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No Girlfriend This Weekend.

I just found a new girlfriend. She is really cute, with nice big boobs, kind of wild and crazy. She lives far away and doesn't have a car, so that's a bit of a problem. One real nice thing about her, she likes to pee outside. The first time she did that, it drove me wild. We were at a place, partying with some of her friends. We took off early because we wanted to go over to my place and screw around. As we headed out in the parking lot, she started dropping her pants, saying "wait a minute, I have to go." She went between two other cars. This was fantastic, I just had to look. There she was, squatting down, and letting it go right there! Watching her do that made me so horny.

Last weekend was great. She spent the whole weekend with me at my place.

We went walking in the woods, partying, and screwing around at night. We were walking along a path in the park when she did it again. She walked off the path toward some trees, saying "Watch for people coming," and dropped her jeans. Then, down with those cute little white panties, and she lets go. Wow! Then a while later, when I had to go, I just whipped out my weener, which was still chubby from watching her, and let go. She reached over, and gently held on as I was peeing. That got me really horny. I wanted to screw with her right there. She said to wait for that until we got back.

We stopped at a store on the way back, to get some food. As we went past the aisle with disposable diapers, I wanted to say something like, "let's get some diapers so we can pee in our pants." I didn't, because I don't know what she would think of it. I was hoping that she would go over, pick out some nice diapers, and say something like, "let's have some fun with these." How wonderful if that would happen.

She is so glad that I don't mind using rubbers all the time. To me, they are like plastic pants, but for the weener only. She is real concerned about getting pregnant. After fun time in bed, she got out, washed up, and came back to put on a pair of panties. Those ones were really cute, and reminded me of plastic pants. The thought of her wearing nothing but plastic pants made me horny again. After I washed up and came back, I said, "those are really cute, you got a pair for me?" She looked at me kind of funny, and said, "you are so silly." But then she smiled and went over to her bag, got a pair, and tossed them over to me. Putting them on made me feel so wonderful. My weener got chubby again. I think she liked to see that.

We went out in the kitchen like that, to get some beer. Sitting there, wearing her panties, drinking beer with her, watching her beautiful boobs, with the curtains closed and the lights out was ecstasy for me.

When she got up to go to the bathroom, I wanted to follow her in. I didn't do that, because I was not sure what she would think of it. I did not want to risk spoiling such a wonderful time.

The rest of the weekend was just like that, walking in the park, peeing whenever we felt like it, screwing around, and drinking beer at night. I wanted her to stay all week, but I had to get her back home. Both of us were looking forward to another weekend of fun.

I couldn't stop thinking about her all week long. Every time I had to pee, I thought of her, and wished she was here, holding my weener. She left one of her bras here. I found it stuffed under a pillow. I hung it up on the doorknob. Every time I looked at it, I thought of her beautiful boobs. How I would just love to squeeze them, and kiss her sweet nipples again. I'm going crazy, wondering just exactly why she likes to pee outside. Does she really enjoy it, or does she just do it for quick relief? Would she like peeing in diapers? What about plastic pants? Would she think that it's too messy? What if she saw me in plastic pants? Would she be turned off, or get excited? I thought of so many fun things to do with her. I figured that I better take it slow. I have to find out what she likes, and doesn't like.

When Friday afternoon came, I was full of excitement. I couldn't wait to pick her up and get her back over here. I got another case of beer on the way home. I called her to find out what she was up to, and when I could come and get her. Well, something just came up with her family, and she would not have any time to come here. She said something about going out of town. I was so disappointed, I didn't even listen to the details. She promised that next weekend would be ours, and maybe even a day during the week. I told her that she left her bra over here, and that she would have to come and get it back. Laughing, she said that I could wear it until next weekend. Sure, she was just joking, but it really turned me on to hear her say that.

After a while, I went in to put on my favorite plastic pants. At least I could have a little bit of fun without her. I sat there, looking at her bra hanging on the doorknob. What if I really would put it on? How naughty that would be! I couldn't resist. I put it on, and went over to the mirror to see how it looked. I turned around, and imagined that I was looking at her from behind, wearing plastic pants and that bra. This was such an incredible vision. It made me so horny. I grabbed a pillow, tossed it on a chair, and started humping away, like I was doing it doggy style with her. Then, I got on the bed with the pillow on top. I imagined that she was on top of me, cranking away, with her boobs bouncing around. Then, I turned over on to the pillow, cranked away, and creamed like mad! Laying there, wishing that she was with me, I started wondering. Am I the only person in the whole wide world that thinks plastic pants are sexy? Am I the only one who likes to cream in them? Hasn't anyone realized that they can do some of the things that rubbers are good for? With plastic pants, there's no worry about getting someone pregnant, or passing along diseases. Sure, you have to wash up later, but there's no mess all over the place.

After that, I wanted to drink a lot of beer, and pee in the pants. Still wearing her bra, I just put on a shirt, and went to the kitchen. I got a beer, and sat down to watch TV for a while. After a few more, the beer pressure started building up, and I knew that I wouldn't be able to hold it much longer. I headed to the bathroom, taking off the shirt and her bra. I let go and started peeing just before tossing her bra on the doorknob. I enjoyed the wonderful feeling of relief, and the pants filling up with warm pee as I walked in. I stood there in the tub, enjoying it. Since it was kind of cool in the place, the warmth of the pee made the feeling so much better. I washed up after a bit, and went to get another pair of plastic pants. Now, I went out, just wearing the plastic pants. I closed the curtains, just in case someone might look in. I sat there, drinking beer, watching TV, and wishing that she was here with me. How wonderful it would be if she was sitting next to me, wearing plastic pants. I could reach over, hold her boobs, and give her nipples a kiss. I just popped open a beer when I realized that I would not be able to hold it much longer. I grabbed another beer from the kitchen as I went over to the bathroom, and started peeing just as the refrigerator door closed. I stood in the tub, enjoying the pants full of pee, and drank the beers. I looked over at her bra, hanging on the door knob. Now, I imagined that she would come in here, taking off the bra, peeing in the plastic pants as she walked. How wonderful that would be! I peed again from those two beers, really filling up the pants. I washed up, put on some clothes, and went back out.

Getting late, it was time to hit the sack. Now, I wished that I had some diapers. I don't always keep them around. I figure that they should be saved for real babies, and people who really can't hold it. It is so nice to put on a diaper after a night of beer drinking. The feeling of comfort and security is so nice, not worrying about running to the bathroom right after waking up, or accidentally peeing in the bed overnight. How would she like that? Last weekend, she woke me up when she scampered out of bed and ran to the bathroom. For times like that, maybe she would really like to have a diaper on. Then I thought, that's it! Next weekend when she's over here and wakes up in the morning, I will hold her as she heads to the bathroom. I will say something like, just imagine if you had a diaper on right now. You could could pee, and stay here with me, instead of running off to the can. If she thinks about it and likes the idea, maybe she would try it. Then, after that, she might like plastic pants too, and come to find out how sexy they can be. Let's see what happens next weekend!

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