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Sara the Diapered Teacher

Part 2

Sara took a few deep breaths taking stock of the situation. Tomorrow one of her students might make her act like an infant in class and there was nothing she could do about it. Sara never felt so helpless and to top it all off her diaper was leaking and there was a very noticeable bulge, but for some reason Sara burned with desire why she wasn't sure. She looked at the clock the next class was already five minutes in, that meant the odds of running into someone in the hall now was very slim. She had to leave right now.

She stood up from her desk and closed her browser, she looked down at her pants, the stain from her leaking diaper wasn't too noticeable with black pants. Still there was the bulge to contend with which did make her have a bit of trouble walking normally. Sara grabbed her things and peered out into the hallway, the coast was clear, so she quickly exited. Speed walking down the hallway she zipped past the classrooms diaper crinkling loudly with every step. She rounded a corner and stepped out into the teacher's parking lot. No one appeared to be around so rushed to her car. So far so good she thought as got within a few feet of her car when she spotted Mr. Allen the underclassmen English teacher. She managed to get half way in her car when he called out to her.

"Sara!" he exclaimed walking up to the opposite side of her car, not taking notice Sara's lower half in her car.

"Hold on," Sara said praying he didn't see what was at her waist. Sara got in the car and pulled her laptop bag over her lap to conceal the stains and puffiness. She quickly started the car and rolled down the window to not look suspicious.

"You ready for finals week?" Mr. Allen asked leaning down to talk through her window.

"Oh yah," Sara said casually "finished writing my exam two days ago, but sorry I've got to run I'm late for an appointment."

"Ok then, see you tomorrow," He said backing away from the car so Sara could pull out.

Sara backed out of the parking spot and zipped away heart racing.

"Dodged a bullet there," she said exasperated. Her diaper was cold and uncomfortable now so she raced home to avoid getting a diaper rash.

Once she got home she quickly got out of her soaked diaper and dashed into the shower. Once she began washing she thought about tomorrow. 'I can't miss tomorrow, I'll get fired, I used too many sick days.' After several minutes she resolved she had to go to class and wear a diaper just in case.

The rest of the day and well into the night Sara dreaded it but somehow was excited, she finally fell asleep and woke up a few hours later to her alarm clock. She checked the time, it was five thirty. She got up and removed her panties, and grabbed a diaper to put on. Cleaning her vagina with a baby wipe she sprinkled some baby powder on herself and taped on the diaper. She then carefully cut slits through the first diaper and placed a second diaper over it. The padding wasn't too thick because she was dry but it would swell when she wet herself. Checking her closet she found a modest skirt that would cover the diaper better than anything else she had, she packed two spare diapers in her bag just in case. Once she was ready she got into her car and drove to school.

Parking in the teacher's lot she walked to class swiftly, the bell was going to ring in 5 minutes. She got to her desk and sat down the cushion on her ass was considerable it felt good against moist pussy. The bell rang and Sara remained at her desk, she saw Jen enter and began to wonder what the visual queue would be. Jen met eyes with her and smiled, nothing happened to Sara. Jen took her seat in the front and waited.

"Ok class," Sara said nervously, "today we will be working on our projects now are there any questions?"

Jen raised her hand. Sara acknowledged her.

"What is the due date again?" she asked casually as she flipped her blonde hair. The pressure in Sara's bladder instantly became unbearable and she wet herself uncontrollably. Jen noticed the subtle twitch of her face and she knew it had worked. Sara's first diaper expanded absorbing the stream.

"Tuesday," Sara responded tersely trying to curb the flow of pee into her diaper. Class proceeded with no other queues for fifteen minutes when Jen raised her hand again.

"Is there a length requirement for the paper that goes with the project," Sara licked her lips sensually.

"Un fousand," she said trying to say a thousand but it came out like she was a toddler. The lips must have been the queue for baby talk she realized. She tried to scramble together a normal sentence but it was useless. She stood up and Sara licked her lips again. She cleared her throat as her class looked at her with a collective eyebrow raised.

"One thousand," she corrected herself.

Jen smiled at her instructor's humiliation and was turned on by her baby like state. Jen still locking eyes with Sara she flipped her hair again. Again Sara flooded her diaper; the first diaper was soaked to capacity and was now leaking into the second.

"You know class you should use this time to work on your project," and with that she dismissed her class. Jen stayed behind.

"Why are you doing this to me?" Sara questioned her student.

"Because," she said walking up to Sara, "Your gorgeous and I think you would be a good baby, as long as you follow my rules." Jen said eyeing her teacher up and down.

"Jen you can't do this to me..." but she was cut short when she saw Jen wink, instantly went from the teacher in charge of her class to a baby crawling on the floor and wetting herself.

Jen spanked her diapered ass once and said "That's Mommy, baby Sara."

Jen winked with the other eye and Sara returned to her twenty six year old state.

"These are the rules; you will always wear a diaper to every class if I catch you without one you will be punished, If you don't call me mommy or mommy Jen you will be punished, you will wear more revealing clothes, and lastly you will do everything I say." Sara nodded in compliance she couldn't do anything else she was Jen's baby for now. Jen reached down Sara's skirt and began to rub her vagina slowly; Sara quickly felt the beginnings of an orgasm. She was very aroused by the humiliation and how she was forced to wear diapers. After only a few minutes of Sara's moaning and writhing she cummed into her diaper and was drained.

To be continued...

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