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Little Kate

Part 5

Kate stood over Hope on all fours her plastic pants pressed against her naval. Kate slipped her tongue into Hope's mouth and they kissed passionately. Kate began kissing down Hope's chest. She passed her breasts and naval and kept going until she reached her soft lips. Then Kate stopped instantly it was on her waves of pleasure. She had forgotten her vibrator was still set to 8. She let out a few moans and began breathing heavily.

"Is there something wrong down there little Kate?" Hope asked concerned.

"N-o-o M-m-mom-my-y," Kate managed to squeak out.

"Alright baby, hurry up." Hope returned catching a glance of Kate biting her lower lip in anticipation of her intense orgasm. Kate struggled to maintain her composure and began eating out Hope. Kate's tongue caressed Hopes vagina over and over. Hope began to moan and shift as they both became closer to orgasms. Kate was taking longer than Hope as she had been going all day. Hope's passion intensified as she inched closer and closer to her goal. Kate's tongue plunged deep into Hope. Hope came to an intense orgasm and gushed all over Kate's face. Kate sat up on her diaper and moments later she orgasmed. They both looked at each other and smiled. Kate started to laugh looking down at Hope's naked body.

"What's so funny little Kate?" Hope asked.

"You're wetting yourself and your supposed to be the mommy." Kate said laughing. Hope sat up urine still streaming out of her. Hope sighed and finally her flow stopped. Hope cleaned up the mess and Kate put a disposable diaper on Hope.

"There you go 'mommy'," said Kate emphasizing that she didn't think mommies should wear diapers.

Hope reattached her skirt and pulled Kate over her lap. Hope pulled Kate's diaper down to her ankles exposing her moist shaved pussy glistening in the light. Hope raised her hand and began spanking Kate.

"I'm sorry Mommy Hope!" Kate screamed reassuring Hope she would never question her dominate position or her ability as her mommy. After several hard spanks to her ass Kate's ass was red and to top it off she began wetting herself her urine dripping out of pussy and down her legs to her diaper. Hope stood up and pulled Kate to her feet. Kate was a sad sight, ass bright red, pacifier in her mouth, urine running down her legs and crying her eyes out. She looked just like a baby. Hope pulled Kate's diaper back up and settled Kate down. Kate looked at Hope, she was still topless and her mini skirt didn't do anything to cover her diaper which some of the wetness indicators had already faded from, she didn't look like a mommy but she was in charge.

"Well, if you don't think mommies should wear diapers then I won't be your mommy after tomorrow. I'll just have Miranda come over she used to be my mommy when I was an AB." Hope said scathingly.

"Until then though," Hope plainly stated, "I'll be taking this." Hope pulled Kate's diaper to the side and removed the vibrator, "no more fun for little Kate." Hope took the vibrator and slipped it into her diaper and turned It on 2.

"I'll tell you what little Kate. I'm 22 years old, I'm going to take off my diaper, and for every time I wet myself in these." Hope pulled out a pair of lacy white panties from her diaper bag.

"I will act as though I am 2 years younger." Hope stated as she let her wet disposable fall to the ground confidently. Her confidence in herself to keep her panties dry faded quickly as she dribbled into her diaper on the floor.

"Well I guess I'm starting at twenty." Hope said blushing and pulling on her panties.

Hope walked up to Kate's dresser and began rummaging through the drawers. She finally found what she was looking for; she grabbed the plastic pants out of the drawer and showed them to Kate. They were pink with ruffles, they were one of Kate's favorites, Kate's eyes lit up.

"Mommy I love those!"

Kate took off her other plastic pants and Hope got a look at her diaper. Her diaper was sagging and very yellow. Hope changed her cloth diaper and put her into a triple cloth diaper and put her pink ruffled plastic pants over them. Hope checked Kate's appearance, and she was wearing nothing but her diapers and plastic pants with a pacifier in her mouth. Kate's breasts were exposed and she had dried breast milk on them. Hope put her mini tube top that barely covered her breasts back on. Hope was quite a sight a petite blonde with D breasts, a tiny top, a black mini skirt with white cotton panties and her highheels.

"Hey little Kate guess where were gonna go?" Hope asked

"Uhh to my room?" thought Kate.

"Nope, the mall then were going to the grocery store!"

"Oh, well then I better get changed." Replied Kate.

"That won't be necessary Little Kate." Hope said smirking.

Part 6

"I can't go out dressed like a baby!" Kate protested.

"Too bad little Kate." Hope said without sympathy.

Hope grabbed Kate's arm and pulled her out the door. Walking down the stairs diaper bag in hand Hope put Kate in an oversized car seat in the back of Hope's car. Hope pulled out of Kate's apartment.

"Everyone is going to think your adorable at the mall little Kate." Hope said talking to Kate in the rear view mirror.

"But Mommy I don't want to be seen dressed like a baby!" Kate protested from the backseat unable to move in her car seat.

"Well, honey you should have thought about that before you questioned my authority as your mommy," Hope snapped.

Hope pulled up to the local mall and parked in the spots reserved for new mothers.

"Were here baby," said Hope getting out of her seat to let Kate out of her car seat. Kate noticed something on the drivers seat of Hope's car a dark spot on her car seat.

"Well I guess Mommy Hope is 18 now," Kate observed.

"I guess so," said Hope noticing her white cotton panties were now yellow and there was a dark spot on her mini skirt. Hope started to feel the waves of pleasure come over her as she took each step.

Hope unbuckled Kate and pulled out a slightly larger stroller than normal. She put her half naked baby girl into her stroller and wheeled her to the mall entrance. Immediately Kate had people staring at her. They walked past the crowd of onlookers and walked straight to the infant and children's store. Hope pushed the stroller to the counter and approached the clerk, her breathing was getting heavy and she was fighting back moaning out loud.

"Excuse me Ma'am," Hope said addressing the clerk. The clerk turned her attention to the scantily clad woman and half naked woman in a wet diaper in the stroller.

"Oh, what can I do for you ladies?" asked the clerk helpfully.

"Yes I would like to order some special plastic pants for my baby." said Hope gesturing to Kate.

"Oh, isn't she a cutie," said the clerk walking up to the stroller and pinching Kate on the cheek.

"Well if you could just fill out what you want on these cards we will get those ordered for you." The clerk took a second look at Hope.

"Uhh Ma'am you realize your urinating on the floor?" The clerk questioned meekly unsure of what to do. Hope was shaking and from the pleasure and finally came in front of the clerk. Cum overflowed out of her panties and some dripped on the floor along with the flow of urine as Hope let a loud orgasmic moan of pleasure.

"Well we may be able to help you into a diaper," joked the clerk.

"You have no idea," Kate said under her breathe.

"Im sorry," apologized Hope meekly, liquid still streaming down her legs.

"Don't worry we will get that cleaned up," said the clerk placing her order.

"It will be about an hour and your order will be at the address you wrote down."

"Mommy Kate does this mean your 16 now?" questioned little Kate from her stroller.

"Yes little Kate," returned Hope.

"Now let's get some groceries baby."

Part 7

Hope pulled into the parking spot at the local grocery store chain. Once again Hope placed her big baby girl in the stroller, "You know that clerk was right, you are a cutie." Hope said observing Kate as she sucked on her pacifier in the oversized stroller. Hope wheeled the stroller closer to the store and walked through the automatic doors. A rush of cold air fell over them as they entered the store.

"Mommy, I'm cold!" Kate exclaimed only wearing wet diapers the air conditioning was making chill bumps cover her body.

"Sorry baby, I don't have a blankee for you, you're going to have to tough it out." Hope said pushing the stroller down the baby aisle. Hope picked a few dozen jars of baby food off the shelf.

"I hope you like fruit," Hope said smiling as she walked further down the aisle. Hope reached the diaper half of the aisle and began scanning the shelf. She pulled a package of girl's goodnights medium and large, a few bags of Huggies size six and a few adult diaper packages.

"That should last us a while." Hope said loading all the bags of diapers into the bottom of the stroller.

"Speaking of diapers," Hope was reminded of her own little one. She slipped her index finger into Kate's diapers and found them thoroughly soaked.

"Well someone is in desperate need of a change," Hope said plainly. Hope pushed the stroller toward the women's bathroom.

Hope pushed Kate's stroller into the bathroom. The bathroom was full of other women and Hope got plenty of stares in such revealing clothes, but the women really stared when she put Kate on the changing table. Kate was petite but her legs still dangled off the changing table. Hope pulled her diaper bag out and pulled out two fluffy disposable diapers. Hope removed Kate's soaked diapers and wet plastic pants. Hope used baby wipes and cleaned Kate's shaved pussy and legs. While Kate was getting powdered she heard a sound like running water. Kate sat up and saw Hope trying to curb the flow of her urine which was now forming a puddle at her feet. All but a one woman left the bathroom at that point the only one left was an attractive busty blonde in her late teens.

"Looks like she's not the only one who needs a diaper change." The blonde said snickering at Hope's predicament. Hope turned bright red at the comment about her lack of control of herself. Hope shifted uncomfortably not only was her skirt and panties cold and clammy, but she was nearing another orgasm. Hope let out a few soft moans which were amplified by the walls of the bathroom.

"Ma'am are you ok?" the blonde asked seeing Hope shifting from side to side. Hope bit her lower lip in anticipation hoping the blonde would leave before she embarrassed herself. Hope kept silent as long as she could until she couldn't take it anymore. The vibrator in her vagina set her off into a powerful orgasm her moaning and squeals of pleasure echoed off the bathroom walls as she orgasmed into her panties. Cum again lined her now yellow sagging panties as drops of Hope's juices fell into her puddle of urine. The blonde could only stare at Hope. The blonde quickly walked over to the bright red Hope and hugged her.

"it's ok honey," the blonde reassured her. The blonde finished tapping the diaper on Kate and sat her back in the stroller while Hope was frozen in shame. The blonde girl stuck Kate's pacifier back in her mouth and grabbed a spare from the diaper bag. She set Hope on the changing table and took off her sticky yellow cum stained panties. She then hiked up Hope's wet mini skirt and grabbed a puffy disposable diaper. Cleaning the urine and cum from Hope's legs and pussy she taped the diaper on her. Her mini skirt did nothing but draw attention to her shapely diapered ass.The blonde woman then took the remote to Hope's vibrator and turned it to the max. Pulling Hope's skirt back down she helped her down from the table.

"Now you babies be good and if you ever need a babysitter call me." The blonde handed Hope the card and it said "Nicole, professional babysitter, no baby is too big!" Hope and Kate walked out of the bathroom after Nicole had left.

"Mommy, can Nicole come over and watch us please!" Kate begged.

"Well at this rate since I'm 14 now were going to need a babysitter by tomorrow." Hope the now teenage mother said as she walked to go checkout.

Part 8

Hope proceeded to the checkout line and saw the person ahead of her was Nicole. Nicole winked at Hope and blew little Kate a kiss. Both Hope and Kate blushed at the gesture. Moments later Nicole had left and it was Hope's turn to check out. The cashier scanned her diapers and baby food and carried them around to the stroller. The cashier stopped and took notice of Kate, she was quite a sight to behold, a full grown woman but she looked like a baby puffy attends diapers that were slightly yellowed at the bottom and drinking from a bottle of formula. Kate noticed the cashier was staring at her and she blushed.

"C-can I h-h-elp y-you mmiss?" Hope tried to say as a wave of pleasure washed over her as she questioned the cashier.

The cashier promptly stood up straight and noticed Hope and she was also a shocking sight she was basically naked above the waste except for her tiny short shirt with a teddy bear on it and her mini skirt was too short to hide her puffy attends which was also slightly yellowed like Kate's. Hope was also starting to look shaky on her knees and she was pressing her lips together tightly to avoid vocalizing her ecstasy.

"Sorry Miss," the cashier apologized quickly biting her tongue. The cashier processed her payment and said, "Have a nice day."

"Y-you t-t," but she couldn't finish she came to a loud orgasm and in seconds everyone was staring at her pleasure. Still filled with waves of her orgasm she realized what she was doing and tried to contain herself, but she came in her diaper in that same instant. Finally as she finished and regained her composure. Hope was instantly mortified and quickly rushed out the door with Kate. Hope speed walked to her car and loaded everything in along with strapping Kate to her car seat. Hope got into the car and quickly drove home.

Once they got home Hope unstrapped Kate and she helped Hope bring in the groceries. Kate finally got up the courage to ask her, "So how many times did you wet your diaper?" Kate lifted up Hopes skirt and saw the wetness indicator was gone.

"Four times," Hope replied tersely.

"So, mommy is six now," Kate said smiling.

"Make that five times," Hope interjected checking her attends with a finger.

"It's warm again," she commented.

"I don't think you're a mommy anymore Little Hope," Kate commented.

"At least until the day after tomorrow, you better call Nicole." Kate handed Hope her cell phone and Hope dialed the number on the card. The phone rang twice and someone picked up.

"Hello?" Nicole's voice came from the phone.

"Hi Nicole, it's Hope, uh... the woman you diapered at the store earlier. I was wondering if you could come watch two big babies for me for the next two days?"

"Sure, I would love to." Nicole returned promptly, "I have your address in my phone. I will be there in ten minutes." Nicole hung up right after she finished speaking leaving Hope talking to no one.

Part 9

A few minutes after Hope hung up the phone she checked her diaper. It was starting to leak being a few hours after Nicole diapered her.

"Kate will you change me please?" Hope asked politely.

"Sure, baby sister," Kate said making fun of that fact that Hope had been reduced to the age of an infant. Hope blushed ashamed at the comment. Kate sat Hope down on the changing mat and untapped her puffy attends. Hope's soiled diaper was sticky with her cum and leaking from wetting it so much. Kate was cleaning Hope's thighs and vagina when there was a knock at the door. Getting up from the changing mat Hope looked through the door's glass eye and saw it was Nicole. Hope excitedly opened the door and let her in.

"Well, Hope, I thought you were supposed to be the mommy." Nicole said disappointed to see pee sliding down Hope's left thigh and dripping on the floor.

"Well you're both already breaking a few of my rules." Nicole stated as though they were aware.

"Rule one: Babies are to be diapered at all times, and Rule two, babies aren't allowed to change diapers." Hope and Kate both looked away ashamed, and a little confused about how they could be subjected to the rules before they knew of them.

Nicole quickly walked over to Kate and the changing mat and told Hope to come to her. Hope obeyed and sat down on the changing mat. Nicole removed Hope's vibrator "I'll be taking that," Nicole said. Nicole laid Hope down and quickly gave her a coat of baby powder and placed her into another disposable. Nicole also took off Hope's top and removed her skirt; she then reached into her bag and pulled out a blue pacifier then popped it in Hope's mouth. Hope began sucking on the pacifier her AB instincts taking over.

"Ok now that no one can make a mess onto both of your punishments," Nicole said firmly.

"Kate you will be spanked ten times for your punishment," Nicole said pulling Kate over her knee. Nicole pulled the tapes of Kate's diaper off and it held in place against Nicole's lap. Nicole began spanking Kate as she cried for her to stop. Kate's tears were of no use though Nicole carried out her punishment, and by the end of it Kate had tears streaming down her face. Nicole pulled the tapes closed again on her diaper and sat her on the couch to deal with Hope.

Hope still sitting on the changing mat awaited her punishment. She looked up at Nicole, she was a good six inches taller than her, but being on the floor she felt very small. Nicole looked down at Hope and said, "Eat me out," as she pulled down her short shorts and panties. Hope looked up at Nicole's vagina it was dripping wet with anticipation. Hope didn't argue she didn't want to be spanked like Kate for disobeying. Hope began tonguing Nicole's vaginal lips and Nicole began to rub her breasts and pressed Hope's face into her vagina. The motion caused Hope to plunge her tongue deep into Nicole. Nicole shuddered and took a deep breath holding Hope into her crotch.

"That's a good baby H-h-hope," Nicole said in between gasps of pleasure. Hope began furiously rubbing her tongue against her clit until Nicole finally came on her face with a scream of ecstasy. Nicole used a baby wipe to clean Hope's face and kissed Hope on the cheek.

"You're good at that, little Hope," Nicole said smiling at her.

Nicole pulled up her panties and shorts. Kate turned to Nicole, "Miss Nicole I'm hungry," Kate whined.

"I bet you're both hungry, hold on while I get you guys some dinner." Nicole said walking into the kitchen. She grabbed two jars of baby food that Hope had bought for Kate and a bib for both of them.

"Nicole, Hope can't eat baby food she's not even a year old now." Kate smiled now that she was the older baby of the two. Hope pouted and regretted her regressed state. Nicole sat down on the couch and placed Hope in her lap. Nicole took her top off and offered her nipple to Hope. Hope leaned closer and latched onto Nicole's nipple. Hope was enjoying being taken care of again and loved the taste of breast milk. Hope hungrily drank down Nicole's breast milk, and Nicole was glad she got a bib for Hope. As Hope nursed on Nicole's breast she managed to get breast milk all over her chin and bib. Hope drank for several minutes and began to feel full. Hope unlatched from Nicole's breast and licked off the bit of milk that dripped off as she stopped nursing. Hope was content and quickly fell fast asleep sucking on her pacifier as Nicole fed baby food to the messy Kate.

Part 10

After Nicole had fed Hope and Kate she put them down for a nap. Hope and Kate slept soundly as Nicole prepared for them to wake up. After a few hours Kate and Hope stirred and woke up. Nicole was preparing to change both Kate and Hope, Nicole noticed Kate and Hope sit up from their places on the couch. Nicole walked over to Kate, picking her up, she walked back over to the changing mat and set her down. Nicole took off Kate's fully soaked disposable and cleaned her up.

"Usually to get big babies to use their diapers I have to give them special pills, but you guys don't need those apparently." Nicole said commenting on how well Kate and Hope soak their diapers without assistance.

"Special pills?" Kate questioned

"Yes, I have two types ones that just make liquids go through you in a few minutes, and another that does that and makes adults act like babies." Nicole stated plainly. That statement caught both Kate and Hope's interest. Hope began to formulate a devious plan in her mind. While Nicole was distracted with Kate, Hope rummaged through Nicole's baby bag until she found what she was looking for. Hope held two bottles of pills in her hand one marked "wet" and the other marked "baby". Hope shoved the two pill bottles in between the couch cushions and pulled her hand back out.

Nicole finished with Kate and swatted her clean diaper and she walked back over to the couch and lied back down. Nicole motioned for Hope to come over, Hope quickly stood up and walked over, and she sat down on the changing mat. Nicole expertly cleaned Hope's vagina and re-diapered little Hope. Hope walked back over to her spot on the couch and sat down. Nicole walked into the kitchen and started making bottles for Kate and Hope.

As Nicole was making their bottles of formula, Hope was fishing between the cushions and stealthily unscrewing the cap from one of the bottles. Hope retrieved one of the pills from the bottle and looked at it. It was a clear cap with white dust inside it. Nicole walked over and placed a glass of soda on the coffee table for herself, and walked back into the kitchen to get the baby's bottles. As Nicole walked into the kitchen Hope popped the pill in half and emptied the dust into the glass. The dust quickly dissolved into the brown liquid and Hope waited for her desired result. Hope was praying that she put the baby pill in her drink and not her wet pill.

Nicole handed each baby a bottle of formula and they both began to drink. Then the doorbell suddenly rang. Nicole walked over to the door and looked through the spy glass. There was no one there but there was a large box in front of the door. Nicole opened the door and grabbed the large box, box in hand she closed the door and set the large package on the table.

"My order is finally here!" Hope said excitedly between drinks from her bottle of formula.

"What did you order?" Kate asked with a curious look on her face.

Nicole opened the box and emptied its contents onto the table; they were plastic pants with different writing on each one.

"Not a bad idea." Nicole said tersely grabbing two plastic pants. She took the purple pair that said "Check my diaper," on the back and pulled them over Hope's diaper. The other pair was clear and on the butt said "Warning soaked diaper!" She pulled this pair over Kate's diaper and sat down on the couch watching her babies drinking their bottles. After a few minutes of drinking their bottles Nicole had finished her glass of drugged soda as well. She stood up and took the bottles and glass back into the kitchen. Hope was giddy with anticipation of what affect that Nicole would succumb to. Hope soon had her answer; as Nicole sat down Hope saw a growing dark patch over Nicole's short shorts and leaking down over the couch.

"What the hell?" Nicole said in confusion, as she helplessly watched herself urinate all over her shorts and the couch.

Part 11

Hope feigned concern as she saw Nicole piss all over herself.

"Nicole what's happening?" Hope questioned faking ignorance to the situation.

"I'm not sure," Nicole returned unsure of what to do.

"I guess I'll just get cleaned up..." she seemed in denial. Nicole walked to the bathroom and changed her soaked panties and shorts. Nicole put on a pair of white panties and a skirt. Nicole walked back into the living room enjoying her fresh set of clothes. Kate took notice of Nicole's new outfit and was instantly entranced by her thighs and perfect ass hanging out of the back of her short skirt. Nicole poured herself a glass of water and sat on the couch. Nicole sipped on the water dwelling on how she wet herself and was trying to figure out why.

Hope took advantage of her distracted baby sitter and reached down between the couch cushions. Digging around she found the bottle that wasn't opened. Hope knew she obviously gave her the wet pill not the baby pill. Hope gripped one of the baby pills in her hand and thought of a way to administer the pill.

"Nicole maybe you should check our diapers." Hope suggested pretending to be helpful.

Nicole snapped back to attention and remembered her duties as a baby sitter.

"Right," she said as she stood up. Nicole walked over to Hope, Kate watching as Nicole's perfect ass swayed back and forth, Nicole reached her fingers past Hope's plastic pants and diaper. She was wet, but she could hold a lot more. While she bent over checking Hope's diaper Kate stared intently at Nicole's white panties .and practically salivated at the thought of exploring Nicole's body. Nicole walked over to Kate and Hope reacted quickly by crushing the white pill and dumping into Nicole's water, it dissolved in seconds. Kate shook with anticipation as Nicole slid her finger down Kate's diaper and found it could also hold more.

"Nicole, I'm wet." Kate said as Nicole felt inside her diaper.

"I know baby I can feel it, but you don't need to be changed yet," Nicole returned.

"Not that kind of wet," Kate said smiling at Nicole. Nicole realized what Kate meant and smiled back at her as Nicole slowly began rubbing her index finger against Kate's wet vagina. Kate shuddered and began to breathe heavily as she felt Nicole rub against her. Kate pulled Nicole closer and kissed her lips softly. Nicole stopped rubbing Kate's lips with her fingers and pulled her hand out of Kate's diaper. Kate moaned out displeasure because she hadn't had release yet.

"Nicole I wasn't finished yet," Kate whined. Nicole finished her glass of water and pulled two pacifiers out of her diaper bag.

"Nicole I don't need a pacifier I already have one," Kate commented not knowing what was in store for her. Nicole didn't say anything she just walked over to Kate and untapped her diaper from her waist. Nicole then removed her panties, skirt and top setting them aside she flicked a switch on the pacifier. It began to hum and vibrate. Kate's eyes instantly lit up in excitement. Nicole placed the pacifier into her wet vagina and the vibration instantly began to stimulate her. Kate took her pacifier, turned it on and slid into her vaginal lips. The stimulation almost set her off instantly.

"Since little Kate wants to be a naughty baby widdle Kate needs a wibrator." Nicole paused trying to form a coherent sentence in her head like an adult but she couldn't talk normally. Nicole was confused and began to cry.

"Why me act wike a wittle girl," she whined and to add to her shame she began pissing herself through her vibrating pacifier onto the floor.

"Finally it kicked in," commented Hope resuming control as the mommy.

"Looks like wittle Nicole needs diapers now," Hope said making fun of Nicole's new regressed state. Hope cleaned up the mess Nicole made and began searching through Nicole's diaper bag. She found an extra large baby diaper big enough to fit both Nicole and Kate in.

"If you two little ones like each other so much then you can share a diaper." She said diapering Nicole and Kate into the same oversized diaper.

"Nooo, me no need diapees" Nicole whined like a toddler. Kate was enjoying herself immensely and was drawing close to an orgasm. Nicole realized she was no longer in control and accepted that she was going to be a baby for the rest of the day.

Part 12

Kate rubbed her breasts and moaned loudly as Nicole pissed into the diaper warming Kate's wet vagina. Kate was inching closer to an orgasm lying on top of Nicole who was doing the exact same. Nicole's regressed state caused her to keep wetting their diaper uncontrollably. Kate began kissing the regressed Nicole who returned the action. Finally Kate and Nicole orgasmed at the same time cum dripped into the joint diaper from Nicole and Kate. They both lied on the couch Kate on top Nicole on the bottom exhausted.

Hope stood up and walked over to the changing mat diaper crinkling with every step. She looked down at her diaper and saw the sagging yellow disposable hanging from her waist.

"I really need a change," Hope said to herself as she untapped the diaper. She set the soaked garment in the trashcan and began cleaning herself with a baby wipe. After she was all cleaned up she took three of Kate's large cloth diapers and a pair of plastic pants that said "All wet," on the back and put them all on. The bulge was considerable and Hope had to waddle some.

Meanwhile Nicole and Kate had fallen asleep in each other's arms completely drained from the intense experience. Nicole and Kate both lay there motionless except for the sucking on their pacifiers as they slept.

"Aww they are the cutest babies I've ever been a mommy for," Hope said smiling. Hope while Nicole and Kate slept removed the soaked double diaper from the two sleeping girls and put them each in size 6 baby diapers with plastic pants. Hope walked into the kitchen and prepared two bottles of formula and dropped a baby pill in both of them. Hope smiled deviously as she sat down on the couch and stirred Nicole and Kate to wakefulness. They both groaned and rubbed the sleep from their eyes. Hope popped the nipple into each of their mouths and they began to drink. Nicole's regressed instincts took over and hungrily sucked down the contents of the bottle and finished a full minute ahead of Kate. They both sighed contently and placed their pacifiers back in their mouths.

"How do you feel little Kate?" Hope asked with an impish grin.

"I feel fine why?" Kate questioned confused.

"Why wouldn't I?" She added feeling the beginning stages of an orgasm from the pacifier on her vagina that was still humming.

"Oh no reason, just curious," Hope responded quickly.

"Kate were running low on formula we need to go to the drugstore." Hope said getting up from the couch and grabbing her diaper bag. Hope reached inside and pulled out three sets of clothes, all of which were identical schoolgirl outfits, for the three to wear. Hope put hers on first, the skirt did nothing to hide her diaper beneath, and the top left little to the imagination stopping short a few inches above her naval. Hope helped Kate get dressed as well in the same outfit which still didn't cover her baby diaper and plastic pants. Last Nicole needed help putting on her outfit since her mind was regressed to a toddler she couldn't do much for herself. Once all the girls dressed Hope grabbed her diaper bag and they all walked out to Hope's car. Hope secured Nicole and Kate into car seats and they were off to the drug store.

Hope pulled into the drug store parking lot and unloaded Kate and the infantile Nicole. She placed them both in a twin stroller and pushed the stroller into the store. The customers in the drug store instantly fixated on Hope and her babies as she pushed her stroller past them. Hope pulled out her two last bottles of formula each with a baby pill from her diaper bag and gave one to each baby. Both Nicole and Kate both started drinking as they explored the aisles looking for the infant section. Kate was drawing closer to her climax as they walked through the store and she began to moan softly trying to muffle her pleasure. After a few minutes Nicole and Kate finished her bottle and Hope set them in her bag again. Hope spotted the sign that said children section and pushed the stroller forward. Hope began searching for the formula she normally gets but couldn't find any at all.

"Hmm I wonder where it is." Hope said talking to herself as she scanned the shelf.

"Hope I feel weird," Hope heard Kate say from her stroller.

"You're probably just getting a headache or something, don't worry," Hope said glad that Kate couldn't see her face.

"I need to change you two but that can wait until we get home, Kate go up to the sales clerk and ask her where to find formula and Depends diapers." Hope unstrapped Kate from the stroller and she climbed out. Kate was quite drop dead gorgeous dressed this way Hope thought to herself. Hope could only stare at Kate as she adjusted her outfit. Her skirt showed just the right amount of diaper and complimented her thighs. Hope wished she could just pull down Kate's diaper and eat her out right there.

"Go on before I give you a spanking," Hope added trying to take her mind off Kate's body.

Kate hurried up to the front of the store, plastic pants crinkling every step, and the pacifier still humming between her legs was causing her to get closer to an orgasm as she moved. Kate walked up to the cashier and she instantly was shocked by Kate's youthful appearance. The cashier took stock of Kate; she was wearing a tight school girl outfit, her hair was in pigtails and she was wearing a diaper that much was obvious from the puffiness that escaped out from under her skirt.

"Can I help you?" the cashier asked half paying attention to what she was saying and half focusing on the school girl in front of her who could have passed for three years old if she wasn't so tall and busty.

"Can you tell me where to find baby formula and Depends diapees?" Kate asked confused as to why she didn't say diapers instead.

"I mean Depends diap-pees," she stated again but it was too much the hum of the pacifier brought her to her climax right in front of the cashier. Kate came into her diaper and a stream of urine started leaking out of her. The added piss was too much for her baby diaper which wasn't meant to hold as much as a full size adult could put out. Urine began streaming out of her plastic pants and onto the floor. Kate slumped to the floor still feeling waves of pleasure.

"Uh, aisle 5 for formula and 7 for diapers," the cashier answered dumbfounded.

"Tank ou miss lady," Kate tried to say from the floor feeling younger by the second. She stood up and stumbled back to Hope quickly ashamed of herself.

Part 13

Kate returned to Hope moments later in tears.

"Why me act wike a baby?" Kate said in between sobs of humiliation. Kate proceeded to explain what had happened in her best baby talk to Hope. Hope put the now infantile Kate back into the stroller and pushed it towards the bathrooms.

"I'll get you both all cleaned up," Hope said as they walked through the door to the women's restroom and locked the door behind them. Hope prepared to change all three of them by pulling out baby powder, wipes and new disposables. Kate was first; she placed the toddler like Kate on the changing table and pulled off her plastic pants. Kate's baby diaper was dripping wet , yellow and sagging from her waist. Hope threw away the soaked diaper and cleaned around the pacifier in Kate's vagina. Hope lusted after Kate seeing her in a regressed state under her complete control made her burn with desire. Hope leaned over Kate and removed the vibrating pacifier from Kate's vagina it was still sticky with Kate's cum. Hope lifted the pacifier to her lips and licked off the juices, then she removed her skirt and pulled her diaper aside to put the pacifier inside her. Slipping it inside herself she trembled with stimulation and put her skirt back on. Hope leaned down and slid her tongue into Kate's wet vagina and began eating her out. Hope was quickly drawing to an orgasm from the vibrations of the pacifier and Kate was moaning loudly laying on the changing table naked. Hope finally came into her puffy cloth diaper while tonguing Kate's vagina. Hope kept licking Kate until minutes later she gushed into Hope's face. Hope cleaned herself up and put Kate into a fresh diaper.

Next Hope put Nicole up on the changing table and removed her plastic pants. Hope found her diaper was also sticky with cum and leaking. Hope discarded the soaked diaper and cleaned up Nicole's vagina and thighs, then placed her into a fresh diaper. Hope was last she set her skirt aside and pulled down her plastic pants her extra puffy triple cloth diaper was sagging and yellow. She removed the triple diaper and put on a pull up to keep from attracting a lot of attention to herself. She examined herself in the mirror and saw lines on her skirt showing where the edge of her training diaper was but it wasn't very apparent. She walked out of the bathroom pushing the stroller ahead and went to the aisles Kate told her about. She got the items she wanted including a few more pacifiers, a nursing bra, and then walked toward the checkout line. Hope was the only person there and checked out quickly the cashier kept looking at Kate thinking about the previous incident. The cashier kept silent and quickly checked out her items. Minutes later they were driving silently back to Kate's apartment.

Hope quickly got back to the apartment and took all the items and the babies back inside. Hope made two bottles of formula and set down on the couch Nicole to her left Kate to her right.

"Now I know It won't be enough for the both of you but you can have my milk and then the formula." Hope said taking off her top revealing her double D's. Both Nicole and Kate in their infantile state saw Hope's nipples and quickly their instincts made them latch to Hope's breasts and began draining them. Within minutes Hope was out of milk and she gave bottles to each baby. Nicole sucked hungrily on the bottle and soon it was half empty. Kate was not being so cooperative and preferred breast milk she pouted and threw the bottle across the room.

"Me wike mommy no bottle," Kate complained childishly.

"If you want to be a bad girl then ill treat you like a bag girl," Hope said bending Kate over her knees. Hope pulled down Kate's diaper and began spanking her hard. Kate cried from the stinging of the slaps, and piss began dripping out of Kate's vagina down her legs into her diaper. Hope stopped spanking her and retrieved the bottle, so again she placed the bottle in Kate's mouth and this time Kate obediently drank quickly.

"Bed time," Hope said laying a blanket over each baby and put both of them to bed.

Part 14

The next morning Hope woke up and checked on her babies. They were both still sound asleep on the couch together. Hope decided to get herself changed before waking up her little ones. Hope walked over to the changing mat and pulled off her soaked pull up diaper, cleaning herself up, she put on a fresh pull up and decided it was time to change the babies.

Hope gently woke up Nicole, her eyes fluttered open and she looked down at the thick disposable diaper it was puffy and sagging from use.

"Hope I must say that was interesting," Nicole said after she realized what had happened.

"I thought you would probably enjoy it," Hope said smiling.

"I gave you a few of the baby pills and one of the wet pills."

"Oh great," Nicole said sarcastically, "Ill be stuck in diapers for a week or so now."

"Well let's get you into a fresh diaper then," Hope suggested helpfully. Hope took the spent disposable off Nicole and cleaned her vagina. Once Nicole was clean Hope carefully taped a new disposable on her with a pair of plastic pants.

"All clean," Hope declared helping Nicole off the changing mat. Nicole sat back on the couch and Hope woke up Kate.

"Wakey wakey little Kate," Hope said stirring Kate. Kate slowly opened her eyes and saw Hope standing over her. Kate sat up and saw she was back at home and realized what Hope did to her.

"That was fun but humiliating," Kate said being fully aware of yesterday's events. Hope guided Kate to the changing mat and sat her down. There was a squish sound as Kate sat down on her saturated diaper. Kate blushed at the sounds of her diaper as she lied back and Hope removed her diaper and cleaned Kate's vagina. Hope slid a fresh disposable under Kate's ass and set her down taping up the sides. Hope stood Kate up and slipped a pair of plastic pants on her.

"There all better," Hope cooed as they moved back to the couch.

"Well it's time for me to go. I've got other big babies to take care of." Nicole said rising from the couch and picking up her diaper bag.

"Already!" Kate whined already missing Nicole's touch and the feeling of being pressed against her in the same diaper. Nicole said her goodbyes and hugged both girls and she was gone. Kate watched Nicole walk away her ass swaying as she walked in her disposable diaper. Kate moped sad to see Nicole go. Hope tried to cheer up Kate she motioned for Kate to sit on her lap. Kate walked over and sat down. Hope guided Kate's mouth to her nipple and Kate began to nurse. Kate nursed for a few minutes on Hope's right breast then switched to the left. She drank hungrily for another few minutes until she had enough. Kate pulled away from Hope's breast and Hope wiped off the milk on her face.

"I miss Nicole," Kate whined.

"Don't worry Little Kate I'm sure we'll see her again soon."

Kate smiled she was surprised she wasn't as sad as she thought she would be. Then again she thought, how could she be sad she had a mommy that loved her, a full stomach and a dry disposable...well not anymore.

The end.

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