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Andy looked in dismay at the soiled and urine stained pants that lay on the floor. This was the second time within seven days that he had had an accident . Andy loved wearing nappies and for many years had been a regular panty pooper. But recently things had got out of control . Was he becoming incontinent? Andy had mixed emotions within him. Deep down within his sub consciouss he wanted to experience what it was like to be incontinent , to wake up soaking wet and messy. However the more realistic mature part of Andy's brain warned Andy that he needed to have control of his bowels and bladder. He did not have anyone to clean him, no sister or mummy and certianly would look an absolute fool if he started having accidents at work or at the pub where he met his friends..There were in reality two sides to Andy's mind . The one side wanted to experience the fun and ecstasy of wearing nappies and pooping and peeing in them. Andy loved to put on a molicare nappy at night time and not bother to go to the bathroom during the evening and during the night. Andy just used to relax and let his bladder empty. usually by the morning he would need to have a poo. Instead of bothering to get up and go to the toilet Andy would shit himself in bed. OOOOH the sensation was amazing . He would squish the mess in his nappy and get a huge erection then masturbate . Andy remembered when he first started having this interest in incontinence. He was about twelve and was staying in a boarding school. The boy next to him was clearly incontinent and regularly wet the bed and often soiled himself. The matron usually got this boy out of bed at eleven pm to take him to the toilet. Andy remembered watching the boy. When he was woken up and ushered out of bed Andy saw a little wet circle round the boy's penis where he had began to wet his pajamas. Also there was a brown stain near the boy's bottom. Andy remembered becoming very aroused by this sight. The next morning the matron pulled back the boys bedclothes. As usual the boy's pajamas were soaked and a huge brown patch was evident around the boys back side. As the boy got up Andy noticed that the boy's bed was in an awful mess ! stained with brown faeces and urine. The boy was taken away to the bathroom to be cleaned up. In the meantime Andy looked at the boys bed and found the stinky mess incredibly stimulating. When Andy went to the bathroom he saw the boy being comforted by the nurse and shit being gently removed from his rear end . Andy longed to be comforted by a friendly women. Years later Andy remembered shitting in his sister's panties. Just wearing women's panties gave him an erection. He remembered standing in front of a mirror and filling the panties with a big lump of mushy poo. Andy remembered looking at the bulge near his rear and squeezing his buttocks before sitting on the floor. The fithy mess went all over his bum and spread around the base of his penis. Andy was hooked on panty pooping. Regularly for years Andy pooped his pants and masturbated. However when Andy got a computer Andy discovered that there people who got pleasure by using nappies. Andy ordered a pack and felt that he was in heaven. What really excited Andy was pooping and peeing into his nappy in public. He remembered putting on a tena pull up with plastic pants and soiling himself in an undergroung train packed with commuters. Andy derived great pleasure watching the look on some of the shorter girls whose face was pressed up near his smelly back side . In the supermarket Andy often let himself lose complete control and flooded his nappy whilst waiting to pay for his groceries.

However that word control was becoming increasingly important to Andy. It was clear that because he often did not strengthen his bladder and bowel muscles by delibrately waiting to get to the toilet he was beginning to lose control and become incontinent. Now nappies were becoming essential intstead of just for fun. Andy had become a stinky nappy pooper because of his nappy fetish.

From Horatio

After you've finished reading, you might want to return to the DailyDiapers Story Index

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