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Mommies Special Bed Wetter

Chapter 8

Written By: Baby Jay NY

Its Saturday morning the day after my sister Jean found out what was going on. I am wet. But my bed is dry. I have no idea what time my Mommy came in or if Kim told her what had happened. I heard Mommy in the kitchen preparing breakfast. I put my bath robe over my baby PJ's in case Carl was up. I peeked around the corner of the kitchen. I didn't see anyone. But Mommy saw me. She came running over to me and picked me up. I'm sorry pumpkin. You must have been so embarrassed when you opened your door and saw your sister standing there. She hugged me tight. I'm sorry you had to go through that sweet heart. Mommy, where are Jean and Carl? MOMMY she thought to herself? They are both still sleeping. You're the first one up.

Would you like some breakfast and discuss what happened last night and what you want to do about our situation? Can you change me first please Mommy? MOMMY again she said again to her self. Sure pumpkin, what ever you want. She goes to the stove and turns it off. Picks me up and carries me to her room, closing the door behind us. Mommy starts to remove my baby things and starts to remove my plastic pants. She asks me if I am OK. I nodded my head yes. I haven't talked to your sister yet because she was sleeping when I got home last night. Kim told me that she was very helpful to her. Yes she was but I felt a little uncomfortable at first. Jean did everything that Kim told her. So you didn't mind Jean helping Kim? She didn't make fun of me or tease me if that is what you mean. She just wanted to help me and Kim? Jean knew about my bedwetting before you did. She never said a word to you. Did she? Of course not. Jean loves you. She thinks the world of you. She would never snitch on her older brother. What would you like to do? Do you want to stop being my baby and be my 12 year old son again?

I really don't know Mommy. I really enjoy you taking care of me again. I know she said. That was the third time you called me Mommy. I don't even think you know you are saying it. Right now all I want to do is eat and go for a short run and clear my head. OK sweetie all done. Let's go get you some breakfast.

Mom and I were sitting there eating breakfast when Carl strolled into the kitchen. He was already dress. Where are you going? Mom I couldn't ask you last night because you weren't home. Pete's mom asked me to spend the week end with Pete. Can I go pleassse? You have week end chores young man. Who is going to do them for you? Carl turned and looked at me with those pleading eyes. Maybe I could save this for later. OK putz I will do your chores. Hey, Mom shouted what did I tell you about your language young man? Sorry mom. Ok Carl, I will do your chores for you. He is the youngest, so he has the least to do.

Thanks big brother. I owe you one. Carl reached around the wall and grabbed his back pack and ran out the door. Bye Mom. I'm going for my run OK mom. OK honey, don't be to long. You have a few extra chores to do. But that was very smart. I know, maybe I can use the favor later. I closed the door behind me and started my stitching. I finished and started to run towards the park. I don't normally run at the park. The people there stare at me because I am so small and thin. I didn't have my heart into running this morning. If Carl finds out or if Jean tells her girlfriends. I will have to move away or something. I saw an empty park bench and sat down. I put my head into my hands and started to cry. I was sitting there about 15 minutes. When I felt a hand on my shoulder and someone say HI. I looked up and Kim was standing there like an angel. HI I said. I was walking my dog and saw you sit down. I thought it was you. May I sit down? Sure I said. Is this about last night? Yes. I don't know what to do. I know that Mommy... I mean Mom is enjoying taking care of me.

I can tell because mommy... I mean mom is different than before. She always has a smile on her face now. Before she was always unhappy and alone. I don't want to stop being her baby if it is going to make her unhappy. On the other hand, If Carl finds out or if Jean tells her girl friends. I will kill myself. I won't be able to go to school ever again. People think I am already a freak because of my size. I don't need another label. Mom wants to talk about this when I get back.

I think you are making too much out of this, Kim said. Your sister is a very smart young lady. She showed me last night that she was all for helping you. Yes she was curious but all girls are at that age. I really don't think you have to worry about her telling anyone. Your brother Carl. I haven't even met him yet. But if he is a real brother I'm sure he will not let anyone know. And who cares what other people thing about you? It's how you think about yourself that counts. It seems to me... OH NO I cried NO. What's wrong honey? I was peeing in my jogging pants. Kim looks under the bench and sees the puddle under me. Oh that's OK honey it's not the end of the world. Accidents happen. But why do they have to happen to me? This happens when you are all stressed out. Right now I know that you are. I live a few blocks from here. Why don't you come with me? I know how to make my little boy happy again. I will help you clean up and get change? OK Kim. That's my boy. What's your dog's name? Jay. Isn't that a nick name for Jerry?

By George I think your right. Lead on Jay Kim tells the dog. I am so glad that my jogging pants are dark. The only thing that was wet was my butt, that's because I was sitting when it happened. I don't think anyone can see my wet spot. She reached for my hand and pulled me up.

We are holding hands and Jay led us right to Kim's door. Kim takes the leash off and opens the door to her apartment. Jay runs inside and disappears.

The apartment is small but very organized. I said do you live here by yourself? Yes. This is my college dorm. Kim said. No one is ever around. Most of them just sleep here. They are usually at the library until late at night. My dorm is off the campus away from the college. It's like having your own apartment. Grab that towel there and sit on it for me. I will go and get some things for you so I can change you. There is a small kitchen and a bathroom. I guess I was sitting on the couch/bed? Kim came out of the bathroom with a changing pad, diaper, powder and a wash cloth. How come you have all that baby stuff in your apartment, I said? I'm a baby sitter silly. Sometimes the parents bring the little ones over here to me. So I need some supplies just in case.

I don't know if I told you or not. But my brother Michael wets his bed too. Some of these things belong to him. OK stand up a minute and let me put this changing pad under that cute little hinny of yours. Michael had the same problem you have. We lost our Dad at a job site where he was working. I'm sorry Kim. Michael got over it. It just took a little time. I took care of him when mom wasn't home. He enjoyed the attention. I know how you feel. He was 14. 14 I said? Yep. Older than you. It's very hard to change your own diaper. Dads insurance took good care of us. My mother wanted to keep working. Michael and I were old enough to take care of our self's. Mike use to pee in his bed and in his pants. No one was home during the day so mom asked me to take care of him. He got better when he moved out but I still think he wears diapers. Some guys and girls like the feeling of a soft diaper.

I know I told you this before. He and I use to clean each other. When he needed to be cleaned up in the morning or in the afternoon. I would clean him up in the tub together. We had a great relationship. Nothing bad just great fun.

While she was explaining me the story she had my jogging pants and underwear already off. She started to wash me with the now ice cold wash cloth. I jumped at the cold. Oh boy that's cold, I said. How about something a little warmer? How about a hot Mr. Bubbles bubble bath? Are you sure Kim? Of course I am. It will be fun. She went in the bathroom and stated to fill the tub.

You call your mom and tell her what happened and that you are over here and I am taking care of you and that you will be a few hours. OK, Kim. I called mom and explained what happened. She said not to be too late. Kim came back into the living room and removed my jogging jacket and shirt. She had her bath robe on. She must have changed it when she was in the bathroom. Ready cutie pie? I said OK. I stepped into the tub. Kim dropped her robe and I helped her into the tub. We sat down facing each other. She grabs a wash cloth and soaped it up and gave it to me. She grabbed my hand and helped me wash her neck and shoulders. Once I figured out what I was doing she let her hand off mine and reaches for my leg.

The wash cloth is so slippery that it is sliding down the front of her chest close to her breast. The wash cloth slides over her breast and I hear Kim moan a little. She is rubbing my leg getting closer to the middle of my legs.

I washed both of her breasts. I was so nerves my hands were shaking. I slipped the wash cloth down to her belly and washed it. Kim started to turn around. While she was turning; I washed her arm and her side. I started washing her back. She is so soft and smooth. She was telling me what a good job I was doing and that soon it would be my turn to get cleaned. I really didn't care I was enjoying what I was doing. When she was completely turned around she sat back in the middle of my legs. She leans back on my chest. She grabbed my hands and arms and pulled them around the middle of her waist in front of her.

I didn't know what I was doing. I have never been with a girl before. I got brave and slid the wash cloth down past the water line and down between her legs and started to wash her there. She moaned again. Kim was relaxed in my arms. I knew she was enjoying it. She leans back again and whispered in my ear. Your turn. She gets up and sits down facing me with her legs over mine very close to me. She lathers up her wash cloth and starts to wash my face. See I told you Kim will make you feel better. No more tears. She went over every inch of me above the water line. She got up again and repositioned herself behind me getting even closer. She washed my neck and behind my ears which tickled. She washed my back and it felt so good. She pinches my hinny and I got up. She washed my hinny and the back of my legs. Grabbed my waist to sat me down again. She wrapped her arms around me and slid the wash cloth down my belly and past the water line. She started to wash in between my legs.

I'm enjoying her touch so much. I lean back against her breast. I feel the warmth of her and snuggle closer between her legs. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the best feeling I ever had in my life. When I opened my eyes she was facing me. Kim was even closer than before. If that was possible? She was running her fingers through my hair and she whispered. I really like you baby Jerry. You are the cuties baby boy I have ever baby sat for. With her other hand she places it behind my head and pushes my head closer to her. I am being guided towards her breast. I guess it is only natural for me to put my mouth over her breast and start sucking it. She grabbed my other hand and led it down to between her legs. She is showing me how to use my hand and my fingers. She lets go of my hand. Her hand now goes down between my legs and she puts her hand on my very rock hard pee pee. I switch breast and I hear her moan again. You are such a good boy. I love to baby sit you. My hand is going as fast as hers. She moans very loud.

I feel my pee pee jerking in her hand. Good boy she said again. We relax in each other arms. We just explored our bodies and it was great.

I asked her how old she was. She told me she was 16. I said I thought you were 18 or 19. I skipped a few grades in high school. I am a freshman at Leman College . I am living in this dorm because my mother got remarried and I don't like him. With the money my Dad left us it paid for my college education. Do you do this to all your big babies. I would say by her look that is a no. No you smarty you are the first.

The water was getting cold, so we decide to get out and dry each other off. Kim held my hand and led me to the living room. Lay down. I lay down and she picked my legs up and placed a diaper under my hinny. Powdered me. Spread my legs apart and pulled the diaper up between them. She taped the diaper extra tight. She said that she didn't have any plastic pants. Tapping it tight will not let it leak out if I should have another accident or if I wanted to pee in them. She smiled at me with a wicked smile. She had a pair of her brothers old sweat pants. She rolled the waist band up to make them shorter. She pulled them up past my diaper and tied them in place. She helped me put my running sneakers on, my shirt and jogging jacket. OK all done cutie pie. Thank you Kim for helping me feel better and talking to me. I know what I am going to do when I get home. Remember. You were my first, so don't go around bragging about what we did. I would never kiss and tell. Good bye sweetie. I kissed her and headed for home.

To be continued.......................

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