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Mommies Special Bed Wetter

Chapter 6

Written By: Baby Jay NY

They both came into the bedroom. Where, I was suppose to be sleeping. Mom sat on her vanity chair and Kim sat on the bed. I'm sure he is asleep and in dream land by now, Mom said. So what is it that you noticed? I hope you don't mind me asking you these questions. If you don't want to answer them I will understand. No that's OK Kim. What is on your mind? I have been a baby sitting since I was 15. I baby sat from 8 months to 7 year olds. In most cases where the baby was too young to care for them self, I have always found a changing table. You have all his baby supplies in your bottom draw of your dresser. Like you were hiding them. I took the baby into the kitchen to feed him breakfast and there was no high chair. I thought maybe you couldn't afford them because you were divorced. We finished breakfast and we went to the living room. I'm thinking to myself, how is she going to explain that I am really 12 years old and being punished for my bad behavior?

I was going to place him in the play pen to watch cartoons but again there was play pen. You have a beautiful home. I figured you should be able to afford the necessary things that a two year old needs. When I talk to him. I really didn't except him to understand me but he does. But, the one thing that I really do not understand. Every two year old that I have baby sat for has a bed time toy. Something that they need to make them feel safe and protected. Jerry doesn't have anything. No teddy bears, blanket, pillow or even a favorite toy. My mother held her breath, and then said. You are a very observant young lady. Very smart too. You make a great baby sitter. I was right to hire you as Jerry's baby sitter. Well right but not smart. Jerry is really 12 years old. No his not Kim said. His smaller than some of the two year olds I baby sit for. His 12. He has a bed wetting problem. That would explain what happened. What happened, my Mom said? I was cleaning his hinny, because he made a big poo poo for me. You cleaned his poop? He never poops in his diaper. Did you give him milk by any chance? As a matter of fact yes. He is allergic to milk. No wonder why he didn't want to drink it. But he did right. Yes. She continued. I thought he had an erection. But I knew he was to young for that. Well I thought he was too young. When I was cleaning his pee pee he climaxed in the baby wipes.

He looks like he is 2 but he is really 12 and starting to develop. I see it too when I change him. Does he climax for you? No, I'm his mommy. Do you see how he looks at you with those cute puppy blue eyes? OH yes. All morning I saw them. He has a crush on you. He is so adorable. I have a baby crush on him too. Let's go in the kitchen and I will explain what this is all about. OK.

Mom came over and pulled the blanket up and kisses me. They both went to the kitchen for coffee. I got out of bed and hid by the stairs. I could her them talking. Mom told her the whole story. About my Dad leaving and why. What the Doctor said about my condition. I heard Kim say poor baby. That must be hard on a 12 year old. How my mouth and my language got me into trouble. And I refused to behave. The spanking she gave me. She said I told him I was trying to help but he still resisted. It was up to him. If he keep acting like a 2 year old then I was going to treat him as one in all respects. He made his choose so I just followed my threat up. I... I'm enjoying taking care of him again; it reminds me of when my husband and I were happy. I really miss the good times. I am very alone here. This situation came up at the right time. I feel alive again. I explained to him that if he gets tired of being my baby that he can be 12 again and I would take care of him and help him with our problem of bed wetting. I think he likes me taking care of him again. He seems so must happier this way.

I am really sorry. I didn't tell you the truth Kim. But I didn't know what you would think of me. I thought he looked enough like a 2 year old that you wouldn't notice. I was wrong you are much to smart for that. I am sorry. That's OK. I really like taking care of him too. It is hard for me to think he is 12 by just looking at him. They were talking for the better part of an hour. I figured it was time to wake up from my morning nap. I went back to bed and laid there. They came in about 15 minutes later. I see our little baby is up. Hi pumpkin. How was your nap? How about we all go out to lunch. My treat. Kim said that sounds like a nice idea. I don't have a class until 6. Mom and Kim both changed my wet and dirty diaper. They acted like there was nothing different. Like I didn't know. They dressed me in a diaper and baby cloths and we went to Burger King. Mom was up placing our order. Kim was putting a Burger King crown on my head. She whispered in my ear and said, I'm sorry for giving you the milk. I hope I don't have to change you here at Burger King. She looked me in the eye and kissed me on the cheek. Mom came back with our order and Kim feed me. This time she remembered the bib. Kim, Mom said. Will you still baby sit for me. Sure, I would love to. I would have been disappointed if you didn't ask me to baby sit my little cutie pie. You know Kim. I have two more children. Jean and Carl. You have three children?

To be continued.......................

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