that I was still in my mother's bed. Good thing I was wearing those plastic pants or I would have gotten my moms bed all wet. Maybe that was why she let me sleep in her bed? I didn't know what time it was. I heard my mother in the kitchen fixing breakfast. I went to my room and put my bathrobe on. I headed for the kitchen and yelled Mom. I turned the corner into the kitchen and my Mom gave me that look? What? I said. What did you call me? MOM! Sorry Mommy. I thought Jean and Carl were here. No they are at school. You and I are playing hooky so we can go shopping. Pumpkin, you are two years old remember? You speak like you are a toddler. Es mama. That's better. Sit down like a good baby boy for Mommy and I will get you your breakfast. I started to walk over to my seat and she grabbed my bathrobe and removed it. Babies do not wear bathrobes. She put her finger up my plastic pants. You're soaked. And you didn't want to wear those plastic pants. I'm proud of you and gave me a kiss. I sat down and all I felt was a squish squish.

Mom brought me over a hot bowl of Oat Meal. I like Oat Meal in the morning. It makes me concentrate better at school. I grabbed for the spoon. I heard Mom say, what are you doing? Feeding myself. Two year olds don't feed them self yet. What was that BABY BOY? I picked up the spoon and hit the table a few times. You didn't start feeding yourself until you were 6 or 7 years old. She walked over to me and put a bib around my neck. I noticed it was my brothers. Mom pulled up a chair and reached for the spoon. OK pumpkin just like when you were a baby. Open the hanger wide so the airplane doesn't crash. I smiled because I remembered and opened the hanger as wide as I could until the bowl was empty. Oat Meal was all over my face and hands. Do mommies do this on purpose because they think it is cute? She had a sippy cup in her hand. I gave her a look and she gave me one back. Her look won. I know that two year olds drink a babi. But I don't have one. So this will have to do for now. I was glad it was Orange Juice. Because I hate milk. She held it for me and I started to suck on it. I was rewarded with nice cold OJ.

While running her fingers threw my hair she said that this reminded her of when I was a baby. I was more or less a very good baby. I enjoyed spending time with her. She said she enjoyed it because I was her first. Your father and I were very happy back then. I am going to set you straight about me throwing your father out. 9 out of 10 times you kids were in bed when your father would come home drunk. He spent most of our house hold money on drinking. Yes I did through him out but I had enough. Now you know the truth.

I finished my OJ when she finished the story. You're a little older now but you look like you are still two and still my little boy. It is not a sin when you wet your bed. Sometimes it happens when you loose a loved one. I know that you and your father were close. You also have to remember that I am still here and I promise to help you in any way possible. I know it will not be easy but together we will try. OK. All I could say was Mama. Mom went to the sink with the sippy cup and returned with a wet towel to wash my face and hands. She removed my bib and said lets get you all cleaned up and changed. She picked me up and we headed for my bedroom. She put me on the rug instead of the bottom bunk because it was easier for her to change me there. She removed my plastic pants and my diaper. You stay put and don't move. I need to get a wash cloth to clean you up. She went to the bathroom.

When she got back. I wasn't there. Jerry where are you? I told you to stay put you bad boy. I ran past my door to my room while she was looking for me. Nana, you can't catch me. I ran down the hallway with my hinny hanging out. She came to the door and saw me and started to chase me. Come back here you naked little boy. I'm giggling my head off, running from room to room. She is laughing too. Under and over beds, in and out of closets. She finally catches me hiding under a pillow on the couch. OK I got you now you little pumpkin. She grabs me and pulls me into her arms and hugs me tight and kisses my forehead. I hug her back. I feel very warm and protected in her arms. Like I use to when I was younger. I'm glad to see you have calmed down. I guess our little talk helped. She picks me up and we go back to my room. She places me on the rug again and starts to wash me up with the wash cloth. All over my hinny and the front of me even my privates. Running through the house with that cute little hinny all uncovered. Shame Shame.

You and I are going to get dressed and go shopping. I don't have any diapers left but I don't think we need one do we? I shake my head no. OK my little pumpkin lets go bye bye. We get into the car. I sat in the back seat and she buckles me in. We head for the CVS right outside of town. Mom parks the car right in front of the store. She helps me out and places me in a shopping cart. She is amazed that I still fit in the baby seat of the shopping cart. I'm wearing a pair of shorts, a babyish tee shirt with Fred Flintstone on it. I have white socks with my little white sneakers. Sitting in the cart dressed like this. I really don't look 12 years old. We head down the isle with all the baby things. Mom picked up baby wipes, powder, lotion and diaper rash cream. Stopping at the isle with the baby bottles. She picks two up and places them in the cart. She also picks up three pacifiers. Saying it will help me relax and besides you're two.

Now we go down the big isle of baby diapers. She stops at the Pampers and Huggies. Which one would you like? I look around to see if anyone is around that I know.

I forgot that it was a school day and Mom and I were playing hooky. I point to the Huggies that have the cartoon characters on the front. She said good choose. I would have picked them too. They are cute just like my little pumpkin. Grabbing two packages and places them into the cart. We head for the cashier. We are on line waiting to pay for our items. While we are waiting. Mom is tickling me and pinching my nose. I am giggling so hard I almost pee in my shorts. The other people on line are laughing at us too. We finally get to the cashiers counter. Mom is putting the items on the counter. There is an older lady behind us on line. She was doing the same thing that mom was doing. She said that she liked to see and hear happy babies laugh. I was enjoying the ladies attention. She asked Mom how old I was. I started to say 12 but Mom told her that I just turned two. What a cute little two year old you are. Mom pushes the cart closer to the end of the counter. Now I can see the cashier. She is about 17 or 18 years old. Very cute and very pretty. Long blonde hair. Big beautiful blue eyes. I was mesmerized. She smiled at me and said Hi cutie pie. My name is Kim. What's yours? Mom told her Jerry. His two and doesn't say too many words yet. Just Mama and cookie. He is a cutie; yes you are as she puts her finger under my chin and tickles me. I baby sit most of the babies here in town. I can get you a few references if you would like to go out one night with your husband. I would love to baby sit for you. I'm divorced. I'm sorry. Don't be. Who said I need a husband to go out once in awhile? Give me your number and I will keep you in mind.

Mom wrote down her number and paid for our items. Bye cutie Kim said with a beautiful smile. My heart was pounding fast. Even the older lady on line said. Good bye baby Jerry. I waved bye bye. Mom put the items in the car. I was still in the shopping cart. We went next door to the baby clothing store. Mom was grinning. She said I saw how cute you looked when Kim was talking to you. You little heart breaker. In the store our first stop was the plastic pants section. Mom picked out some baby boy pants that I may like. She said what do you think about these? I figured if I get you the kind you like maybe it would make you feel a little better about wearing them. I shook my head yes and she put them in the cart.

She picked up 4 what looked like tee shirts. Different colors of course. Then she picked up what looked like a pair of shorts with straps. She put 3 pairs in the cart. I had no idea what they were. Moving over to the bib section. She picked out two blue bibs. OK sweetie all done let's go home. I put on a big smile because I knew the kids would be coming home from school soon.

To be continued ....................................

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