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My Cute Diapered Neighbor

It was laundry day for me because it was my day off, I knew it was my day off when I got out of bed and soon realized when I looked at the totally soaked and drooping flannel diapers underneath the taught clear plastic pants I was wearing and knew I had no more clean diapers, diaper pants or pads. After showering, I put on an Attends with two depend Booster Pads, I then cut three vertical slices thru the plastic on the crotch of the Attends, then I tightly taped on another Attends with two more boosters. My diapered crotch was huge! I pulled on my last pair of clean plastic pants and then my gym shorts with a t-shirt over that to cover up the diapers and plastic pants sticking out from the waist of my shorts. With three loads of laundry (1, all diapers & plastic pants) and a full pot of coffee brewing, I figured I wouldn't need to be changed for a while. When I went to my apartment's laundry room, all of the washing machines were in use except one. With only one machine I decided to wash my most important articles first, those important articles were my diapers, pads and waterproof pants. I put my collection of diapers (both Velcro and pull on), my many diaper booster pads and my plastic and rubber pants into the machine, added some soap, shoved in the quarters knowing that at least my private articles were in the process of being sanitized. I had a half hour to run an errand and get back to secure a dryer for my hygienic items and start washing my other clothes.

All I wanted to do is mail a package at the post office, when I got there the line was 30 people deep. I think I was in line for over an hour, my measurement of time however, was the fact that I took two huge coffee pisses in my diapers while I was standing in line. I was damn glad that I was wearing mass protection when I pissed again while in gridlock going home.

When I got back to my apartment I waddled with a very soaked and swollen set of disposable diapers exposed now at both the waist and the leg holes. I entered the laundry room and to my horror my personal diaper stuff was not in the machine that I left it in! I then noticed that all three of my laundry loads were washed, dried, folded and neatly stacked with a note pinned to my diaper stack. The note said: "I felt you needed some help so I finished your wash.

There were some items that shouldn't be in a dryer, ( my plastic and rubber pants were missing)! I have them air drying at my place-4D, you owe me $4.50 in quarters." About that time an attractive young woman in her early 30s came through the door. She caught eye contact with me and then lowered her eyes to my diapered crotch and said "Are those your diapers?" I stammered a muffled "I guess I owe you $4.50" Before I could say anything else she said "That's OK sweetie, I understand, but it's not good to put plastic and rubber in the dryers so I have them air drying in my apartment." I was so relieved, I literally relieved myself in my disposables one more time.

"Let me check my things, then we can go up to my place and get your panties." As she bent over I could see shiny yellow plastic pants bulging with diapers sticking out of the back of her stretch pants. As she stood up I could see the whole contour of her well padded crotch through her stirrup pants. I sprouted an instant boner and almost came on the spot! She stepped forward and grabbed me by my huge swollen, soaked, drooping double diaper, plastic covered crotch and said "Baby, you need some dry diapers bad! Let me check my stuff and we'll fix you up." She had all three dryers going, I told her I just lived across the hall and would help her carry her laundry up the four flights of stairs. When I walked back in the laundry room she was squatting down at an open dryer door showing me about 3 inches of a shiny yellow pair of plastic pants covering an obvious diaper line under her light blue stretch pants. I thanked the RUBBER PANTS GODS for sending me to a place where there is a beautiful woman who is not only sympathetic to my diapered situation but is well diapered and waterproof herself.

"C'mon, let's bring my stuff upstairs and you can get your vinyl and rubber panties. You have some very cool water proof panties, let's go see my layette, maybe we can share." As we walked through the door of her apartment I got the familiar scent of rubber and ammonia, I followed her into the bathroom where to my relief I could see about 8 different pairs of my waterproof pants hanging on a drying rack in the bathtub spinning the rack to the other side I see about ten various styles of plastic pants.

"Thanx, I really appreciate this." I said, as she grabbed each pair of pants, turned them inside-out and gave them a good shake sending tiny water beads across my face. She laughed, saying "See, you're too wet. You need to be dry, warm and waterproof." she said as she gave a pull on a pair of my rubber pants, then let go with a loud snap.

"Yes, they work well. What's your name, by the way?"

"Wendy" she replied, "Hi, I'm Johnny" I replied. I reached my hand out to shake but Wendy reached her hand out and pulled the waist of my shorts to reveal my 4 large bladder voids in a four booster double Attends setup, covered by a pair of semi transparent plastic pants that were drooping half way to my knees. I turned red.

"I wear diapers too, but I don't wear disposables much" she said.

"Really?" I said, as the red diminished, already knowing she was wearing diapers and plastic pants, "I love cloth diapers, as long as I'm protected by a good pair of plastic pants." Wendy said "And you have some really good ones here," as she shook out a pair of my clear plastic bikini pants and held them up her waist.

"Do you need a change?" she said. My diapers are so heavy they're practically falling off, I said "YES!" Wendy replies "OK Johnny, I have something new for you if you have something for me, let's trade. I know we just met but I'd be glad to change you." I explained that I'd been diapering myself for the last 25 years, not 365 but at least one wet day a week.

"That's so cool! I've been back in diapers for about 15 years. I used to be married, my ex is diapered 24/7 365. We have two kids, they're nine and twelve and are just evolving from toddler diapers to adult diapers. They were here last summer, maybe you saw them. I said I'd seen them and was reminded that I started wearing diapers and plastic pants again when I was ten.

"Good. I trust you're a true "Diaper Lover" and not a perv. I could use a diaper savvy baby sitter this summer." Wendy then looked down and saw a tiny trickle of piss leaking under the legband of my plastic pants. Pulling a blur of shiny blue plastic and a cotton/diaper looking bundle out of a tall dresser,"here" she said as she handed me the bundle, Wendy then motioned to me with her finger as she entered the bathroom.

I followed her in and was taken aback by the size of this bathroom.

"Here's the hot tub, as she waived her hand giving me the tour, here's the walk-in shower pit, over there is the toilet and the one next to it is a bidet, women really love it, you'll love it too if you shit your diapers and need a quick cleanup. Wendy began to peel off her stretch pants to finally reveal her beautiful soaking diaper, plastic covered butt and slender hard body. She steps into the multi spigot shower stall and pulls down her wet diapers and plastic pants, steps out of them and hands them to me then points to a stainless steel 55 gallon cylinder with a foot pedal. when I stepped on the pedal the lid popped open and a rush of ammonia hit me in the face, it had a couple dozen diapers and diaper pants in it.

"throw the diapers in there and give me the plastic panties.

I threw the diapers in the pail and took the smooth semi transparent white vinyl panties and pressed them on my face and inhaled loudly, wearing Wendy's plastic panties over my face. She laughed so hard she almost slipped in the shower. I laughed so hard I pissed my diapers for a 5th time (and never leaked).

I followed Wendy to her bedroom where she opened a dresser drawer that was full of plastic pants and diapers, She pulled out a pair of plastic training pants with a triple thick layer of terry cloth inside.

"These should do" she said "Do you need some help, or do you want to do it yourself?"

"I can do it." I said as I walked into the bathroom with her plastic training pants.

"Don't forget to put your soggys in the garbage" she said as I closed the door. I pulled off my wet Attends and cleaned myself with a baby wipe she had sitting by the sink. I then pulled on the terry lined plastic pants, they were a little tight at the legs but when I felt the plastic covered cotton between my legs, everything felt wonderful. I walked out of the bathroom without putting my shorts back on, I lifted up my t-shirt to show Wendy how her plastic covered training pants fit.

"Oh, those look good on you!" she said.

"Let's trade until the next wash." Wendy stood there with a half shirt on and wearing several cotton pads and my clear bikini plastic pants. She looked so good in them, all I could do is agree. We then walked towards each other, grabbed each other's plastic c overed crotches and began to make out feverishly. This was the beginning of a fantastic diapered relationship.

As I found out later, Wendy would date diaper lovers for a living but my arrangement with her was always free. We'd go out, always heavily diapered and wearing plastic or rubber pants and drink beer always having a contest to see who would leak through of our plastic protection first. We also shared many mornings sharing coffee and finishing off our night diapers with more wettings, sometimes with her DL girlfriends. But that's another story.

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