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My Life as a Diaper Slave at Disney

Chapter 1 - Introduction

Well I promised to write again and here I am. If you didn't read my earlier account, I am Kim and I met my husband Chris during my sorority initiation. In my mind, the initiation changed my life forever because I learned how I respond to humiliation and diaper play. I also met my husband, Chris in the process. It has been several years since college. We are in our 30s, happily married, we both finished our education, and Chris has established a successful practice as a dentist. But enough about the boring stuff, my guess is that if you are reading this account, you want to learn what we have been up to since our college days.

First, let me tell you that I am typing this update at the public library. I am at one of the computer stations and it is very quiet. Chris brought me here on his way to work and I have been instructed to tell you some of our most intimate secrets. He tells me that everyone always wants to know what girls are wearing, what they are feeling, what they look like, etc. and so here it goes. I am slim (115 pounds), 5 foot, 7 inches. I have long hair, and people say that I turn heads when I enter a room. I used to do quite a bit of modeling and still do on occasion. Chris insists that I keep my hair long because at times he has me put bows in my hair during our role-play sessions. I am wearing a blue plaid skirt, short in length, and a white blouse. I look like a teenage schoolgirl and that is exactly the look Chris wanted for me today. Although it is certainly risqué, I am also wearing high, black, leather boots (not too school-girlish). The boots come up and over my knees, similar to what Julia Roberts wore in the movie classic, Pretty Woman. I am sure that I draw attention dressed like I am. This embarrasses me, but I know that Chris loves me and that is all that matters. Ladies, don't get me wrong, I have some backbone, but I am also deeply turned on by being put in humiliating situations and I am so in love with the man who controls my life.

What else am I wearing? Under my skirt I have on a nighttime disposable diaper (I didn't even know these things existed a few years ago). The diaper is tightly secured and Chris even took the extra step of fastening the diaper extra tight with packing tape. Not only is each diaper tab secured with packing tape, but Chris circled my entire diaper at my waist with the tape. He likes to secure my diaper in this fashion so that I can't take it off without a struggle and so that if I try to remove it, I would leave obvious evidence that I tampered with my diaper. He calls it my "diaper prison." Secretly, I love the secure feeling of a really tight diaper (I guess Chris knows that now). Over my diaper I am wearing powder blue plastic panties.

I feel incredibly sexy dressed as I am and I also feel like I could become deeply humiliated at any moment if the need to pee takes over me. This combination has me at an amazing state of arousal. Chris knows that I thrive on being humiliated and he takes full advantage of it. I almost forgot... the boots I am wearing have a very small decorative chain attached to each boot and Chris used these chains to his advantage. Just before he left me here alone in the library, Chris kissed me goodbye. He then quickly reached down and wrapped a small chain around my chair leg just above one of the chair's cross rungs. In the same movement, he locked this chain to the decorative chains on my boots. In effect, I am secured to the chair I am sitting on.

When it happened I panicked. It took just a second to process what had happened, but there I was; sitting dressed as a complete tramp, incased in a diaper, and locked to the very chair I was sitting on. I knew I was had and immediately tried to complain to Chris.

Chris was prompt to respond, " Kimberly you know that you have been a very naughty girl."

"You know that you have been very bratty lately and you should know by now what happens to bad little girls who don't listen to their Daddies."

"I have been asking you to update our sex diary and you never found time to type it out."

"You Kimberly, not me, is responsible for your current circumstances."

"I want you to sit here until I come back."

"I want you to express yourself in your writings, but I also want you to feel the humiliation as you write."

"Don't ever forget that you are in a diaper and plastic panties."

"Don't ever forget for one moment that you are dressed like a total slut and might cause people to look at you with great interest."

"My suggestion is that you do not bring attention to yourself."

"Sure you could stand up and drag your chair out of here with your ankles secured to the chair leg, but would you?"

"My guess is that you will do exactly as you are told."

"Do not get up, do not ask for help, and complete your assignment as I ordered or you will regret it!"

"Finally, don't ever forget about your nice comfy diaper on your is just waiting to be introduced to your pee."

"I will call you in awhile on your cell phone to see how you are coming...I mean progressing."

With that, Chris left and there I was sitting alone to complete my assignment. Suddenly Chris reappeared and said, "I almost forgot...where are my manners?"

"Here is an extra large coffee that I want you to finish before I return."

"If I return to find that you have not finished your coffee or that you have not made progress with your writing assignment, you will regret it."

"Understood?" I said, "understood."

Wow. All of this was a bit more than I bargained for when I left the house this morning. While I certainly appreciated the coffee Chris brought me, I know that his real purpose was to add to the fluids I had already drank earlier this morning and that amount was substantial. I know that he wants me to sit here and struggle to complete my assignment in agony as my need to pee grows. I also know how stupid it sounds, but I always think that I can ignore my growing need to pee and last until I get out of my diaper prison. How many times do I have to relive my stupidity? How many times do I succumb and wet my diaper?

Here is my writing assignment. I am going to tell you about an adventure that Chris and I experienced recently at Disney. There are many to choose from, but there will be time hopefully in the future when Chris once again tells me to update our diary. Let's get started because I have this feeling that I am going to have to get intimate with my diaper later on and test its limits!

Chapter 2 - A trip to Disney World

Chris and I needed to get away and we chose a trip to Florida and the Magic Kingdom as our destination. Chris's imagination never ceases to amaze me and this trip would be no different. Soon after we checked into the hotel, I got into one of my "pissy" moods and was yapping at Chris for stupid little stuff. The kind of stuff that wives are known for and men hate. Chris does not normally tolerate this behavior from me, but let it go. I should have known better when all I got was his stern look. Usually he takes me over his knee and gives me a spanking, but didn't do that this time.

We decided to set off for a day at the Magic Kingdom and take in a few rides. Chris is usually very specific on what he wants me to wear so I didn't suspect anything when he laid my clothes out for the day. He selected some panties that remind me of something a little girl would wear. They were cotton had had little cartoon characters. Nothing surprises me with Chris (almost nothing) and I put on the panties. Next, I put on my jeans, tee-shirt, and pair of sandals that Chris presented me. He told me not to wear a bra, but I am not that huge on top and sometimes go braless. We were set to depart, well almost. Then something strange happened.

Chris said, "Kim, you have been a bit bitchy today and that is not how my best little girl behaves, is it?" I answered, " no, I am sorry."

"Well, Kimberly, I must say that I want to take a minor precaution so that you don't get bitchy again." I quickly responded, "What, are you going to make me do, wear a stupid diaper again...woo I'm scarred!" (I love to provoke him).

"No diapers yet, but you are going to wish you had a diaper on!" (I was thinking...this can't be good.)

Chris went over to the suitcase and pulled out a belt that I hadn't seen before. In all ways it looked like a typical belt except that it was exceptionally wide.

"Are you going to spank me with that big, bad belt," I said in my most teasing voice.

"Nope, but you are going to wear it." With that said, Chris proceeded to put the belt through the oversized loops of my jeans, but didn't fasten it. He opened the front of my jeans, zipped down my zipper, and left me standing there as he walked across the room to get something. I couldn't really see what he had in his hand, but he put it under the pillow that was lying next to me on the bed. Chris said, "I need to blindfold you, but only for a brief moment." I didn't ask questions, but I must admit I was intrigued as Chris took charge. He wrapped a small towel around my head and checked it to make sure I couldn't see. I was temporary without sight and this made me all the more curious to know what Chris was going to do next.

I actually felt a little moist between my legs which happens when Chris starts taking charge or talking to me in a dominating tone. What I felt Chris do next is hard to explain, other than to say that he put something down the front of my jeans and tucked it inside the front of my little girl panties. It felt warm and it felt like it was a small balloon filled with liquid. He proceeded to work this flexible object between my legs. It rested on my most intimate place and continued down between my legs. I am sure he could feel my natural wetness with his hand as he put the object in place. I wanted to remove the blindfold to see what was going on, but I knew better. With the strange, balloon-like object now resting inside my jeans and between my legs, he slowly pulled up the zipper to my pants and refastened my jeans. I still could not see as Chris secured the new belt around my waist. What happened next I didn't fully expect. As Chris pulled the belt and tightened it around my waist there was a clicking sound with each small tug. Chris took his time and was very deliberate. I felt the belt was tight, but Chris pulled it one more time for good measure and there was a final click. He took off my blindfold .

I looked down and nothing looked too much out of the ordinary, except for a small string that came out from under my jeans and over the top of my belt. The string had a very small metal ring attached to it's end and the excess length of the string made it dangle between my legs. I moved my legs slightly to try and determine what Chris placed between my legs. It felt like there was a warm, melted ice bag between my legs resting inside my panties. I reached out over my jeans and touched the intruder. It felt squishy as I imagined. My guess was that whatever was between my legs, would not draw attention because it fit so perfectly and formed to my body. It wasn't uncomfortable. But what was it and what in the world did Chris have in mind?

OK Chris, "What have you done to me?"

"Kim, I think you are going to find today very interesting."

"You know that you have been bitchy and you know that I won't tolerate this behavior from you."

"I have taken measures to control you during our day at Disney."

"I told you that you were going to wish you were wearing a diaper and I think you will find that to be true."

"You see Kim, I have taken measures so that I can make it appear that you have wet your pants at anytime that I choose."

"You have a small bag of fluid resting between your legs that I purchased at a hospital supply store."

"The bag can be opened with a slight tug of the string."

"Yep, the string you are starring at and which is swinging between your legs."

"Don't worry, the bag is strong and will not open UNLESS, you misbehave and I must pull the string."

"Once the string is pulled, it will feel much like you are filling a diaper with your pee, except you are not wearing a diaper, are you?"

"If I pull the string, it will release the contents of the bag slowly into your panties."

"My guess is that you will find it pretty embarrassing to have a wet spot grow in front of your jeans."

"I can only imagine your fright and humiliation as people stare at you as the wetness moves down the inside of your pants and forms that all familiar pattern that screams - She just wet her pants!"


"You wouldn't do that to me!"

"Besides, I will just remove this stupid thing between my legs whenever I want!"

"Oh, really?"

"Kim, if you think it is that easy then give it a try."

"Open your jeans."

With that, I reached down and tried to open the new belt around my waist. The clicking I heard earlier was obviously a locking mechanism. (Where does Chris buy these things?) Bottom-line, my jeans were locked around my waist and they were not coming off of me unless Chris released me. I next tried to reach for my front zipper on my jeans, but it was located well under my wide belt and inaccessible with the belt locked in place. Chris reached out and took the ring that was dangling between my legs. I tried to pull away from Chris, but he warned me that any sudden action on my part could "accidentally" trigger the contents in the bag to release in my pants if the string got pulled too hard. Chris smiled and I knew that he truly found yet another way to control me. He said, "Kimberly, be careful not to wet yourself."

"That could really ruin your day." Playfully, I pounded on his chest with my fists, but I knew that I was under his control.

"Well Kim, it is time to explore Disney."

"Before we leave there are some ground rules."

"You will only speak if allowed."

"You will call me Master if I allow you to address me."

"You will follow every command no matter what I say and try to please me at all times."

"Your bitchy behavior will NOT be tolerated."

"If at anytime I am not pleased with your behavior I will simply pull this little string."

"Trust me, I won't let go of your little string-leash and I won't tolerate any poor behavior out of you."

"You best stay close to my side."

"Finally, pick up your diaper bag we packed just in case it is needed."

"Can I ask a question, Master?"

"You have my permission Baby Kim."

"What is in the plastic bag between my legs?"

"Since you asked politely, I will tell you."

"The bag contains a mixture of warm water and my pee."

"If you misbehave and force me to release its contents, you will wet yourself with my pee."

"I will then take you into the "family" restroom and change you into a diaper and new clothes for the rest of the day."


"Yes, Master, I understand." With that I was directed out the door for a day in the park.

Chapter 3 - The adventure continues...

Everything was fine on the outside. We were just another couple out for a day at Disney. Well almost. I was so aware of the predicament I was in even if others just saw us as another couple out for some fun. With each step, I could feel a strange sensation between my legs. It was not at all unpleasant. In fact, the object's warmth and constant motion felt kind of good and certainly reminded me at all times that I was under Chris's control. I looked in the mirror at one point and I saw that the bag was not really all that visible, this gave me some relief. My biggest worry was that the bag could spring a leak and I would be humiliated in front of all the people around me. With Chris holding my string-leash tight in his hand, I stayed close to him and tried to be on my best behavior.

We went on several rides and I found I could walk, sit or do anything without having the intruder release its liquid into my pants. I almost forgot about my predicament, but Chris made sure to remind me constantly.

"Well, little girl aren't you being nice today."

"I want to give you a treat and buy you a nice tall drink."

"Chris, I mean Master, this is the third drink you bought me today."

"Well little girl consider yourself warned."

"You called me Chris instead of Master and you are complaining about how many refreshments you are getting."

"One more slip up and that is it!"

The next ride we went on was a jungle cruise ride. This was just good fun. I felt like such a kid again. Chris put his arm around me as we sat in the boat. Never did he let go of the string. Everyone on the boat ride were seated on benches. Chris and I were seated at the front of the boat facing the rest of the riders. The guide must have taken a liking to me because he had me participate in little things as we went on our mock safari. I was part of the amusement for all the riders as our guide playfully teased me. Actually, I think he was flirting with me and Chris took notice.

I felt a slight pull of the string and the sensation made its way all the way between my legs as I felt the string tighten. Just a small yank, but it got my attention. Chris whispered in my ear, "Little girl, you are really pushing it." I knew what Chris was referring to and I told him, "I have no control over other men and if they find me attractive, it is your problem!" Oops, not a good idea.

Chris wiggled the string to let me feel as vulnerable as possible. Then it happened. Chris pulled on the string and the end of it was pulled completely out of my pants and over my belt. No one on this jungle ride really knew what was happening, but I did. First I felt very relieved. Nothing happened. No wetness as Chris had mentioned...nothing. I teased Chris and whispered in his ear, "So the big, bad Master lost his control over me."

"I guess that your little scheme to make me wet my pants didn't work." I was chuckling at him when I started to feel something. I immediately knew the feeling. It reminded me of being a little girl and peeing my pants, but this time in public!

It started slowly, but a warm, wet patch began to grew between my legs. What happened next was unbelievable. The guide in the boat handed me the fake gun and told me to shoot at the fake crocodile that was surfacing next to the boat. The only thing that was not fake was my embarrassment. He made me stand to shoot the crocodile and for some reason I stood up. The flow continued. I panicked and with one hand on the gun, I instinctively reached between my legs with my free hand and tried to stop the flow. I must have looked like a little girl, dancing around trying to stop wetting her pants. I actually started crying because the embarrassment was so real. I handed the gun back to the guide, but it was too late. The warmth and wetness continued to grow and moved down both sides of my legs. I sat down, but everyone was already looking at me. There was no where to go and no where to hide. People actually pointed at my wet jeans and I could feel laughter. The ride wasn't over and I had to sit there in shame. A little boy actually came up to me and asked me, "Lady, did you pee your pants?" His parents pulled him back, but it was awful. I was pushed to my limits of humiliation, but for some strange reason, I felt aroused. Chris found yet another way to push my humiliation button and it was having a tremendous effect on me.

Chris wasn't a big help and took the opportunity to further humiliate me. He told me in a soft voice, but loud enough so that several people around us could hear, "Kim, I told you that you were drinking too much and now look what has wet your pants!" The bag between my legs seemed to have finished empting its contents, but all the damage was done. The ride was over and I had to stand up and walk off the boat. There wasn't a jacket or anything else to cover my wet jeans. I truly looked like a girl who went pee-pee in her panties. However, this girl was 32 years old.

I immediately started to run to the bathroom and Chris said he would be in line to buy us something to drink. I wasn't thinking clearly, but had to get out of the public's eye and everyone's stares. I ran into the ladies room and into a stall. I forgot. My jeans were locked on me. What was worse is I really had to pee. I tried desperately to pull my jeans down, but with my locked belt secured, it wasn't meant to be. My actions just made me have to pee that much more. The thought crossed my mind that if I had been wearing a diaper, this would have never happened. I could have just let my pee go or had the stupid bag emptied and my diaper would have captured all the wetness. Wearing a diaper would have meant that only I would have known I was wet and not the whole world. Then the thought dawned on me...Chris said that I was going to wish I was wearing a diaper. He was right again!

What to do...what to do. My need to pee was tremendous. Do I stand here in the ladies room and simply add to the wetness in my jeans? I thought of using the hand-blower mounted on the wall to try and dry my pants, but the blower was much too high on the wall for the air flow to do any good. My wet jeans would have to stay wet. Finally, defeated, I went out to find Chris. By this time, I was almost jumping up and down as my need to pee consumed me. I was in agony, and yet at the same time, charged up sexually. The excitement was driving me wild! If it was at all possible, I would have loved to be in a romantic embrace with Chris and making love, but that would have to wait until later.

I found Chris in the concession line and stood next to him while he purchased two extra large drinks. He handed me one. I felt like everyone was starring at my little accident in my jeans and I was probably right.

"Chris, I need to change my wet jeans."

"Do you mean, Master?"

"Yes, Master, I need to change my wet clothes."

"OK, but I bet you wish you were wearing a diaper so you wouldn't have had this problem."

"Master, I need to change and I need to pee so bad ."

"I am about to lose it!"

"Does little Kimberly need a diaper to prevent these little accidents from happening again?"

"YES, anything, YES!"

"Yes, what?"

"Yes Master, put me in a diaper."

"Somehow, I thought you might ask for a is a good thing we brought your diaper bag."

With that we headed for the lockers where my diaper bag was located. Chris made me drink the large drink he just purchased as we walked to the lockers. I couldn't walk anymore. The build-up and pain of having to pee became too much. I bent over and grabbed Chris's hand.

"Please, Chris, I need to pee."

"Don't make me wet my pants again and embarrass me any more than I already am." Chris kind of snickered and said, "Kim I would like to help you, but the key to your belt is in your diaper bag."

"We have a ways to go before we get there."

"Chris, I mean Master, I can't make it another step."

Bent over, both hands between my legs, I started to pee my pants. This time it was for real. I didn't think I could be more humiliated, but I was wrong. Standing in front of the castle with people all around me, I peed my pants. I had to go so bad that I actually pushed the pee out as hard as I could. This made my pee almost squirt out the front of my pants. My jeans were soaked. The pee filled my panties and streamed down both legs. I was wearing sandals and my pee streamed over them as well. I was soaked. Chris held me from behind with his hands around my waist as I peed, and kept saying sweet things into my ear. The mixture of pain, humiliation and Chris's love was incredible and I was at the brink of orgasm. I finished wetting myself and walked quickly away from the small crowd that had gathered and headed in the direction of the lockers.

Chapter 4 - Diapered!

We got to our locker to pick up my diaper bag and it seemed like the walk took forever. Chris opened our locker and took out its contents. I am sure I was quite the sight for anyone who noticed. I was now carrying my diaper bag wearing soaking wet jeans. The bag was very obvious that it was a diaper bag and could not have been mistaken for anything else. It was made of bright, pink, plastic and said Baby Kim's Diaper Bag on both sides. We walked over to the family restroom where we could both go in together and where we would have privacy. Chris locked the door behind us and said, "OK Kim, I hope you learned your lesson."

"I must put you in diapers because it is obvious that you have trouble holding your pee and using the big-girl potty."

"Let's get you out of your wet cloths."

Chris unlocked my belt, took off my wet jeans and panties. He then proceeded to strip the rest of my clothes off of me. I was standing totally naked and this made me feel like a little girl, especially next to Chris who was fully dressed. Chris had me lie down on the diaper changing table that was located in the restroom. It was small, but I fit on top of it just fine. I felt like such a little girl. He reached inside my diaper bag and pulled out a disposable diaper. This wasn't like any adult diaper I had seen before. It was white in color, but the tapes had very babyish animals on them. Chris was very good at diapering me.

"Kimie, don't make me mad...let me powder you and lift up your legs so I can slide this diaper under you."

"I did as I was told." Chris took time to diaper me just right. He fastened the tabs so that the diaper was snug on my body. It doesn't matter how many times Chris diapers me, it is still a thrill and it is something special we share.

Next, Chris removed a pair of rubber baby pants from the bag. We had been playing baby games for awhile, but these pants were also new. They were light blue and had little ruffles made of the same rubber fabric. The ruffles were in several rows across the seat of the pants. Talk about looking! Chris is always methodical and shook the pants out and made sure that I could see them as he took the next steps to get me in them.

"Kim, you are going to enjoy these rubber pants."

"Lift up your legs so that I can pull them over your diaper." I did as I was told.

"I am certain that your diaper and rubber pants will keep you from having any more accidents in public."

"Say thank you master for diapering me."

"Thank you."

"Thank you what?" he ordered! "Thank you master for putting me in diapers so that I don't embarrass us any more."

I was still laying on my back thinking how lucky I was to have Chris in my life (even if I didn't let on). I raised my hips and Chris moved the rubber pants up my legs. This was a little different feel than the plastic pants Chris usually put me in. Chris slid the rubber pants up my legs and then worked them over my diapered area.

"Well Kim, you are now officially diapered."

"My rule is that I don't remove dry diapers."

"The next time I see you this close, you will be on your back, and I will be changing your wet diaper." I like to provoke Chris and this adds fun to our playtime.

"Chris, I refuse to wet your stupid diaper!"

"You may be able to make me wear a diaper, but I control me, not you."

"I have no intention of letting you make the rules!"

Like earlier in the day, Chris smiled and just went on like I wasn't there. He went back to my diaper bag and pulled out a cute little outfit consisting of a black pleated skirt, white turtle neck shirt, black shoes, and white bobby socks.

"Kim, because we are having so much fun, I thought I would dress you up like one of the original Mousecateers."

"Look, even your turtleneck shirt looks just like the original and I had your name embroidered on the front."

"It says Baby Kimberly."

"You got to be kidding, I am not going to wear that outfit!"

"Well then Kim, I guess I could just pack these clothes up and leave you here in your rubber panties and diaper to find your way out."

"You wouldn't, you couldn't."

"Do you want to try me?" I knew Chris would do just about anything to make his point, especially if he could embarrass me in the process.

"Fine, dress me as a Mousecateer," I said. Chris quickly responded, "I am glad you agree."

It didn't take long and before I knew it, I was a Mousecateer and ready to take on a few more rides. Just before we left the bathroom, Chris produced the traditional Mickey Mouse hat complete with ears. I was defeated and I put on the hat. We left the privacy of the family rest room and back out into public. What I didn't realize at first, but soon learned, was that my rubber panties made a very distinct noise with every step I took. So there I was, walking out of the restroom, swishing in my diaper and rubber pants, and looking like one of the original Mousecateers. My only hope was that I wouldn't be noticed too much because many people had on Disney themed clothing. However, my guess was that no one else was dressed quite like I was with a diaper and rubber panties hugging their bottom.

Chapter 5 - More Accidents?

My skirt was fairly short, but it just covered my diapered bottom. I had to be careful not to bend over. One of the best things about being in a diaper is the attention Chris gives me. He can't keep his hands off of me. He took every opportunity to pat my bottom as we walked around the park. When I thought others were not watching, I would do a little spin so that Chris got a quick look at my rubber panties peaking out from out under my skirt. He liked having me walk up stairs in front of him so that he could get a nice look at my ruffles and rubber bottomed ass. We were having fun.

Often when we were on rides, and out of the view of others; he would even go further and reach down, pick up my sun dress and check to see if my diaper was wet. Oh how I loved that! I especially loved when he talked to me like I was a little girl.

"Baby Kimberly," he would say.

"Is my little girl's diaper wet?"

"Maybe you made pee-pee in your diaper."

"Let's check and see if you are all wet." He would slowly slip his hand under my rubber panties and down into my diaper. He liked to slide his fingers across my hairless mound and down into my slit.

"I see you are wet baby Kimberly, but it's only your natural juices."

"I hope you don't go pee-pee in your diaper," he would say.

Finally the urge to pee was becoming just too much to handle. I had wet diapers before, but it never becomes routine or any less embarrassing. I always feel like the whole world must know I have a diaper hugging my bottom when I am in this state.

"Chris, I need to go to the bathroom and fast!"

"Why, baby Kimberly?"

"Because I have to pee, you idiot!" (Another mistake on my part.) "Well, Baby Kimberly, you can go anytime you are wearing everything you need." I wanted so much to hold my pee, but it was not going to happen. I was past desperation. I started jumping up and down, but Chris would never let go of my hand.

"Chris, I have to pee and I have to pee now!" Chris was firm, "Kim, you have pushed my limits all day and now I am pushing your limits."

"If you didn't want to be in this embarrassing situation, then you would have been a better diaper slave to me today."

When I thought it couldn't get any worse, Chris suggested one more ride before he would give me permission to wet my diaper. The line was short for one of the kiddy fun house rides so we got in line to wait our turn. Chris held me tight while we were in line so that I couldn't bolt and run for the restroom.. I wanted to run out of there so bad, but I didn't want to cause a scene either.

Finally it was our turn to get into the stupid car and enter the ride. It was one of those silly rides for kids, but that added to the childlike state I was shamelessly experiencing. We jumped into the car and sat down. Chris had put his hand under my bottom so that when I sat down I was sitting right on top of his hand. Quickly he slid his other hand over the front of my rubber panties. Our car turned the corner, passed through the doors, and entered the building. We were alone in our car and it was dark in the fun house. Chris massaged my bottom through my ruffled covered panties. With his other hand he slowly moved his hand in little circles over the tight rubber on the front of my panties. I couldn't hold my urge to pee much longer and Chris's actions were driving me mad. Chris then took his hand that was on the front of my rubber pants and moved it into my rubber pants, but still over the plastic of my diaper. Chris said, "I see little girl that you are wearing a diaper under your clothes."

"Does little Kimberly need to wet her diaper?"

"Yes, oh yes...can I pee Master, can I pee?"

"Since you asked so nicely, you may wet your diaper," Chris said.

It started to happen so fast, but yet so slow. I closed my eyes. In the darkness of the ride and with both of Chris's hands messaging me through the thickness of my diaper, I started to pee. I had to go so badly, but my pee started out slowly into my waiting diaper. Chris never stopped rubbing my diaper; from the top with his one hand, and from the bottom as I squirmed over the hand that gripped my rubber clad bottom.

"Oh Master, it feels so good, it feels so naughty." Chris started to put more pressure on my bladder with his one hand and I really started to pee with more force. My diaper was filling quickly now and I could feel the warmth and wetness circulate throughout my diaper. This was a feeling that never failed to make me go absolutely nuts. The relief of releasing my pee, the embarrassment of using a diaper, and the excitement of wetting a diaper in public was too much for me to handle.

Chris took his top hand off the outside of my plastic diaper and slid it directly into my diaper and over my clit. I was still peeing my diaper while Chris kept the same circular motions going over my most intimate spot. I started to moan in pleasure and my body took over...I had no control. I was peeing and coming at the same time! It was unbelievable. I didn't care how loud I was or where I was moaning. I was reaching multiple orgasms. (A first for me.)

The ride was coming to an end and it was an abrupt trip back to reality. Chris took his hands out of my diaper and rubber panties and I fixed up as quickly as I could. I got the feeling that others knew what had happened, but I also didn't care. When I stood up to exit the ride, I realized how heavy and wet my diaper was. Chris laughed and said, "Baby Kimberly your ruffles are now showing beneath the hem of your dress."

"I guess you have a little sagging problem." I was horrified and instantly tried to pull my dress down as best I could. We laughed and ran back to the lockers. Well that would have been the end of the story, but I had to return to the ride for my diaper bag. This was another embarrassing episode as I had to explain my diaper bag and its contents to claim it. We finally got everything taken care of and went back to our room for lots of wonderful, memorable sex.

Chapter 6 - Back to the Library

Well that is the story of my first day at Disney. Now I need to call Chris from my cell phone to come and pick me up at the library. I know that Chris will spank me and torment me if he comes to get me and I am not sitting in a wet diaper. On the one hand, I would love to egg him on, not wet my diaper, and then see what he will do to me. However, the choice is not mine to make. My need to pee is greater than my need to tease and provoke Chris. I really can't hold off peeing any longer.

I glance down one last time to see my boots chained to my chair. I know that I could unzip my boot, but I also know that the chain is too tight on my ankle to release my foot from my boot. Basically, I am tethered and helpless. I am Chris's diaper slave even when he isn't next to me. I look around the library as I type these final words. Suddenly I release my pee into my waiting diaper. There is a strange comfort and convenience to be able to let go in your diaper whenever you want. There is also a very safe feeling for me when I am locked or put in a situation where my wetting is out of my control. I continue to wet. I start and stop to make sure my diaper can handle the volume and I am pleased that I am in an overnight diaper. I am squirming in my chair as I pee to try and send more erotic feelings to my pussy. I can't quite come, but I am in an incredible state of arousal and I am sure that was Chris's intention all along. Chris will come to get me soon and I will be already at the peak of orgasm. I love my life as Chris's diaper slave. I will be back in touch soon with another diaper adventure. Stay happy and stay wet!

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