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My Girlfriend's Sisters Baby

Chapter 6

I was mortified when Beth walked in with her mom. She was carrying two big packages and, she was absolutely stunning, she could have passed for Beth and Kims sister instead of their mother. As she came closer to me, she noticed the obvious condition of my diaper, giving her nose a lil twitch, she sat the packages down and said, "Looks like I got these here just in the nick of time, someone's in dire need of a fresh diaper" I must have been turning 50 shades of red when Kim scooted over to me and started pulling my plastic pants down, right there in front of Beth and their mom. Beths' mom sat on the sofa and started pulling items out of the packages she had brought, Beth knelt down next to Kim and myself, Cassidy was playing with her toys in front of the t-v. As Beth untaped one side of my extremely messy disposable diaper, I saw her wrinkle her nose as she said, YUCK !!!!!!!! Kim just laughed as she pulled my plastic pants all the way off and untaped the other side of my diaper, telling Beth, "They won't all be this bad, these disposable diapers tend to blow out easier then cloth diapers, and this BIG BABY BOY is gonna be wearing cloth diapers and plastic pants from now on.

Beths' mom, Elly, jumped in and said, as she pulled out two big cloth diapers from the packages she had brought, "Yes, no disposable diapers in this family, cloth is much more absorbant, contains these big messes better and is much softer on our cute lil babys bottoms, both babys" Elly told Kim, "I got 3 dozen of these extra, thick, soft, cotton cloth diapers and 6 pair of plastic pants in assorted colors and baby prints from that adult baby store you found here in Vegas, if he goes thru as many diapers as Lil Miss Poop A Lot does, we can get away with washing his diapers and clothes every other day, it's too bad Cassidys diaper service doesn't have big enough diapers for him" All three ladies laughed, and as if she understood, so did Cassidy.

Kim grabbed the wash cloth from Beth and started cleaning me up, as she wiped my bottom she said, "Ewwww Yuck, hims such a messy, yucky baby" She looked at me, wrinkled her nose (with an extreme exagerration I thought), and said, "You're just a lil stinker aren't you, Hims gots a tinky bottom, pee-eww Robby, you're just a tinky lil baby" Beth carefully pulled the soiled onesie off of me as Kim rolled me over and wiped my back, then stuck the wash cloth deep into my anus, cleaning every inch of my diaper area thoroughly, every once in awhile, saying an over exagerrated, YUCKY!!!!!!!! With this done, Beth gathered up the dirty diaper, the plastic pants, the onesie and the wash cloth and took them into the laundry room. Elly knelt down next to me, handed Kim one of the cloth diapers and a pair of baby blue plastic pants, then grabbed another cloth diaper and slowly covered my head, next thing I knew she pulled it off quickly, yelling, PEEK-A-BOO, she did this a couple more times as Kim finished wiping me down with a baby wipe and putting baby oil on my diaper area. Kim told me to lift my bottom and when I did, she placed the thick, soft cloth diaper under me, as she pulled the diaper up between my legs, I looked at her, she had 2 diaper pins pressed in her lips, she pulled on one side of the diaper, removing one of the pins from her lips and pinned the diaper securely with it. She then gave a tug on the other side of the diaper and pinned it on very tightly, I noticed the thickness of the diaper made it almost impossible for me to close my legs.

Kim then shook out the plastic pants, saying, "Awwww, how cute", then guided my feet, carefully thru the leg openings, then pulled them up my legs, swatting my bottom and telling me to raise up, Kim pulled the pants up over my diaper, tucking the diaper in the plastic at the waist, back and thighs.

As Elly was helping Kim tuck the diaper into the plastic pants, she said, as she swatted my bottom, "These should keep this lil stinker from having any more yucky boo-boo leaks", Beth had just come back in to the room with one of my onesies, from my trunk, and laughed, as she agreed with her moms comment.

When I looked at the onesie, Beth said, "Oh, I forgot to tell you Robby, I found these and all your baby supplies and books a long time ago, I just needed for you to confess your fantasy to me, then allow me time to set up your fantasy scenario, just right, and Robby, I also had a few modifications done to some of your baby clothes, I didn't think you would mind if they looked a little bit more babyish" Beth then held up my onesie, I could see someone had sewn a big, yellow ducky on the front, that covered the entire chest area. Beth slipped the onesie over my head, then pushed me back down on the changing pad as she brought the back of the onesie up between my legs, and as she started slowly snapping the onesie, Elly stuck a pacifier in my mouth she had grabbed from the packages, it was a yellow ducky pacifier, just like the ducky on the front of my onesie, I heard Kim, Beth and Elly all say, in unison, "AWWWW, THAT'S JUST TOOOOOOO CUTE", and then to everyones surprize and my total embarrassment, Cassidy walked over, pointed at me and said, BABY!!!!!! All the girls busted out laughing as Beth patted my bottom and told Cassidy, "Yes Cassidy, this is my baby and you can be the babys older sister", Cassidy smiled as if she knew what Beth was saying, as did Kim and Elly.

Elly then said, "Let's finish getting these two little stinkers dressed, we've got a lot of shopping to do today", Beth jumped in and said, "Robby won a 1,000.00 last night at the casino mom, so he can pay you back for the cloth diapers, plastic panties and whatever other baby supplies you bought for him, and he can also pitch in and donate some money for the shopping today, and maybe, just maybe, if he's a really good baby boy, we can get him a couple of cute baby outfits from that adult baby store you went to" I just sat there, stunned by everything that had happened over the past 12 or so hours, and I thought to myself, Oh My God, they're planning on taking me out, dressed in diapers, Oh My God, what if what they said about that powder is true and I have to actually use my diaper to go potty in, especially if we're in a store, my mind was racing 100 miles an hour.

Both Cassidy and I were dressed in shorts and, almost identical matching Mickey Mouse t-shirts, over our onesies. We all piled into Kims van and I was surprized to see 2 car seats, mine had the arms removed but still had the straps in place, as I sat on it, Kim brought the strap up between my legs and snapped it into the other 2 that came around each side of my waist. I watched as Elly strapped Cassidy into her car seat and I wondered if the tight straps up between our legs gave Cassidy a diaper wedgie the way mine was giving me one.

I noticed Beth had carried two diaper bags out of the house, one was the diaper bag we brought along.

It all started making sense to me now, the spilled drink, the baby bottle, the diaper bag and the cloth diaper from the diaper bag in the SUV, and then all of this babying from both Kim and their mom. Beth had set my fantasy up for me, in every way I could have imagined, and in so many, many ways I could never have dreamed...................

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