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No More panties for Jenny

This story is about a girl who is forced to wear, wet and mess her diapers because her parents force her to wear them.

Warning, This story is intended for mature adults over the age of 18.

Any reproduction of this story will result in a email asking to remove if unanswered I will then consult your web host and they will immediately take action.

Background information: Jenny was a 18 year old redhead, one of the most beautiful girls in her high school, Lincoln High, a all girl school. She had long legs, blue eyes 34C cup breasts and weighted 130 pounds.

Her mother Ms. Smith (divorced) was very similar to her daughter she had brown hair blue eyes, long legs, weighted 145 pounds and had a massive 44DD breasts after her 20 thousand dollar implants. Even though she was 40 she looked as if she was barely 30.

Jenny's best friend was Sara. She had black hair brown eyes, was a little shorter then Jenny, and had breasts about the same size of Jenny's. She was 17 but still a senior at the school.

Katie was Jenny's other friend she was the head cheerleader. Katie had blonde hair green eyes and breasts the size of Ms. Smiths easily ample to fill her small cheerleading outfit.


"Jenny" Ms. Smith called over the intercom "wear are all your pairs of dirty panties?" Jenny replied "I don't have any"

"well that's impossible I haven't washed any of your panties in over a week how can't you have dirty ones?"

"I don't know I just don't.

"Don't give me that!" Ms. Smith called as she walked down the hall to her daughter's room.

"No BUT'S"

"Mom can't you knock I'm changing" She yelled as she franticly threw on her robe. Ms Smith didn't say a word she just walked over to her daughter and pulled open the front of Jenny's roe revealing her naked breasts and a pair of panties she had been walking around in 4 days ago.

"What are you doing in those panties you wore them 4 days ago, If you don't start wearing clean panties everyday then I'm going to have to change the way things work around here, DO YOU UNDERSTAND?" Ms. Smith screamed in a loud tone that you could hear throughout the 3 story mansion.

"Jenny Ms. Smith yelled as she marched down the hall to Jenny's room.

"You haven't been changing your panties have you young lady."

"No" Jenny replied.

Ms. Smith in a loud tone "thanks for telling me the truth but since you can't seem to change your panties and be lady like I'm going to ground you for the next month that means no friends, no TV, no CD player, no computer, no car except to get to school and back, and no life,"

"That's unfair" Jenny stammered, "well life's unfair deal with it." Unknown to Jenny Ms. Smith had been occasionally checking her panties, by going into her room while Jenny slept and gently lifting the covers of her queen size bed.

About a month after there last incident, Ms. Smith came in to check on her daughters panties. She found that she had the same pair on as the day before, infuriated she left the room. The next morning she got ready like she normally did. Once ready to go she waved Jenny off to her last day of high school. (It wasn't the last day but about a week before but, Mss. Smith promised to let her out early if he had all her work done) Once Jenny left Ms. Smith got busy, she got online and ordered plenty of supplies for her daughter for the next month, as well as the necessary equipment. She called in a decorating company to completely redecorate the guest bedroom for Jenny. By 2:00pm everything was ready the equipment had showed up and Ms.

Smith had set up all the items around the house. Jenny arrived home a little after 3:00; entering the house she dropped her bags and started cheering all through the house not noticing a thing. Then the door bell rang, she went to the front door and opened it. On the other side of the door a delivery van was there and a man with several large boxes each only saying For Jenny across the top. By the time the man left Ms. Smith had walked up behind Jenny, Jenny turned around and jumped back, not realizing her mother was home early and started to wet her tight pants. At first she didn't know what was going on but, when she looked down to see what was tickling the inside of her thighs she saw a dark wet patch on the crotch of her pink sweet pants, that hugged every inch of her legs, that was growing. Once she realized hat she was doing all she could do was scream. This got the attention of Ms. Smith who then turned around to see her daughter pushing her hands on her crotch, while a dark stain was spreading down Jenny's pants. Once Jenny finished Ms. Smith helped the Jenny who was still in shock to her new room. Outside the door Ms Smith said, "I was going to keep this a surprise until after graduation but, I think you need to see this now after your little incident" opening the door she yelled "surprise, I know you have been wanting to redecorate your room for along time so I decided to do it for you, don't you like your nursery I thought it was all to fitting since you can't seem to be able to change your own panties or keep them dry for that matter, so take mommies hand and let me change you into a nice Diaper!" That last remark got jenny's attention not looking into her new room.

"You can't be serious I'm not doing to wear diapers?" Ms. Smith shot back "Well you can't expect me to have you clean up after you PISS your pants like a baby?" With that she pulled Jenny over to the changing table next to the wall.

Then once she got Jenny to lie down on the table, she started to open the boxes. Jenny looking at what was inside was shocked. Ms. Smith then got her daughters attention as she took out the supplies.

"Jenny looks like I should have gotten you these diapers a little sooner with you wetting yourself like the 2 year old your going to become back there and making me secretly checking your panties every night to make sure you've been changing them, but there's nothing I can do to make you change your panties no matter what I tell you or anything that can keep you from Pissing in your pants, so I guess the only thing left to do is to turn you into the baby your acting like." While preoccupying Jenny which her voice she placed Jenny's hand and legs into the restraints at each end of the table. Jenny kicked and screamed when she noticed this until Ms. Smith shoved a pacifier into her daughter's mouth and placed to strap behind her head.

"Now that better now mommy can think while she puts a nice diaper on her little baby."

"These restraints are just temporary until you learn how to trust mommy when she changes your dirty didiees." Then she proceed to take jenny's shirt, pants, and finally Jenny's soaked and dripping wet panties, putting Jenny's breast and crotch in full view. Ms. Smith briefly glanced down at her breasts and saw them begin to perk.

"Oh is my baby cold I'll go get you a nice warm nightie." Arriving back after her short walk over to the dresser where she produced a baby blue nightie and placed it on Jenny. Next she looked down at Jenny's crotch "Oh that's not good babies don't have grownup hair down there good thing I thought of that in advance and bought the special gel that makes grownup hair down there stop growing won't that be nice for mommy so she doesn't have to shave it very often." Then she shaved Jenny's crotch and spread the gel all over her crotch and legs.

"Know mommy can put a new didee on you." She then opened a bag of diapers and pulled one out and placed it under her daughter's bottom and rubbed oil and cream all over Jenny's crotch and then applied a large amount of powder on her crotch and then a even larger amount in the diaper below. Lowering Jenny's legs onto the diaper she slowly spread her legs apart and drew up the diaper between Jenny's legs.

Then she snuggle placed the 4 tapes to secure both ends of the diaper around Jenny's bottom and crotch. Now that she had placed a diaper on Jenny she gently patted the front of her diaper and cheerfully announced "All done now baby Jenny won't have to worry about her panties or if she has go pee pee." Ms. Smith then released Jenny from the table only after putting a sock like item on both of jenny's feet and thick mittens on Jenny's hands. She then lead Jenny to a full length mirror where she helped Jenny up and forced her to look into the mirror and see her diaper.

"Oh my little baby looks so beautiful in her diapers and nightie I might just eat you alive." Jenny no longer looked like she had just graduated high school or was one of the most beautiful girls in town. She looked like a teen who could barely stand with tears running down her cheeks and a purple diaper with yellow diaper pins, bottles and, pacifiers across the top and blue tapes along with a blue line running down the middle of her diaper starting the center of the front and running down to the middle of the crease in between the legs wear it came out as bright green line about twice as wide going up the back wear it stopped about ¾ o the way up.

End of part one more to come hopefully soon

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