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My boyfriend and I had been dating for nearly a year and I knew of Greg's interests of girls in diapers. Although he never just came out and said anything, many times he had hinted. There were numerous "you poor baby" comments as well as a few hints of "I bet you would look cute"; referring to what I would look like in child-like clothing when we visited stores or when we saw an adorable baby girl out in public.

We had planned an extended weekend away on a lake and I thought that might be an ideal situation to surprise him with something that he would never expect. I had a little over a week to prepare and do some shopping for this special weekend. I was astounded at how easy the items on my list were to locate as well as somewhat embarrassed at the checkout counter paying for my purchases.

With two days before we had planned to leave, I had almost most everything I was looking for. I was both apprehensive of my plan as well as way excited that he and I would be sharing his deepest dreams. It was such a different look for me; however, I knew that he would be so thrilled to see a girl like he had dreamed of for so long.

Each night I would continue to pack my "special things" and carry on to plan ways to surprise him. I wanted these 4 days to be something he would never ever forget. I tried on everything to be sure of the fit and learned that the thickness of the diapers was far greater than I imagined and my tight shorts really wouldn't fit me as planned. I resolved this problem when I located bib overalls that were shorts. They were far roomier in the bum area and would work just perfect. I also had a supply of short flip skirts and A dresses as they were very comfortable and easily would conceal the thickness of the diapers I had purchased.

Everything was ready. I manicured my nails and applied two coats of pastel pink polish to my fingernails and toe nails as well as a final gloss coat. I went to sleep early so I would be able for a very early departure, as we had planned. The alarm went off at 4:30 AM and I awoke with butterflies in my tummy. I'm still not sure if they were caused by the excitement of what I had expected from the weekend or that I was scared of adapting to his desires. At any rate, it was time to put my plans into action. I showered, shaved my legs and reluctantly shaved my lower area as well. I towel dried myself and powdered my entire body with baby powder. I laid a diaper on the bed, lowered my bum on it and applied baby oil and baby powder before I Velcroed and pinned the diapers securely in place. The cloth diapers I had located were contour (similar to disposable diapers in shape and fit). It was such a different feeling; the bulkiness and softness of the diapers were nothing like the feel of the French cut panties I was so accustomed to. The feeling of the diapers and the babyish aroma of the powder were somewhat delightful. Next I slid the pink plastic panties over the diapers and checked to be sure that I had everything just right. I slipped on a peach colored baby-tee followed by delicate white lace nylon slip and a pastel blue floral mini flip skirt. The skirt was very short and well above my knee but adequately covered my plastic panties. I was conscious that I would have to be cautious and ladylike while bending over. Next I put on peach ruffled ankle socks and low cut hiking boots as we planned to do some walking excursions. I pulled back my hair into a high ponytail and slipped the ponytail through the brimmed cap. I then applied light makeup and I was ready to start my final packing.

As I walked by the mirror I saw a cute girl that looked much younger than my actual age. I turned to view myself being sure that the fullness of my diapers was not evident. Everything looked just precious. I swear that if I didn't just put diapers on myself, I would have no clue I had on anything other than panties under my skirt. I moved my bags to the garage knowing that Greg would be there very soon. My butterflies had intensified and I was way excited in anticipation of Greg's arrival. I didn't have to wait long; Greg was there early as he is a very punctual guy. He pulled his car up to the garage and I immediately walked over and gave him a big hug and a moist and sensual good morning kiss.

Greg commented that I looked amazing cute this morning and asked if I was all ready to go. I answered him "so more than you know" with a devilish grin. He had a puzzled expression as he helped my carry and packs my belongings in his car. Greg commented that I sure had a lot of luggage for a 4-day weekend. I replied that I had a special need for extra room on the trip. He looked at me in bewilderment.

Well everything was packed and we were almost ready to go. I buttoned up the house, set the alarm and again gave Greg a hug and another passionate kiss. Greg returned the gesture and I could tell he was enjoying the moment. I then said to him; "Greg ... I have a surprise for you."

A Very Special Weekend - P2 (The arrival)

Greg, the gentleman that he is, opened my car door for me. I went through my usual dainty motions of carefully sliding into my seat and then carrying my legs into position not to expose myself. I motioned for another kiss as Greg leaned into the car to meet my lips. I grasped Greg's hand and slowly guided it up my thigh and under my skirt. I softly whispered, "This is for you" as I placed his hand on my plastic panties. Greg's kiss froze as he realized what he was touching. He looked right into my innocent eyes. My heart was pounding. For the first time in my life I had taken the initiative to show Greg that I was willing to be an active participant in his fantasies. To make them come true. To show him that I really cared for him.

The expression on his face was priceless. After a silence that seemed to last forever he said "OH MAN!" - "you did that for me?"

"Uh-huh", I replied.

"Let's get going so we can start our special weekend."

Greg hurriedly got in the car with an ear-to-ear grin and we started on our way. Greg was obviously at a loss for words. It was apparent that he was surprised with my attire and appearance, yet I knew he was also very enthused by it all as well. I asked him if something was wrong trying to get him to open up a little. He replied that he never would have expected me to be willing to wear a diaper.

I told Greg that I had prepared just about everything that I could think of to be his 'little girl' for the weekend and that's why I had to carry so much luggage with me on this trip. I told him I wanted this weekend to be perhaps just the beginning of something that until now he had only dreamed of. I told him this was all very new to me and that I was just guessing, for the most part, by our conversations. Possibly my unawareness to his desires made my efforts even more appropriate and appealing. I asked Greg if he would teach me to be his baby girl.

"I most certainly will" was his no hesitation reply.

"So .... How far are we going to take this?" he asked. I responded with "as far as you want, Greg".

"I have all the supplies for the trip so we can enjoy the outdoors and everything I could think of that a 2 year old might need to go camping with." I then shyly asked him what he would expect of a toddler girl. He said, "Let me explain that I was hoping for a situation some day that I would be able to take full charge of a girl. To treat her just like she was 2 or 3 years old and have her totally dependant on me in every sense of the word. Meaning, everything that a parental figure or a baby sitter might do." Unsure of what he meant in detail, I agreed to participate as best that I could.

He asked me if I was really sure I wanted to go through with this? "You are not just teasing me..... are you?"

I replied, "NO, not at all Greg. I will do whatever you ask me to do. This weekend, I am yours to fulfill your dreams." I again guided his hand to my thigh so he could experience my plastic panties.

"You don't think I would be wearing these and dresses like this if I wasn't serious, do you?"

"I don't think so, no" he replied.

The rest of the ride was pretty much us enjoying the scenery and singing alone with the music on the car CD player. Greg was in one of the most cheerful moods I had seen him in a long time. Every time he looked at me I could see excitement in his eyes. Somewhat like puppy's eyes. We arrived at the lake and Greg drove to the office to get the keys for our cabin. I decided to stretch my legs knowing Greg would be back in a few minutes.

Greg returned to the car with a grin on his face saying, "Come on ... let's get our things put away and settled in." I got back in the car and we drove down a gravel road that was umbrella'd with trees. The scent of the lake was very pleasing to the senses. The surrounding area and the thick brush along the road showed how secluded this location was. The warm breeze rustled the leaves on the trees that created a sound not heard in the area we lived and the usual sounds of city life were noticeably missing. The sights and sounds were awesome and we'd only just arrived. My butterflies returned knowing that we were only moments away from the start of our special weekend. Greg followed the gravel road to a fork and pulled into an opening where our cabin was located.

Greg told me that he had upgraded our cabin to a larger roomier one. The cabin was aged yet very well maintained. The main building was white with hunter green trim and shutters. Below the roof overhang there was a beautiful flower garden in the front that was well manicured with vines entangled in the post railings. It was obvious that the owners took great pride in their properties. The cabin was very welcoming.

Greg got out of the car and came around to my side to open my door.

"Welcome to our playground" Greg said with a sly grin.

"Let's get our things little lady and get situated." We both grabbed a few pieces of luggage and headed for the cabin door. As Greg inserted the key and opened the door I got a glimpse of a charmingly decorated cabin. The room was full of antiques. The bed was king sized with a detailed appliquéd canopy. There was a gigantic fireplace near the kitchen area and darling wood furniture throughout the room. I walked over, closed my eyes and just let myself fall backwards on the bed. Greg was right behind me doing the same. As my back hit the mattress I opened my eyes and saw there was a crib behind the door. I instantly sat up.

"How come that's there? Did you ask for it?" I said. Greg replied;" well ....I told the lady at the front desk that we might be having some friends visit us that had a young child. She said she had this cabin that already had a crib and would give me the cabin for the same price. How could I say no?" My face must have paled. I guess I just never really expected .... Well I had no clue really what might transpire. I tried to respond "but..." Greg held his finger over my lips and said that we don't have to use it.

"At least not right away" as he grinned and helped me up off the bed to gather the remaining luggage from the car.

After all the luggage was in the cabin I opened one of my suitcases on the bed to start placing my things in a dresser. I asked Greg which dresser he preferred and he replied that he had no preference. Greg was in plain view to watch me remove everything from my luggage. I wasn't really sure how to handle this situation. Was I to try and hide my things from him or just unpack as if everything was usual? Oh ..... what the heck I thought to myself. Why don't I just tease myself right into trouble? I was here and dressed like I was for a reason. I pulled out a few garments and placed them in the drawer. I then grabbed the ruffled panties I had purchased and held them up for Greg to see.

"Whatcha think?" I asked in a somewhat sassy voice.

"Very, very pretty" he replied. I continued to transfer my clothes into the dresser with Greg watching my every move like a hawk. My top drawer was filling up with plastic panties, my socks and a few bras I had brought. Greg said, " I don't think you'll be needing those, do you?" Being embarrassingly small chested, I replied, "I guess not" and put my bras back into my suitcase and closed it. Greg had my second suitcase already on the bed waiting in anticipation 'for the show'.

I opened the second suitcase, which contained my tees, a few skirts and two baby doll nities. I'm sure Greg was taking a mental inventory as I unpacked and I sure was uncomfortable with his glaring.

"Greg, aren't you going to unpack?" I asked.

"Not until you are completely done," he replied. The next suitcase was filled with my baby things. As Greg attempted to help me open the suitcase I said "NO!" Greg grabbed me and sat me on the bed. He took his hands and placed one on each of my cheeks, looked me straight in the eyes (which were a little teary with anxiety) and said, "Now listen little girl..... You have nothing to be ashamed of. You have made me happy more than you can imagine. I can guess this is uncomfortable for you..., but please..., just let things happen, everything will go just fine. I'll unpack the rest for you."

I just sat there and watched Greg unpack the rest of my belongings as if everything was natural. When he had my entire things put away he reached in my bottom drawer, grabbed a lavender 'baby daffy' pacifier and placed it between my lips. At the same time his hands wandered up my thighs to my plastic panties as he gently lowered me to the bed. There I laid on my back with my feet dangling over the edge of the bed dressed like a little girl..... and now with a pacifier in my mouth and Greg running his hands over my diapered panties. I closed my eyes and turned my head as he caressed my earlobe with his tongue.

For a moment I was mortified and uncomfortable with the situation, however, I started to feel something that I wasn't expecting and I didn't know how to react. Greg's hands on my diapered bottom started to feel pleasant. The pacifier in my mouth offered oral encouragement as well. His gestures on my ear lobes were causing me to become attentive to the moment. I suddenly realized that I was enjoying this and that my attire and the guesses I had of what was going to happen where actually heightening my pleasure.

Part 3 - (Whoops)

Perhaps I seemed willing to be a part of his desires. Reality was, I was very uneasy with the planning of the weekend and was uncertain of what I could be comfortable with and what might disturb me. Not knowing what I was getting myself into, I was clueless as to what might occur and what Greg might expect of me or how comfortable I would be to his request. On the other hand, I knew what this would mean to Greg. I had thought about what this might do to our relationship ..... if I chose to discontinue my commitment to be his "baby girl'. Now I found myself in a compromising situation. I was at his mercy (in emotions) and I had no idea why this moment was so pleasing to my sensual behavior.

Greg gently removed my pacifier and I found him covering my mouth with a sloppy wet kiss. Plunging his tongue deeply into my mouth as he continued to shift the cloth diaper into an area that sent waves of pleasure throughout my body. He slowly messaged my panties as I responded with moans of delight. A knock at the door shattered the moment...

"Welcoming service". Greg quickly removed his hands from my panties and pulled my skirt down nearly covering my panties as he sat up on the bed leaving me still quivering with my sensations. Greg went over to the door and opened it a slightly to see who was there. He slid though the opening, closing it behind him to meet the property owner.

I started to get myself put back together while Greg was outside with our unexpected visitor. My body was still feeling the pleasure of Greg's passions. I'll have to admit I was confused as to why Greg's actions felt so pleasing. In only a few minutes I was sensually aroused far beyond my norm. This was all so confusing for me.

Greg opened the door slowly and peeked in to be sure I was decent.

"The owner wants to give us the nickel tour of the grounds. He brought us a complimentary bottle of wine as well as a bouquet of yellow daisies. Is that okay?" he asked.

"That's fine .. Let me just get a little freshened up first, I'll be just a few minutes" I replied. I just kind of straighten out my Tee and skirt, brushed my hair, checked myself out in the mirror to be sure my panties were covered and headed for the door. The owner welcomed me to his Jeep and said that the tour would just take a few minutes. He wanted us to see the grounds so we knew what was available to us so we could fully enjoy our weekend. Greg helped me into the back seat and joined me there. Mr. Riley (the owner) headed back up the gravel drive towards the main cabin. The wind from the ride unexpectantly blew my skirt up, exposing my diapers and panties. I quickly grabbed the hem of the skirt and held it in place so this would not occur again. I'm sure Mr. Riley didn't see my panties. Greg's smile was devious. He was enjoying every minute of me adjusting to everything.

Mr. Riley drove up a small incline to show us the lake. I was in awe. The lake was like something seen in a movie. Everything was very densely wooded and secluded. The water was calm and almost as blue as the sky. It was beautiful. Down the gravel road was small beach and a pier with a canoe, rowboat and an old sailboat, perhaps the very same one as in the painting hanging on the wall at the cabin. All of the boats were made of wood and obviously had been around for some time but as usual in very good repair. Mr. Ripley stopped the Jeep and told us to get out and have a "quick look around". I told Mr. Ripley that his property was just gorgeous. He said we could just call him Jake as he started to explain how the property had been in the family for three generations.

I started to feel the urge in my bladder. I couldn't believe it. I was now in the middle of nowhere with an urgent need to find the ladies room and Jake was rambling on about his ancestors and the property. Greg's arms were around my shoulders and I'm sure he was aware of my squirming. Greg looked at me and smiled as Jake continued his 'long' story. 'Gee, that guy sure can talk' I was thinking to myself. As I continued to fight off the pressure, Jake was telling us that this was off-season and we pretty much had the lake and surrounding area to ourselves as he was pointing out a bike trail in the distance.

" I have a few bikes up by the house if you two get the inkling to take a ride sometime", he said.

Greg tilted his head towards me and nibbled on my ear lobe as he softly said "you sure are doing a lot of dancing around here ... do you have a problem?" The only thing I could think of was to slug him, which I did. He jumped back in reflex to get away from my harmless attack. Jake kind of looked back to see what we were doing and shook his head (I'm sure he was thinking how childish I was behaving) as he continued to give us his life story. Only in my situation it seemed like he was reading from his daily diary. I was thinking 'come on; let's get going here .. I have to go to the bathroom and now is not the time to hear about every relative you have and how many people have visited your property.'

Greg held my hand as we walked closer to the area around the beach. I was really feeling the discomfort from my bladder at this point. Our 'nickel tour' was turning out to be more of a two-dollar tour. All I could think of was getting back to our cabin.. And quickly. Jake asked if we wanted to go see the old waterwheel that was used for farming in the eighteen hundreds. I quickly replied "No thank .....

" as Greg talked over my plea for return and replied, "of course we would .. That would be so cool". I pinched his bum as again he smiled at me with less than honorable intensions written all over his face. I'm sure he knew exactly what I was feeling and I had no clue why he would even want to put me through such agony.

We again all got in the Jeep as Jake continued his complete family tree history. Jake was driving away from our cabin instead of closer. I leaned over to Greg and whispered in his ear "I have to go to the ladies room"; he said, "I know, I've noticed you squirming... remember you saying that you would do whatever I ask you to do? And that this weekend, you were mine to fulfill my dreams?"

"Well yes, but I need to get back to the cabin Greg" I replied with uneasiness in my voice.

"Well ... I want you to just let it happen" Greg whispered.

"NO .. Please" I replied as my eyes started to tear up.

"I can't hold it too much longer" Greg told me "then don't." I sat there so uncomfortable and very angry that Greg would ask me to 'just let it happen". What have I gotten myself into? I was thinking.

It seemed like an eternity before we arrived at the waterwheel. As I was getting out of the Jeep my mind was concentrating on holding my aching bladder. Not really paying attention to what I was doing, I slipped on the Jeeps step by the door and started to fall forward towards the ground. Greg tried to catch me but he didn't get a good enough hold. As I fell to the ground I lost control.... Not only lost control, I couldn't stop from wetting myself. I lay on the ground stunned at what I had just done as Greg and Jake jumped out of the Jeep to see if I was Okay.

"Are you okay?" Greg asked.

"NO ... I'm not okay" I whined back. There I was laying on the grass, sitting in now soaking wet diapers. My skirt had risen during the fall revealing my panties for the world to see. My self-dignity was shattered and I was fuming mad. I grabbed a handful of grass and threw it towards Greg in my frustrations with a childish "uhhhhh". Of course the grass just fell to the ground far short of Greg.

Jake said nothing about my undergarments. They both helped me up, back into the Jeep.

"We'd better get you back to your cabin, Missy ", Jake said. Greg attempted to comfort me, but I rejected his actions. I was so embarrassed at what had just happened. I would guess we had driven about 30 to 45 minutes from the cabin on Jake's excursion. The trip back was going to be so unpleasant I remember thinking. Greg placed my head on his shoulder and this time I accepted his efforts because I was so upset. After awhile his hands slowly wandered towards my panties. As I grabbed his hand to stop him he said, "please, just let me touch your panties". I just didn't have the energy to fend Greg off I guess and I allowed him to feel my embarrassment.

Greg again started to position the cloth diaper in the same area as he had done before.... Slowly messaging my panties. Again I felt that same wave of pleasure come over me ... only way more intense this time. As before, I was sitting directly behind Jake so he couldn't see me if he were to turn around. As Greg continued to stimulate me, thoughts of why this was so sensual were going through my mind. I had just had one of the most embarrassing moments of my life, I had wet myself like a child (which I hadn't done since I was 4 or 5) and this all still was very gratifying to me. I'm not sure if it was a carry over emotion from our first attempt or that the cloth diaper being wet was just more erotic, but Greg was satisfying me. I had no idea why I felt like I did. With a jolt to my senses, my insides clenched up and down with the most powerful waves of pleasure. For several moments I was lost in this lightheaded ecstasy, trying to maintain my composure as the thrill of the moment tried to take control over me.

I felt so naughty. We were in Jakes Jeep, driving back to our cabin and I was beginning to feel myself nearing a sensual climax. Greg sure knew exactly how to send me into ecstasy. At that moment I lunged back into the seat and just sat there with my hands over my mouth trying to hold back my screams. Greg had succeeded with his efforts. During this entire incident, Jake continue to ramble on about his life and Greg was responding for the both of us with out of time "uh-huh's" to Jakes gibberish.

I fell limp into Greg's lap. This was one of the most intense climaxes I have had. My body felt almost lifeless as I was still enjoying the feelings I had just encountered. I wondered if Greg had any clue that at that moment I was silly putty, and that I would have done anything he asked.

"There's a lot more of that to come, baby," Greg softly whispered in my ear.

"Mmmmmmm .. I can't wait" was all I could muster for an answer.

Part 4

As we arrived back at our cabin we both thanked Jake for his hospitality in showing us the sites and his property. I followed Greg into the cabin and jumped onto his back like for a pony ride.

"OH MY GOSH .. you have to stop doing that!" I exclaimed. Just then I realized how much I had enjoyed what had happened, and it took place in such a short time. Even though I was very disturbed at the time I had wet myself, now after the trip back and Greg's ability to make me feel so good, it wasn't as upsetting to me at this point. As we entered the cabin I saw a girl on Greg's back riding him like a horsy dressed in childish clothing in the mirror; while thinking to myself, 'gee ... if Mother could just see me now'. Why am I enjoying this? Why do I feel like acting as a child?

"Do you think Jake will say anything about my diapers? That was so embarrassing."

"Nah, I'm sure he was nearly as uncomfortable as you were." Greg replied.

"We should get you changed, huh?" Greg asked.

"Please" I said.

"I didn't see a changing pad, where did you pack it?" Greg asked.

"Ummmmmm ... I never even thought about a changing pad" I replied.

"Well ... unless you want this cabin to smell, we need something waterproof to use when I change you, 'baby'". Greg was looking around the cabin and found nothing that would suffice as a changing pad. He told me that 'for now'; we would have to use the crib because it had a waterproof mattress and the only thing available to us. The crib, as with most of the cabin's furniture and décor, was an antique. It was extremely large dark wood and very well built. To my dismay, it appeared plenty ample to accommodate my 5'5" petite build.

"NO WAY!" I screamed back at him. Greg moved closer and hugged me.

"Either we need to use the crib to get you changed ... or you will have to remain in that wet diaper until (and if) we can find a changing pad. He was once again messaging my diaper the exact same way that had sent me into ecstasy twice thus far this morning. This time, however, he grabbed my hand and had me touching my plastic panties as well.

Next came the moans and the awkward "well. ...Okay". Greg picked me up into his arms and turned towards the crib.

"It's not fair!.. Every time you want me to do something you have taken advantage of me." I whined."

"Well.. in no time, you will be more used to the routine and I won't have to 'persuade' you as often." Greg gently placed me in the crib as I continued to protest to just about everything. He placed my pacifier in my mouth once again and asked me to just suck on my 'binkie' and that everything would be just fine.

"lay back and relax while I get your things ready." He said in a very calming voice as he removed my shoes, anklet's and skirt.

"That's my girl .. just relax now."

Greg brought over my diapers and panties as well as the baby powder and lotion. While Greg was gathering everything for my first ever diaper change (since my childhood), he was also unpacking a few of his things as well. Sitting in the crib waiting, I grew impatient. I asked Greg if he could hurry this up.

"Geeze .. you are impatient .... You have to learn that I'm going to take care of you as best I can, but I can't devote every minute of my time catering to your every whim." Greg pulled out one of the baby bottles from my lower drawer and filled it with the iced tea I had made for the ride. He walked over to the crib, removed my pacifier and placed the baby bottle nipple in my mouth and told me to "just suck on this while I get your things ready." I unenthusiastically started to draw fluid through the nipple as Greg continued with a little of his unpacking and gathering my changing items.

A knock at the door put me into near hysteria. Greg told me to just stay put and 'keep sucking', he would be right back. I was so scared that someone might see me even though I trusted that Greg would not embarrass me. I knew that Greg might become upset or I might fall and injure myself if I climbed out of the crib. I heard Jake and Greg talking outside the cabin but I couldn't hear what was being said. I just lay there in the crib, staring at the ceiling, sucking on my bottle and hoping Greg would get rid of Jake as soon as possible so I could get out of this crib.

Greg opened the door as he was thanking Jake. He carried in another antique. This one was a large old wooden high chair.

"Look what Jake brought for us!" Greg mockingly said.

"Jake thought we might need a few things 'for when our friends with a small child visit us'". Next he carried in a playpen. Again a large well kept piece of furniture.

"What... no stroller?" I sarcastically asked.

"I can go ask Jake if he has one if you want" Greg responded.

"NO.. no .. no .. that's just fine". I said. Greg said that he though Jake went out of his way to bring us this stuff.

"He sure is a great guy .. huh?"

"Oh yea, the greatest" I mockingly replied.

Okay .. so let's get you changed and go back to the beach, whatcha say?"

"Fine", I replied. Greg walked over to the crib placing my bottle back in my mouth as if I had accidentally dropped it. Next he pulled down my plastic panties and slowly slid them down over my feet. Then he removed the diaper pins and my diapers. Now, I felt ridiculous. I was unclothed from the waste down waiting for a clean diaper. Oh, 'how embarrassing' I was thinking. Even my diary will be blushing as I write this.

I lay there with my mussed shoulder length sandy blonde hair lying on the crib mattress, haloing my head. My head was turned sideways because I was too embarrassed to look at Greg while he was changing me. I separated my knees to help Greg and also to hurry this along. Greg rolled me to one side, positioned my diaper, powdered every inch of my diaper area and rolled me back onto it. He overlapped the cloth fabric and clipped on my diaper pin. He repeated the same actions pulling the overlapping cloth very snugly into place and pinned on the second diaper pin. He chose a pair of pastel yellow baby panties and slid them up my legs towards my bum. Greg shifted my weight side to side as he pulled the plastic panties into place, being sure that the diaper was fully covered. Greg patted my bottom and said.

"there we go 'baby' all clean and dry." It had just dawned on me that Greg had diapered me without any effort on my part. He obviously had some kind of past experience doing this.

"Where did you learn to do that?" I asked.

"Plenty of years of babysitting during Junior High for spare cash" was his reply.

Greg slid on my yellow ruffles anklets and my tennis shoes and said, "when you have finished your bottle, we can get going." As he continued to finish his unpacking.

"All finished" I said as I threw the bottle out of the crib. Greg commented that I sure was acting like a bratty kid.

"I had no idea that you could be so childish" he said. He walked over to the crib and gave me the ever-famous 'pointing finger' and said; "now you behave little girl". Greg lifted me out of the crib and placed me on the corner of the bed sitting up. Next he slid my yellow floral mini flip skirt up my legs and pulled me into a standing position. He adjusted the skirt and pulled the waist up so the length fell far above the knee, which made it shorter than I would normally wear it. I attempted to pull it down a little but Greg grabbed my hand saying that it was just fine the way it is. It looks cute.

Greg and I made a grocery list for the local general store. Jake had informed us that they would deliver for free. Greg grabbed his sports bag and started putting supplies in it using it as a makeshift diaper bag. We locked the cabin and walked hand in hand to Jake's cabin to deliver the grocery list. Jake was on his front porch and had a fiendish grin as we approached. I'm sure my face was red. I certainly felt embarrassed. How could he not know? I was thinking to myself. Greg wrote a few things on the list as he handed it to Jake.

"I'll take care of this right away. They should have this back within the hour" Jake said. We thanked him and walked towards the gravel road heading towards the lake.

"You kids have fun now, and play safe" Jake said.

"Oh, we will"; Greg responded as was briskly continued in the direction of the lake. I had my arms around Greg's neck as we walked. Greg had the sports bag in one hand and the other hand on my bum.

"He knows doesn't he?" I asked Greg. Who knows he asked? "Jake thinks that I am a baby doesn't he?"

"So what if he does," Greg answered.

"He's a nice 'ole guy that probably spends his time reading dirty magazine for thrills. Let the poor guy think what he wants. He's harmless and hasn't said a thing about it to anyone .... I'm sure"

"I'm like ... so embarrassed when I see him" I told Greg.

"Just don't worry about it" he replied.

"Jake brought you more baby furniture so he seems to be encouraging it 'assuming he even has a clue'"." Just don't get so excited over nothing. Let's enjoy this weekend, Okay?"

"Okay". I replied.

As we walked to the waterfront I was again in awe of the beauty of the lake. What lovely surroundings to enjoy our weekend.

"You wanna go rowing for awhile?" Greg asked.

"Sure" I replied. The rowboat was another vintage piece of the property. I had seen boats like this in paintings in the library. Constructed of wood, the boat was large and deep with high seats. With many years or layered paint, the boat looked charming, as did most of the fixtures around the property. Greg slid the rowboat down the sandy beach and into the water with a grunting sound. I also pushed - as if my efforts were of any assistance to Greg

I grabbed two life cushions as Greg placed the oars in the oarlocks. Greg took my hand and helped me balance as I got in the boat. He pushed us away from the shore and jumped in. The water was so clear you could see the bottom of the lake. I sat sideways, one seat forward of Greg. He rowed the boat away from the shore as I removed my shoes and socks and lowered my feet into the water. The temperature was like a tub. So warm and so soothing. Greg placed the cushion under my head as I lay there admiring the blue sky above us.

"Having fun there?" Greg said as he looked at my plastic panties. I was rubbing my panties and I didn't even realize it.

"I can't believe I was doing that," I said. Greg told me that the feel of plastic panties was a 'turn on' for many, so I shouldn't be self-conscious and to please continue because he thought that it was very sexy to see me like that.

I looked around to see if anyone could see what I was doing. There wasn't a soul in site. We were out in a very secluded area and had the lake all to ourselves. I playfully continued to rub my plastic panties knowing that Greg was watching my every move. I'm not sure what came over me but I decided to put on a little show for Greg and I also sensually sucked on my finger while I was rubbing my plastic panties as I lifted my skirt.

"You go girl!" Greg enthusiastically said. I felt so naughty. It's not like I had never touched myself before. But it sure was an exciting feeling for me; and judging by Greg's facial expressions, he wasn't about to stop me.

While I was putting on my show for Greg I once again felt that sensual feeling that Greg had done to me earlier. Also I had the sensation of a full bladder as well.

"OH No I have to wet again!" I told Greg.

"I think this water may be causing my urge." Greg rested the oars on the side railing of the boat and came towards me. He positioned himself on the seat alongside me and took my wrist into his hand. Greg placed my hand on my breast and gently ran my fingers across my nipples. It was like he was ignoring my statement as he continued to glide my fingers across my now firm nipples.

Again I was in a trance of arousal. Only this time, with Greg's, help I was feeling the sensual sensations and I was doing it to myself. Greg continued to encourage my self-gratification as he whispered, "you have to just relax and wet when you have to wet. I don't need to know every time you have to go; I will check your diaper and change you when it's time. Now just wet your diapers 'baby'.

"ummmm Greg I can't."

"Sure you can" he replied.

Part 5

I closed my eyes and concentrated on wetting, however, it wasn't effective. It was too difficult for me to just wet at will. Greg started to coach me through the process.

"just relax your entire body. Think of pleasant things and remove your awareness from your bladder. Feel the water on your feet." Greg started to dip his hands into the lake water. I could hear the sound of the water dripping back into the lake from his hands. It felt like forever trying to just wet. The urge heightened as I felt a little trickle escape into my diaper. I still had my hand on my plastic panties and was unknowingly rubbing the soft vinyl. Finally, the trickle turned into a stream. As I felt myself wetting I found myself more intensely rubbing myself. The phenomenon of my wetting and my hand rubbing myself sent me into sensual elation. My uncontrollable moans could probably be heard over the entire lake.

"OH MY GOSH" I said as I opened my eyes to Greg hovering over me with his usual grin.

"This is becoming such a turn on" I said. Is this going to happen every time I wet?" I asked Greg.

"It's entirely up to you 'baby' .. for some it can. Now do you see why I am so interested in seeing girls wet?"

"uh-huh" .. I replied, still struck with the pleasure of the moment.

Greg and I sat in the middle of the lake our limbs entangled, I still had one hand on my now warm and wet panties messaging myself without really being conscious of what I was doing as Greg gently ran his hands through my hair. We looked up at the soft blue sky daydreaming. There were no spoken words and perhaps none required. Gazing into one another's eyes relayed our emotions.

I was noticing the sensation of the wet cloth touching my skin was very appealing; reflecting to past experiences, of being wet was way uncomfortable. No doubt this was a new feeling for me. So many new sensations, so many new stimulants and an unexplainable enjoyment of Greg's desires.

Having no concept of how long we had enjoyed just drifting on the water my tummy began growling with hunger pangs.

"It's sounds like you're hungry. Maybe we should head back in", Greg said.

"Awe, this is so nice, I would hate for it to end" I replied.

"We have ample time to enjoy this over the next few days. Let's get back and eat." Greg untangled our bodies and repositioned himself to row us back to the beach. I continued to lay there with my feet still dangling in the water as my mind wandered, reliving all the experiences of the morning.

Greg rowed us back to the beach, jumped into the shallow water and pulled the boat on the fine sand.

"Okay princess, let's get you out of the boat and back on land." Greg broke my trance as he held my arm to help me out of the boat. I adjusted my clothes and pulled my skirt down to cover my plastic panties. Again cuddled in each other arms, we walked the sand beach heading back to our cabin. The sand was so fine. With each step, my toes sank as we wandered towards the path that led us back to our cabin.

As we approached the trail leading us back, Greg put on my anklets and tennies for me. We arrived back to the cabin and found our groceries delivered as promised. So different from our usual grocery ordeal back home, the food was delivered in boxes and right into our kitchen. Such a marvelous way of living I thought to myself. I started to unpack our groceries into the pantry and noticed numerous jars of baby food.

"How did these get here?" I asked Greg.

"I told Jake we might need them for our friends child. He told me that if we didn't use them, the storeowner would gladly take them back. Let's get these things put away and eat. I'm starving."

"Aren't we going to change me?" I asked.

"Naw .. not until after lunch, just go sit on the sofa while I make our lunch.. I'll just be a minute." Greg told me.

"Okay" I said.

I was staring out the window not really paying attention to Greg with the mornings happenings still vivid in my imagination.

"Princess ... are you listening.. Lunch is ready" Greg broke me out of my daydream, "sorry" I replied as I got up and walked towards the kitchen area. Greg had a few jars of baby food and a bottle sitting on the kitchen table as well as the high chair in place.

"I'm not going to eat that stuff am I?" I asked.

"Oh, just humor me ... if you really don't like it, I won't make you eat it" Greg responded. I walked over to the table but Greg redirected me to the high chair as he guided me into the seat. After fastening the tray he attached the bib I had purchased around my neck.

"I'm so glad I bought all of these things. I guess I had no idea what I was doing," I said in a frustrating voice. So concerned about the baby food, the highchair and bib didn't even seem out of the ordinary. Almost as if it was a usual occurrence.

Greg just ignored my 'attitude' and popped open a jar of apricots.

"Here ya go baby, these are delicious." Greg insisted on spoon-feeding me and was not very precise with his aim. He was purposely making me adjust to the spoon, and deliberately was missing my mouth. It left apricots on my face. He had made himself a turkey sandwich on rye with lettuce and fresh tomato's. My eyes were glued on his every bite as I enviously watched him eat real food .. Luscious food.

Greg saw the despair in my eyes and offered me a bite of his sandwich. I lunged at it like I hadn't eaten in days. He told me to "take it easy" he didn't want me to choke on my food. Greg diced an apple into minute pieces and placed them on the highchair tray with no utensils, I ate with my fingers.. They were so fresh and juicy, very yummy. After I was done, Greg wiped the apricots from my face and bib and removed the highchair tray (leaving my bib on). Greg helped me down from the highchair, grabbed the bottle and headed for the sofa. He sat in the corner of the sofa and pulled me onto his lap, my head resting on his chest in a semi sitting position. As before, he placed the bottle nipple between my lips and I began to drink.

"What is this?" I asked.

"Just milk with a little protein added, it's warmed up, maybe that's why it taste different" he responded. As Greg held the bottle to my lips I had my hands free and really couldn't find a comfortable spot for them. I was trying very hard to keep them away from my plastic panties knowing that Greg would comment on my fixation of exploring my wet diapers.

My eyes were looking upward at Greg while I was being fed my bottle. I felt the milk dribble down my cheek and started to raise my hand to wipe my cheek. Greg pushed my hand away and used a face towel he had brought to wipe my cheek.

"You're a very sloppy eater little girl" he said as we continued the feeding ritual. After I had completed the bottle, Greg propped me up and started to pat my back to burp me.

"Like you really expect me to burp, only babies burp after they eat," Just as I said that; suddenly and out of nowhere came this unexpected burp. I was surprised that I had actually burped and embarrassed because I never felt it coming. Greg acknowledged my unanticipated burp and wiped my face followed by him removing my bib.

"only babies, huh?" he teased.

"Okay ... let's get you changed 'baby'". He led me over to the crib and lifted me over the side rail on to the mattress. He removed my tennies, anklets and skirt and proceeded to pull down my plastic panties. Next he unpinned my diapers and once again rocking me from side to side, removed my wet diapers with no help from me. He carefully cleaned me with baby wipes and placed a clean diaper on the crib mattress while tilting me on my side and then lowering me onto the diaper. Greg applied ample lotion and baby powder and began pinning my diapers in place followed by a clean pair of plastic panties. Greg checked to be sure my diaper was all tucked in and pulled the side rail up.

"HEY .. what are you doing?" I asked. Greg placed the pacifier between my lips and told me I needed to take a short nap, 'quiet time' he called it. I began to protest and was quickly warned that if I didn't want to get a spanking, I would just take a nap like I was told and stop being so naughty. I must admit I felt exhausted from all the morning experiences and the crib was an Okay place to just relax and reflect on the morning. So, I lay there in my baby-tee, diapers and plastic panties sucking on my pacifier.

As I lay in the crib, a zillion thoughts went through my head. Yesterday I was working in my office with deadlines and a pile of paperwork nearly over my head. I was in charge of keeping all the paperwork up to date and was very much in control of the office routine. My silk French cut panties were now replaced with cloth diapers and plastic panties. My elegant wardrobe of casual business attire was now a baby-Tee and a very short skirt. I was passively playing Greg's game, somewhat submissive to his requests. Definitely non confrontational to the role I was placed in and very stimulated by my attire and even remembering my embarrassing wetting accident this morning and now thinking of it as if it were an everyday event. What might cause such a drastic role reversal in such a short time frame? I was thinking. With three days remaining in the weekend, I was also wondering how I would be able to continue fulfilling Greg's dream.

At that moment I guess I had pretty much accepted that I could survive a few inconveniences and follow Greg's lead in this charade. I knew that I had pretty much encountered most everything a young toddler might encounter and looking back at it all. It really wasn't unbearable - and in many instances, especially how it affected my sensual feelings, it was really quite pleasing.

Part 6

I awoke to Greg gently rubbing my shoulder. Evidentially I had dozed off during my daydreaming. Greg tenderly pulled me into a sitting position as I rubbed my eyes attempting to wake.

"How long was I asleep?" I asked Greg.

"A little over an hour", he replied. Greg slipped his fingers into my elastic on my plastic panties advising me that I was in a dry diaper. He asked me if I was up for a little sight seeing and perhaps we could visit an area that looked over the local landscape.

"Sure, I'm ready" I replied. Greg placed my pacifier back between my lips and gathered a backpack he must have packed while I was asleep. He also had a sports bag (my diaper bag) ready to go.

Greg lifted me out of the crib and held my short bib overalls to my left foot. (This was the light pink denim bib-shorts that I thought might come in handy for the outdoorsy type environment we had planned). I placed both hands, one on each of his shoulders for balance. Next my left foot and then Greg slipped the shorts up over my diapers and my tee and clasped the clips to the front on the bib part of the shorts and snapped up the three snaps on each side of the shorts. 'OMG, I can't believe how childish these look' I was thinking to myself, as Greg made a similar comment out loud. Next came my anklets and tennies. There I was ... a girl of 23 dressed like a young toddler, diapered and sucking on my pacifier and wondering why this all felt so pleasurable.

I freshened up my hair and washed my face with cold water and applied skin cream and we headed off for the afternoon sight seeing trip. Greg had gotten two mountain bikes from Jake (I Guess) and had them waiting at the door. I climbed on my bike, Greg on his, and we rode towards a path behind Jakes cabin that assumingly led to this location that Greg wanted to visit.

The weather was so awesome as we peddled our way down the pathway. My eyes were drawn to the beauty of the outdoors once again. Such vibrant foliage and an abundance of large old uniquely designed trees. The aroma of the wilderness was entrancing. I was so enthralled with the beauty of the woods I wasn't really paying attention to my riding. I guess I had rubbed my front tire with Greg's rear tire. My front wheel pulled, I had lost control and ended up on the ground in a patch of tall grass.

Greg quickly jumped off his bike to come to my rescue.

"Are you okay?" he asked.

"Yea, I think so." As I sat there dazed from my fall.

"I guess I should have gotten a bike with training wheels for you" he jested.

"Oh... real funny" I replied. I stood up and swept the grass from my clothes and picked what I could feel from my hair. The snaps on my overalls had evidentially unsnapped during my fall. Greg commented that plastic panties were becoming exposed an awful lot lately as he smiled at me in his sarcastic smile.

"What do you mean by that?" I huffed back at Greg.

" Are you saying that you think I would prefer to be in just plastic panties and diapers?" With that I undid the straps of the bib part of my shorts, lowered it over my shoes and angrily tossed it a Greg with a whining huff.

"Are you happy now?" I barked back at him.

I got back on my bike and waited for Greg to do the same. He was standing there with this 'YES .. I couldn't have planned it better' stare on his face.

"Let's just get going, you got what you wanted, now let's go!" I sternly said.

"Okay, okay, chill. Don't be mad at me because you are so clumsy." Greg went over and recovered my pacifier that I had lost during my accident and off we went.

I was riding foolishly fast down the trail, not knowing where I was heading nor what would be around the corner. As I leaned forward to avoid a low tree branch I noticed we had arrived on a grassy knoll that overlook a beautiful valley covered with trees and a winding river. A postcard type beauty seldom seen by 'city folk' like us.

"Oh ... this is SO beautiful," I said to Greg as I just admired the view. Let's just stay here awhile and enjoy the sight," Greg suggested. Greg laid out a large soft and fluffy quilt that he had brought from our cabin on the grass for us to relax on.

Once again I found myself in his lap and snuggled up close. The sense of 'being taken care of' with no reservations overcame me. This feeling was becoming too commonplace in this role-playing we were doing. Not that it was a dreadful feeling. It is very unlike my usual routine and very comfortable. It wouldn't take much for someone to become accustomed to such a marvelous environment. We sat on the quilt for hours and just enjoyed the view and each other's company. Few, if any words were spoken.

This moment was so vivid in my mind. I could almost picture it as a painting on the wall. Greg cradling me in his arms, me in my tee with only diapers and plastic panties covering my bottom contently using my pacifier with little care of my attire or circumstances. The urge of a full bladder didn't even disturb the moment. I just let nature allow me to dampen my diapers. I knew ... well I think I knew I was wetting, however, I didn't even attempt to resist.

Greg softly caressed the back of my neck which turned to passionate kissing. Next we found ourselves side by side on the quilt slowing removing each other's clothing and found ourselves immersed in passionate lovemaking. Sheer exhaustion and sensual ecstasy took my mind out of reality and into some type of dream world. A world of pleasures that I couldn't resist. I almost felt naughty for feeling so good. It was not like me to be so focused on physical feelings.

It was some time before we reentered into real time when Greg commented that my diaper that he had so diligently removed was wet and that he had better get me dressed before I wet the quilt. 'Wet the quilt?' I was thinking. With no apprehension I just allowed Greg to fetch the diaper bag, apply lotion and powder followed by a clean diaper and plastic panties. It was at that moment that I realized I had just finished a bottle. I didn't even recall Greg giving it to me, nor me drinking the contents.

It was almost as if the diapers were my normal attire. Greg dressed himself and put me back in my bib front shorts, socks and shoes. I just lay there being dressed as a toddler girl glaring insensitively into Greg's eyes, somewhat oblivious to the surroundings and extremely comfortable with his 'take charge' actions. I was, to say the least, passive to his actions.

Greg pick up our belongings, packed them up and tied them back onto the bikes. He approached me and extended his hand to assist me raise myself from the ground as he helped me get on my bike. As we leisurely rode back to our cabin my thoughts were on the days events. Greg suggested we eat and then return to the lake to watch the sunset on the water. At this point, I really didn't disagree with any of Greg's request. The state of mind I was in left me yearning for the attention and emotions of my role in Greg's dream. I was undoubtedly submissive to his desires and enjoyed every moment of how all of this made me feel.

It's not like I'm not sexually active, however, the circumstances of this day had me on a sensual roller coaster all day long. I couldn't reject my feelings, nor did I want to. My devotion to Greg and his desires were extremely pleasing to me and I could only guess how Greg felt about this entire day and my behavior to this newfound routine.

Part 7

As Greg and I approached the cabin, Greg parked his bike and then helped me off mine. Greg opened the door and led me into our cabin. He started to remove my bib-shorts and then slid his finger under the elastic of my plastic panties checking for the wetness of my diaper. With no resistance to his disrobing me, checking my diapers or placing me on the floor with a blanket, Greg went to the kitchen area and returned with a warm bottle of white liquid. I knew it wasn't milk and I really didn't care what it was I guess. I just accepted the bottle and started to suck the nipple.

Greg went to prepare dinner while I just lay there staring at the ceiling enjoying my bottle. I had kind of lost track of time I guess ... as Greg announced, "dinner is ready". Greg lifted me from the blanket and placed me in the high chair, fastened the bib and locked on the tray. He had prepared a pasta type dish with tomato paste. My portion was very well chopped up and placed on a dish on my highchair tray (again with no spoon of fork to eat with). I just used my fingers to feed myself as Greg ate his with a fork.

During my awkward attempt at feeding myself with this liquidly dish, Greg laughed "what a messy eater you are, baby". I just responded with a smile as he produced my second course of baby food in jars. This time the baby food was strained carrots and applesauce. Not really that appealing to my taste buds, but I ate without fussing.

Greg started to pack a few things for our night adventure back to the lake. I just watched him as I finished my bottle. Greg cleaned the tomato paste and baby food from the bib, then my face and hands as he released the high chair tray and helped me to the floor. Greg changed my plastic panties (my diapers still dry) into the Juvenal pink pastel panties with adorable little bunnies, butterflies, ducks and pigs on them.

"What was I thinking when I bought these?' I thought to myself.

Knowing that the new plastic panties would not stay covered for long, Greg slipped me back into my pink bib-shorts and we were on our way. We arrived at the spot we had enjoyed so much earlier in the day. Greg spread a blanket on the ground and placed me gently on it as he removed my bib-shorts (like I had guessed) and placed my pacifier between my lips. I immediately began to suck on the pacifier like I'd been using it for years. Greg went off looking for something leaving me there watching and wondering what he was up to. Greg returned to make a circle of rocks and fill it with branches. We were going to have a fire it looked like.

As Greg started the fire he pulled a bag of those big marsh mellows from the diaper bag as well as my bib. He positioned himself so I again could lie on his lap and enjoy the sunset. The night was perfect, the light wind and wonderful fragrance of the woods and lake were incredible. We just gazed at the sun setting in the distance, enhanced by the vapors rising from the lake. The colors were magnificent. We roasted the puffy marsh mellows over the crackling fire.

I heard Jake's truck off in the distance and it seemed to be coming towards us. I instinctively started to attempt to cover-up as Greg just placed his hand on my shoulder and told me to relax. Jake pulled up behind us. There I was with my diapers and print plastic panties in plain sight ... sucking on a pacifier and wearing my bib. Jake asked, "Are you kids enjoying yourself?" Greg replied "OH YES ... this is the greatest place".

"Looks like you're in for a spectacular sunset", Jake said.

"I sure hope so," replied Greg. Greg and Jake exchanged a few more comments, as I lay there confused. Jake seeing me in my diapers, plastic panties and pacifier should have embarrassed me. For some reason it didn't. I felt it almost as normal as my usual attire from just yesterday. Why was I feeling and thinking this way? Jake and Greg finished their conversation. I saw Jake wink as he bed us farewell and again encouraged us to enjoy our night.

"Be sure you kids extinguish that fire before you leave", Jake said as he drove off.

"OMG .. He must think I'm too weird" I said as Jake disappeared from sight.

"I'm sure if he had a comment, he would have made one, let's just enjoy the last minutes of the day" Greg Said. The sun was now half exposed, hiding behind the trees in the distance. The orange glow of the sunset was a beam across the lake. The sight was spectacular. We just lay there enjoying the view and each other's company while consuming the warm, mushy marsh mellows. I had that sticky marsh mellow all over my hands and some around my lips.

Again the urge of my bladder went unchallenged as I wet my diapers with no hesitation. Greg slipped his finger in the elastic of my plastic panties; he must of somehow known I had just wet. As the darkness started to set in, Greg removed my bib, cleaned the marsh mellow goop from my hands and face, placed my pacifier between my lips and packed up the rest of the items we had brought along.

"We'd better start heading back, it's getting late," he said.

With flashlight in hand we headed back towards our cabin. Still with my adorable print plastic panties and damp diapers the only thing covering my bottom area. I held Greg very close due to the fact that it was very dark and I guess somewhat frightening out in the wilderness in pitch black. Along the path back to the cabin I could here 'little critters' scurrying in the ground cover and an owl (as Greg informed me) off in the distance. This seclusion was far out of the norm for me. I was both scared by my lack of ability to have any awareness of direction as to which way we were going and at the same time it was very exciting to the senses.

"How do you have any clue of where we are going?" I asked Greg with slurred words due to the pacifier inhibiting me to pronounce my words distinctly. He just said, "Trust me, baby, I have a good feel for exactly where our cabin is."

"I guess I have watched too many episodes of Fear Factor", I said to Greg with a girlish giggle. I then saw the lights of our cabin through the trees and felt a little safer knowing we were close to home.

Part 8

As we neared the cabin I heard a low grumbling noise from the nearby trees. The branches of the bushes near us were rustling and it sounded like some were snapping. Greg and I froze in our tracks. Greg pointed the flashlight towards the sounds as we saw this enormous silhouette covered with fur just a few feet away from us. It was very tall and looked to be standing on its hind legs. It appeared to have teeth big enough to devourer us with a single bite. I screamed at the top of my lungs as Greg quickly leaped back. During Greg's attempt to gain distance from the dark furry beast, he accidentally knocked me on my bum. Greg turned off the flashlight hoping not to attract the thing to us whispering and motioning me to keep quiet. I was in utter panic that harm was to come of us both. I sat there on the ground in terror... crying but attempting not to make a sound.

Greg planted himself to fend off the attack of the beast. He hovered over me to protect me.

"CHARLEY ... get back," a voice yelled from behind the hairy creature. The animal quickly fell on all fours and scurried away from us. Jake appeared from the bushes and asked us if we were okay.

"What the heck was that?" Greg asked in a scared but under control voice.

"Oh ... that's Charley ... he's been hanging around these woods for years .. He's harmless," responded Jake.

"I haven't seen Charley around for a few weeks and never thought to caution you about him. I'm very sorry", said Jake. I rambled unrecognizable slurred speech attempting to explain to Jake what had just happened.

Another flashlight was coming towards us from the direction of the cabins.

"Is everybody okay?" She said.

"Well... missy here seems a little shook up, Charley just put a little scare into the kids", Replied Jake. The woman grew closer.

"I am so sorry" she said, "Jake should have told you about Charley. He's as harmless as they come but his size can sure scare you if you don't know about him. I'm Mrs. Riley, Jakes wife."

I sat there on the ground babbling and now crying from the incident.

"There .. there honey, everything is just fine. I can imagine that Charley frightened you both. I'm very sorry." She knelt down beside me and hugged my shaking body. Mrs. Riley was a large framed lady with her hair up in a bun. She looked like a twin to Aunt Bea from Andy Of Mayberry, (the clothes and all). Mrs. Riley attempted to help me gain my composure along with helping me to my feet. Greg and Jake helped as well.

"Let's just get you back to your cabin and freshened up. I have the most scrumptious apple pie and some apple cider I'd like you offer you. It will help you calm down" she said.

With Mrs. Riley on my left and Greg on my right holding me close, I was led back to our cabin. Jake was in front of us guiding us safely back to the cabin. It was at that moment that I realized my diapers were soaked and soiled. I must have lost all control during our encounter. I felt so ashamed and embarrassed. As we approached our cabin door Mrs. Riley said, "why don't we just freshen up? "WE" I though? "Jake, fetch the pie and cider while these kids settle down." Greg and Mrs. Riley helped me to the chair in our cabin. I was so humiliated. Although our cabin was neat and tidy, the Juvenile apparel I had so carefully picked out was in obvious view all around the room (as well as my bottles).

"Dear, let's get you into a clean change", Mrs. Riley said. I looked into her eyes in disbelief. I'm not sure if I was still in shock from the scare or just mesmerized by the idea that this woman intended on changing my diapers, but I just followed her lead as if I had been hypnotized. I looked over at Greg as he shrugged his shoulders not knowing how to deal with her actions as well. She placed the changing pad on the bed, lowed me on the pad and went to the kitchen filling a mixing bowl with warm water. Mrs. Riley returned with the bowl and a washrag.

"It's okay dearie, I've changed many a diaper in my lifetime. You just lay still and let Na Na get you all cleaned up."

"Na Na is what my grandchildren call me", Mrs. Riley told me. Her touch was soft and caring. I could see she meant no harm and had no ill thoughts of my attire or that was she the least bit apprehensive of changing my wet and messy diapers.

Mrs. Riley carefully removed my print plastic panties and started to unpin my diapers. She removed my diapers and cleaned my bottom area with a skill only a grandmother would have. She asked Greg to fetch her some fresh diapers and plastic panties as she concentrated to be sure I was cleaned up. I felt almost paralyzed as she lifted my hips and centered the diapers under my bum. After applying lotion and powder, she pinned my diapers tightly with the diaper pins and then slid the plastic panties over my feet and up to my knees. She again lifted my bum to pull the panties up and made sure the diapers were completely covered by the plastic panties. (at least Greg had brought plain pastel pink plastic panties and not my fancy or printed ones).

"Okay ... there ya go sweetie. Clean and dry." Mrs. Riley took my dirty diapers into the rest room and rinced them out in the toilet. Returning to the room, she placed them in the garbage pail we were using as a diaper pail. Neither Greg nor I had said a single word since we had reentered the cabin. Jake knocked on the door as he entered the cabin with a tray containing the pie and a jug, which had to be the cider. The aroma of the pie smelled yummy.

Mrs. Riley told us that because of the incident with Charley she would refund all of our money as well as give us a free weekend anytime we could find the time to return. She felt that it was only fair to show us that our comfort and enjoyment of the camp was more important than the money.

"If we can't have happy customers, we wouldn't have dedicated our lives to this place" she stated.

"That includes your food and beverages and I'll be by in the morning to wash the contents of the diaper pail, and I won't take no for an answer. It's the least I can do for you after what you've been through."

Mrs. Riley picked up the bib from the high chair and started to put the bib around my neck as I flinched to her approach.

"I can only assume all of these things are here for a reason" she stated as she pushed my hands away with her wrist and continued to tie the bib on me. She lifted me into the high chair like I was a rag doll and proceeded to lock the tray. Mrs. Riley brought over the pie to the table and asked Greg to fill the 3 glasses with cider. 'Wait, there are four of us here I was thinking to myself.' Mrs. Riley answered my confusion with the bottle she was holding for Greg to fill next.

Mrs. Riley sat in the chair next to me and took my hand. Jake took Greg's and they both lowered their heads. Mrs. Riley asked, "Greg, could you please hold ... what's your name dear?" she asked as she looked towards me.

"Kristen", I replied.

"Oh, what a darling name, now Greg, hold Kristen's hand so we can give thanks for our food". We all bowed our heads as Mrs. Riley blessed our food in prayer.

"Amen", we all responded to when she had ended.

Mrs. Riley put a small portion of pie on a spoon and started to feed me. I'm sure the look of shock on my face was priceless. She rambled about how she enjoyed cooking and that most of her recipes were in the family for years. 'OH NO, she's worse than Jake' I was thinking to myself. Mrs. Riley continued to spoon-feed me as she and Jake took charge of the conversation. Greg seldom had any chance to respond with the two of them controlling the conversation. And I was not sure if I was allowed to be involved in the discussion. I just took each spoonful Mrs. Riley placed to my lips. When I had finished, Mrs. Riley cleaned my face and hands then removed me from the high chair and carried me over to the rocking chair. Nestling me in her arms, she placed my bottle to my lips and I started to suck on the nipple. She never missed a beat. She just continued to talk about everything under the sun, feeding me my bottle as if I was one of her grand children.

"Good girl .. You drank it all".

"Well ... we'll let you kids get some rest" as she picked me up gave me a big hug and kissed me on the forehead.

"Goodnight Greg, night night Kristen" she said as she headed for the door.

"Goodnight and thank you Mrs. Riley" I said".

"Please call me Na Na" she asked. Greg and Jake said their goodbyes as well as Jake closed the door behind him.

"Care to tell me what just happened?" I asked Greg in uncertainty.

"Well, I think you have two new Grandparents" he said with this most content look on his face.

"OMG, this is insane", I said.

"I know" Greg replied.

"I couldn't have planned this any better. Each part of the day just keeps getting more awesome."

Greg gave me another one of his passionate kisses that took me off my feet. He carried me to my crib and laid me down. Greg went to the dresser and returned with a new pacifier (I have no clue what happened to the one I was so contently sucking when that monster from the bushes appeared). Greg covered me up with a blanket, kissed me goodnight, placed the pacifier in my mouth then gently started to rub my plastic panties.

Part 9 - (Day 2)

I woke up the next morning feeling amazingly wonderful. I remembered most of last night vividly in my head except the last hour or so. I'm pretty sure Greg had brought me to another exhilarating climax and I kind of remember feeling warm fluids fill my diaper as I was drifting off to sleep.

"Good morning sleepyhead", Greg whispered in a very joyful voice as he watched me stretch. My bladder ached as I emptied it into my diapers without hesitation.

"I can't believe what happened last night", I said.

"And I can't believe how Mrs. Riley has adopted me, that is too weird".

"I think she's making us breakfast", Greg replied.

"I can't believe her, why is she doing this?' I asked.

"She really likes you, don't be so negative about the attention", said Greg.

"So you want me to just let her pretend I'm her Grandchild?" I asked.

"Actually, I wouldn't mind that one bit", Greg responded.

"Well, if that's really what you want. I promised this would be a weekend you would remember forever", I said with uncertainty in my voice.

"It's really what you feel comfortable with. I don't want to force you into anything that you sincerely don't want to do", Greg told me.

"You really want me too, I can see it in your eyes", I said.

A knock came at the door and I heard Mrs. Riley's voice asking if we were decent and if she could come in. Greg looked me in the eyes and said, "It's entirely up to you. You can say no, I won't be upset at all."

"It's fine, just let her in. But you know that she will be intruding in on our time, and you're okay with that?" I asked.

"No she won't. We will be out enjoying this place, it really shouldn't be that bad", Greg said.

"Okay, Let Na Na in then", I said. Greg kissed his fingers and placed them on my lips.

"Thank you" he said with the most thrilled tone of voice.

Greg opened the door for Mrs. Riley. She really had prepared us breakfast. She had a tray with a red checked cover over it. It smelled scrumptious.

"Good morning Greg, good morning Kristen. How did we sleep last night? she asked.

"Wonderfully, I replied.

"That's good dearie", Mrs. Riley said.

"I made you breakfast. I know you think I'm going a little overboard, but I adore the both of you and I wanted to make this weekend very extraordinary for you, especially after what happened to you poor dears last night.

"That was too scary", I said to Mrs. Riley. She placed her food tray on the counter and walked over to the crib while replying, "I'll bet it was" as she slid her fingers under the elastic in my plastic panties. There I lay, in a crib with soaking wet diapers and plastic panties covering my bottom and nothing more that a flimsy tee on my top wondering what had I gotten myself into. With not a comment that I had obviously slept in the crib and was in wet diapers, Mrs. Riley lowered the side rail of the crib and picked me up. My feet never touched the ground as she placed me in the high chair, attached my bib, slid on the tray and pulled the high chair to the table. It was like this was a daily occurrence for her (and I was guessing is was going to be for me as well).

Mrs. Riley grabbed one of the bottles from the drying rack along side the sink.

"What does she drink in the morning? She asked Greg.

"It's in the upper right of the cabinet", he replied.

"Okay.. Got it", she said as she filled the bottle with a powder and then some water and pulled a pan from the lower cabinet to warm it with. She filled the pot with water and then started to prepare our breakfast she had brought for us.

"What's in the bottle?" I asked as she overlooked my questions and told me how I was going to enjoy breakfast.

"Three eggs or four?" she asked Greg, as he was pulling up the chair next to me ready to eat.

"Four, please", Greg, replied. Mrs. Riley placed a plate of eggs, bacon and homemade muffins in front of Greg. She then started to cut up my meal into minute pieces. She put a large glass of orange juice by Greg and a now warmed bottle of something by me. I asked Mrs. Riley if she treated all of her quest with this kind of attention. She replied, "No. No .. I seldom spend time with quest unless they ask. There is just something special about you and Greg, Kristen", she replied as she sat along side the highchair and placed my breakfast on the tray. Greg was moaning with pleasure as he was eating his breakfast. Mrs. Riley started to spoon feed me mine.

"This is excellent", Greg said.

"Why thank you", Mrs. Riley responded.

"I was up most of the night", Mrs. Riley said.

"Really?" Greg questioned.

"Because of Charley?" I asked.

"No, not at all. I was very busy with a project. Perhaps I'll show you mid day", She said.

"Okay", I replied somewhat puzzled as to her statement.

"This is an awesome breakfast", I said.

"Do you make this every day?" I asked.

"Somewhat regularly", she replied. As Greg and I finished breakfast, Mrs. Riley wiped my face and hands with a dishtowel. She unlatched the tray, picked me up and grabbed the bottle heading for the rocking chair as she did last night. She got herself comfortable and then nestled me in her arms and proceeded to feed me my bottle.

"Greg, what does she have to wear today?" Mrs. Riley asked. Greg showed her a few tops that I had hanging in the closet.

"The white one with the lace trim is darling, leave that out please", she said. Greg pulled out some kaki shorts for me to wear.

"Oh no, those just won't do. Don't you have something flowery for her to wear?" She asked. Greg showered her a few things I had brought and she chose a black flip mini skirt with a pale pink floral design.

I laid there in a daze thinking 'this woman has taken control of my life. She's choosing my close and feeding me a bottle of something and she won't even tell me what's in it.' Mrs. Riley looked me in the eyes while I was sucking my bottle and said, "you have the most beautiful eyes Kristen, Greg you are one very lucky guy."

"Oh, I know", he replied. How could I think badly of such a sweet person?; I was thinking. She really does seem to care.

After I had finished my bottle Mrs. Riley carried me to the bed. She leaned over to the crib, grabbed my pacifier, placed it between my lips and started her task of cleaning and rediapering me. Off came my plastic panties and wet diapers and into the diaper pail they went. She was very thorough with making sure my bottom region was hygienically clean. Once again she lotioned, powdered and clipped the diaper pins on a snug fitted diaper and pulled my plastic panties into place. She sat me up on the bed removing my top. A light touch of deodorant and she pulled my white top she had chosen over my head and tugged it down to the top of my plastic panties. As he slipped my skirt up she commented, "this is a cute outfit, you have wonderful taste, dearie?"

Next she fixed my hair in a high ponytail and combed my hair to give me bangs. I haven't worn bangs since I was in school. With lace anklet's and my tennis, I was dressed for the morning.

"Greg, would you carry the diaper pail to the cart outside the door please, Hun?, she asked.

"Sure will", he replied.

"Oh you don't need to wash that smelly stuff", I said.

"It's no problem, I have wash to do today. A few more items wouldn't be a bother ... really" she replied.

She kissed me on the forehead and said, "Okay, you two go enjoy yourself this morning. I'll have a lunch basket all ready for you about 11:30 if that's okay with you?"

"Oh, that's too much", I responded.

Not in the least.. I insist," she said.

"Alrighty then, I acknowledged.

"As long as you're okay with all the extra work", I said.

We all left the cabin.

"Bye Na Na", I said.

"Bye-bye pretty Kristen", she waved.

Greg and I headed for the lake while Mrs. Riley wheeled her cart back to their cabin. I removed the pacifier from my mouth and asked, "Okay, explain to me why I am enjoying this?" I was almost skipping down the trail.

"I have tried to explain to you many times that this can be so exciting", Greg answered.

"Tell me deep down that it isn't a little exciting and it doesn't feel great", he said.

"I'll have to admit I haven't felt this much attention in a long time", I said.

"Actually, I do enjoy it I guess. I'm not sure why ... and at times I feel naughty acting like this. It's all just so confusing, so much has happened so fast".

"Don't feel guilty about the taboos in the world. Just kick bad and let it happen. Enjoy it ... and at any time you feel uncomfortable or want to stop, just say so and we will", Greg said.

Greg was so sincere with his thoughts and remarks. I knew he meant every word he said. That I could, at any time discontinue my charade and he wouldn't be upset. The gleam in his eyes and the happy nature of Greg just lured me deeper into his fantasy. I really had no intention of stopping this weekend. It was too sensual and exciting for us both. Every time I thought I had encountered pretty much everything. Something else would slip into our day that made this experience even more intriguing.

We again found ourselves in what was becoming our favorite spot overlooking the lake. We just lay in each other's arms enjoying the surroundings. Once more, I was contently sucking the pacifier not remembering when or how it ended up between my lips. We spent most of the morning just staring at the beauty we were immersed in and talking about all that had happened and sharing our inner most feelings. We eventually started walking. We noticed a trail that took us deeper into the wooded area and followed it aimlessly just looking at all the sites. It was getting near lunch and Greg made sure we were heading in the direction of the cabin. My bladder was telling me I had to wet but my mind ignored it as I flooded my diapers not missing a step. I must have made some sort of sound because Greg commented how erotic it was knowing I was wetting my diapers.

As we neared the cabin I was in shock too see my diapers and plastic panties hanging from The Riley's clothesline.

"OMG!" I said as we entered the immediate camp area.

"It looks like Mrs. Riley is almost done with your laundry", Greg teased.

"Greg .. Kristen", Mrs. Riley called.

"Yes Na Na", I replied.

"I have your lunch all packed when you are ready, just come over and pick it up please", she said.

"Okay, be there shortly", Greg replied.

"I haven't seen Jake all morning", I commented to Greg.

"Maybe the bear got him", Greg sarcastically replied. I responded with a jab to his tummy.

"That's not even funny", I said. Greg just laughed off my attack as harmless (which it was). Greg told me he was going the Riley's cabin to get our basket for our lunch excursion and for me "to wait in the cabin a good girl". I just gave him my fake smile and pushed him out the door.

I heard Greg returning and it sounded like Mrs. Riley as well. Greg placed the lunch basket on the front porch and entered the cabin. Behind him Mrs. Riley entered with something in her hand. She pulled a soft pink gingham dress from behind the door. It had ruffles everywhere! The old-fashioned style pastel pink gingham checked skirt was overprinted with white hand embroidered eyelet flowers. The neckline, sleeves and attached cotton petticoat were all edged with openwork white eyelet trim. Keeping the full skirt puffed out were two layers of sparkly pink bridal tulle, which was also used to keep the "pouf" in the gathered sleeves. The toddler-style raised waist was trimmed with a smocked and ruffled trim topped off by a delicately embroidered tulip-motif ribbon. The bodice was appliquéd with a trio of red and pink tulips accented by stems and leaves. Fourteen pink paralyzed oval buttons closed the back and the attached sash was long enough to make a generous double bow.

"Kristen, I was up a good part of the night sewing this for you. I hope you like it." Mrs. Riley said.

"Oh, it is so beautiful", I told Mrs. Riley.

She hung the dress on the door and walked over to check my diaper. Let's get you changed so you can go enjoy your lunch. Mrs. Riley removed my skirt and placed me once again in my usual position for a diaper change. I was really becoming to enjoy her gentle touch and the dry comfort of fresh diapers. After she cleaned me up, oiled and powdered me, she again tightly pinned my diapers on, however this time she pinned on 3 diapers instead of the two I usually wore. Mrs. Riley pulled up my plastic panties and made sure I wouldn't leak by adjusting the fit.

She reached for the panties from the ensemble she had created last night. She placed the most adorable rhumba panties over my plastic pants. The fabric was so soft and the endless rows of lace on the bum were so adorable. Next she slipped the custom made dress over my head and helped me slip my arms through the sleeves. Mrs. Riley buttoned up the fourteen buttons up the back and fluffed the dress so it hung evenly on me.

"Oh .. don't you look just darling in that dress" she proudly announced.

"Doesn't she?" she asked Greg.

"It's perfect!" Greg replied.

Mrs. Riley attached the pacifier to a clip she had sewn into the dress. Lastly, she tied a pink ribbon in my hair made of the same fabric that was part of my new dress. 'She's thought of everything' I was thinking as I admired the perfection in her work. I turned and gave Mrs. Riley the biggest hug for her efforts.

"This is so amazingly beautiful", I said.

"I can't believe you spent all that time making ME such a darling dress."

You are worth every minute Princess", she replied. I had no doubts that my ruffled bum was in view for Greg as I had placed my arms over the shoulders of Mrs. Riley. He watched us exchange hugs (and I'm sure that he was enjoying the view).

"I haven't seen Jake all morning", Greg commented.

"Oh, he's been fishing all morning", Mrs. Riley advised us. Maybe Jake and you can go fishing in the morning. I'd be more than happy to sit for Kristen if that's okay?" Greg looked towards me for approval.

"Sure, that would be just fine", I offered. Greg kissed my cheek and said, "Thank you."

"I have packed everything you'll need, why don't you kids go and enjoy your lunch", Mrs. Riley said.

"You are too kind", I responded.

"Thank you for making lunch and especially thank you for this adorable dress you made me", I said.

"You are such an incredibly amazing person."

Part 10

"I have packed everything you'll need, why don't you kids go and enjoy your lunch", Mrs. Riley said.

"You are too kind", I responded.

"Thank you for making lunch and especially thank you for this adorable dress you made me", I said.

"You are such an incredibly amazing person." I again had this mysterious desire to kiss Na Na goodbye, as we were about to depart to enjoy ourselves. As I kissed her on the cheek, she gave me a pat on the bum as we set off for some fun.

Greg and I walked off hand in hand ready to spend some time together. Mrs. Riley's additional layer of diapers made it somehow different to walk. The bulk didn't allow me to keep my legs as close together as was normal, thus the extra diapers created somewhat of a less ladylike (almost a waddle) type of walk. Additionally, the bulk was very obvious between my legs. The diapers rubbed me just the right way. I attempted to pay attention to the scenery and Greg ... and not on the sensations I was feeling (again).

Greg commented on my new attire. I also was very aware of both how this new dress felt as well as how adorably cute it was. Greg placed the pacifier between my lips as we continued to head towards the lake. As we neared the beach I observed the beauty once more. The dark green moss on the rocks and crawling up the trees, the leaves scattered on the ground and the sounds of bullfrogs and crickets in the distance. This was becoming so enjoyable to all of my senses. The fragrance, sounds and visuals were utterly amazing.

Greg spread out a quilt Mrs. Riley had packed and we rested, me lying in Greg's lap as we had done most of the trip. The dress was so short it was hopeless for me to find a comfortable position that didn't expose my diapered bum. The basket contained 2 bottles, some zip lock bags of fruits and one sandwich (assumingly for Greg). My meal looked to be a container of something that would have to be eaten with a spoon. Mrs. Riley also packed the bib and some cleansing towels.

"She thought of everything", I said to Greg. Hours past as we ate our picnic lunch and enjoyed each other's company.

Greg asked me if I wanted to just float out on the water and I agreed that would be a splendid idea. Greg helped my get into the boat, but not without a pat on my bum. He rowed us out away from the shore and we nestled in each other arms, again exchanging few words. Greg's soft touch was becoming a regular occurrence during our time we would spend quietly together... just observing the scenery and light conversation. Greg was rubbing the back of my hand with his thumb and I his shoulder while I contently sucked on my pacifier. My bladder was emptied twice during our outing that afternoon. Neither of us even made comment, I just let nature dampen my diapers with no hesitation and little thought.

Our emotions eventually got the best of us and we starting kissing. The boat was somewhat awkward to really get intimate. I fondled Greg as we kissed. Greg returned my efforts with him rubbing my plastic panties. I didn't want to harm my dress, so I was very cautious. We both decided that the shore might be more appropriate for intimacy. Greg rowed us ashore and we laid on the quit kissing each other with tremendous infatuation. Greg messaged my plastic panties in that special way, sending me into ecstasy. He knew exactly where and how to make me lose my senses. I returned his efforts by satisfying him orally.

The afternoon passed too quickly and we decided to head back towards our cabin. I really didn't want to encounter Charley again, so returning before dusk was important to me. As we headed towards our cabin, Jake welcomed us back

"I hope you kids enjoyed your day", he said.

"Very much so", I replied (after I removed my pacifier).

"Mrs. Riley tells me that Greg wants to go fishing in the morning, I'd enjoy the company", Jake said.

"I'm looking forward to it", Greg told Jake.

"I really enjoy it. I have a spare of everything you'll need", Jake said.

"There's a chill in the air this evening, dress warm", he continued. Me and the Mrs. are gunna sit by the fire if you kids wanna stop by, you are welcome."

"That sounds great", Greg responded.

"Maybe a little after we eat supper". Mrs. Riley poked her head out the door of their cabin and waved.

"Hi kids, I hope you enjoyed your day".

"We did", I replied.

"Thank you so much for the picnic basket, everything was just perfect."

Greg and I entered the cabin. Our dinner was warming on the stove.

"That woman is spoiling us", I commented.

"Yea, and I don't mind one bit", Greg replied.

Greg immediately placed the changing pad on the bed knowing I was soaked. He lifted my dress as he gently helped me lay back on the bed removing my plastic panties and diapers. Greg cleansed me, oiled and powdered me and pinned on 3 diapers followed by pastel plastic panties then carried me to the highchair. After tying on my bib he locked the tray in place and started to serve dinner. Mrs. Riley had prepared this luscious scented stew. I had my usual plate with no utensils and a bottle of warmed milk, while Greg had a large portion and a beer. We ate every morsel of the scrumptious supper.

Greg cleaned up the dishes and we headed off towards the Riley's cabin. Both the Riley's greeted us as we approached. As we entered the cabin we were equally amazed at how well decorated the cabin was. Definitely a country look with incredible antique furniture. In addition to what would expect to find in a typical home was similar antique baby furniture that was very comparable to what we had in our cabin. In addition to the crib and highchair that we had was a changing table and playpen. Both equally handcrafted and in good repair. My eyes widened as I viewed the furniture, however, I did not acknowledge them. Greg pinched my bum letting me know he had seen them (and probably was enjoying what was obviously going to happen in the near future).

We sat on an oversized upholstered couch near the fire. The fireplace was humungous and warm. Greg and I cuddled on the sofa as Mrs. Riley walked over handing me a bottle. She removed my pacifier and placed the bottle to my lips. I was enjoying the attention, no doubt, however, Mrs. Riley's ability to talk around me was obvious. She acted as if I was transparent. She acted as if I was a toddler and not able to grasp the conversation. The Riley's and Greg conversed while I sucked the warm fluid from my bottle. I guess I had drifted off to sleep.

I awoke to Mrs. Riley telling Greg that she would come get me early in the morning when Jake and he went fishing.

"I'm sure you both had a big day and want to get some sleep", she told us. Greg and I thanked the Riley's as Mrs. Riley took my bottle, replaced it with my pacifier while slipping her fingers under the elastic of my plastic panties. Greg carried me back to our cabin, removed my beautiful dress and slipped me into a short pink nightie. This time he laid me in the big bed. Greg stripped down to his briefs and covered us both with the hand-stitched quilt. We almost immediately fell asleep in each other's arms.

It was still very dark when I heard Greg waking me.

"We're going now", he whispered. Greg gently kissed me on the cheek as he headed out the door to go fishing. Mrs. Riley covered me with a blanket then picked me up cupping her hands under my diapers and carried me back to her cabin. I was half asleep and lethargic as Mrs. Riley carried me towards the cabin. About midway back to the cabin I felt the warm liquid moisten my diapers. Mrs. Riley placed me in her crib and covered me as I dozed back off to sleep.

I awoke with the urge to empty my bladder (and I did). Mrs. Riley noticed I was awake and said, "Good morning princess" with a warm smile on her face.

"Good morning Na Na", I responded through my pacifier. Somewhere yesterday afternoon or last night, I must have inflamed my allergies. My nose was running. Mrs. Riley picked up on my condition and wiped my nose and upper lip.

"Thanks", I said.

"Let's get you showered", she recommended. Mrs. Riley released the side rails and lifted me to the changing table. She removed my nightie, plastic panties and diapers and then carried me to the washroom. She ran and tested the water and then helped me into the shower. Once I was wet she lathered and washed me and shampooed my hair and then rinsed me.

"All clean", she announced as she dried me off thoroughly. She covered me with the oversized towel and carried me to the changing table. She reinserted my pacifier in my mouth and proceeded to oil and powder me. The diapers and plastic panties she had washed from my diaper pail were neatly folded on the shelves of the changing table. There were additional diapers as well. Mrs. Riley picked one of the new diapers. These were very different than the ones I had purchased. These diapers were flat and VERY thick, perhaps equivalent to 3 or maybe four of the type I had originally purchased. Mrs. Riley tightly pinned her new diapers on my bum and covered them with pastel yellow plastic panties. The new diapers were so soft and comfy, almost like wearing a cloud, but very bulky. She then reached for a garment from a hanger in the closet near the changing table. She started to snap the outfit free of wrinkles as I saw this most adorable peach feminine bubble romper made of cotton with an intricate heart and flower embroidery on front and detailing on edges of collar as well as a snap crotch. The romper was sewn "heirloom style" across the waist with rows of delicate French lace at the leg openings, also across the bum.

"OMG, that is too adorable", I blurted out.

"It's beautiful!"

"I made that for you yesterday", she told me.

"I thought you'd like it", she said.

"Here, let's try it on", she said.

She placed the leg opening at my right foot as I held her shoulders for balance, next came the left and then she slip the bubble panty up over my plastic panties. She slipped on a lap shoulder white tee (the stitching was peach to match the romper) and then carried the ruffled straps of the romper over my shoulders, crisscrossed them in the back and fastened them to the panty part of the rompers. Like the dress she had sewn for me yesterday, I could not remove this romper by myself. Everything fastened in the back. I turned and hugged Mrs. Riley for her again outstanding efforts.

"You are the best!" I exclaimed.

"Thank you", she replied as she led me over to the playpen.

"Let's get you situated, I'll bring you back a bottle to keep you content. That way I can attend to a few chores I need to do." she told me. She slipped matching booties on my feet then lifting me into this large oversized playpen. I just sat there in a confused state as she returned with a bottle and helped me lay back as she inserted the nipple in my mouth. She also handed me a teddy bear that was one of the many toys inside the playpen.

"There, that will hold you", she proclaimed. As I was sucking on the nipple my nose continued to run.

I snapped!

Part 11

I just sat there in a confused state as she returned with a bottle and helped me lay back as she inserted the nipple in my mouth. She also handed me a teddy bear that was one of the many toys inside the playpen.

"There, that will hold you", she proclaimed. As I was sucking on the nipple my nose continued to run.

I snapped!

I started crying uncontrollably. I threw the bottle out of the playpen and it hit a picture on the wall causing it to plummet to the floor and shatter. I stood up in the playpen and started to climb out. The combinations of my state of mind, the bulk of my diapers and the height of the oversized playpen didn't allow me to reach the floor as I had anticipated. I fell abruptly on the floor now bawling louder and more frantically. Mrs. Riley came running to help me as I lay on the hardwood floor out of control. She gently rubbed my shoulders as I pushed her hand away whining "I have had enough!"

"What's wrong sweetheart?" Mrs. Riley asked.

"Greg asked me to wear diapers for him this weekend, I didn't think that I would be sleeping in cribs and being fed and being treated like a baby and have mucus running down my face", I babbled back in a raised tone of voice.

"I don't know what I expected, but surely not this!" I whined.

"Awe, your poor thing, that's a lot of 'ands' ", Mrs. Riley said with compassion.

Mrs. Riley commented, "I really didn't know how this all came about ... and I felt it was none of my business. I just saw you two and assumed that your behavior was something usual".

"NO, IT'S NOT USUAL" I screamed back at her.

"And now I've messed myself for the second time", I cried out while slapping the floor with my hands laying face down on the floorboards.

"Just tell me what I can do", Mrs. Riley asked with hesitation in her voice.

"You can leave me alone, that's what you can do", I screamed back to her.

Mrs. Riley left the cabin while I continued my crying tantrum. I heard the door slam as I lay there in my pathetic state. After a long while I kind of pulled myself together and walked over to the changing table for the diaper wipes, I unsnapped the romper, slid my plastic panties down, removed my diaper and attempted to clean myself up. My BM was all over everything, my clothes, the floor, the changing table, and me; not able to clean up the mess I fell to the floor and cried some more while my nose continued to run.

"Mrs. Riley, will you come help me?" I pleaded.

"Not until you calm down, girl", she replied.

"I am sorry, I need your help, PLEASE", I begged in a whiny tone.

Mrs. Riley entered her cabin with a look of disappointment on her face.

"Tell me what's the matter, princess", she requested.

"I made a mess and I can't get myself cleaned up", I replied.

"I thought you were a big girl and didn't need any help? she rebutted.

"Tell me why you are in such a mood? she questioned.

"I didn't expect this all to go so far", I replied.

"What to go so far?" She asked.

"Being treated like baby", I replied.

"Then why have you been parading around the grounds dressed in diapers, sucking on a pacifier and sleeping in a crib?" She questioned.

"Because Greg asked me to", I responded.

"And anything Greg asks you to do, you do? She asked.

"No, not at all", I replied. This was supposed to be a special weekend for him. I told him I would wear diapers", I said.

"And? Mrs. Riley questioned.

"And I have, and done other juvenile things too!" I said.

"And? Mrs. Riley asked.

"And .. and .. and, I don't know", I replied.

"What is it you expect me to do?" Mrs. Riley asked.

"Help me get cleaned up", I answered back.

"Do you have panties in your cabin?" she asked.

"NO, I didn't bring any panties", I said.

"I see", Mrs. Riley said.

"And what exactly am I to help you change into then, my dear?" she asked.

"I have no clue, anything but these messy diapers", I replied.

"I need you to help me understand how you would drive all the way up here with an entire wardrobe of baby things and expect to be treated different than the baby you portray so well?" she asked.

I had no answer, just a ridiculous look on my face.

"So, do you love him?" she asked.

"Greg? .. yes", I answered.

"I would have guessed that by all your efforts", she stated.

"And you felt nothing but frustration this entire time you've been treated as a baby?" she asked.

"NO, I have enjoyed the feelings and attention"... I paused thinking of what I was saying.

"So which is it? You do enjoy the attention or you don't?" She asked.

"I do but...." I was without words and confused.

"Kristen, dear, I think you did this because you knew Greg would appreciate it", correct?

"Yes", I replied.

"And, you obviously devoted a lot of time preparing for it, right?" She asked.

"Yes", was my answer.

"And you have felt extra attention and perhaps stimulated by all of this?", She questioned.

"Yes, but...." I stuttered.

"Well then, tell me exactly how I can help you?", she responded.

"You can help me understand my feelings" I sobbed.

"Will you let me clean you up and we can discuss what you're feeling without anymore grumpiness?", she asked.

"Okay", I replied, while I was looking at the ground feeling miserable.

"Let's get you spick and span then and we can sit and discuss your situation, I need you on the changing table, it's easier on my back then bending over", she said.

"Okay", I replied as I stood up and let her place me on the changing table so she could get me freshened up.

Mrs. Riley started the disgusting chore of cleaning the mess I had made and was asking me a zillion questions trying to understand what I was thinking as well as helping me understand what I was feeling and why I was feeling this way. After she had all of my dirty clothes in the washing machine and had me all spotless, she pulled a tee from the changing table, handed it to me and I pulled it on. She walked me over to the couch, placed a changing mat on the couch and me on the changing mat, she covered me with a quilt, handed me a box of tissues for my nose, sat in her chair and continued helping me sort things out. After hours of sharing my thoughts with her, she explained back to me all the emotions I had just affirmed. She told me it was very obvious that my greatest difficulty was just the transition from my usual daily routine and adjusting to so many new changes in such a short time.

"Well ... were do we go from here?", She asked.

"I guess I'm committed to Greg and I'll stay with the plan", I responded.

"You guess or you are?", she asked

"I am", was my reply

You are sure?", she asked.

"Yes ... I'm fine with it now, especially after our being able to talk through it all." I said.

"No more whining, crying and tantrums? She asked.

"No. I'm very sorry. I really was acting like a two year old. I'm ready for diapers", I told her.

"Look me straight in the eyes and tell me what you really want", She demanded.

"I want to wear diapers", I told her.

"That doesn't sound too convincing", she told me.

"NO... I really am", I convincingly said.

She went to the playpen and retrieved my pacifier, came over and gave me a hug and asked, "one last time, you are okay with this?"

"Yes", I replied.

She placed the pacifier between my lips and then asked me to go to the changing table. I decided I would show her I really was ready to continue on with my promise to Greg and 'crawled' over to the changing table. Mrs. Riley lifted me on the changing table and went through her routine of diapering me. Her new bulky diapers were again tightly pinned to my bum and the now dry yellow plastic panties followed, as did the romper (all just out of the dryer). I just contently sucked on the pacifier as Mrs. Riley got me redressed. After our very long conversation and my childish venting, I had a new point of view about accepting diapers.

"Thank you Na Na", I said.

"You're very welcome, princess", she replied.

"Let's try a bottle and the playpen again, shall we?" she asked.

"Okay", I replied.

"I promise I'll behave from now on. I'm very sorry", I told her.

In a matter of minutes I was back in the playpen, dressed in my new adorable romper and sucking on my bottle, this time with a gleam in my eye. I had accepted my role and accepted what was expected of me acting like baby girl Kristen.

About half way through my bottle the boys returned from their trip. Jake and Greg entered the room with a string full of fish.

"Cute outfit", Greg said to me as he leaned over, patted my bum and blew me a kiss.

"Thank you", I responded.

Part 12

About half way through my bottle the boys returned from their trip. Jake and Greg entered the room with a string full of fish.

"Cute outfit", Greg said to me as he came over and patted my bum and blew me a kiss.

"Thank you", I responded.

"It looks like you two had a good catch this morning", Mrs. Riley commented.

"Yep, the fish were biting", Jake, replied.

"Greg's not half bad at fishing either", he said.

"It's only a bit before lunch, why don't you both get cleaned up and rid the fish odor", she requested.

"Kristen had kind of a bad morning Greg, her allergies seemed to have flared up. Why don't you take her back to the cabin to rest for a bit."

Greg picked me up from the crib; Mrs. Riley covered me with a blanket and held the door while Greg carried me towards our cabin.

"So, you had a bad morning, huh?" Greg asked.

"I've had better", I avoidingly replied. I was so glad that Mrs. Riley hadn't disclosed my ridiculous behavior.

As Greg was carrying me in his arms I looked him in the eyes and said, "Greg, I love you".

"I love you too, Kristen, are you all right?", he asked

"Yes, I'm very all right", I said.

" I really want this weekend to be so very special for you.

"Well, it really is", he replied.

"You couldn't have made me happier. I'm still kinda stunned with all your willingness to play along".

"I'll have to admit it took some adjusting, but I'm fine with it all now", I told Greg.

"I can't thank you enough, you've been absolutely amazing these last few days", he praised me.

Greg gently laid me on the bed and headed for the shower while I continued to drink my bottle. Mrs. Riley's explanations of my feelings were still running through my head. My confusion was pretty much gone, I just couldn't figure out what was next. How Greg and I would react to this weekend. Would it continue in some form? Or was it just a weekend fling?

Greg returned from the shower and lay next to me on the bed and just stared at the ceiling. After we rested for a little while we heard the dinner bell ring.

"It must be time for lunch", Greg said.

"Do you want to eat in private?", he asked.

"No, I'd like to eat with the Riley's", I replied.

"Allrighty then", Greg acknowledged. Greg carried me back to the Riley's cabin after handing me a tissue and my pacifier.

Mrs. Riley had another amazing tasty meal prepared for us. I was placed in my highchair with my bib and fed lunch.

Jake looked at his watch and announced that he had to be scooting along; he had to pick up some things and the general store in town. I asked Greg "do you want to go help Jake?"

Greg replied, "Sure ... if you don't mind. They've both gone way out of their way for us".

"I agree and I really think helping Jake would be nice, thank you", I said to Greg.

"I'll take real good care of her while your gone", Mrs. Riley said.

"Okay .. We'll be back in a few hours then. You two can chitchat for awhile", Jake joking said.

I waved, and then blew a kiss to Greg as they departed. Mrs. Riley laid out a large quilt on the floor, removed my tray and placed me on the quilt placing my pacifier in my mouth and a few (specially chosen) toys on the quilt.

Mrs. Riley told me, "Kristen, I was thinking...."

I just answered some of her questions but mostly listened to what she had to say. We must have been conversing for a long time. The boys were back already.

"Kristen, do you want to go swimming at the lake?" Greg asked.

"Oh, I'd love that", I replied. For some reason I looked over to get Mrs. Riley's approval.

"Sure you kids go and enjoy yourselves", was her answer.

Greg helped me up, we walked back to our cabin to get a few things packed. Greg put my tennis on and packed a tee and running shorts for me to swim in along with a fresh change and my diaper bag for after we were done. Greg packed a spare brief and grabbed some towels and we were on our way.

As we arrived at the lake, I dipped my toe in the water. It was just a little bit chilly, but very tolerable. Greg helped me get changed into my makeshift swimwear. Greg just removed his clothes and headed for the lake; all I saw was his tinny naked behind running into the water. I ran after him to join in on the fun. We swam out just far enough so Greg could stand. I am about 5 inches shorter than Greg, so he held me rather than have me tread water. I'm not sure what came over me, but I removed my top and shorts. Now we were both naked in the lake. How naughty I felt.

Facing Greg, I placed my hands on his shoulder blades and hooked my heals on his behind (straddling his torso). Under normal circumstances, this engagement could have been construed as frisky, however I splashed Greg and we acted like two teens laughing and carrying on. It was so innocently fun. We laughed and carried on this way for a long period of time. Occasionally I would swim away and Greg would attempt to catch me, however, I was the better swimmer and he never caught up with me, more just cornered me for some harmless dunking. I squealed and screamed like I was 10 enjoying every minute of our games.

After we tired, we both swam to the shore. Greg laid out a few towels for us to sit on and handed me a towel so I could cover up as I stood up on the shoreline. We sat shoulder-to-shoulder sharing towels while we dried off. I felt this an appropriate time to share something with Greg.

"Greg ... Mrs. Riley asked me if I would be interested in helping them run the camp." I said.

"WHAT?", Greg questioned.

"Wait until you hear what I have to say before you make any judgments, Okay?" I asked.

"I told her how much I make and she said she'd be happy to match my benefits plus a 20% increase in my salary", I told him.

"WOW! .. No way", he replied.

"So, you would move here?" he asked.

"No, I could do the work remotely from my apartment. They would get computerized here and set up a phone link so I can handle bookings", I said.

"We would have to drive here every other weekend for a day or two. They would compensate you with additional income for your involvement. We would get our own private cabin and free rein of the property." I paused waiting for some kind of response.

"I wouldn't even consider it unless you were all for the idea", I said.

"Whoa, I was under the impression that you were not real into this place. So, they want you to like manage this place?" Greg asked.

To be continued ???

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