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My Girlfriend's Sisters Baby

Chapter 1

My girlfriend and I had been together for about 6 months, in as much as we had already been intimate with each other, we still had'nt shared or revealed our fantasy's with each other. One night while we were at home watching a series on fetish's and fantasie's on the HBO series, "Real Sex", my girlfriend snuggled up to me, looked me in the eye and said, "So what's your fantasy Big Boy" I just laughed and told her that I wasn't sure she was ready for my fantasy just yet, not to mention the fact that I was a little embarrassed talking about it.

Now before I go any further, I should introduce my girlfriend and myself.....

My girlfriend, Beth, 23 years old, is stout, but in a very sexy way, she stands about 5'5", weighs approximately 130 lbs., has soft, flowing blonde hair and eyes as green as emeralds, she also does this little nose twitch that drives me crazy, especially if she smells something that doesn't agree with her.

As for me, my name is Rob, I'm 26 yr. old, I stand about 6'1", weigh about 210 lbs., I have what I consider a fairly decent build and a nice tan, I have brown eyes and brown hair, I'm clean shaven but have hair that hangs down just above my shoulders, we both live in the Phoenix area so we both have tans, literally year round.

With that said and done, on with the story.....

My girlfriend looked at me and got this inquisitive little smile on her face, then said, really, that embarrassing huh? I just nodded and we both laughed. My girlfriend then got a serious look on her face and said....

You're really not gonna tell me, are you? That's when I made the horrible mistake of telling her that I didn't think she was ready for it yet.....

Oh My God, did she ever come unglued, she immediately sat back, away from me, and said.....

Oh, we can live together, share the same bed, have sex, and even see each other naked, but I'm not good enough or trustworthy enough for you to share your fantasy with, or as you so bluntly put it, not ready to even hear your fantasy! I tried to calm her down but she was too mad and ready to go off the deep end, so, I went on the offensive, WOW, talk about mistake number 2.

When I told her, WELL HELL, you have no room to talk, you've never shared your fantasies with me either. She quickly replied, "WELL DUH !!!! When did you care enough about me to ask what they were? It did not take long for me to figure out that this was definitely a battle I was not going to win, so I took a different approach.

I held up my arms and yelled, "TIME OUT, PLEASE, can we start this conversation over again, or at least, drop it for now" She responded by saying, "Sure, we can start it over, but, we are most assuredly not dropping it, not now, not until we get it resolved" I replied, "O-K, what did you have in mind" She said, "Let's get this out of the way and tell each other our fantasy's, and, no matter how embarrassing, revealing or strange we might think they are, we'll both make a promise to be open minded, and try, if we can, to help each other with their fantasy, and I think this would be the ultimate test of our love for one another" When Beth said this, what could I say, but I quickly thought up a devious plan, I would tell her a B.S. fantasy, for now, and maybe later, reveal my true fantasy, maybe.

Beth, on the other hand, had her own devious plan lined up, unknowing to me, Beth had discovered, apparantly some time ago, a secret stash of books and other miscellaneous items associated with my fantasy, a stash that I thought was not only well hid, but also secured in a trunk with a padlock.

I looked at Beth and nodded in agreement, then asked her, who goes first? Beth already had a plan worked out, she replied, we each write our fantasy's down on a piece of paper, fold it and then place it in a hat, whichever is drawn out first gets to talk about their fantasy first.

Before I could even gather up thoughts about conjuring up a fake fantasy, Beth, in no uncertain words said, "These have to be our true fantasy's on this paper, if they're not, then this relationship has no chance of surviving" With that said, I now knew I had to be honest, regardless of how embarrassing it might be, and just hope Beth wouldn't laugh at me, shame me, ridicule me or even just call our relationship quits.

This would prove to be, to this point, one of the most embarrassing and scariest nights of my life.

As we each wrote our fantasy's on the paper, my heart was beating a 100 miles an hour.

Beth pulled out the first piece of paper and slowly unfolded it, I letout a sigh of relief when she stated it was hers, then handed it to me to read aloud. I looked at it, then at Beth, and said, "All it says is, I want everlasting, unconditional love and security" I asked her, what's this? She explained it was her fantasy and she knew deep in her heart, I was the person that would and could fulfill that fantasy.

In as much as it made me feel great to know she had that much trust in me and love for me, I also got a sick feeling in my stomach, when I explained to her that this didn't count because it was not a sex fantasy.

She replied, that there was no stipulation on what type of fantasy it had to be, then winked at me and said, "So you got a sex fantasy, huh Big Boy" As she grabbed the last peice of paper from the hat, I asked her if I could change it to something a little bit more realistic before she looked it. She held the paper in her hand, thought for a minute, then asked.....

"Is what's on this piece of paper a true fantasy of yours" I slowly nodded yes, she then asked.....

"And this is a fantasy you really want" I once again nodded yes, what she said next, totally blew me away.....

She looked at me and told me, "I'll make you a deal, not knowing what's on this paper, I promise to try and make your fantasy a reality and for it to live up to your greatest expectations. If after knowing what it is, and I feel I can't deliver as promised, then you can write down any other fantasy you want, and I have to fulfill whatever it is, without question" I thought about it and figured, even if she refuses to help with this fantasy (which I knew she would refuse), at least I had a chance to possibly reword my fantasy down the road and maybe even get the chance to get her girlfriends involved, and I could keep playing with my true fantasy when she was not home and I was alone, so I told her, O-K, it's a deal, you can read it.

She smiled and got a gleem in her eye as she slowly unfolded the paper, as she read the paper I noticed the smile turned more into a smirkish grin and her petite little nose sort of krinkled as she looked at me, all she said was......

REALLY, OH WOW, INTERESTING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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