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Mom's Diapered Helper

I did it deliberately when I was 14, I slashed the cover of my mothers ironing board pad. I did not want to iron any more. So I took a knife and deliberately slashed the ironing board pad. It ripped in two right on the top.

I just did not want to iron any more. I was tired of being my mother's servant. Every day when I came home from school I had a list of chores to do on a weekly chart.

Mother would give me time to change into my chore clothes--a frilly dress with an apron--and then have me stand in front of the chores chart with a paddle in her hand. I would bow to the floor in front of my mother then read each one aloud to her knowing they all had to be done by 5 or I would get the paddle.

The paddling was done in a methodical way over the bed. My mother would put me on some pillows to get my bottom up high and then to make it higher I had to stand on tiptoes. I had to stand still or the paddling would be done over from scratch. There was a paddle to each cheek for each chore I missed doing or didn't do properly. I couldn't say anything or cry or again the paddling would be started from scratch

The chores were to dust mop my room, vacuum the rugs, clean the bathroom, wash the kitchen floor, dust the living room furniture, and then do ironing usually 5 pieces a day, peel the potatoes and set the table.

Then when I was done I would stand by the chores chart at attention. My mother would inspect the house and check off all those I had done properly. She would swing the paddle to and fro while checking off the list. There were no rewards just avoidance of the paddle. I did not like the paddle so usually I would avoid it.

Since I had to be home from school by 3 to finish the chores, I had to get on the first school bus home. All my friends would still be at school playing intramural sports or at the soda shop socializing with each other and there I was often one of the few students on the first bus. I would hurry home to be in my chore clothes and standing with my mother at the chore chart precisely at 3:15.

Then one day, I was very angry as I liked to play intramural softball and it was a fine spring day. All my friends were going to the gym to change into their clothes to play all afternoon then going for pizza after. They asked me to play as in gym I was a great pitcher. I just said no I couldn't.

So I rushed home, hung up my school clothes and put on my chores uniform. Mother was waiting at the chores chart with the paddle. I bowed in front of her as she swung it to and fro. Then I looked at the chores chart and responded to mother's question

"how are you going to not be paddled today?"

I said "Mother, I am not going to be paddled today if I do all the chores on this chart properly and I will read each chore I will do properly for you."

I read the chores off and then got to work. The windows were open as it was a warm spring day and I started weeping thinking of my friends playing and having a good time. Mother had gone out to visit with a friend and I kept on with the chores tears streaming down my face. Then when I got out the ironing board I just couldn't do it. I sat down and cried. Then I got out the knife and slashed the ironing board.

You could not imagine the horror on mother's face when she saw me trying to tape the torn pieces of the ironing board together.

I knew what I did was wrong and hurtful so I voluntarily went to the bedroom, got undressed, put together the pillows and stood on tiptoes waiting for my paddling.

The paddle was a thick plastic cutting board. I knew it was going to be applied hard but not as hard or as many times as I thought. I just kept still on my tiptoes holding my bottom up high and then sticking it up higher when mother was going to apply the paddle again.

Before this I never peed during a paddling but this one was so hard the pee started to dribble down my legs and onto the pillows and then the floor.

When mother was done and made me stand up straight and look at her to make sure I hadn't cried, she looked in horror and the floor and the pee.

"Lie on the bed and just stay there" she said.

I did as I was told. My bottom was burning so I didn't want another paddling.

She came back with four of my brother's cloth baby diapers from years ago. She pinned them together and then pinned them to my underwear.

"If you are going to pee all over the house you won't be able to be in it anymore without wearing diapers. You will wear these today and then I will go to the store to get some proper ones for you tomorrow. And if you don't want to be a big person and do chores properly, then when you come home for the next month you will be the baby that you are."

I lied still and did what I was told as mother diapered me. I resumed doing the chores at least for that day with mother sitting in the same room reading a magazine and holding the paddle. At one point I left the potato peeling to go to the bathroom, and mother said "where do you think you are going. Not to the toilet. If you want to pee all over the house, use the diapers."

So I did. I didn't like the sopping cold wetness as I had to eat dinner with mother then do the dishes and homework in wet diapers. When it was bed time, mother told me to lie on the bed to change me and it felt good to have dry diapers on.

Since mother wanted me to do well in school, I did not have to wear diapers there. Since my brothers were away at school and my father was away on business for two months, mother could do what she wanted with me.

As soon as I came home the next day, mother told me to go to the bedroom for my one month of being a baby. There she had disposable adult diapers, a pacifier, some baby toys, a harness and lead and a bottle. She first made me lie on the bed to put on the diapers. Since it was warm they were all I could wear. Then she moved all the furniture around in my bedroom and made a big space. She put the harness on me and tied the end of the lead to the bedpost and told me to get on the floor and play with my toys. I was to do that until dinner when she would give me a bottle of formula. Then I was to do my homework on the floor and sleep on the air mattress there as well with a blanket.

This was the routine for a month every weekday. In the morning, I was unleashed and got ready for school by my mother her giving me a bath and dressing me. Then at school I was just normal.

On weekends for that month, my babyhood started at 3 on Friday and went until school time on Monday with all my meals as formula in a bottle. It was awful as it was spring weather and usually I could go to the park and play softball on weekend afternoons when my chores were done.

I couldn't cry as that would have meant the paddle. I just colored in the book Mom bought, played with the dolls, blocks and puzzles. On weekend afternoons, Mom would put a leash on me and drive me to a remote woods where she would take me for a walk.

I was glad when the month was over. I rushed home from school the day it was more than willing to go back to get into my chores uniform and do the chores to avoid both diapers and the paddle.

So I smiled at mother when I came in the door and went to my room to get into my chore clothes. Instead of waiting by the chore chart for me to come dressed properly, mother followed me and went to the linen closet where she kept my diapers from the previous month "Look" she said. I found a place to buy a lot of them at a lower price. I have enough for months. I looked in horror at the 100 adult diapers in two cases case on the floor. I knew not to say anything to avoid the paddle.

"Yes, you will be in diapers as long as you are living here. You won't have to be a baby again if you your chores as usual with no such stunts and you can have dinner at the table and go out with your friends on Saturday and Sunday afternoon. And I found some diapers for those times that you can wear with your friends without being ostracized. in case you or them get any ideas. With these diapers, you also can and must use the toilet and you better keep them dry. Now go lie on the bed."

I did as mother diapered me holding my legs up high when she told me. I put on my chores uniform did my chores and didn't get paddled that day or many others. I would also if I dribbled in my diaper and mother checked it at every changing for no dribbles. One little spot and up I would go on the pillows for a paddling.

So every day until I went to college that is what happened when I wasn't at school or work. Mother would put thick disposable diapers on me when I was home and thinner ones on when I went out with friends or the family. For work or school she prepared a set of underwear with an extra extra thick maxipad taped in it I could put on myself. When my father and brothers came home and saw mother taking a diaper out of the linen closet and going into my room, mother said she had taken me to the doctor for a bladder problem and being diapered was better for me than being on those new medicines that may have side effects.

One of my brothers teased me but only once as he too was taken to his bedroom for a paddling and warned he would be next in diapers if it happened again.

Then of course when I went to college, I tried being without diapers and couldn't. I found that some of the girls had accidents in gym or when they were jogging and wore these maxi pads so it was OK when they saw me wearing them in the dorm during the day. I can let myself dribble when I run. At night in bed I continued to wear a regular disposable diaper. My roommates thought it strange but I told them I had a bladder problem.

And I hate housework and am the lady in the laundry who stands over the dryer to remove all clothes promptly so they don't have to be ironed.

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