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My dilemma...she was basically wishy-washy and wanted someone to take control. I stepped up to her challenge....

She was having difficulty deciding what to wear for Halloween....sure, for some of us, it's not difficult but for her, she couldn't decide for herself. She secretly desired that someone would tell her what to do...

I decided that if I was going to help her, she would have to follow my direction to the letter - no questions asked....she reluctantly agreed...

We went to the costume shop to look for costumes. Little did she know, I had much more in store for her than she realized. I made her try on the gamut of male fantasy costumes - all of which were trashy and completely hiding in these babies! I finally made her decide on this vinyl, French maid outfit that definitely was too trashy. The skirt was entirely too short and the corset barely covered her tight stomach and really augmented her perky breasts......

She had no problem with wearing the costume as she was very proud of her figure. She worked out daily and her legs were to die for. All eyes were on her at the early morning pt sessions and she loved the attention. Being the center of attention was her goal so she was really looking forward to Halloween....

Finally, the day arrived and she was a woman that had a strong sense of integrity...what could be so bad about wearing a French maid outfit???

That afternoon, he showed up earlier than was expected and he had baggage in hand...."you've been a real brat lately, and you agreed to succumb to my desire" he reminded her, she didn't mind....just how bad could it be???

He told her to get dressed in her costume early. She didn't mind...she wanted to show off her ballerinaesque physique and didn't really care what people saw. He instructed her to not bother wearing any underwear...kinky, she thought - but she had no idea!

He admired how she looked in her trashy outfit. She was the epitome of what every man's "French Maid" fantasy should be. The best was yet to come....

He gently put a blind fold on her so she would not see what his real intentions were. He totally meant to embarrass her and in a public forum. She was, a bit of a prude and decided to bring her down a notch or two (no reflection on you!!! you are definitely not a prude!!!

He instructed her to lie down on the bed and she did so, ever such the obedient servant. She was reveling in the fact that she was sans underwear and figured that was how she was to spend the remainder of the evening at the party...silly her! Smugly, she lie there wondering what this pervert had in store for her...She secretly hoped it was something unexpected and totally kinky...again, she was totally clueless!

He opened up the package of pampers...shaking all the while. She had no idea, he told himself, as he pulled out 2 pairs of pampers size 6 diapers. He also had some plastic baby diaper covers with lacy ruffles on the booty that he was going to include in the package. He instructed her to lift up her hips...Again, she obeyed without question. He slid the diapers under her butt and pulled them up in the front. He gently fastened the tapes on each side - on each diaper and he slid the plastic panties up over the baby diapers. Needless to say, she was extremely confused!

"Since you've been so childish and such a brat, you will wear diapers and plastic panties. You agreed to do whatever I told you to so, here are the rules:

1. You must to whatever I tell you to whenever I tell you to!

2. You are a brat and are acting like a child so you are to be treated like a child.

3. Under no circumstances are you to remove your diapers!

4. Finally, you are in diapers and are expected to use them! Until you prove you are "big" enough, you cannot use the big girl potty - under no circumstances.

No problem you think..., you have never had an accident and this should not be a problem...

The sensation of the diapers was strange to say the least. They were bulky and she could barely put her thighs together. Also, the diaper covers were really noisy when she walked. They crinkled loudly with each and every step. She stepped in front of the mirror to see how she looked.

"Awesome! All eyes will be on me" she thought to herself....she turned around to make sure the skirt covered her did but barely! There was no way she was going to get through the evening without someone seeing her wearing diapers. She lifted the back to check them out....they were a butt puffy and the baby prints were visible through the plastic panties. Still, they looked somewhat like low cut panties so maybe no one would notice.

Part II

Walking out to the car was quite an experience for her. She felt like her butt was totally exposed and she was a bit self conscious about it. There was yet another thing she discovered....the diapers felt good on her and they seemed to be rubbing her in the right way! "This could be an interesting evening" she thought to herself as she sat down in the car...

On the way over to the party, he reminded her of the agreement. She was not to remove the diaper under no circumstances. No problem, she thought to herself...I can handle anything!

He couldn't keep his eyes off of her. He couldn't believe how easily she submitted to his dressing and diapering her. He also liked how the skirt didn't really cover her butt and sitting down, he could catch a glimpse of her diapers and plastic panties. She would indeed be the center of attention!

They arrived at the party and got out of the car. As she stood up, she started to feel a bit reluctant about going into the party dressed the way she was dressed. He gently grabbed her arm and said that it would be okay and to relax! , it was Halloween and everyone is allowed to dress up! She agreed and they headed towards the door. She was actually beginning to like the way her pampers felt as she walked in them....

She wasn't ready for the reaction she got when she walked into the room. All the men literally stopped talking and some almost spilled their drinks.

"I could get use to this sort of reaction" she thought to herself and she made her way to get her first drink. She could feel the eyes upon her as she made her way across the room! She actually didn't mind that the plastic panties were making audible crackling noises with each and every step. Just one more thing to bring her some attention - which she totally enjoyed!

All the alcohol was in the kitchen in several coolers. She decided on a wine cooler and instead of behaving like a lady, she bent over at the waist, totally exposing her diapered ass...she decided she was going to take full advantage of being dressed the way she was dressed. She took her sweet time choosing her beverage, making sure to pick through all the different flavors and ensuring everyone could get a good look at her cute diapered behind. When she felt that everyone had a good enough look, she slowly stood back up and walked back over to her date.

The evening wore on and she was having a blast! The wine coolers were really loosening her up and she was the belle of the ball! She danced with just about everyone at the party and now she didn't care who saw her diapers. She'd been asked by several people if she was really wearing diapers and she lifted her vinyl skirt up to show them that she actually was. No one seemed to mind! Their reactions and questions started to turn her on.

Well, now she was getting a good buzz on. She felt great and nothing could bring her down. It was then that she realized she needed to use the loo. She excused herself and headed towards the restroom. Just then, he grabbed her and reminded her of the agreement. She stopped cold in her tracks! "I am NOT going to go in my diapers! There is no way in hell you can expect me to do that" she growled at him through her teeth.

"Au contraire my precious, you've been a bratt and you are going to finish your little punishment....remember, you agreed to this!" She was tipsy, but she remembered that she did remember the agreement. She easily gave in due to all the alcohol she had consumed....

15 minutes had gone by and she was now getting desperate. She quietly begged him to let her go to the bathroom but he was not going to cave in. He could tell she was getting desperate.

"Just go" he whispered in her ear..."you're wearing a diaper and no one would know!" but there was no way she could bring herself to wetting her pants. She didn't know how much longer she could control herself. She was still feeling giddy but was now doing a different sort of dance. She decided to make her way back to the kitchen to get herself another wine cooler. She could definitely tell she was getting inebriated. As she walked into the kitchen she stopped cold in her tracks. She felt that if she took another step, she would completely lose control. She paused until she felt she could continue and headed back to her date. She walked up to him and said that she wasn't going to make it...he put his arms around her and gave her a gentle hug. She felt so safe in his arms. She finally gave up and relaxed. She could feel the warmth slowly spread partway up the front of her diapers and move towards the back. As she went, she could also feel the diapers swell up as they absorbed her accident. She couldn't believe what she was doing. She went for what seemed like an eternity. She finally finished and was amazed at how much they could hold. He knew what she had totally wet her diapers.

"Maybe we should go home now" he asked her and she agreed. She couldn't continue to party in a wet diaper!

They said their goodbyes and made their way to the door. As she walked to the door, she noticed that the swollen diapers really rubbed her in all the right ways! She was finding it very difficult to concentrate while walking. She also discovered that the skirt that covered her behind no longer covered her butt. Here swollen wet diaper was clearly visible to all who might look. Luckily she was tipsy enough to not really care.

She finally made it to the car and sat down..."OMG" she exclaimed as she felt the diaper squish under her. Oh, she really liked that feeling! It was going to be an interesting ride home!

Every bump on the road reminded her she was in a diaper. She couldn't believe she actually wore a baby diaper and in public. The thought of everyone knowing that she actually wore a diaper only helped to get her more excited. She had no idea what was in store for her when she got home.....

To be continued???

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