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21 days punishment for a naughty 21 year old.

For my twenty-first birthday my girlfriend organised a surprise party of me with a few of my friends from work and some old mates I knew when I was at college. On the day of my birthday I went to work as usual, at about 2pm my boss came over to me and said because it was my birthday I could leave now as it was a quite day, with that I packed my bag and headed home. What I did not realise is my girlfriend had called him and organised for me to leave at this time. My girlfriend is a very strict and domineering girl and I am a relatively passive and submissive individual so we get along really well, as far as I was aware I had only one secret from my girlfriend which was my passion for adult diapers and being treated like a sissy baby. I had not indulged myself in this fetish for a long time from the age of fifteen till I met my girlfriend at about nineteen I had lived with two of my friends, Alex and Clair, they had came out as lesbians at secondary school and I felt comfortable with my fetish around them as they had been through so much together they did not judge anyone. My fetish started properly when I was fifteen and moved in with them (see my earlier story for my first experience "My teen life in diapers"). They allowed me to be a baby sissy every weekend and most evenings after college and then after work. I loved every minute of it, but when I meet Sally my girlfriend and she asked if I wanted to move in with her I decided to accept and wait until the right moment to tell her about my fetish, unfortunately that moment never came. Alex and Clair would come round every couple of weeks but were under strict instructions not to tell her anything, as all of my baby and sissy stuff was still at there house it was not too hard to hide things from Sally.

Anyway back to my twenty-first birthday, on my way home from work I called Sally as I always did and told her I was on my way home, when I arrived home the garage door was already open so I rode my motorbike straight in and locked it up, I then took of my helmet and leathers and hung the all up on the rail above my bike. As I was about to leave the garage into the house the door opened and Sally greeted my with a wonderful smile, she then instructed me to go upstairs and was my hands and then come down into the kitchen as she was having a late lunch and had made me some. I immediately obeyed and headed upstairs to wash up. As I entered the kitchen I was greeted by twenty or so of my friends shouting Surprise! It was great to see my old friends from college and my current friends from work. As I went round talking to everyone Sally whispered into my ear "now don't drink too much you hear I have plans for this evening, and it will be no good if you are drunk" as she was talking I spotted Clair in the corner of the room holding a present and waving to me, so I nodded my head to Sally that I understood and then walked over to greet Clair, as I got closer I saw Alex getting a drink so stopped and gave her a hug and a kiss, which I did every time I meet them, Sally never seemed to be bothered because she realised they were not interested in me.

As the afternoon went on I drank and drank forgetting Sally's words to not get too drunk, as I opened presents and cards and thanked everyone for coming, I continued to drink. Alex approached me and said "this is a little something from me and Clair but you should probably open it in private and we can take it back to our house and you can come and visit and we can treat you like you like" with this I got excited and said I was going to go and open it upstairs right away. I ran upstairs into my office and closed the door, and then ripped the present open at first I thought it was just a pink skirt with frills along the bottom but when I looked closer there was a pair of pink PVC panties stitched into the inside of the skirt with a big pink butt plug secured inside the panties, I began to get aroused by the thought of wearing this and began to rub the front of my pants where my penis was getting harder. I re packed the present and took it back downstairs and put it by the front door for the girls to take home with them. I went back into the kitchen and gave the girls a huge hug each and thanked them for my amazing present, I then carried on drinking and chatting to the other guests. By about 8pm I had now been drinking for almost five hours the guests started to leave and by 8.30 I was fast asleep on the sofa, Sally, Alex and Clair were the only ones left, as they all cleared up from the party Sally was shouting at the girls that I had got so drunk and that she was going to really punish me tomorrow. The girls just laughed and said that they had a good idea for a way to make me obey her in future.

For the next few hours they sat in the kitchen and told Sally everything about me and my fetish. They also showed her my present from them and told her that they would bring all of my stuff round straight away. About twenty minutes later the girls returned with there car full of my old things, pink dresses, skirts, plastic panties with ruffles on, Adult Diapers, my changing bag full of talk and oils, even my large pink dildo and bag of butt plugs. Sally could hardly believe it but asked the girls if they would help out for a few days, they said they would love to and they could all have some real fun. They then began to unpack my things into my office and turn it into my new changing room. Then they carried my upstairs and stripped my naked and put me in my new skirt they first pushed the butt plug deep into my bottom without greasing it up and then pulled the panties up, and then they fastened the zip on the skirt and padlocked it shut. They finally lay me down and cuffed my wrists to my office desk and covered me with a blanket. They then went to bed and waited till morning when I woke I felt the intrusion in my pants and quickly realised my predicament, I struggled the best I could to try to get free but it was no use. A few minutes the girls walked in and Sally said "I thought I heard my little sissy wake up" At this moment I was terrified and began to sob "sorry I am really sorry I didn't think I had drank that much" but as I was trying to continue she put an adult dummy in my mouth and secured it around the back of my head. Alex then pulled a small key fob from her pocket and said "I have a little surprise for you that plug in you backside is under our control" then all of a sudden she pressed a button on the small fob and the plug began to vibrate violently, as it did I began to moan and my penis got hard almost immediately, Clair noticed this and immediately knelt down and pulled my penis just out of the top of the panties and skirt and began rubbing it. As she did Sally held my babies bottle up near the tip of my penis and as I reached climax she collected every drop. Clair then began to rub harder and soon the pleasure I had felt was gone I felt nothing but discomfort, after I had climaxed again and every drop had been collected in the bottle they swapped and Alex began to rub me this was now very painful and I was cry uncontrollably, the but plug had also been turned to its highest setting and was making my bottom sore and hot. They continued this for almost two hours when they stopped I was in agony and could not stop crying. I was then told that this was the beginning of twenty-one days of me being there baby sissy bitch.

Almost four hours later I could feel the batteries wearing out on the butt plug and began to feel some of the discomfort disappear. As Alex came in and un-cuffed me and removed my skirt, panties and the plug, she said she would charge it up so it would be back to full power for later. She then led me into the bedroom where Sally was sitting in the armchair and holding my huge pink dildo. She said "I don't believe you can take the whole eleven inches of this in your bottom but the girls insist that you can and that you really like it" she then grabbed my arm and pulled me over her knee so my butt was raised in the air she then told me to start to lick the dildo so it could have some lubrication before she used it. I licked and sucked it quickly as I remembered how much it hurt if it was not lubricated properly, Clair then said "see how good she is at sucking it I think some time this week we will brig Rob round, he is one of out gay friends and he has a huge penis, I am sure he would love to have out baby sissy suck him off, and maybe he can give her a good fuck too." I began to protest but Sally stuffed the dildo deeper into my mouth to shut me up. She then pulled it out of my mouth and put the dummy back in and immediately with no warning shoved the end of the dildo into my butt, as I let out a muffled scream she just pushed it almost its full length, then she worked it in and out slowly at first then began to get quicker and deeper as I moaned with pleasure my penis got hard again. Sally through me onto the bed and told me to kneel on the bed so Alex could milk my penis again and she could continue to ram the dildo harder and harder into me. After I had climaxed they all stopped and Clair got out some disposable diapers and began to diaper me, this was good because I had needed to pee for a while now and the soft feel of diapers was comforting and extremely arousing, as I began to get another hard on. Sally noticed and said "you never get this hard this many times for me, now I know what I have to do for you we can be like this forever. This made me excited and scared at the same time. I was then dressed in one of my romper suits and led downstairs for my lunch.

As I got downstairs I was looking forward to some food, as this would be the first time I had eaten since the excessive amount of alcohol from the night before. I was sat down and a bowl of mushed up food was put in front of me, it looked far from appetising but it was food. Clair sat next to me and began to feed me as I tried to protest saying I could feed myself but I was immediately presented with another spoonful of food and a sharp smack on my leg. Alex then began to speak, "does baby like her lunch, it's a mixture of mashed potato and baby food. Now listen you will be our little sissy baby for another twenty days but you will have to follow our new rules, if you do then you may even enjoy your time with us, if you disobey any of us or break any of the rules you will have a very unpleasant day. Nod your little head if you understand." Before I could nod to agree Sally began telling me my new baby sissy rules.

"Rule one, you must act like a baby at all times, so crawling only no walking and no talking in full sentences just baby sounds and words. Rule two, no using the toilet you will be diapered at all times so use them. Rule three, you are not allowed do anything on your own, you will be accompanied by one of us all the time. Do you understand?" As I was still being fed I just nodded in agreement. As I finished my food I was lay on my back over Alex's lap and presented with the teat of my babies bottle, as I began to drink I realised this was not just milk, but the bottle was forced in place and I had little choice but to drink every last drop. Then Clair said "see if you like drinking your own semen you will love it when Rob comes round he will give you a real load to drink fresh from his large penis".

After the girls had explained what would happen during the next few weeks I was lead outside where I played all afternoon, the girls took it in turns to play hide and seek, catch and many more baby games with me, but it did help me to forget the predicament that I was in for a short time anyway. That evening I was sat down for dinner and again greeted with a bowl of mushed up food whilst the girls had a bowl of chilli and new potatoes, I was told that my food was the same as there's just mashed up so it was easier for me to be fed. I began to protest saying that I could feed myself and I didn't need my food mushed up like that. Before I realised what I was saying Sally slapped my leg and said that after dinner I would be punished for breaking the rules which had been explained to me earlier that day. After the girls had all eaten and Alex had fed me I was led into the front room and told to kneel over the arm of the sofa, then Alex grabbed my dress and pulled it over my head, to reveal my diapered bottom and so I could not see what was happening, I then felt my diaper being removed and a cold hand wipe across my bottom. Suddenly I felt a sharp stinging sensation as Sally smacked my bare bottom with her hand, she smacked and smacked until I was whimpering and my penis was erect, Clair then began to rub as hard as she could until I climaxed again into my bottle which was being held in place ready, after an hour or punishment my bottom raw and stinging and my penis red and aching, I was rolled over and re diapered then undressed and put into a footed sleeper and taken to my office and put to bed. As I lay in the dark room the softness of the diaper on my sore bottom I felt the urge to pee, as I let go I filled m diaper, and lay there with the warm feeling flooding around my sore areas. About three hours later I felt someone was changing me I had fell asleep and had almost slept through Sally changing me as she saw me begin to wake, she leant down towards my face and whispered "go back to sleep baby I am nearly finished changing you so you will get a good nights sleep, and remember whatever happens mummy loves you" she then kissed me on the lips like she has never kissed me before and then left the room.

I was treated like this for twenty more days where each of the girls took it in turn playing with me like a baby and fucking me like a sissy, overall it was very enjoyable other than when I did something wrong and they would spank me and milk my penis continuously till I was red and sore, then I would be made to drink the semen and milk cocktail and made to sit in a corner to think of what I had done wrong. Time seemed to pass much quicker some days than others but truthfully I was looking forward to it all being over so I could get back to my relationship with Sally.

On the last day I was woken up by Clair, washed, changed and re-diapered and led downstairs for breakfast the same as every other day, I knew this was the last day of my imprisonment so I thought I would make to most of it, until I got down stairs and saw a male figure sat at the table talking to Alex and Sally. Clair then leant down and whispered to me "you look surprised little baby, that is Rob, I promised you that you would get to meet him and I am sure you will have a wonderful day". I began to shake with fear, although I liked being treated like a baby girl and even on occasion enjoyed being fucked like a girl I was not gay and hated the thought of another man putting his penis in me in any way. Regardless of my feelings I was led into the kitchen and introduced to Rob. He began to treat me like a baby immediately leaning towards me and saying how cute I am and how he couldn't wait to see how good a sissy I was. After breakfast I was taken into the front room by Rob, followed closely by the girls, the sat around the room looking at me while Rob began to undress me. I began to cry knowing what was about to happen, Alex grabbed my dummy from the table and moved towards me, rob quickly stepped between us and said "don't worry I have something better than that to put in babies mouth that will keep him quite." As he unzipped his jeans and produced a huge partly erect penis and turned towards me presenting it to me at the same height as my mouth. Clair quickly said for me to do what ever Rob wanted or I would be punished for the next week. I opened my mouth and closed my eyes, still sobbing he shoved his penis into my mouth and told me to make him hard just using my tongue. As I felt his get harder I was beginning to gag as his penis was almost ten inches long and three inches thick, he suddenly said tat should do it nice and lubricated time to go for the sissies glory hole. He quickly pushed me off my knees and pulled sharply at the back of my diaper just enough to reveal my bottom but enough to keep my penis locked in my diaper. He wasted no time as he put the tip of his penis against my bottom and pushed hard towards me. He entered almost seven inches with his first thrust. He fucked my long and hard for almost two hours as I lay there in pain whimpering between thrusts, the girls just sat there laughing and saying what I good sissy I was. Rob then said "its amazing how long I can keep this going when I have such a tight virgin hold to enjoy" He then erupted inside me, as he let out a sight of relief I felt hot semen flow inside me, he pulled out and pushed my diaper back up in place, then told me to lick and suck every last drop from him, as I did what I was told I was gagging from the taste and smell of my own shit on his penis.

When it had finished the girls sat there talking to Rob as I just lay on the sofa feeling his semen slowly dripping out of me and into my diaper, although I had not enjoyed the experience of him fucking my mouth before or after, I had enjoyed him in my hole much more that I had expected and I began to rub the front of my diaper against the sofa to stimulate myself again until I climaxed. Rob suddenly rose from his chair and walked towards me I assumed he had seen what I was doing but instead he pulled the back of my diaper open and pushed the tip of his penis into the opening then began to pee, as his warm pee filled my diaper I became aroused again as the feeling was amazing. He then turned to the girls and said "hope you don't mind my using your baby girl as a toilet, it was just easier than going upstairs and besides it looks to me like he really liked it. Anyway what's for lunch I think I need something more to eat before I play with the sissy again?"

After we had all eaten two plates of ham sandwiches I was again led into the front room, half expecting what was to come next I got on my knees in front of Rob, Alex began to laugh saying "look our little baby really wants it now, look how she is sat there waiting for a present." Rob turned to me and began to unzip his pants again, as he did he said "I think I will just do her in the mouth as it wont take as long to clean up afterwards." With that he stuffed the whole length of his penis down my throat to the point I was gagging and grasping for breath, he bent down and whispered into my ear "breath between thrusts it won't be so tiring and you may even enjoy it." This advice was good and it did help the situation but I did not enjoy it any more than the first time. When rob climaxed he squirted his load right down the back of my throat, the girls just shouted in unison "Swallow it" not that I had much choice in the matter. Once I had cleaned him up with my tired tongue I was escorted upstairs for my afternoon nap. When I awoke everyone was gone and all of my sissy cloths and baby stuff had been packed away, Sally was sat over me and said quietly "that's it your twenty-one days have been done, but you need to understand you will be my boyfriend in the week and do whatever I ask and you will be my baby girl during the weekends. Alex and Clair have said they will come round at least one weekend a month to play with there cute baby, and Rob said he would love to come and play with you again soon. So if you misbehave at any point I will give him a call. Do you understand?" I just nodded my head in agreement and gave Sally a big hug.

My life has been like this since and I love every minute of it so far Rob has not been round again and I have tried not to misbehave too much so that there is no reason for Sally to call him. I am going on holiday soon with sally and I am sure it will be an eventful few weeks so keep your eyes open for my future stories.

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