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Mommies Special Bed Wetter

Chapter 7

Written By: Baby Jay NY

I haven't seen Kim since the last time she baby sat for me, when I was sick and stayed home from school. Mom has been keeping my punishment from Jean and Carl. I am only wearing the diapers at night. Mom is changing my wet diapers, dresses me, gives me baths and feeds me, when Jean and Carl are not around. I still sleep in the extra bed in Mom's room. Sometimes my Mom wants me to sleep in her bed. I remember her telling Kim how lonely she was. I know that she is lonely because sometimes, Mom puts her arms around me when she is sleeping. I like when she puts her arms around me. I feel better just knowing that she is there.

I know that this is supposed to be punishment. But I am really enjoying the extra love and attention that my mommy is giving me. I know that she is enjoying it too because she is taking care of a baby again. She seems to be much happier now. The door bell rang one evening. It was late and I thought it was my mother. I opened the door and said, did you forget your keys again mom? When I looked up, there was Kim. I didn't know what to say. I'm supposed to be 2 years old. She said in a stern voice. Don't you know what to say before you open a door young man? She gave me a wink. I hugged her and asked her to come in. Jean and Carl were getting ready for bed. Jean came down and asked if that was Mom. I told her no. Kim walked to the stairs and introduced herself. Your mother called. She is going to be very late and asked me to sit for you guys until she comes home. OK Jean said. Good night. I'm going to bed. Carl must have been in bed already and asleep. Kim came over and picked me up and hugged me. Your Mom asked me to take care of you tonight.

I didn't know weather to be a 2 year old or a 12 year old. It's OK. I know about your little secret with your Mom. I'm OK with it. So does my little cutie pie need a bath tonight? I gave her a big smile. OK then. You and I will wait awhile until everyone is asleep. I will give you a nice bubble bath before you go to sleep. That will relax you.

I hope you have been a good boy? Have you been running? I shook my head yes. That's great. We sat on the couch. I was sitting in her lap and she had her arms around me. Rocking me back and forth. The show was over. Kim said I guess they must be asleep by now. Let's get you ready for bed. I held on to her as we went to the bathroom. She turned the water on and adjusted the temperature. A few squirts of Mr. Bubbles. We headed for the bedroom. She closed the door behind us and laid me on the bed. She went over to Mom's dresser and pulled out my baby cloths, diapers and plastic pants and laid them on the bed. She started to take my cloths off. She noticed that I don't have a diaper on.

You don't need the diaper during the day. That's good. No one can catch you wearing them. Your Mom told me that you were doing better the last few weeks. That's good too. All my cloths were off and I was naked in front of my beautiful Kim. I started to get a rise out of my little pee pee. She picked me up opened the door and there stood my sister. I was mortified. Kim didn't know what to say either. So this is how you have been handling your bed wetting problem? When Mom isn't home someone has to get you ready for bed. Mom's going to be late so she asked Kim to do it for her. But why is Kim caring you like a baby? Maybe we can explain. Just keep your voice down. I don't want Carl to wake up I said. Let's go into the bathroom.

Kim walked into the bath room and sat me down in the water after she turned it off and closed the door. Jean said you really do look like a two year old Jerry. I explained how Mom had found out about my bedwetting and how I wasn't cooperating with her to deal with it or get better. So as punishment she was treating me like a 2 year old because that was how I was acting. The night you saw me get that spanking. That was because I cursed at her and tore off the diaper and plastic pants because I didn't want to wear the plastic pants. That explains why you are sleeping in Mom's room. She needed to change you without us knowing it. I baby sat your brother about a week ago when he had a slight temperature and you guys were at school. Your Mom had to work that day and she asked me to baby sit him.

She was only gone a half a day. But I was to observant and she told me all about it. Your Mom is very lonely and taking care of your brother this way helps him and helps her to cope with being alone. She didn't want you or Carl to know because she didn't want you to make fun of him. I wouldn't make fun of him. His my big brother. Thank you Jean I said. Now how about going back to bed so I can get ready for bed. I can't sleep now. Kim what are you going to do next. I was going to give the baby a bath so he will sleep well tonight. Can I help? Kim looked at me. I really don't think I would like that Jean. Come on baby brother, your little sister wants to help her baby brother. I won't tell anyone. Not even Carl or any of your girlfriends? No I promise. What do you think Kim? She is your sister and it sounds like she really cares for you and wants to help. I guess I owe it to you for not telling mom when you first found out about it. OK I guess. Kim and Jean got close to the tub and Kim gave her the shampoo to wash my hair. Jean said this is like playing Mommy and having a real baby to play with. OK I said that's enough. Kim, do two year old baby boys talk yet? No they do not Jean. Your sister is right. Baby talk from now on. They gave each other hi five.

Kim took the wash cloth and lathered it up. Kim started to wash my face and the back of my ears. Kim was teaching Jean. Scrub a dub dub baby Jerry is in the tub while she washed my belly. Jean rinsed off my hair and took the cloth from Kim and started to wash my back. When she was done. Kim said OK stand up cutie pie. I shook my head no. Put Kim didn't like that answer.

You better stand up baby boy or you will be getting a spanking from me in front of your little sister. I rolled my eyes and stood up. Jean washed my hinny. See I told you have a cute little hinny. Kim took the wash cloth and lathered it up again and washed my legs and my privates. I saw my sister looking at my privates. So I covered up. Kim took my hands away and asked Jean if she wanted to wash there. Jean said OK. She was very gentle and very curious.

They finally finished and rinsed me off. Kim took me out of the tub and Jean pulled the plug. Kim wrapped a towel around me and they both dried me off. Kim picks me up and we go into the bed room and close the door. Kim lays me down on my back and removes the towel. Now both of them are hanging over me like to silly mommies. Jean said what's next? Kim gets a diaper and lifts my legs and puts it under me. Jean gets the baby powder and said, can I do it? Sure like this. You hold up his legs and sprinkle a little on his hinny. Then you sprinkle it all over his diaper area and rub it in. I am feeling a little uncomfortable but enjoying the feeling. Very good Kim tells Jean. Now spread his legs apart and pull the diaper all the way up to his waist. Pull the tape and tape it to the side of the diaper. Very good. Now take his plastic pants. This is what he got a spanking from his mommy the last time. I guess you learned your lesson? He really got a spanking that night. Carl wised up with that one. He has been extra good because he thought Jerry was to old to get a spanking from Mom. Now he knows better. Put his legs through the holes and pull it up over his diaper.

Then came the shirt. It goes over his head. See like this. Now pull it down to his waist. Lay him back down and grab under him and pull the back to the front. These have snaps on them Jean said. That's right. Now snap them together. Pull him back up to a sitting position again and pull his PJ's over his head and do the same as what you did with the shirt. These are cute. OK that is it. Very good job Jean. Now we pull down the covers and get him under them. You tuck him in and give him a binky. A binky. That's what your mom wants. He is to be treated like a two year old in every respect. Boy Mom must have been really mad at you to make you do this? OK big brother, go to sleepee now. Kim came over and kissed me on my forehead. You did very well. You have a special sister you know. She really wants to help you. Good night, lights out, don't let the bed bugs bit my sister said.

To be continued.......................

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