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My new lifestyle

Finally my wife had left for work. I had been planning out my evening all day. The moment she left, I would run up to the attic, grab my stash of baby things, get all dressed up, and jump online to read the latest AB stories just like I did every Friday night that she worked. My wife works Friday nights at the hospital as a nurse. I watched her drive off and then the clock watch began. I usually would wait at least a half an hour but tonight would be different. I had such a terrible week of work, I couldn't wait another moment. I ran up to the attic and grabbed my diaper, bottle, and pacifier. I came downstairs, closed all the shades, ripped off all my clothes and began diapering myself. As I fastened the tapes, I began thinking of the many times I had asked her to diaper me but she would only take part in it once and a while and I never had the guts to actually use the diaper with her. She said she didn't feel comfortable with the whole baby roleplay thing and it had been almost a year since the last time I had asked her. I since resorted to sneaking around when she went to work. Now I was all diapered, my bottle was full, and I started browsing some AB websites online. As I read, I started wetting and messing my diaper. After about an hour, I started getting a little tired and thought I would lie down and watch some TV. I finished off my bottle, grabbed my pacifier, and lied back. Suddenly the next thing I knew, I was waking up and had a strange feeling.

As I opened my eyes, I awoke to find my wife standing over me with a look of disgust. As she walked around to inspect the situation she had found me in, she said

"So is this what you do while I'm at work? I can't believe you are actually sleeping with shit in your diaper like a little baby?" I was lost for words. I was caught sleeping wearing only a messy diaper, sucking on a pacifier, and I had no way of talking my way out of this one.

"So you want to act like a baby? Your going to be treated like a baby" She grabbed me by the hand and led me to the center of the living room and told me to sit on the floor. As I sat down, my loaded diaper spread all over my ass. She left for a moment only to return with my bottle now full of milk.

"Drink your bottle ya little baby" she demanded. I really wasn't in any position to disobey her, so did as I was told. As I was drinking from the bottle, she suddenly appeared with a camera and started snapping pictures of me. I asked her why she was taking my picture but she simply ignored me and continued taking my picture. She then went into the bedroom and returned with my clothes and ordered me to get dressed. I pleaded with her to allow me to change out of the dirty smelly diaper but repeated just ignored me again. As I slowly stood up to get dressed my diaper was now sticking to my ass from the mess inside. I noticed that she didn't leave me any underwear so I pulled my shorts up over my diaper. I also noticed that she didn't give me my shirt either. I started to head towards the bedroom to get my shirt when she then grabbed me by the hand and led me outside into the yard. I pleaded with her not to make me go outside but she just continued to ignore me and led me outside. I was so afraid someone would see my diaper sticking out of the top of my shirts at the waist and started to try and tuck it in but she pushed my hand away and told me to leave my diaper alone. She held on to my hand and we started walking around the neighborhood. She said nothing during the entire time as we walked until we finally came back to the house. Fortunately there was no one along the way so I was pretty sure nobody saw me. Before we went inside, she turned to me and said she was so angry with me that I was sneaking around behind her back but if acting like a baby was what made me happy, then this is how she would treat me. I didn't know what to say. She went on to tell me that from this point on, I would be treated like a baby and that included all that goes along with it. If I gave her any trouble, she would send out the pictures to all of our friends and family and then file for divorce. I was left with no choice but to agree. We went inside and she asked me where all of my baby things were hidden. I went to go and get them and she told me to just tell her and then go and stand in the corner. I told her where my stuff was and then headed for the corner. She came down from the attic a few minutes later and told me that we would need more supplies for my new lifestyle. At this point, I starting to smell extremely bad and as much as she couldn't stand the smell either, she made me stay in that same diaper for the rest of the evening. By the time bedtime had arrived, I had wet my diaper several more times and my diaper was now sagging. I pleaded with her to let me change out of it but she just laughed and went on watching TV. Finally my wife got up and left for the kitchen only to return with a lawn trash bag and lied it on the floor. She ordered me to lie down on it. I thought I was finally going to be changed but once I lied down, she shut the lights off and told me that I would be sleeping there for the night until she could make better arrangements for our new lifestyle. She went on to tell me that the bathroom was off limits. She threw my pacifier at me and closed the bedroom door behind her. As I lie there thinking of the day events, I wondered where this would end.

I woke up sometime around 7am but I was extremely tired. Between having to pee several times during the night, smelling disgusting, and wondering what my wife had in store for me, I really didn't sleep much during the night. As I started to get up, my wife appeared from the bedroom and said "Are you ready to get up little boy?". With my head hanging from embarrassment, I said yes. She grabbed me by my hand and led me to the bathroom where she started the shower. She ordered me into the shower and told me to remove my diaper and throw it in an awaiting trash bag. She told me to get cleaned up and wait for her to return. As I cleaned myself up, I realized that I now had a diaper rash all over my ass and it stung like hell. I was just finishing up when she returned with a razor. She told me to stand still while she began shaving my balls and ass. This was pretty humiliating but I wasn't about to argue with her. Once she finished, she ordered me out and threw a towel at me and told me to dry off. She then led me out to the living room and told me to lie down on a towel she had already prepared for me on the floor. Once I did, she produced two new fresh diapers. I asked her if she could put some desitin or baby powder on me first for the rash but she just ignored me. She used a razor knife and sliced several slices down the center of the first diaper on the outside and then fastened it on me. She then took the second diaper and fastened that one over the first. Due to the double diapers, my legs were forced wide apart. As she finished, she said "I don't want to have to change your diapers all day so I'm not taking any chances that you'll soak through your first diaper and as for your rash, I'm not doing this for your enjoyment. I told you that your going to be treated like a baby and all babies get diaper rashes". I was told to stay on the floor and she left only to return with a bottle full of milk. I began drinking from the bottle and she told me that since it was Saturday and we were both off from work, we would head out to the mall and pharmacy for some baby supplies. My heart sunk thinking about going out in public thickly diapered and eventually wet. Thoughts of running into my friends or family were racing through my mind. What would I say? As I finished my bottle, my wife appeared with some clothes and told me to get dressed. As I finished getting dressed, the reality of wearing two diapers hit me once I pulled my pants up. The normally loose fitting jeans were now tight and my legs were forced to spread apart. I couldn't help but think of how much the diapers would swell if I wet them. My wife stood in front of me and looked me over.

"You don't look too noticeable" and proceeded to attached a pacifier holder on my shirt. The diapers were bad enough but if someone didn't notice them, they would surely notice the pacifier hanging from my shirt. We went out to the car and she told me to sit in the back seat. We hadn't been in the car for five minutes and my stomach suddenly started churning and I had the urge to take a crap. My wife noticed me looking extremely uncomfortable and said with a devious smile "I see that the laxative I put in your bottle is starting to take effect. There's no use trying to hold it in. Your going to have to let it go at some point". I was so mad but she was right. There was no use trying to hold it in and I figured I was better off letting it go while I was in the car than in a store so I just relaxed and let it go. It was the most helpless feeling I had ever felt. Once it started, there was no stopping it. I tried to sit up to allow room for it all in my diaper but I sat back down, it only spread up into the front of my diaper. Once I finally stopped, the smell was starting to hit me. My wife smelled it also because she started laughing and saying "I told you that you wouldn't be able to hold it ya little baby". We arrived at the pharmacy and we both headed inside. We went to the incontinence aisle and she picked out two packages of depends and depends booster pads and headed for the counter. She then grabbed a few packages of laxatives. As the clerk rang up the items, my wife turned to me with a smile and asked "Are these diapers going to be ok for you ya little baby?" I was so embarrassed and tried to walk away. As I walked away, the reality of the situation hit me. I was standing in a pharmacy with a huge bulge in my pants, smelled, and a pacifier hung from my shirt. As I did, she said "Don't forget your diapers" I turned back toward the clerk and my wife to retrieve the depends and saw the clerk with a huge smirk on her face. I grabbed the depends and walked out of the store. As my wife entered the car, I started to yell at her for embarrassing me like that and demanded to take me home. I didn't even finish yelling at her and without saying a word, she threw back at me several pictures of me from last night. I knew what that meant and just shut up. We next arrived at Walmart. We went inside and she grabbed some bibs and bottles. We then headed for the baby furniture department and she looked over the cribs and playpens. As she browsed the items, I wet and messed my diaper again "These are too small for you but I find something more your size online" she said. We then went and picked up a mattress protective cover. We paid for the items and headed home. Once we arrived home, she ordered me to lie on the trash bag on the floor and take a nap. I asked her if I could change my diaper but she ignored me and left the room. I lied down on the trash bag and as uncomfortable as I felt with a wet messy diaper on, I was so mentally and physically tired, I fell asleep.

I woke up around lunch time and my wife had lunch all ready waiting for me.

"You really smell like a dirty little baby" she said as she started undressing me. She then grabbed my hand and led me to the kitchen table where I sat on another trash bag covering a kitchen chair. She tied a bib around me and served me a bowl of spaghettio's. I looked around for a spoon but there was none to be found. My wife told me that baby's don't use silverware and to eat with my hands. I started the difficult task of scooping up the spaghettio's with my hands and shoveling them into my mouth. Of course I ended up wearing more on me than in my mouth so my new bib was a good idea. She handed me a bottle full of what appeared to be milk but since my last bottle which involved a laxative, I was pretty sure this one contained the same. I drank it down as I was instructed and waited for her next move. I was pretty uncomfortable with my diaper messy and wet but my skin was really burning with each and every move I made. A skin rash appeared to be setting in and I assumed this is what she was planning on. My wife then removed my bib and led me to the bathroom where she told me to get into an already running shower. She instructed me to remove my diapers and throw them in a trash bag that was sitting there and clean myself up. As I finished, she grabbed me by my hand and led me to the living room where there were two diapers awaiting me. She had me lie down and prepared the diapers in the same way she did earlier and then diapered me without any ointment or baby powder.

"I see your getting a diaper rash just like a little baby" she said with a smile. No sooner did she finish diapering me, I had to mess again. She started laughing at me as I flooded my diaper and said "you really need these diapers don't you ya little baby". I was so humiliated but could only hope this would soon end. My fantasy of being treated like a baby had turned into a nightmare. I use to fantasize that my wife would treat me like a baby with love, talking baby talk with me, and diapering me. Now, I'm messing and wetting a diaper with pretty much no control due to the laxatives, cleaning and changing myself, and my wife is treating me terribly. As I lied there, she pulled me up off the floor and started rubbing the back of my diaper from the back to the front pushing all that was contained from the back all up into the front of my diaper. I immediately got an erection and she said "oh you like that you little baby?" as my diaper turned from a yellowish color to brown in the front. Just as I was about to ejaculate, she stopped and started laughing and said "I'm not doing this for your enjoyment, I'm doing this for mine. I hope this will teach you to never sneak around and wear diapers again." She then threw some clothes at me and instructed me to get dressed. As I started going through the clothes she gave me, I noticed there were no shorts or pants. She told me to just put on the shirt, socks, and sneakers. I did as I was told and then she led me to the corner in our bedroom where she had the full length mirror leaning against the wall. She told me to stand in the corner and stare at myself for a while and think about what I had done as she left the room. As I stared at myself wearing a dirty brown and smelly diaper, I noticed how babyish I did look. My wife returned about an hour later and instructed me to follow her. She led me to the living room and started taking more pictures of me. She then told me to put in the pants she had waiting for me and that we were going out again. I did as I was told and we headed out. I wasn't sure where we were headed until we pulled into my parents neighborhood. I started yelling at her and telling her that I wasn't getting out of the car and that no marriage was worth this embarrassment. She then stopped a few houses before my parents house and turned to me and said "Look you little bastard, you have humiliated me far more than I have humiliated you. How do you think I felt when I came home to see my adult husband lying on the couch wearing a diaper full of shit and piss? All you had to do was ask me or talk to me and we could have discussed it. I don't care if you want to wear a diaper or act like a baby around the house and I would even roleplay with you but you never even asked me. How do you think that made me feel?" I started to feel terrible and told her I was sorry. She was right, I should have talked to her but I was too embarrassed. She started the car and we headed home. When we got home, she told me to go and get cleaned up. I went to the bathroom and showered. My entire diapered area was now a large rash. When I was finished, I came out expecting an awaiting set of diapers but there was none. My wife looked at me and told me that my punishment was over with and that if I wanted to continue to be treated like a baby from now on, it would be my choice. She then said if I chose being a baby, I would be wearing and using a diaper full time when at home and I would totally be treated like a baby including feeding, bathing, and dependent on her. I stood there and considered my options and thought about the torture of my now burning diaper rash. I looked at my wife and thought about all I had put her through and the pain I had caused her. After several silent minutes, I turned to my wife and said "Gaa ga, goo goo" She quickly pulled out two diapers and an enema from underneath the couch and said "Come here my little boy, lets get you ready for bed." The End

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