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This Is a Story About How I Started Wearing Diapers.

It all started when I was 16 I lived with my parents who were going through a very difficult divorce at the time. For this reason I liked to stay out of the way and out of the house as much as possible. Luckily I had two very good female friends, Alex & Clair who were both three years older than me. I had met them at secondary school, but knowing these two girls was one of the main reasons I had never had a girlfriend. When I was only 12 and they were 15 they announced that they were lesbians. This gave them a lot of trouble at school and therefore isolated me from all the other girls and boys my age.

One day when things were getting really bad at home I ran away but the only place I could go was to Alex & Clair's new house they had recently moved into. It was late on Monday evening when I knocked on there door, as usual they welcomed me with open arms and after a long chat with them they gave me a spare key and said whenever I needed somewhere to stay I could come round to there's.

About a week later one day after school I decided to go round to see the girls, when I got to the house I let my self in and was greeted by their chocolate Labrador puppy called Coco. The girls were not in and I realised it was Alex's first day in her first job; she was training to become a teacher. Clair worked at a local DIY store and neither of them would be home for a few hours. As I wandered around the house I started too nosy around in their wardrobes picking out dresses and holding them against me, whilst I looked at myself in the mirror.

Because of what was happening with my parents, not having many friends & never having had a girlfriend I was very insecure at this point in my life. I think this was the main reason why I began trying the girls cloths on. I felt different with them on, like I was a totally different person, I was confident and happy. Before I knew it I was wearing their underwear and a short summer dress and lay on the sofa. The next thing I remember was a clicking sound, and as I opened my eyes I realised that I was in a rather difficult situation. I had fallen asleep on the sofa with the dress and underwear on and Clair had returned from work and stood over me taking pictures with her camera.

When Alex came in Clair was already sat talking to me and had already decided that I would stay with them over the summer holidays instead of going to summer camp and I could experiment with dressing as a girl as much as I wanted.

The next few weeks seemed to fly by and before I realised it was the last day of school. I got home and my case was already packed, my parents believed I was going off to summer camp so all was going well. When I arrived at the girls house Alex was waiting for me she had also finished for the summer and said she was looking forward to spending summer with me. She showed me to my new room which Clair had decorated, it had light pink wallpaper and a Barbie Princess border, and although I felt very embarrassed it was also quite exciting. In the corner was a large white wardrobe, as Alex opened it she said "we have filled it with some lovely dresses and nice summer outfits we think you will like" it was amazing and I could not wait to start trying it all on. The rest of the house was as big as my family home with three bedrooms and two bathrooms upstairs, a study, lounge, an open plan kitchen and dinning room and a huge fenced rear garden.

By the time Clair came home I had a pale blue t-shirt on and a short frilly white skirt and I was helping Alex prepare dinner. The first few days were amazing I was so happy and felt confident and secure for the first time in many years. Then one night I was lay in bed and could hear the girls having sex, I started to masturbate until I climaxed but before I could clean myself up Clair knocked on the door and came in. she looked shocked and angry and just yelled at me "what are you doing you dirty little girl" it made me feel very small and I just lowered my head in shame. She then said "I will sort this out tomorrow evening, now clean yourself up and get to sleep" with that she slammed the door and stormed back to their bedroom. I could hear them both talking for quite a while until I eventually fell asleep. The next day went as if nothing had ever happened, until Clair came home.

She came in through the garage and shouted to me to help her with some shopping out of her car. As I carried the bags into the dining area I noticed there was a babies bottle in one of them before I could get to see anything else I was dragged out of the room and told to go into the lounge and strip down to my underwear. When the girls returned back into the room I was stood there with just a pair of white lace panties on with my manhood bulging out at the front. Alex did not speak she just started to set some things up in the corner of the room. Clair glared at me and said if I was going to act like a little boy still when they had given me every chance to be a little girl then they would have to treat me like a baby so I could grow up as a little girl and forget I was a boy. She then produced a disposable diaper & a pacifier from a bag she was holding. I put up a struggle at first but couldn't win, whilst Clair pinned me down on a changing mat which Alex had set up on the floor in the corner, Alex powdered me and slid the disposable under me and quickly taped it in place.

I was told that I would do as I was told and because I was a baby I had to use the diapers properly and Alex would change me, feed me, bath me and do anything else I needed. That night I waited till the girls were asleep and I creped into the bathroom and pulled the diaper down and used the toilet, the hole of the next day I crawled up and down the stairs whiles Alex was not looking to use the toilet. When Clair returned from work she had another bag with her, she looked at me and said "if you wont do what I say then we will make you be a baby for the whole summer" then Alex shouted that dinner was ready, as I went into the kitchen I noticed my food was all mashed up and the spoon was next to Alex's place. As I washed my hands before I sat down I noticed Clair mixing something into my food, I didn't realise till later that it was a combination of laxatives and muscle relaxants. As Alex fed me my food I could already feel the muscle relaxants taking effect, my arms and legs felt much heavier and I felt like I needed to pee really badly.

When I had been fed all my food I got up and went into the lounge to watch some TV and try to not think about needing the toilet. Ten minutes later my bladder let out and I tried to spring to my feet to run upstairs, but my legs wouldn't support my weight and I collapsed back into the chair I was sat in. As a warm flow of pee filled my diaper I found it quite exciting and much better than I thought it would feel. Then Alex came running in the room followed slowly by Clair who was laughing. Alex moved over towards me asking if I was alright and checking I hadn't hurt myself. while Clair just said "see I told you that I would make you helpless like a baby, now do as your told and we will get you to grow into a lovely little girl"

That night I was given new rules for a baby girl, Alex would mother me, changing me, feeding me and dressing me. If I did anything wrong she would not do anything but she would tell Clair and she would spank me or punish me is an appropriate way. The rules for misbehaving were no talking like an adult, so I had so say mommy, peas and general baby talk. The other main two rules were that I had to use my diapers properly but for the next week or so I would be assisted with laxatives, the other rule was no acting like a big boy, so no walking or masturbating. This was proving to be a very interesting few weeks and would only get more interesting.

Nearly a week passed and I was good doing everything I was told when told to do so. A usual day I would be woken by Clair as she went to work she would kiss me on my forehead, then shortly after Alex would come in and walk with me into the bathroom where she had run a warm bubbly bath, she would bathe me and dry me then put me in one large night time disposable diaper followed by a terry towelling diaper then pink plastic pants with a frilly rumba style bottom. Then I would be dressed in a short dress or skirt and t-shirt. Finally my pacifier would be placed gently into my mouth and I would the crawl over to Alex's bedroom and watch her get ready, then we would go down for breakfast where I would sit at the table with a bib on and Alex would feed me a jar of foul tasting baby food, then I would play in the garden with coco until lunch when Alex usually came into the garden with a blanket which she would put on the grass and I would lay in her lap and she would feed me a sandwich then a bottle of milk formula, this usually contained the laxatives and muscle relaxants which still prevented me from walking on my own. Shortly after lunch I had messed my diapers so I would crawl inside and would be changed on the changing mat in the lounge. The fresh diaper always felt so soft and comforting I usually fell asleep by the fire place with coco and before I realised it was late afternoon, I would watch some cartoons and then Clair would come home. She would change me if I need it and sit me down for dinner. This was the only meal where I ate proper food, still fed by Alex with a small baby spoon, but at least it was tasty food. Then the girls would sit on the sofa and watch TV and I would lye over their laps, usually falling asleep. Then Clair would carry me up the stairs and change me into two thick night tie disposables and plastic pants then zip me into an all in one sleeper and tuck me up in bed.

This was the routine almost every day and I began to like it, until one morning after my bath I was sat on the girls bed when Alex said she was going to have a shower and I was to stay there on the bed and look after coco, for some reason I found myself following her to the bathroom and pushing my hand down into my plastic pants and rubbing the front of my diapers vigorously until I climaxed and lay back on the floor. I thought I had gotten away with it until Clair got home and I saw the girls talking in the kitchen. Suddenly Clair grabbed my arm and dragged me over to the chair, before I knew what was happening she had me over her lap with the diapers between my ankles and my dress pulled up over my back. Before I had time to protest she began smacking my bare bottom very hard, she then said that every time I tried to be a big boy I would be spanked, until I cried like a little baby girl. After about 15 minutes of repetitive spanking I was whimpering uncontrollably and my backside was raw and extremely sore. The without notice she pushed me of her lap and pulled my diapers back up and sat me down in the kitchen to eat my dinner. I kept sliding around on the chair because my bottom was so sore, whilst Alex cleaned my face and fed me my food. After that I went to bed and lay on my front tot try and relive some of the pain from sitting on my spanked bottom. A few days later I had forgotten all about it and found myself looking through the girls draws, in truth I was looking for some underwear so I could pretend I was a big girl but instead I found the girls supply of dildos and vibrators, I started to touch them and put them down my diapers feeling them vibrate against my balls. As I heard Alex come into the room it was too late to do anything she grabbed the vibrator I was playing with off me and threw it to the floor and dragged me down stairs. Then next thing she was on the phone to Clair telling her what I had done, for the rest of the day I sat in the corner of the dining area where Alex could keep an eye on me. All that was going thought my mind was the spanking I was going to get when Clair came home.

When the door opened later that day I knew what was about to happen, but to my surprise Clair came in put a small box on the table and kissed me on the forehead, and jus said "I think our little baby is growing into a young lady, well we will se if you are ready to be a little girl and stop being a baby after dinner. Throughout dinner my mind was racing, I was so unsure what was going on and what they had planned for me. After dinner I went into the lounge and carried on watching TV until Clair called me upstairs, I crawled up the stairs and was meet at the top by Alex, she helped me into the bedroom where Clair was sat on the end of the bed; I could see a towel on the bed covering something. I was undressed and sat on the bed totally naked my diapers and cloths in a pile on the floor. Clair then said to lye over Alex's lap and not to struggle. I started to get really nervous, then I felt Clair's finger gliding around my bottom hole, her finger was cold with some cream or something on it. As she then started to slide her finger in and out I started to feel my erection growing, but Alex put her hand over my penis holding it down so it could not become fully erect. Then with no warning Clair stuffed a dildo into my hole as I screamed loudly she said to Alex "get her dummy just in-case she is really a baby still" at that I took a deep breath and tried not to make a noise. She slid it in and out deeper each time after a short time I started to like it and began to relax, Clair obviously noticed this and pulled it out quickly replacing it with a vibrator this was very odd shaped and vibrated strongly. She did not start this gently as before she just pushed it in to its full length of nearly 8" then started to twist it around sharply, this was not a nice as the first and I squirmed and groaned with discomfort, then she said to Alex "do you think she is ready for the final test if she can cope with it I think she really is a big girl" Alex replied quickly "grease it up well or she wont be able to take it" with the sound of these worked my whole body began to tremble. Then Clair pushed something in front of my face it was a dildo about 12" long and about 4" wide at the tip it was huge and I started to whimper then she told me to open my mouth as I did she shoved the first dildo she had used in to my mouth and Alex grabbed the end of it gliding it in and out of my mouth, it smelt awful and tasted worse as it was covered in my faeces, as I started to choke on the taste Alex just pushed it in deeper and pulled it out then back in. whilst this was happening I had not realised the vibrator was out of my hole and Clair suddenly pushed the tip of the huge dildo against my hole and rammed it in, as I let out a loud scream Alex stuffed the dildo deeper into my mouth and Clair said "see I told you she didn't need it lubricating, as she pushed it in and out she needed to use both hands because it was so big. It was no use I began to cry I just couldn't cope with it was so sore. As I started to cry Clair pulled it out and said "see you are still a big baby so back into diapers for you then. With that she grabbed a vibrating but plug and shoved it into my bottom then turned e over and slid the diapers under my bottom, she then opened the small box that I had seen on the kitchen table, it was a penis ring Alex slid it over my erect penis and pressed a button on the side it suddenly started to vibrate I was then quickly diapered and put to bed, as I lay there my bottom was so sore and the plug was vibrating strongly, the penis ring had caused me to climax shortly after my diaper had been pulled back on, but the ring was now making me climax again. After climaxing over 10 times the batteries started to run low, I tried to put my hand down my diaper but my penis was so sore now I couldn't do anything, so I turned over and went to sleep.

The next morning Clair came in and said "remember you have your baby toys, so leave our toy alone until you want to be a big girl" at that she removed my diaper and removed the plug and ring then she put me into the bath and my day began back to the same routine I had been use too the days before.

My summer continued like this I was treated like a baby girl, spanked when I was naughty but I enjoyed every minute of it, now I only dress and act as a girl when I am in diapers but the rest of my life is as plain and boring as everybody else.

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