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Mommies Special Bed Wetter

Chapter 9

Written By: Baby Jay NY

I arrived in plenty of time to start on Carl's chores and mine. Jean and mom were doing the wash. I couldn't look at my sister when I walked in. I still felt a little uncomfortable. I went upstairs and started on Carl's chores first. He was the youngest so he only had a few. Jean came into the room were I was cleaning and said, that she was sorry about last night. I told her that it was OK. I know you were trying to help. I told her I wasn't mad at her or anything. I was just a little uncomfortable for a while. OK big brother I was hoping you were OK with it. Jerry, what are you wearing? Those pants don't fit you at all. I borrowed them from Kim this morning. You like her don't you?? I whispered yes. She likes you too. We talked before I went to bed last night. Kim said that? Yep. Did you have an accident that is why you had to borrow the pants from Kim? It was an accident; I didn't do it on purpose. I didn't say you did silly. It's getting late and I still have my chores to do. Can I help? With what? Your chores. No thanks, I can manage. If you need any help let me know OK. Yes alright. About an hour later I finished my chores. I was hot and sweaty and needed a shower. I was so busy with all the chores. I forgot that I had the diaper that Kim put me in. They were so comfortable I forgot I had it on. I hope Jean didn't see it.

I stripped down and removed the diaper and put my robe on. Mom knocked on the door and I told her to come in. Do you need any help honey? No thanks mommy. OK pumpkin let me know if you need anything. I called her mommy because I've decided to continue being her baby boy. I'm sure she called me pumpkin because she understood the same. I took a nice long shower. I dried off and went back into my bedroom. I got dressed in my cloths and I heard mommy calling for us to come down stairs. Jean and I went down stairs.

She said that was Aunt Rose on the phone. Aunt Rose is mom's sister. I forgot that Aunt Rose and I were going to a movie tonight. I should be home before you go to bed. And if not I said. Your sister will give you a hand right Jean? Sure I will. BUT you will be home early right mom? I will try. Now let's go eat dinner. We sat down and ate dinner. Jean and I washed the dishes and put them away. While mom got dressed. We finished the dishes and went into the living room to watch TV. I took the remote and asked Jean. What would you like to watch? How about cartoons? Cartoons I said? Aren't you to old to be watching cartoons? You don't have to be young to watch cartoons. OK if that is what you want to watch. I turned to the cartoon channel. My favorite bunny was on. BUGS.

We were sitting there laughing when mom walked in. What do I have here to big babies? Jean said no only one and it isn't me. She smiled at me. HA HA I said. OK I'm leaving Jerry you mind your sister.

What I shouted. I have to mind my younger sister? Since when is she in charge? With a serious tone in her voice she said YOU HEARD ME. OK I said. Have a nice time at the movies with Aunt Rose Jean said. Good bye, see you later. We were sitting there for an hour. Jean had taken control of the remote. Jerry, would you like a drink? OK thanks. OJ if there is any. Jean came back with a soda for her and OJ for me but it was in a bottle. Hey what gives? You heard what Mom said. You are to mind what I say. That means I am in charge Baby Jerry. Or would you like for me to tell mom that you were a bad baby? She will give you another spanking like she did before. I reached for my bottom Jean said that's right you better listen to me 100%.

Jean sits on the couch and pats her lap, like she wants me to lay in it or something. I roll my eyes and say fine. I do not want another spanking like that again. Good boy she said. I lay in her lap and she puts her arms around me and puts the nipple in my mouth. She wants to feed me like a baby. I start sucking the nipple. The OJ taste a little funny. But I am thirsty and suck it all down. I finish and she grabs the bottle and puts it down on the table. She is smiling at me and rocking me. If you want to go to sleep that's OK. I'm here and I will take care of you.

The OJ maybe was a little sour because my belly was not feeling to good. I started to get craps. Pressure was building in my belly. I didn't know if it was gas or I had to poop. It's about time for bed. I guess mom and Aunt Rose must be having a good time. I guess she is going to be late. As soon as this program is over baby I will get you ready for bed. I start to squirm in Jeans lap. What's the matter with you? Do you have ants in your diaper? I guess she thought I had a diaper on. Surprise sis I do not. The pressure is really getting bad and I let go with a few smelly farts. Stop farting in my lap you stinker. That's OK I will change your smelly diaper. Go ahead baby do your thing. OH ya I said to myself.

You want to be the mommy and boss me around. I am not sure if it's a fart or if I am going to poop. One way or another little sister is about to find out. I let go in my underwear and it is not a fart. My underwear is filled with poop. I'm smiling at her and she looks down and said, you little stinker. You pooped in your diaper? Now I will have to change you. She sits me up and pulls the back of my pants out to check. YOU don't have a diaper on. Surprise sis I said to myself. Now I am grinning. And you knew it too. You bad boy you tricked me. OK you stinky hinny lets get you changed. I hope I can do this. We get up and walk to mom's bedroom.

She doesn't know whether to change me in the bathroom or the bedroom. She chooses the bedroom. Bad chose. She puts the changing pad on my bed and lays me down on it. She removes my shoes and socks. Unbuckles my belt and unzippers my pants. And try's to remove them.

Would you give your little sister a hand and pick your butt up please. I lift my butt and she removes my pants. I thought you still had the diaper you had on when you came home. What a mess. You are one stinky baby brother. She slips my shirt over my head and off. I am laying there in front of my sister with only a smelly pair of underwear. She starts to remove my underwear while I am laying on them. I left my butt up a little and she said thank you. She is about to remove them when we hear the front door and mom said Hi guys I'm home. Jean yells and the top of her lungs. Mom we are up in your room. I hear mom coming up the stairs and hear her say. What is that smell? It's your little pumpkin mom Jean yells. Mom walks in, Jean is holding my dirty shorts and I have my butt in the air. That must have been some sight. I thought he had a diaper on. I was encouraging him to poop in his diaper. Why didn't you tell your sister you had to go to the bathroom? I didn't say a thing. You did this to your poor sister. OH I see. You were getting even because she was in charge. I dropped my smile in a hurry. OK Jean lets get the little stinker cleaned up. And you will give this little bad boy what he deserves. I didn't like the sounds of that.

Mommy put my binky in my mouth and they both got me all cleaned up. Now my little pumpkin, because you were so mean to your sister. Your sister is going to give you your punishment. OH no I said. What now the cat let go of your tongue. Well! How about I give you your punishment? You did the crime to your sister now you will do the time with her smiley. Jean go to my vanity and get the chair. Put it in the middle of the room.

Sit down and put this towel on your lap so if he pee pees you will not get wet. Pee pee Jean said. Yes he pee peed the last time I spank him.

Mommy grabs me by the waist and places me on Jeans lap. OK baby sitting sister do your thing. Jean was doing it easy. This was going to be a piece of cake. Mommy said, do remember the surprise he gave you and how stinky it was. The next one was harder and the next even harder. Now that's how you spank a bad little baby boy. She was really going at it now. You learn fast Jean. You are going to be a good mommy some day. Now my little pumpkin, maybe the next time your sister is in charge. You will remember not to give her you little baby brother attitude. Now lets all get dress and go to sleep. Jean stopped and looked at my now red hinny and bent over and gave it a little kiss. Mommy and I are lying down in our own beds. She said to me. I guess you've decided to continue to be my baby boy again. I'm glad because I really enjoy taking care of you Jerry. BUT she said, because you were so mean to your sister tonight. You will be wearing a diaper all weekend and your sister will be doing the changing. Now be a good pumpkin and go to sleepie.

To be continued.......................

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