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My Girlfriend Nancy (Revision IV)

(Note: This is strictly a fictional fantasy story, which just might be regarded as the best of all four).

Nancy and I developed a warm relationship and enjoyed many sexual encounters together. Prior to having actual sex, we often engaged in long foreplay activities, increasing each other's sexual excitement. I'm not sure why, but I never shared with her my innermost sexual fantasy/fetish, that being how I wish and hoped to role-play with her by being her submissive baby boy. However, she did pick up on my strong fetish for her panties. In fact, during some of our sexual interludes, Nancy would take off her moist panties to place over my face or sometimes make me wear them. She knew from a discussion we had way earlier that I enjoyed seeing when she had her panties on, not only because they looked so sexy on her very cute behind, but also because they looked somewhat like a pair a baby's rubber pants from yesteryear. I know Nancy was very aware of my panty fetish but I think she also was realizing that in some way, baby panties turned me on. I actually wanted to wear them, and/or see her wearing them, many times over diapers, but I'd also be turned-on when, during sexual interludes, she'd wear the baby panties only, which eventually became moist and slippery, helping me turn her on when I was massaging all around her crotch area, paying special attention to her vagina (inside as well as outside), and around her beautiful ass, yes - sometimes inside her anus, but not very deep.

We each had a key to each other's apartment and one time when I was away on business, Nancy needed to enter my apartment to look for some items she believed she left there. That by itself was no problem, but when doing so, she discovered in one of my desk draws (which I accidentally left unlocked) some of my magazines and articles involving infantilism. Although she respected my privacy, her curiosity got the best of her and she proceeded to look further into the draw, only to find my cache of adult baby items, such as diapers (both cloth and disposable), adult-sized plastic baby panties (and regular large-sized women's white panties), and the usual accompaniment of baby powder, baby oil, diaper pins, a baby bottle and some pacifiers.

It was then when she decided that she could and should enter my private fetish life, by incorporating her own fantasy desire, which was, as I later discovered, having me become her Submissive BABY. It turned out, as we eventually discovered, we both shared a similar fantasy/fetish.

This would include dressing me up in a diaper and baby panties, with some baby panties having infantile print and/or ruffles, along with sometimes wearing other baby attire, basically infantile items that helped to drive home the fact that she was dominant over me, and I was only her little submissive baby boy. Most of the time after she snapped on a baby bib, she would place a used panty over the bib by pulling them over my head and around my neck, to wipe my mouth and face as she was spoon-feeding me, with the dirty crotch of those panties. I fact, sometimes she made me keep both bibs on, even when she wasn't feeding me. Many times when she changed my diaper, she would take a lot of time, making sure the diaper change was very humiliating to me, but enjoyable and exotic for the both of us. After being changed, I'd usually have to crawl around her apartment in a wet diaper and she'd have me physically stimulate her before she would consider changing me. Sometimes she would want me to stay in a wet diaper until it became damp. Even though I'd still be wearing the plastic baby panties over the diaper, we both could smell the obvious smelly baby-scent of a wet diaper, especially after I peed into my diaper again, sometimes a third time. She also would enjoy feeding me a bottle, and/or breast-feeding me. To top it off, when I wasn't orally stimulating her, many times I had to suck on a pacifier, and was not permitted to speak until she removed it

The following was the basic premise of how she made me her baby boy. I was kept completely in the dark until her plan unfolded.

We often slept together (not unusual) and one night she "accidentally" left a pair of her used white panties on her bed. So there I was, laying on her bed, and the urge to feel and sniff those moist panties became so overwhelming. Thinking she was in another room busy with something else, I lost control and started to place those panties over my face to smell the crouch of those heavenly panties. She obviously expected this to happen, as she then made sure to come into the bedroom to catch me with the panties over my face. Naturally, I was embarrassed and didn't know what to say. She broke the silence by saying how infantile I was acting and that she would have to go out and buy some larger panties for me to wear. In the meantime, she went into her hamper and pulled out a pair of used panties (I assumed it was the pair she wore the day before) and told me to wear those white panties. In fact, she held them open, asking me to step into them, and then pulled them up. She then demanded that I go down on her and lick her crotch - which I didn't protest at all, especially since she was still wearing the panties she was wearing the entire day. Needless to say, they smelled and tasted great, especially since she peed a small bit into them beforehand, which she knew that would turn me on since it mixed well with her vaginal aroma. As I was pleasuring her, Nancy's panties became very wet, especially as I continually licked and sucked on her crotch, both over her panties and sometimes I'd stick my tongue directly into and lick her very wet vagina. She made groaning sounds, but then asked me to stop licking her. She then pulled off her wet panties, placed them over my face, and kissed me through the moist crotch of the panties. What a turn-on, especially since they smelled - great, very fresh with her vaginal scent. Of course I was hard as a rock and about to cum, but she then asked me to masturbate into the panties I was already wearing, which I did. As I was doing this, I became very turned on when I noticed that she was watching me as I was jerking off inside her panties, while at the same time playing with herself... inserting her fingers into her naked crotch and self-stimulating her clitoris. Well, we both came (almost at the same time), and smiled approvingly at the wild "sex" we just had. I was still able to smell her delightful vaginal scent as we were cleaning ourselves up.

Later that evening we had some drinks together, but I was unaware that she had spiked my drinks with both a diuretic and a mild muscle relaxant. When I became groggy, I went to sleep (in her bed). Well, that morning I woke up only to discover I had, indeed, wet the bed, which was exactly part of her plan. Of course I felt embarrassed, especially when Nancy chimed in with comments such as "you're really just a big baby. First I find you playing with my panties, and then you wet the bed, just like a big baby boy." As I stuttered and apologized, she said, with an impish smile, that we we'll discuss this incident later that evening. Actually it sounded like she had something already planned out.

It was a Saturday, and we had to take care of our individual errands. As the late afternoon was approaching, she called me on the phone, asking that I come over, soon.

I'll fast-forward to that evening, as her plan unfolded:

When I arrived over her apartment, she quickly locked the door, then took my hand and led me into her living room. Although I felt it normal that we'd make love later that evening, what I found strange was how she then started to undress me. First she started to unbutton my shirt, removed it, then unzipped & unbuckled my jeans, removing those by pulling them down then pulling them off. Then, wearing only my underwear (with my cock becoming erect and having pre-cum oozing out), Nancy then said that she wanted to remove my wet panties. Although I was wearing regular Hanes underwear, I found it somewhat stimulating to hear her say what she just said. After removing them, she giggled as she tossed them into the garbage, saying I won't need those anymore. I then started to realize that she was up to something.

Nancy then informed me of how she found out about my inner fetish/fantasy, apologizing for entering into my privacy, and then started to tell me each of the items she found. But she said she was happy that she discovered my fetish items, because this made her feel more at ease opening up to me, and made it easier for her to inform me that it seemed we shared a fantasy - and that she was so very eager to become my dominant lover/mistress, while we roll-played by me being her submissive baby boy.

In fact, she then proceeded to say that our first roll-playing session would start - that night. Although, for some reason (to keep my dignity, I suppose), I kind of felt obligated to tell Nancy that wetting the bed last night was an honest actual accident, she then lovingly embraced me, put her arms around me and said honey, don't worry about a thing, and don't try to tell me that you're not a big bed-wetter. You're just a big baby who pees in his pants and wets the bed often, and that she was going to help make sure that tonight I would not have to worry about wetting her bed. She then looked me straight in the eye and informed me that boys who wet the bed are only big baby boys who must wear diapers and baby panties at night, and then said she planned to put me back into diapers and rubber pants, just like the big baby boy I actually was. Although I was speechless, it was becoming obvious to her that I was, indeed, getting excited at the thought. She continued by saying she first wanted to give me a baby bubble bath before she got me ready for bed, She drew up a nice warm bath, made sure only baby shampoo and baby lotion was present, but she did decided to shave away most of my pubic hair, because, as she mentioned, real babies don't have hair, and by removing the bulk, it should help prevent (or delay) me developing a case of diaper rash. After I was all cleaned, everywhere, she wrapped around a large towel to dry me off. After becoming all dry, Nancy then said to me that tonight I'd be her baby boy, and would kick me out if I protested. But the fact was, if anything, I was becoming very horny any excited, and couldn't wait until she dressed me up as a baby, knowing she would become very excited about being dominant while I was assuming my submissive role, being under her total control, especially wearing a diaper and baby panties.

After we both realized that we were about to enter a new sexual phase of our relationship, Nancy chimed in by saying there would be a few rules that I must adhere to.

First, whatever she asked me to do, I must do it. She said she wouldn't publicly humiliate me, but anything else was fair game. Second, when I was in baby-mode, I would never use the toilet for peeing, as that's what my diapers were for. In fact, she said she would be more excited when I was in wet diapers, and therefore many times keep me in wet diapers. And third, if I should climax, I still had to continue her game, until she was satisfied and said we were finished. Becoming excited, I told Nancy that I would be her best, one and only baby slave, who would wet himself, become her boy toy and will do many exotic and lustful things to her, making sure she would orgasm frequently, especially orally and by physically masturbating her, after she dressed me up as her baby. I was then thinking about how her natural juices easily flowed and how she gets all wet when excited, in all the interesting places, especially in and around her vagina. Oh, what great conditions for sucking her crotch with my mouth and licking her wet vagina with my tongue.

As Nancy held my hand she walked me into her bedroom, she turned to me and said "tonight, you're mine"! Upon entering, I then noticed that, in addition to much of the infantile fetish items I already had, she purchased many other special items that she wanted me to wear. Naturally, the diapers were cloth, as disposables would have their use during some other time. Nancy had me lay down on her bed over a big changing pad, I guess to make sure nothing would ruin or stain her bed. After lying down, Nancy first slid underneath me a very large and thick cloth diaper, then rubbed baby oil on me, emphasis over my diaper area. Afterwards, she started to shake Johnson's baby powder, not just in and around my crotch, but on my belly, over my legs, etc. The smell was getting me very aroused, as she noticed my cock grow. This was becoming very erotic for me. She noticed my developing erection and smiled, instructing me to do as she says. Nancy talked to me in a singsong fashion, saying things like how I'm just her big baby boy and that such a big baby needs to wear diapers.

She spread the powder all around with her finger tips, all the while touching and kissing me as a mother would when she's changing her baby. By now there was such a sweet baby scent that permeated the bedroom. She then started to pin up the very thick diaper, which was more babyish than the ones I had, and told me this is what I needed to wear, so I won't wet her bed. She continued by saying I must now get used to wearing diapers at night.

Right after she picked up my legs to slip the diaper underneath me, she took out a pacifier, inserted it into her moist vagina, and had me watch her play with herself for a bit. She then inserted the juicy pacifier into my mouth and moved it all around! What a delightful surprise. Afterwards, she removed the pacifier and started kissing me, inserting her tongue inside my mouth, and then re-inserted the pacifier back into my mouth. This just made me more horny and erect. (I'm sure this also elevated her excitement).

Nancy then expertly pinned the diaper on me. To get me more aroused (and probably to make me feel more submissive), she then said since I would be wetting my diaper, I would now have to wear special plastic panties, the kind that little babies wore over their diapers. As she smiled in anticipation, she then held in front of me a pair of adult-sized milky-white rubber baby panties that looked so authentic, like the kind of baby pants I wore when I was a real baby. She claimed that since I had a panty fetish, she knew that I would enjoy wearing these baby panties. She added some verbal humiliation by making me admit that I was a bed-wetter and had to wear a diaper and panties. First she powdered the panties, and then placed the baby panties over my face, having me smell, feel and lick the panties. After hearing me say that I must always wear rubber pants over my diapers, she shook them out and started to pull the panties up my legs and then made sure the panties completely secured my diaper. She then kissed my forehead and lightly rubbed my hard member encased within a thick diaper and rubber panties.

So here I was, her baby boy, wearing thick cloth diapers, rubber panties and smelling of sweet baby powder and baby oil. She then put a white cotton tee shirt on me, sprinkled some more baby powder on my chest so I would smell more babyish, and then proceeded to dress me into one of her baby doll night pajamas. She allowed her hand to move gently over my diaper area, gliding over the panties, eventually lifting the elastic just to check if I was wet. Of course I was still dry, but would pee into my diaper very soon. Needless to say I felt very infantile and relished being her baby boy.

So, I was now Nancy's baby boy, and wow, did she make me act the part. After crawling around her apartment in my diapers and baby attire, she called to me, asking me to crawl over to the couch where she was sitting. Upon climbing onto the couch, Nancy slide my head onto her lap, sort of between her legs, and fed me a baby bottle of warm milk. She was wearing only her panties and noticed how I was enjoying the sensations, which was also getting her excited. As Nancy was feeding me my bottle, she stroked her own crotch, which was becoming very moist. In fact, she removed the bottle from my mouth, inserted the nipple into her wet vagina, and then placed the wet nipple back into my mouth. Just like before with the pacifier (as she was initially diapering me), Nancy wanted to make sure I tasted her juices and would orally give her a great time.

I finally needed to pee, which I told Nancy, but she then reminded me why I was wearing a big diaper - so I can pee in my baby pants, and that baby boys always pees into his diaper. In fact, she seemed eager for me to wet myself. She wanted me in a wet diaper. And sure enough, after a slow trickle, a strong stream of pee came out, as evidenced by the expanding yellowish stain which could be easily detected thru the translucent panties. Peeing in my diaper showed Nancy how much of a baby I was, and she commented by saying oh, did my baby wet himself? Well, I'm glad I put you back in a diaper. The thick diapers she put on me, along with the rubber panties, would make sure nothing would leak. All the wetness stayed where Nancy wanted it, between my legs, in my crotch. Afterwards she gently had me lay down on the couch, drinking the bottle by myself. I found out what she was up too only after I noticed a flash. She took some photos of me that showed clearly I was wearing wet diapers and drinking from a baby bottle. She claimed she wasn't going to blackmail me, but just wanted some hard evidence, just in case I got out of line (i.e., not listen to her instructions).

I was surprised at how much the diaper held - and since it wasn't near capacity, Nancy wasn't going to change me - at least not yet. To say I was becoming hot & aroused would be an understatement. By this time Nancy was also becoming very hot and horny, and, with her moist panties still on, she directed me to lick her entire crotch area. After she laid on top of me, in the 69 position, I easily found her moist crotch (her panties were getting soaked). I licked and sucked as best I could, my face becoming saturated with her wetness. As I was doing this, she rubbed my hard member through my baby panties and wet diaper. After inserting her hand inside my diaper, and noticing how wet I was, she told me again why her baby boy needed to wear diapers and rubber pants, which somehow only made me more excited, especially knowing my yellow-stained diaper was so near her face, with only my baby-powder-scented smelly rubber panties between her face and my diapered crotch.

Again, earlier she had peed a small amount into her panties beforehand, so both the urine and vaginal aroma made me wild. After chewing on her panties, she then moved them down, I then found her erect clitoris and sucked, sucked, and sucked until she received the climax of her life. She yelled out such a groan as she was having an intense orgasm, having me continue to lick and swallow her juices. Needless to say she had such a big smile of satisfaction on her face! She said I was such a good baby boy and then pulled up and wore these same panties for later use. She nestled my head onto her breast, guided her nipple into my mouth and nursed me. As I was sucking on her nipple, Nancy continued to say that I should've been put back into diapers a long while ago, and that she intended to keep me in diapers all the time. After she finished nursing me, she decided it was time to change my diaper.

She had me crawl in my wet diapers up onto her bed. There I noticed, waiting for me, a fresh set of folded cloth diapers. When she pulled off my plastic baby pants, the aroma of pee and baby powder filled the room. I felt and smelled every bit like her little baby. Especially with Nancy towering over me, her beautiful long hair draping itself over my chest as she approached me, her baby, to change me. After unpinning my wet diaper and placing the diaper close to my face so I could smell how much of a baby I really was, she then pulled off her panties (the one's I sucked on earlier), placed them over my face (with the crotch over my nose and mouth) and inserted my penis into her moist vagina. After we made love, which we both enjoyed very much, she mentioned that I must continue wearing the same diapers overnight.

Asking for an explanation from her, she simply told me that my diapers were only damp, and she thought it best to remain in those smelly diapers the entire night. However, she actually placed the damp, used diaper under a fresh one (the fresh one being on top). To avoid developing diaper rash, Nancy rubbed on more baby oil (very sensually), then sprinkled more baby powder onto my diaper area before pinning the damp diaper back on. Along with the smell of damp urine, along with the sweet baby aroma of both the baby oil and baby powder, and having obvious yellow pee stains on my diaper, it was now very evident that I was, indeed, a big baby. She did, however, place a fresh pair of baby pants over the diapers. But Nancy wasn't done. She cuddled me in her arms and fed me a night bottle of warm milk, saying that tonight her bed would stay dry. Upon finishing the bottle, she pulled down her blouse, removed one of her firm breasts, and offered it to me. I required no encouragement. I immediately placed my mouth over her pink stiff nipple, and began to softly suckle her breast, as her hands were gently massaging me, with light strokes over my diapers. She then placed my mouth onto her other nipple and as I was sucking on her breast, she inserted her hand inside my diaper and panties, giving me a hand job. Well, I eventually had a rather intense orgasm, which was caught by my diaper. Afterwards, she inserted a pacifier in my mouth, kissed me goodnight and then fell asleep. When I woke up in the morning, it felt like I did, indeed, pee some more into my diaper, with no leaks since the panties were a perfect fit and did what they were supposed to do - avoid leaks from my wet diaper.

I honestly couldn't understand why I wouldn't have woken up in the middle of the night to relieve myself, as per my adult self. But when Nancy said it looks like the sedative worked, I developing a weird feeling, and started to wonder how long and deep she intended to role-play. And so I asked her how much longer she wanted to play. Nancy then suggested that for as long as our role-playing baby game kept us both excited, she saw no reason to stop. Only when I then hinted at the idea that I was having enough, did Nancy confess that being dominant over her submissive baby boy friend was keeping her very horny, excited and she found it very sensual. She enjoyed babying me, and especially enjoyed the times when I'd bring her off to amazing orgasms orally, just like being her big baby slave. She was now going to change my diaper, very sensually. She looked at how wet I was, and starting to move her hand down to feel my soaked diaper through my panties. Then she placed her hand under the panties, feeling the warmth of the fresh urine. She started unpinning my wet diaper. Along with the scent of a wet diaper, we were both becoming excited once again. Nancy then straddled me, her bare vagina only inches from my mouth. She bent down and placed her soft lips onto my erect member, licking her baby's shaft. With her juices flowing freely from her sweet pussy, I returned the favor and hungrily lapped up her special drink, while Nancy began to suck on me in earnest, moving faster and faster up and down the length of my penis. As I started to gyrate, she brought her pussy straight down onto my face and we both enjoyed another wild orgasm at the same time.

Nancy had every intention of going deeper as she very much wanted me to stay her diaper-dependent baby boy. She had it figured out. She knew all she had to do was discuss her desires when she had my erection in her hand, and massaging my pre-com over my penis, with special attention to the top. I was now is erotic heaven, and very much in her control, as she continued to rub my penis she exclaimed: Oh, look at you; your diapers are so yellow because of all the pee-pee you made. Honey, you are such a big baby, but I love you because you're my baby.

She then decided it was time to take off my diapers. My crotch was of course smelly, and started to show signs of diaper rash. When Nancy started to rub some baby oil onto my erect penis, getting me very hot & bothered, she then started to whisper comments that suggested one way to avoid getting diaper rash was to allow her to remove the rest of my pubic hair. At this stage, I was excited and so agreeable; giving into her I said that would be a good idea. (Seems like I was falling deeper into her trap). She just happened to have a jar of hair removal cream nearby, and started massaging the cream all over my diaper area (where there was hair). She then said that she first wanted me to wash up before pinning on a fresh diaper. During the shower did I then notice my pubic hair falling off, rinsing away. I then realized she IS the dominant one, and I should go along for the ride, so to speak. After I finished showering, she greeted me with a large terrycloth towel and started to dry me. Afterwards, she had me lay down on her bed, chuckling at my now hairless crotch. She slid a thick cotton diaper under me, massaged a lot of baby oil all around my diaper area, erotically making me cum into the diaper, then liberally sprinkled baby powder and pinned me into my fresh diapers. Afterwards, she took out yet another fresh pair of baby panties, pulled them up and made sure they completely encased the diaper. After putting me in a tee shirt, she put on me what seemed like a diaper set, a baby shirt and pants, with ruffles. She seemed so content that I was her baby boy. She finished me off by inserting a pacifier inside my mouth, giving me explicit instructions that I should always suck on it, and only she can remove it.

Nancy asked me to wet these diapers as soon as I can. But the problem was, I just couldn't pee, and felt no urge to pee for a long while. But Nancy always got what she wanted. She asked to crawl into the bathroom, and watch her pee - into a plastic cup. Afterwards, Nancy asked me to stand up, and right after she pulled the front of my diapers and panties, she simply poured her pee into my diaper. She then started rubbing the outside of my panties, telling me that once again, I was her wet baby boy. Knowing I was wet with her pee made me harder - I guess woman's urine acts as sort of a pheromone, which helps explain why I always got hot and more turned-on when she wet her panties a little. Now I was soaked, with her pee, which I felt was enjoyable and exciting.

Nancy then said it was now her turn to get off, that she just urinated (very true, I couldn't argue the point), and wanted me to use my mouth to wipe her up, which I eagerly did. In fact, we were in the "69" position, so I had easy access to her wet smelly vagina. While I was exciting her orally, she sort of returned the favor, not by sucking me directly, but sensuously rubbing my panties over my wet diaper, which was soaked with her pee. Doing that felt very good and sensual. I then started to massage her beautiful body, but in a very sensual way. After rubbing her back, I paid special attention to her erotic zones (she loves this), and got her to a point where she was wet - from her own horny secretions. I again massaged her wet vagina, which was even more soaked. Licking her with my tongue and also inserting 2 fingers inside her vagina, she received an outstanding climax. Nancy then licked my fingers, kissed me for a long while, then pulled off my panties, unpinned my diaper, and inserted my hard cock inside herself. She placed the wet diaper under my neck, and continued to kiss me. Naturally, the strong aroma of all her secretions, the wet diaper (which, again, was wet with her own urine) somehow heightened our love-making session and we both had hot sex for longer than we thought we would.

Of course there were times where we'd have a role-reversal, when I diapered her (I purchased cloth diapers and especially baby panties that would fit her). And, yes, she wet herself (many times), and we both got off during the times I would change her (most times I tried to make it as erotic as possible), but we both felt it was more exciting, more of a turn-on (in our individual ways), and simply more enjoyable when I was her baby boy, in diapers and baby panties (sometimes along with other baby attire).

Talk about role playing and adult games! We both entered the twilight zone.


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