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Chapter X

Written By: Baby Jay NY

This story is fiction. Nothing in this story is real. I made it all up. Will maybe some of it is true. I hope you enjoy reading it. Because I really enjoyed writing it.

It is about 3 am. The pressure in my belly wakes me up. The cramp I got made me poop in my diaper. Instead of calling out to mommy. I went back to sleep. I am very uncomfortable when I wake up in the morning. Mommy is asleep. My hinny and in between my legs are on fire. Mommy hears me rustling and get up to see what the problem is. She is wearing a very pretty nighty. The nighty just barley covers her breast. She is leaning over me. I am waiting for one of those things to fall out. Isn't completely through you yet, pumpkin.

Mommy pulls the covers off me and starts to remove my cloths. She removes my plastic pants and my smelly diaper. She wipes the poop off my hinny with the clean part of the diaper. She spreads my legs to clean me with the baby wipes and notices that I have a diaper rash in between my legs and hinny. That must be painful pumpkin. I will need to give you a bath in order to clean you properly. Mommy goes into the bathroom to run the tub. She comes back and starts to clean me a little better with some more baby wipes. I'm sorry pumpkin, I know it hurts. Mommy will make your boo boo all better. I need to clean you up a little more. I step into the tub. The water is warm and it feels real good. Mommy lets me sit awhile before starting to wash me up. OK honey stand up for mommy. She soaps up the wash cloth. Spreading my legs, she very carefully starts to wash the diaper rash. It doesn't hurt that bad now that I was sitting in the water for awhile. She cleaned my hinny good and washed in between my legs. It is starting to feel a lot better. I'm holding onto her shoulder and notice her breast in her nighty. They look smooth and very inviting. I sit back down in the water and she couches me staring in her nighty. Is someone hungry like when he was a real baby she said? No time for that now. I need to get my baby feeling better. Maybe later as a special treat for my sick little baby boy.

Let's dry you off now. She takes a nice soft towel and wraps it around my body. I step out of the tub onto the rug. She is shaking me and drying me off at the same time. I am giggling because I really enjoy her attention. OK all done. We head for the bedroom. She lays me on the bed with the changing pad under me. Finding my binky in the bed she puts it in my mouth while turning me over on my belly she rubs diaper rash cream all over my hinny and in between the back of my inner thighs. She helped me roll over on my back. She spreads my legs apart. Mommy rubs the cream all between my legs and around my pee pee. Jean knocks on the door and mom tells her to come in. She sees me spread eagle on my back and said what's wrong with baby brother? He has a bad case of diaper rash. Where she said? Mom points to where it is. Jean said does that hurt? I think he is feeling better. His smiling. I told you I was going to make you feel better. Jean we have to remember we had to clean this area good when we change him. We my sister said? Yes, you're going to care for your baby brother today. I told him because of how he treated you last night. He has to wear diapers all week end. Cool. I get to play mommy again. Yes but I think this time he will be a good baby today. Can I help mom? Sure honey. Why don't you go and start breakfast for us. We should be done in about 30 minutes. OK mom. Jean came over to the side of the bed and kissed me on the forehead. Feel better baby brother. Jean left to start breakfast. Mommy sprinkled baby powder over the area but didn't rub it in. You are going to just wear the diaper without the plastic pants so air can get at the rash. If that does work. You may have to wear nothing for a while until it clears up.

Mommy puts a shirt on me and we go into the kitchen were Jean is making our breakfast. Mommy sits me on my chair and brings over some eggs. Jean asked mom. What should I put into his bottle? I threw out the OJ. He can't have milk so I guess we should give him some water. Jean fills the bottle with cold water. Mommy starts to feed me. Jean steps over and said can I feed my baby please. He is my baby brother today, right mom? OK honey, be my guest. For a young girl. Jean really knows a lot about taking care of a baby. Jean is feeding me like mom does. Open wide for the airplane. Mom is eating her eggs and laughing. See this is what life is all about. A happy mommy. A happy little girl and a happy baby boy. Your doing great little mommy. Pumpkin, can you say mama for your sister? Mom looks at me and lips go ahead. Mama I said. Now that's cool. Jean holds up the bottle and I start to suck on the nipple. He really knows how to suck a nipple mom. He was a pretty good suckler when he was 1 or two. His enjoying this baba. That's exactly what he use to call his bottle. Can you say BABA? With the nipple still in my mouth. I say BABA. Oh that is so cute. I'm really glad that he is letting me do all these things to him. Well today he has no choice. So enjoy it while it last and take advantage of the good deed your doing for him. OK all done. Jean washes my face and my hands. She sits me on the floor. OK baby boy crawl to the living room. I start to crawl to the living room. I hear mommy and Jean say. Look how cute he looks with just a diaper on.

Mom and Jean clean up the kitchen. They come into the living room. I am sitting on the bare cold floor. Waiting for someone to turn cartoons on. Mommy puts a blanket and a pillow on the floor for me to lie on. She has an extra bottle of water for me. This will help clear you up from that bad OJ. I am lying on the blanket. Mommy puts the bottle on top of the pillow so I don't have to hold it. Jean turns TV on and puts the cartoon channel on. See baby brother you don't have to be young to watch cartoons. I saw you last night laughing at Bugs Jean can you go to the store for me please? I need some milk and some OJ. OK mom I will go and get dressed. Jean went upstairs. Mommy was sitting on the couch reading a news paper. The floor was cold even with the blanket under me. Mommy saw me all crunched up. Would you like to sit with mommy and drink your baba? Mommy had a nice fluffy bathrobe on over her nighty. I crawled over to her and she picked me up and laid me in her lap. She took the baba and I got comfortable in her lap. She put one arm around me like Jean did last night. The other hand was holding the baba. You were always a cute little baby. And you still are. She rubbed her nose with mine. Thanks for making me feel better again pumpkin. I smiled at her under the baba.

Jean came down all dressed. Mom told her to go into her pocket book and take out some money. The list is on the kitchen table. Be careful crossing the street when you go to the super market. Hopefully not to many people will be there.

Jean left. Mommy was still holding the baba for me. I was busy sucking the water down. How would my pumpkin like that special treat I mentioned this morning? I wasn't sure what she had in mine. But if it made her happy I would do what ever she wanted. She placed the bottle on the table and sat me up. She removed the top part of her robe and pulled up her nighty. Here we go pumpkin. Just like when you were a baby. Laying me back in her lap. I was even with her nipples. Here you go baby boy. She held the back of my head and pushed it towards her left nipple. I opened my mouth and she placed it in my mouth. I was in heaven. She started to sign me a lullaby. It was all too familiar. She started to rock me and sign. She had a real soothing voice with a big smile.

"Baby Jerry is feeding right now. He wants to cuddle and I'm the reason why". Shhh go to sleep my little one. Mommy is here to always take care of you. My eyes are closing. All I remember seeing before going to sleep is a big happy smile on my mommy face.


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