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Sara the Diapered Teacher

Part 1

Sara sat at her desk anxious to get out of class. She stared at the clock it was two minutes until the bell rang, she shifted back and forth becoming more impatient. Sara was a twenty six year old English teacher at a private high school she was very attractive blonde hair, blue eyes, an ass a teenager would envy and perfect C cups. Her senior class was sitting quietly writing an essay, until it finally happened, the bell rang and everyone began packing up their things.

"Class, class, turn in your essays on my desk and remember projects are due next week." Sara yelled over the cacophony of sound. Once all the students had turned in their papers and left Sara made sure her classroom door was locked. She walked back over to her desk and sat in front of her computer monitor. Opening her web browser she went to her favorites list and found her way to her favorite age play website. Scanning page after page she quickly lost track of time, and forty minutes had passed. By the time Sara took notice of the time she was half way through watching a video of two diapered women kissing. Sara closed the browser quickly still very aroused from watching the two and packed up her things.

Sara was deep in thought walking to her car she couldn't stop thinking about diapers since she discovered the fetish a few months ago. She was obsessed she even assigned an essay to her class to write a research paper about fetishes. Two of her students actually chose to write about age play and diaper fetishes. Sara would normally drive straight home from work but today she was on a mission. Sara had finally gotten the courage to buy some diapers.

Sara pulled into a parking space at the chain drugstore. She walked inside through the automatic doors and felt the air conditioning hit her making her shiver slightly. She quickly walked to the adult diapers and grabbed the first bag she found it was a size small super absorbent attends adult diapers. Sara took a deep breath and sped walked to the counter, she was shaking all over waiting in line. When it came her turn to checkout she placed the bag on the counter and handed a twenty dollar bill to the cashier trying not to look her in the eyes. Sara could feel herself turning red as she was handed back her change. With diapers in hand she walked to her car, calmly got in, and sat down placing the diapers in the front seat. Sara ripped open the bag, pulled out a diaper and smelled it. She felt shivers go up her spine as she breathed in the scent of fun and innocence her sex tingled as she came to her senses.

Sara drove into her garage and carried her things into her house. She haphazardly dropped her things by the door and threw the bag of diapers on to her kitchen table. She grabbed the diaper she had pulled out in her car and drew it close to her face, she loved the smell of baby powder, and the scent was intoxicating. Quickly Sara pulled her black panties down past her ankles and cast them aside. She completely unfolded the diaper; it was big for a diaper she thought. Shaking with anticipation she sat right down on her kitchen floor and slid the diaper under her. The feel of the diaper on her tight ass was amazing, then she leaned back and taped the diaper on tightly over her hips. Sara felt so happy and she was also very aroused feeling the diaper rub against her vagina softly. Sara quickly got up and rushed to her bathroom mirror, she gasped at the sight before her, no longer was she the educated instructor teaching her students about Shakespeare, now she was a baby from the waist down. All that kept her from her fantasy was her top. Sara unbuttoned her tight shirt and threw it on her bed and did the same with her bra. Sara reexamined herself that was the image she wanted. Sara looked just like an infant she sat down and stared into the mirror her diaper was white and puffy with wetness indicators.

After several seconds of staring she snapped to her senses and looked at the time it was already seven pm. Sara got up off the floor and walked to her bed diaper crinkling every step of the way. She had to get up at five am to get to her first class on time. 'I'll get to bed in an hour,' Sara thought to herself. Sara slid under the covers of her bed and turned on the TV, she watched her favorite show, and it was time for her to go to bed. She turned off her light and fell asleep in a few minutes.

The next morning Sara woke up to sunlight peeking through her blinds, her eyes opened slowly, and she noticed the time. It was five forty five, she had over slept and her first class was in thirty minutes. She thought for a moment it's a twenty minute drive I can get there if I rush. Sara hopped out of bed and grabbed a pair of loose black slacks and a tight blue blouse that showed off a little cleavage. She grabbed her purse and was out the door driving to class.

Sara pulled into her parking spot at the school with five minutes to spare. Hurrying she grabbed her things and walked to her class room. When she reached her class she opened the door to see most of her students already waiting on her. She walked to her desk, sat down and looked into her desk for the day's lesson plan. Once she had everything prepared for class the bell rang and students rushed in as she walked up to her podium where she normally taught from.

"Today class we will be discussing the essays you wrote yesterday," she said over the bustle of students getting into their seats. Then suddenly it hit Sara she hadn't gone to the bathroom since the night before and the pressure was building in her bladder. She shifted uncomfortably and noticed else...she hadn't taken the diaper off from last night and it crinkled loudly when the room was quiet. Luckily her students were still getting ready for class and only she noticed the subtle rustle of plastic. Sara didn't know what to do, she couldn't move for fear of the sound, but she had to use the bathroom as soon as she could. She was already behind in this class compared to the others so today she had to cram two days into one.

"Class take out your writing journals and write a short paragraph about what you did last night," Sara stated, and as the class took out their notebooks under the cover of sound she sat down at her desk. 'Dodged a bullet there,' she thought but there was still the building pressure in her bladder to deal with.

After a few minutes most of the students in her class were done and she had time to ponder the situation. She came to the conclusion she would have to try to make it through this class teaching from her desk and use the bathroom afterward. A perfect plan she thought. Once all the students had placed their pens on their desks Sara called role. She then read several passages in their grammar book about sentence structure all the while discomfort built up in her. Twenty minutes into her forty minute class she wasn't sure if she could last much longer. She had the students take turns reading from their books while she shifted uncomfortably in her chair. 'Ten minutes until the bell rings,' she thought looking at her watch.

When they finished reading a chapter from their text books Sara had only five minutes to go. She called each student up individually to get their papers back and half way through she couldn't take it anymore she moaned slightly from the rush of relief as she flooded he diaper. One of her female students was the only one who took notice of her doing this and Sara hoped no one had heard her. For almost a minute she saturated her pants like an infant with no one knowing what was going on. Finally the bell rang, the student that heard her moan of relief was Jen and she gave Sara a suspicious look as she walked out.

Today was Tuesday and Sara had three classes in a row and then she could head home. Her next class came in immediately after the last had left. She sat at her desk and as the class came in she looked down at her diaper. It had expanded considerably and there was an obvious bulge in her pants. 'I'll just teach from my desk today and when I can head home ill just slip out to my car, on the positive side I never realized a wet diaper felt so good,' she thought. In the next two classes she was ahead so she just declared a study hall. Sitting at her desk through her second period she burned with desire being aroused by the sagging diaper around her waist. She wet it a few more times to keep it warm, she wanted to explore the inside of her diaper but her students would surely know.

In her final period she was so aroused she couldn't take it anymore she let her class go ten minutes early and locked the door behind them as they left. She quickly navigated to her favorite website but noticed it was on a different place on her favorites list. She didn't care at this point so she quickly started masturbating to stories and videos of girls wetting diapers. She moaned at every breath as she approached her orgasm her diaper was swollen, yellow and warm under her pants. Finally in a powerful climax she came. Drained she went back to her favorites list and noticed there was something added, someone was on her computer her heart began to race. 'What if they saw all my favorites!' she thought frantically. She calmed herself down and thought maybe it was just a student playing a game or something. She clicked on the new favorite and the page began to load. A second later a voice came over her speakers speaking something she couldn't understand. When the whole page loaded it was just a message.

"Hello, Sara this is Jen from one of your classes I wrote about age play fetishes in the last essay we were assigned and became fascinated with the fetish and soon found this recording. This recording is a subliminal control message that will make you mentally regress whenever I give you a visual queue, Can't wait to see you in class Wednesday."

Sara was shocked she didn't know what to think. 'Mentally regress, oh god she's going to make me act like a baby!' she thought. Then something more pressing caught her attention, her diaper was leaking onto her slacks.

To be continued....

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