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Kevin lay smiling, not quite asleep but not yet ready to be awake. He was having one of his favourite dreams and if he relaxed and kept just below the border of wakefulness, he could stay in the dream and control what happened next. He dreamed he had returned to baby hood. Looking up, he saw the bars of his crib; white, round and smooth, leading up impossibly high. Beneath him he felt the soft crinkle of the vinyl covered mattress and the cuddly warmth of his blanket. He kicked up his toes and saw them dangling above his head. Looking down he could see his snugly diapered bottom, wrapped in Huggies with soft plastic pants on top for extra leak protection. He felt completely at peace, happy, safe and relaxed. A beam of sunlight came in through the window and shone across his crib, lighting up the mobile that hung above him. Ducks, cows, pigs, and other barnyard animals spun in the sunlight above his head.

With a soft whisper he heard the door of his room open and stocking feet came padding across the carpet. Looking up, he saw a beautiful smiling face staring down at him. Kevin sometimes thought it was odd that the face of the mother in his dream was that of his beautiful wife Cathy but he supposed it made sense, since she was the one he loved more than anyone else in the world. Her sparkling blue eyes smiled down at him as she reached into the crib to lift him up.

"Well, well, Who's a perky baby this morning?" she laughed, lifting him up to her face and rubbing his nose across hers. He giggled and reached out with his tiny hand to hold her soft blonde hair.

"Silly baby!" she cooed.

"Now, it's time for someone to have some breakfast". She carried him over to a big old wooden rocking chair that sat in the corner and held him inher lap as she got herself comfortable. Looking up, he saw her soft, lovely breasts, just peeking out from the lacy cotton nightie that she wore. Settling in, she reached over to the dresser where she had placed his bottle when she came in. Gently stroking his cheek, she slipped the nipple into his mouth and murmured "There you go. Good baby. Drink up." Rocking softly back and forth, he lay in her lap and sucked happily on his bottle, feeling the warm sweet milk filling his stomach.

"Wow!" he thought, "The dream really feels real today. I feel like I'm really drinking from a bottle". He could even feel the texture of the nipple in his mouth. Yawning, he slowly cracked open his eyes and saw... a bottle in his mouth! He was shocked and couldn't move for a moment. He realized that he'd been unconsciously suckling on the bottle in his sleep and even now his mouth automatically kept nursing. What was even more shocking was that Cathy, his beautiful wife, was perched up on one elbow, lying in bed next to him, holding the bottle in his mouth.

"Hey handsome" she smiled as she kept the bottle in position.

"I was wondering when you were going to wake up. It must have been a good dream, you drank about half a bottle." He tried to turn his head, to spit out the nipple, to explain... She stroked his cheek and gently guided the nipple back into his mouth.

"Hey, it's okay. It's okay sweetie. I love you. I understand" With her free hand she stroked his hair, then kissed him on the forehead.

"I was cleaning up last week and I found your, uh, 'special suitcase'". She giggled.

"At first I was a little confused but then I read some of the stories inside and I put two and two together. It also helped that someone," she tickled his belly "Likes to talk in his sleep!". Gently her hand went back to stroking his forehead as their eyes met across the bottle.

"I could tell you were shy about talking about this so I thought I'd surprise you. I can see this is something very special to you. I'd like to share this with you. Would you do that for me?" Kevin was still somewhat in shock at the way things were going. Looking up at his beautiful wife smiling down at him he was surprised to see in her eyes that she really needed HIS approval, to feel part of his life, to share this part with her. Smiling back around his bottle, he slowly nodded his head. A wave of relief mixed with.glee? passed over Cathy's face.

"Thank you sweetie. Now, if we're going to do this, there are going to be some ground rules, okay?" Suddenly her face had become very stern but Kevin could see the twinkle in her eyes and realized that she really was enjoying this. He nodded his head again.

"I am the mommy, you are the baby," she continued "You do not talk in adult words for the rest of the weekend. If you want my attention, you'll have to cry like a baby, agreed?" Kevin nodded again, revelling in her words. He heard a soft gurgling sound and realized that he had drunk the entire bottle and was now just sucking air through the nipple.

"Oooh, good baby!" she cooed, slipping the nipple from his lips and placing the empty bottle on her nightstand.

"Let's make sure there's no nasty bubble in there". Getting up on her knees, she pulled him up and draped his head over her shoulder as she gently patted his back, burping him.

"Good baby.good baby." Turning her lips to his ear she whispered "Now, rule number 2 is that Mommy makes the rules. Baby Kevin will do whatever mommy says this weekend." Before Kevin realized what was happening, a sudden belch shot out of him.

"Good baby! There you go" Gently she laid him back down on the bed.

"Rule 3, of course, is that baby won't be using the big people bathroom this weekend."

"But Cathy."

"Uh uh uh," she said, putting her finger over his lips, "Remember the first rule. Now, I was surprised to see there weren't any diapers for my baby in that special suitcase so I had to make a little trip out to the drugstore". She reached under her side of the bed and came up with - a diaper! A big white disposable diaper. Kevin could see that it was big enough to fit him.

Breathing in, he could even smell the sweet pamperish baby powder smell. Lifting back the covers, Cathy slowly untied the drawstring on his pyjama bottoms and slowly slid them up.

"Okay baby, upsie daisy!" Lifting his legs, she held them up with one hand while she unfolded the crinkly white diaper and slid it under his bottom. Lowering his legs back down, Kevin could feel the cool softness of the diaper lining beneath him.

"Now, we don't want my baby getting nasty diaper rash, do we?" Cathy grinned and leaned down to kiss him on the nose. Reaching under the bed once more, she came out with a bottle of baby lotion. As she squeezed it into her hands and began rubbing them together to warm the cool lotion Kevin could once again smell the sweet smell of baby powder. Cathy gently massaged the lotion all over his bottom, groin and legs, then reached down and tugged the front of the diaper up over him. Straddling his legs with her own, she pulled the sides of the diaper firmly together and made sure all six tapes were snugly taped shut.

"Just one more thing" she giggled.

"The lady at the store said these can sometimes leak and I don't want anything spoiling my nice new sheets.

" Once again she reached under the bed and came out with a soft white pair of plastic pants.

"I had to guess a bit on the size. I know how big your waist is but I wasn't sure how puffy your diapers would be." Turning the pants inside out, she reached her hands through the leg holes and grabbed his ankles, gently guiding them through the leg openings.

"When I was a babysitter, this was my trick for getting panties on fussy babies. Looks like it works for big babies, too!" she grinned.

"Upsie daisy, baby!" Lifting his bottom again she tugged up the plastic pants until they hugged snugly around his diaper, the elastics gathered around his legs to prevent leaks. She pulled the covers back over him as she got up out of the bed.

"I don't want my baby catching a chill. Now, you've had a long, hard week so it's nap time for baby. You stay there and rest while Mommy gets some more things ready for you." Opening the drawer of her nightstand, she pulled out a night light with a picture of a baby yellow duckling on it.

"This is so my baby doesn't get scared during nap time" she said, plugging it into the wall, then drawing the curtains so the only light in the room came from the little duckling. Bending over to kiss Kevin's forehead, she plucked one last item from her nightstand.

"One last little surprise to help my baby sleep" she cooed, slipping the pacifier between his lips and gently stroking his cheek.

"Sleep well, my baby." She stood up and walked over to the bedroom door. As she opened the door to slip out, she whispered back into the room, "I love you, Kevin. Thank you for being my baby".

With a soft click, the door shut and Kevin lay in his diapers, in the soft light of the nightlight, feeling warm, safe, and loved.

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