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My new Nanny

During the summer of 1998, I had a whirl wind of an affair with the neighbor. The problem was that the neighbor was only 15 years old, and my wife and her mother were good friends. It was only a matter of time before we were discovered, and what transpired from that point on changed our lives forever.

I was 30 years old when the affair occurred, and when we were discovered, you might imagine how hurt and angry the women were. To my surprise, the neighbor girls' mother was the angriest of everyone. She got together with my wife and between the two of them decided my fate. My wife told me she would not file for immediate divorce and the neighbor had agreed to not press charges against me, but I had to agree to everything they said. There was a lot of disagreeing and yelling at first, but when I was reminded what happens to child molesters in prison, I became much more compliant.

Our basement was remodeled, and wound up looking like a giant nursery. All the basic nursery furniture was there, but it was all super-sized. One difference was every piece of furniture had the ability to completely restrain its occupant. I knew my life was over as I knew it to be.

The first day of my training, both women got together and stripped me naked. I was then bathed and completely shaved from head to toe. I was then oiled and powdered and eventually diapered. The two women then placed small balls in my hands and then wrapped them tightly in tape. My hands were then placed in mittens that had small locks on them. A large pacifier/gag was shoved into my mouth and a strap holding it into place was brought around my head and secured tightly. They then had me step into a pair or rubber pants that covered the diaper. The two ladies then led me out to the back yard. When we arrived, I noticed all my clothes were in a large pile. They explained to me that diapers would be my new attire. Since I obviously liked young girls so much, they had decided that they would treat me like a little boy, and since I chose a girl 15 years younger than me, they decided it was only right to take another 15 years off her age. My wife then went over and poured lighter fluid over the pile of clothing and started it on fire. I could only watch as tears ran down my face.

The following weeks were hard on me. I was treated like a new born baby. Constantly gagged and restrained. I could feel my legs and other muscles becoming weaker from the lack of use and the will to fight my predicament was dwindling. Within a few months, I had lost all continence, and no longer cared whether I had wet or messed my diaper. It is hard to believe, but I was becoming used to my new life style, and was accepting it for what it was worth. For all intents and purposes, I was a baby in an adult's body.

After 6 months, the changes to my body were considerable. I now felt like a infant as well as acted like one. I did not realize the extent of the changes until one day I had a tooth ache. The two women both made comments as to the length of time it took for this to finally happen. It did not seem important compared to the other changes in my life, but when I thought about it, my teeth had not been brushed for 6 months. I was dressed in a pair of overalls, a diaper and a t-shirt, and helped into a wheel chair. I was then taken to a periodontal specialist. I was put under, and when I woke up, I was back at home. My tooth ache was gone, but my mouth had a lot of gauze in it and I was really woozy. I then realized that my teeth had all been extracted. I laid there crying to myself over the state I was in, because this was permanent. I could never grow another set of teeth. Until this point, I thought my punishment would eventually end and I would be allowed to re-potty train myself and return to my adult life. But, now I feared the permanency of my state.

Eventually my mouth healed, and I was surprised how much easier it was to drink from a bottle with no teeth. My sucking ability was greatly improved. 8 months had passed since I was first introduced to my new life style, and I can say I had accepted my fate. But, there was still one more surprise in store for me.

One morning I woke up and my wife told me that she was going to be leaving for a little while, and that she had brought someone in to look after me. She told me that the neighbor would be helping, so I should not worry. But when my sitter came in, I started to cry again. The neighbor girl, now 16, was going to be my new nanny for the next week. She looked at me and I could see tears forming in her eyes as well. My wife kissed me on the fore head and turned and left. I just sucked on my pacifier as Amy looked at me and said she was sorry for getting me into this mess.

The first day was very awkward for both of us. She had never seen me like this, and I did not want her to see me like this. We were once lovers, now I was a big baby, diapered, toothless, and sucking a pacifier most of the time. I could barely walk anywhere, and had to crawl most of the time. I was so weak I could not even undress myself if I wanted to. At first Amy tried to treat me like an adult, but there was no clothing for me to wear other than the baby outfits I had. She took my diaper off, and dressed me in the overalls I had, since they were the most adult looking thing I had. But I was incontinent, and soon had messed myself. She began to cry, apologizing again and proceeded to clean me up. When she was through, she but a fresh diaper on me, knowing that it was a necessity.

As the week went on, it became easier for us to accept the way things were. It was obvious we would never be lovers again. I could hardly even talk without any teeth and weakened vocal cords. By the weeks end, Amy was becoming more and more a nanny to me than anything else. It was nice to see her though.

As time went on, Amy was sent over to care for me more and more. This was kind of here punishment for being foolish enough to sleep with a married man. I got what I deserved, and Amy was so busy taking care of me, that between me and school, she did not have any extra time for boyfriends, so she was able to stay out of further trouble. She is about to finish her junior year in high school, and I have been in this state for almost 1 and ½ years. I like the time I get to spend with Amy over the other two women, but she will be gone in a little over a year. Then I do not know what will be in store for me.

By Baby J

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