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My visit to the doctors

As I woke up that morning it felt like any other one, my diaper soaked and some times pooped. As I laid in bed the phone rang so I got up and got it. On the other line was my doctor. She said she wanted me to come in right now so she can give me my check-up. As I hung up the phone I immediately started to get dressed and left my house. As I arrived at the doctors and sat down I remembered I was still wearing my diaper. Within a split second she came out and called me in. As I stood up I started to panic, what should I do.

As I got to the room she told me sit down. So I thought ok, ill just wait till she leaves for a min. But then she shut the door behind me. My face was sweating. As she started the examination I kept thinking ok she's a doctor she wont laugh. ill just tell her I've always wear them since I was 15 for I always had accidents. At this point she had me take my shirt off. Meaning all i was wearing now was sweat pants and a diaper. Then she asked me to lay back and to pull down my pants so she can check my stomach and my private parts. As she checked my stomach I began to explain why I didn't want my sweats to be pulled down. She then looked at me and said "its ok I'm a doctor." At this point I didn't know it she saw the diaper or just thought I was nervous. So I told her straight up, "Dr. Barr I'm wearing a diaper." Wow did I just say that. As I said that she saw how embarrassed I was. she then started to say its ok and that's why they invented diapers. Then without no hesitation she told me to pick my but up and she slid the sweats down to my knees. So there I was, laying down in a doctors office wearing nothing but a diaper. To my amazement she started to untape my diaper and pull the front down between my legs. Jeff u peed, its ok ill go get u another one she said. She turned around and pulled out a nice white thick diaper from the lower shelf. I thought she would leave the room and let me change, but instead she started to undo the diaper and laid it beside me. She then started to wipe me and pulled the soaked diaper out from under me. I remember thinking, am I really being changed by my doctor, u bet ya. As she started to put the new diaper on me she told me I have nothing to be ashamed about and that her mother has the same problem. As I left the doctors office I had the biggest smile on my face, and a nice clean thick white diaper

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