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My Girlfriend's Sisters Baby

Chapter 4

The rest of the trip was pretty much uneventful, other then going over The Hoover Dam, that sight always amazed me, ummm, yea, uneventful other then the baby bottle, not that I would compare The Hoover Dam to a baby bottle, altho they're a close tie as in being amazing and interesting to me, hahaha, and to my surprize, the baby bottle nipple was quite easy to suck on and extract soda from. I asked Beth about that and she told me, she had made the nipple hole larger and easier to nurse on for me by cutting the nipple with a knife. I thought to myself, where did Beth come up with a knife in the backseat, hmmmm? We arrived at Kims' early that evening, Kim had a 4 bedroom house with a fenced in swimming pool, the house and property, a result from a previous marriage. After I got all the bags unloaded and in the house (with the exception of the diaper bag, Beth grabbed that and handed it to Kim as they both giggled, walking in the house), everyone exchanged, hello's, hugs and kisses. Beth told me that her and Kim had some catching up to do (girltalk I presumed), and if I wanted, I could go to the casino and play some poker for awhile. Well, me being a die hard Texas Hold-Em player, this sounded like a great idea to me, so I gave Beth and Kim both, a little kiss on the cheek, picked Cassidy up (Kims' 20 month old daughter), and gave her big ole baby hugs and baby kisses.

Kim only lived about 10 minutes from the strip and one of my favorite casino's was The Circus, Circus, probably because of my infantile personality, haha.

When I got to The Circus, Circus, I decided to just play the slots since there was a long waiting list for the hold em limit I wanted to play. I played the quarter slots for a couple hours, hitting just enough to keep me playing, but nothing big. I decided to check out the poker action once again. On the way to the poker tables I came across an unoccupied, dollar slot Wheel Of Fortune machine (one of my favorite slots to play), I put a twenty dollar bill in the machine and started to play, three dollars at a time. On my 3rd pull, I got a "Spin" in the third column, this gave me a chance to spin the wheel and I could win anywhere from 20.00 to 1,000.00. I hit the spin button and watched as the wheel went round and round.

I couldn't believe it when the wheel stopped on the $1,000.00 pay out slot, bells started ringing and lights started flashing. A floor tech. soon showed up and after he checked the machine to validate the win, he proceded to pay me ten, 100.00 bills, he then reset the machine and told me congradulations.

After hitting the dollar slots, I decided not to play poker and just headed back to Kims house. I knew Beth would be thrilled, this would give her some extra money to go shopping with. When I got back to Kims house, I found Beth and Kim in the living room, laughing hysterically. They settled down some when I walked in, Beth looked at me and said, "Hi Baby", they both busted out laughing again. I figured it must have been an inside joke between the two sisters and decided not to question it.

I told Beth about my good fortune at the casino, she was so happy, she jimped up and gave me a big hug, as we both sat down, Kim said....

"You know Rob, I think this is gonna be a very lucky weekend for you" Beth quickly nodded her head in agreement as she said......

"Oh Yea, you're gonna be one lucky baby this weekend", both girls started giggling again.

Beth then asked me if I was tired after the long drive and the excitement at the casino, I replied yes, and I was thinking about taking a shower and then heading for bed. Beth said that sounded good, but before I could barely move, Kim jumped up, took me by the hand and said.......

"Let me give you a quick tour of the house and show you where yours and Beths bedroom is at" After a quick tour of the house, backyard and swimming pool, we met up with Beth in our bedroom, Beth suggested that before we go to bed, after my shower, perhaps a moonlight swim would be relaxing. This sounded like a great idea to me and I asked Beth if she had remembered to pack my swim suit. Before Beth could even respond, Kim jumped in and said.....

"If she didn't Rob, I think I have some extra Lil Swimmers, altho I'm not sure if they would fit, they're actually for much smaller babys", both girls started laughing and Beth said.....

"Yes baby, I brought you your own Lil Swimmers to play in" As both girls continued laughing, I was turning redder by the minute and quickly excused myself as I headed for the shower.

When I got out of the shower, Beth was in our room and handed me a pair of my swimming trunks (I was kind of dissapointed she really didn't have Lil Swimmers for me). The three of us lunged around in the pool for about an hour (Kim had a baby monitor with her so she could listen for Cassidy who was snug as a bug in her crib and sound asleep in the nursery).

Now I've got to admit, even tho Beth was one hell of a good looking lady, her sister, Kim, was stunning. She had blonde hair, crystal blue eyes, a figure that would be the envy of any model and a golden tan that covered her entire body, wow, she looked almost Godess like, standing there in her bikini swim suit! Kim had to get up early with Cassidy the next morning so she excused herself and went to bed, Beth and I just floated around in the pool on a couple of rafts for awhile, just chatting. I was just a little bit shocked when Beth told me that she had been thinking about my fantasy and then asked me if I was sure that I still wanted it, I told her yes I thought I did but if she was uncomfortable with it, it was ok, I understood.

Beth smiled at me and said, she understood to and that she had decided to go ahead and grant me my fantasy, but only on one condition. Curious, I asked her, what would that one condition be, she replied, "1st Rob, I need to know exactly what age you want to be treated like, and then, if I agree, you have to be that age, on my terms and only my terms, you cannot back out, for any reason. I want your fantasy to be as realistic as possible and if you really want to be treated like a baby, then you have to act the part, do you agree" I was almost speechless but I managed to mumble out, "Yes, I agree, so what is your one condition" Beth smiled and said, "First things first, let's get you in the house and out of those wet pants and into a nice, fresh, dry diaper", I was mortified as she wrapped a towel around me and took me by the hand like she would a two year old and led me into the bedroom. When we got into the bedroom I was surprized to see a plastic backed changing pad laying on the bed, I thought to myself, when did Beth have time to put this here, I was with her the whole time? Beth led me over to the bed and told me to lay down on the changing pad, as I layed there, I watched Beth pull one of the suitcases out and I was shocked to see that she had quite a few of the items from my trunk in there. As She pulled out an adult, baby print disposable diaper and pair of clear plastic pants, she turned towards me, winked and said....

"I'm gonna let you sleep in one of your onesies tonight so it'll be easier to change you in the morning" I was like, wow, this is incredible as Beth walked over to me, removed the wet towel, then slowly and carefully removed my wet swimming trunks. As I lay there completely nude, Beth leaned over me and gave my tummy a lil raspberry, then said, "Let's get my big ole baby ready for night night" Beth unfolded the disposable diaper, shaking it out directly above me, like you would a baby diaper, she then told me to life my butt and slid the diaper underneath, as I lay back down on the diaper, Beth stopped, thought for a minute then said, "Don't you dare move that butt mister, I'll be right back" I thought I heard Beth talking to Kim but I wasn't sure, a couple minutes later Beth came back into the room with a jar of Desitin Baby Powder, she told me to lift my butt up again and as she started sprinkling the baby powder all over my bottom, she said, "We wouldn't want this brand new baby to get a nasty ole diaper rash now would we".

Once Beth was done covering my diaper area with baby powder, she methodically pulled the disposable diaper up snuggly between my legs and started fastening it at the waist, with this done, she then told me to lift my legs as she pulled my plastic pants up, making sure it was tightly secured with no part of the diaper sticking out at the waist and the thighs, with this done, Beth told me to sit up, when I did, Beth pulled the onesie over my head and pulled it down tight as she gently pushed me back onto my back, she then reached under my bottom, pulled the back of the onesie out and began to snap it, one snap at a time, very slowly. Once Beth was done, she rolled me off the changing pad, patted my bottom and asked me, as she was gathering up the changing pad, wet swimming trunks and wet towel, "Well baby, aren't you a lil cutie, all padded up and ready for bed, did you want to go give your Auntie Kim a nite nite kiss before you go beddie bye" I was so embarrassed I immediately said, "NO WAYYYYY" Beth just laughed and said, "O-k, get under those covers then before I ask Kim to come in here and tuck you in", I just laughed and said, "O-k" Beth was in the bathroom for about 10 minutes, when she came back in she jumped into bed with me, snuggled up next to me and patted my diapered bottom, she then said.....

"So Robby Baby, do you like this, being treated like a baby and wearing diapers" I nodded my head yes and told Beth, this is exactly what i wanted.

Beth said, "Are you absolutely sure you want to be treated like a baby and you want me to be your mommy, and Rob, remember, if you say yes, there's no backing out, if you want to back out, you can sleep as you are, then take care of yourself in the morning and we won't ever discuss this fantasy again, do you understand" Once again I nodded yes, that I truly wanted this and would do anything she asked and agree to any condition she had.

Beth smiled, sat up in the bed and held my head up so she could see my eyes, then said....

"O-k Rob, you got it, your fantasy is about to come true, for this entire weekend, you will be treated just like a baby, and Rob, since I'm not sure exactly how a baby acts or how I should treat you, I talked it over with Kim and we both decided the best way to treat you like a baby is to treat you exactly as she does Cassidy, this means.....

When Cassidy needs fed, we feed you When Cassidy needs bathed, we bathe you When Cassidy needs a nap, you take a nap When Cassidy gets a bottle, you get a bottle When Cassidy needs her pacifier, you get a pacifier and Robby Baby When Cassidy needs her diaper changed, you get your diapers changed If we do a diaper check on Cassidy, we're gonna do a diaper check on you Now Robby Baby, you also need to understand, we will not attempt to try and hide the fact that you're just a 20 month old baby boy (within reason and the law), regardless of where we go, who we're with, who comes over here to visit and this includes the 4th of July Bar-B-Que we're having on Monday.....

And one last thing Robby Baby, I do hope you have noticed that I've said, WE ? Awwwww, don't start blushing Robby Baby, Kim's gonna help me since I've never taken care of a baby by myself before, and not only that, but I'm not always gonna be available to change your diapers right away, especially if you're all yucky and stinky, so Kim will pitch in and help keep your lil bottom dry and clean" Just when I thought I might recover from this shock, there was a knock on the door and Kim came walking right on in, carrying a baby bottle of what looked like milk, she came over, plopped down on my side of the bed and said, as she slowly pulled the covers off of me and stuck the baby bottle in my mouth.....

"Sorry for the interruption, but I knew my sis wouldn't mind and we all know, babys have no need for privacy, but I had to come in and give my new, cute lil nephew his night baba, nite nite kisses and just pat his cute lil diapered bottom and let hims know, Auntie Kim will be here to check his lil diaper in the morning when hims wakes up" As Kim patted my bottom and inspected my onesie, she looked at Beth and said, "Nice job, this should keep him from leaking, but if it doesn't, no biggie", as she patted the bed, and it was then that I heard the distinct sound of plastic krinkling under the sheets and I knew this was gonna be a long weekend, not to mention, an extremely embarrassing weekend, as both girls looked at the shocked expression on my face, Kim kept patting my bottom and they both started laughing, again?

"My Girlfriends' Sisters Baby" Chapter 5 As I lay there nursing my bottle, Beth and Kim chatted, not about anything in particular, just girl talk, and every now and then, one of them would look down at me sucking on the baby bottle, and smile. Finally, Kim announced she needed some sleep, since her baby would be waking up, crying for a baba and a dry diaper early in the morning.

Kim looked at Beth and asked, "Do you mind", to which Beth replied, "Not at all, knock yourself out" I had no idea what they were talking about, until, all of a sudden, Kim stuck two fingers into the front of my diaper, then looked at Beth and smiled as she said, "Hims such a big boy, Hims still gots a dry diapey", both girls just laughed when Beth said, "Yea, right, we'll see how long that lasts" After I finished most of the bottle, I drifted off to sleep, snuggled next to Beth, with her gently patting my diapered bottom. I woke up, it must have been around 3 or 4 a.m., with a dire need to use the bathroom. As I started to slip out of the bed, Beth woke up and asked me what I was doing. I explained to Beth that I just needed to go pee and it was ok and for her to go back to sleep. Beth sat up and said, "Rob, you lay your butt back down here right now" I told Beth, once more, of my urgency to use the restroom. Beth slowly and gently pulled me back to the bed, in a laying position, patted my padded crotch and said, "Rob Baby, if you need to go potty, then just go, that's what your diapers are for" Before I could say anything, Beth put her fingers on my lips, hushing me, and said, "Robby Baby, if Cassidy gets up in the middle of the night to go potty, then so can you, but Honey, we both know she pottys in her diapers and then her mommy changes her in the morning. So you go back nite nite and if you potty in your diaper, then you'll get changed in the morning" Beth gave me a little kiss on the forehead, patted my diapered crotch one more time, then said, "Now go nite nite baby, we got a busy day planned tomorrow" I layed there for awhile, contemplating on possibly pleading with Beth, one more time, to allow me to use the bathroom, but then remembered what she said about, once we start, there would be no turning back, so slowly, very slowly, I began to wet my diaper. The warm liquid soon enveloped my crotch area, and then, almost like a tickling sensation, started filling up the seat of my diaper. It was a warm, exciting sensation as I continued to wet my diaper, but I was peeing way too much. I immediately reached down and felt between my legs, then felt the outside and inner thighs of my plastic pants and then the top of my plastic pants, both front and back, for leaks.

Everywhere I felt was dry, satisfied I had not leaked and wet the bed, I rolled over and snuggled back up to Beth, she patted my head a couple of times and then put her other arm around me as if she was cradling me. I wasn't sure if that was an unconsious action in her sleep or if she had just witnessed me wetting my diaper and the pat on the head was her way of saying, Good job, that's my baby? When I woke up (it must have been about 8), Beth was already out of bed and up and about. I immediately felt my onesie, at the thighs and the front and the back, it was still dry, but I could feel the clammy dampness in my wet diaper. Feeling an urge to need the bathroom (I knew that rumbling in my tummy was a sign I didn't have long to wait), plus I had to pee again, real bad. I thought about getting up, taking the onesie, plastic pants and wet diaper off and going to the restroom. I could then explain to Beth that she wasn't here and I needed to go really, really bad (I've never used my diapers to poop in, never felt like dealing with the smell or the mess).

As I sat on the edge of the bed, I could hear the plastic krinkling under the sheets, just as my legs hit the floor, the door opened and in walked Kim, carrying Cassidy on her left hip. She smiled at me and said, "Well good morning sleepy head, Beth, I mean your mommy, is in the kitchen fixing us all some breakfast", she then grabbed my hand and said let's go see mommy. Before I stood up (Slightly embarrassed I was sitting there in front of Kim in a baby onesie, plastic pants and a wet diaper), I told her I needed to change clothes and shower before breakfast. Kim gently pushed me back down on the bed to where my legs were dangling over the edge of the bed, what she did next totally shocked me, she reached inside my onesie and plastic pants on the inner thigh, pulled it open, took a quick peek inside the diaper, then said, "You don't need changed yet baby, you're a little damp but you're not soaked, or poopy, now give me your hand, mommy's got breakfast waiting" We must have looked a sight, Kim carrying Cassidy on her left hip while she held my hand as I waddled into the kitchen. Beth turned and got a gleam in her eye as she came up to me, hugged me and patted my bottom while she asked Kim if she had changed me. Kim told her no and that I was a little damp but I wasn't stinky yet, both girls laughed.

Kim had me sit down on what looked like an old barstool, just tall enough to make my legs dangle so they couldn't touch the floor. It had straps on it and slots on the sides for a tray to slide in. Once Kim had brought the straps up between my legs, she fastened them behind me at the waist, then slid the tray into the slots, I realized the girls had concocted an actual working high chair that was big enough to hold me. I couldn't have got out of it if I wanted to, so I sat there, somewhat bewildered, but facinated and excited, as my legs dangled in the air.

Cassidy was sat in her high chair, right beside me, and once we were both situated, Beth brought scrambled eggs and toast , on these colorful, plastic, cartoon decorated plates, and sat them down in front of each of us (my plate had a considerable more amount of food then did Cassidys'). Beth then brought, what looked like a big bowl of oatmeal over as I looked at the scrambled eggs and toast, Beth started spooning the oatmeal in my mouth as Kim was doing the same with Cassidy.

When I asked Beth where my fork was so I could eat the eggs, she just laughed and said, look at Cassidy, when I did, I noticed she was eating the eggs and toast, with her fingers, in between spoonfulls of the oatmeal Kim was feeding her. I turned back to Beth, just in time to see she was getting ready to put a bib on me, as she said, "Oops, almost forgot the babys bib, we wouldn't want a messy baby, now would we" I knew now, I wasn't getting any silverware, so I slowly started eating the scrambled eggs and toast, in between the spoonfulls of oatmeal Beth was shoveling into my mouth, at times, some of it missing and ending up on my cheeks or dribbling down off my chin into and onto the bib.

I was almost done with breakfast when I felt that familiar rumble in my tummy. I asked Beth, quietly, if I could get down (not telling her why), she said I could get down after I finished ALL my breakfast. Due to the sudden urgency I was feeling, I ate my eggs and toast rather quickly as Beth fed me the last of the oatmeal, just as I was getting ready to ask again, Kim came over with two baby bottles of milk, one for Cassidy and one for me, before I could say anything, Kim stuck the nipple in my mouth and said, "This is a part of a babys breakfast, a very BIG part, and you have to finish your baba before you can get down", both girls laughed, again? I knew it was just a matter of time and I wasn't sure if I could finish the bottle, so I very quietly told Beth that I needed to use the bathroom, very badly, as quick as possible. Beth responded, loud enough for Kim to hear, "Awwww, does my big baby need to make poopys", humiliated, I nodded my head, yes, as both kim and Beth smiled. Beth looked at me and said, "Robby Baby, if you're truly gonna be treated like a baby, then you have to use your diapers, just like a baby, and that includes making stinky poopys as well as wetting in them"

"Now judging from the condition of your diaper when you woke up this morning, we all know you got the wetting part down pat, now, all you have to do is make a messy diaper and you'll start getting the feel of what it's like to be a baby, then I can truly treat you like a baby, as you so excitedly explained for your fantasy. Now Robby, we had a feeling you would have a problem making poopys in your diapers, so, with that thought in mind and while you and Cassidy are finishing your baba's, Auntie kim has something to tell you" I continued nursing my bottle and trying to concentrate on what Kim was saying, but as each second passed, I could feel a soft mushyness, that was slowly, but steadily starting to fill the seat of my diaper, without me pushing or even trying. I was shocked as I kept on messing my diaper, without any effort and absolutely no way to stop it, then Kim looked me straight inm the eye and said.....

"Robby Baby, I'm not sure, but by the expression on your face, I'd bet you're experiencing what it's like to poop your diapers without having any control over it at all, just like Cassidy, and every other baby, and Robby, you had best get used to this, at least, for the next ten days"

"Yesterday Robby, before you got here, I paid a little visit to a very dear friend of mine, who also happens to be my doctor. I explained what we wanted to do to help you with your fantasy and she was more then willing to help. She gave me a new laxative powder that mixes with milk, it's as strong as Ducolax but you don't get the cramping and sudden urge to have a bm, and it's as gentle as a baby laxative, it also has a gentle diuretic mixed in, but Robby Baby, the most important ingredient is the powder itself, it automatically coats the lining of the stomach wall"

"What this does, in conjunction with the Ducolax, baby laxative and diuretic, is, as soon as food or liquid is ingested and then digested, the coating does not allow the digested food to sit in the stomach, thus forcing it to be expelled immediately. In simple terms Robby, just like a baby, when you eat or drink anything, you will wet and mess your diapers within 15 minutes, if not immediately, while you're still eating and/or drinking, just like a baby, and Robby, with last nights bottle and that bottle you're finishing, you will have had enough of the powder to keep your stomach coated for the next 10 days, and to keep your diapers, uncontrollably, wet and dirty for the same amount of time, if not more" As I sat there, stunned, from what I had just heard, looking at the empty baby bottle I was still holding, I could still feel the mess in my diaper, slowly grow and expand, covering my crotch area adn spreading across my bottom and into over my thighs. I looked at Beth as she started wiping my face, cleaning off the oatmeal and milk that was dribbling off my face onto the bib. Beth smiled and said, "Robby hun, I know you wanted to be treated like a baby for a night, or even possibly a weekend, but after Kim and I talked it over, we knew you wouldn't feel the actual effect of being a true baby unless it was for at least 10 days, and don't worry about work, before we left I called your boss and arranged for you to get a weeks vacation, I told him I had a surprize for you in Vegas, plus I had time off coming from my job too. That with the holiday time, will give us a solid 10 to 11 days to take care of your fantasy, and you Robby Hun, will experience what it's really like to be treated like a baby, and then some" Looking at Beth, I suddenly felt a strange urge to push, as I grunted, my face must have turned red because Kim said, "Whoa, that must be the coating working on everything he's eaten the past couple of days", Beth had a surprized look on her face when I suddenly let out a loud fart, semi-muffled by the already messy diaper, just then, a huge mess exploded into the seat of my diaper.

As I sat there, exhausted by the ordeal, I saw Kims nose wrinkle, she pulled Cassidy from the high chair and peeked down the back of her diaper, then said, "It looks like Lil Miss Poop-A-Lot needs her diaper changed" Beth following Kims clue, undid the tray, but before she took the safety straps off of me, she pulled the onesie and plastic pants away at my inner thigh, peeked in the diaper, then wrinkled her nose and said, "EWWWW YUCK, not only does Robby have an extremely dirty diaper, WHEW, HE's STINKY" Beth undid the safety straps and without any regard as to the condition of my diaper, pulled me off the edge of the highchair, causing the mess in my diaper to squish and spread all over my bottom and start to go up the back of my diaper. As I got off the chair, Beth patted my bottom, took my hand and said, "C'mon Mr. BooBooBritches, let's get your diaper changed, you stink" I didn't think I could ever be more humiliated or embarrassed as I waddled along side Beth in a very messy diaper, as we followed Kim and Cassidy, into the front room? Beth asked Kim if she would prefer she change me in the shower since I was such a mess, Kim said, "NO, if Cassidy can get her diapers changed and her bottom wiped right here on the living room floor, then so can Robby" Beth smiled as she told Kim ok, then winked at me as Kim spread a changing pad on the floor, then patted it, insinuating for me to lie down on it. As I started to slowly, very slowly, squat, over the changing pad, Kim gave me a gentle push, causing my bottom to splat down and the mess to go everywhere, as I layed back, Kim pointed to my bottom and told Beth, "Looks like your big baby has had his 1st blowout" Beth looked and saw, not only had the diaper leaked, so had my plastic pants, causing wet, poop colored spots to start forming and grow on the inner and outer thighs of my onesie.

Beth looked at Kim and said, "EWWW YUCKY", as she unsnapped the onesie, exposing a very, obvious pair of messy plastic pants. Kim told Beth she would watch me as she finished changing Cassidys diaper, so Beth could go get a wet wash cloth to help clean me up. I laid there, scared to move, because of the mess in my diaper, and watched as Kim changed Cassidys diaper, talking babytalk to her as she changed her. I noticed Cassidy was wearing cloth diapers and plastic pants and when Kim looked over at me and wrinkled her nose, telling me, "Be patient Stinky, mommy will be right back", I was embarrassed laying there in a messy diaper in front of such an attractive lady, but also excited and hoping she would continue to talk babytalk to me while I was getting changed, just like she did with Cassidy.

Just as Kim was finishing up with Cassidys diaper change, there was a knock at the front door, Beth had just come back into the room when Kim asked her if she could get the door. I was laying there, unable to move, froze by fear, as Beth opened the door, and I know my heart skipped a couple of beats when I heard Beth say.....

"Hi mom, come on in, we're just getting the babys diapers changed"

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