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My Sorority Initiation

My husband suggested that I write to you about my experience in college. My name is Kim or Kimberly as I am sometimes called. I attended a Midwest university where I was a member of a large sorority. What makes my story interesting is that it was my initiation into the sorority that changed my life forever. Not only did I meet my husband during the process, but I also discovered that I get extremely turned on by being in humiliating situations, especially where wetting and diapers are concerned.

Sororities and fraternities on my campus were no longer allowed to participate in any hazing activities that would harm pledges. I thought that this anti-hazing policy was a great idea when I decided to pledge a sorority during my freshman year. What I didn't realize is that the Greek system on campus still practiced initiations, especially during "hell week," that were very humiliating. As long as no one got injured, the university allowed sororities and fraternities to pretty much do anything they wanted to their pledges.

After going to several rush parties, I decided to pledge the most popular sorority on campus. The sorority had a gorgeous house, the girls were all very outgoing and pretty, and it seemed that all of the frats loved this particular sorority. I received a bid to pledge the sorority and anxiously attended my first meeting to meet the other pledges and current members.

Things were pretty much as I expected. The girls were extremely nice, drinks flowed freely, and yes, there were plenty of guys from our "big brother" fraternity house. (This frat was informally linked to our sorority for many activities.) I was glad I made my decision and could not wait to go through the month long process to become a member.

The following day, all of the sorority pledges were asked to attend a meeting at the house to learn more about the sorority and the process for becoming a member. The "friendly" sorority sisters began to exhibit a whole new attitude. We were immediately talked down to and it became very clear that we were going to go through some pretty tough things before we would become members. We were to treat all current members as queens. In other words, whatever any of the members wanted, we were to immediately respond to their request. Further, we were each assigned a sorority "Mom" and a fraternity "Dad" who would "look out for us" and "help us" through the membership process.

At first things were not bad. We had to clean rooms in the sorority house, make many of the meals, and we served food and drinks at our parties. However, my sorority Mom, Janet, was particularly demanding and took a lot of pride in making me work extra hard to please her. If any of the members didn't accept us, we would not be offered membership status at the end of the month. Needless to say, we all worked very hard for the approval of the members.

It was also during this time that I met my fraternity Dad, Chris. Chris was extremely handsome, caring, and yes, very assertive. Our relationship took off almost immediately. What I didn't realize was that my sorority Mom and Fraternity Dad talked frequently about my progress and would often plot ways to make my pledge experience as trying and humiliating as possible. Again, everything progressed pretty much as I expected until "hell week" started. (Hell week was the last step before membership.)

At the start of hell week all of the pledges were brought together to discuss the week's activities. We were told that we lost ALL of our rights during the week and that we would be put through many humiliating experiences. We had to basically sign away our rights in a "document of understanding." I don't think any of us had any idea what was in store for us and each one of us signed the document. We were told that our Greek "Mom" and "Dad" would monitor our progress during the week at all times. Each day would bring on more and more challenges that we would have to complete or we would not become members. The end of the week would finish with a large sorority/fraternity party and at the party we would learn if we passed the tests to become new members.

The first night started very harmlessly. Our pledge class was divided into 6 groups of three girls each. I liked the other two girls on my team, Heather and Amy. We were to be in our teams throughout the week and we were told that the teams who received the least amount of points would receive harder treatment. The first event seemed to be pretty tame. We were to play a type of scavenger hunt where each team was given a list of items to find. The team who came back first received the most points, but all teams had to complete the list before they were allowed to return to the sorority house.

The list for the scavenger hunt was weird, but this being hell week, none of us thought too much of it at first, and we anxiously set off to be the first team back to the house. Each team's list was practically the same, but we did not know that at first. Our list contained the following items: a package of diaper pins; 3 baby bottles; 3 lengths of thin chain each 26" long; a roll of clear packing tape; a large package of "overnight" adult disposable diapers; 3 short plaid skirts in our sizes; a package of small luggage sized locks with keys; 3 diaper bags; sleeper-styled pajamas in each of our sizes; permanent marking pens and several other silly items. Yes, it was a weird list, and one that would take some time to find all of the items.

It seemed obvious that somehow we would be expected to wear the items on our scavenger hunt list, but none of us could really see much connection between some of the items. And why were there so many baby items on the list? We went to the hardware store to get the 3 chains and found a package of very small locks as well. The drug store had many of the items, including the adult disposable diapers. That was the most embarrassing item to buy. I found my heart racing when I went through the humiliation of buying the diapers from the store clerk. He asked, "Are these diapers for you big girls?" We laughed and said, "You never know." Next, we went to a department store and found the clothes items we needed. Having completed our list, we hurried back to the sorority house and found that we had come in last place among the teams.

All of teams returned. We were all laughing, drinking and having a great time relating our stories about how we found all of our items. The night ended somewhat abruptly when the President of our sorority, Nicole, came in and announced that we all better go to bed because class would come early the next morning. She went on to say that we should all be showered by 7:00AM and to put on our new plaid mini skirts for class. I couldn't get it out of my mind that tomorrow could bring on something wild and crazy.

Before falling asleep, my fraternity "Dad," Chris, called me to wish me well and said that he was looking forward to seeing his "baby" tomorrow. I don't think he ever called me "baby" and I was certain that he meant more than he actual said. Before drifting off to sleep, I thought about the diapers I purchased with my teammates. I had a diaper experience several years earlier in High School. I was babysitting, and decided to fold and pin three cloth diapers on myself to see what it felt like. I even tried to wet the diapers, but found it impossible to intentionally wet myself. Eventually, I poured two glasses of warm water down the front of my diaper to experience the feeling of wearing a wet diaper. The experience unexpectedly turned me on. I felt so naughty wearing a wet diaper. It was a little hard to walk around, but it was such an incredible feeling to have the warm, wet diaper between my legs. I ended up lying on the floor with my hand down the front of my soaking wet diaper and I played with myself until I exploded in a fantastic climax. I thought that tomorrow could be interesting...

I woke up, showered and then dressed in my little plaid skirt that I purchased the night before. The pledges were told to dress like little schoolgirls and I did my best to comply. I even put my long blond hair into two ponytails so that I looked the part. We had all spent the night at the sorority house. When we came downstairs, we were immediately told to line up for inspection. Several of us were told that our skirts were too long, me included. I couldn't believe that my skirt was too long! I was given a new skirt right on the spot and told to change in front of the other pledges. This skirt was extremely short, but I dared not to complain. When we all passed inspection, we thought we could go on our way to class. It would be embarrassing dressed as little schoolgirls, but worst things could happen. Before being dismissed from our line, our sorority president, Nicole, told us to remove our panties and give them to her. Next, we were told to get with our teammates from the night before so that we could do a diapering exercise. There were lots of questions, but our president scolded us to "Shut up and do as we were told!" Each group gathered in the same room and the bags of disposable diapers we purchased the night before were brought out to each team. We were then instructed to take turns putting a diaper on each girl on our team. If the diaper was put on wrong or too loose, we would receive point deductions. (Points were going to mean a lot.) How embarrassing! There was giggling and even some mild protests, but in the end, we all wanted to become part of the sorority and proceeded to put the diapers on each other. It wasn't hard to do, just very humiliating. I had never lied down naked in front of a girl, especially to be diapered. Everyone finished and we again formed our inspection line. The sorority president proceeded to go down the line and inspect each of our diapers. All but one girl passed the inspection. This poor girl was told to remove her diaper and a fellow sorority sister proceeded to give her 5 whacks with a sorority paddle. The girl was quickly diapered by one of her teammates again, and it looked like the diaper was very tight this time.

Our sorority president, Nicole, gave us some more instructions.

"I know what you are thinking...As soon as you leave for class you are going to take your diapers off so that you don't have to wear them out in public."

"Well, you can all forget about that!"

"Bring me the packing tape the girls bought last night." While still standing in line, each of us was asked one at a time to raise our skirts. One of the sorority members then placed a small piece of packing tape over the tapes on the disposable diaper.

"No longer will you be able to remove the diaper without the plastic being torn!"

"If you come back to the house without your diaper on, you will fail your initiation!"

"Any questions?" Being bold, I asked, "What should we do if we need to use the restroom?" Nicole said, "There is bad news and good news."

"The bad news is you are wearing your toilet!"

"The good news is that you can return to the house between 12 noon and 1:00pm to either use the bathroom, or if needed - you will receive a diaper change!"

Our president, Nicole wet on, "Before we let you waddle off to class, there are just a few more instructions." We were each handed a 32-ounce bottle of water and told to drink it as quickly as possible. Again, points were given to the 3-girl team that finished all of their bottles first. It was obvious to all of us that they wanted us to leave for class with the disturbing thought that our bladders may not make it until 12 noon when we could return to the safety of our sorority house. Amy, Heather and I finished the water bottles first. What made things more difficult is all of us had plenty of coffee to drink before the diapering began. Still, I can only speak for myself, but I felt that I could somehow hold out until noon and everything would be OK.

Nicole continued with her commands.

"Now, Just one more thing to wear to class this morning."

"We have purchased plastic baby pants for each of you." I didn't even know that plastic pants were made to fit "big babies." (I now know that it was my Frat Dad/boyfriend that ordered the baby pants over the Internet for all of the girls.) "We have added your name and our sorority Greek letters to the bottom of each pair of plastic pants." For example, Kim, your pants say, "Baby Kimberly" along with our sorority letters."

"Don't look so shocked!"

"You will appreciate these pants if any of you need a little extra protection this morning." Nicole then had one of the sorority sisters hand each of us our monogrammed plastic pants and we were instructed to put them on over the disposable diapers we were wearing. I kicked off my shoes and began to pull the plastic pants up over my white knee socks. As I continued to pull them up my legs, I felt humiliated but somehow I could feel myself getting aroused too. I finished pulling them over my diapered bottom and I noticed how snug they felt around my waist and thighs. I can only describe the feeling as secure and strangely erotic.

"OK, that should do it until noon."

"I am sure I don't have to tell you to be back at noon, you are all wearing a little reminder."

"At noon we will have a few more surprises, but I think you are all set to enjoy your morning classes."

We were free to go to class, but how could we go out in public. I asked my fellow teammates if you could tell what I was wearing under my skirt. They told me that it was obvious my skirt just barely covered my diapered bottom, but that unless I bent over, I would probably be able to keep my diaper a secret. The other girls were in the same predicament. We then proceeded to leave for class with our fellow team members. Safety in numbers or so we thought. However, walking to class dressed as young schoolgirls drew attention and many stares. I couldn't help but think that everyone could hear the sound of my plastic pants and diaper as I took each step.

I did not expect how much this whole situation would excite me. I think it was the risk of getting caught and humiliated that got me so sexually charged. Also, ever since I put on a diaper way back in High School during my babysitting job, I wanted to recreate the excitement I felt of having a diaper between my legs. I still remember vividly the feeling of walking to class with the diaper pressing tightly between my legs. As we walked to class, we couldn't stop talking about the predicament we were in. One thing was certain; we all were going to stick this out. None of us were quitters and we wanted the sorority membership badly.

I got to my first class and took a seat at the back of the class. I received a lot of stares, but dressed as a little schoolgirl, I was not surprised. Sororities and Fraternities always made their pledges do and wear strange things during hell week, so it wasn't as strange as it may seem to come to class, as I was dressed. This was the first time I ever sat down with a diaper on. I was constantly reminded by the padding between my legs that I was diapered! My Frat Dad, Chris, took the same economics course and he came in and sat down beside me like he always did.

"You are looking especially cute today," Chris said. He was really starring a hole through me and I thought that he might know something about what I was secretly wearing underneath my skirt. Still he did not let on.

I prayed that the professor would not call on me to go up to the board and I was thankful that he did not. When the class ended, Chris offered to walk me to my next class. Of course I agreed, but thought it a little strange that he would choose today to walk so far out of his way. There was no way Chris could not have seen my padded rump and I was still sure that he knew more than he was saying. When I got to my class, Chris patted my bottom as I turned to leave.

"See you later Baby." I about died. I really loved Chris, but our relationship was still at the beginning stages, and I certainly did not want him to see me in diapers!

As I sat in my second period class, I reflected on Chris. All of a sudden I could start to feel the growing pressure telling me that I needed to pee! It was only 10:00AM so I had plenty of time to kill before I could return to the sorority house. I tried to put the pressure of my bladder out of my mind. My fellow pledge, Amy, was in this same class and we sat together. We both looked at each other and without saying anything; we both knew that we were getting pretty uncomfortable, but still dry! I watched as Amy kept squirming in her seat. There was something so incredibly exciting about the situation we found ourselves in. On the one hand, I was scarred that if I wet my diaper I would die of humiliation. But on the other hand, I was sexually charged by the feelings I was experiencing, and I felt secure knowing that I had a secret under my skirt that would keep me protected. (To this day, I get excited by secretly wearing a diaper under my clothes while I'm out in public.) Amy passed me a note that said, "I just let a little go in my diaper and I feel so much better!" I couldn't believe it. Here were two grown college women sitting in class passing notes about wetting themselves! I responded by telling her I was still dry but in serious trouble.

The class seemed to last forever, but it finally ended and we stood up to walk out. That is when it really hit me. Standing and walking made me have to pee like I have never had to pee before. Amy and I walked out together and immediately went over to a bench to talk and figure out what we were going to do next. Above everything, we wanted to make sure that we didn't run into anyone we knew. I asked Amy what it felt like to wet her diaper in class and if her diaper was really wet. Strangely, Amy said that the feeling of letting go was such a relief that it felt great. I asked her how she was able to let go. Amy gave me some advice.

"Lean over the bench a little and just relax your muscles." I did as she said. I tried to let just a little pee out, but I had to pee so badly that my damn burst! Once I started, I could not stop. I stood with my legs slightly spread and leaned over the back of the bench. I began to wet myself uncontrollably. Immediately I was worried of being discovered or that my diaper would not hold all of my pee. The feeling was frightening and tremendous all at the same time! I had never purposely wet myself, and even though I had accidents like all kids growing up, I certainly had never wet myself while wearing a disposable diaper. As I let go, the warm wet feeling seemed to race through my entire diaper. I was overcome with relief and excitement. The feeling was so intense I came very close to having an orgasm. Amy held my hand the whole time in support of what I was going through. She said, "Now that was not too bad was it?" I couldn't hide my emotions and told her it felt wonderful.

Now we had the problem of not being discovered. It was after 11:00AM and we did not have another class until later in the afternoon. We decided to start walking slowly back to the sorority house. Amy told me that she was getting good at releasing a little pee with each step that she took. We laughed at how our diapers were getting so heavy and that we really felt like we waddled rather than walked. We passed a group of our sorority sisters and some fraternity members from Chris's frat. One of the boys said, "Be careful not to get wet, it looks like it could rain." And then they all giggled. It was a bright sunny day so Amy and I knew that the comment was made to tease and humiliate us. We finally arrived at the sorority house, but the front door had a note telling us to wait outside until all of the babies returned.

One by one our fellow pledges showed up to the house. Finally, our fellow teammate, Heather, showed up and we asked her the question everyone was asking.

"So, were you able to stay dry?" Heather whispered that she wet her diaper, but then removed it in the bathroom. She had to deliver a speech in her communications class and she couldn't risk being discovered. She thought about buying another diaper to hide the fact that she had removed her wet diaper, but she thought she would just show up here and explain what happened. By now all of the pledges/babies had arrived. One girl, Linda, was dancing around trying to hold it in. Linda was the only girl who had managed to stay dry. She looked so funny with her hands held tightly between her legs as she hopped up and down. We all were laughing at her and ourselves for being such little babies. I am not sure who got the idea, but we all grabbed Linda and wrestled her to the ground. We were not going to have her miss the pleasure of a wet diaper! We showed her no mercy. We held her down and began to tickle her all over her feet, stomach and neck. She rolled around laughing uncontrollably. All at once she stopped her struggling so we stopped our tickling. With her hands clutched between her legs, Linda drenched her diaper in front of all of us. She kept yelling, "Oh my gosh, Oh my gosh!" It seemed like Linda peed forever! It was funny to watch and we all could not stop laughing. We did not notice that the front door opened and we were all told in a very stern voice to get in and line up!

Our sorority president and several of the sisters began the inspection. Everything the sorority did to us that week was designed to embarrass us and bring us together as a pledge class. One at a time we had to lift our skirts and pull down our plastic baby pants to show that the packing tape was still on and that we had not tampered with our diapers in any way. Once examined, a sorority sister pulled down our plastic pants and we stepped out of them. A pair of scissors was then used to cut the tape and diaper tabs so that the diaper fell to the floor with one big plop. All was going well until they stopped at Heather. Heather had her plastic pants on, but no diaper. She tried to explain why she removed her wet diaper, but our president would not hear of any excuses. Heather was told that she would be given another chance but that our team would loose all of our points. I was standing next to Heather, so I grabbed her hand to let her know that it was all right. The main thing I told her was she was still in the running to become a member.

Before being dismissed for an hour of bathroom privileges, we were told about the remaining activities for the day. We would be allowed to use the bathroom, but only to 1:00pm. At that time we were all to come back downstairs where we would again be diapered for the afternoon. Finally, we were told that we were all going uptown that evening to attend a private party at one of the bars with guys from our "big brother" fraternity. With a twinkle in her eye, our president said, "I think you will enjoy the baby games!"


We all used this time to go to the bathroom. I managed to poop, so that I would not have to worry about that problem later on. We all shared stories of our morning in diapers. As intended, this common experience somehow got us closer together as a pledge class. We figured that our cute little uniforms and diapered bottoms must have gotten around much of the campus. None of us were excited about going back to class during the afternoon and facing the humiliation we were sure to face. I thought I would cut my class.

We met promptly at 1:00pm as told. We were still in our little, schoolgirl outfits, but were waiting further instructions when our sorority president came back in to address us.

"Nothing will change this afternoon except for one small detail."

"Remember the marking pens you purchased?"

"Each of you will be given a permanent marking pen to take with you this afternoon."

"I am going to ask you to secure three signatures from the guys at our 'big brother' fraternity." I was thinking to myself that this requirement would be embarrassing dressed the way we were, but still, it didn't seem so bad. How wrong I was! Our president went on to say, "I want the three signatures to be signed on the back of the disposable diaper that you will be wearing."

"You may save yourself some embarrassment if you can obtain the signatures while you are still dry!" We all panicked, but knew we had no choice. We then were instructed to lye down, and each of us was again diapered and put back into our plastic baby pants. This time a piece of clear packing tape was tightly wrapped all the way around each girl's diaper at her waist so that there could be absolutely no way of sneaking the diaper off and then back on.

"Be back sharply at 4:00PM for bathroom privileges and preparation for tonight's party."

"I almost forgot, I want each of you to drink a large coffee and bottle of water before you leave this room."

"I will personally make sure that this is done!"

"Hurry, or you will be late to class."

The first thing I did after finishing my coffee and water bottle was to call Chris and ask for his help. I gave it a lot of consideration, but I knew that I needed him to help me secure the signatures. I thought it would be a little less embarrassing if I had him sign my diaper and get two of his frat brothers to sign too. I did not tell Chris over the phone why I wanted to meet him. Chris agreed to meet me at the student union on campus. When I arrived, Chris was already there. We got a booth in the restaurant and Chris ordered two large drinks before I could say that I was not thirsty. I was having trouble bringing up the topic. How do you tell a boy that you have the hots for that you are wearing a diaper, and "oh by the way, could you and your frat brothers sign it?" Chris kept telling me how cute I looked and that he had never seen me look so sexy. Before I had a chance to ask him for his help, I felt his foot under the table. He had kicked off his shoe and proceeded to move his foot up my leg. I was so worried about being discovered. I must have turned ten shades of red. He did not stop his foot until it reached my plastic covered crotch.

"What is this I feel?" He kept rubbing my plastic pants with his foot in a spot that made me feel all wet inside. The server arrived with our drinks and he continued to toy with me under the table. Chris and I were getting closer all of the time, but I got the feeling our relationship was really going to take off. Chris broke the ice by saying, "So you need a few signatures?" He already knew the question I was trying to ask, but how much else did he know?

We must have been in that booth for over an hour. We shared things with each other that we had never told anyone, and I felt incredibly close to Chris. I didn't even think about my tall drink and finished the whole thing during our talk. I got a "wake-up" call from my bladder and I knew that I was very full but not in immediate danger of wetting myself. Chris paid the bill and we started to walk towards his fraternity house.

During the walk, Chris couldn't keep his hand off of my plastic covered bottom. He didn't seem to care who saw him with his hand up the back of my skirt! We got to his frat house and Chris finally had a good chance to see what I was wearing. I slowly turned in front of him with my skirt held high. He immediately hugged me and squeezed me tight. The hug was not good in my current state of having to pee. I asked him if we could get the signatures over with and he agreed. We went into his bedroom with two other guys who were "in the know" about our sorority's initiation. Needless to say, they agreed to sign my disposable diaper. I have never been so humiliated. I bent over Chris's bed and he pulled down my plastic pants to my knees. Each of the boys signed my diapered butt with the marker. I was getting to know that the more I got humiliated, the more excited I became. I was getting so excited, but I could not let on in front of all the guys. Chris asked his frat brothers to leave and he shut his door.

Neither one of us could control ourselves. We fell onto his bed and began to hug and kiss. He was lying on top of me, and his weight was putting so much pressure on my bladder. I knew I was going to have an "accident." He then rolled me over so that I was on top of him. He reached underneath my plastic pants, and held the back of my diaper firmly with both of his hands. He had such a firm grip, but it didn't stop me from squirming all over him like I was in heat. Chris whispered to me and told me to slowly pee into my diaper. Normally this would not have been possible, but after a few minutes, the pressure was becoming unbearable. Chris kept messaging my rear end through my diaper and whispering to me how much he loved me. As Chris moved his hands over the back of my diaper, it made the diaper padding between my legs move as well. The feeling of Chris's hands, the movement of the diaper between my legs and my utter humiliation was too much for me to handle. I lost all control and began to wet my diaper. I tried to wet it slowly so that I could make the feeling last as long as possible. The entire time that I wet myself, Chris continued to massage me through my diaper. While I was releasing my pee into my diaper, Chris kept telling me how much he loved me. I exploded into a tremendous orgasm. Chris and I had never been to bed before, and here I was wetting myself and coming while I squirmed all over him.

Rather than being embarrassed, I felt that we had just experienced the feeling of a lifetime. I knew that I could not take my diaper off or I would get in trouble with my sorority, but I also knew that I wanted to take care of Chris's hard-on that was about to poke a hole through the front of his pants. I turned around so that my plastic pants were pressing into Chris's face and lowered my head to the front of his pants. After pulling down his pants, I took Chris's penis into my mouth and gave him a "workout." While my mouth was working on his penis, Chris pretended to perform oral sex on me through my plastic pants. Everything he did was turning me on, this included. Chris exploded in my mouth and I took it all down. In the last few minutes we had accomplished more "firsts" than most couples ever experience in a lifetime.

It was getting close to 4:00pm and I knew that I had to get back to the sorority house. I asked Chris to hold me while I stood and I let go in my diaper one more time. He teased me and said, "If you didn't have to keep your diaper on, I would take you over my knee and spank you for being such a naughty girl." I told him, "Next time I hope you do!" (Secretly, I always wanted to be spanked.) A new problem had emerged. I had now soaked my diaper twice in Chris's room and it had reached its limit. When I sat down to put on my shoes, I could feel the pee escape to my plastic baby pants. Some of my pee even dribbled down my leg. This was quite embarrassing to say the least. Chris continued to tease me...

"So my baby is very wet and needs her diaper changed." So that I could get on my way, Chris helped me stuff several paper towels down the front and back of my diaper. Thankfully, he drove me over to the sorority house so that I did not have to waddle back. He kissed me in his car and told me that he couldn't wait to see me that evening. I asked him what was going to happen to the pledges at the party, but he would not give me even the slightest clue.

"See you soon, Baby!"

It was 4:00pm, all of the pledges/babies were back and we were again lined up for our diaper inspection. Once again our sorority president took over.

"I see that all of you kept your diapers on and have passed the inspection."

"We have a lot of wet little girls I see."

"And 'baby Sara,' what do I smell?" I felt so bad for Sara. It was obvious by the distinct odor that she had messed her diaper. Since embarrassment and not pain was being used to initiate us, Sara was humiliated to the max. Our president said, "We are going to give Sara a break and not make her wear her messy diaper tonight to the party."

"So please babies, gather around while Sara is changed." Sara was instructed to lye down on the long coffee table that was in the center of the room. There were always plenty of the sorority sisters present to witness everything going on. Sara protested, but everyone clapped in unison to encourage her. Two sorority sisters held her hands, two more held her legs, and her sorority Mom got the "honor" of changing her messy diaper. Quickly her diaper was removed, and she was thoroughly cleaned with diaper wipes. Normally, Sara was the most outspoken pledge, but this experience was very humbling to say the least, and Sara was careful not to give any of the sorority girls any attitude. We all felt Sara's embarrassment. This experience took humiliation to a whole new level and none of us wanted to step out of line.

A new diaper was not put on Sara because all of us were going to be given a short break from our diapers. We were instructed to take a quick shower (45 minutes) and to come back downstairs dressed in non-hip hugging jeans and a sweater. As usual, we would learn what was to happen next when we returned. Why jeans and a sweater? Why couldn't they be hip hugging jeans? Were we graduating from our baby status? We were only told things one-step at a time. Psychologically, this kept us all at a high state of anxiety.

We all quickly took showers and returned downstairs to once again form our line to wait for our president's instructions. It was still several hours before the party. Nicole finally began to tell us about the rest of the evening's activities.

"First, I want to say that most of you pledge babies are doing very good at passing your initiation tests."

"Tonight you will be receiving a major test of your will to become a member of the sorority."

"None of you will be asked to do anything that is physically impossible or that will physically hurt you in any way."

"In this regard, the decision to become a member is totally yours...ask yourselves, how bad do you want membership?" She really played the drill sergeant routine to the max. We had to answer all of her questions in unison. If we were slow to answer, she was all over us.

"I see you are all wearing jeans and a sweater as instructed."

"I am going to ask baby Jill to step forward so that I can demonstrate an addition we are making to all of your wardrobes." Jill stepped forward, but I could tell that she was frightened to death. Our president had one of the sorority sisters walk up to Jill with a length of chain.

"Do any of you recognize this chain from your scavenger hunt last night?"

"That's right, all of you conveniently bought one." The sorority sister took the slim chain and worked it through Jill's belt loops until both ends hung down in front of her pants. There were just a couple of extra links to spare. Next, our President walked up to Jill and took a hold of each end of the chain in her hands. She then proceeded to produce one of the small locks that also came from our scavenger hunt. She pulled the chain very tight around Jill's waist. I had never noticed before, but there is a little hole in the pull-tab that zips up the zipper on most jeans. She proceeded to put the lock through this tiny hole and then snapped the lock shut to the two ends of the chain.

"Jill, can you please demonstrate to the other pledges how quickly you can remove your jeans." Jill tried to slip her jeans off, but without being able to unzip them or remove the chain from around her waist, she could not remove her pants, no matter how hard she tried. I this was why the jeans had to fasten around our waists and not our hips.

"As you can see pledges, Jill is a prisoner of her own jeans!"

"They will only be removed when her sorority Mom or Fraternity Dad chooses to unlock them."

"That is right, each of you will be locked into your jeans and your sorority Mom and fraternity Dad will be the only key holders"

"But don't fret, you will not have to stay locked up all night."

"In fact, you will only be kept this way for the next three hours while we eat dinner and get ready for tonight."

"Since your Mom and Dad hold unique keys to your jeans, you had better plan on being very agreeable to their demands or you may not be able to remove your jeans when you need to remove them." Having been wet earlier in the day, we all knew what she meant by her snide comment.

With that, all of us were locked into our jeans. We were instructed to try and remove our jeans, but it was useless. The chains and locks were very effective, and because we were wearing sweaters, no one could tell that we were locked into our own pants. ...So what humiliation would this latest twist bring, I wondered.

Our president continued to lecture us.

"During the next three hours you are the property of your Greek Mom and Dad."

"Some of you will probably be taken out shopping for an outfit to wear to tonight's party." She went on to explain that we were all going to wear an outfit to the party that was specifically selected for us by our Mom and Dad.

"There are only two additions that I am going to make to your dress attire for this evening's party."

"First, in keeping with today's theme, you will be required to wear a diaper with your outfit."

"It seems that all of you have a real need to wear diapers based on your performances today."

"Second, you will all be required to wear a dog collar and leash at all times during the party."

"If your sorority Mom or Fraternity Dad is not holding your leash at any time during the evening, you will be punished for trying to escape."

"The only exception to this leash law is if you are participating in one of the games that requires you to be off of your leash or if your Mom or Dad has decided to secure you by your leash to some immovable object because they have grown tired of you."

"So, if I were you, I would make sure that I was securely being held by my leash at all times and not walking around free."

"Come back here sharply in three hours and we will leave as a group to the party."

"Like I said, each of you will be dressed in an outfit that was specifically chosen for you, plus you will be in diapers, a dog collar, and led by a leash."

The diapers we were told were to teach us to be dependent on our fellow sorority members. The collar was to signify our close bond to the sorority. And the leash was to show that we accepted sorority leadership. We were to learn humility through this. (Note from the author: At this point you may be wondering if this story is true. I can assure you that every bit of this story is true. In fact, I have protected the name of my sorority and University, but some of you reading this will be aware of this initiation practice. I have been out of this University for three years, but I know from current members that my sorority still practices the same right of passage.)

Our sorority Moms approached each one of us. My Mom lifted my sweater to check and make sure that my locked waist chain was tight and secure. She was convinced that I would not be able to take my pants off without her help. She went on to say, "I understand that you and Chris have become quite good friends."

"I have made arrangements for you and I to meet him for a quick dinner and then we will all go out shopping for your party outfit."

"We were instructed to select an outfit for you that matches your personality or interests."

"For example, since I am on the cheerleading squad, when I was pledging, I wore my cheerleading outfit to the party." I asked Jan if she wore a diaper, collar and leash with the outfit. She told me that she did, but she also said that my pledge class was getting off easy compared to how they were treated. However, she was quick to add that hell week was not over yet...

Jan and I met Chris at a nice Italian restaurant. We sat and had a couple of glasses of wine while we talked. I was not allowed to talk unless specifically told to speak. However, Jan and Chris talked about me like I was not even there. I would have been mad at Chris, but I knew that it was all being done in fun, and anyway, I was madly in love with him. They discussed my diaper wearing from earlier in the day and said I was a natural. They also talked about an appropriate costume for the party. I could tell that they were trying to get my reaction to each costume they discussed. Chris suggested that I would look cute as a baby girl, especially since I was going to be in diapers. Jan said that I might look cute dressed as an animal given the collar and leash I would be wearing. They agreed that it would be nice to find a collar and leash that would match the color of my outfit. They agreed that sleeper pajamas would look cute, but they would not show off my pretty diapers. They continued to talk about me in all kinds of embarrassing references. Chris never went into detail about our sexual episode that occurred earlier in the day and I appreciated him for that. Throughout dinner I was required to drink plenty of fluids in preparation for the party. When I started to complain, Jan reminded me of who held the keys to my locked pants. Chris said, "You wouldn't want to have an accident in this restaurant or in the mall, would you?" I got their point. I meekly asked if I could use the ladies room before we left the restaurant to go shopping. After some discussion, Chris said that if I finished my glass of wine, and drank three glasses of water, they would unlock me long enough to use the facilities. I had to go badly and so I agreed to his demand (like I had a choice). I quickly drank all of the fluids and Chris kept his word and reached over and unlocked my jeans.

I went to the ladies room and I could tell that I had just burst my damn, so to speak. When I drink a lot of liquids, I am fine until the first time I pee. After that first pee, I need to go all of the time. This had me worried. Chris met me outside the lady's room and took joy in relocking my jeans.

"I just love having this control over you."

"It is like keeping you in a chastity belt - for my use only." I am a very independent woman, but being talked to in this manner excited me. It is a strange dichotomy. Because I am so independent, I love when I am made to be subordinate. When I am not in control, I can more freely express my sexuality with no inhibitions. The three of us walked over to the mall.

Shopping did not take too long. At that time there was a Fredrick's of Hollywood in the mall. We went into the store and Chris walked us over to some pretty wild clothing. The two of them took turns holding up various outfits to me in order to see how scandalous they looked. Again, I was to be quiet and do as I was told. Jan told the shop girl that we were looking for a very outlandish outfit for me to wear to a pretty kinky party. She took us over to a rack that had all the outrageous styles. There were clothes made of leather, plastic, vinyl, and anything else you could imagine. Several outfits were selected with the help of the clerk. I was directed to the back of the store so that I could begin the one-person style show. Chris unlocked my jeans and I took the first outfit into the fitting room. I was given a clear plastic skirt. It was slightly pleated, very short, and you could see right through it. Not practical, but that was clearly not the point. I put the skirt on and was shocked by how I looked in the mirror. My underwear clearly showed through the plastic. I am sure that to most guys this was a very sexy look. When I stepped out of the dressing room, I got the confirmation from Chris that I looked hot. The clerk talked to Jan and Chris about how well it fitted, etc.

I went in the back to put the next outfit on, but this time I snuck over to the restroom that was next to the fitting room and quickly used it. I was sure glad that I had found the restroom before a sure "accident" would have occurred. (What I didn't know was that Jan saw me go in to use the bathroom and told Chris.) The outfit I was given was a very short, red, pair of vinyl, hot pants and a matching red, vinyl top that looked like a corset. When I put it on it made me feel so naughty. It was funny because in a way I felt more exposed by these clothes than if I was parading around naked. I tried on a couple of more items and was told to get back into my jeans. Jan paid for the items while I was still getting dressed, so I was unable to see all of the clothes they decided to buy me.

I came out of the dressing room and Chris greeted me with an open lock. He snapped the lock back on the chain around my waist. I was once again a prisoner in my own jeans. We left the store and Jan got me a large coke to drink while we finished our shopping. Chris said, "So how was the bathroom in the store...was it clean?" I almost died.

"After we finish our shopping, I have a little surprise for you, but this time I am not going to let you out of my site." Chris called someone on his cell phone and I could tell that he was making some arrangements.

The next store we visited was a pet store. We walked over to a wall that displayed collars. They had every collar imaginable. Again a clerk came over to help us. Talk about embarrassing...Chris had me tell the male clerk what I needed. I was hoping we could pretend that we were looking to buy a collar for a dog, not me! I asked for a dog collar that would fit my throat. Chris pointed to a pink leather collar and the clerk took it down and handed it to me. The clerk seemed to be getting into my discomfort and asked if I needed help putting it on. Jan said, "Please put it on her neck, I want to make sure it fits snug." The clerk seemed more than willing to put the collar around my neck and he had no trouble buckling it shut.

"How about a matching leash to go with the collar," he asked. A pink leather leash was snapped on to my collar...right in the middle of a mall pet store. (Now I know that some kids wear collars, but this was new and embarrassing to me.) The clerk had to take one more embarrassing shot at me.

"Notice how nice she looks."

"Who is the lucky guy who will be holding her leash?" Chris nodded and said that he would be my "handler." Just the sound of the word "handler" made me tremble with excitement.

Chris said that we had to meet someone and we must pay for the leash and collar. The smart-ass, store clerk asked, "Do you want to put these items in a bag or will you be wearing them home?" Thankfully they were put in a bag. I almost didn't notice, but Chris also bought three chain choker collars.

The three of us walked to the center of the mall to meet whoever Chris had called on his cell phone. I was really starting to hop around because nature was calling and I had to pee. Jan said that she would have been glad to unlock my jeans if I hadn't snuck off to use the restroom behind their backs. (I doubted it.) I said that I was about to wet myself.

"Could I please use the restroom?" I was ignored.

Just then my two teammates, Amy and Heather walked up with their Greek Moms and Dads. So this was the group we were waiting for. It was obvious that both girls were in serious trouble of wetting themselves based on their movements. Chris said, "Girls before we go, we have one more fun thing for all of you." We were standing next to a merry-go-round that was in the middle of the mall. Jan went over and bought a bunch of tickets for the merry-go-round.

"Come on pledges," Chris said.

"I am sure that you want to go for a ride on some horses." We couldn't object. (What happened next, I still think about often, and is the subject of many of my fantasies when I masturbate.) We were led over to the ride and like little girls; the boys helped us on to three horses. I almost wet myself trying to get onto the horse and I knew the other girls were feeling it too, because we all groaned in unison. At least we were all sitting on horses next to one another. I knew we were in big trouble, because Chris sarcastically asked me if I thought I could stay on the big horse all by myself.

"I don't want you falling off and hurting yourself," he said. I was still feeling the affects of the wine from dinner, and before I knew what was happening, Chris took the chain choker that he purchased in the pet store and slipped it around the chain I was wearing around my waist. In the same motion he locked the other end of the choker to the pole that was holding my horse to the ride. Heather and Amy were locked to their horses just as quickly by their Dads. We were had.

Our Moms handed each of us another bottle of water and told us to drink up. (Like we needed more to drink.) Jan said, "We will come back and check on you from time-to-time."

"However, you must wet your pants before we take you down off of your little ponies."

"Do you all understand?" Unfortunately, we all understood all too well.

The ride started and we were all scarred and laughing at the same time. Our arms and sweaters easily hid the chain keeping us secured to the pole as we held on to the reins. It seemed that Heather and Amy had a lot more alcohol to drink than I did. Amy must have really been drunk. She said, "Last one to wet her pants is a rotten egg." Easier said than done. There was no way it was going to be easy for me to wet myself, especially in the middle of a public mall. It had only been earlier that same day that I had forced myself to wet a diaper, and at least with a diaper, it hid my problem.

The ride finally ended and started up once again after the man running the ride collected another ticket from each of us. We continued to drink our water bottles as we were told. Amy was the first to announce that she couldn't hold it any longer. I looked around to make sure that no one heard her comment. It seemed like we were being much too loud. I noticed that we had attracted some looks from people walking by the ride. After all, I am sure it is not often that you see three grown girls on a merry-go-round. Amy leaned back in her saddle, closed her eyes and began to wet her jeans. And I mean wet her jeans! No diapers to hide the pee! Heather and I looked on with disbelief as we saw Amy's jeans turn dark blue. The front and back of her jeans were soaked! "Yippee," Amy yelled. She was drunk. I wished that I were as drunk so I could handle this situation better.

The ride stopped and the man approached to collect the tickets again. I handed him all of our tickets, because I was on the outside, and I didn't want him to see Amy's soaking wet pants. When the ride started again, Heather and I both decided to put an end to our discomfort. Not that we had much choice. I thought my pee was going to come out of my ears! Playfully, Amy said, "On the count of three, let loose." As she started to count, I felt my bladder take over my whole body. I wrapped my arms around the poll in front of me, and gripped the horse as tight as I could with my legs. Suddenly, I began to wet my jeans. I felt myself rocking back and forth in the saddle as my pee flowed freely. I couldn't stop peeing. I then lifted myself in the stirrups to try and get away from the wetness in my jeans. Obviously this didn't work and I sat down to finish peeing. I looked over at Heather, and she too was going crazy with either delight or embarrassment. I wasn't sure which.

All three of us were soaking wet. And although it wasn't an unpleasant smell, you could sure smell our wet jeans. I could see that our Moms and Dads had arrived and were laughing uncontrollably. They had been watching the whole thing unfold. The guys jumped up on the ride when it stopped and unlocked us from the poles. We got to take a good look at one another. I have never been so embarrassed! By now our pee had traveled down the insides of our jeans, all the way to our shoes. The thing about pants when you wet yourself is that there is no mistaking what happened. The wet stains are not uniform like they would be if you fell into a pool.

Chris immediately patted my wet behind in front of the others. I was so humiliated, but I wanted to hug Chris in the worst way. He walked me over to the public restrooms with the rest of our crowd. All three of us had our jeans unlocked and we were each handed a bag of clothes to put on. My outfit to wear home was the red vinyl number I had just tried on earlier. I do not dress in such provocative clothes, but I didn't see any better choices being offered to me. It was going to be good to get out of my wet panties and jeans. It was a little hard slipping my wet jeans down my legs, but I managed. My panties were soaking wet. I decided to leave my wet panties in the restroom, but would take my jeans with me. I put on the red hot pants and matching corset and sheepishly steeped out of the restroom to meet the others. Amy and Heather were dressed in some really sluttish looking outfits too. Amy was in a very short black leather dress and Heather had on fishnets and the highest pair of heels that I had ever seen. The stares came from everywhere and everyone. We headed for the sorority house.

I wondered what could possibly happen next. Still, our sorority president was right. We were getting closer as sorority sisters and Chris and I were getting really tight too. I could not wait to talk to him about everything that we were experiencing together. I wanted to tell him how much everything was exciting me, but it was going to be embarrassing for me to admit these things. Somehow, I think Chris already knew that I was a willing participant. I wasn't sure if Chris liked wetting and diapers as much as I did. If someone would have proposed wetting myself or wearing diapers before this initiation, I would have thought he was crazy. I had learned so much about myself.

The sorority house was really hopping when we returned. Everyone was getting ready for the big night. This day of fun would never end! Each pledge was taken by her Mom to get dressed for the evening. I could only imagine what all of the pledges were going to be wearing. We knew that our costumes were going to be judged so our Moms wanted us to look our best. I knew that a diaper and my new collar were going to be part of my outfit, but I was anxious to learn what else had been selected for me to wear. I didn't have to wait long.

All of the pledges slept together in one large room when we were not in our dorm rooms. The room took up nearly the entire third floor. Our house Mother was a wonderful older woman and took good care of all of us. She had strung a clothesline across much of our room and after rinsing out all of our plastic baby pants she hung them up to dry. What a sight to see. I got a kick out of seeing each of our names printed across the seat of our pants, preceded by the word "Baby." I pulled down the plastic pants that said "Baby Kimberly" and handed them to Jan. She put the plastic pants aside. Next, Jan gathered several other items and stuffed them into the diaper bag that I bought during the scavenger hunt. Our sorority house Mother had embroidered our names on each of our diaper bags, so it was easy to tell the diaper bags apart. (Our sorority, housemother, Nancy, was an older woman, but she got into all of our sorority activities and tried to do her part.)

Jan carefully prepared me for the party. The sorority kept a number of baby items on hand from past initiations. (This was the third year that a baby theme was used for part of the initiation.) Jan instructed me to lie down on my bed while she went to a large chest to retrieve some items. She came back with three large cloth diapers; placed them together, and laid them down next to me. She pulled off the vinyl shorts I was still wearing from the mall and had me scoot my butt onto the diapers. I presented a mild protest, but she would have none of it. She pulled the diapers up between my legs and pinned them in place. She asked me to stand so that she could inspect her work. Other girls were also getting ready in the room and I noticed that most of them stopped to look at me. Jan had me turn around in front of her. She was pleased with her work. I thought that the disposable diaper I wore earlier had thick padding, but it was nothing compared to the three diapers I now wore. Jan then had me step into my plastic pants and she worked them up my legs. Next she pulled out some ruffled panties that she bought at Fredrick's while we were in the store. I had seen panties like this before, but I had never seen them worn by a girl my age. The panties were pink with rows of ruffles across the bottom. It was a good thing that she had purchased them in a larger size, because they had to fit over my diapered bottom. I pulled them up over my diapers and plastic pants. Jan told me to walk to the center of the room and back to see how I looked. The bulky diapers made me waddle and everyone in the room thought I looked cute. Past boyfriends always told me that I had a nice ass, but you would never have known it in my current state of dress. Jan completed my outfit by putting on the clear plastic skirt we purchased earlier and a pink cotton belly shirt that said the brand name "bebe" on it. How appropriate, I thought. She continued to complete my outfit by having me put on ridiculously high-heeled shoes. Finally, she fastened the pink, leather collar around my neck. The feeling and symbolism of wearing a collar sent shivers throughout my body. I fantasized that someday, Chris would put a collar on my neck and that thought excited me.

I looked in the full-length mirror to get a better look at myself. I thought I looked like something between "kinky, wild girl" and "diapered hooker." If the object was to make us look outlandish and to be self-conscious of our looks, it certainly worked. Jan said, "Look, you can see your ruffled bottom through your clear skirt."

"How cute you look."

"I bet Chris is going to love seeing you dressed this way." All I could think about was how embarrassing it was going to be to go to the sorority/fraternity party dressed in a diaper and revealing outfit.

Before heading to the party, we gathered to receive our final instructions and an inspection from Nicole, our sorority president. Nicole was not going to make anything easy on us. She chose me for a demonstration that was intended to frighten the hell out of all of us.

"Step forward, Baby Kimberly."

"Get down on all fours."

"I am going to demonstrate how each of you should obey when you are under the command of your handler."

"Your handler will be the person holding the end of your leash." She clipped the leash to my collar.

"Sit!" I was slow to react because I was not sure what it meant to sit.

"You stupid pledge." She yanked the leash back so that I was forced back on to my knees and hands in a sitting position.

"See how quick Kim has learned to sit on command?" She then gave a short jerk to the leash and it was obvious that she wanted me to crawl next to her as she walked.

"See that you keep close to me and stop when I stop!"

"And when I stop, you are to immediately sit back like a good dog would sit by her master." She really took me through a bunch of humiliating commands. Next, she took hold of a small ball and threw it across the room.

"Don't fetch until I tell you to fetch."

"OK, go get the ball, Kim." I did the best to crawl over to the ball and began to pick it up with my hands.

"Not with your hands stupid little girl!"

"Use your mouth and bring me the ball." It was difficult but I managed to lean down and take the ball in my mouth. Nicole was waiting for me with a sorority paddle.

"Drop the ball at my feet!"

"If you were not wearing so much padding on your butt, you would feel these whacks." Nicole proceeded to give me five whacks from the paddle, but it was more for show because it certainly did not physically hurt. However, I was almost crying from the humiliation.

Nicole addressed the pledges.

"So that none of you are tempted to make the same stupid mistake that Kim made, when she used her hands to pick up the ball, I am going to remove your ability to use your hands during the party."

"I think you will all feel a little more vulnerable and a lot more dependent on your sorority sisters if you are unable to use your hands."

"Besides, why would little babies like you girls need to use their hands anyway?" I think we all were is she going to take away the use of our hands? Again, we never had to wait long for our questions to be answered.

Lucky me, Nicole continued to use me to demonstrate what she had in mind.

"Kim, give me your front paw...I mean hand," Nicole teased. She grabbed my hand while I was still sitting on the floor. She slipped a very large mitt over my hand and pulled it on like a boxing glove. In fact, it was very much like a boxing glove except the mitt was totally round. There were no individual holes for my fingers or my thumb. Two drawstrings were attached and she tied them in a knot just past my wrist. The mitt was pretty light and the surface was made out of leather or vinyl. I could not tell how the mitt was made on the inside, but it felt like my hand was in a beanbag. I could not directly feel the beans, because there was some type of lining inside the mitt. I could move my fingers and thumb, but only slightly. My hands were going to be useless to me in these mitts. Nicole put the other Mitt on me so that both of my hands were encased in the mitts. (I learned later that our housemother, Nancy, was "kind" enough to make these mitts for all of us girls.)

"Let's do another demonstration for your fellow pledges," Nicole barked to me.

"Crawl for the girls." It was easy for me to crawl. In fact, the mitts cushioned my hands.

"Now, Kim, I want you to crawl over to the closet door."

"Reach up, and open the door." I tried to turn the knob, but the mitts would not allow me to do even such an easy task as opening a door. Nicole asked me to remove my collar, but this too was impossible.

"See girls, Kim is going to need a lot of support from her 'handlers' tonight."

"She is totally helpless to do anything for herself." Nicole then instructed me to crawl back to her. As I crawled I could feel the leash dragging behind me between my legs. When I got back to Nicole, she said, "Kim is such a good little pledge." She then patted my head and put a small piece of candy in my mouth. I was furious, but I tried not to show my feelings. I simply took the piece of candy in my mouth and remained at Nicole's feet. I think all of us pledges had the same were we going to take care of any of our most basic needs at the party tonight? The room was very quiet and we all were in a minor panic. It had seemed that the sorority members had thought of everything to put sure terror into our minds. Each pledge was fitted with similar mitts on her hands so that we all could "experience a common bond."

Nicole was not done with her antics. She chose Heather, my team partner next.

"Pledges, you will remember that Heather thought she could ignore initiation rules and removed her diaper this morning."

"We have a special treat for Heather."

"Heather, please lay down on your back." I am going to ask a couple of my fellow sisters to hold Heather's arms and legs."

"Heather, this is for your own good, I don't want you kicking and getting yourself hurt." I could feel Heather's panic. Heather was "helped" onto her back by several of the sorority girls.

"Heather, you look so nice in your baby doll nightgown." Nicole instructed one of the sorority girls to remove Heather's plastic pants and disposable diaper. Heather was lying on the carpet trembling. Nicole proceeded to take Heather's diaper in her hand and she examined it.

"I see you have had no accidents."

"You are such a big girl, Heather."

"Let's see if we can change that!" With that, Nicole reached over and grabbed a jar of peanut butter. She took a large spoon and scooped out a huge spoonful of peanut butter. I could not believe what was happening. Nicole then took the entire spoonful of peanut butter and placed the large clump of peanut butter inside the disposable diaper.

"Heather, how will it feel to have this peanut butter squish between your butt cheeks?" Heather offered no response. Nicole then instructed the sorority girls to re-diaper Heather while she was still being held down. The girls seemed to take a lot of pleasure in putting on Heather's diaper. They were very careful to put her diaper on as tight as it would go. At one point, they even pulled the diaper up hirer on Heather's waist, before once again securing the tapes. Heather's plastic pants, showing "Baby Heather" on the back, were again pulled up Heather's legs until they secured her diaper. The girls released Heather's arms and legs. Nicole told Heather to stand.

"Please take a few steps, baby Heather." Heather took the steps, but tried to keep her legs spread while she walked.

"What is the matter, baby Heather...something unpleasant in your diaper?"

"If any of you other girls want to disobey the rules, you can enjoy a similar fate, or worse." Before Nicole was done, she reached down and playfully patted Heather's butt. This little demo had us all frightened to death. I was thinking that physical hazing of pledges may have ended, but this treatment was far worse.

Nicole sarcastically said, "Now that we have taken care of some business, I bet you are all anxious to go to the party."

"Have any of you wondered why your teams have been trying to accumulate points and what the points will be used for?"

"Let me explain."

"The two teams that have the lowest number of points by the end of tonight's party, will loose the baby contest."

"As such, six of you pledges will sleep tonight in the nursery."

"While we are at our 'fun party,' your wonderful housemother, Nancy, will be making up one of the rooms as a pretty little nursery for six little baby pledges."

"I will let your imagination run wild, but you can be sure that Nancy will make the nursery look real cute."

"For you six 'lucky' girls, you can count on a night in the nursery as an experience that you will never forget!"

"So in a way, by loosing the game, you get the memory of a that isn't so bad, is it?"

"Some of you may want to intentionally loose!" We all doubted that it would be to anyone's benefit to loose this contest.

Nicole always was sarcastic with us. The current point totals were given. Heather, Amy and I were in dead last place. We were determined that we would not stay in last place. Even though I had learned that being put into humiliating situations sexually excited me, I was not about to chance a night in "the nursery." I thought, what could the sorority girls possibly have in store for the poor contest losers? I was anxious to see Chris, so I was glad that we were finally ready to depart.

The party was held at a combination bar/restaurant located in our college downtown area. The restaurant part of the building was closed and our sorority and big brother fraternity had reserved the entire place for the party. We were not told everything that was going to happen, but we knew there was going to be a style show (to show off our outfits), competitive games and a performance from a hypnotist. Virtually everything we participated in would bring us the valuable points that we so sorely needed.

The boys who were pledging the frat were supposed to be dressed as girls, but we learned that their fate had been delayed by one night. Once at the bar, we gathered in a side room to await the style show. As promised, each of our Moms held us firmly in place by our leashes. We had a brief chance to talk and several of us whispered about how we wanted to try and escape our fate. We were immediately told to "shut-up" and our leashes were pulled to make sure that we got the point.

The style show was explained to us. All we had to do is go up on stage and "strut our stuff." I had done plenty of modeling, so I was accustomed to going up in front of people. Boy would this be different! I never did any modeling at the end of a leash nor in diapers!!! We were brought up to the stage and paraded around one at a time. I thought that all my fellow pledges looked very beautiful even if we were dressed so kinky. I knew that I had very tough competition as I looked at the other girls. Baby Amy was called up on stage. Normally rock groups performing at the bar used this stage. All of us were either referred to as "baby


" or "pledge


." Amy was dressed as "baby new years," complete with a sash that said "Baby New Year." Amy wore what looked like several cloth diapers, but she wasn't wearing any plastic pants. Looking around, I think Amy was probably the only one who was not wearing plastic baby pants, but then I couldn't see under all of the pledge's outfits. If things continued as they had all day, I thought to myself that Amy could be really in an embarrassing situation if she was made to wet her diapers with no outer covering to conceal her problem. Amy tuned like a pro on stage. One thing about Amy, she was not shy! She put in a great performance.

I was called up next with my "handler-Jan." I thought I needed to do everything that I could to impress the judges and score some extra points for our team. I worked out a scenario ahead of time with Jan. I was going to ham it up on stage and I asked her to play along. Thankfully she agreed because I was not the one calling the shots. When I went up on stage, I pretended to try and pull away from Jan's tight grasp of my leash. I had always heard that guys get turned on when women fight each other, so I thought I would play up this angle for the judges. There was a mock struggle for control between Jan and I, and at one point, we were actually wrestling on the stage floor. The guys and girls in the audience were going nuts. The struggle ended when Jan grabbed my leash and yanked me off of my feet. As I lay in front of her, she took the other end of the leash and gave me a mock whipping. All the time, people were clapping and yelling their approval. When the judges held up their scorecards, I had obtained the highest score up to that point in the style show.

I don't have time to go into all of the outfits that my fellow pledges were wearing, but some were exceptional. I think the threat of finishing in the last two teams was driving a lot of behavior on stage. With the beer flowing freely, we were all pretty relaxed and really enjoyed ourselves. Heather also did a fine job showing off and playing to the audience. She was introduced as peanut butter butt over the bar's PA system. It seemed that everyone knew that Heather had a big lump of peanut butter in her diaper. The guys teased her relentlessly by giving her lots of friendly pats on her butt. When Heather finished her performance on stage we had moved up several places in the team standings, but the style show was not over.

One of the pledges, Donna, was dressed in a very sexy French Maid's outfit. By far, this was my favorite costume. (I have always loved dressing up for Halloween parties.) Donna had on frilly panties like mine that were peaking out from under her short maid's outfit. Like my backside, Donna's butt was showing the obvious signs of a diaper under her panties. Donna knew how to work the crowd. It was difficult for her with the restrictive mitts on her hands, but she managed to work one of her breasts out and flashed it to the crowd. Everyone went wild. Needless to say, Donna and her team received the highest team score. Our team was second from the bottom after the style show, but there were still additional opportunities ahead to score points. We were still very hopeful that we would not finish as one of the bottom two teams.

It was a college party so there was always plenty of beer to drink. There was one problem for us pledges. We could not pick up a glass of beer while wearing our mitts. Of course, our Greek Moms seemed to think of everything and packed the baby bottles from the scavenger hunt in our diaper bags. I was sitting at Jan's feet while she and Chris sat at one of the tables. She still had a hold of my leash. She passed the end of my leash to Chris in order to fill the baby bottle up with beer. Chris looked down into my eyes and said, "It is so nice to have such a pretty girl at the end of a leash."

"I wonder if my baby is going to need her diaper changed tonight?" When Chris talked to me this way, I melted. (For some of you reading this, you may not understand, but when I am kept "in my place," it is a real turn-on.) Jan filled my baby bottle with beer and tightened the top. She handed me the bottle, but it was very difficult to drink from at first. Jan gave me permission to drink and I awkwardly brought the bottle to my mouth, struggling not to drop the bottle out of my enclosed hands. Once I got the bottle to my lips it was easy to suck down the beer. I wanted to make sure that I got a little drunk so that I could overcome all of the embarrassment I was experiencing.

Jan reached down, lifted the back of my skirt, and put her hand down under my panties and plastic pants. She casually said to Chris, "Our little Kimberly is still dry." Chris replied, "Let's increase her liquids, we would not want Kimberly to be thirsty." It was so humiliating to be talked about in this manner. I did not offer any protest, for fear of what evils might be up their sleeves, but I was again wondering if there was a way to escape. In my heart I knew there was no way to escape my feelings for Chris, but I thought if I could escape, I could show Chris and Jan that I was not going to be a "pushover."

I did not know if escape was going to be possible given my restrictive situation, but I was always looking for an opportunity to get out from under the control of my handlers. If I couldn't escape, I thought I would not go down easy. I wanted to create a little ruckus. I don't know what made me do it, but I stood up and then sat down in one of the chairs at the table. Jan and Chris were flabbergasted by my bold move. Chris spoke first.

"What in the hell do you think you are doing little girl?"

"Who said you could sit on a chair at our table?"

"There are punishments for disobedient girls like you."

"Jan, what do you think if we give baby Kimberly a "time out" for her bad behavior?" Jan responded, "I think that is a wonderful idea." With that, Jan grabbed the baby bottle from my hands and Chris gave me a yank on my leash to make me get up and start walking. The leash was extremely effective at controlling me. I followed Chris up to the stage and he made a general announcement to everyone that "we have a very disobedient pledge here that needs some discipline." He asked for one of the highchairs to be brought in from the attached restaurant. A wooden highchair was brought up on stage by one of the guys. I provided a struggle (the beer was helping me be assertive), but Chris had no trouble placing me into the highchair. As soon as I was seated, Jan quickly snapped the tray into place. There was a little leather strap on the chair and that too was quickly buckled around my waist. Chris said, "Now that should keep you safe...I wouldn't want you to fall out and hurt yourself." I kept up a mild struggle. Since the highchair was obviously made for kids, I was really wedged into the chair, and this kept my movements to a minimum. I tried to undo the tray, but the mitts would not allow me to release the tray nor undo the belt. I kicked my legs like I was having a tantrum.

"This behavior is exactly why you need to be disciplined little girl." Everyone was laughing at my expense. I finally calmed down and Jan put a full baby bottle of beer on the tray and told me to "drink up."

There I was...sitting on a stage in my favorite college bar, wearing a diaper, and sitting in a highchair. I bet if my parents could have seen how their money was being spent on me to attend college, they would have died. All of my commotion and kicking made me have to pee. There was no way Chris or Jan was going to let me use the restroom after my little performance. I guess I was not drinking my beer fast enough, because Jan lifted the bottle to my mouth and ordered me to drink. She didn't take the bottle away until she finished feeding me the entire baby bottle of beer. She didn't stop. She got another bottle, but this time it was filled with just plain juice. She was careful not to get me too drunk, but it was obvious to me that she wanted to fill me with liquids. When that bottle was finished she had me drink another bottle, but with beer this time.

The pressure to pee was getting intense. I thought that I would secretly wet myself so that I would feel better. It was not easy for me to pee into my diaper. My muscles would not relax enough to let go. Jan was still feeding me my bottle and I closed my eyes for a moment. In my mind I pretended that I was sitting on a toilet. That really seemed to help. I was able to relax my muscles enough to get a quick burst of pee. Wow, did that feel good! I immediately tensed up and stopped the flow, but that would help for now. Instinctively I tried to look down to see if there was any wet spot between my legs, but the highchair tray blocked my view. I thought that my secret would be OK for now because I only went a little and I was wearing three large diapers and plastic pants. Never before was I grateful for having diapers on.

There were several games that were played that night at the party. All were designed to humiliate the pledges. I was not allowed to participate in the early games because I was kept locked in my highchair. I did have a good view of the games, however. There was a tricycle race that was fun to watch. There was also a drinking contest using baby bottles and a crawling race. One of the most hilarious games was a diaper-changing contest. For this contest, three pledges were selected to be the recipients of a diaper change. Since this was not an X-rated show, the three girls were allowed to go into the women's room and change into swimsuits. They were brought up to the stage and were told to lie down on mats. Three lucky guys were selected to diaper the girls (over there bathing suites). As you can imagine, the guys wanted to remove the suites, but they were being somewhat respectful. Each guy was given a diaper to place on his female partner. I was worried that a diaper pin might stick one of them, but thankfully no one got hurt. Once diapered, the three girls were sprayed with water. It was just plain fun.

I was finally allowed out of the highchair. Chris grabbed my leash and walked me around to mingle with people. Well, kind of mingle. Most of us pledges were made to suck on pacifiers when we were not drinking our bottles. Jan had put a pacifier in my mouth and I was instructed not to let it fall out of my mouth. So there I was, walking with Chris, sometimes even crawling at the end of a leash, sucking on a pacifier.

I had gotten the hang of controlling the immense pressure from my bladder by learning how to release my pee and then quickly tightening my muscles to stop the flow. I thought that this would be the best way to stay somewhat comfortable, but not have a leaky diaper. Looking back, it was actually kind of fun. I would be standing right amongst all of my sorority and fraternity friends and would give myself "a little squirt." It was so naughty. It was an extreme turn-on for me to have this secret little pleasure.

The more I drank, the more I had to let a little more pee escape into my waiting diaper. Chris continued to pull me around on my leash as he visited with others in the bar. We finally got a few moments alone. Chris hugged me and told me how much he loved me. That was exactly what I was waiting to hear. I was in love! Chris told me that our love making session earlier that afternoon was the most intense orgasm he had ever experienced. I told him that I too had a tremendous climax when he messaged my wet diaper. I told him that this was all so new to me, but I was so happy that we were experiencing these new sensations together.

I was really fidgeting and Chris sensed that I had to pee. He held me extra tight and told me to wet my diaper. If he only knew how wet I already was...

"Anything for you." I told him. I spread my legs a little and began to pee into my diaper. He told me to describe to him how it felt as I peed. I did my best to put the feelings into words. I was thankful that Chris held me tight or I would have fallen over. The beer helped me do the talking.

"I am wetting my diaper now...It feels so warm next to my skin...I can feel the wetness travel throughout my diaper...It feels so nice." Because my diaper was already wet, my pee had nowhere left to go.

"It feels like there is a small pool that has formed in the crotch of my plastic pants." Chris reached under my skirt and gently patted the crotch of my baby pants to see how wet I was. Chris said, "My baby is very wet."

"I can feel a puddle under your pants." I was worried that if I took a step, it would cause me to leak pee down my legs. Chris said, "You have been a good girl."

"It is time to get your diaper changed."

Chris called Jan over and handed her my leash. He asked Jan to lead me over to the women's restroom and to put a fresh diaper on me. He then whispered something to her just out of my earshot. Jan picked up my diaper bag and gave a quick tug on my leash. I waddled very carefully behind her so that I would not have any of my pee run down my legs.

When we got in the restroom, I saw several other pledges were also brought there to be cleaned up and changed. Jan told me to lie down on my back on top of a counter that was especially made to change babies. It was only about four feet long, so when I got up on the counter top, I had to bend my legs to make myself fit. Jan told me what Chris whispered to her. She said, "He wants me to put a disposable diaper on you and to leave off your ruffled panties and plastic pants."

"He seemed to think that they might be too wet to use right now." How embarrassing to be talked about in this manner.

Jan removed my shoes. She had me raise my butt momentarily so that she could place a towel under me.

"Now let's see how wet baby Kimberly is."

"Wow Kimberly is really wet." I tried to say something, but Jan shoved a pacifier in my mouth and told me to shut up while I was being changed. Several of the sorority sisters came over to watch and help Jan. I was totally humiliated, but I wanted out of my wet diaper too. Jan was very condescending to me as she went through the diaper change.

"I thought you were drinking a little too much."

"You should have told me that you needed to use the toilet so that you didn't have to wet your diaper." I spit the pacifier out of my mouth and told her she was full of shit! That was a mistake, I thought. Jan said, "Later tonight you will pay for that remark, little girl!" Jan removed my panties, plastic pants and the three wet diapers. The girls powdered me and then taped a new disposable diaper on me. I asked to have my ruffled panties put back on to hide the diaper. My request was ignored. With another tug of my leash, I knew that I was suppose to get off of the changing table and we left the restroom.

I walked out into the bar and Chris walked up to me to grab my leash back from Jan. He starred at my clear plastic skirt and said, "You look good diapered." Chris then told me that he had reserved a spot for me in the evening's next scheduled event.

Note: The hypnotist's demonstration occurred next. I was one of the participants so I have asked Chris to describe what happened.

It was only one day out of hell week that the pledges were to experience "diaper humiliation," but what a day. First I want to say that Kim is an absolute dream and I couldn't be happier. She is an unbelievable knockout and I love the way we have been able to share our deepest desires, feelings and fantasies. She is the best thing that has ever happened to me. Now, back to the party.

I knew from last year's party, that the hypnotist was great at getting the pledges to do all kinds of silly and embarrassing things. I wanted to see Kim hypnotized, so I made sure that she was one of the girls selected. There are no guarantees that a subject will be able to be hypnotized, but out of the group of pledges, Kim and three other girls were able to "go under." One of the girls was Amy, Kim's teammate. The other two girls were Judy and Bridget. Amy was still dressed as "Baby New Year," complete with her cloth diaper. Judy was wearing a nurse's outfit that was on the kinky side and Bridget was dressed as a "biker-girl" in a short, black, rubber skirt. You could tell by the outfits that our fraternity had something to do with the selection of the costumes. All of the girls looked great.

The Hypnotist's name was Tom and he was really good at creating a lot of fun. (At the girls expense I must add.) The girls were hypnotized off stage and then brought out for the "show." Tom started by having the girls imagine that they were little toddlers. They were told that they could not speak in full sentences yet. He had them sit in the center of the stage and he had them believe that they were all sharing a playpen together and they could not crawl away. Tom put a toy between the girls and suggested to them that they all wanted the toy to play with. It was funny to watch them all try to fight for the toy, but none of them could pick it up with their mitts on. Amy even started crying at one point when the toy was taken from her by one of the other girls. We all were laughing hysterically.

Tom then proceeded to set up another scenario for the girls. He had them all sit on bar stools facing the crowd. Through the power of hypnosis, Tom had them imagine that they were all seated on an airplane. He went into great detail how they had to stay seated with their seatbelts on because the flight was experiencing turbulence. He went on to suggest that the girls had had far too much to drink and they were getting antsy in their seats. Tom described the feeling in detail...

"Girls, you have been drinking coffee all morning and you need to use the bathroom real are extremely uncomfortable and you can not wait until the pilot turns off the seatbelt feel like you are about to start to rock back and forth in your try crossing and uncrossing your legs, but nothing relieves the uncomfortable pressure." As Tom provided the girls with these suggestions, the girls responded by doing everything he said. Everyone in the bar was very quiet and watching with amazement as the girls struggled in "their airplane seats." Tom continued, ..."Girls, I want you to imagine a time when you struggled to not wet your pants."

"You are now struggling with everything you have not to wet your pants on the plane."

"You try and hold in your pee by placing your hand on your crotch and pushing hard against your bladders." The girls were all holding themselves and rocking back and forth on the barstools.

"Feel the embarrassment if you wet your pants in front of all of the passengers." Amy again started to cry a little.

"You realize that you can not hold it any you all know this feeling girls?" They all responded, "Yes, yes." Tom went on..."Girls I want you to lean back in your airplane seats, put your feet up on your seats (bar stools) and hold your knees."

"Spread your legs and wiggle your knees back and forth in a last ditched effort to keep yourself dry."

"The plane hits a terrible bump and you are frightened by this."

"You know that the plane is fine, but this sudden scare makes you have to pee even that much more."

"Girls, I want you to beg me to allow you to wet yourselves to end your extreme discomfort." The girls responded, "Please, please." Tom made them ask to wet themselves.

"Please may I wet myself...please," the girls kept chanting. Tom told the girls, "On the count of 5, you may push your pee out as fast as you can." Tom counted slowly until he got to 5. At the same time, all four girls pushed and gave a sigh of relief.

It was most evident what was happening to Amy because she wore a plain cloth diaper. She was trying desperately to push her pee out as fast as she could. Right in front of our eyes we all witnessed Amy's diaper instantly turn from dry to soaking wet. I spent careful attention looking at Kim. Kim was wearing a disposable diaper, but with her feet on the barstool it was easy to see her exposed plastic crotch area of the diaper. There was a blue "wetness indicator" on Kim's diaper and it turned color indicating that Kim had wet her diaper. Judy and Bridget just sat there like they were frozen. It is hard to explain, but you should have seen the look of relief on their faces as they sat perfectly still and peed in their diapers.

Tom then went on to make them go a little further into the experience. He told the girls, "You have all wet yourselves and you are embarrassed by are afraid of being discovered and you try to hide yourselves with your hands."

"The plane seat is soaking wet and you try to raise up off of the seat, but the seatbelt is holding you down." The girls responded with each of Tom's commands. They were making such weird faces and movements. Finally, Tom ended the demonstration and brought the girls out the hypnotic trance. He told the girls that they would not remember what happened to them. The crowd cheered forever. I went up to Kim and took her in my arms. She immediately realized that her diaper was wet and asked me how it happened. I asked Kim if she remembered an airplane flight and she responded "no." It was truly amazing; I wish I had a tape of the plane ride to share with Kim.

Back to Kim's Account

Even though I don't remember what happened while I was hypnotized, it was still very embarrassing to know that I made such a spectacle out of myself. I think the four of us took our humiliation very well considering what happened and our sorority sisters sure made us feel better by telling us how we were going to be great to have in the sorority. That was a good sign.

The party was about to end and it was time to announce the final point totals. I knew that we were doomed, because I had spent most of the competition locked in a highchair and unable to earn points for our team. Besides, Heather had set our team back earlier in the day when she took her diaper off and we lost our points. I still had thoughts of escaping my predicament, but I didn't see any way out. I was never left alone or off of my leash. The team scores were announced and it was no surprise to learn that Amy, Heather and I would be spending a night in the nursery with three other pledge sisters. This would not have worried me, if the sorority girls had not made such a big thing out of it. I thought, how bad could sleeping in a nursery be after what all of us girls had been through?

Our sorority president, Nicole, told all of us (pledges) how proud she was of us. It helped us to hear her say that everything that happened tonight had also happened to all of them during their initiations. Like all of hell week, Nicole reminded us not to tell anyone about our experiences. We were also told that we would all have the opportunity to participate as "non-babies" in future years. That sounded good to me. It would be fun to see other pledges go through what we had to experience.

Nicole announced the good news.

"All of the pledges may have your mitts and diapers removed."

"I know that this will disappoint many of you as I am sure that many of you have grown to like being diapered." This met with a lot of boos from the pledges.

"However, for those lucky pledges who will be spending a night in the nursery, please come back here once your Moms have removed your mitts and diapers. Well, I thought to least my diaper and mitts were being removed.

Jan took me by my leash back to the lady's room. She removed my disposable diaper while I was still in a standing position.

"Wow, you are wet again!" Jan announced in a very loud voice. Always trying to embarrass me, I thought. Next, she untied the knots that held my hands in the restrictive mitts. It was a good feeling to be able to wiggle my fingers again. I began to reach up for my collar and remove it like many of the other pledges had already done.

"Not allowed." Jan said.

"The six pledges going back to the nursery will have to wear their collars and stay on their leashes, at least until we all get back to the sorority house." I then noticed that only those of us slated for a night in the nursery were kept in our collars. I asked to use the toilet while we were still in the restroom. Jan said, "You just wet your diaper, do you need to go again?" I explained that I had had a lot to drink and I desperately needed to use the bathroom. Jan's response was to give a short jerk to my leash and start to head towards the door leading out of the restroom. She stopped and handed me the ruffled panties that I wore earlier in the evening.

"Put these on to cover yourself up." I slipped them on, but I still felt so exposed. I could see in the mirror how visible the panties were under the clear plastic skirt I was wearing.

"That is better, Chris enjoys a pretty little girl."

Without the mitts on, I was able to provide some resistance before we left the restroom. I tried to grab the leash from Jan's hand, but she must have been expecting this move and pulled tight on the leash. (I had never worn a collar, obviously, and I was stunned by the control Jan could command over me.) I was led, almost choking as we exited the restroom. The leash was handed back to Chris and all six pledges that were doomed for the night in the nursery were assembled to hear Nicole's instructions.

Nicole's instructions were brief.

"Your Dad's and/or Moms will take you back to the sorority house."

"I have asked each of them to keep you in your collars and to keep tight control on you by your leashes. In the past, we have had pledges try and escape, so I am taking no chances with you girls. Nicole finished by saying; "We will see you back at the sorority house so that you can be properly tucked in for the night." With that Chris again yanked my leash and I followed him out of the bar.

Waiting outside was a long stretch limo that Chris had reserved for our losing pledge team and our Moms and Dads. We were all pretty drunk so it was a good thing we had transportation. It was the largest limousine I had every ridden in, but it was still crowded. Amy, Heather, and I were ordered to sit on the carpeted floor of the limousine. I sat at Chris's feet with my hands rapped around Chris's legs. Chris kept patting my head and running his hands through my hair. He never let go to the end of my leash. I felt like Chris owned me. Strangely, this was not at all a bad feeling. I wished we were alone.

We were pulling away from the bar and Heather asked to use the restroom. She seemed desperate.

"Girls you should of thought about that before we left," Jan said. I of course told her in a harsh voice that we did tell her, but that we were not allowed to use the toilet.

"Too bad girls," Chris said. I am not sure whose idea it was, but we ended up going through a drive-thru restaurant, and three large drinks were ordered for Amy, Heather and myself. We told them how cruel they were, but our Moms and Dads just laughed at us, and told us to "drink up." We tried to sip the drinks slowly, but they held the cups up to our mouths and forced us to guzzle the entire drinks. Having so much to drink made us all have to pee all of the time. I would pee, and 20 minutes later I had to pee again.

The thought crossed my mind that if I had a diaper on, I would not have to worry about being so uncomfortable. (I chased these thoughts out of my mind...for now.) I told everyone that I was about to wet the floor. Heather and Amy said the same thing. I thought that this would get their attention and it did. The limo driver was told to go by the park located in the center of the downtown square. (I could see the limo driver watching our every move in his rearview mirror. I am sure this was all quite interesting to him.) The car was stopped and the three Dads each yanked us out of the car by our leashes.

"Get down on all fours and crawl by our sides, little pledges." We were all pulled in different directions but we all had to crawl next to our handlers. Chris said to me, "Gee Kim, I don't see any restroom, I guess you are going to have to pee on the grass like a little puppy dog." I had always had control over my past boyfriends so I thought that it would be easy to argue my way out of this situation with Chris.

"You are NOT going to make me squat and pee like a dog, are you?" I was mistaken. Still I tried to protest. Chris said, "Unless you want to try and hold in your pee all night, I would suggest that you use this opportunity to relieve yourself."

"I can't," I said. With that, Chris picked up a small branch and swatted my butt. I tried to crawl away, but he simply pulled my leash to keep me from getting away. He swatted me on my butt again.


"Now pee," Chris yelled. I had never been ordered around or talked to by a guy in this manner. I loved Chris's forceful voice and how he took control over me. (It is pretty hard for any guy to take control of me, but Chris was having no problem.) I told Chris that I was still wearing my frilly panties and I asked to take them off. Chris answered, "You are not calling the shots, leave the panties on."

"I want you to remain on all fours, squat like the female dog you so much want to be, spread your knees and pee!"

"Now do it!" Chris took the switch and swatted my butt again to reinforce his demands. No one had ever taken such total control of me and it was exciting. It was also very humiliating, but I was enjoying being under Chris's command.

I did my best to lean back slightly and spread my knees so my legs would not get wet. Unlike earlier in the evening when I found it so hard to wet myself, my damn had burst so many times, and now it was easy to release my pee. I started to pee into my panties as I knelt down on all fours. Chris kept a firm grasp of my leash and patted my head like I was a dog. He was staring intently down at my plastic skirt and I could tell that I was putting on quite a show. At first my pee hit the nylon material of my panties and the wetness instantly spread through my entire crotch. This made me jump. As I continued to pee, a stream was able to form and it flowed right through the thin material of my panties and onto the grass. The embarrassment, along with the relief I was feeling, drove me right to the brink of having an orgasm. Chris immediately picked up on my obvious enjoyment.

"I see my little puppy likes to pee outside." As I finished peeing, Chris reached down to my very damp crotch and messaged me through my panties. Chris said, "Did you just wet your panties or are you happy to see me?" His sense of humor broke me up. I told him I loved him and wished we could lie down in the grass and make love. He continued to tease me and told me he loved his new puppy. Unfortunately, we needed to get back to the limo and he again led me as I crawled through the grass back to the limo. We met the others and got back into the limo. Even though I was unable to see Heather and Amy relieve themselves in the park, I was sure that they too peed because we were all content, if only for a moment.

We got back to the sorority house and those of us destined for the nursery were given a chance to clean up before getting ready for bed. Chris and Jan had removed my collar from around my neck. It was a relief to not have the leather collar on, but secretly I had enjoyed being under the control that the collar and leash had over me. (I was hoping that I would get the chance to be Chris's pet in the future.) It was now pretty late in the evening and I was tired. All six of us pledges were in our robes and waiting to be brought up to the "nursery." Chris hugged me goodnight and told me that I was the most incredible girl he had ever met. I don't know why the words came out, but I told Chris that I loved the way he took command of me. I tried to soften my obvious blunder by saying...I mean took care of me. Chris smiled and then said something strange in my ear. Do not drink from the blue baby bottle tonight, it is meant for a very naughty baby girl.

Our sorority Moms and some of the sorority sisters escorted us to a room on the second floor. We came up to a locked door that had a sign that read "Nursery." I looked around at my fellow pledges to see their reactions, but I did not see Heather.

"It is time to put our baby pledges to bed," Nicole said. Just before we entered the room, Nicole and others noticed Heather's absence. Several of the girls ran off to find Heather. Had she tried to escape I wondered. The door to the nursery was opened and we were forcefully pushed into the room. I could not believe my eyes. It truly was a nursery! Nicole took over, "Welcome to your new home for tonight little babies...I mean pledges."

Our housemother, Nancy, had decorated the room. The wallpaper was just like you would see in a baby's room. The most amazing items were the beds. There were six identical beds all lined up against the wall and they looked like cribs that babies would sleep in, only a little larger. (I learned much later that the beds had been in our sorority for years and originally came from the pediatrics ward at our campus hospital. The beds were once used for bed races during the annual sorority/fraternity competition that our sorority house participated in. The wheels had since been removed and the beds were no longer used, at least for racing.) We all kept staring at the cribs. They were made out of metal and had bars on all four sides. The beds were open on top just like a baby's crib. Nancy had made cute little signs with our names on them and hung a sign on each bed. Mine said "Baby Kimberly." I walked over to my crib to get a better look. One of the sorority girls had removed some of my stuffed animals from my dorm room and placed them in my crib. There was also a blanket placed in each crib that had little teddy bears on it. I reached into the crib and felt the crib sheet. I don't know why, but I was a little surprised to find that it was a fitted plastic sheet and not a cotton sheet that had been placed on the mattress. All of the beds were set up the same. The setting looked like a cute baby ward. Unfortunately, this baby ward was made for us.

Nicole told us, "OK babies it is getting late and it looks like you are all very interested in hopping into your cribs."

"Your Moms and Dads have been so kind to pick out your pajamas from the ones purchased during the scavenger hunt."

"I want each of you to lie down next to your crib." All I could think of was getting to bed, so I sat down. The Moms were instructed to get us dressed for bed. Jan had me remove my robe and she walked over with a pile of diapers. The shock of being diapered had not worn off and I was appalled at what was happening to me. I knew that it was no use to fight if I wanted to join the sorority. Besides, I had already endured so much, why quit now. Jan took what looked like three or four large diapers, folded them so that they would fit my body and laid them next to me.

"Lift your butt onto the diapers baby Kimberly."

"That's a good girl."

"You are getting so good at being still while you are diapered." I glared at her. She pinned the diapers on extra tight and examined her work.

"I don't want you getting your bed all wet, so I am going to place a large disposable diaper over your cloth diapers."

"Don't you think that would be a good idea, baby Kimberly?" I didn't answer. Jan did exactly what she said. She took a large disposable diaper and had me lift up so she could scoot it under my butt. She then carefully taped the diaper over my existing cloth diapers, making sure that the disposable diaper totally covered the cloth diapers.

"You are being such a good girl." I wanted to slap Jan, but I knew she was just playing the part and trying to humiliate me as much as possible.

Jan decided not to put plastic pants on me. I am not sure that they would have fit with all of the diapers I was wearing. Next, Jan showed me the yellow, sleeper-styled pajamas I would be wearing. It was a one-piece pajama outfit. She worked the attached "footies" over my feet and pulled the pajamas up my legs. I put my arms in the sleeves and she zipped up the zipper that was on the back of my pajamas.

"You look so cute...let me take you over to the mirror so you can see how you look." I started to stand up and she pushed me down.

"Crawl over to the mirror, little baby." Jan helped me up when I had reached the mirror. I got to admit that the pajamas looked cute on me, but they made me feel so much like a baby. When I stood I realized just how thick my diapers were. I had to stand with my legs spread apart just to accommodate the bulk between my legs. Jan sensed what I was going through and said, "You will appreciate your diapers if you have any accidents during the night." I gave her one of my patented stares. She walked me back over to my crib. I must have looked so funny trying to walk.

All of the pledges had been diapered and put into their pajamas. Except for Heather, we all waited by our cribs for one last inspection from Nicole. Just then Heather was led into the room by several of the sorority girls. Heather had tried to sneak out but was caught. Nicole was obviously mad at Heather, but I was shocked that Nicole didn't paddle her or do something else to humiliate her. Heather was quickly dressed for bed like the rest of us.

Nicole came over to me first for my inspection.

"She looks great, Jan, you did a nice job of getting baby Kimberly ready for bed." I could feel my face turn red. Nicole had me turn around. She took a slim chain and placed it around my neck. It looked like a nice piece of jewelry, but it was a little too sturdy looking for most necklaces. I thought something was up and I was right. Nicole snapped a lock on the chain so that it was secured around my neck. What I didn't know at first was that the lock was also secured to the zipper on the back of my pajamas. When she put the necklaces on the rest of the pledges, I could see exactly what was happening. We were all being locked into our pajamas! This reminded me of being locked into my jeans earlier at the mall and I was totally humiliated by that experience.

Nicole told each of the Moms to help us into our cribs. Stepping into the crib was made a little easier because there was a side gate that was lowered to help us get in. I sat down on the plastic sheet and Jan immediately raised the side gate back into position. Nicole ordered all of us to lie down in our cribs. What a strange feeling of humiliation. I looked out between the bars into the room. I could not fully extend my legs because the bed was obviously built for a child. Thankfully, it was larger than a baby's crib. I am not sure why, but I distinctly remember the feeling of the plastic sheet under me. It added to the feeling of being a "total baby" who needed to sleep on plastic sheets so she would not ruin the bed. I was still feeling a little tipsy from the bar, especially lying down in the crib.

Nicole explained to us what she was calling "good news."

"In the past the babies were always secured to their cribs so they would not wonder around the house at night."

"You will be glad to know that the University will not allow us to chain you to your cribs for fire reasons."

"So each of you will be fitted with a chain around your ankle and the other end will be attached to this alarm." Nicole held up a small looking device. (It was the kind of security alarm that many of us carried in our purses. By removing the ring from the device, a loud noise would sound.) It happened so quickly. One end of a light chain was locked around my ankle and the other end was placed through the bars of my crib. All six pledges had one of their ankles similarly attached. I noticed that the six chains ended at the same place - the alarm.

"You will notice that if any of you babies try to crawl out of your cribs, your ankle chain will remove the ring on the alarm, setting it off."

"The problem is, if the alarm is set off, we have no way of telling which baby set it off because all of your chains are connected to the same alarm."

"You may all need to be punished severely if this were to happen." I thought about how much ingenuity was used to humiliate the hell out of us.

A tray of baby bottles was brought into the nursery. Nicole told us, "I want each of you to drink a bottle of milk before you drift off to sleep so that you don't get thirsty during the night."

"If I come in and you have not finished your bottle, you will be punished."

"Is that clear?" Baby bottles were given to each of us. Mine was yellow. I suddenly remembered what Chris said, "Don't drink from the blue baby bottle." I looked around and I saw that Heather was given a blue bottle. I didn't dare warn her in front of all of the sorority members. Besides, what was I warning her about, I thought to myself. A baby monitor was turned on as well as a nightlight. All of the Moms told us goodnight and the door to the nursery was closed.

None of us spoke at first. I think we were all in shock. Earlier I didn't know what the big deal was about spending a night in "the nursery," but I was beginning to know its true meaning. The whole experience was set up to totally humiliate us and it was working. I was lying on my back and reached back to test my locked necklace and zipper. Like everything else, it was well thought out and could not be removed. It dawned on me that I was locked into my diapers. There was no way in the one-piece pajamas that I would be able to get at my diapers. And even if I did get to my diapers, then what was I to do? I couldn't change myself. I couldn't get out of my crib with out setting off the alarm and getting all of us in trouble. I began to feel trapped, almost like I was in a cage. I think this was the first time that I realized how much I loved the feeling of being secured. Being forced to be a baby, allowed me to give myself permission to be someone else. It was freeing. I was getting into this roll playing. I picked up the baby bottle and began to drink it. My hand slipped down to my diaper and I instinctively tried to touch my private area. I laughed at myself. The diapers were so thick that I could not have masturbated if my life depended on it. This too made me horny. It was like wearing a chastity belt, only made out of diapers.

I kept thinking of Chris and I wondered if he liked this role-playing as much as I did. Again I laughed at myself. I don't think we were supposed to like this! Once again my bladder was taking control of my body and I knew that I was going to have to pee. I also knew from all of my wet experiences earlier in the day, that I loved the feeling of wetting myself. Still I was unable to admit this to myself. I tried to ignore the pressure in my bladder, but it was useless. Besides, with all of the fluids we had to drink throughout the day, the pressure would only get worse. I couldn't go to sleep without relieving myself. I also was not sure if we were going to receive a diaper change during the night, so I was concerned about having to sleep in a wet diaper.

The decision to wet was made for me. I had just finished my bottle and was taking in the whole experience. I closed my eyes and fantasized about Chris. I was dreaming that he had placed me in the crib and was forcing me to stay in diapers as his baby. The pressure was so strong and my muscles were not about to hold my pee any longer. I placed both of my hands between my legs, over my diapered pajamas and began to wet myself. Maybe it was being in the crib, or dreaming about Chris, but the feeling was fantastic. Unlike earlier in the day when I was so ashamed, I just enjoyed the experience. My diaper kept getting wetter and wetter as I continued to pee. Instinctively I worried about wetting my crib and pajamas, but the thick diapers were doing their job. There were no leaks and I was relieved.

It was amazing to me how this experience brought back a memory of wetting the bed when I was a child. I was older; probably 13, and I had wet the bed during my sleep. I was shocked by what had happened and I remember waking abruptly. My Mom came into my room and scolded me for what I had done. I remembered her saying that she was going to put me in diapers if I couldn't wake up to use the bathroom. She never did put me in diapers, but it was very humiliating at 13 to have my Mom talk to me in this manner. That experience was probably the first time I ever thought about being forced to wear a diaper.

I decided to roll over on to my stomach because I could not sleep very well on my back. I carefully turned in my crib so that my ankle chain would not set off the alarm. I managed just fine. There was no pillow in the crib so I laid my head directly on the plastic crib sheet. Not real comfortable, but it was effective at reminding me were I was being kept for the night. Plastic has a distinct smell and feel and this too made me feel like such a little baby. I shifted a little on the smooth sheet. I found that I was enjoying squirming in my diaper. The motion of my body made my wet diaper feel so good between my legs. The other girls were in their cribs right next to mine, so I had to be very discrete with my movements.

I decided to make myself pee again so that I could have a comfortable sleep. All I had to do is give a little push and I again started to pee into my diaper. I continued to squirm on my stomach as I peed. I could not help myself. I continued a rocking motion and used the thickness of my wet diaper to get myself worked up. My diaper was so warm and wet with my pee. The feeling was so erotic and I could tell that I was going to climax. I no longer worried if the whole world knew what I was doing because my body had taken over. I continued to grind my crotch even harder into my diaper and I exploded into a fantastic orgasm.

I had trouble getting my composure back, but Amy asked if I was all right and I was brought back to reality rather quickly. I told her I was fine...just trying to get comfortable. She said, "I wish I could get comfortable like that." I realized that I probably put on a show for Amy and maybe some of the others too. How embarrassing. I drifted off to sleep.

I am not sure how long I was sleeping, but I woke up when I heard Heather's groans. It took me a moment to realize where I was. It shocked me to see that I was lying in a crib and then the night's activities all came back to me. Heather was in one of the cribs next to mine. I peered through the bars and saw that Heather was up on her hands and knees. I was not sure if she was crying or just making a groaning noise. I asked her if she was all right. Heather responded, "I am in terrible pain."

"I need to poop so badly." I thought...the poor girl. I remembered the blue baby bottle she was given to drink and how Chris told me not to drink from the blue bottle. I was sure that Heather was given the blue bottle because of her failed escape attempt. It must have had a laxative mixed in with the milk.

I couldn't really do anything to comfort Heather while both of us were confined to our cribs. Still, I tried to offer some comforting words. Heather continued to groan. I asked her if she were able to poop, would she feel better. She responded, "I would feel much better, but I can't poop in a diaper." Heather was either crying out of embarrassment or pain, I could not tell which. I was not sure what to say, but ended up telling her that it was OK to dirty her diaper.

"I can't, I can't," she insisted. Heather was now holding the top of the crib and resting on her knees. I could tell that she was trying to bend over to relieve the pain. I asked her if she wanted to climb out of her crib and run to the bathroom. She responded, "If I get out of this crib, we will all be in trouble and I don't want that to happen."

"Besides, I know that I am already in trouble with the sorority and I can't risk another incident." Her groaning got louder. I told her everything would be OK and I again told her that everyone would understand if she had to poop in her diaper. I could tell that the drug was taking more control and she would not be able to hold back much longer.

All of the girls were now awake and they too offered Heather sympathy. We told Heather we were in this together and we would support her decision to either crawl out of her crib or stay and mess her diaper. Heather told us that she could not bring us all down and had decided to stay. Amy was probably the closest friend to Heather and began to talk Heather through the awful experience.

"Heather, try to relax as much as possible...stay on your knees and push." Heather did exactly what Amy said. It was really an awful sight to see a grown woman hunched over and trying to poop in a diaper. I felt so sorry for her. Heather continued to push and cry at the same time. It took a minute, but Heather was finally able to poop. You could tell that she was very relieved and very embarrassed.

None of us said anything at first. The smell in the room said it all. It was at that moment that we all became a little terrified by what we had witnessed. Heather tried to apologize for her actions. We tried to reassure her that she had no choice in the matter. The sorority girls must have been listening to us on the baby monitor because they chose this exact time to come in to check on us.

"So, why aren't you sleeping little girls?" Nicole asked.

"Oh, did baby Heather have a little problem?"

"Did you go poo, poo in your diapers, Heather?" Nicole played it up as usual. She then asked how many of us needed a diaper change. None of us were quick to admit that we needed to be changed.

"Well if none of you need to be changed, I will just turn off the light and we will leave you alone." Amy spoke up.

"I need to be changed." We all finally admitted that we were wet. Nicole teased us, "It seems that this year's pledges are truly little babies."

The Moms were given the task of changing our diapers. When Jan came over to my crib she told me that she was going to make good on her earlier threat.

"What threat?" I asked. She said, "I told you in the bar that you would regret your behavior."

"I am refusing to change your diaper!"

"Please!" I begged. My diaper had become so incredibly wet and heavy and it no longer felt very good to have it wrapped around my most intimate spot. I begged her to change me, but she said I needed to learn to respect the sorority sisters more and refused.

I watched the other pledges get their diapers changed. I was jealous. It was no longer enjoyable or funny to be in the nursery. I wanted out. What made things worse is I had to pee again. I was sitting in my crib feeling sorry for myself. Nicole and the other sorority sisters finally told us goodnight and walked out of the nursery. I put my head down again on the plastic sheet and tried to get back to sleep. Before I could fall asleep, I needed to wet to relieve the pressure. I finally succumbed to my need and let loose into my waiting diaper. I was particularly upset that I was being forced to wet my diapers. There was nothing I could do but simply fill my diapers with my own pee. I was in agony and wanted out of my diapers. I tried to pull the diapers away from my body through my pajama-sleeper I was wearing, but it was useless. The diapers just hugged me like a second skin. This is when I realized a pleasure/pain... Morning would not come early enough, I thought. I finally drifted off to sleep.

The next morning many of the sorority sisters and even a few of the fraternity guys greeted us in the nursery. Chris was among those in the group. I was so embarrassed to have Chris see me in the crib. He came over and said, "How is my little Kimberly this morning?"

"Did you sleep well?"

"OK," I answered.

"But I missed you." Chris lowered the gate on the crib and unlocked the chain from my ankle. He lifted me out of the crib.

"I missed you too Kim...I thought about what you might be going through during the night." When he lifted me out of the crib we both noticed that my pajamas were wet. It seemed that my diapers were not able to hold all of my pee. I was embarrassed.

"Don't worry Kim, when we are together, I will make sure you are properly diapered." I tried to let on that I would not like him diapering me, but he knew better.


It has been several years since my sorority initiation and I have been out of college for the last three years. All of the pledges were accepted into the sorority and I still see Heather and Amy several times each year. We have talked about our initiation experience often. Amy and Heather know that I like to role-play using diapers and they tease me about it. In fact, they always check to see if I am in a diaper. Amy has also admitted to wearing diapers a few times since college. It makes me wonder how many adults buy adult diapers for fun and not need.

Chris and I recently got married and I could not be any happier with our relationship. We have experimented with just about every role-playing game you can imagine, but most of them have to do guessed it...diapers. He loves to diaper me and I love the attention. Chris has put me in diapers and made me wear them to all kinds of functions. He usually puts me in a diaper before a long car trip and he loves to diaper me before we go to the movies or a football game. We get a kick out of one or both of us secretly wearing a diaper under our clothes when we go out with friends. Sometimes we try and see who can keep their diaper dry the longest. It may sound dumb, but it is fun. Anytime I am in a diaper, I am not allowed to use a restroom without his permission. If he leaves me alone when I am diapered, you can be sure that they are locked on me in some creative way. He loves to have me under his control and I love it too. (Of course I do my best to resist!) We have used diapers as a way of experimenting with different bondage and discipline scenarios too. Chris knows that if I am kept in a diaper long enough or if I am forced to dirty the diaper it is pure punishment for me. He uses this to his advantage when he thinks I am being bitchy. We have also reversed roles and I have been his "Mommy." This has been fun, especially if I dress him up in some really girly outfit or baby outfit. We have ordered about everything you can imagine over the Internet having to do with diaper wearing. I own more rubber and plastic clothes than you can imagine and I love to see how turned on Chris gets when I am wearing one of the outfits. Especially on weekends, Chris selects the clothes he wants me to wear. I like to protest just to get a rise out of Chris. He will then take me over his knee and give me a firm spanking, stopping every once in awhile to massage my sore butt. Role-playing with diapers has kept our lives sexually charged. The next time I write to you, I will share some of our diaper adventures. The end.

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