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My Agonizing Journey to Babyhood

Chapter 1 - Introduction

Once again I am writing to you about a diaper adventure I experienced recently with my husband, friend, and lover, Chris. By now many of you have read my accounts of how Chris and I met in college, fell in love, and what we like to do to keep our marriage fresh, wet, and exciting.

My name is Kim and by nature I am the submissive one in our relationship. Chris is definitely the assertive one, but we have switched roles in the past and enjoy that too. There is something magical that happens when Chris takes charge. He knows just what to do to drive me wild. His inventive mind keeps me guessing and I like that about Chris. Life is never boring when we role-play, experiment with bondage, or play our baby games.

Some would call me strange, but I love to be humiliated and it never fails to really charge me up sexually. For me, diapers, more specifically being forced to wear diapers, accentuates my humiliation. Chris loves to use my love-hate relationship with diapers and humiliation to his advantage. He knows me so well. He loves to see me in diapers and the affect that wearing diapers has on me. I guess that is one of the reasons we make such a great match.

Chapter 2 - Our day begins in bed

On this particular morning I woke up before Chris. I was laying in bed and smiled to myself about my predicament. I was dressed in a short, red, baby doll nightgown like thousands of women wear every night, but I wasn't wearing the matching panties that came with it. Chris thought I was being crabby last night and that kind of behavior always comes with consequences. In my case, that meant that last night before bed, Chris took me over his knee and spanked me. He always says, "If you are going to act like a spoiled brat, then I will treat you like a little brat." He doesn't tolerate any attitude from me. He then took me directly to our bed and put me in a diaper and plastic pants that still surrounds my bottom this morning. My plastic pants are the same color red as my nightgown. At least I match, I chuckled to myself. What Chris didn't know is that last night I purposely provoked him. I like to see if I can push him to get a response. Boy did I get a response and now I found myself laying next to him as his diaper girl.

I needed to pee, but I couldn't simply get up and go to the bathroom. Chris saw to that last night when he locked a small chain around my ankle and then secured the chain to the bed post. It appeared that I was secured by about 8 feet of light chain. My movements were definitely inhibited. I was in a real dilemma. I knew if I woke Chris I could receive more punishments so I quietly laid in our bed and let the pressure to pee grow and grow.

I reached down and put my hand on my plastic pants. I love the feel of plastic or rubber and that feeling goes back as far as I can remember. I had a flashback to when I was a little girl and had a problem with wetting my bed. My parents got so fed up with having to change my bedding that they purchased plastic panties for me to wear at night. I was still wetting my bed at 11 years old so it had a pretty profound affect on me. Every night I had to wear thick training pants with the plastic panties over them. I remember them being tight because they were probably made for a very large toddler, but I also remember they fit me just fine. I developed a secure feeling when I was in my plastic panties. I knew that my bed would stay dry and I would not get in trouble for wetting the bed. Sometimes I would forget to put my training pants and plastic pants on so my parents got in the habit of asking me the most embarrassing question in the world: "Kimberly, did you remember to diaper yourself tonight?" I always argued that they were not diapers, but my older sisters always teased me and said: "Kimie wears diapers...Kimie wears diapers..." I learned diaper humiliation at a very early age.

Even at age 11, I would wake up nearly every morning to the feeling of wet, soggy training pants. And before I knew what sexual feelings were, I knew that it felt good to be in wet training pants surrounded by plastic pants. Even after I no longer wet the bed, I had a real love hate relationship with diapers and the humiliation I associated with having to wear them. Still today, I dream about those early episodes of being put in thick training pants and plastic panties. That thick feeling between my legs is still an incredible turn-on that I enjoy no matter how many times I am put in diapers. I guess that explains why I am who I am.

Back to reality and my current state. I was only able to take my mind off my need to pee for so long. It now consumed my every thought. It was no longer if I would wet my diaper, but when. Chris has trained me to ask permission to wet my diaper. I know, what you are thinking, but he exercises his control over me in that way and secretly I like being his little diaper slave and receiving his attention. I couldn't wait any longer. If I wet my diaper I would be in trouble because I didn't ask Chris's permission. If I woke him up, he might be irritated and I would receive another spanking or worse. It was the "or worse" that always kept me in line.

Finally, I reached over and whispered into Chris's ear, "Master, your diaper slave needs some relief."

"May I please wet my diaper?" Chris was pleased with my contrite self after my bitchy attitude from the night before.

"So my little diaper slave needs to go pee-pee, huh?"

"Yes, real, real bad," I responded. With that, Chris took me and rolled me onto his chest. He instructed me to get in the 69 position with my head down by his cock. This put my diapered bottom directly in front of Chris's face. My chain attached to my ankle was long enough to position myself over Chris's beautiful cock.

"But Master, I can't continue to hold it any longer."

"I am afraid that I will wet myself and Master may not like me to fill my diaper with it so close to Master's face."

"I guess little Kimberly is going to have to hold it while you give me a blow job."

"If I sense that you wet your diaper before I give you permission, you will have a very 'interesting' day ahead of you!"

"And I mean 'interesting' in the sense that you may not like what is in store for you."

"Got it?"

"Yes Master, I will do my best."

I proceeded to lick and suck on Chris's cock. I was practically sitting on Chris's face while I gave him a blow job, but I don't think he minded. I was using my mouth to stimulate Chris and he was massaging my butt through my plastic panties. I love that feeling. He slipped his hand under my plastic pants and continued to massage me between my legs. I was totally out of control with passion. My orgasm was imminent. My breathing got heavier and so did Chris's moaning. Chris did not let up and kept massaging my pussy right through the diaper. It seemed like it happened quickly, but it was building up for some time. Chris exploded in my mouth and I erupted in a dramatic big O. My orgasm put my whole body into spasms and this prompted my bladder to release into my diaper with a rush of hot pee. Chris still had his hand under my plastic pants and never stopped massaging me while I continued to pee. It rarely happens that I climax in quick succession, but with Chris rubbing me and me peeing into my diaper, it was just too much of a good thing. I climaxed again, and again.

"Thank you, Master!"

"You are the best."

Chapter 3 - I am introduced to regression therapy

"Kimberly, I am glad you enjoyed yourself, but you never asked permission to wet your diaper." I replied, "I am sorry, but I couldn't help myself."

"Well if you can't help yourself, you may be wearing diapers again in the very near future."

"I can't take the risk of you wetting your clothes, our furniture, or our bed."

"Do you understand Kim?"

"Yes, I do." I caught myself.

"Yes, I do Master."

"Very well, Kim."

"I am going to release you so that you can shower and get ready for your big day."

"What is in store for me?" I asked.

"Really Kim, do you think I will answer that question?"

"Please, pretty please?" I begged. Chris decided to answer: <dir> <dir>

"OK, I will tell you this much. You are to take a shower and get ready to go out on some errands. I need to go to work, but I have ordered a limo to take you around for the entire day. The limo driver has been given explicit instructions and will take you on each errand. You are not to ask the driver any questions. Besides, I am paying him and he has been instructed not to answer any of your questions. At each stop your driver will give you an envelop with instructions. Your job is to follow the instructions to the letter. There will be no tolerance for missing even the smallest detail or refusing to do exactly what is spelled out in the instructions. If the instructions tell you to stand on your head in the middle of Main Street, you will do it. Again, you will follow every instruction to the letter. After your errands are complete, your driver will bring you to me and we will enjoy the evening together. Understood?" </dir> </dir>

"Master, may I ask a question or two?"

"Permission granted."

"First, what am I to wear?"

"I will lay your clothes out for you before I leave for work."

"What if I don't do as I am instructed?"

"Then you will miss a very exciting journey."

"Besides Kim, I know you."

"Your curiosity will keep you motivated to continue with each task."

"You will obey me."

"How can you be so certain?" I teased.

"Because Kim, I trained you."

"You will listen to me."

"And just in case you choose not to complete your assignments, I have a plan that will certainly make you think twice about ignoring your Master's directives ever again." I had to ask, " Will Master tell me his evil consequences for a slave that doesn't do as she is told?" <dir> <dir>

"Kim, I will tell you exactly what will happen. I want you to know in advance that if you don't follow each instruction, there will be consequences for being a bad slave. I call your punishments regression therapy. With each offense you will be treated as a younger girl. You will start at your present age as a 30 year old woman. You will dress as a woman and you will be given most of the privileges of a grown woman. For example, if you want to drive you can drive. However, after your first offense, I will start treating you as a misbehaving teenager. This is how your regression therapy will work. And, a bad teenager doesn't receive the same privileges as an adult, does she? And if you are foolish enough to not listen to another command, you will be treated as a toddler. Toddlers don't wear the same clothes as a 30 year old woman or a teenager, do they? Toddlers don't get many privileges do they? And finally, if my little slave is stupid enough to not listen again, you will be treated as a little baby. Little babies live very restricted lives. I think you will find regression therapy to be very effective at disciplining a slave who doesn't listen to instructions. And just in case you were wondering, this game will go on all week. If you make it 7 days as a 30 year old woman, then it will mean that you were very good and listened to every command throughout the week. Also, if you smart-off at me in any way, I will take it as an act of defiance and you will take a step down the path of age regression therapy." </dir> </dir>

"Kim, I want you to repeat after me."

"I Kim."

"I Kim."

"Promise to do each errand to the very best of my ability."

"Go ahead Kim, say it!"

"OK, I promise to do each errand to the very best of my ability." Chris went on, "I also agree to be a perfect slave to my Master all week."

"Do I have to say that?" I teased.

"If you don't want to start age regression right now, you will repeat the last statement!"

"Alright," I said.

"I also agree to be a perfect slave to my Master all week."

"Kim, I will hold you to your word."

"But just in case you falter, your consequence will be age regression therapy!"

"Now, with that understood, I will finally unlock your ankle from the bedpost so you can remove your wet diaper and take your shower."

Chapter 4 - I prepare for my adventure

I finished my shower and I could hear by the silence in the house that Chris must have already left for work. I was excited to get ready for my big day, but I was also apprehensive; not knowing what Chris had in store for me. The thought dawned on me that this was just day one of 7 days of regression therapy hanging over my head. What were my chances of not provoking Chris over some little item and starting my age regression therapy? I was quite sure that Chris's intent was to reduce my age at my expense, but I was not going to give him that opportunity if I could help it. All I really had to do was obey a few silly orders, right? (Boy was I naive...)

When I got out of the bathroom, I saw that Chris had laid out my clothes along with an envelop. Chris loves to see me in leather so I wasn't surprised that he picked out one of my shorter leather skirts for me to wear. The skirt was blue and it zipped in the back. Chris actually has good taste "for a man" and selected a nice blouse and blue cowboy boots that matched the skirt. Not your average daytime wear, but I had come to expect that out of Chris. I looked around to see if Chris left a diaper for me to wear. I was surprised that he didn't, but left me a sexy blue satin panty instead that kept my blue color scheme intact. I put on the clothes and opened the envelop.

The letter was short.


Dear Kim,

It is time to take our relationship to the next level. I enjoy having such a beautiful girl as my diaper slave and I absolutely adore you. You are my life. However, don't mistake my love for you as a sign that you don't have to obey me. Quite the contrary. It is because I love you that I am going to push you and our relationship to a whole new level. You will enjoy the journey, but you will be extremely embarrassed, humiliated, and excited all in one. Enough said, you will have to learn and experience this for yourself today.

You have promised to obey me totally and I am going to hold you to your commitment. Enjoy your day, if you can. Again, obey me totally or your age regression process will begin. Your limo will be here at 9:00am.

Love always,



Chris's message was simple but it put chills through my body. What was in store for me? What was this journey? I didn't have to wait long. The bell door rang. My limo had arrived.

Chapter 5 - My first "errand"

My driver was very professional, but said almost nothing. I learned that his name was Tom, but he would not offer any other information. Chris warned me that he would be silent. Tom opened the door for me. I got into the backseat of the limo and sat down on fine leather seats. It reminded me of the Story of O when the girl was brought by limo and was asked to remove her panties and sit directly on the leather seat. No sooner did I finish my thought when the glass panel separating me from my driver opened. Tom looked back at me and said, "Your Master has asked me to collect Madame's panties before we proceed." Where did this guy come from I thought to myself. How dare he ask me for my panties. OK, Chris was testing me right off the bat. A stranger asking me for my panties...this must be one of Chris's tests to see if I would obey. I didn't like where this was going, but I wasn't about to loose my age status before I even left my driveway.

It was obvious that Tom was not going to turn his eyes away from me and just waited patiently for me to comply with his request. I am sure I was a little unladylike, but I managed to slide my panties off after removing my cowboy boots. Tom reached out his hand and I reached across the vehicle and placed my panties in his hand.

"Very good Madame, Master Chris will be pleased." It was obvious that Tom would be giving a report to Chris on my willingness to comply. The driver's partition closed and I rested back on the leather seat. My short skirt did little to protect my now bare bottom from coming in direct contact with the leather seat. It seemed that I had become the girl in the Story of O. I was surprised at myself for obeying so quickly and to a total stranger. What was I capable of and what were my limits? I rested my bottom on the leather seat and knew I was in for a journey. But where?

The limo ride was short and we stopped in front of a pharmacy. Tom opened up the panel and handed me an envelop. I opened it and it said: Purchase a package of overnight disposable diapers. Ask to talk to a Pharmacist named Edward. He will be able to tell you which brand is the best. If you select the wrong brand, I will know that you didn't follow my directions.

In all the times I had been placed in a diaper, I had never had to endure the embarrassment of buying diapers for myself. Chris always took care of our diaper supply by ordering them through the internet. This was going to be hard for me. I walked into the busy pharmacy and found a man behind the counter with a name tag that said - Edward. I conquered some of my fear and asked Edward to help me. In a loud voice, Edward asked me what I needed. I struggled and said, "Could you help me select some diapers?"

"Are these baby diapers you need?" Edward asked. Sheepishly I replied, "No I need adult diapers."

"Are these diapers for you?" he asked. I started thinking to myself that Chris had set me up. I am not sure why I answered truthfully, but my answer just came out.

"Yes the diapers are for me." It was one of those embarrassing moments where I could have just died. Several customers at the counter stopped what they were doing and looked at me with interest.

"Just wait a second and I will help you pick out your diapers." he said.

We walked over to the aisle with all of the adult diapers. Edward took a good look at me and said, "I need to ask you a few questions."

"Do you know what size diapers you wear?" Again I answered, but very quietly, "I wear a medium diaper."


"And are your diapers for daytime or nighttime wear?"

"I guess it could be either," I said.

"So do you wet often?"

"Sometimes." I responded.

"Have you ever had any problems with leaky diapers?"

"Sometimes," I said.

"Well I am going to suggest that you wear a nighttime diaper for better security." Edward stated. Edward pulled a package off the shelf. I wanted to just grab the diapers and run to the checkout line, but Edward was slow and deliberate.

"Is Madame wearing a diaper right now?" he asked. I was shocked at his question.

"Certainly not!" I said with authority.

"Well, if you would like, you can put a diaper on in our restroom if you would like to keep your pretty leather skirt dry." I declined, but I thanked him and started to take the diapers from his hand.

"Not so fast," he said.

"I believe that Master Chris wants me to sign your instruction sheet to prove we talked." So he was "in the know" all along I thought to myself. I was blushing and handed him the instruction sheet. Ed signed it and wrote something on it. He sealed the note in an envelop and handed it back to me. The envelop said: Private and confidential. Do not open. I took the envelop, the diapers, and made my purchase. I hurried back to the car almost in tears.

My driver, Tom, opened the car door and I jumped in.

"May I take Madame's package?" Tom asked. I handed him my diaper purchase and he placed the bag in the trunk. We left for what I assumed would be errand number 2.



Chapter 6 - My second errand

The limo took me to a part of town I did not know very well. We pulled in front of a sex shop. I had only been to one of these shops once before and that was a long time ago with some girl friends when we were looking for gag gifts for a party. I was embarrassed then, but going into a sex shop alone was too much for me to handle. Tom again opened the panel and handed me the next envelop with instructions. The outside of the envelop said to not open it and to give the envelop to a woman named Amy. Tom opened the car door and led me to the shop's door. I told him I couldn't go in, but he just held the door and I finally entered.

The shop was much as I expected, but I was embarrassed nonetheless. I asked for Amy and the lady said she was Amy. I handed her the envelop. Amy read the note and said, "Follow me." She took me to the rear of the store where there was a rack of rubber and plastic clothing. Amy then said, "Your note says that you need 3 new pairs of baby-style, plastic pants." I know that I was as red as an apple when I heard her words. My once private life with Chris was now being shared and I was feeling humiliated. Amy handed me a pair of clear plastic pants and said, "Go back into our dressing room and slip these on so I know your size." I couldn't speak and took the plastic pants and went back to the dressing room. If Chris could see me now, he would know his plan was working perfectly as I can't remember ever being so humiliated.

In the privacy of the dressing room, I took off my boots and stepped into the plastic pants one leg at a time. I proceeded to pull them up my legs and they felt funny as I pulled them all the way up to my waist. They felt strange because I didn't have any underwear or diaper on underneath the plastic pants. I had never felt just plastic pants on my body. Strangely, it sent a sexual rush through my body. Still in the privacy of my dressing room, I lifted my leather skirt to see how I looked in the full length mirror.

I was trying to see if the plastic pants fit OK when suddenly the curtain to my dressing room swung open. Amy said, "Come on out so I can get a better look at you." I just stood there so Amy grabbed my hand and pulled me out like I was a little child. We were in the back of the store, but at the current time we had not drawn the attention of other customers.

"Turn around and face the mirror." she said with authority. With my back to Amy, I felt her hand reach for the zipper at the back of my leather skirt. She pulled down the zipper before I could pull away or protest. My skirt dropped to the floor in an instant. I tried to cover up my plastic pants, but Amy wouldn't have any of that. She instructed me to hold my hands out and slowly turn so she could see me in the plastic pants. I was convinced that this was just to add to my embarrassment. It was working!

It dawned on me that the plastic I was wearing was clear and hugging my skin. Amy took a close look at me and said, "These plastic panties look very good on you."

"You can see your female form through the plastic and I believe that your man will find that sexy...I know I do." She then asked me, "Will you be wearing diapers under the plastic pants?" I was too embarrassed to answer. She repeated the question.

"Yes, I suppose so," I responded.

"Very well," she replied.

"Let me see if there is enough room in the plastic pants to accommodate a thick diaper." She pulled at the plastic crotch to see if there was room for a diaper.

"I think these will work just fine with a diaper." She then proceeded to pull the elastic around one of my thighs to show me the quality of the pants. This all was too much for me and I asked to buy the pants so that I could speed up the process.

A man walked around the corner and saw the two of us. While Amy was standing with me, the man's eyes were very obviously starring at me. Amy had a firm grasp of my hand so my instinct to head for the dressing room was curtailed. Amy then asked the customer, "Would you mind providing an opinion?"

"Sure he said." Inside I was dying.

"Do you think she looks sexy in these plastic panties?" The man answered in the affirmative and he had a huge smile on his face (something else was probably huge too).

"One more question sir," she said.

"Could you help us select two other plastic panties for our shopper in this same size?" The man was more than glad to assist. He selected more than two pairs and said he liked all 5 of the ones he selected. I didn't even look at them, but took them from his hand, grabbed my skirt from the floor, and rushed into the changing room.

I went immediately to pay for my new plastic pants and ran out the door. Amy called out and told me that she needed to fill out my evaluation. So that is what Chris was doing. These people were reporting back to Chris. I could have choked Chris. Amy filled something out, sealed it, and I went back to the waiting limo. Safely in the car I cried from embarrassment. I gathered myself and tried to handle the mix of emotions I was feeling. Was I mad, humiliated, or sexually charged? I was a little of everything, but most of all, I was worried about my next stop.

Chapter 7 - My third errand

The limo took me to our local mall. This was a curious stop. Why did he direct me here? I knew I couldn't ask questions so I waited for my instructions. Once again Tom slid open the panel separating the compartments in the car. He handed me an envelop that contained a picture of me and a note. This time Tom instructed me to read the note. It said: <dir> <dir>

Kim, go to the center of the mall and you will find a small t-shirt shop that does photo imaging and printing on sorts of items and materials, including plastic. I want you to bring your newly purchased pairs of plastic pants to this store. Anyone in the store can help you for this task. I want you to hand the clerk your picture that is contained in this envelop and instruct the clerk to copy your image on the front of the 1st pair of plastic pants. On this same pair of pants, I want the words "Baby Kimberly" printed across the seat of the plastic pants. Thus your face will be on the front and "Baby Kimberly" will be proudly displayed on the rear.

On the 2nd pair of plastic pants, I want you to instruct the clerk to print the words "Slippery When Wet" across the back of the plastic panties. On the 3rd pair of plastic pants, I want you to instruct the clerk to print the phrase "Spank Me I'm Bad" across it's rear.

You can tell the clerk whatever you want, but bottom-line I expect these pants to be completed exactly as I have stated here. Good luck! </dir> </dir>

The first two errands were bad enough, but to bring my plastic panties into a store and have them personalized was over the top. I couldn't do this...I wouldn't do this. Tom saw my hesitation and pulled me out of the limo. He handed me the package of plastic pants and closed the car door. He locked the door by remote so that I couldn't go back to the safety of the vehicle.

"I will pick Madam up in 1 hour at this exact spot."

I walked into the mall and found the shop described in the note. There were two college aged students working the store, a guy and a girl. I didn't know which clerk to approach. I didn't want to go in at all, but I wasn't going to let Chris and his little challenges beat me. I would make up a story about why I had these plastic pants and why I needed them worked on.

I walked into the store and the guy walked up to me.

"Can I help you?" he asked.

"Yes, I need you to print some slogans on some plastic pants." I said.

"I have to come up with a joke for a party that I am invited to and I need your help." With that I showed the clerk the plastic panties I had in the bag. We went to the counter and he wrote down my order. I told him exactly what was to be put on each plastic panty and he indicated that it would not be a problem. I felt relieved that I had gotten this far. The clerk told me to wait in the store in case he had any questions.

While I waited for the job to be completed, it really struck me what was happening. I couldn't believe how Chris was taking me step by step into a journey, but to where? He had such control over me. That was both disturbing and deeply gratifying. I guess I sound confused. I was called out of my thoughts by the clerk.

"Can you come over here?" he said.

I went to the counter and he produced the 1st pair of panties for my inspection. There it face printed right on the front of the plastic pants. Amazing! He showed me the back and I blushed. There it was, "Baby Kimberly" across the seat of the pants.

"Are you baby Kimberly?" the clerk asked. What could I say. My picture was on the panties and my name was on them too. I nodded yes. He then showed me the work on the other two panties and the lettering was to my (Chris's) specifications. I said that it looked fine and could he put them in the bag.

I didn't expect what happened next, but with Chris as my master, I should expect the unexpected. The phone rang and the other clerk answered it. She spoke for only a minute on the phone and then joined us.

"Hi." she said.

"Are you Kim?" she asked.


"Well a man just called and had a strange request." In a panic I asked, "What?"

"Did you have some work done on some plastic baby pants in our store?" The other clerk showed her the imaging on the plastic pants and the female clerk openly laughed.

"Aren't those cute...that one says Baby Kimberly..."

"Well a Chris just called and instructed me to tell you to put on the plastic panties that say, Baby Kimberly." Both clerks were laughing at my expense.

The one female clerk showed me where their dressing room was so that I could slip the panties on. I was going to rush out of the store, but for some crazy reason I went into the small dressing room to slip them on as I was instructed. I pulled out the pair of plastic pants that said, "Baby Kimberly" and got into them as fast as I could. Again I felt the sensation of the plastic pants directly on my skin and it felt nice. Hot, but nice. There was a mirror in the dressing room and I saw my picture on the panties. How embarrassing I thought. I came out of the dressing room and was about to leave when the clerk called to me to pay for my purchase. All I wanted to do was leave, but I went over and paid for the imaging. The male clerk teased me.

"Baby Kimberly, is it true that you are slippery when wet?" I cried, I paid, and I left to go find the limo.

Chapter 8 - I take a lunch break

My chauffeur, Tom, was waiting for me with the limo and opened my door. I got in as quickly as I could. My humiliation had not worn off yet. The car started moving. When I thought Tom couldn't see me with the panel separating us closed, I reached down to take a look at my plastic panties I was wearing. I lifted my short leather skirt and looked down at my panties. There was my face on my panties starring right back at me. How embarrassing. I felt like such a little girl. There was a sexual energy stirring in me that was building with each step of this humiliating journey.

The limo stopped in front of a restaurant that Chris and I frequent. Tom came and opened my door. He said, "Your Master has called me and asked that I bring you to meet him for lunch."

"After lunch we will continue with your errands." I thought, so there would be more errands and more humiliation? I was excited to see Chris, but I also could slap him for the ordeal he was putting me through.

I walked into the dark restaurant and found Chris sitting in a booth in the corner. I started to sit down but he grabbed my hand.

"Hi Kim."

"Before you sit down, I want you to stand here and show me what you are wearing under your skirt." I started to protest, but I knew that was exactly what Chris wanted. He wanted to find any excuse for me to defy one of his commands and start me in age regression therapy. I walked to his side of the booth, took a quick look to make sure no one was watching me, and then I lifted the front of my skirt to reveal my plastic panties. Chris's reaction was instant.

"Very, very nice Kim." He gently rubbed his hand over my picture that was now proudly displayed on my panties and admired the nice work. Chris teased me and said, "Gee Kim, I don't know which face I want to stare at...the one that sits on your shoulders and tends to be crabby or the one on your plastic pants!" I laughed and playfully pushed his hand off of my panties. I sat down across from him.

I understand from your driver that things are going pretty good.

"Have you had a chance to eat or drink anything?" Chris asked.

"There are bottles of water in the limo that I have been drinking, but nothing to eat yet."

"Very good." Chris ordered a pitcher of water while we waited for our food. He instructed me to drink the entire pitcher before I left for my errands. I knew exactly what Chris was doing because he had done this to me so many times in the past. He wanted me to be fully, and I mean fully hydrated. I complied and we continued to have a nice meal together.

After a couple of cups of coffee I really had to pee.

"Will Master allow me to pee?"

"Yes, but after you pee, I want you to put this on." He handed me a very large envelop and I left to the restroom. In the privacy of my stall, I peed like crazy. I opened up the envelop and surprise: it contained a disposable diaper. It was difficult, but I was able to put the diaper on myself with my plastic pants down around my knees. I actually was able to tape it so that the diaper was real tight and pulled my plastic pants back into position. I immediately noticed a new problem. The bulk of the diaper was fairly obvious under my leather skirt. Do I protest I wondered?

I walked back out to meet Chris and we left the restaurant together. Chris loves to pat my bottom, especially when I am diapered so I wasn't surprised that he patted my plastic covered bottom several times on the way back to the limo. Chris said to me, "Enjoy the rest of your errands."

"I am going to want to hear about each one of them in detail."

"Have fun and make sure you are a good little girl." Chris put his arms around me and pulled me close. He had both hands pressing on my diapered bottom. I was in heaven. I was truly his diaper slave.

Chapter 9 - My forth errand

The limo took off again, but once again I had no clue where we were going. After awhile we stopped in front of a real classy looking day spa. I was not about to go in there with a diaper and plastic pants on. I had to act fast before Tom came around and opened my door. I reached down and slipped my plastic pants off. I also removed my diaper as best I could so that the tabs wouldn't tear the plastic and give me away later when I slipped them back on. I stuffed both items in the small refrigerator located in the back of the limo. That was the best I could do to hide the items in such a short period of time.

Tom opened the door to the limo and handed me an envelop. I took it to the woman listed on the outside of the envelop. Her name was Cheryl. Cheryl was very friendly and read the letter I handed her. She did not share the info with me. She instructed me into one of the small rooms that were used to massage clients. She told me to take off all my clothes and to lay down on the table. Boy was I glad I removed my diaper! "Get very comfortable." Cheryl said. She had me drink two glasses of champagne before we got started and that really relaxed me. Maybe these errands were going to get better?

Cheryl proceeded to give me the best full body massage that I have ever experienced. She rubbed oils into every crevasse in my body and I mean EVERY crevasse. She knew exactly what she was doing and it felt fantastic. She was careful not to rub me to the point of orgasm and for that reason I was left frustrated and extremely horny.

After a period of time, she had me put a robe on and follow her into another room. I asked questions, but she ignored me. Once inside the new room, I was instructed to remove the robe and get on the table. Another woman in a nurse's uniform came in and told me that she was going to remove my pubic hair using a laser hair removal process. She explained that it was a painless procedure and I would be satisfied with the results. Chris had hinted that he wanted me hairless down below, but I had not taken his hints and I never got it done. I guess he was tired of sending me hints. The whole procedure didn't take long. They brought me a small mirror so that I could look at myself. I looked so different, so naughty. My skin felt incredibly smooth and I hoped that Chris would like my new hairless look.


Chapter 10 - My fifth errand

Well that last stop wasn't too bad I thought. Other than it being a bit embarrassing to have all your pubic hair removed, I was feeling pretty good from the massage and wine. The limo left again and I reached over to the refrigerator to make sure the diaper and plastic pants I hid earlier were still there. Thankfully they were and I relaxed.

The limo came to a stop in front of a tattoo and body piercing studio. I did not have any tattoos and other than my ears, no body piercing. I knew the drill. Tom gave me an envelop to give to the shop owner. I wouldn't get to read it and at the end something would be written down. I assumed they were comments for Chris to review. Maybe I was being graded by everyone I came in contact with and this was Chris's way to keep me on my best behavior.

I always assumed that tattoo places were creepy so I was pleased to see that this one looked pretty normal. I was instructed to go into a private room. Again, I was offered something to drink and accepted a glass of wine. I had to pee so bad and I asked permission to use the restroom. (Boy was I conditioned or what. I asked a stranger if it was OK to use the restroom.) Once all of my potty needs were taken care of, the man told me that Chris had contacted him and he was expecting me. That was a switch...someone actually giving me information. He went on to tell me that Chris ordered two tattoos and a single piercing for me. However, when I pressed for more information, he wouldn't tell me what kind of tattoos Chris ordered. I had to sign all kinds of releases and I was told that he was ready to begin.

I laid back on the table and I was extremely aware of my short skirt and no underwear. The man (I didn't know his name) was very methodical and began to go to work. He removed my skirt like it was nothing. I was extremely embarrassed to be laying nude from the waist down in front of a complete stranger. He took a close look at my now shaved pussy. He put on rubber gloves and told me to stay still and to stay quiet. He said that he had to secure my two thighs to the table so that I would stay steady during the tattooing process. Two large bands secured my legs to the table. Another large band was placed over my belly and that too was secured to the table. My whole mid-section was totally immobilized. He stood back and said, "There that should keep my patient from moving."

"I am going to do one additional thing that most of my clients want and that is to blindfold you."

"In this way, you will not have to see what is happening to you."

"Actually, it is for your own good."

"Now just lay back and relax." A blindfold was placed over my eyes. I could move my hands and arms, but that was about it.

The guy moved quickly and I was glad that what he was doing didn't hurt too much. He placed what felt like two tattoos below my waist. I couldn't wait to see what the tattoos looked like. The next procedure took me by surprise. He took a tool that latched on to my pussy lips. It was a good thing I couldn't see what he was doing. I felt a sharp pain and then a distinct click. He finally spoke.

"Kim, I have placed two tattoos on your body and a piercing through your vagina lips."

"Are you ready to see how you look?" My heart was beating as fast as it could.

"Yes, I want to see." He kept my blindfold on me, but released me from the table. He helped me walk over to a large mirror. Once I was standing directly in front of the mirror the blindfold was removed. I gasped out loud. There on my body was two tattoos of diaper pins. They were pink and located on my body right where you would expect to see them if I was wearing a cloth diaper. They were so realistic looking. The workmanship was perfect. More importantly, they were permanent! I would always be reminded that I was a diaper slave. The piercing was dramatic too. I was now wearing a small piece of jewelry dangling from my pussy lips. It was about the size of a very small coin and it was attached to my most intimate lips. The man explained that it was a replica of a small silver pacifier. I shifted and the pacifier swung back and forth as a result. The man spoke, "Kim, Chris chose the tattoos and the pacifier especially for you."

"I hope you like them."

"The tattoos are obviously permanent."

"The silver pacifier in a way is permanent too."

"It is secured to your body."

"It can only be removed if it is cut off of you and that would be quite difficult because the ring attached to your pussy lips is very strong."

"Consider these changes permanent." The word permanent got my attention. He informed me that the charges had already been paid. He recorded some information, sealed it in an envelop, and handed it back to me.

I left the tattoo studio as a changed woman. Psychologically the new additions to my body had a profound affect on me. I felt like I was tagged or owned like an animal. In a real sense I was owned. There would never be a doubt of my baby status again.

Chapter 11 - My errands are complete and it is off to meet Chris

I got into the limo and Tom told me that we were done for the day and he would be returning me to my Master. It was so weird for me to hear someone else other than myself refer to Chris as Master. There was a nice glass of Champagne already poured for my ride to meet Chris.

Panic struck me! The Champagne was stored in the little refrigerator! I opened the refrigerator door and my heart sank. The diaper and plastic pants I hid earlier in the day were gone! My only chance was to appeal to Tom and ask for my diaper and plastic panties back. I couldn't return to Chris without the diaper on! I tapped on the partition to get Tom's attention. He did not respond and the car continued to move. I tapped again, but still nothing. It was obvious he was ignoring me. I sat back down and realized that I had outsmarted myself. I was doomed. Chris would be sure to find out that I had removed my diaper. How could I explain this one?

I sat back in the comfort of the limo and started to cry. I had done so much today, but I blew a key test. I had removed my diaper without permission. I was wondering if Chris would give me "a pass" because I did all of my tasks. The limo pulled up to a restaurant and I got out to meet Chris.

I went into the bar area and found Chris immediately. We sat down together in a fairly secluded area of the bar. Chris spoke first.

"Kim, I am so glad to see you." I was thinking about you all day."

"I am already hard just imaging how you must look under your leather skirt."

"I would love to take a peek right now, but I know your diaper and plastic panties must be hiding your tattoos and silver charm."

I knew Chris all too well. I am sure he already knew about me removing my diaper. First, there was no obvious bulge to my skirt that would tell him I was diapered. Second, I was positive that my driver, Tom, would have already called him and told him I hid my diaper and plastic panties in the small refrigerator.

"Chris, I have something to tell you."

I was searching for the words to tell him that I had removed my diaper, but struggled. Chris interrupted my thoughts and handed me a small bag. In it was the plastic pants with my face on it. He knew I had betrayed him. He knew I didn't follow his explicit directions.

"You know what this means don't you little Kimberly?"

"You have earned yourself a trip back to being a little high school girl."

"Consider yourself punished and you are now officially at the first level of age regression therapy."

"What does this mean?" I asked.

"Kim, you will be treated as a little school girl." He removed my glass of wine in front of me and called over the waitress.

"My little girl here would like a non-alcoholic Shirley Temple to drink and I would like another beer." We stayed at the bar just a little longer, but Chris wanted to see my new additions from the tattoo place and that meant we had to go home.

On the ride home, Chris explained to me the purpose of having a report on me from each person I met during my errands. As I expected, it was a way to see if I had been good. I was told that I passed the tests, but not with "flying colors." I let it drop and was glad he did too.

Despite the fact that I had been caught removing my diaper, I think we were both excited to get home for a little love making. Chris immediately had me remove my skirt the instant we walked through the front door of our home. He loved my new look. He started by touching my hairless pussy. He fondled the silver pacifier with his fingers and seemed fascinated by it.

"Kim, your tattoos and pacifier are better than I imagined."

"You look fantastic!" I was pleased, but also blushing at his comments and the fact that he was closely examining my most intimate area.

"Kim, the diaper pins look great!"

"Do you like what was done to you?"

"Well, it makes me feel a little owned to tell you the truth."

"Kim, that is exactly what I had hoped for...I want you to feel like you belong to me in a very special way."

"I also want you to be reminded constantly of your baby status."

"These new additions will hopefully do this for you."

"Kim, let me show you a unique feature about your silver pacifier."

"Did the tattoo artist tell you that the pacifier charm could not be removed?" I answered, "Yes, he did."


"Then let me show you something he probably didn't tell you." Chris produced a small, very delicate looking chain leash about 4 feet in length. He reached down and took the silver pacifier in his hand. It happened so quickly I was taken by surprise. He attached the chain leash to the pacifier dangling between my legs. It sounded like a lock being closed when the pacifier was snapped into the small mechanism at the end of the chain. Chris ordered me: "Kim, reach down and try to remove the chain from your silver pacifier." I reached down between my legs, but I saw that the end of the pacifier was now snapped into the end of the chain.

"Pull it apart, Kim," he demanded. I pulled the chain but it was secured to the charm.

"Kim, you see this is a very useful piece of jewelry."

"If I ever want to lead you around, I no longer have to put a collar around your throat and attach a leash."

"Now it will be so simple and I believe so much more effective." With that accomplished, Chris gently tugged the leash and the chain pulled the charm attached to my pussy lips. I let our a scream.

"Kim, let me suggest that you follow me when you are at the end of this leash."

"I don't want my best little girl getting hurt."

Chris led me upstairs by my new leash. I was in wild anticipation of enjoying some great sex. He led me over to the bed. I must say the leash was very effective at controlling my movements. I was careful not to get out of step with Chris's movements. I obviously didn't want to struggle with Chris while he was holding my leash for fear that I would only hurt myself. I was entirely under Chris's control. Chris laid on his back and gently pulled me over to him with another tug of my leash. Chris instructed me to remove his pants. I knew what I must do next and almost by instinct began to lick his cock. I stopped to ask him a question to see if we could have conventional sex, but a quick tug on my leash put me back to work; sucking and licking Chris's cock.

I didn't want Chris to come in my mouth and ruin my chance at having "regular (man on girl) sex." My desires seemed irrelevant. Chris had a firm hold on the leash and every time I let up ever so slightly, I felt the leash pull at my pussy lips and I quickly responded. I was being controlled by the little pacifier charm that at first looked so cute, but now controlled my every movement. Chris finally exploded in my mouth and instructed me to swallow every drop. He patted me on the head like I was a little dog.

"My little girl performs very well at the end of her leash."

"I should have had you pierced years ago."

"Master, may I have permission to ask a question?"

"Go ahead."

"Would Master allow me to come? I am so horny."

"Kim, that would be so wrong for a teenager to have real sex."

"Did you already forget about your age regression to teen status?"

"I thought you were smarter than this." I was irritated by Chris's response, but powerless under his control. I thought to myself that I would at least be able to pleasure myself this evening once Chris fell asleep. I would soon learn differently.

Chris announced that it was time for bed.

"Kimberly, I don't want to be bothered by you tonight so I am going to take some measures to make sure you stay put and are diapered in case you need to use the toilet during the night."

"The toilet...what toilet?" I asked.

"You just want to hear me say it to you, don't you, Miss Kimberly."

"Your toilet will be your diaper tonight and every night this week!"

"You always liked the convenience of not having to get up during the night anyway." I blushed. His point was made. No sex for me unless I was able to sneak my hand down my diaper and do it myself. Oh the life of a diaper slave...

Chris went through the ritual of diapering me. He loved my shaved pussy and he took extra time rubbing powder on me. It appeared that tonight I would be "treated" to cloth diapers. He took several diapers and slipped them under my bottom. He teased me, "Now that you have permanent diaper pins as tattoos, it is confusing to know which ones are real and which ones are tattoos." I found it interesting that he didn't undo my pussy leash while he diapered me. Instead he placed the chain back between my legs so that it followed up my butt crack. He placed two diaper pins on each side of the cloth diapers so they would stay put. He then showed me the plastic pants with my picture on the front and Baby Kimberly across the rear.

"These little plastic panties got you in a lot of trouble today."

"I thought it would be appropriate to put Kimberly in them so that she could properly 'enjoy' them through the night."

My diapers and plastic pants were now in place. The end of the leash came up and out of my diaper at the small of my back. I felt well diapered, but sexually frustrated. Chris went on teasing me, "If you forget that you are my diaper slave, look in the mirror; your name is prominently displayed across your butt!" He put me in a little t-shirt that said Bebe and I thought I could now slip into bed.

"Not so fast little girl!" Chris said.

"I learned today that little Kimberly has a propensity to remove her diapers."

"We don't want that happening tonight now do we?"

Chris did something next that I was fearing. He put bondage mittens on my hands. I had worn these things in the past. They are absolutely awful, but effective. They look like two large leather ping pong paddles. However, my hands were locked inside the weird contraptions. With these bondage mittens locked on my hands, I would be powerless to do anything for myself. There would be no way to play with myself with these stupid paddles on my hands. There would be no way to remove my diapers. I would remain Chris's captive slave and sexually frustrated through the night. I frowned at Chris.

Chris had me stand up in front of him and slowly turn so he could see my new plastic pants to the fullest. He stopped me and grabbed the end of the leash that came out the back of my diaper and plastic pants. He gave the leash a quick tug. The chain was resting between my butt cheeks, but the end of the chain pulled at the little pacifier that was hidden deep within the folds of my diapers. I backed up to Chris in response to the pull.

"Kim, this is too much fun."

"I hope you are enjoying yourself too." he said with a sarcastic smile.

"Miss Kimberly, will you please follow me to the foot of our bed." I had no choice controlled by the leash and moved to the foot of the bed.

"Lay down on this blanket," Chris demanded. I got down on the blanket.

"Kimberly, it wouldn't be right to have you sleep in the same bed as me so you will sleep on the floor at the foot of my bed."

"I am sure that you would agree that this is best for my little girl."

I reluctantly went along and laid my head down on the blanket. Chris took the end of my pussy leash and I heard that all too familiar click as he locked the leash to the leg on the bed. I could hardly move with such a small chain. My hands were in bondage paddles. My toilet was between my legs in the form of several cloth diapers. My plastic pants said Baby Kimberly on the back and my picture was proudly displayed on the front. I was defeated, frustrated, humiliated, but in love.

Before Chris went to bed he kissed my forehead and spent time patting my diapered bottom. This only added to my excitement and sexual frustration.

"Sleep tight, my little girl."

"Don't wake me in the night!"

"You have everything you need." Chris launched one last jab before he laid down on the bed, "Don't forget to put the cover down on the toilet if you use it tonight." This was an obvious jab at me because I was always telling him to put the toilet seat down after using it. It would not be long until I tested the limits of my cloth diapers. I was able to drift off to sleep.

Chapter 12 - Life as a teen

Of course I was the first to wake up because my strained bladder was my alarm clock. My diaper was dry, but that was likely to change soon. I could see the real alarm clock and it was only 4:30am. Chris would not be up for a few hours and it was no use asking to be released to use the toilet. If I did ask, Chris would just laugh at me and then I would be punished for waking him.

I took a moment to consider my predicament. I was well tethered to the foot of the bed. In fact, when I moved too much, the chain attached to my pussy lips reminded me to stay put. My need to pee was at a breaking point. The bondage paddles/mittens made it impossible to find sexual relief. I was laying on my stomach deciding if I could ignore my need to pee. It was inevitable that I was going to wet myself. At least then maybe I could go back to sleep.

I closed my eyes and brought myself back to my youth when I would regularly wet the bed. I relaxed my muscles and my pee started to spread through my cloth diapers. The feeling in cloth diapers was different than disposable diapers, maybe better because the wetness was so real. It seemed like I peed in my diapers for well over a minute. I rocked on my stomach and tried everything I could do to bring myself to orgasm. The warmth and wetness of the diapers were feeling so good. My bound slave status enhanced my feelings. I rocked some more, but the chain attached to my pussy lips was pulling at my intimate lips and it was enough pain that I couldn't quite come. I was even more frustrated than the night before if that was possible. I drifted back to sleep. I was sleeping soundly in my now wet diapers.

Chris woke me up by giving my pussy chain a pull. Talk about being woken up abruptly... Chris reached down inside my diaper to see if I was wet.

"Wow, I see my little Kimberly wet herself in the night!"

"I thought you were a big girl...I was mistaken."

"Thankfully I put you in a diaper last night."

"Can you thank me for being so thoughtful?" Chris teased. I knew that I better thank him if I planned on getting out of my wet diapers.

"Yes Master, thank you for diapering me last night."

"Very good Kimberly."

"I think I will have you rest a little more while I get ready for work."

"Please don't bother to get up." he said with an evil chuckle.

I just laid there in my wet diapers unable to move with my pussy leash securing me to the foot of the bed. I figured that I had been in the wet cloth diapers for several hours and now wanted out of them. By now I had to pee again and I simply let loose in my damp diapers. A sexual rush came over me in response to my diapers growing warm again, but still no big O for Kim. I waited patiently until Chris finished his shower, got dressed, and came over to me.

"Well Kim, I am going to release you from your leash so that you can get cleaned up and dressed." Chris went on, "I will be going to work soon, but I want to supervise your shower and dress you for the day." Inside I knew he just wanted to keep me sexually pure and under his control. It was working. When Chris unlocked me from the bed, I stood up. The weight of the cloth diapers were obvious. Chris took me in his arms and hugged me tight. His hands slipped inside my plastic pants and he massaged my butt through my soaking wet diaper.

"Boy Kim, you really know how to wet a diaper!" I blushed.

"After you shower I guess that I will be forced to diaper you for the day."

It was now starting to become a game for me. I was going to masturbate one way or the other. I just had to wait for my chance. I showered under the watchful eye of Chris. In fact, Chris never took his eyes off of me. The clothes he selected for me to wear were exactly what you would expect a young school girl to wear. He had selected a very short plaid school-girl skirt and white blouse. I was also told to put on thigh-high white socks and black shoes. I was still naked under my skirt, but I knew that wouldn't last.

Chris directed me over to the bed where a disposable diaper was spread open and waiting for me. Chris centered me over the diaper and I laid back on it. The ritual was always about the same, but Chris spent extra time rubbing powder on my most sensitive areas. I was moaning with pleasure in response. Chris abruptly stopped and reminded me that little school girls must stay pure. I kicked my legs up and down like a little girl. Chris paid little attention to my protests. He taped the diaper tightly around my waist. I was instructed to stand and hold my short skirt up high. Chris used this opportunity to encircle my waist with packing tape. He also ran packing tape down and over the existing tabs on the diaper. He admired his work.

"There my little girl, that should keep your diaper from falling down." I knew the real purpose was to keep me from removing my diaper or I would tear it trying. Chris had me step into the plastic pants that said: Slippery When Wet. He slowly pulled the pants up my legs and made sure to rub me between my legs during the process.

"Kimberly, don't remove your diaper today, understood?"

"I want you to stop by my office at lunchtime and I will change you."

"The day is yours." Before he left he told me to put my hair in two pigtails to add to my look. Chris then left for work.

OK, I was finally alone. I could take care of my sexual needs. I first had to solve the diaper protecting my private parts. This was not going to be easy I thought to myself. I would remove the diaper, masturbate, put another diaper on, and carefully add the packing tape. I laughed at being so smart and Chris thinking he had beat me.

My need to pee had returned. I could wet my diaper and masturbate too! I laid down on our bed and put both of my hands over my plastic pants. The need to pee took over and I relaxed my muscles. My pee poured into my waiting diaper and my wetness traveled throughout the material. I couldn't slip my hand down the front of the diaper taped as it was so I took scissors and cut the tape from around my waist. The rest was heaven. I stroked my hairless pussy while I recalled the events of the last 24 hours. I absolutely exploded with a fantastic orgasm. Finally, sexual relief!

I panicked momentarily when I considered that Chris could come home and discover that I had been bad. As quickly as I could, I removed the loose diaper and plastic pants so that I could put on a fresh diaper and re-tape the diaper around me with the packing tape. I diapered myself and took my time to make sure the packing tape was put on my diaper exactly like Chris had done. My secret would be secure...I thought. I looked at myself in the mirror and everything looked fine. I reached down to get the wet diaper and throw the evidence away. That is when I noticed something written on the back of my used diaper. In pink ink the words: Diaper Slave were written across the seat of the plastic diaper in Chris's handwriting. I never noticed the writing until now. I was diapered by Chris and the back of the diaper was never in my sight. Now what? I had to duplicate the writing, but where was a pink pen? I had to go to the store to find a pink pen.

Just then the door opened and I realized that Chris had come home. My plan was to be as nice as I could and obey him totally. Maybe he wouldn't notice and I could buy the right pen when he returned to work. Chris came right up to me to admire me in my school-girl outfit. He sat down and pulled me over to sit on his lap.

"Kim, have you been a good girl?" he asked. I answered in the affirmative.

"Yes, your girl has been good."

"I think I will spank my little Kimberly anyway." With that, Chris took me over his knee. I was kicking my legs, but Chris was just too strong for my protests. I must have looked like a little girl, kicking my legs with my butt placed in the spanking position. He lifted my short plaid skirt and started to spank my plastic and diapered behind. The slaps made a loud noise on my plastic pants. I continued to kick and squirm in protest. Chris then pulled the plastic pants down and locked his one leg over me so that I couldn't wiggle away.

"What have we here, little Kimberly?" he asked.

"I don't believe that Kim is wearing the same diaper."

"Do you have something to confess to your Master?"

I was caught. Chris then spanked me harder, but with my diaper on, I felt protected from the strength of his blows. He pulled hard on my diaper and with some effort was able to pull it halfway down my legs. My squirming continued as I knew he would now be spanking my bare bottom. Chris's first slap on my bare skin made me jump.

"Stop, please stop!" I yelled in protest. Chris paid no attention to me. His spankings continued.

"My Kimberly was very bad and must be disciplined...your bottom is turning very red as it should." Chris continued to spank me. He stopped from time to time to massage my bottom and run his hands between my legs. When I started to moan the spanking would resume again.

Chris continued to mix hard spankings with gentle massages and I could tell my pussy had become dripping wet. The combination of pleasure and pain was just too much and I was feeling a mounting orgasm. My body betrayed me and I exploded in a tremendous orgasm. I couldn't move. I was spent. Chris gently rubbed my bottom as I rested on his lap, still in the spanking position.

Chris let me stand up and I knew a lecture was coming.

"Kim, I want you at my office at 7:30pm tonight." That was all he said and left. I was perplexed. Chris is a dentist and I know his office is closed by 7:30pm. What was in store for me?

Chapter 13 - I meet Chris at his office after hours

Chris didn't tell me to change my clothes so I arrived at Chris's office still dressed as a little school girl. I wasn't wearing a diaper. In fact I wasn't wearing big-girl panties either. I noticed that I could feel the little silver pacifier sway as I walked; a constant reminder of my slave status. Something I would have to get used to I thought. I was pleased to learn that everyone had gone home from the office except for Chris. His office workers may not have understood why I was dressed in a little plaid skirt, pigtails, and the rest of my little schoolgirl outfit.

Chris greeted me and directed me to a back room. He told me to sit on the dentist chair and I obeyed. I was scarred. I knew that I took my diaper off earlier in the day without his permission and I knew that the spanking was not the end of my punishment. Chris worked quickly. A large leather belt was buckled around my waist securing me to the chair. Chris took out leather restraints and my hands and arms were made useless above my head. My ankles were also put in restraints that were attached to two chains leading up to a mechanical device in the ceiling. Chris pushed a button and the chains began to pull my legs up. I tried to resist, but the machine kept running and I soon realized that I was not going to win this battle. When my bottom was slightly raised off the dentist chair, Chris turned off the machine and my legs were left pulled in the air in the most unladylike position. Chris then put a spreader bar between me knees. I couldn't move. I couldn't close my legs to protect Chris from staring at my pussy.

Chris asked me, "Kim, I am only going to ask you once...did you masturbate today when you removed your diaper?" I paused. My pause was all he needed to see.

"I knew you had betrayed me!"

"What are you going to do to me?" I asked.

"First, you have lost your schoolgirl status."

"That didn't last long, did it Kim?"

"You are now going to be regressed to toddler status." I didn't fully know what that meant, but it couldn't be good.

Chris continued to work on me like I was a patient. Well, a nude patient with her legs in the air! He took an impression of my mouth.

"Kim, I don't often tell you what I am doing to you, but I want you to know exactly what is going on...I want you to fully realize your progression to babyhood."

"I am taking an impression of your mouth in the event that I need to put a special mouth guard in your mouth."

"You will learn more about that mouth guard if you slip to baby status."

"Right now you are privileged to be a toddler."

"But for how long?"

"How long will my Kimie keep her toddler status?" I was wondering what kind of mouth guard he would make for me, but I didn't want to find out.

Chris began to pay attention to my pussy. I couldn't move strapped down as I was with my legs and the spreader bar keeping me in place. Chris took out a piece of apparatus that I recognized. It was a chastity belt that he had used on me in the past. It was made up of leather straps and a heart-shaped piece that fit over my pussy. When I had been placed in this belt in the past, it was very effective at keeping me pure. I hated to wear this thing. I lost all my rights to my own body when it was locked in place. Chris loved it as you might imagine.

Chris picked up the chastity belt and removed the leather straps by cutting them from the heart-shaped piece that fits over the girl's pussy. What was he doing, I thought to myself? He took the heart-shaped piece and held it securely over my pussy. The heart was made of molded rubber with a stainless steel screen covering its center. Chris seemed pleased that it fit the contour of my most intimate area perfectly. What was he doing?

"Kim, I am going to fit this device on you, but I am not going to be using those clumsy leather straps." With that said, Chris put a sealant on the bottom edges of the heart and placed it again over my pussy. He pressed it firmly in place.

"Kim, the chastity device is being secured to your body by a special glue." I started to protest, but was totally defenseless.

"You see Kim, this glue is a body glue used by doctors to close wounds."

"The body glue is remarkably strong."

"Once this heart has time to set, you will be a prisoner to it."

"You will not be able to remove it without me using a special solvent to loosen the glue."

"You will still be able to take showers, pee, or do anything else you would normally do...of course with the exception of touching your pussy!"

"You are mine little girl."

"I told you that regression would get more limiting, but you had to be a bad girl, didn't you?"

"You had to test your master, didn't you?" Chris continued to press the heart directly over my pussy. He looked at his watch and said that the glue would now hold. He released my bonds and I was left speechless still laying on the dentist chair.

I knew that the heart had the capability of swinging open much like a lid on a jewelry box. (It was protecting my jewelry box!) Chris demonstrated how the heart could open and shut. He then closed the lid and attached a very small lock that held the heart in the closed position.

"Kim, I want to see you try to remove the heart."

"Do it now!" I reached down under the close supervision of Chris's watchful eyes and touched the device. I tried to open the device, but the device was clearly locked shut. I then tried to lift the heart from between my legs. Chris was right. It wouldn't budge.

"Kim, I think you will find this device more demanding of your purity than anything you have ever worn."

"You will not be able to sneak even a little finger in your slit with the device glued between your legs." I knew Chris was right and Chris could read the panic on my face.

"So my little toddler, it is time to get you home, feed you your dinner, and get you ready for bed."

Chapter 14 - I am put to bed as a toddler

I again found myself on my back being diapered for the night. Chris always put me in extra thick diapers for the night. The heart-shaped chastity device was firmly in place between my legs and Chris put the disposable diaper right over it like it like it wasn't even there. In a way it had become a part of my body. I was amazed that I hardly even noticed the feeling of the chastity heart unless I reached down and touched it. The diaper and plastic pants were in place for the night.

I had not seen the sleeper styled pajamas that Chris brought out for me to wear. I was told to place my feet in the attached booties and the one-piece pajama outfit was pulled up my legs. I slipped my arms in the sleeves and Chris zipped the pajamas closed.

"There you go Kimberly, you look just like a toddler...all ready for bed."

"You are well diapered and all comfy in your little sleeper."

"I have learned that I can't fully trust my little girl so I am going to put these little things on your hands." Chris proceeded to put bondage mittens on each one of my hands. These too were new. They were like big thick mittens. They were pink just like my sleeper and made out of a similar cotton material. Chris locked the two wristbands that kept the mittens in place.

"Let me see if they actually work." Chris stated.

"Kim, I want you to try and pull your zipper down on your pajamas." I knew it would be pointless because my hands were useless in the thick, fingerless mittens. I did as I was told and tried to grip the zipper. I even tried with two hands, but the zipper was too small and the mittens wouldn't allow me to grip anything.

"OK, Kim, you convinced seem to be well secured for the night."

I was led over to a child-like sleeping bag that was laying on the floor next to our bed. It was pink with Disney characters on it. I was told to get in the sleeping bag. That proved difficult with my bondage mittens on, but Chris helped me into the bag. The only way I fit in the shorter length of the child's sleeping bag was to bend my legs. Chris zipped the sleeping bag closed with my arms still in the bag. In fact, only my head stuck out of the top. He laced the top closed so that I couldn't slip my body out of the bag.

"Chris, I mean Master, get me out of this sleeping bag now! I complained. His reply was short, "I didn't think I was going to have to gag you tonight, but I can see your complaining could keep me up tonight." Chris pulled out a gag in the shape of a large pacifier and pushed it deep into my mouth. He moved my hair and secured the gag behind my head with the attached leather straps. The gag totally filled my mouth. Chris kissed my forehead and left me to try to go to sleep.

I tried to spit out the gag, but it was in my mouth to stay. I then tried to stretch out my legs, but they wouldn't budge in the short sleeping bag. Bondage games get me excited and my current state had the effect of getting me juiced up. I reached down to rub myself between my legs. However, with the bondage mittens, pajamas, diapers and a chastity heart between my legs, I could not provide myself with any sexual contact or relief. Chris was right. Each step of regression was becoming more limiting. Somehow I was able to drift asleep...this time as Chris's toddler.

I am always put to bed after I have been made to drink multiple cups or bottles of fluids. Tonight was no exception. My bladder once again became my alarm clock and I woke up squirming in my sleeping bag. I knew that even if I wanted to call out to Chris that the gag wouldn't let me. It was hard to move in the tight sleeping bag, but I was able to get on my back with my knees bent in front of me. Almost instinctively I put my hands between my legs as if I could hold back my pee. I again tried to rub myself, but my pussy was safely secured in multiple layers of diapers, pajamas, and the dreaded chastity heart. I sucked the pacifier gag and began to wet my diapers. The chastity device did nothing to impede the flow of my pee and my diapers filled just like they always did. Since I was on my back, the wetness started in front and swiftly spread throughout my diaper. Oh the joy of a wet diaper! I quickly realized that the wet diaper may not be so nice later in the morning when I would be released, but for now, I loved the wet, warm feeling.

I was awake in my sleeping bag patiently waiting for Chris to wake up and release me. I had wet myself several more times and I could feel that my disposable diaper wasn't able to hold all of my pee. My pajamas and even the sleeping bag were wet. Chris came up to me and saw how I had wet through everything.

"Looks like my toddler had a very wet night."

"I am going to have to put additional diapers on you, especially at night." I was embarrassed. I really did soak everything.

Chris undid the sleeping bag so I could scoot out. He removed my bondage mittens and told me to go take a shower. I was left to get out of my wet pajamas and diaper. I removed everything except for my little heart-shaped friend that was fixed to my body. In the privacy of my shower I explored the chastity device. I had to give Chris credit. It was ingenious. I played with the lock that kept the lid closed tightly around my pussy. I was truly secured in the worst most intimate way. I often looked forward to my showers so that I could masturbate while I bathed. I tried to rub myself over the chastity device, but my clit couldn't be touched. I was truly Chris's bound slave. I didn't even have control over my own body.


Chapter 15 - Chris takes his toddler shopping

Chris helped me get dressed for what I was soon to learn would be a shopping trip.

"Kimberly, now that you are my little toddler, we need to pick up some items and clothing for you."

"You don't really have any clothes suitable for a toddler."

"However, I did purchase some pull-up diapers with little characters on them that I think you will like." Another first I thought. I looked at the pull-ups he was talking about. They looked almost worse than diapers with the little cartoon characters on them. Chris instructed me to step into one and he pulled the diaper up my legs. They were meant for a small child, but they stretched over me so that I could wear them.

The pull-up diapers really had a psychological effect on me. I felt so small and so embarrassed in these diapers, especially in front of Chris.

"Kimberly, since you don't own any little kid clothes yet, you will just have to wear jeans and a t-shirt for now. Chris of course picked out my tightest pair of low-cut jeans for me to wear. I slipped them on and Chris patted my rear just so I would be conscientious of my diapered state. I was made to drink three large glasses of water before we left for our day of shopping.

Normally I would love a day of shopping, but today I was not so sure. Our first stop was a large national chain that sells baby and toddler stuff. He held my hand at all times as we walked through the store.

"Let's see Kimberly, a little toddler needs a potty chair to learn how to go potty on the big toilet." Chris put the potty chair in our cart.

"Little, Kimie also needs a booster chair to sit in while we drive in the car." He selected a booster chair and added it to our cart.

"There, I think that is all we need at this store," he said.

"Chris, I need to go to the bathroom."

"May I go?"

"Just hold it!" he scolded me.

"I can't, I can't!" We moved toward the checkout area and I was starting to prance around like a little three year old. Chris grabbed my hand and said, "Kimie, you will just have to are just going to have to hold it until we get to a bathroom." I knew I was wearing the pull-ups, but I also knew that they were not likely to be as efficient as wearing an adult-sized diaper. We were standing in a rather long checkout line. I was crossing my legs while we stood in line. I was in total agony!

My only hope was to release just a little pee in my pull-up diaper and hope it would hold enough to hide my problem. I squeezed Chris's hand and released a little pee. Unfortunately my dam burst. I never could release just a little pee when I had to go this bad. I had waited so long that my bladder just let go. The pull-up diaper worked at first and I felt relieved to see my jeans weren't wet. That only lasted a few seconds. By the time I could work my muscles well enough to stop my bladder, I had drenched my little kiddy diaper. Just as I had feared, the diaper couldn't hold all of the wetness. A wet spot formed in front of my jeans and between my legs. I could feel my pee trickle down the insides of my legs. I tried to cover myself with my hands, but I probably just pushed more pee out of the diaper and into my jeans. It was obvious to anyone who looked at me that I had peed my pants.

I was crying in shame. Chris would not let me leave his side and made me stay with him while we paid for the items in our cart. I was certain that the young male clerk saw my accident. How could he miss my wet jeans. He looked down at my wet pants, looked at our purchases, and winked at me. Chris paid and we left the store.

"Kim, I thought I told you to hold it!" Chris yelled at me.

"But Master, I couldn't help myself." His response was firm, "Well then Kim we need to buy some more items to prevent these silly accidents."

When we got to the car I started to get in the front passenger seat, but Chris stopped me.

"Little girls sit in their booster chairs in the back seat." I couldn't believe that he was going to make me ride in the back seat of the car. My new booster seat was placed on the rear seat and I was instructed to sit on it. It was small, but I fit into it. My first impression was that I was sitting in wet jeans. I had no change of clothes so my options were limited. Chris put the seat belt around the booster and checked it to make sure I was secure in my car seat. All of this was having a huge impact on me. I was in a car seat made for a toddler and sitting in very wet jeans. I was so incredibly embarrassed. He certainly knew how to push my buttons.

The car ride took about 30 minutes and we arrived at a small shop. I pleaded with Chris not to go back out in public with wet jeans on, but he grabbed my hand like a disobedient child and pulled me into the shop. Chris knew the lady who ran the shop and the small consolation was that we were the only three in the store. The store sold little girl outfits. There were all sorts of party dresses and frilly clothes of all kinds. The sales clerk was introduced to me as Nicole. She didn't take long to point out the obvious, "I see little Kim wet her pants."

"I see why you told me on the phone that you need to have her potty trained." I was so embarrassed, but knew that she was trying to tease me. I asked to use the bathroom and Chris said, "Again Kim?"

"You just wet your pants." He sighed and left the shop for a moment. He returned with the potty chair we just purchased. I died when I saw it. Nicole instructed both Chris and I to go into her back room where we would have more privacy.

I was starting to dance around again as my need to pee increased. Nicole walked over to me and unbuttoned my jeans like I was just a little girl that couldn't work the button for herself.

"Let's get you out of your wet jeans," she said. With that she removed my jeans and then pulled my soaking wet pull-up diaper down my legs. She stopped and starred at my chastity heart covering my private area. Chris interrupted the silence and explained, "Kim has a problem with masturbation."

"I found that this little device is very effective at keeping her pure." Nicole touched the object and actually pulled on the little lock that secured the wire-mesh lid shut. Chris took out the key to the lock and showed her how it could be opened, but explained that the device could never be removed by me because it was glued to my body. I was dying inside. I had done plenty of modeling , but nothing this intimate or this embarrassing. He locked it shut again.

Chris took me over to my potty chair and told me to take care of my business. I wanted to complain, but I had to go so bad. I asked if Chris could at least open the lid on my heart so that I could pee. His response, "Kim the device will remain shut."

"You can pee with it on just fine!" Like the booster seat for the car, the potty chair was built for a child. I sat on the little child's toilet the best I could. Nicole and Chris were amused and starred at me throughout my ordeal. I didn't expect to hear the hiss of my pee or the noise it made as it filled the little potty chair. My chastity device certainly did not inhibit the flow as I peed. It simply sprayed right through the stainless steel screen located on the front of the heart and into the little potty chair. This was all so very embarrassing.

"Well if little Kimie is finished peeing for awhile, we can move on to what you came here for," Nicole said.

"Let's get her some new clothes and I have a few other items you may like," she added. All of her conversations were directed at Chris. I was just a little girl and insignificant.

"First, Chris, you will want to get her some training pants." Nicole produced several pairs of training pants that looked exactly like the real thing, but in a larger size, my size to be exact. There were many different colors and some even had babyish designs on them. The first pair she held up was all white. She told me to step into them and she pulled them on me.

Nicole went on to explain the features of everything she had me try on that day.

"You will notice how well these training pants fit your little toddler."

"These training pants also have multiple layers sewn into the crotch so that when little Kimie wets herself, these training pants will collect most of her pee."

"You must know that these are just for training Kim and will not be as effective as a diaper." Nicole went on, "I would suggest that you still put Kim in a very thick diaper at night, especially if she is prone to wet the bed."

Next Nicole brought out several frilly dresses in my size, but they looked like something a small child would wear to a birthday party. I was instructed to try on the dresses. They were very short and multilayered. Very cute if I say so myself. Chris chose two of these to buy. I also tried on several articles of clothing made of plastic and/or rubber that a baby or toddler might wear. This clothing was sized for an adult too!

Nicole asked Chris if he would like a child harness for me. Chris seemed interested and asked to see one. Nicole brought out the child harness and held it up. I had seen little kids in these harnesses out in public and I always thought they looked more like leashes. I thought it was appalling for parents to lead their kids around on a leash and now I may be made to wear one.

Nicole took off my shirt and buckled the harness around my chest. She snapped the leash to the harness at the center of my back. Nicole went on to explain, "There are several things about this particular child harness that I think you will like." She was obviously talking to Chris.

"First, it is made of very sturdy leather."

"It is yellow so that it can be used for little boys or little girls."

"It has a nice shape made of leather of two teddy bears in front where the straps meet."

"When you don't feel that buckles are secure enough to hold and control your toddler, each strap can be locked so that Kimie can't slip out of it."

"If Kimie tries to run off, just pull on the leash and she should learn that she must stay close to you." Nicole told me to take a few steps and I did. Suddenly Nicole pulled me hard with the leash and I almost fell off my feet.

"See how effectively I can control little Kimie?" Chris seemed generally interested.

"There is one more feature that you can add to this harness that you may want." She went on, "While your girl is learning how to behave in a harness, you can add these little nipple clamps for better control." I tried to step away from Nicole, but she held my leash firm.

"How do they work?" Chris inquired. Nicole pulled on the end of one of my tits so that it became hard. She then attached the first nipple clamp. She did the same thing with my other tit. Attached to the nipple clamps were two small chains. The chains were attached to the harness.

"Let me demonstrate," Nicole said.

"When little Kim is prepared this way, pulling on her leash also pulls on her tits."

"Obviously, Kim will be more cooperative with these additions." Chris seemed sold but asked to test it out. Nicole patiently showed Chris how he could make me stop instantly with a quick tug of the leash. Chris gave the leash a slight tug and I yelled out in pain. Chris said, "I will buy it!"

Nicole wasn't finished showing Chris items to purchase for me. Nicole went on, "Chris, here are some pretty panties that match the dresses you are purchasing today."

"You will see they are satin just like the dresses."

"The nice features of these particular panties are the quality and the ruffles on the rear of the panties."

"These ruffles will look exceptional peaking out from under Kimie's short party dress."

"I know that Kimie is prone to wet a lot, and these satin panties are lined on the inside with a rubber panty."

"Little Kimie can wear a diaper and these little ruffled panties and her dress will stay pretty and dry." I was just standing there listening and probably bright red from my embarrassment. Chris examined the panties closely and said he would take two pairs to match the dresses.

"Chris, you also told me on the phone that Kimie wets a lot at night and she even soaked the bedding last night."

"I have some disposable diapers that I think you will want to purchase for Kimie." Nicole brought out a sample of the diaper. I hadn't seen a diaper like this one. It was certainly made in an adult's size, but it had little images of teddy bears on the plastic cover.

"Chris, feel how thick these diapers are."

"They are made exceptionally thick to last for multiple wettings."

"You won't have to constantly worry about changing Kimie, because these diapers can hold plenty!"

"The only downside is that the diapers are so thick that they don't fit well under normal clothing."

"As long as you dress Kimie appropriately as a toddler or baby, that won't be a problem." Chris said that he would buy three dozen diapers.

"I know that you are purchasing a lot for your little girl, but I have some jeans that I want to show you." Nicole held up some bib overalls.

"You will see these look like something a little girl might wear because they have snaps on the inside of the legs of the pants."

"This makes changing Kimie that much easier because you don't have to fully undress her."

"There is also ample room in the crotch so that a thick diaper can easily be accommodated." Chris loved the look of these and said he would buy these as well.

"I know you have been starring at the plastic one piece outfit, would you like me to show it to you?" Nicole asked. Chris responded, "yes!"

"This is a particularly cute item that we just got in." She held up the plastic garment. It was light blue, had little animals on it, and was semi-transparent.

"First, you will notice that it is a one-piece design."

"There is elastic at the legs and around the waist so the bottom half is just like plastic pants."

"What I think is cute is that the plastic continues in front and it snaps in the back of the garment."

"I personally tried one on to see how it fit."

"It instantly makes you feel like a total baby when you put it on."

"The effect on the wearer is amazing and it looks great too." Chris added several of these one-piece outfits in a variety of colors to the growing pile of items to purchase. One was even in bright, red, shiny rubber. Secretly I liked the rubber one the best, but I certainly didn't want to act as if I wanted anything to do with these clothes.

"I think you have everything you need," Nicole said.

"Will you want Kimie to wear any of these items home?"

"After all, her jeans are still wet."

"Yes, but could you get my little Kim another cup of juice?" he asked. (This was my forth cup since we arrived.) "Certainly," she responded.

Chris looked at the items and selected a party dress for me to wear home. He also selected the matching satin panties with the ruffles on them.

"Nice choices," Nicole said to Chris.

"May I suggest a pair of training pants or would you like to go with one of these thick disposable diapers for Kimie?" Chris's response: "Let's put her in training pants."

"She is going to have to learn how to hold her pee."

"I think I will wait until tonight to put her in her new diapers, unless of course she regresses again." Chris went on to explain the regression therapy to Nicole and how I had "earned" toddler status for the moment. Nicole starting laughing at me.

"I bet she regresses to a baby soon."

"She doesn't seem like the type who can behave herself very long." Chris agreed.

Both Chris and Nicole helped me get dressed. I was put in the thickest training pants I could have imagined. Next, the satin panties with the rubber lining were put over my training pants. Finally the dress was put on me. I looked in the mirror, wow. Starring back at me was me, but as a little girl all dressed up for a party.

"Chris, I almost forgot, Kim will need some shoes to go with this outfit." Nicole put shiny black shoes on my feet.

"There, she is all set," Nicole said. Chris was not through yet.

"I would also like to put the child's harness on her," Chris added.

"I want to see if Kimberly is better behaved when she can't run away from me."

"Forget the nipple clamps for now; I believe the harness and leash will be enough to remind Kimberly to behave." The two of them strapped the awful leather harness over my party dress and I could feel the leash dangling at my back. Chris then took several small locks and locked the various straps so that I couldn't remove the harness and leash. I thought to myself that the locks weren't necessary. Where would I run off to dressed like I was?

Chris paid for the items and Nicole held my leash as Chris went outside to put the bags in the car. Chris came back into the store, grabbed my leash from Nicole, and thanked her for all of her help. Nicole said, "If she regresses any further, let me know."

"I think I have some other items you might be interested in." Chris thanked her again and with a tug on my leash I stepped outside dressed in my short little party dress.

I was so conscious of how silly I looked. My ruffled panties were peaking out from under my dress. There was a thickness between my legs caused by the thick training pants. And of course, Chris had me in the awful harness. I wanted to run to the car to get out of the public's sight. I pulled on my harness, but Chris just took his time and yanked me back.

"Kimberly, I like your new harness."

"It is so easy to control you now." The very word control made me shutter.

Chris placed me in my car seat once again and we left. My urge to pee had returned.

"Master, may we stop at a rest area?" I knew his response, but I had to ask.

"Kim, just hold it until we get home!" Chris took his time getting us home and in fact went through a drive thru restaurant to get us something to drink. Chris transferred my milk into a sippy-cup and told me to drink it. I did as I was told. I started to really complain that I needed to pee.

"Kimberly, I will stop this car right now and spank you if you persist!"

"But I am going to wet myself." I cried.

"That is it!" Chris pulled over the car and turned to face me.

"Your complaining will now earn you baby status if I find that you have wet yourself on the way home."

"You are to keep your training pants dry, is that understood?"

"A big girl keeps her panties dry!" I nodded, but knew I was doomed. There would be no way to stay dry in my current state.

It was inevitable. I was going to pee in my training pants. I was sitting in my car seat squirming like mad. I had no resistance left and let go. Strapped to my car seat and peeing at the same time was quite the experience. I peed for ever, but didn't let on to Chris that I was wetting myself. We drove for a little longer and then Chris asked, "Do I smell something?"

"It smells like Kimie may have peed her panties."

"I hope she didn't for her sake." Our car pulled into our driveway.

Chapter 16 - I have regressed to baby status

Chris led me by my child harness into our home. Immediately he lifted my dress and put his hand into my training panties.

"Kim you are wet!"

"Officially, you have earned the new status as an infant."

"Let's get you changed into diapers, because it is obvious that you are not to be trusted in training pants." I was led upstairs and Chris removed all my clothing. I knew the ritual and laid down on the waiting diaper. It was one of the new ones we just purchased. I could tell instantly that these were the thickest diapers I had ever worn. They were cute too if I had to admit it. Chris put me in the red rubber one-piece outfit we purchased. It was just as Nicole had described. It fit like rubber panties on the bottom and snapped in the back. I started to stand up and Chris pulled me back down.

"In your baby status there are new rules: <dir> <dir>

"You are not allowed to walk. You will crawl from room to room. You will be kept in a diaper 24 hours a day! I know how much you hate to poop in a diaper, but you have left yourself no other option. When you need to pee or poop, you will use your diaper until your baby status ends at the end of the week. I am also going to put your hands in the bondage mittens you wore the other night because babies can't do things for themselves. You will wear the mittens at all times unless of course I am giving you your bath. The mittens will ensure that you can not remove your diapers, feed yourself, or doing much of anything. I will put child safety latches on doors so that your bondage mittens will restrict you to certain rooms. Obviously you will be dressed in baby clothes and I will talk to you as a parent would talk to his baby." </dir> </dir>

I was crying as Chris told me how my next few days would be in my new status as a baby. I knew that Chris had the strength over me to put his plan in place. Being treated as a complete baby and for several days was going to be horrible I thought. It is one thing to play a baby game for a day, but another one to live your life 24/7 as an infant. Would he really make me mess my diaper? I continued to sob.

Chris then instructed me to open my mouth and not even thinking, I did as I was told. Chris slipped something in my mouth and it fit over my lower row of teeth. He told me to bite down on the object real hard and hold it until he told me to stop. Chris held my jaw closed for "encouragement."

"OK, Kim, you can open your mouth." I did as I was told, but panicked when I realized what had happened to me. I could open my mouth, but some kind of mouth guard now was adhered to my bottom row of teeth. My tongue was trapped under the plastic mouth piece. I tried to speak, but with my tongue stuck under the mouth plate, no audible words left my mouth. (If you want to know how awful this was, try talking with your tongue on the floor of your mouth. It is impossible to speak.)

"I need to get baby's bondage mittens on baby Kimberly so the mouth guard will stay in place." So that is why Chris did what he did to me in his dentist office. He was fitting me for this mouth guard. I tried to resist Chris from putting the bondage mittens on me because I knew that this was my last chance to have any control over anything for the next few days. Chris wrestled me to my back and sat on me while he methodically put the bondage mittens on my hands. He immediately locked them in place.

"OK, my little baby Kimberly, you look like you are all set to be a good little baby."

"I especially like your little rubber romper you are wearing."

"Your diapered bottom looks so cute in back."

"Crawl around for me so I can truly see how my baby looks." I hesitated. Chris said, "I have ways of making baby behave so I suggest Baby Kim does as she is told." I complied and crawled in circles around the room. Chris was smiling and I knew he was pleased. I was worried.

We had a playpen in our house for my sister's kids when they came to visit and on rare occasions we used it for our baby games. Chris picked me up and carried me downstairs. He gently lowered me in the playpen. I didn't notice it at first, but there was a small chain coming through a hole in the middle of the playpen. On the end of the chain was a single leather restraint. Chris took the leather restraint and strapped it around one of my ankles.

"There that should keep baby in her playpen while Daddy is busy."

I tried to protest, but no audible words came out.

"Now, now baby Kim, just sit in there and play with your toys." Chris left the room and I immediately tried to see if I could remove my restraint. Chris didn't lock it on my ankle so I thought I could remove it. However, I soon learned that with the bondage mittens secured to my hands, I was unable to undo the buckle. This was so frustrating. When Chris locks me in something I understand that I can't get out, but this was different. A simple buckle was keeping me in place. I tried to crawl over to the side of the playpen to see about the length of the chain and if I could crawl over the side of the playpen. I was able to crawl to the edge, but the length of the chain would only allow me to kneel at the side of the playpen. The chain was too short to allow me to leave the playpen. More frustration for me. There was no barred cage, but just a simple playpen that was keeping me as Chris's little captured baby.

Chris came back and brought me a baby bottle full of juice.

"Baby Kim, I want you to be a good baby and finish your bottle."

"I will bring you a new bottle in 15 minutes." I expect you to finish each bottle or Daddy will have to spank you." I knew he would, so with my bondage mittens constricting the use of my hands, I awkwardly picked up the bottle with both hands and began to suck on the nipple.

I had no problem sucking on a baby bottle with the mouth guard in place, but thought it would really be difficult to drink out of a cup. I looked around my playpen. I looked down at my red rubber romper. I was a baby. Unable to leave my playpen. Unable to talk. Unable to use the bathroom. Chris had me exactly where he wanted me and I had no way to protest.

Several bottles of juice brought on my need to pee. I was drinking so much that it seemed like I was wetting my diaper every 15 minutes. True to what Nicole said in the store, these new disposable diapers were soaking up all the pee I could deliver. My diaper was so wet and so heavy. When I moved in the playpen, I felt like such a baby. Eventually Chris changed me, but did so while I was on my back laying in the playpen. During each diaper change he would open the chastity cage between my legs and clean and powder my pussy before locking it shut again. Chris told me, "My little Kimberly, I am worried about you."

"You have not pooped today."

"If you have not pooped by this evening, Daddy is going to have to give you an enema." The word enema was all I needed to hear. I hated enemas. But what choice did I have? Could I really just poop in my diaper on my own?

It wasn't that I didn't need to poop. In fact the urge had been there for some time. It was getting up the courage to purposely poop in my diaper that was stopping me. I didn't like my options, but thought I would poop on my own terms. I was not going to let Chris put me through the humiliation of an enema and then go through the horrible experience of messing my diaper throughout the night. My thought was if I could poop by myself in my diaper, it would be awful, but it would be done.

I waited until Chris was out of the room. I didn't want an audience for what I knew was going to be disgusting. I got up on my hands and knees. I felt that this would be the best position to poop in a diaper. I started to push. It seemed so terribly wrong. Here I was, a college degreed woman, a part-time professional model, and I was trying to poop in a diaper. I pushed hard, but it wasn't easy. The diaper was taped tight across my body. Finally, a final push and a load was delivered to my diaper. I was immediately disgusted. I loved baby games, but this was punishment. I could even smell the disgusting aroma of my dirty diaper. I didn't want to sit down so I stayed in the same position. I wanted to call out to Chris, but again I learned that the mouth guard prevented me from calling his name. Almost as bad as pooping in my diaper was what happened next. I had to pee and couldn't hold it. I released the pee into my diaper. I just cried like a baby.

Eventually I laid down on my stomach to wait for my diaper change. The smell was revolting. Chris walked into the room.

"Wow, I guess my little baby pooped her diaper."

"Baby Kim smells pretty nasty."

"Daddy will return to change you in just a few minutes." So is this how a baby feels? Waiting and be be changed...and changed again. Chris came back after several minutes with wipes and a new diaper. It took him awhile to fully clean me and then he took me for a bath so that I could get ready for dinner and bed.



Chapter 17 - Baby Kim's day at the zoo

It had now been two full days as Chris's baby. My routine was drinking from a bottle, being spoon feed baby food, sleeping, playing in my playpen, watching cartoons, and of course wetting and occasionally messing my diapers. I was surprised when Chris announced that he was going to take me to the zoo today. How would he manage that and how embarrassing was this going to be for both of us. After all, I didn't think a dentist would want to be seen in public with his wife acting like a baby. I knew I didn't want to crawl around the zoo in a diaper.

Chris dressed me in diapers (of course) and plastic baby pants. He removed the bondage mittens and that felt nice. He then put me in the bib styled overalls we had purchased from Nicole. These looked fairly normal except that there were snaps at the crotch and down the insides of the legs to make diaper changes easier. I couldn't ask questions with the mouth guard still in place so I went with the flow.

I rode to the zoo in my car seat and Chris had me wait in the car while he purchased the zoo tickets. He returned to the car pushing a large stroller. This was the kind of stroller that one could rent and use to push a handicapped person around the zoo. So that is what Chris had in mind I thought. Chris helped me into the large stroller. There was a safety strap that was pulled around my waist and fastened somewhere at the back of the stroller. My first realization was that I would not be able to reach the release mechanism on the strap. This was not a surprise knowing Chris and his love of keeping me bound. I kept my legs together in the stroller so that no one could see the snaps on my jeans. Also, since I was in a sitting position, no one could really tell that I was wearing a thick diaper between my legs. I felt better that my secret would be safe and I relaxed.

There was a benefit to being in the stroller. I didn't have to walk and we were allowed to go to the front of lines because I was "handicapped." (I think the politically correct way of saying it is Diaper-Challenged.") Chris bought me drinks constantly and I knew by now it was to keep me wet and needing diaper changes. Since we were out in public, Chris let me drink from a straw. I still didn't think that the mouth guard would let me drink out of a cup so I was glad the straw worked fine.

It didn't take me long to have to pee. After several days of baby status, it was almost natural to just release my pee into my waiting diaper. I know I can never get totally used to wetting a diaper and that is fine with me. It is especially difficult for me to wet in public, but it was also a nice secret that Chris and I shared. Typically I would let Chris know when I was wetting so that he could hold me tight while I peed, but in the stroller this was not really possible.

I waited to pee until we were in a crowded place to add to the excitement of having people all around me. Since I was unable to talk, I pointed to my crotch so that Chris could share in my wetting experience. It was wonderful. I sat back and just let it flow. There was little embarrassment this time because no one around me had any idea I was wetting myself. Chris grabbed my hand as I continued to fill my diaper. I could have come with very little effort if my private area could have received any attention at all. That was not to happen in public and it had now been days with no sex. I was dying and I knew Chris probably was ready to jump my bones too.

Chris wheeled me over to a family restroom that allowed just one person or couple at a time. He was able to wheel my stroller right in the restroom and he locked the door for privacy. I thought this would be a typical diaper change, but nothing is typical with Chris. This time when he opened my little protective chastity heart to clean me up, he showed me two plastic vibrating eggs and proceeded to bury them deep within my pussy. He then closed the little cage door protecting my pussy and snapped the lock shut. These particular eggs didn't have any wires, but I was sure they must be some kind of vibrator. I was both excited and intrigued.

"Kim, I want to share in your next diaper wetting."

"In fact, I want to trigger your next wet diaper."

"When I think you have had enough to drink, I will set the eggs in motion with this remote control."

"I don't want you to pee until you feel the vibrations."

"If I check your diaper and you are wet, and I haven't set off the vibrating eggs, you will be severely punished."

"Don't test me on this one." I could only respond with a nod of my head and did so. Wow, vibrating eggs in my pussy and they are operated by remote control! Today was a much better day.

Chris continued to serve me large drinks. I drank them with the anticipation of feeling the vibrating eggs humming deep within my most intimate area. It didn't take any time at all for my need to pee hit a peak. I motioned to Chris that I had to pee. He ignored me. Could I hold out for the vibrating signal or would I be punished for peeing? I was squirming in the stroller. It got so bad that I put my hand in my crotch and tried to hold back the flow. The chastity heart kept my hand from having any real impact. I was swaying back and forth in agony.

Finally, the most delightful feeling in the world swept over me. The eggs began to vibrate inside my pussy. I couldn't have imagined a better feeling. I don't know what felt better at first. The fact that I was finally allowed to wet myself and relieve the pressure in my bladder or the eggs dancing inside of my pussy. My only hope was that Chris wouldn't turn off the vibrating eggs too soon. I didn't realize how I must have looked nor did I care, but I was moaning in sure delight. My diaper was filling and the sensations coming from deep inside me were incredible. It is probably lucky that I was wearing a mouth guard because I practically screamed when my orgasm hit me. Wave after wave of orgasms ripped through me. I was left totally exhausted. I wanted to thank Chris so much, but was unable to do so. I knew the next time we went to the family restroom I could show him my appreciation. That time came almost immediately as I was wheeled to the restroom.

In the privacy of the locked restroom, I was able to get down on my knees while Chris traded places momentarily and sat in the stroller. I unzipped his jeans and gave him a blow job. I couldn't use my tongue trapped as it was, but Chris was able to stick his cock deep into my throat. I tried something new on Chris and stuck my wet finger in his bum while I sucked on his erect cock. He squirmed up and down on my finger so he was obviously enjoying the sensation. He must have really liked it because his load shot into my mouth with such force and he cried out like I had never heard him do before. Wow, what an incredible day.

Before I got off my knees, Chris stood up and looked me in my eyes.

"Kim, the week is up."

"You have finished your regression therapy."

"I am going to take you home, remove your mouth guard, remove your chastity "friend" and you will be free to go about your normal activities."

My disappointment must have been all over my face. Chris picked up on my frown and said, "You know Kim, we still have all of the baby gear."

"If I feel a need to discipline you again, count on some sort of regression therapy to help bring you back to being my submissive wife." I will not be removing the silver pacifier that is dangling between your legs. And of course, the two tattoos of the diaper pins are permanently on your body. These will be a constant reminder that you are my diaper slave. I want you to always wonder each time you take a drink, if your next pee will be in a toilet or if you will be forced to release your pee into a waiting diaper. As my diaper slave, you will never know when the next diaper will be taped or pinned on you.

I wrapped my arms around his legs and kissed his penis in appreciation. Once again Chris triggered the vibrating eggs buried deep inside me and he helped me back into the stroller. It was going to be an interesting ride home.

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