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My Boss Becomes my Mommy

This story is based on actual events but the names have been changed to protect those involved.

It all started when I was about seventeen, I decided to take a job at a campground a few hours away from home. The camp was supposed to last about a month. I was going to have stay at the head counselor's home during the month because there was no additional housing available at the site and she was a long time family friend.

Anyway, everything was going well for the first couple days and Kim the head counselor was more than gracious while providing housing. She was a single mother and had one four year old boy. In her four bedroom house, she set aside a guest bedroom with a very comfortable bed for me. She prepared excellent meals every night and had every channel of cable. For the typical teen, it was a great experience.

However, on the third night disaster struck. I woke up in a puddle of urine. The worst part was there no opportunity to hide my little accident. Kim was already sitting on the edge of bed because she smelled the piss walking by my room. I was so embarrassed and she tried to comfort me saying that she would not tell anyone about accident and that accidents were just apart of life. As I stood up, she took my comforter and sheets to wash them. Before leaving, she left me a plastic bag for my urine stained clothes and left the room while I changed and showered.

As I put new clothes on , I felt a sense of relief because Kim seemed to be okay with my little accident. She did not make me even wash my own sheets. This is the punishment that my real mother could often inflict on me. As I passed the laundry room, Kim asked if everything was alright and assured me that a new bed would be ready for me tonight. I asked if she needed any help and she declined saying it was her day off and she could handle things. I thanked her for understanding and left for work.

My day was pretty typical and I returned to Kim's home. We ate dinner and everything was going smoothly. We watched pay per view movies until about eleven and then she announced it was time for me to go to bed. This was unusual because I was staying up past midnight on a regular basis and Kim would always go to sleep before me. She trusted me to go to bed on my own terms. So, I questioned the sudden change of plans and said that I would go to bed later. At that point, she grabbed the remote, turned off the television, and picked me up like a baby holding me tightly under her breasts. Kim was a big strong woman so easily controlled me. I was very small only 4'11' and about 110 pounds.

As she carried me down the hall, I said that I could walk. She responded by saying that since I would not come we had to do things her way. I said, Where are we going? I will listen and go just put me down. She responded, You don't listen. I told you are going to bed. I said, Fine, I will go to bed just put me down. I want to walk upstairs. She responded, It's too late, I'm already more than halfway there and I have to put you to bed anyway.

You have to put me to bed? Yes, and you better listen because I don't have the energy to hold you down. As we entered the guest bedroom, I noticed all of her son's old baby furniture had been set up in the room. I said, This is my punishment for wetting the bed. She responded, no, this is not a punishment. I'm trying to help you sleep more comfortably. Trust me, you will be more comfortable in the morning. She laid me on the changing table which was just long enough. She said, Good I won't have to change you on the floor. I cried out, Change me!!!

I don't want to be changed. She responded, I don't want to wipe your little butt but I will. Now, relax or you will have to suck on a pacifier. You can't make me suck on a pacifier. She then grabbed a brand new pacifier and shoved it in my mouth. As she covered it with her hand, she said I don't think you want me to make you suck on a pacifier. As I nodded, she lifted her hand. I thought about spitting out the pacifier but thought better of it. As she strapped me down, She rubbed my tummy and said "Good Baby".

I knew it was over now. She was now referring to me as a baby. Before, she said she was just trying to help me. I felt my independence being taken as she pulled my pants down and removed my underwear. I could only lay quietly and submit to an overpowering woman. After removing my pants, she took out a tube of Balmex and rubbed it all over bottom. Then, she grabbed an extra large Pampers baby diaper. Back then, they were still plastic and bulky with little bears on them. She slid the diaper under my lifted ass and fastened it. To reinforce the tabs, she took out a roll of packaging tape and taped the diaper to by body tightly circling the tape around my lifted ass and stomach several times. Finally, she finished and said that should keep your diaper on while you moving around.

For a second, I thought she was done and begin to lift my head. However, this thought quickly faded when you said good boy and proceeded to take my shirt off. Next, she pulled out a footed sleeper. Honestly, I did not know they made those for boys past the age of six. However, she found a size ten and managed to find the time to sew the sleeve holes shut. She undid my straps and put me in the sleeper feet first. She lifted my back up and put my arms in the sleeves. This forced me to close my fists giving me no finger movements. As she pulled the sleeper tightly over my shoulders, she began to run the zipper up my legs. I was about to be held captive in my own clothes. As she closed the zipper, she laid me back down and said your almost done. Next, she took out a diaper pin and placed it through the sleeper directly in the path of the zipper. Then, she pulled on the zipper and it wouldn't move. She had effectively blocked the zipper and since I could not undo the diaper pin because of my hands being restricted. I realized that the I would remain in that particular diaper and sleeper until she removed them.

I began to protest . I spit out my pacifier demanded to be let out. She responded, by simply grabbing me putting my face directly into her breasts and saying. Don't worry baby, I won't let you get diaper rash. Then, she attached a pacifier clip to my sleeper and tied my pacifier to the end of the string on the clip. I wanted to rip the clip off but couldn't. Then, she put the pacifier in my mouth and told me that it was time to settle down and go to bed. I spit it out again. She said, okay I guess you need a bottle before bed. She again lifted me like a baby and carried under her breasts into the kitchen. She sat me down on the counter as you prepared a bottle. I thought about getting down and running but decided it would be a better idea to avoid that confrontation. I would escape in the middle of night out of the crib while she was sleeping.

It turns out, I was thirsty so I began to suck on the bottle she gave me. She had filled it with regular milk and not formula thankfully. As I sucked, she picked me up like a baby and carried me back upstairs. Upon arrival, she placed me in the crib and kissed my forehead. I hadn't noticed this before but the crib actually had canopy with a net that went all the way down and fully enclosed the crib. Basically, I could not let her put me in the crib because it was impossible to escape. However, she had already laid me down and by time I leaned up the canopy was already fully zipped up. In addition, she was placing a diaper pin in the path of the canopy zipper. As she did this, I took the bottle out of my mouth and told her that she better cherish the moment because I was going to bust out in the middle of the night. I thought this would get a reaction out of her and she would take me out to create a possible escape opportunity. Instead, she laughed and said I have never had a baby escape and that she would see me in the morning. She turned out the lights and left the room. After trying to rip the net for twenty minutes, I gave up bent my knees and went to sleep.

The next morning Kim was standing there as I awoke. At first, I had no idea of my baby bondage. However, I felt a warm mushy sensation in my crotch area. As I moved, I heard the crinkly diaper and my ass felt kind of sticky. Kim asked, Did you crap your pants? I nodded, puzzled because I had never crapped my pants in the middle of the night before. Then, I confronted Kim because she must have put a laxative in my milk.. She admitted as much and told me that from now on her orders must be followed promptly or an overnight dirty diaper would be the consequence. I agreed, and as she promised she put me on the changing table, undid my sleeper, removed my diaper , and lifted my lifted my ass. Then, as she reached for the baby wipes she had to release my legs. Since I was not strapped down, I thought this was an opportunity to escape.

Although my but was full of crap, I decided to make a run for it. However, Kim caught me in the downstairs hallway. Surprising, she picked me up and tightly held be against her shirt. As a result, her shirt was full of my crap. However, she didn't seem to mind saying this is not the first time that I have gotten baby crap on me. We returned to nursery and she strapped me to changing table face down on my stomach, I couldn't move and she said your going to get it for that little stunt. I knew it was coming and began to cry. She said, stop your fake tears. Your ass is mine, she proceeded to spank me hard and rapidity with the crap still on my butt. As she spanked me, she said your going to be spanked until you ass turns from brown to solid bright red. As usual, she kept her promise and then she made me kiss the tube of Balmex goodbye in order for her to stop spanking me.

She quickly turned me over, diapered me, put me in the sleeper, and it seemed even tighter than yesterday. Then, as I was still sobbing she put me back in the crib explaining that I was being given a time-out. I protested by saying that it was time for me to go to work. She responded, by saying don't worry you don't have to go to work anymore. She returned a few hours latter in a fresh set of clothes to explain herself. You are now my baby for the next month. I am your new mommy and you will be diapered 24/7, bathed, fed in a high chair, play in a playpen, and if you misbehave spanked even harder next time. I'm still going to pay you, but you are mine If you can't handle being a baby, you will be treated like a dog that means you will be chained to the dog house outside naked. Do you understand me? I said, yes mommy.

Then, she lifted me out of the crib and said it was time for breakfast. She carried me to the kitchen and strapped me into a high chair. She then tied a cover plastic baby bib around my neck.. The bib said, I love my mommy in big baby blue letters. She then began to force fed me a jar of baby food of oatmeal and bananas. It did not taste too bad, however some of the food she fed me over the next month tasted horrible. Besides the occasional peanut butter jelly sandwich, I was placed on an all baby food diet.

The next month was full of embarrassment including a case of severe diaper rash that me cry during all of my diaper changes. She refused to treat the rash because of the pervious mess that caused me to be punished as a baby for the entire month. In addition, she started taking me out in public. She would put me in a backpack carrier and walk through the local mall. Often times, people would stare but nobody stopped to question her. Since she was 6'8' and full figured, some people even mistook me for a real baby. Some people stopped to ask how old I was. She would always respond by saying 15 months. However, the worst part was public diaper changes in the women's public restrooms. At the end of month, she finally spread Balmex on my butt and sent me home. I never mentioned the punishment to my parents and she never did either. Although when Kim comes over, she talks about how she remembers when she changed my diapers. My parents just assume she is talking about when she watched me as an actual real baby. To this day, I can't look Kim in the face without shaking. Needless to say, I never returned to the camp to work for Kim again.

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