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Mommies Special Bed Wetter

Chapter 5

Written By: Baby Jay NY

Mom had turned out the lights and I went straight to dream land. In my dream I am dreaming about Kim. Her beautiful face and big blue eyes looking down at me. I'm in her lap and she's feeding me a bottle. I realized that I'm drinking milk. I hate milk and milk hates me. I fuss at the bottle trying to spit the nipple out of my mouth but she is holding it in place tightly. What's the matter my little babykins did you have a bad dream when you where sleeping in my lap? Drink all your milkie up. You want to grow big and strong don't you? I started to tell her that I can't drink milk but all that came out of my mouth was gogoguugguu. How come I can't talk I think to myself? Come on sweetie, you only have a little more. Be a good boy and drink the rest for your Kim. I was mesmerized by the sound of her voice and opened my mouth and finished it for her. I know I'm going to pay for it later. She kisses my forehead. I wake up from my dream hearing a door bell in the distant. I laid there very disappointed that it was only a dream. I was wet and very sad.

I hear a few voices in the hallway and they are coming my way. I recognize one as my mothers but I'm not sure who the other voice is. The door opens and in steps my mother all dressed up like she is going to work. She smiles at me and asks is my pumpkin awake yet? I have to go to work but I have a surprise for you. From behind her, Kim walks in. Mom said I called Kim last night to see if she was available to baby-sit you today. Lucky for us she has the day off. Hello there cutie. I hear Kim say as she comes closer to the bed. I had a nice smile for my mom when she walked in but my face was hurting at the smile I had for Kim. Look at you. You're a big boy sleeping in a big boy's bed. I'm kicking my feet and legs trying to get a hug.

She came at sat on the side of my bed. She bent down to pick me up gives me a big hug and a kiss on the forehead while patting my little bottom. Someone is wet she announces. My Mom said it was time for her to leave. Kim. He has a slight temperature so keep an eye on it. The baby aspirin is in the medicine cabinet. My work phone number is on the table if you need me for anything. I don't think I will be all day. Hopefully by 1. Don't worry; take as long as you need. Mom came over to me and gave me a kiss and said you be a good baby for Kim. Giving me a wink. I guess she didn't tell her that I was 12. Good bye pumpkin, see you later.

OK let's get this wet diaper off of you and we can have some nice breakfast. Kim pushes the covers down to the end of the bed and goes to the dresser and gets the supplies she needs to change me. These PJ's are adorable on you. I have never seen PJ's like this before. And this blue shirt matches your eyes she said.

She finds the snaps on the PJ's and the shirt. She pushes them both up past my waist. These really make diaper changing easy. I don't have to take all your cloths off. Removing my plastic pants she sees's that I'm really soaked. She untapped and removes my diaper. Rolls it up and throws it in the garbage can. This is the first time in my life that another girl has seen me naked except for my mother. I'm getting a funny feeling and don't know what it is about. I'm smiling at her face which is right in front of me. She is smiling back. Kim reaches for a hand full of baby wipes and starts to clean me up. The feeling I'm getting are strange but they feel great because of Kim. I look between my legs and see my little pee pee bigger than I have ever seen it before. Reaching for some clean baby wipes. She starts to clean around and on my big pee pee. In a short time I relax and start to shake. Then it is all over. I hear Kim whisper, OH my. Kim grabs another hand full of baby wipes and cleans me up again. She puts the diaper under me and starts to tape it tightly around my body. I'm relaxed and I have my eyes closed. Plastic pants are put over my diaper and the shirt and the PJ's are lowered and snapped into place again. She picks me up. You are so light she said lets go get you some breakfast.

We get to the kitchen and she is looking for something. I guess you don't have one. She proceeds to get two phone books and places them on a chair and then places me on the phone books. She pushes my chair closer to the table and goes to the stove. She brings me back a bowl of hot Oat Meal. My mother must have started breakfast for her. Blowing on the Oat Meal to cool it off. She said oh boy this looks good. Are you going to be a good baby and eat this? Kim pulled up a chair and started to feed me. OK cutie open wide. I opened my mouth and she started to feed me. I guess she was amazed that I like grown up Oat Meal. Good boy you ate all your breakfast. Kim reached into the refrigerator and fills up a bottle. She places it in the pot on the stove and warms it up. Coming over to me she is testing the temperature. I see it is milk. She tries to put the nipple in my mouth and I resist. Oh you're not going to be a bad baby for Kim are you.

Drink the milk for your Kim. She said the same thing in my dream and I started to drink the milk. I wanted her to smile at me and tell me that I was a good boy. And she did just that. All finished. She takes the bottle to the sink and gets a clean wet towel and washes my face, hands and the front of my PJ's. Then she remembered about the bib she forgot to put it on me. She was tickling me while she washed me up. OK what should we do she said with a smile? I know I'll take you into the living room and put you into your play pen. You can watch cartoons and I can do some homework for college. I have a late class tonight. Kim picks me up and we head for the living room. She enters the living room and I see her looking for something again. I hear her say out loud, I guess she don't have that either. She takes a blanket from the couch and a pillow and places it on the floor. She lays me in the middle of the blanket and turns TV onto cartoons. She sits down on the couch and pulls out some books.

I put my thumb in my mouth and start to suck on it. She hears me sucking on my thumb and goes to the bedroom and brings back my binky. This is a lot better than a thumb. I smile up at her and she gives me a kiss. Every once in a while I turn my head to make sure that she is still there and that this is not another dream. My belly is starting to grumble and I feel the pressure start to build. I know that it is the milk and I know that it will not be long before I do my first poop in my diaper. I let out a few farts to relieve the pressure. They stink but Kim does not smell them because she is to busy with her school work. I let go and I'm pooping in my diaper for the first time since I was a baby. The feeling is strange but not that bad. I feel poop filling my diaper and start to squirm. I turn around to look at her to see if she smells it yet. She catches me looking. Are you making goo goo eyes at me? I turn red she puts her books down and comes over and lies next to me. She is laying there next to me running her fingers through my hair when the smell finally hits her. Someone here has a poop poop diaper? I wonder who that could be. It's you and she starts to tickle me? Kim pulls the back of my diaper out. What a stinky baby I have.

Lets go get those poop poop diapers off and you all cleaned up before you get a diaper rash. She picks me up and headed towards the bedroom. I think it would be better if I cleaned you up in the tub. What do you think? She turns into the bath room and put the plug in and turns the water on. Checking the temperature she starts to leave the bathroom when I gave out a little cry. What's the matter? Did I forget something? I point to the MR. Bubbles and she said you're a boy baby who loves bubbles.

That's OK so do I? I love bubbles too. Maybe we can make this a special bubble bath for baby. I'm wondering what she means? With Mr. Bubbles in her hand she gives the water a few squirts. On her way out she grabs a wash cloth in case she may need it. We go into the bedroom and she lays me on the bed and proceeds to take my cloths off. She removes my diaper. Not even a PU does she say and removes my diaper like it was nothing. She has done this many times before I'm sure. Wiping the poop off my hinny with the clean part of the diaper. She wipes me off more with the wash cloth and carries me back to the bathroom. She has her hand under my hinny and starts to pinch it. She is laughing and I'm giggling. I'm holding onto her neck tight so I don't fall.

She checks the water and turns it off. She puts me down into the water and I start to splash around. That looks good Kim said. OK lets get you all cleaned up and sits on the side of the tub. I'm having fun and don't want to get washed yet. So I splash hard and the title wave that develops goes over the side of the tub and lands in the middle of Kim's lap wetting her all over. I thought she was going to yell at me. But all she did was laugh and splashed me back. You little stinker you got Kimmey all wet. Now how am I going to go to school tonight all wet? I put my arms out to give her a hug and she gives me a tight hug.

He understood what I was saying she said to herself. No it must be my reaction at what happened. His to young to understand. You stay were you are and don't get up. I will be right back. I started to play with the bubbles. I had no idea how long she was gone. When she came back she had my mother's bathrobe on. It was very big on her but she looked cute in it. I put my cloths in the dryer she said. I'm wet to the skin because of some bad little boy. She dropped her rob and gets into the tub. I guess this is the special way she had mentioned. I enjoy the bubbles too. This is the first time I've seen what a girl looked like naked. I liked it. She was pretty very thin. Her breasts were small but what a beautiful girl she was. I was hoping that this would be OK with my mother if she found out. She sits down in the tub and grabs me and puts me in between her legs facing away from her. She starts to wash my hair and then rinses it off. With a wash cloth she starts to wash my neck and back. I'm holding onto her legs under the water. They are so smooth and soft. Kim tells me to stand up. I stand up and she starts to wash my hinny and the back of my legs. I feel her hands turning me around. So I follow her direction. She washes the front of me even my private parts. I have that tinkle feeling again. I'm really enjoying her washing me. Kim sits me down facing her. She rinses me off and said all done my little cutie. We sit there for a while splashing the water at each other.

She steps out of the tub and starts to dry herself off. Grabbing a dry towel, she reaches for me and wraps the towel around me and dries me off. The warmth of the towel and her loving touch, felt so good to me. We go back to the bedroom. She is holding me and I have my neck on her shoulder holding her tight. She said, its time for you to take a nap little one. She puts my diaper and plastic pants on and lays me down into bed. She covers me up and tucks me in. She starts to look for something else. I heard her clearly say, you have to have a special bedtime thing, anything. No two year old goes to bed with out one. Strange she said and goes to the kitchen and gets me a bottle of water. Thank goodness it wasn't milk. She places the bottle in my mouth and I start to go to sleep. I hear voices in the hallway. This time I notice the voices. It's Kim and my mother. They come to the door and I hear Kim tell my mother that I was a gem. I even gave him a bath. Is he sleeping? Yes. He fell out about 30 minutes ago. I've noticed a few things about Jerry and some things you don't have for him. Did something happen while I was at work? Let's go sit on my bed if he is asleep and we can discuss it.

To be continued.......................

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