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Nick and Amy

Nick and Amy never appeared to be the common couple. Nick had always been the rebellious type of guy, the trouble maker, and Amy had always gone to church, always followed all the rules, and been the good girl. In public it was Nick who was in control, he made the decisions. Amy always followed, but subtly would give her approval or stare until he realized it was a "No Go" situation. At parties, Nick was the loud boisterous one that drew everyone's attention in his drunkenness, while Amy sat quietly drinking her non-alcoholic concoctions. Where Amy surpassed him was in her logic, always being able to plan things out, seeing where things would eventually end up. She liked him because, well, the good girls always fall for the bad boys; he liked her because to him she seemed to have some sort of untapped beauty that no one had noticed before and innocence that followed her. They were complete opposites, but some how they came together.

Amy knew just about everything about her man. They kept a fairly open relationship. Maybe Nick tried to keep a secret here and there, and sure he thought he was doing a good job of hiding it, but Amy always knew when something was going on. How couldn't she know; She was the one that always cleaned, that always kept their house in running order. So, it was really no surprise to her when Nick told her about his peculiar little fetish awhile back. (She should have been tipped off to it earlier by his affinity for sucking his thumb, it's just not normal for a 23 year old to still suck his thumb.) At first she thought it quiet strange, a grown man wanting to wear diapers, being treated like a little kid, being punished. She thought "why would anyone want to do this?", but soon Amy realized that to Nick, reverting back to being a little boy was his stress relief, his comfort zone, an escape from who he was in his day to day life. She was more comfortable with him practicing his sexual fantasies on his own, than she was joining in on something she knew so little about. She did do a few things that made Nick immeasurably happy. Sometimes Amy would put a pacifier in his mouth at bed time, or when Nick would wake up in the mornings, she'd get him a bowl of kid's Cereal and put on some cartoons for him to watch. Amy did plenty of things, but nothing that ever involved diapers. She wasn't comfortable yet, wasn't ready to take that step.

Late one night, Nick stayed up, finishing up watching the Eleven O'clock news before heading to bed where Amy laid waiting for him. This was nothing different from any other night; Nick crawled into bed, and started trying to get a little 'frisky' with Amy. She was reciprocating plenty kissing him back, letting him run his hands to all his favorite places, and then with no warning, she pushed Nick off of her, and rolled over on top of him pinning both his arms to the bed. Surprised in her rarely shown dominance in the bedroom, Nick's excitement grew. She kissed him deeply, and began grinding her crotch against his. Nick had never seen his church girl act so boldly, with her inhibitions seemingly over taken by her desire for pleasure. Leaning down with her shoulder length hair draped gently across the pillow whispered ever so delicately "Are you getting excited little boy?" This drove Nick crazy, with waves of pleasure echoing from his head to his toes. Amy dismounted him, and slid her hand under the waistband of his boxers. Taking a firm grasp of his fully erect dick, Amy began with a slow steady hand job, telling him that he wouldn't be allowed to cum until she gave him permission. In an attempt to make it harder on him to follow her rules, and to play up on his reaction from earlier, she started whispering in his ear again: "Do you need to wear diapers little boy? I know you like to wear them to bed, is it because you wet the bed? Admit it; you're a dirty bed wetter." Nick started to thrust his hips against Amy's quickening hand job. Amy knew that she had him, he was under her complete control, she could of done or said anything and he'd of played along with no questions asked. His silence was the evidence of his submission to her. She thought it was time to start trying to bring him over the edge, threatening him with the humiliation that Amy knew he wanted. Louder than the previous whisper, and with complete confidence she said:

"If you cum without my permission, so help me god, I will make tomorrow will be the most embarrassing day of your life. Not only will you wear diapers all day, you're going to go to the mall with me, and when you wet them, and you WILL wet them, you're going to get changed in the back of the car."

Nick let out a tiny whimper, clenched his butt cheeks together, trying to hold in his orgasm. Amy knew exactly what she was doing, she wasn't about to give up a day of total power over her supposedly 'bad boy' boyfriend. With no intention of giving him permission to finish and every intention of gaining complete dominance she started in on him again speeding up her hand job one more time.

"You'd like that wouldn't you? For everyone to know what a filthy, disgusting little boy you are, for everyone to know that you have to wear diapers, that you can't help but wet them in public?" And with that Nick made a faint whimper, lost all control and began shooting his load all over his chest and stomach. Amy gently continued stroking him until he finished cumming, gave his dick one last hard squeeze, and released her grasp on him. Removing her hand from his crotch Amy ran her fingers down the size of Nick's face, and looking into his eyes said

"I knew you weren't going to obey me. I knew you wanted to get punished. Now, lay still and we'll get your mess cleaned up."

Amy moved to the closet, and came back with the bag that Nick kept his diaper supplies in. She pulled out some wipes and cleaned up Nick's chest and stomach. She slid his boxers down his legs, and casually said "you won't be wearing these anytime soon' and tossed them on the floor near the clothes basket. Out of the diaper bag she produced one of Nick's thick night time diapers. Amy began to unfold Nick's white badge of shame, and gently slapped his upper thigh and said "Lift up little boy". Nick gave her a sheepish look and did as he was told. She made quick work of pampering her baby boy, applying plenty of baby powder, and then closing up his diaper nice and snug. When it was all finished, Nick just laid there on his back on the bed, legs still spread from getting diapered. Amy moved around the end of the bed and crawled in, and without Nick even noticing, she put his pacifier in his mouth. Now in a soothing maternal voice, she told him to "C'mere". He laid his head on her shoulder, wrapped one arm around her, and quickly passed out. Amy however, stayed awake for awhile, rubbing her baby boy's back, and plotting the next day's events

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