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My Diaper Nurse

by Johnny

A few years ago I had to go to the hospital for an operation to have a cyst removed. I have been somewhat incontinent for many years now. I usually wear stacked diaper pads inside of cotton stretch briefs, they are of course covered with plastic panties. Although my diapering methods are fairly constant, I have a wide selection of plastic pants from snap-ons to pull-ons to vinyl bikinis and rubber pants. Knowing they prefer disposable diapers at the hospital, I packed 8 attends and a dozen of the new depend boosters. I also packed my snap crotch pajamas and several plastic pants. I was admitted to the hospital wearing an Attends with 2 boosters, I then slit the plastic of the diaper in the crotch to allow moisture flow, and tightly put on another Attends with another booster. This allows me all day protection since the hospital is a three hour drive.

I was scheduled for surgery that evening so I went to my semi private room.

An attractive dark haired nurse said "Are you Johnny?" I told her I was.

"Hi, I'm Sandy and this is your bed" she said as she pulled she sheet over a plastic mattress cover.

"Please take off your clothes and I'll help you with this hospital gown." I told her I had my own PJs as I slid my sweat pants off to reveal my hugely padded disposable diaper. The nurse immediately pulled the privacy curtain around the bed as she read my chart more closely.

"Did you bring your own protection, or will you be using ours?" I showed her my bag of supplies, she pulled a pair of shiny clear plastic bikinis out of the bag, held them up and stretched the waist and said "These are very nice but will they fit over a double diaper?" Wow! She knew what a double diaper was! I assured her I was "covered" as I pulled out a full cut pair of snap-on plastic pants.

"Are you wet now?" she asked. I told her I was but there was room for much more.

"Nobody gets diaper rash on my floor! Do you want me to put on your dry diapers, or do you want to do it?" I said I could diaper myself.

"OK" she said but I suggest you just put on one Attends with 3 boosters and use some diaper creme." Nurse Sandy stood there and watched me drop my soggy diapers and lean up against the wall and tape on a fresh disposable with 3 boosters.

"Let's try these too" as she pulled out the bikini plastic panties, bent over and pulled the waist open so I could step into them, grabbing the waist she stood up and pulled my plastic bikinis over my disposable, made sure the legbands were secure, she then gave my plastic covered crotch a squeeze, smiled and said "That'll do." I sprouted an instant hard on. She then helped me put on the open back hospital gown.

"They don't show much" she said as she rubbed my plastic butt and made it squeak like when you rub a balloon.

Back in my room nurse Sandy asked how wet I was. I had only voided my bladder once so I should be OK.

"We'll take care of it in post op." she said as she helped me onto the gurney. After the IV drip started, I don't remember anything until I woke up in my room, being very thirsty and having to take a piss real bad. Nurse Sandy cranked my bed up so I could sit and handed me a glass of water with a straw. After my first sip I could feel the floodgates open and I flooded my diapers, there's nothing like a hot soggy diaper. My nurse lifted my sheets and gown and grabbed my crotch to check my diapers, that's when I realized that she had re diapered me because I was wearing my blue Snap-On vinyl pants over a well padded disposable. I dozed off again, secure that I'm well diapered and waterproofed. I hate wet sheets! The nurse on the night shift wasn't nearly as understanding, she let me double diaper myself but wouldn't let me wear plastic pants. She didn't trust my diapering because she gave me a towel and told me to sleep on it. I threw it under the bed knowing my thick waterproof crotch would hold just fine. I woke the next morning to nurse Sandy shoving her hand under my diaper to see if I had leaked, I hadn't, of course.

"Good morning wet boy. Are you ready for a change? I'll do it. OK? I relented. After cleaning me, she expertly adjusted the boosters into the crotch of the diaper and snugly taped it on.

"You can be released this evening but I still need a stool sample from you." I explained that I had been constipated for two days before I even came to the hospital. Sandy said, "I know that you don't normally poop in your diapers but it's fine with me if you load your diaper, so you can be released. Maybe a soak in the hot tub would loosen you up." I asked if I'd be allowed in wearing diapers.

"It's allowed if you're wearing safety pants." She then pulled from an envelope a quite small pair of shiny white rubber pants. I told her that they were too small to fit over my triple padded diaper. I stepped into the legholes and nurse Sandy deftly stretched the tight white rubber panty until it actually covered my whole thick diaper! I reached down to feel my crotch, the smooth tight rubber panty felt remarkable. I soaked in the hot tub for about an hour but was still plugged up, I did take a nice long piss knowing the rubber safety pants would do their job. I'd just gotten out of the tub when nurse came in and told me her shift was over and she needed to get the safety pants. I thought that was a little odd but I obliged by peeling them off, noticing that no hot tub water leaked through. Nurse cranky came in and shoved a suppository up my ass as she padded and diapered me as she assured me that if I didn't take a shit tonight, I'd be getting the "hose" tomorrow. The next morning I was looking forward to nurse Sandy changing me, she came in for a moment to tell me she was slammed and said I should go down to the cafeteria and get some prune juice and bran. I pulled a pair of shiny, white vinyl briefs over my overnight diaper and put my snap crotch Pants over them, then went to the cafeteria. As I was standing in line with my tray I was grunting and bowing my legs trying so hard to squeeze a turd out. All I got was another hard piss.

An hour before lunch Sandy finally came to change me which was good because I was soaked.

"Any luck yet?" I said no.

"You only have 2 diapers and 4 boosters left. I'm using them all, I'm gonna double diaper you because you're gonna need it." She then put on the first Attends, fitting 3 boosters in the crotch but only taping the bottom two tapes on both sides, after slitting the crotch she put on my last diaper and booster, again not closing the tapes at the waist. Sandy then laid my plastic snap pants on the bed and told me to lay on my stomach on top of my opened pants, then told me she'd be right back. When nurse came back she quickly hooked to the curtain bar a swollen rubber bag with a hose at the bottom. I'm giving you a hot soap enema. I want you to hold it as long as you can, it will be hard but it's important that you hold it as long as possible. She then put a big swab of KY up my ass followed by a plastic tube.

"Here it comes!" she said, as she released the clamp. The warm flow in my gut was immediate, by the time the bag was empty the pressure in my gut was immense. Sandy then had me roll over on my back and raised the bottom of the bed to raise my feet. Hold it! She said as she finished taping up both diapers and snapping on my plastic pants. As I'm gritting my teeth and clenching my sphincter Sandy says "I have something to show you." I turned my head toward her, my eyes were level with her crotch, she unbuttoned the flap on her nurse white skirt and lifted it to reveal a well padded shiny tight nurse white rubber panty! I couldn't believe it. My diaper nurse is wearing diapers herself and the rubber safety pants! She took my hand, slightly spread her legs and put my palm on her rubber covered crotch. She then began to rub her own breast as she looked at the ceiling and gave a moan. I could immediately feel the hot piss through her rubber panties as she said "Let it go." I gladly submitted to the great pressure in my gut. A huge load of shit suddenly filled the seat of my diapers. I quickly climbed out of bed, I was bent over with cramps as my gut kept compressing flushing more turds, I could hear popping and gurgling as I kept filling my already swollen diapers, if that wasn't enough I then took a huge piss.

All this time I had kept my other hand on Sandy's rubber covered piss filled rubber crotch, she pressed up next to me we hugged each other with one arm while our other hand was holding each other's sodden crotch. It was such an erotic experience for us that we both came at the same time. Sandy became limp and I had to help her to the bed. After a few minutes she gained her composure, buttoned her skirt and said she'd be back in an hour after I stopped shitting, to clean me up so I can finally be released. As promised, an hour later nurse Sandy removed my bulging diapers so I could shower. After showering I was surprised to see a very nice six layer terry cloth pull on diaper panty on my bed.

Just then Sandy came in and said "I know you're out of diapers, this one is mine, you can borrow it. We can get together sometime so I can get it back." I told her that was fine with me. I slipped the diaper pant on and enclosed it with my snap pants. She then bent over to pick up my bag and purposely showed her own bikini plastic panties and diapers. This was the beginning of a beautiful friendship. More about nurse Sandy to come.

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