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It's been a long week with school and all the responsibilities and stresses of work and everyday life. All I need to do is regress myself in some stress relief and man am I ready for it now.

I'm home now and lock the door behind me because for the next 72 hours I am not leaving the apartment and no one is coming in either. I make my way to my room after grabbing a beer to help me relax. Once in my room I start undressing and eventually I'm stark ass naked. Still drinking m beer I head to the bathroom to shower and shave before I enter my dream world for the weekend. I love long hot showers so I take my time shaving my private area and soaking in the steamy water. Once I was all clean shaven and washed up nice, I get out dry off and cover myself in Johnson's baby lotion.

I can't wait so I run through my place to the spare room, unlock the door since I leave it secured in case anyone comes over. I walk in the room take in the scene of my weekend. To my right is a large baby bed; to my right is a changing table. In the closet are stacks and stacks of the thickest loudest adult diapers I could find online. On the shelves above the diapers are my changing supplies that include baby powder, rash ointment, baby oil, wipes, and plastic pants. On the hangars is where the scene gets interesting! Since I spend my diapered time all alone I also take in the fact that I like dressing as a girl. Since I am a small guy with simple features I can pass for a girl and have actually been a "girl" in public and no one ever knew the difference. Of course being a "girl" takes a lot of preparation like makeup, fake breast, and not speaking since my voice would give my real sex away. I'm not gay though, and defiantly like my manhood, just enjoy exploring the other side if you know what I mean.

At this point I am all ready to transform into the diaper wearing little girl I love to be on the weekends. I get my supplies all situated, climb on the changing table lift my rear and slide the disposable under my butt, powder myself and tape the diaper firmly in place. Next I slide off the table, make sure the diaper is tucked in all the right spots and search for my "girl" items. First I get the latex beast out and adhesive. Since I will have the entire weekend to be a baby girl I take the time to use specialized body glue to place the 36 B cup breast on my chest. Once the breasts are in place it doesn't take the glue long to set and I choose a pastel pink lace bra and slide it on. I take a look in the mirror and look ridicules since I still look like a guy but have boobs and wearing a pink bra. So I continue with the process of picking out a short dark haired wig and use the same glue to fix it in place for the weekend. After it dries I tug at it to make sure it's on good and then put it up in pig tails with pink lace ribbon. Once again I look in the mirror and now I show definite signs of being a girl but the process isn't over yet. I go in the bathroom where I sit in front of the mirror and start applying my makeup. After about 20 minutes I am unmistakably a baby girl. At this point the only way anyone would know I was a male would be to hear me talk regular or look in my diapers.

I go back into the baby room and pick out a cute but appropriate outfit to complete my baby transformation. I choose a cotton sun dress with a snug top and flowing bottom. The dress is white with a floral pattern on it. Of course I have matching diaper covers for all my dresses and slip the thin cotton panty over my diaper. Since the dress comes just over my diaper I need the diaper cover just in case I bend over and my ass peaks out:. With my dress on I take out a pair of white thigh high panty hoes and a cute pair of white dress shoes to match and with them on my outfit is complete.

Now that I am dressed and pass for a cute girl, I go back to the fridge for another beer but this time I put it in a baby bottle to further my experience of being a baby for the weekend. Sucking on my bottle I take a seat in front of the computer to check my mail and see who's online. I have no mail that's worth replying to so I check the massager and notice a few other diapers lovers are online. I turn my web cam on and invite them to watch and see me as a girl, which they have no idea that I'm not! The thrill of being dressed in diapers, girls cloths and letting people see me makes me feel excited. Just as I am getting comfortable and finishing my bottle full of beer something startles me nearly making me literally pee my pants.

Confused I get a sense of what's going on realizing the noise is the building fire alarm and before I notice anything I hear the fire trucks and police sirens headed to our building. Not even thinking I looked around my place to make sure it wasn't on fire and then headed outside in fear of being caught in a burning building. Not noticing but my neighbors were headed down the hall the same time I walked out and asked me what was going on, I replied in a soft voice that I wasn't sure but we better get out of the building before the fireman get here. Once again not thinking I left my place unlocked and rushed down the stairs and went outside with the rest of the tenants. I had no clue or even noticed how loud my diapers were or the fact that I was dressed as a girl, a good looking a girl and my neighbors saw me come out of my apartment.

I started to feel worried when a girl who lives above me stood beside me and checked me out. Someone walked by and bumped into me making my move a little and revealing the obvious sound of my disposable diaper. The girl smiled and said hello, and in return once again without thinking I said hi back but gave my gender away at the same time. She took a double take, looked me over again and said "Nick is that you?" I was devastated and caught in the act of being a diaper girl. I had no choice now but to reply saying "Umm yea but please don't tell anyone please". Her name is Beth, and she said "don't worry sweetie think it's cute and a little sexy!"

At that point I was confused and excited at the same time. The hottest girl in my building knew I was a diaper girl and thought I was cute and it turned her on as well. Beth continued with her curiosity and asked if I was in a diaper, I replied I was and asked again if she wouldn't tell anyone. She told me how cute I was and that it was our little secret but only as long as she could see the diaper on me. I told her "not now everyone will see it". She said "how about I come over when we get to go back in the building?" Now you know I couldn't resist the thought of Beth coming in my place knowing full well that I was a guy dressed in diapers and posing as a girl, I told her she could stop in. She continued to ask "do you use your diapers for their intended purpose? Do you need to go right now? Do you need a change yet? Can I change your diaper when we go back inside?

I was floored, a little embarrassed and nervous all at the same time. By the time she was done asking her questions I noticed the two beers had gone into effect on me and I had to pee. I couldn't lie to her now about using my diaper so I told her I did have to go and I do use them for what they are made for. I was talking quietly in fear people around us would hear me. Once she knew I had to pee she whispered in my ear that maybe instead of standing here we could go for a drive and get some dinner and I could pee my diaper on the way there. I couldn't help but ask if she was serious? She said she was dead serious and whispered again; do you need to poo poo too? I told her not yet but eventually I would have to. She asked if I would go in my diaper or take it off but before I could reply she said; "I think you should go poo poo in your diaper for me". Shocked confused and turned on by both her expressions and comments, I stood silent then finally mustered the words......

"Ok I will for you".

She had me convinced at this point and took my hand leading me away from the crowd and to her car. Beth commented again on the crinkle of my diaper and asked if she could see it now since no one was around. Without saying a word she came over to me, pulled my dress up and my panties down and starting checking out my thick disposable. She commented how adorable I was and how much I looked like a girl and kissed me then giggled and said how much fun it was going to be to have a big baby girl of her very own. I wasn't sure what she meant but went with the flow and drove with her to a local restaurant for a relaxing dinner.

Not even a block away from our apartments I started wetting my diaper and felt the pressure and the tell tale signs that it wouldn't be long before I had to mess my diaper as well. When we got to the restaurant Beth held my hand as we walked in and then whispered to me again asking me if I peed yet, I told her I did. Before I knew what was going on she was again checking my diaper and said out loud "young lady did you pee pee your diaper?" floored again she left me no choice but to respond with "Umm yes Ma'am" in a soft female voice. People heard every word and saw her checking my diaper. She smiled at me as I stood there nearly in tears and said "it's alright sweetie I will change your pants after we eat and get back home so if you have to poopy you go right ahead and fill that cute little diaper right up for mommy".

After Beth's comment about me pooping my diaper I knew there was no getting out of this whole situation of being a girl in diapers and with her not totally involving herself in it to. I managed to eat most of my dinner before the pressure got to be too much so I slid to the edge of my chair still being as girly as I could and slowly filled the crotch of my diaper with hard mess. Beth caught on to me before to long and smiled as she asked me if her baby girl was going potty in her pants. I knew I had to respond saying "yes ma'am I am messing my diaper." We finished our meals and paid then left the restaurant. Once we got to the car Beth made sure she pulled down my diapers panties and made me hold up my dress while she checked the damage to my rear from messing. She ewwed and awed at the load in my pants saying she didn't think anyone could mess so much at once. I told her I was sorry but I was only doing what she told me to do. She reinforced my behavior by kissing my forehead and patting my butt telling me I was a good girl for listening to her mommy. Beth made me sit in the back seat again on the way back to our apartments, the entire ride was horrible for me since every bump and turn I felt the mess squish more and more across my butt and further into the front of the diaper.

Once we arrived back home, Beth wasted no time to get me out of the car and lead me up to my apartment that the fireman had obviously went through while searching the building for smoke. I was so embarrassed when I saw that the baby room was wide open and a note was on the door saying "nice nursery." I wondered who else saw or knew about my baby side now. Beth took me into the nursery, started undressing me and then walked me over to the changing table. Once she had me up on the table she strapped me down leaving me helpless to get out of the restraints. She started to undo my diaper when the phone rang, I told her not to answer it but she couldn't resist. She answered telling the caller that I was tied up at the moment, and then asked who was calling, it was my mother! She started a conversation with her telling her that we ere dating and that she couldn't wait to meet her. She went on when she asked my mom if she could call her back and talk more after she changed my messy diaper and put me down for a nap. I could hear my mom ask her again what she said, so Beth replied "well I'm changing your daughter's poopy wet diapers and then putting her down for a nap." Of course this opened an entire new conversation and of course left me lying on the changing table in restraints with the front of my diaper wide open.

Just before Beth hung up with my mom, she said "see you soon." I looked at her and said "what are you doing to me? Did you just invite my mother over here? I thought you were going to keep this a secret between us, not tell my family." She looked me with a stern face and said "listen little girl, you don't talk to me like that understand? You will do what I say and will not back mouth, in fact I think you need a good punishment for second guessing my decisions for you." Beth left the room and I struggled with my restraints hoping to get out and somehow kick her out of my apartment, but no luck. She came back in with a bar of soap, a belt, duct tape, and some rope. She walked over to me, ripped a piece of tape off the roll pushed the soap in my mouth and tapped it shut. She then took my restrained ankles and pulled them up toward my head while securing them to the changing table. Now image me strapped to a changing table gagged with a bar of soap, knees to my chest tied in place and laying in a dirty diaper. Beth said "are you comfortable now sissy baby? You are about to regret talking mean to me!" She started taking my diaper off and wiping my poop covered butt clean. Once she had me cleaned up she took the thick leather belt and started beating my ass with it. I could do nothing but scream through the awful tasting soap while feeling the belt welt my ass over and over.

When Beth was done making her point that she was the boss and in total control of me, she rubbed my ass down with lotion and released my legs only to put me in another disposable. She explained to me that she was keeping me as a girl from now on. My mother was on her way over and Beth said if I wasn't on my best behavior the spanking I just received would feel like sex compared to what would happen to me if I was bad. That was enough information for me to straighten my act up for sure. My ass was on fire as Beth undid my restraints, pulled the tape and soap from my mouth, and touched up my makeup from my crying episode.

She went to the closet of the baby room and told me she wanted me to look extra special for my mother. She picked out a white long skirt and a light pink blouse for me to wear. She undressed and while doing so ran her hand over my naked skin. She stood behind me with her hand holding my arms then worked her way into the top of my diaper while kissing my back and neck. She told me after my mom left that she would finish her play time with me and maybe let me take a bath with her afterwards. I love the way she touched me but it didn't last long since she started dressing me shortly after. Once dressed she looked me over made the right adjustments and walked me tot eh living room in preparation to meet my mom for the first time as an adult diaper cross dressing baby.


By A.R.

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