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New Years Party

This is true story of a party I had in 1993. I had invited several friends over for new years and after several drinks a few of the guts started talking to each outer about a fishing trip we had go on in 79 when they had caught me wearing diapers and they had forced me to wear nothing but diapers and shirt rest of week. They had also forced me to be a sissy slut and suck them off and got raped by them several times but they didn't tell me what they were discussing so didn't say anything. After about 2am almost everyone had left except Jerry and his wife as they were going to spend night instead of driving home when I finally went to bed I could here Jerry still talking to his wife but didn't know what about.

The next mourning when I woke up I smelled breakfast cooking and guessed Penny had gotten up earlier and was cooking breakfast. So I just lay in bed and changed my diaper. (I have been wearing diapers since 84 when I had fallen from top of a semi truck and injured my spine). After changing o pulled on some sweat pants and went out to say hi and to eat After breakfast Penny wanted to take shower and I told her that there was a robe hanging in my closet she could use then started talking to Jerry and he asked if I was still wearing diapers cuz I liked them or if it was because of my accident? I told him it was from accident but I still enjoy wearing them and now have a reason too. When Jerry asked if I remember the fishing trip a long time ago I just laughed and told I did but I wasn't mad at him or the guys anymore about it.

When Penny got out of shower she was looking at me sorta funny as I walked by to take one when I left room and laughingly explained to Jerry she had seen my sissy baby clothing hanging in my closet when she got the robe out. (Like a dipshit I had forgotten they were there) as I took shower she pulled Jerry into my room and showed him my sun suits and dresses then Jerry told her what happened during fishing trip and he guessed I must like being treated as a sissy baby. As I was finishing up Penny yelled through the door that I better hurry so Jerry will have some hot water too when I walked out Penny said sweetly that she had laid out my clothing for the day. When I walked into my room I stopped cold because on my bed there laid out was a pink sun suit and pink rubber pants and bonnet as well as a fresh diaper. As I stood there frozen Jerry grabbed my arms and said "Lets get the baby dressed" Penny then said she had herd I liked to be a sissy baby so for the day I could be her and Jerry's sissy baby.

Jerry then pushed me onto the bed and Penny proceeded to powder and diapers me as Jerry laughed and watched. After I was diapered Penny pulled my pink rubber panties over my legs and had me lift my butt so she could pull them over my diaper all the while she was commenting how she was going to love me dressed up. Next she placed my sun suit over my feet and pulled it over my legs and had me stand up so she could snap the straps and then placed the bonnet over my head and tied it.

At this time Penny said she had herd about the fishing trip long ago but didn't really believe it but when she found my clothing stash she guessed it was true that I liked acting like a baby sissy slut and I would get to suck on things and please her and Jerry anyway she saw fit. At this time I stood there and told Jerry I couldn't believe he had told his wife but he just laughed and said"just get down and crawl to him. When I did he started to unzip his pants then pull out his cock.but his wife told him to wait" let the baby do that. I just sat there unbelieving Penny told me I had better hurry up and please him or I would be punished.

As I crawled to Jerry he asked if I remembered how to suck cock? I just nodded my head and reluctantly reached for his cock like I has years before. When I reached into his pants and pulled out his cock then started lick and kiss it Penny started laugh and wished she had film for her camera Jerry just laughed and said" go see if I had a camera then rammed his cock down my throat and started to fuck my mouth. When Penny walked in Jerry was just getting ready to cumm and Penny took a picture of me swallowing and then as Jerry pulled out took one of me licking Jerry clean as Jerry leaned back with a smile and told me I was still a great cock sucker Penny asked if I could please a woman too? And Jerry said well take your panties off and lets see! I then was made to crawl across the room and as Penny removed her panties she lifted her dress and told me that I better use my tongue to make her cum. too.

As I started to stick my tongue in her pussy she dropped her dress over my head then spread her legs apart and forced my face in her pussy so I could get my tong in deeper when I found her clit I started to lick and suck on it she started to moan as Jerry laughed and urged me on. When Penny started to have an orgasm she held my head so tightly I couldn't breath till she let me go. As I sat down to catch my breath Penny told Jerry he should have gotten a picture of me in action Jerry just shook his head and said"well I just make a repeat performance. Penny just lifted her dress again and said to get back to work and make it better this time. Then Penny grabbed my hair and pulled my face to her pussy and I just started to lick and suck then I started to lick her asshole and stick my toung in there too when I did this Penny started to already have another orgasm while Jerry stood there and took pictures then I finished licking her pussy till she made me stop. When I sat back Penny told Jerry they should visit me more often because I was multi talented.

After a couple minutes Jerry said he had to piss and told Penny to watch me had me stand up and turn around as I did he pulled open my sun suite and diaper and proceeded to piss into my diaper. After he finished he said look he gets a hard on every time we did this because he likes it so much.When Penny saw my diaper bulging from my hardon she said that the baby needs to cum too. She then had me stand in front of her so she could remove my sun suit then pulled down my diaper and rubber pants to my knees as I stood there with my dick sticking out. Penny proceeded to jack me off and had Jerry run and get a small plate so she could catch my cum on it After a few minutes I started to cum on the plate and when I finished she told Jerry now we have some lubricant so you can ass fuck this big sissy. Jerry said he had been waiting for this and pushed me over the side of my couch and after rubbing his cock in my cum he spread my asscheeks and then just rammed his cock into my ass hole till it slid all the way in. when he was buried in my ass all the way he started to fuck me hard and fast no mater how much I yelled and told them it hurt at the same time Penny was taking pictures and urging Jerry on. When he began to cum Jerry started to spank my ass till he pulled out and sat down then he pulled me over his knees and started to really beat my ass till it was red. When Jerry got tired and had my ass red as a beet he said now that he was tired for a while that Penny could change the sissy baby she said yes it was time they hurried homeand led me into the bedroom as I laid in bed Penny got a dry diaper then while looking through my drawers she smiled and pulled out my new vibrating dildo witch was about 10" long and 1.5" around she said look what I found to Jerry. Jerry looked and a said he had an idea then grabbed my legs and spread them wide so Penny could shove the dildo in my ass then she pinned my diaper on and put my locking plastic pants on me and dressed me in my pink party dress and bonnet. Jerry looked around till he found my locking wrist belt and waistbelt with a crotch strap after locking me tight he said he hid the key and when they got home he would call and tell me where the keys were.

As I laid there with my ass hurting I could here Jerry and Penny getting ready to leave I thought about what had happened and how much fun I had then remembered that they had a 4hour drive to go home and I would be stuck like this till they called and told me where they hid the keys. After lying there for two hours and feeling the batteries finally run down on the vibrator I got up and started looking for the keys then I found a note from Penny asking if I had enjoyed myself. If I had she could have me visit them when I got tired of standing I laid down in bed (I couldn't sit with the dildo) and waited for the phone call so I could get loose. Finally the phone rang and Penny's voice said on the recorder that they didn't hide the keys they just taped them to the back of my plastic pants so I could get loose no and to call them back.

After I finally got loose and had pulled the dildo out I changed my wet diaper and called Jerry back when he answered he said Penny had a lot of fun and I should visit them as penny had thought of outer ways to play with her new baby and was going to plan a reunion of our fishing trip so the outers could have fun with me too I said ok I would love that.. BUTS THAT ANOUTHER STORY timmy

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