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My Best Day

I awake to find my girlfriend (who we will call Crystal) and her best friend (who we will call Mary) on each side of me kissing my cheeks and petting my chest in a loving manner. All of the sudden their grip tightens onto each of my wrists. Before, I can do anything, they have my wrists tied to the bed. They took the covers off of me leaving me naked and chilly and tied to the bed.

Then Mary comes up and lays beside me naked holding a chocolate milk bottle. Calming me she says "hush baby and be good for Auntie Mary". Then Crystal unfolds a disposable diaper and places it under my bottom and precedes to powder my rock hard erect cock and tight balls.

I lay there sucking on my bottle as mary and Crystal change places. Crystal now holding the bottle and laying naked beside me removes the bottle and kisses me long, hard and deep. As mary precedes to place plastic panties on me then satin panties that lock in place.

So here I am in a disposable diaper, plastic panties, and satin panties that have been locked in place. Without any warning they both stop what they are doing and precede to tie my feet to the bed. Having been completely immobilized, they both climb on top of me, Crystal sitting on my chest and mary sitting on my diapered cock. Crystal and Mary in unison read the "rules of the day" they have typed out together and tell me

1. I will be referred to as baby, baby Timmy, or baby boy all day whenever and wherever.

2. I must do everything they say and obey all commands without argument.

3. I must take them anywhere they wish to go wearing what I am currently dressed in and whatever they wish to put over it.

4. I will address Mary as Auntie or Auntie Mary and Crystal as Mommy or Mommy Crystal.

As for punishment, I will be punished anyway they see fit so do not cross us or I will regret it later.

As I try to object in the middle of these readings Crystal inserts a pacifier in my mouth and says "hush baby boy". So I let them finish the rules and they ask me if I understand, I shake my head yes and they then dismount me and start to tickle me. I laugh and start to say i have to pee. They tickle more and more until all i can do is laugh and squirm being tied to the bed helplessly. Suddenly they stop and ask if baby has to pee I say yes and in unison they say "pee baby don't hold it." So i start to pee and as i do they start to tickle me again I begin crying from laughing so hard and peeing. Finally they finish tickling me as i have already finished peeing.

Finally, they start to untie me, unlock me and tell me to get cleaned up and to put on a "super diaper", plastic pants and lock them in place and come back for inspection.( a super diaper is a diaper with a depends booster and slits cut into the diaper with another disposable diaper all worn together)As I am loving this day so far I do as I am told.

I come back for inspection and they both look me over and feel my diapered crotch and say "your such a good boy baby Timmy". Now go with Auntie Mary and get dressed, Crystal commands. Auntie Mary escorts me to my room where she picks out a pair of black jeans and a t shirt.

Now that everyone's dressed and ready Crystal and Mary tell me to get my jacket and get in the car we are going to the mall. I do as I'm told and get into the car. We finally make it to the mall and get out of the car where crystal asks "is baby dry?" I said "yes" and Auntie Mary says " your such a good baby boy." Mary and Crystal each grab a hand as we walk inside.

I immediately head toward the game room and without warning i am jerked back and told now baby stay with us we don't want you to get lost. I ask where are we going? Crystal replies "you will see and remember our rules." Wondering what she meant by the tone of her voice I continued to walk with them to the lotion store. The smell is overpowering the smells all combine in air to create a pleasant stimulating sent.

They start to try out different lotions and sprays as they do I slowly sneak out of there. I start my walk back toward the game room. Before I get 20 steps away my cell rings, I answer and am told to turn around and come back. When I turn and look they are both standing there staring at me. I take a second and debate in my head what should I do. Finally, I decide i would go back and start walking back to them.

I get back to them and they grab each of my hands and we start walking to the next store. They both whisper in my ear "your in big trouble". We make it to the next store which is Victoria's secret. I escort them in still holding each hand. As we look around Mary picks out some thongs and asks Crystal "maybe we could put him in theses tonight and dress him up as a girl later."Crystal agrees so Auntie Mary hold onto the thong as they continue shopping. Mommy Crystal and Auntie Mary picked out some other things and finally we all checkout and leave.

I mention that I was hungry and they say "it is time for baby's snack." So we all walk to the food court. We all get in line and Crystal asks Mary what she would like and asks her to take me and get a table. So Auntie Mary grabs my hand and takes me to a table I mention to Auntie Mary I would like. She stops me in the middle and says "mommy will get you what she wants you to have". Finally, mommy crystal brings back everyone's food and we eat. I got a kids meal and a chicken sandwich which I ate rather quickly.

After we finish mommy crystal asks me where would i like to go? I said the game room. So we walked down to the game room where i was given a roll of quarters and told to have fun. I sat down to play one of my favorite racing games when auntie mary sat down beside me to race with me. She stated "we can't have baby Timmy playing all by himself now can we?".

Finally about an hour later I exhausted all my quarters and was told its time to go home now baby boy. As crystal and mary both grabbed an arm we walked out to the car. As we reached the car both crystal and mary reached their hands down my pants and felt my diaper and it was dry they both said good boy baby. They kept their hands down as one rubbed my balls the other rubbed my erect cock then they switched I couldn't tell who was rubbing what and really didn't care at that point in time I was enjoying myself more than i have ever before. They continued playing as people walked past on their way to their cars. As I got close to the point of orgasm they both quit and told me to get in the car and keep my hands off. And to make sure i was to drive.

Where are we going i asked? They told me to drive to the flea market. So I do as told and once we reached the flea market mary stated that she had to go to the restroom. So we all went to the restroom. Being no one around we all went inside and locked the door. Then a shocker I was told to pull my pants down as i did mommy crystal unlocked my panties and pulled them down along with my plastic pants. Confused i asked why i am not wet as i said that mary said you will be. Remember your bad behavior at the mall mary asked. I said yes auntie mary and I'm sorry. Too late crystal interrupted. Then i was told to sit down on the toilet and hold my diaper open. I pulled the front of my diaper away from my tummy as i did mary straddled over me and began to pee on my tummy as she did it ran into my diaper. I was shocked this is my punishment i asked? Yes i was told but thats not all as mary finished crystal then preceded to do the same thing. Stunned I sat their suddenly i was told to get dressed and I pulled up my plastic pants and locking panties then my jean. Soaked from two girls pee in my diaper I asked when I was going to be changed and was told maybe when we go home. Now be a good boy and behave while we are here.

We continued walking around the flea market stopping to buy a new purse for mommy crystal and a new pair of shoes for auntie mary. I waddled along without much to say wondering the whole time if anyone noticed the way I was walking with a soaked diaper waddle instead of my normal manly stagger.

Finally they finished shopping and we leave the flea market and head toward home. On the say mommy crystal says stop there pointing to a local adult shop. I immediately slam on the brakes and pull over into the parking lot. I ask what are we doing here and auntie mary says its not your concern and you better behave inside.

We all get out and go inside. I immediately start to wander off as auntie mary grabs my hand and says stay with us baby. We walk past all the videos straight toward the vibrators on the wall. I look in amazement as mommy crystal grabs a strap on dildo and asks auntie mary what she thinks about this one as auntie mary replies I think I like it.

We continue looking around and mommy crystal looks at me and says would you like this baby? I look over to see her holding a leather whip and a leather cock ring. I say I would like to try that (pointing to the cock ring) mommy says ok we will get them both.

We walk over and check out I pay for everything and we all walk out of the door mommy crystal holding the bag in one hand and my hand in the other with auntie mary holding my other hand. We get in the car they both look at me and say in a commanding voice say "Home Baby" your day isn't over yet.

You can imagine what we did for the rest of the evening into early next morning. :-)

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