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Naughty in Plastic Panties

"Come here at once", she said, "I'm not finished with you yet". An order like that meant only one thing... trouble! Mike dutifully obeyed, and walked toward his spouse with a sense of foreboding. The tall, slim woman pointed her finger at the ground, only feet away.

"What have I told you about making a mess about the house"? .."Go upstairs and take a shower"! Mike didn't say anything to her, he just did as he was told, he knew better than to argue a point, which was un-winnable for a sissy husband with a dominant wife.

She arrived in the bathroom, only seconds after he finished drying himself. She seamed, calmer as she said "Come with me, I'm going to put you in nappies for your disobedience". As he followed her down the hallway, she told him of this afternoon's activities.

"When your dressed, we going out to Maria's house, she has something for you, and I want to see you receive it nicely, with no fuss or tears like last time". Maria was Stacy's best and most steady friend, she had known them both since well before they were married, and she was a constant source of irritation to Mike as she had a definite cruel streak in her.

"I've laid out your clothes baby, but I decided to follow Maria's advice and triple the thickness of your nappies, she thinks you really ought waddle like a real baby when you visit her". Mike loved the attention, but he already felt vulnerable when Stacy took him out. The thought of another Saturday afternoon outing made him stiffen, and his wife was quick to notice.

"Don't think that will work with me, you belong to Maria this afternoon".

Mike said, "What's she got planned then"? Stacy looked at him a smiled, "You'll see" she said. Mike knew it would be good, but the agony of: a) getting to her house, and b) bearing the treatment at her Maria's hands would be difficult to say the least.

Mike watched Stacy expertly fold and position his white cloth nappies on his changing table, she folded the third one as a long strip and placed it centrally on top of the others, she said, "Right now get up and I'll get the pins and rubbers". Mike did as he was told, the nappies already felt thick, even before they were pinned on. Mike looked over at his wife; "I would appreciate a bit more consideration when we go out, the last time I was stared at like some sort of freak". Stacy walked back to him carrying a couple of safety pins and at least four pairs of rubbers, it looked like three pairs of transparent, and the others were pale pink with stitched ruffles across the back, Mike loved them all. Stacy replied "I don't care what you want, you'll do as I say when you're out with me, and that includes your reins, and stares from as many people as I see fit".

Stacy pulled out a rubber dummy from her pocket, and offered it up to Mike's mouth, presumably to stop him talking. She pulled the nappies up a positioned them between Mikes legs, "God, this is going to be fantastic," he thought. Stacy secured the pins and tucked in around his legs. She said, "I'm going to put all these rubbers on you as extra nappies deserve extra protection, don't you think so baby"? Mike nodded agreement, as his wife straightened out each pair of plastic knickers and put them over his ankles.

"Jump up" she said. Mike stood down from the table and for the first time caught a glimpse of himself in the tall mirror opposite. Mike watched in the mirror as his wife pulled up the plastic pants one pair at a time and straightened them about his waist and thighs. Mike thought, "Oww, they pinch". Stacy picked up the white satin dress from the bed next to the table.

"Now over it goes," she said, as the cool material made contact with Mikes skin. Frilly petticoats, and apron went on next followed by a bonnet and white knee socks with a pair of 4" high heel shoes, also in white.

"What a sight" Stacy said, "You're a big sissy girlie and that's for sure, you had better be thinking of ways to please me when we get back, or there will be trouble". She opened the drawer under Mike's changing table and produced his leather reins. She slipped them over his shoulders and pulled them tight around his chest. The walking strap dangled around the back of his legs. Stacy walked around him and said, "Maria wants you totally restrained today, so I'm going to leave the highchair straps on and I want your wrists in these". Stacy held up two matching leather straps with carabineer style clips attached. She fitted them to Mike's wrists and clipped them to the D-rings at the side of his reins. Mike was very excited, as Stacy said "Right off we go then, I want to stop off on the way to pick up some bits from the chemist". Mike got to the front door, still sucking his dummy and waddling from side to side as he walked. A sense of trepidation come over him as Stacy started to open the door. She turned to him and said, "If you don't get a move on, I'll make you crawl the rest of the way to the car, and Joan next door will be able to see you. Mike thought, he had seen her the last time, peeping out from her living room curtains, but she not said anything when they spoke during the week. Mike stepped outside, and his wife picked up his walking strap. The walk to the car seamed to take forever, Mike scanned the surrounding houses for signs of movement, only Joan from next door showed any signs, and Mike knew she was watching him. Stacy pulled back on his reins and stopped him in his tracks. Just then Joan emerged from her front door and walked over to the car. Stacy turned and greeted her, saying "Oh, hi Joan, I'm glad I've seen you, the postman delivered a parcel for you earlier, just hold on to these while I nip back and get it for you". Stacy handed the walking strap to Joan and strode off back to the house. Mike turned to Joan, but before he could say anything at all she said, "Well, well, what a pretty little girl, have you been a good girl for mummy today"? Mike just looked at her wondering what the hell was going on, she seamed to know everything, and was almost expecting them to come out of the house. Joan, a petite, well dressed and spoken woman, lived by herself for the past three years since her husband died, and often spent time with Stacy on shopping trips and coffee mornings etc. Joan was the next to speak, "I will be wanting to check you nappies, when you get back", she leaned forward and put her hand up Mike's skirt, patted the front of his nappies.

"I've had a little girl of my own you know, and Stacy says she needs a babysitter for tomorrow". Stacy arrived back and handed Joan a small padded envelope together with a pair of Mike's plastic pants.

"You'll need these panties for tomorrow", she said, "I'll send her round about eleven o'clock if that's still OK with you"? Joan replied, "Yes, of course, I'm looking forward to it, your dead right you know, she is a dream to handle". In the car, Stacy said, "Isn't it nice of Joan to baby-sit for you tomorrow, Maria and I are going out to lunch, and we don't want to have to chase you around. Mike looked across the car and forced his dummy out of his mouth.

"Just who knows about me?". Stacy pulled the car over and said, "My darling, I love you but you need extra discipline, Joan is very experienced in these matters as is Maria, so we have all decided to take you in hand and treat you as our own".

"You will be looked after as a naughty baby sissy from now on, you will do whatever any of your mummies tell you or you will be punished, I think that's fair, don't you?". Mike sat in the seat with all sorts of scenarios and thoughts rushing through his mind, "I just want to be a baby and have my nappy changed and be dressed up from time to time, I'm not sure having three mummies is the answer to that" he thought. Stacy popped the dummy back in his mouth and started the car again.

She pulled over at the chemist, and said, "I'm just popping in here for some extra bits, wait here for mummy, there's a good girl". Mike sat in the car, somewhat unable to do anything else. The street was quiet, and he was thankful for that, nobody to stare through the car windows and laugh. Stacy emerged from the shop carrying a large paper bag, and got back in the drivers seat.

"I've got some extra things for you to take to Joan's tomorrow, I already let her have some nappies from your drawer so you'll be all set".

As the car drew to a halt outside Maria's house, a man walking a small terrier dog looked very strangely at Mike's predicament and carried on up the street, chuckling to himself. Stacy opened the door for Mike, and ordered him out of the car. Mike obeyed, after struggling with the shear bulk of his nappy. Maria walked down the path towards them both, "Hi, Stace, is she all set to go, and did you get what I asked for at the chemist?"

"Yes on both counts" Stacy replied.

"Here take her with you, and I'll bring the rest in". Maria grabbed Mike's strap and tugged him towards her, "Come on baby, auntie Maria has a special treat for her bestest sissy baba". Inside the rather large modern house, Maria turned to Mike and said, "Did Stacy tell you what's going on with Joan and me"? Mike nodded.

"Well come with me upstairs to your playroom, and walk up in front of me, I want to see your big nappy".

Mike did as he was told, he could feel Maria's hand on his rear end as he climbed the stairs. Mike was not expecting what he saw next, he walked in to his playroom, to find Joan standing there. She was dressed in a black leather bodice with stockings and high heels and a rather large dildo mounted on the front of what looked like black latex knickers. Mike tried to go back, but Maria, and now Stacy were behind him. He spat his dummy out and protested to his wife, "What's the fucks' going on"? "Simple", replied Joan, "were all here to see you have your nappy changed and fuck your virgin arse with a this"! She gripped the large dildo at the front of her. Mike's face went scarlet, he knew this time he was in a whole world of hurt. Maria said "Well, this should be OK for you, after all, only girls are fucked by big cocks, and now you're a girl you must expect the same treatment as you have been giving us real ladies all this time". Stacy smiled at him and added "Don't look so worried, I know you want to be treated as a girl, well, girls have there pussies fucked by big hard cocks all the time, why should it be any different for you? I'll bet if I took your rubbers down right now your cock would be big and hard, wouldn't it?" Mike said nothing but knew want she said was true. Maria took hold of Mike's reins and pulled him over to a small pine table in the centre of the room.

"There are some nice adaptations to this table, I've put these fastening points on for your reins and these straps here will make sure you behave yourself". She pointed to two straps bolted on a cleat to the floorboards.

"Now baby, bend over this table now so we can check your nappy!" Mike leaned forward over the table and both Stacy and Maria secured his reins to the table using the high chair straps. Mike thought it somewhat uncomfortable, although he said nothing. Stacy rummaged around in the chemists bag and produced a tube of KY jelly; mike knew what that was for. Maria turned to Stacy and said, "Right, do the ankles, then we can go shopping for the rest of the afternoon". The two women restrained Mike further, and Maria left the room. Stacy turned back to Joan and asked "Have you got everything you need, or would you like me to stay and help"? Joan replied, "No, it's OK dear, I've already told her I know what to do with naughty girls". Stacey left the room, there was a silence, then Joan said, "I've waited quite a while for this, I'm going to pull your rubbers down and fuck you like the whore you are, only then will you be able to fuck me the way your wife has been fucking me with the big rubber cock. Joan eased the plastic knickers down to Mike's knees, and un-fastened the pins holding his nappy in-place. Mike was unable to move but he felt her between his legs slowly rubbing his hard cock. Joan took the tube of KY and spread it generously over her rubber shaft, and finally around his anus.

"Now pay attention baby, you will need to do this to me every time I baby-sit from now on". She placed the shaft at the right spot and push very gently. Mike almost exploded. Joan slowly fucked him and slid her hand round to wank him. She leaned over his back a little and said, "Now you're a real girl, only naughty girls get fucked like this, are you a naughty baby girl, Mikey"? Mike mumbled "Oh yes, fuck me hard, I'm a naughty baba".

Later that afternoon, Stacy and Maria re-entered the playroom, to find Mike on the floor playing with his bricks. Joan had carefully replaced his nappy and plastic pants after forcing him to be a girl. Joan herself had re-dressed and was in the rocking chair to the side of the room, reading.

"How did baby like being a proper girl" asked Maria.

"I think she would like that all the time," said Joan, she certainly got hot and flustered.

"Good" said Maria, "Remember it's my turn to baby-sit next Saturday". Mike had a feeling that Maria did not intend to be as gentle as Joan had been, but again did not voice the opinion, merely, sucked a little harder on his dummy. Sunday morning arrived, and Mike reached under the bedclothes to squeeze the massive bulk he found there. Stacy lay beside him, she had been watching him sleep, "Well, morning baba, how do you feel?"

"Mmmm, OK" he replied, Stacy pulled back the sheets to reveal the way in which Mike was now to sleep every night, with a nappy and rubber pants and a short silky nightie.

"Would you like me to check that nappy for you, looks warm and snugly to me?" Mike nodded and Stacy placed her hand on Mike's hardening cock.

"Pull my rubbers down and suck my cock like I had to do for Joan yesterday, she wanted to teach me how un-pleasant it can be for a woman with a thrusting cock down her throat... I loved it, it made me harder than ever". Stacy reached under the elastic and un-pinned his nappy; she pulled his plastic pants down to his knees and tugged the white cloth away. Mike's cock stood absolutely solid.

"Wow" said Stacy, "You really do like it don't you", "I'll tell you what, and I'll suck your big cock if you lick my pussy as well, deal"? Stacy pulled the plastic pants back up to cover his cock and started to wank him through the slippery material. She re-positioned herself over him and presented her already dribbling pussy to him. As he started to tease up and down, she started to suck him through the plastic pants, stopping occasionally to wank his shaft. She bought him off, only to find he was still as hard as ever. Stacy turned herself around and positioned herself over his cock, pausing only to slip his cock out of his plastic panties, she buried him. Mike could still feel the elastic of his rubbers biting into his thighs as she rode him.

"You know you call it off if you really wanted, I'm sure the others would understand". Mike retorted, "I thought you wanted me to be your girlfriends slut"? "I do" she replied "but you also have to remember who's married to who". Joan just wants a regular fuck, and is turned on by your baby games as well, so win, win".

"But Maria wants you to suffer as she feels she has at the hands of a men in general". Mike's answer was simple, when it came to sex, he wanted to be treated as a worthless sissy whore who could expect no more than the most humiliating experiences, the fact that he was dressed in nappies and most especially plastic panties only added to his desire to be what his own mates called "a fucking tart". Mike always felt naughty while wearing plastic knickers or womens clothes, he thought "This must be heaven".

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