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Mommies Special Bed Wetter

Chapter 4

Written By: Baby Jay NY

We got home just in time. My brother and sister came home from school 30 minutes later. Mom had put all my new supplies and cloths away before they came in. When they came in the front door they saw me watching TV. Both of them dropped their books on the floor and came running over to me. Carl said "what a spanking you got last night".

"What did you do"? None of your business I told him. Oh boy you're no fun how am I suppose to tease you if I don't know what it was that you did. Jean told Carl to leave me alone and go do his home work. Thanks sis I said. I know why you got a spanking last night. No you don't. I've known for about a month. I put my head down and said no you don't. You wet your bed at night. How did you find out? I was going the bathroom one morning and I saw you taking your PJ's and underwear off. You stuffed them in the back of your closet along with the wet sheets. You saw me naked? All I saw was that cute little hinny.

I blushed red as an apple. Why didn't you tell mom I asked? I knew that you were having a hard time about it. I didn't want to make things worse for you. I wouldn't rat on my older brother. Now if that was Carl, forgetaboutit. We both started to laugh. Thanks sis and she gave me a hug. She whispered in my ear. Besides you have a cute little hinny and then ran to her room. An hour later mom called us all to dinner. At the dinner table Mom made an announcement. Jerry isn't feeling good. The Doctor told me to keep an eye on him until he gets better. Jean the spare bed that is in your room will be moved to my room. Great Carl shouted. No more snoring. Pipe down you putz I shouted. Hey I will have none of that. Please clean off the table and do the dishes. I will be in my room for awhile. Is everyone's homework done CARL? You can all go in and watch some TV. Mom was gone all evening. We heard noise in her bedroom but were to engross in TV. A few hours later. She told Jean and Carl to get ready for bed. Jean got up and headed for her room but Carl as always gave Mom a hard time. How would you like what your brother got last night. I never saw that putz run so fast before.

Mom went into the kitchen to make herself a cup of coffee. Mom can I have a drink of OJ please? No I don't think so. You have to cut down on how much you drink before you go to bed. OK Mom your right. Good boy she said. She came into the living room with her coffee and sat on the couch. Come sit by mommy. I got up and sat next to her. I nestled into her side and she put her arm around me holding me tight. I know we can lick this little problem we have. I said we? Yes we, I told you, you are not alone here. I'm here to help you with anything you need to make things OK by you. We bought all those things for two reasons. One was because they will make you sleep without worrying about wetting the bed and second, you are being punished for your behavior, remember?

To be quit honest sweet heart. I'm really enjoying taking care of my baby boy again. I was the happiest when I was caring for one of my babies. If your punishment really starts to bothers you to be treated and cared for as a 2 year old? I will stop immediately and care for you as my 12 year old with a bed wetting problem. That means that I will do what ever is necessary to help you until you are better. OK baby? I reached up and gave her a hug.

You feel warm. How do you feel pumpkin? OK. I'm a little tired. OK let's get you to bed and I will check to see if you have a fever. Mom picked me up and we went into her room. She was busy all evening because she was moving the extra bed and my things into her room. Mom you should have called me. I would have helped you. That's OK pumpkin mommy didn't need any help.

She closed the door and placed me down on the extra bed and started to remove my cloths. I can do this Mom I said. When you are in here or we are by our self you are my baby boy again. I will try not to show your sister and brother what we are doing so I don't embarrass you. Especially Carl. He has the biggest mouth in town. Thanks Mom. What was that? I pulled her hair down to get her close to me and gave her a hug. I'm laying on my new bed naked with a towel on me so not to get cold. She said you stay put. We both started to giggle.

I was really very tired so I wasn't going anywhere. She came back with a jar of Vaseline and the thermometer. She turned me on my belly and put the thermometer in my hinny. She held it there for about 15 minutes then took it out. She wiped it with a baby wipe and said you have a fever. Not to Hi. But this means there is no school tomorrow. She grabbed a hand full of baby wipes and wiped my hinny clean then turned me on my back. Grabbing more wipes she starts to clean my front. I remembered her face for some reason when she was bending over me. She was pretty. Very tall and very stronger for a Mom.

It was obvious that my sister and brother took after her and I took after my father. I remembered the times I was a baby and she cleaned me up. She always had a smile on her face. Mom was smiling at me and talking baby talk. Baby lotion was next. Rubbing some in her hands to warm it up. She spread it all over my body. It felt really great and I was getting embarrassed. Something was happening to my little thing. It was getting to be a big thing. I turned beat red. Don't worry about that sweetie. It happens to all little boys 12 years and older. You may look 2 years old. But physically you are 12.

Holding my legs up, she placed a diaper under me. She spread my legs and pulled the diaper up between my legs and tapped them tight. She slid the new plastic pants up and over my diaper. She pulled me up to a sitting position and took one of the new tee shirts she bought and pulled it over my head. Laying me down again she pulled the back of the shirt from under me and snaps the front and back together. With the same procedure she put the PJ's on. Except she snapped the straps over my shoulders. They had snaps too. She told me, that the snaps are for when you need a diaper change. I don't have to take all your cloths off. I only have to unsnap your PJ's and shirt to change you. All done. Scoot up to the pillow. She pulled the covers up to my neck and tucked me in. Reaching into her pocket she gave me a binky. I didn't want it but she insisted. She kissed me and said good night sweet dreams. Turns the lights out and leaves.

To be continued.......................

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