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My Day Spa Turns Into a Nightmare

Chapter 1 - Introduction

By now most of you probably know me as this is the 5th story I have posted on my interesting life as a diaper slave. My name is Kim and I am married to Chris. We both like to experiment sexually and many times that means there is a diaper slave theme to our play. I have turned the tables on Chris and tricked him into being my slave, but he has a way of getting even. My recent adventure was one of those times where Chris got even and I have been instructed to share the adventure with you.

Why Chris wanted to get even and punish me is not that important. However, it revolved around a silly argument on where we would spend our next vacation. At the time of our little spat, I thought I had won and that Chris was (reluctantly) agreeing to take me to a spa in California. I didn't have any idea at the time that this was not just any ordinary spa and that Chris had this trip in the works for some time.

Chapter 2 - We depart for Sunny California & Arrive at the Spa

The day we departed on our trip I still had no idea that Chris was playing a real trick on me. I was so excited to be going to the resort and enjoying the spa that I was oblivious to everything else. Often we bring some baby clothes or bondage items on our trips so we can role play, but Chris didn't bring anything this time and it never registered with me that anything was out of the ordinary. I had no idea that Chris had something up his sleeve.

We arrived in Southern California, got our rental car, and headed for the spa. After a fairly lengthy drive we arrived at a very large, nice house. It looked like a quaint bed and breakfast type of inn. Chris grabbed our bags and we headed for the front door. I rang the door and a young woman answered and let us in. This was my first clue that this may not be an ordinary bed and breakfast establishment. The girl was wearing a maid's outfit, but one you might see more in a men's magazine than at an inn. It appeared to be made out of a vinyl material because it was very shiny. It was also very noticeably short and when she turned to show us in, I could clearly see her ruffled panties peaking out from under the outfit. I looked over at Chris and gave him "my look." He just smiled. What was in store for me?

We followed the girl to a study. She asked us if we wanted something to drink and served us two ice teas. The girl never left the room so I really couldn't ask Chris what was going on. After a short wait, another woman entered the room and it appeared she was a person of authority. The maid curtsied to the woman when she entered. Strange again, I thought to myself. The woman introduced herself as Madam Nicole and was the owner of the inn. We both introduced ourselves and then she said that she had been expecting us.

Nicole started the conversation by asking: "Does Kim know why she is here today?"

"No," Chris replied.

"Good...I find it best when a new person is brought to our "spa," that she finds out for herself how nice our services and accommodations really are." Nicole went on, "there are some formalities to take care of and then we will start the spa treatments as you requested." At no time did she really even talk to me. All of her attention and conversation was directed to Chris and I thought it was a bit rude on her part.

Nicole had us sit down in front of her desk and she pulled out a file. Nicole began to discuss some details with Chris.

"I see that you requested a 5 day spa package for Kim."

"Yes," Chris answered.

"I also see we have received payment so all I need is to have you both sign the release papers."

"Release papers?" I asked.

"It is just a formality, dear."

"We can never be too sure who we are caring for in this litigious society we are in and it is best that we get your signatures so we can provide you with the very best service." The release stated that the Inn would be held harmless to all kinds of legal mumble jumble. It did state that once the treatments began, then they would continue without interruption until the end of the person's prescribed stay. Chris signed the papers and I reluctantly put my signature on the forms as well.

"Very good," Nicole stated.

"We can now take very good care of your little Kimberly during her visit." I started to sense that Chris would not be staying at the inn and that was confirmed to me when Chris got up to leave. Nicole stated that she would be right back and walked Chris out of the room. I took the chance to ask the maid some questions, but she would not answer me. Finally she stated, "Madam Nicole does not allowed me to talk to her guests unless she gives me permission." OK, what did I get myself into?

Chapter 3 - I am introduced to my new quarters and house rules

Madam Nicole came back to the study almost immediately. The maid again curtsied when Nicole came into the room. I just sat there waiting to see what was in store for me next. I didn't have to wait long.

"I see Kimberly, that you are a really beautiful girl."

"Chris said that you were."

"He also said that you had a behavior problem and had to get your own way." I disagreed with her assessment.

"According to Chris, you demanded a spa vacation and wanted to be pampered."

"Chris said that his desire for a trip to Alaska was ignored by you." I was going to argue my point, but realized that it was pointless.

"First things first," Nicole said. Nicole introduced me to her maid, Emily. She then asked Emily to bring a pair of mittens for me to try on.

"Chris told me that the two of you have acted out some fantasies in the past and that you might enjoy a little role playing," Nicole said.

"Actually, role playing is part of your spa treatments," she added.

"Here, slip your hands into these mittens," Nicole said with authority. Why I did it, I will never know, but I slipped my hands into the waiting mittens like I was told. The outside of the mittens were made of leather and dyed a pretty light blue color. As the mittens were pushed onto my hands, I was forced to form a fist in order that the mittens could fully slip over my hands. Each fist felt like it was incased in a hard plastic ball, concealed under the blue leather mittens. I tried to move my fingers, but couldn't get them to move encased as they were.

The whole process happened so quickly, but Emily held my hands out while Madam Nicole took a small, odd shaped tool and tightened a small bolt on the mitten at my wrist. As she turned the small bolt, I could feel a soft band tightening inside the mitten around my wrist. Nicole checked to make sure the mitten wasn't going to come off by pulling on it. I tried to struggle some, but I immediately stopped when Nicole, without warning, slapped me across my face.

"You, little Kimberly, have a lot to learn in 5 days!" I stopped my struggles. She took her time and inserted the tool into the other mitten and tightened it around my wrist as well. I looked down at the leather mittens and they looked like two round leather balls hiding my hands.

"Very good, Kim, you will wear these mittens during the beginning of your training."

"You will not be able to do much for yourself, but then you wanted to be 'pampered,' didn't you," she said with a sarcastic grin.

"It is time to go over a few house rules." <dir> <dir>

"Kim, you will be here 5 days. You signed a contract for 5 days and I am obligated to keep you here the full time. It is useless to ask to leave. Any request will have to be ignored or I will not be living up to the agreement that you and Chris signed.

You are not allowed to ask questions and in fact can not speak unless spoken to first. Every, and I mean EVERY, infraction of the rules will be dealt with in the strictest manner. Further, it goes without saying, but every command I give you will be followed without the slightest hesitation on your part.

Chris asked that we ensure your sexual purity while you are in our care and we will abide by his wishes. If I think you have touched yourself in a sexual manner, you will be punished. The mittens secured on your hands will help you refrain from touching yourself and you may even like the fact that the mittens will keep you from testing the sexual purity rules.

Your "spa treatments" will help you be a better wife to Chris. You wanted "spa treatments" and we will grant you your request. Our spa treatments are quite different from what you may be imagining and are designed to have you learn obedience. I have learned from past guests that by bringing them back to their days of childhood, allows me to teach or retrain them to be the perfect mate. Some of this will come easy to you and at other times we may have to "encourage" your progress. It will serve you best if you are a quick learner and to not cause yourself any extra "spa treatments."

The "spa" as you like to call it will be introduced to you shortly. Now, enough of the pleasant chat, it is time to get down to business. Kim, remove your jeans! Oh silly me, you can't with your hands bundled the way they are. I guess we are going to have to do everything for you while you are relearning how to be an obedient wife.

Emily, I want you to take Kim up to her "spa" room and dress her appropriately for her stay. </dir> </dir>

With that command, Emily came over to me and asked me to lower my head. I felt a leather collar being secured around my neck. She then took a lead and snapped it shut to the ring on the collar. Nicole had more instruction: "Kim, you will call me Madam Nicole or master during your stay."

"Now Emily, dear, lead our new guest to her "spa room."

I felt a slight tug on the leash and instinctively followed Emily from the study. I reached back to try and touch the buckle on my collar, but the mittens prevented me from doing even the most simplest of tasks. I followed Emily, but felt quite sure that the time would come for my escape. I just had to wait for that perfect opportunity.

Chapter 4 - My Spa room was a surprise!

I continued to follow Emily up the stairs and then eventually down a hall until we stopped at one of the doors. The door had a glass window. I peered inside and almost fell over with disbelief. I was staring directly into a nursery! My spa room was actually a baby's nursery! My nursery! I pulled away from Emily, but I was easily controlled by the leash held firm in her hand. A sharp tug made me gag and my compliance was immediate.

Emily demanded: "Get down on all fours as this is the only way for you to enter your new home!"

"I want you to crawl into your nursery!" I got down into a crawling position, but did not budge when she opened the nursery door. Again, she pulled hard on the leash and I was powerless to resist.

"Madam Nicole will not like the fact that you have been so disobedient."

"You don't know how bad she can make it during your stay so I would suggest that you listen to my commands."

The constant tugging on the leash directed me, crawling, into the middle of the room. If I was giving out compliments to a new mother, I would tell her how sweet and beautiful the nursery looked. It was decorated to the hilt. The theme was little animals and the color scheme was the same baby blue on my leather mittens. It was adorable, but also so frightening knowing that this was to be my home for the next 5 days. Chris and I had played numerous baby games, but this was taking our games to a whole new level. It was so realistic, so scary, and yet, so exciting.

Emily instructed me further: "I need to get you dressed appropriately for your stay." Madam Nicole has selected some clothes for you to wear."

"First, we need to get you out of your clothes and give you a bath after your long day of traveling." I was cooperating, but always looking for a chance to escape. Emily instructed me to lay down on the floor. She reached down and undid my jeans and pulled them from my body. I felt awkward to say the least. It got worse. She then pulled my panties off and teased me by saying goodbye to my "big-girl" panties. With the mittens in place, Emily actually had to cut my shirt from my body and remove my bra. I was totally nude except for the leather mittens, collar, and that awful leash.

There was a bathroom attached to the nursery and Emily ran a bath. She never let go of my leash and seemed to enjoy the power she had over me. Once the bath was full, she had me sit in it and she washed me from head to toe. I had to keep my hands in the air so as not to get the leather mittens wet. She left me in the bath, but only after securing the leash to the faucet mechanism. I found it so frustrating. With the leather mittens in place, I was useless to do anything but sit in the tub and be a good girl.

It wasn't long before Emily came back to get me from the tub. Emily once again directed me by tugging at my leash. I started to walk from the bathroom, but was pulled sharply down into the crawling position.

"Madam Nicole wants you to learn to crawl before you walk..." This was truly an amazing nursery. I was able to concentrate a little better after the initial shock of seeing my nursery. The furniture was bigger than actual baby furniture, but it looked exactly the same. The crib had the traditional white bars. There was a rather long changing table with cabinets and shelves under it. The shelves were piled with all sorts of diapers, both cloth and disposable. I didn't see much in the way of clothing, but I was quite sure that the cabinets contained my new wardrobe.

With a prompting from Emily, I was instructed to get up on the large changing table. I did as I was told. I laid down on my back and could feel the plastic sheet under me. Emily didn't ask me to do anything. She simply grabbed each leather bound hand and secured them over my head with the restraints attached to the table. I thought that this was an enormous amount of precaution given the fact that my hands were already useless to me encased in the bondage mittens. My ankles were also secured to the changing table by restraints. I was totally helpless and feeling it too.

Next, Emily strapped my thighs to the table with more restraints. I learned why she wanted me so immobilized when she began to lather my most intimate region for a shave. This wasn't a first for me, but it still was quite a frightening ordeal to be shaved in this manner. Emily finished her task and seemed to take pride in her work. I couldn't see anything the way I was lying on my back, but felt her rub my now smooth skin. It felt nice, but she was not about to make it feel too good and bring me sexual relief.

I was certain that my clothes were going to be baby clothes and I was not wrong.

"Kim, I am now going to diaper you."

"Madam instructed me to put you in a disposable diaper and plastic pants so I selected a thick, night-time diaper and blue plastic pants."

"Madam will be pleased that you are dressed to match your bondage mittens." My leg and thigh restraints were removed.

"Now raise your bottom for me so that I can slide this diaper under you." I thought I had little choice and complied with her request. It felt so strange to have another woman diaper me. Emily was meticulous with her work. She pulled the diaper up between my legs and secured the tabs. The diaper was extremely thick. She then shook out a pair of plastic panties and worked them over my diaper until they were in place.

"Now if baby Kimberly needs to wet, she has a nice diaper to protect her." I was mortified by her remark. I was also scarred with the realization that diapers would be a part of my spa treatments. Some spa treatments I thought, but did not dare to complain.

Emily selected a plastic romper for me to wear in the same baby blue color. There were little circus animals on it as well. The bottom half of the romper fit like another pair of plastic pants, but had snaps in the crotch between my legs. The top half of the romper fit much like a bib in front, but was bare in the back. She kept the awful collar and leash on me and of course the mittens stayed in place too. There was a mirror in the room and for the first time I could see my transformation. I was dressed exactly like a little baby girl. Emily added some bows to my hair and my transformation was complete. I shuddered to see the baby in the mirror and know that baby was me.

"Now it is time for you to see Madam Nicole," Emily said. With a tug of my leash, I followed Emily; crawling as quickly as I could to keep pace.

Chapter 5 - My inspection and more rules

My crawling ended at the master bedroom door where Emily knocked to let Madam Nicole know of our arrival. Madam instructed us to enter her room. I was led by Emily and her firm grip on my leash to a large playpen in the middle of the room. With some help, I was placed in the oversized playpen. There was a toddler's harness in the playpen and Emily attached it around my body so that it fit firmly around my chest. She took the leash that was attached to my collar and attached it to the harness. There was no need for my collar and it was removed. Madam came over to the playpen and attached the loose end of the leash to a metal ring at the center of the playpen. I felt so helpless looking up at the two women. I was now secured by a simple child's restraint, but had no way to remove it with those awful mittens in place. I was a prisoner in a stupid playpen.

"I see my little Kimberly looks like she has been dressed appropriately for her stay at the 'spa,' Madam Nicole snickered.

"You look so nice in your little plastic romper."

"The bows in your hair are also a very nice touch...good job Emily."

"And maybe most importantly, I see that you are now wearing a rather large diaper between your legs."

"I hope you appreciate all the hard work Emily did to get you prepared for your stay."

"I must inform you of more rules..." <dir> <dir>

"You, my little Kimberly, will be kept as a baby for your entire stay at our lovely "spa." That means that you will be kept in a snug diaper throughout the day and all through the night. You will be trained during your stay to wet or possibly even mess your diaper on command. Your diaper is to remain dry until I tell you that you can wet it. You will not be allowed to wet or mess until you have my permission. Either I will check your diaper or Emily will check it to make sure that you are complying with this rule. Understood? (I nodded yes)

Whenever you hear the nursery rhyme, Mary Had a Little Lamb, that will be your queue to wet your diaper. As soon as you hear this nursery rhyme, you will wet your diaper. Understood? (Again, I shook my head yes.) I don't care where you are or what you are doing, when you hear the song, you will wet yourself. Over time this song will trigger a strong response in you that you need to pee. On the contrary, if you hear the song and you don't immediately wet your diaper, there will be consequences for my little baby girl.

Another rule is that you will immediately finish all of your baby bottles and baby food when it's given to you. I want to make sure baby isn't dehydrated. You will be given bottles throughout the day and you will even receive a bottle or two at night. You will be able to hold a baby bottle to your mouth with your mittens on, so for now the mittens will stay put. You will also be required to suck on a baby pacifier, but not just any ordinary one. Emily, please put little Kimberly's pacifier in place. </dir> </dir>

Emily approached me with a large pacifier and pushed it into my mouth. There were straps attached to the pacifier that Emily secured behind my head. I tried to push the pacifier out of my mouth with my tongue. Both women knew what I was attempting to do and laughed at my clumsy effort.

"Kim, you can try all you want to remove the pacifier, but I think you will find the straps to be most effective. With that, Madam Nicole produced my first baby bottle. I wasn't sure how I was suppose to drink it with the enormous pacifier in my mouth. What I learned next was truly amazing. Madam took the baby bottle and pushed the bottle's nipple directly into the corresponding hole in my pacifier.

"Now Kim, I want you to hold the bottle the best you can and suck on your pacifier."

"If you are doing it right, you should feel the warm milk flowing through your pacifier and down your throat." I did as I was told and indeed started to drink from the bottle.

I wanted to stop drinking, but Madam reminded me that I was to finish my bottles in order to be a good girl.

"Stay put in your playpen while Madam Nicole and Emily attend to some things."

"Don't leave your playpen little girl and don't wet your diaper unless you hear Mary Had a Little Lamb." I was left to finish my bottle and contemplate my predicament. Leave the playpen I thought? Surely they were kidding, but I had to give it a try. I finished my baby bottle, set it down, and decided to test the strength and security of the baby harness. The slack in the harness's leash allowed me to get to the edge of the playpen. I pulled hard on the leash, but it was not going to come lose from where it was bolted at the center of the playpen. I was frustrated. I was securely bound. I was diapered and I was beginning to feel the need to pee.

Chapter 6 - My diaper check <dir> <dir>

</dir> </dir>

I thought either Emily or Madam would be back to check on me, but it wasn't happening. My urge to pee kept growing. I didn't know what would happen if I peed without the silly song as my queue, but I also didn't want to find out what these women were capable of doing to a misbehaving girl. The more I tried to put my need to pee out of my mind, the worse it got. I finally laid down on my stomach and squirmed uncontrollably on the floor of the playpen. I must have been a sight to see...a grown woman, dressed in a plastic romper and diaper trying desperately not to wet herself. My pee didn't start slowly. It seemed to erupt out of my bladder and shoot into my waiting diaper. I continued to wiggle around on my stomach as my diaper quickly warmed from the wetness of my pee. Once I started peeing, I could not stop. The warmth and wetness filled my entire diaper and my wiggling was bringing a mounting sexual feeling between my legs. I was embarrassed and sexually charged at the same time.

Maybe the women were watching all along, but it seemed coincidental that they entered the room just as I finished wetting my diaper.

"Was Kim a good girl while we were gone?" Madam Nicole asked.

"I see that Kim stayed in her playpen as she was told," Emily added.

"It looks as if you finished your bottle too, just like a good girl," said Madam. I laid in my wetness knowing what was likely to happen next and unfortunately I was right.

"Time to check baby's diaper," said Madam. Emily reached down the back of my romper and placed her hand directly down my plastic pants and into my diaper.

"I must report that baby Kimberly has wet her diaper," stated Emily.

"I appears that baby can not follow the simplest of rules," said Madam.

"Maybe it was a bit too much to ask of a new baby who is not yet diaper trained." I laid in silence wondering what would happen next and cursing my husband who left me to these two women and their bizarre training techniques.

Chapter 7 - My first punishment

Madam Nicole took charge of telling me what my punishment would be.

"First, you will be sent to bed without your usual dinner."

"Oh forget it!"

"You are going to experience your punishment soon enough...I don't need to give you all the details should be more 'fun' for you if you learn firsthand your punishment."

"Suffice it to say, you won't be disappointed." I didn't like Madam's sinister way she communicated my early departure to bed.

It was Emily's job to get me ready for bed. I was lead back to the nursery; crawling with the stupid child harness directing my path. Oh how I wanted to bolt, but I still had to wait for my opportunity. Being led by a child harness secured to my body, and my hands useless in the bondage mittens, hardly seemed like an opportunity for an escape. I remain frustrated, but determined.

Back in the nursery, Emily took charge to get me ready for bed. I once again found myself strapped to the changing table. I was placed in the most humiliating position, on my back, with my knees bent, and my private area fully exposed. Emily did a nice job of powdering my private area and her gentle rubbing of powder into my skin felt incredible. Unfortunately for me, she was not intent on letting me find sexual relief. Unexpectedly, I felt Emily pushing her little finger, coated with petroleum jelly, deep into my back entrance. The feeling of her messaging my ass was incredible. Unfortunately, she abruptly stopped this motion too. She withdrew her finger and I could feel something else pushing on my back entrance. Emily slid something into my asshole. My body tried to expel the new intruder, but Emily quickly pulled a diaper up between my legs and taped it shut. Whatever was in my backside was going to stay put now.

Emily continued the diapering process. She carefully cut several slits in the diaper I was wearing. She then put another fresh diaper over the one she just perforated. I was double diapered. I fully expected that she would place me in plastic panties, but she was not done diapering me yet. Again, Emily placed slits in the outermost diaper and then securely taped a third diaper around my bottom. Wow, three diapers! Chris never took those precautions before. On the third diaper she placed packing tape over the tabs to ensure they would not open. Emily asked me to raise my bottom off the table and she proceeded to wrap packing tape completely around the waist of my diaper. This diaper was now very securely in place for the night. Emily produced a pair of large rubber baby pants and pulled them up my legs. I was then released from the table so that Emily could put a pair of one-piece pajamas (complete with the attached footsies) on me. I was instructed to move to the crib and I waddled over the best I could with the extreme bulk between my legs. I stumbled into the crib and Emily put up the side bars. She then swung a barred lid over the top of the crib and locked it in place. In essence I was confined in a baby cage with white bars surrounding me. The pacifier and mittens were not removed from me, much to my chagrin. Madam Nicole entered the room to check Emily's work and to wish me a goodnight sleep.

"So if it isn't my little baby in training all tucked into her nice crib for the night," Madam Nicole teased. I was watching Nicole through the bars to see what she was doing. She hung a large clear bag full of fluid at my bedside. The bag looked like something you would see hanging next to a hospital bed. The tube running from the bag was inserted to the front of my pacifier and I could immediately feel fluid running to the back of my throat. Madam began her bedtime speech: <dir> <dir>

"Let me tell my newest baby how we deal with bad little babies here. If I remember right, baby Kim could not hold her pee-pee and wet her diaper before it was OK. So now baby Kim has to endure an early bedtime. If you were wondering what Emily placed in your bottom, it will become apparent to you shortly. It takes a little time for the suppositories to work. You should feel a little grumbling in your lower stomach area alerting you that they are working. Make sure you ignore these feelings or you may not be able to sleep sound. That would be such a shame, wouldn't you agree? Also, you will be glad to know that you will be getting plenty of fluids tonight as the bag outside your crib slowly drips it's contents into your throat. Make sure you empty the bag by drinking every drop. The sooner you drink it up, the sooner you will be able to fall asleep.

Sometime tonight you will hear the nursery rhyme letting you know that it is OK to go potty. Since I don't want to disturb your rest tonight by removing you from your crib, please feel free to use your diapers. You showed me earlier today that you already know how to use your diapers so it shouldn't be hard. This time I want you to show me that you can wait until the magic nursery rhyme is played before going potty in your diaper. Can my little baby do that for me?" </dir> </dir>

I was upset, but had to lay there and take it. The pacifier and constant dripping of water at the back of my throat kept me quiet. I was also extremely worried about the suppositories resting in my bottom. That was a dirty trick, no pun intended. I was wondering...How long would it take before my bodily functions took over? Could I wait until the dumb nursery rhyme played? Peeing in a diaper is humiliating, but pooping in a diaper? How in the world could I endure the next few hours? In the end, would they come and change me, or leave me all night to lay in my mess? This was punishment. I had to escape. The two women left the nursery and I pushed on the bars of the crib in a desperate attempt to get out of my baby cage. The bars held secure and I looked up through the bars waiting for my body to react.

Chapter 8 - I'm in agony

I couldn't sleep, but I was sure that was all part of the punishment plan. I couldn't stop thinking that I was in a baby's crib waiting to fill a diaper, my diaper. The intense feelings came just as Madam Nicole told me they would. My stomach and bowels were building with pressure. Oh how I would have given anything to sit on a toilet and let myself explode. I had finished the large bag of fluid and that too was causing me problems. Between my full bladder and the need to poop, I was in agony. There I was, laying flat on my back and waiting to hear a nursery rhyme to set things in motion. Could I wait this time?

I was starting to toss and turn to relieve my discomfort. It really didn't help, but it gave me something to concentrate on other than filling my diapers. At that moment the lights to the nursery came on and Madam Nicole reappeared with her little maid servant, Emily.

"Time for a diaper check, roll over for inspection!" I did as I was told, but was in obvious discomfort. I laid on my stomach as instructed. I felt the zipper on the back of my pajamas being pulled open. When it was pulled open to my waist, I felt what I presumed was Emily's hand reaching down into the multiple layers of diapers to see if I had remained dry. How embarrassing.

"She is dry," came Emily's response.

"Good, then zipper her back up and lock her crib again."

"We don't want any wandering children in the house..." The two women left me once again to wait my ultimate punishment.

Finally, when I thought it was hopeless to hold out any longer, the nursery rhyme, Mary Had a Little Lamb played throughout my nursery. It was safe to use my diaper. Matter of fact, I was commanded to use my diaper whenever the song played. I raised my butt off of the plastic crib sheet and gave a slight push. My bottom exploded as I felt a warm, horrible mush erupt into my diaper. I was thoroughly disgusted, but so relieved that I didn't care. Almost at the same time my bladder emptied, and emptied, and emptied. I was so glad I had on three diapers and rubber baby pants. I was going to need it. The smell hit me next. I was disgusted by the smell of my diaper. It was awful. I cried.

I obviously couldn't hold my butt in the air forever and had the added humiliation of lowering my bottom into the full diaper. Now I really couldn't sleep and laid awake for what seemed to be another hour, hoping for the two women to reappear and change my diaper. When that wasn't going to happen, I somehow drifted off to sleep.

I was awoken by the sound of Mary Had a Little Lamb, and found myself needing to pee so I added to my diaper in disgust. Now I was really wet, really smelly, and totally disgusting. The two women reappeared and had all kinds of sarcastic remarks: "Gee it smells in here...did baby go poo-poo in her diaper?"

"Maybe this baby should have gotten out of her crib and used the big girl potty instead of her diaper." They were laughing at my expense. Their punishment worked and we all knew it. I was going to have to follow their rules or escape. I didn't see any other options. I couldn't endure another night of hell.

The details may not be all that important, but I was taken to the shower. My arms were raised over my head and my hands were attached to manacles hanging in the shower stall. Once secured, Emily removed my bondage mittens. It felt so incredible to stretch out my cramped fingers. The soiled diapers were cut from my body and fell to the bottom of the shower stall with a thump. Emily washed my body thoroughly and removed the pacifier that had been strapped in my mouth. I was clean and in much better spirits.

Chapter 9 - My training intensifies

My shower was complete, but to my dismay, the bondage mittens were secured before Emily released my hands from the manacles. These women took no chances. There was always some kind of bondage holding me captive. Next, I was dressed in a disposable diaper and a sun dress for the morning. I crawled down to the kitchen and was helped into a high chair for my morning breakfast. A safety strap was placed around my waist and I could hear the distinct sound of a lock being snapped shut behind me. I presumed that I was locked in the high chair. The mittens were removed and a breakfast consisting of warm cereal was placed in front of me.

Bottles were given to me on a regular basis so my need to pee was virtually constant. The sun dress was so short that when I sat in the high chair my diaper was in plain view. I couldn't see it because of the tray attached to the high chair, but anyone in the room would know that I was diapered. The nursery rhyme once again played and I immediately felt an extreme need to pee. I didn't want any more punishments so I released my pee into my diaper. It was actually a pleasurable feeling to be able to find relief and feel the sensation of wetness expanding through my diaper. Madam Nicole looked down at my diaper and smiled.

"I see baby Kim's wetness indicator has turned blue...very good girl."

"Emily, give Baby Kim one of those baby cookies as a treat." I smiled at this small act of kindness.

After breakfast I received a diaper change, but this time I was put into cloth diapers and plastic panties. I was left in my sun dress and the horrible bondage mittens remained on my hands as did the pacifier in my mouth. I was so tired from the night before that when Madam said I was being put down for a morning nap I was glad. I was again locked in my crib and left with a bottle to finish. Emily put head phones over my ears because she said that it would help me sleep.

I fell asleep instantly. I wasn't sure how long I had been sleeping when I heard the nursery rhyme telling me to wet my diaper. The strange thing was I wasn't sure if it was the song that woke me or the fact that I felt my cloth diaper getting wet that woke me. The two things seemed to happen simultaneously. I was being conditioned like one of Pavlov's dogs! Actually, it was pretty amazing. I wondered if I was somehow being hypnotized during my sleep to wet on command.

Emily eventually came to get me out of my crib and took me directly to the changing table. Things were starting to become somewhat routine, if you consider being treated as a baby girl routine! I was secured to the changing table and went through the usual cleaning, powdering, etc. What wasn't routine was that Emily again greased my bottom hole with her finger. I panicked, but she told me there would be no suppositories unless I "earned" another punishment. She produced a small slender dildo and slipped it up my backside. I was so greased up that it slid right in. Emily pulled the diaper up between my legs and this helped to keep the dildo in place for the time being.

"Madam Nicole wanted me to place a dildo in your rear as a little reward for your better behavior." I thought to myself...reward?

Emily completed my outfit with very tight fitting rubber panties and a short belly shirt. She explained that the rubber panties would keep my diaper tight, the dildo in place, and add to my enjoyment. My enjoyment, I again wondered? Still in the mittens, Emily put me back into the toddler harness and led me downstairs at the end of a leash attached to the back of the harness. I learned how toddlers feel when they are kept in tow this way. If I moved in the wrong direction, I was immediately pulled and directed in the way my handler, Emily, wanted me to go. I felt like such a little child and was kept under the strictest control at all times.

I was very aware of my backdoor intruder. Every time I took a step, the dildo also moved. My muscles would instinctively try to repel the dildo, but the tight rubber panties would push it right back in place. This caused the dildo to move in and out and to my surprise was very pleasurable.

We came into a room where Madam Nicole was reading. She looked up at me and told Emily to place me in a makeshift bouncy chair. It was nothing more than a swing made out of thick rubber straps suspended from the ceiling. It took both of them to help me get situated on the swing. I looked down at the swing. Basically it was a large rubber strap that fit between my legs and was suspended from the ceiling. Another rubber strap fit around my waist. In essence it was like a baby swing that you might see in any park.

I was instructed to jump up and down much like an infant would use a bouncy chair. Madam Nicole was afraid that I might fall out of the sling so my hands were secured above my head. As soon as I sat down on the rubber strap it pushed the dildo way up my butt. The swing, the bouncing motion, the tight rubber panties, and of course the dildo were all bringing some unbelievable pleasure to my backside. I had never felt such a pleasurable feeling coming from deep inside my butt and was pleasantly surprised. I kept a very steady jumping pace and my excitement really started to build. I actually thought that I could come if allowed to continue. It was at that moment that the nursery rhyme played and I found myself peeing into my diaper. Everything was a blur to me. I was feeling sensations from my wetting, and the dildo just became too much for me. I screamed out as I climaxed and was glad my hands were secured above me or I would have fallen out of the swing.

I was still trying to get my composure back when Madam Nicole started to yell at me.

"You little slut."

"I let you wear a little dildo for some pleasure and you have to go and ride it for a big O!"

"You have violated the 'stay pure' rule and you WILL be punished."

"Emily, get my riding crop."

Before I knew what was happening, the swing was removed from between my legs, but my hands remained tied above my head. Nicole pulled down my rubber panties and slid my diaper down my legs. The dildo was still up my backside. Nicole made the following demand, "I am going to whip your bottom with my riding crop for breaking the rules."

"If you expel the dildo while I am whipping you, you will receive further punishments."

"Understand, little girl?" I nodded yes, but already my tears were falling.

Madam Nicole started on my bottom with her little whip. With each blow I would jump and cry out in pain. I was not able to concentrate on keeping the dildo in me with her whipping my butt. After receiving 5 blows, my muscles simply pushed the dildo out and it actually seemed to shoot out of my greased bottom. Nicole picked up the intruder and put it to my face. My smell on the dildo was quite evident. She instructed me to kiss it and after I did she threw it on the floor.

"Girl, I am not done with you!"

"Chris would not appreciate me returning his wife to him as a little butt ranger, now would he?" I tried to nod "yes" the best I could.

Nicole undid my wrist restraints and placed me over her knee in the traditional spanking position. My diaper was still around my ankles. Nicole used her own hand to spank me and she was relentless. I was crying and wiggling to get out of the way, but each spanking stung my butt. Finally, Nicole tired of spanking me and pushed me to the floor.

"I want little Kimberly to crawl over to the dildo and bring it back to me in her teeth." I wanted to refuse, but I didn't want any more punishments. I still wore the bondage mittens so crawling was just a little awkward. I got to where the dildo was and reached down like a dog picking up a bone and grabbed it with my teeth. I was repulsed.

"Come here little doggie," Madam called out. I crawled back to where Nicole was sitting. She grabbed the dildo from my mouth and threw it across the room.

"Go and fetch it again, now!"

"Hurry up you little diaper slut." I crawled over to where the dildo was sitting and again brought it back to Nicole in my mouth. Nicole kept this up until I was totally exhausted. Nicole wasn't quite done with my humiliation. She instructed Emily to bring me a large bowl of water and I had to lap it up like a dog. This was repeated until I drank 3 large bowls of water. It was time for bed and I was ready to turn in.

Chapter 10 - Am I losing my ability to control my bodily functions?

I was again diapered and a prisoner of my crib for the night. I felt secure in the crib and although I wouldn't admit it to anyone, actually enjoyed being taken care of as a baby. I didn't like the punishments, but the attention was great.

I fell asleep with the headphones on again. Emily always made sure I wore them while I was sleeping. There was a mixture of music and talking on the tapes, and it was always soothing to listen to at night. I had never wet my bed in my sleep since childhood, but once again I awoke to the nursery rhyme and the feeling of peeing in my diaper. This startled me. There had now been several times where I had peed in my diaper and it seemed to be automatically triggered by the Mary Had a Little Lamb lullaby.

Emily came into the room to check on me because she too heard the lullaby and wanted to check to see if I was wet.

"Congratulations, Kim, this is the second time you wet your diaper tonight and both times happened at the same time as the lullaby."

"Emily, may I please ask you a question?"

"Go ahead, but don't mention this conversation to Madam."

"I promise," I said.

"Emily, you said I wet my diaper twice tonight."

"This is the only time I woke up."

"Do you know for a fact that I wet my diaper earlier?"

"Yes, I am required to check you each time the song is played to see if you are making progress."

"You were definitely wet, and you are right, you slept right through it."

"Oh my, then it is true."

"I am wetting my diaper on command."

"Well you are not quite there yet, but you have made remarkable progress."

"Your husband, Chris, is going to love your progress."

"It is his desire to have you diaper dependent or at least be able to trigger your wet diaper at his whim." I told Emily, "I love Chris and hate him for this all in one."

"I always want to please Chris, but I am scarred of losing the most basic bodily functions of controlling when I pee."

"Well, Kim, you only have a short period with us left."

"Based on your progress, my guess is that Chris will get his wish for a more dependent diaper slave."

Emily changed me, gave me a bottle, and I drifted off to sleep again. I woke up with a wet diaper in the morning. This troubled me. I had apparently peed in my diaper again while I slept sound.

Chapter 11 - A Hypnotist pays me a visit

"We have a very special visitor coming today to help with your training," Madam Nicole said as she greeted me next to my crib.

"I am very pleased with your progress and I believe that Chris will be pleased as well."

"Emily tells me that you are wetting yourself nicely at night when you hear the lullaby."

"It appears that the tapes and treatment are working."

"Today a hypnotist that I work with on a regular basis is going to come over to further your training."

"I am going to ask Emily to get you out of your crib, clean you up, and get you dressed for your training session."

"You will not be in your bondage mittens for our visitor so you will be watched carefully to make sure that you are on your best behavior."

I was both worried and curious about having a hypnotist "train me." What could this mean and would it even work? I had heard of all kinds of crazy things people have done while hypnotized and it scarred me. I knew that I had little choice in the matter, but also thought that I could control the whole process and simply fake being hypnotized. That was my plan.

Emily got me ready as instructed. I was not put in a diaper for the first time since I arrived and that had me curious. I didn't think too much of it because Emily put a very thick pair of cotton training pants on me. I was also instructed to put back on my jeans. They were the same ones I wore the day I arrived at the "spa." I looked in the mirror and I looked fairly normal. It was somewhat difficult to tell that I was wearing training pants unless one was to look very closely at my bottom and see the outline of thick panties under my jeans. I thought to myself, now I am making diaper, no bondage mittens...I looked like a normal young woman.

The constant fluids I was ordered to drink and strict diet didn't change. Because I didn't have a diaper on, Emily would take me to the bathroom and watch me pee on a small, plastic, toddler's potty. On one visit to the potty, I actually pooped in it. I wasn't sure if and when I would be put back into diapers so I wanted to poop while I had a chance, even if it had to be under the watchful eye of Emily. Embarrassing, but better than the alternative of pooping in a diaper.

The hypnotist came over and he certainly seemed nice. We were left alone together in the study and he explained the whole hypnotic process to me in order to make me feel as comfortable as possible. My plan was still to fake being hypnotized so I could keep control the best I could. I recalled everything he did and I was convinced that my plan had worked. Well I recalled most things. Apparently I did fall asleep for a short time because I was awoken by the voices of Nicole and Emily talking to the hypnotist. In any event, I felt fine and was certain that I never went through any mind control process.

The four of us went into the other room and the hypnotist said it was time for a demonstration. It was obvious that I was going to be the subject of the demonstration. Emily was behind a video camera and was apparently going to film whatever was about to happen. Secretly I laughed to myself, because I thought this whole thing was kind of bogus. Madam Nicole came over to me and whispered something in my ear. That was all I remembered. The next thing I knew was that I was sitting on the floor and all three of them were laughing at me.

I immediately stood up and that is when I knew why they were laughing. I looked down at my jeans and they were all wet like I had wet myself. I was so embarrassed. I asked what had transpired. Madam Nicole instructed Emily to play back the video tape on the TV to show me exactly what had happened. What I saw on the tape, I couldn't believe. I saw myself prancing around the room like a little three year old who had to pee. I was holding myself between my legs with both hands as I frantically danced around. Next, I saw myself stop my prancing and I peed right in my jeans! The wet spot grew in front until it eventually soaked the legs of my jeans. I could not believe what I was witnessing.

The hypnotist spoke first.

"Kim, it is important for you to know that I have implanted a triggering phrase in your mind."

"When you hear it spoken, you will automatically do what you just saw on the tape."

"You have no control over the behavior you just witnessed on the tape, but remember, a hypnotist can not make anyone do anything that they don't want to do."

"Apparently, at some deep level, you are OK with your actions as seen in the video." Emily added, "Maybe Kim is OK with wetting herself?" I was speechless. I looked down at my wet jeans. I cried and then asked if I could change my clothes.

Madam then spoke: "Well Emily, it looks as if our little girl can not be trusted to keep herself dry or the furniture from being ruined."

"I am ordering Kimberly back into diapers while she is a resident of our Inn."

"Kimberly, this is for your own good as well as ours." I was led back to the nursery for fresh clothes.

I was in a panic. Never had I wet myself and not had cognizant control over what I was doing. Now it appeared that a stupid nursery rhyme could trigger me to wet my diaper when I slept and there was some triggering phrase that the hypnotist implanted in my mind that would also make me wet myself. I was losing control, more control.

Chapter 12 - I am taken outside

With the hypnotist gone and me taken back to the nursery to be changed, I waited to see what was in store for me next. Emily again strapped me down to diaper me and dress me. When she bent over to get a diaper, I noticed something under her short maid's outfit in addition to the frilly panties. It looked like leather straps. I had to ask, "Emily, what are you wearing under your outfit?" She answered, "Madam makes me wear a chastity belt most of the time."

"Why?" I asked.

"Because she wants me to stay pure for her."

"She wants to make sure that you and I don't get too familiar with each other too."

"Why do you put up with it?"

"Because I am devoted to her and love being her slave."

"I see," and tried to change the subject. I was then told by Emily to be quiet because the baby monitor in the nursery was on and we were likely being listened to by Madam Nicole. I shut up in a hurry.

Emily dressed me in another diaper and a romper outfit. She also put the child harness on me. I was not wearing the bondage mittens and this was a relief. She led me downstairs and then outside to the backyard. She took me over to a sandbox that contained a number of children's toys. She told me to sit down in it and I complied. My child's harness was removed, but only after my ankle was chained to the sandbox. Escape just never seemed possible. Emily said, "stay put and play with your toys."

"I will be back to check on you."

I sat in the sandbox and felt like such a little child. For fun I actually played with some of the toys. After all, what else was there to do? The patio speakers were playing music and the song switched to Mary Had a Little Lamb. The effect was immediate. I instantly had to pee. My muscles went to jelly whenever I heard the nursery rhyme and my reflex was a always a strong need to pee. I resisted the impulse to pee, but in the end gave up because it was so uncomfortable to try and hold it back. I sat in the sandbox, a grown woman, and wet my diaper.

I was not sure how long I was sitting in the sandbox, but Madam Nicole finally came out and announced that Chris was going to be coming over to pick me up so it was time to get ready for his arrival. The 5 days were up and I was glad to be leaving the "spa."

Madam starred down at me and asked: "what would you like to wear to meet Chris?" I thought...this was the first time in 5 days that I was being asked what I wanted to do. Finally, things seemed like they would be getting back to normal! "I want to wear my own clothes and not these baby clothes," I responded without even thinking. Nicole's response was not quite what I expected, "are you sure you want to trust yourself in big girl clothes?" I must have shown concern on my face because I knew exactly what she meant. Could I stay dry? I nodded yes, but was concerned with my ability to stay dry. What if the hypnotic trance was to resurface? What was the magic phrase that sent me dancing around like a little girl and wet my pants? Surely the likelihood of hearing Mary Had a Little Lamb was not likely to happen outside this inn? Was it? I was not sure about my own answers, but I was already being unlocked from the sandbox to be taken back upstairs.

Chapter 13 - Chris returns to pick me up

As usual, Emily escorted me back upstairs, but this time it was to get dressed to go home! I picked out a pair of jeans, shirt, and the sexiest underwear I packed for the trip. I wanted to give Chris the biggest hug when he arrived. (Even though I was suppose to be mad at him for leaving me in this place!) I missed Chris.

I heard the door and ran to meet Chris. We embraced and he squeezed my butt through my tight jeans.

"I see that my girl is wearing big-girl panties," he said with a smile. I was embarrassed by his comment. He embarrassed me further when he asked Nicole, "is it alright for Kim to leave without a diaper on?"

"We gave Kim the choice, and she apparently thinks she is a big girl and doesn't need a diaper," Nicole said.

"OK, then we are off to the airport," Chris said and then whispered something in my ear.

(I didn't know it at the time, but Chris had whispered the secret phrase that the hypnotist had planted deep within my mind.) Apparently I went through the same little girl behavior I exhibited the first time the phrase was used. I was told that my hands went to my crotch and I danced around like a girl trying desperately not to wet herself. I had no recollection of it, but it must have happened as they described it, because I found myself standing in soaking wet jeans when I came out of the trance.

I was so embarrassed. Chris spoke first, "for a big girl, you sure have trouble staying dry in your panties."

"Maybe it would be best to have you wear a diaper for the long plane ride home," Nicole added. All I could think of was that I wanted to be somewhere else and out of their presence.

"We better get Kim changed out of her wet clothes for her trip...We don't want any silly accidents that could embarrass your husband, now do we?" Nicole again teased. She went on, "Kim, with Chris's permission, I will again ask you what you want to wear home, but this time I would think about your response first." Chris said, "that would be fine to ask." Were they going to make me ask to wear a diaper? How humiliating. It is one thing to be forced into a diaper, but to ask for a diaper? And then wear it out in public under my clothes? Nicole spoke up, "well, Kim, what is your decision? Diaper or big girl panties for the trip home?" Reluctantly, I said in my softest, most defeated voice, "a diaper."

"What, I can't hear you," said Nicole. I responded louder, "a diaper."

"I need to wear a diaper."

"Very well," said Nicole, "Emily please bring the diaper bag you packed for Kim."

My jeans were soaking wet so my whole outfit pretty much needed to be changed. When Emily returned with the diaper bag I noticed that it said "Kim's Diaper Bag" on the side in large letters. So all of this was going according to their plan. I apparently was putty in their hands. I felt so stupid. I was a college grad and was so easily manipulated. Emily took me by the hand and led me out of the room to change. It seemed like old times. I laid down on the floor, but this time no restraints. Emily professionally diapered me in a disposable diaper. She then asked, "would the misses like to wear plastic panties too?" Would my embarrassment never end? "Yes, please dress me in plastic panties...I may need the extra protection."

"Very well," she stated and pulled the plastic pants on over my diaper.

"May I suggest to the misses that you may want to wear a skirt...jeans may be way too obvious that you are diapered."

"Yes," I responded. The only skirt I brought was something pretty short. In fact, it looked more like a short pleated tennis skirt than something appropriate for travel. I certainly didn't expect to be wearing a diaper under it and walking through the airport.

Finally I was dressed and stopped to look in the mirror. From the front I looked pretty good if I did say so myself. A bit young looking I thought, but I liked my sexy appearance. I turned around in front of the mirror to see if there was an obvious bulge from my diaper and plastic panties. It wasn't horrible, but my diaper made my butt stick out a little in the skirt. I certainly would have to watch myself every time I needed to bend over or walk. I was very conscience that the short skirt just barely covered my diapered butt. I went back to greet Chris and Nicole.

"Well, don't you look nice," said Chris.

"Why don't you give us a little spin to show off," he added. As much as I wanted to refuse, the last 5 days in the inn taught me to follow commands. I spun in a circle as I was told. My skirt predictably betrayed me and my diaper and plastic pants were fully exposed. Chris's response was immediate, "You look so cute Kim."

"I love to see your little plastic panties peeking out from under your skirt." I blushed.

"Kim," Nicole said, "I bet you are glad to know that you are in the security of a diaper now." I nodded yes. We said our goodbyes and left for the airport to catch our plane.

Chapter 14 - the trip home

Maybe I was just more conscious of the way I was dressed, but I thought that all eyes were starring at me in the airport. I was so busy worrying about not bending over and showing my diapered butt, that I had forgotten about the diaper bag I was carrying. When we got to security, I had to put the bag through for inspection. Of course, you guessed it. My diaper bag was selected to be inspected because it contained baby bottles. I had difficulty explaining the baby bottles without the presence of a baby. Finally, the inspector caught on and realized that the diapers in the bag were not for a baby, nor was anything else in the diaper bag. He chuckled and said to Chris, "have a nice flight and take care of your baby." I was embarrassed again, but I was through security and on my way. No more problems I thought to myself...

We got on the plane without further incident, and Chris had surprised me with first class seats. The long trip home was going to be a treat. I sat by the window with Chris at my side. The wine made me relax further and I was enjoying Chris's hand on my thigh. Occasionally Chris would work his hand up my skirt and place his hand on my plastic panties. He was slowly turning me on, but we had to be discreet. This was great fun. The last few days had really made me tired and I put on my MP3 headphones and drifted asleep.

(What I didn't know at the time was that Chris had added Mary Have a Little Lamb to my recordings.) I woke up and found myself to be wet, very wet. Chris was sleeping and I decided not to wake him. I carefully started to get out of my seat to go to the restroom, but the flight attendant instructed me to stay seated during the turbulence. I sat back down and felt the squish of my wet diaper. All of this woke Chris up. I told him I had wet my diaper, but somehow I think he knew.

"It is a good thing you are diapered my sweetheart."

"Your seat would be drenched without your diaper on."

Chris proceeded to give me a lecture, almost like a parent talking to his naughty child, "I want you to know that there will be some new rules in our house when we get home."

"If you again get sassy or bitchy with me, I want you to remember that I can trigger your need to pee in an instant."

"This could be quite embarrassing if you are out in public."

"You wouldn't!" I said.

"Oh just try me," Chris tempted.

"I think it will be very funny to have you dancing around in a store like a desperate little girl and wet yourself."

"You wouldn't!" I again stated.

"Kim, you are now going to strive much harder to be the perfect wife."

"Only you and I will know that you are my diaper slave."

Life was going to be different. I was going to have to get used to wearing more diapers. I was also going to have to learn to watch my sassy tongue with Chris or suffer the consequences. Yes, life was going to be different, but I wasn't complaining. Chris's hand returned to my leg and he again stroked my plastic panties. I was wet and I was happy that my status as Chris's diaper slave was taken to a deeper level. I felt owned and shuddered at the thought. To be continued.

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