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North Alantic School For Troubled Teens

Alex Johnson arrived at the bus station a little after four o'clock. He was told that some one from the school would meet him there. In the event that he arrived early, he was supposed to wait for them. He scaned the parking lot. He did not see any one from the school. He sat his bag down on the ground and sat on it. He started thinking about the events of the last two weeks. What started out as a dare, ended up becoming a whole lot of trouble. Alex's friend dared hime to steal a car. Alex easily popped the lock and hot-wired it. He barely made it one block before the cops stopped him. He was arrested for joy-ridding. The judge senteced him to the North Alantic School for Troubled Teens. Alex thought it souned like a fancy boarding school. Was he ever wrong.

A white van pulled up. The driver got out, took a clip board, and said, "Are you Alex Johnson?" Alex replied, "Yes, I am. Why do you ask?" The driver said, "I'm from the school. Get in the van." Alex stood up, picked up his bag, and walked over to the van. He opened the side door and climbed into it. He sat on the middle seat, sat his bag next to him, and closed the door. As the van was leaving the parking lot, the guy on the seat behind Alex said, "Hi. I'm James Rocket. That's Nicole." James pointed to the girl in the front seat.

Alex turned to look at her, Before he could say anything, he realized that she wasn't wearing any pants. All she had on was a tee-shirt and what Alex mistook as underwear on his first glance. When he looked a second time, he realized that it was an adult diaper. He said, "Why are you wearing a diaper?" Nicole replied, "It is school policy. Everybody at N.A.S.T.T. wears one. School rule. In fact it is the first rule at the school. 'Every student attending N.A.S.T.T. must wear a diaper at all times.' Rule number two, there are no bathrooms, well at least none that the students can use. Rule three, 'Only your assigned counselor can change your diaper.' Rule four, 'If at any point in time, a member of the faculty catches you out of your diaper, you get forty licks across the butt.' Trust me, I kno from personal experience that some of the teachers won't ask questions. They wil just swat your butt. Rule five, 'The only time you can take off your diaper is when you are taking a shower.' Rule five-A, 'You can only shower in the appointed times.' Rules six through eleven, 'Back talking, Profanity, Lying, Inappropirate behavior, and Untidiness will not be tolerated. Any one caught breaking these rules will be punished severely.' Rule twelve, 'Do what the counselors tell you to do, when they tell you to do it.' Rule thirteen, 'Even though guys and girls are in the same dormitories, at no poit in time should a guy be in a girl's room, neither should a girl ever be in a guy's room.' Rule fourteen, Every student attending N.A.S.T.T. shall wear a pacifier around his/her neck at all time.' Don't worry they allow you to pick your own." Alex said, "Where's yours?"

She grabbed the front of her shirt with her left hand, and reached down it with her right hand. She continued, "You are allowed to hide it when you leave the school campus. You just can't take it off, ever.Rule fifteen, 'Every student must drink from a bottle at every meal.' Don't worry the school provides the bottles. Every student has to supply their own nipples though. That pretty much covers the rules. James, did I leave anything important out?" James replied, "Yes you did. Two things in fact. Unofficial rules one and two. First Don't mess with Butch or his 'gang'. Second don't act like you are better then the rest of us, because you were sent here as well. Which means that you did something 'wrong' in the sight of the judicial system. The judge ordered you to enroll at N.A.S.T.T. Your parents thought that it would be in your best interest and agreed to send you here. And here you are." Alex said, "Would it be wrong to ask what you did that got you sent here?" James replied, "I will tell you why I was sent here If you tell me why you are here first." Alex said, "I stole a car and was arrested for joyridding. You?"

Alex said, "Would it be wrong to ask what you did that got you sent here?" James replied, "I will tell you why I was sent here If you tell me why you are here first." Alex said, "I stole a car and was arrested for joyridding. You?"] James replied, "I shot a guy. Oh, don't worry, he lived. I was in a gang. We got involved in a turf war. I pulled my gun at one of the guys in the other gang. I fired. The bullet missed and hit some poor bystander that was coming out of the nearby gas station. The clerck called the cops and every body scattered. Except for me. I ran over to the guy that I shot. The cops arrived and arrested me. I didn't even protest it. I allowed them to take me. Unfortunately, that was strike three, and I ended up here." Alex turned to Nicole and asked, "And you, why are you here?" James said, "Oh, yeah there was one more thing that I was meaning to tell you. Don't ask Nicole why she is here, because she never answers. She has been here for five years, and the only people that know why she is here are her, her counselor, and the headmaster." The driver handed the clipboard to Nicole and said, "Find Alexs paper and tell me what dorm he is in. And while you're at it, find out who his counselor is." Nicole took the clipboard, looked through it, and said, "He's in Kennedy. And his counselor is Mrs. Mathews." James said, Mrs. Mathews is my counselor. You'll like her. She's nice. I guess that means we will be in group together." Nicole said, "Just for the record, I'm in Kennedy as well. Maybe, I will see you around somethime." Nicole looked out the window amd saw what exit they were at. She turned and said, "We're almost at the school."

Nicole said, "Just for the record, I'm in Kennedy as well. Maybe, I will see you around somethime." Nicole looked out the window amd saw what exit they were at. She turned and said, "We're almost at the school."] The van pulled onto campus and stopped in the courtyard. Nicole opened her door and climbed out of the van. Alex opened the slidding door so he and James could get out, grabbed his bag, and climbed out. Alex stood there in disbelief for a few seconds. Every student on campus had a clearly visible diaper, even if they had pants on or not. From across the courtyard came a voice that Nicole and James knew all to well. The voice said, "Hey you, are you new here?" A frieghtened boy a few years younger than Alex replied, "Uhhhh....Yes...I don't hurt me." The voice from the bigger, older kid said, "Well boys, we have a New Baby on our hands. Lenny, get the hose." A boy in the group with the older boy ran over to the nearby wall, grabbed a water hose, turned the facult on, and brought the hose over to the group. The older boy inserted the end of the hose into the back of the younger boy's diaper.

Nicol said, "Well, it looks like Butch is at it agian. By the way, the taller kid is Butch. The rest if that group is his lackeys. THe kid with the water hose in his diaper is obivously knew here. Don't tell Butch that you are new here or that will be you." The van driver said, "Nicole, James, would the two of you mind showing Alex around campus?" Nicole and James replied in unison, "NO, Mr. West. We won't mind." James stopped talking at this point. Nicole continued, "Let's go before Butch sees us."

The three walked towards Kennedy Dorm. Upon entering the building, Nicole saw Mrs. White sittign at the desk. She said, "Hey, we have a newby for you." She pointed to Alex, who was standing next to her. She contiuned, "His name is Alex Johnson. Here's his paperwork." She handed the file to Mrs. White.

"Is Mrs. Matthews back yet?" Mrs. White replied, "No, she isn't. Alex, please come with me." Mrs. White stood up and walked over to a door that was behind the desk. She opened it and walked through it. Alex followed her into the small room. Alex was not surprised when he saw that the only things in this room were a cabnet, a trash can, and a changin table. He realized that every kid in this dorm was probably changed in this room at some point in time. Mrs. White said, "Alex, climb up onto the changing table." Alex climbed up onto the changing table and atoumaticly unfastened his pants. Mrs. White took a tape rule (that thing they use in clothing stores to take your measurements) and wrapped it around Alex's waist. She walked over to the cabnet, opened it, and removed a diaper. She walked back over to the changing table, and said, "Lay down and lift your shirt up." Alex did as he was instructed. Mrs. White unfolded the diaper, slid it under him, pulled his pants and underwear down to his ankles in one brief motion, applied baby powder to Alex, folded the diaper over and fasten it. She pulled Alex's pants and underwear off of him. She threw the underwear into the garbage, and handed his pants back to him. She said, "You can either put your pants on or not. It's up to you. We're done here so you can leave now." Mrs. White walked out of the door.

Alex pulled his pants on and followed her out of the room. He rejoined Nicole and James on the other side of the counter. He said, "Does she change everyone like that?" James replied, You have to ask her. I'm not in this dorm remember." Nicole replied, "James, just like everybody else at this school, just wishes they were in this dorm." Alex asked, "An why is that?"

Nicole responded, Because that T.V." poiting to the T.V. that was in the large room on this floor, "is the only one in the dorms that has cable." Mrs. White said, "Alex, you are in room 13. Here is your key and class schedule." Alex took both items and said, "Thank you." Nicole said, "Come on, I'll show you to your room." Nicole lead the way up the stairs. Alex and James followed her.

As they were nearing Alex's room, James realized that they had both forgot to tell him something. he realized it was too late as he heard Nicole say, "Here is your room." Alex put his key in the lock and turned it. He opened the door and said, "What in the world?" Nicole replied, "I knew I forgot somenthing. Rule sixteen, 'Every student attending N.A.S.T.T. must sleep in a crib." Sorry we forgot to tell you earlier. Well anyways, here is your roo,. If you need any thing, my room is right across the hall." Alex studied the room for a few minutes. It looked like a normal dorm room, two dressers, two desk, a trash can, etc., but instead of having beds it had two cribs. ALex quickly realized that there were two people in every room.

James said, "I dom't know which half of the room is yours. Just throw your bag in there for the time being." Alex walked into the room and sat his bag down. James looked at his watch. It read 4:35. He said, "I wonder where your roommate is. Classes ended an hour ago." Nicole replied, "James, his roommate is Brian Lockley. Alex, you might just have a private room for a few weeks. Your roommate is in the infirmary. He and Butch got into an agrument a few weeks ago. Butch broke Brian's jaw. We will swing by there later just to introduce you. James, did you just say that it is four-thirty?" James replied, "It's four-thirty-five. why do you ask?"

Nicole said, "Can you both wait right here for a minute?" Before either or them had a chance to answer, Nicole turned around, walked to her door, and opened it. Alex and James both watched her as she walked over to the desk on her side of the room. Alex was intererted in noticing that her room was exactly like his, except her carpet and walls were pink, where his were blue.

"Clever," he thought. There would be no exccusse if some on was chaught in a room belonging to the opposite gender. Nicole opened the drawer on her desk, dug through it, and pulled out a bottle of pills. She opened it, turned it at an angle, and tapped it untill two pills rolled into her hands.

Alex said, "If you don't mind me asking, asking what are those for?" Nicole replied, Yes I do mind you asking. I don't know you well enough for me to answer that question. After all we just met." Alex turned to James said, "Hey, don't look at me, I didn't even know she was on medication." Nicole sallowed both pills in one qulp. She took a sip from a bottle that was sitting on her desk, and said, "Okay, we can go now." As she was walking towards the door, Alex noticed a picture on her desk. He asked, "Who is that in that picture with you?" Nicole looked back over her shoulder to see which picture he was refering to, and said, "When I tell you why I'm here, you will know who that is. Now let's go." Nicole lead them back down stairs.

As they were exiting the building, a girl going into the building said, "Hey, Nicole. Who's this?" Nicole replied, "Jess, this is Alex Johnson." She stoped for a second and looked around, making sure that neither Butch nor any of his lackeys were in earshot. Seeing none of them, she contiued, "He's new here. Just got here today. He's in the room right acroos the hall from us. Alex, this is my roommate Jessica Miller. Every body calls her Jess or Jessy. Well, we have to show Alex around campus. Jess, your welcome to join us."

Jess thought about it for a moment. then said, "Yah sure, why not. It never hurts to have an extra pair of eyes when you are showwing a newb around campus." The other three knew what she meant. With four people,they could easiy avoid Butch and his gang. Nicole, James, and Jess showwed Alex around part of the campus. They did not get to finish the tour because it was getting dark.

James looked at his watch. It read 5:53. He said, "It's almost six. We should probably head over to the cafertirea. There is probably already a line. ALex don't worry, you can sit with us at supper." The group made their way to the cafertirea. Along the way James, Nicole, and Jess would point out a building or two that Alex should make a note of. James pointed to one building, and said, "That's the office building. Don't EVER go in there unless you are invited to do so." Alex nodded. The group arived at the cafertirea just before six. None of them were suprised to see a line. As they were getteing in line, Nicole got in front. Alex got in line behind her. Then Jess and James got in line behind him. As six grew closer the line grew longer. At six the doors opened. The students started filtering through the lines. James said, "Are you a vegetarian?" Alex replied, "I am as red blooded as the next guy, why?" Alex didn't want to come out and say, "No, I am not a vegetarian. What kind of stupid, idiotic question is that?" James got the point anyways.

Nicole said, "Just follow me then." Nicole went through one line. Alex, Jess, and James followed her. As they were moving through the line, Alex noticed that one half of the cafertirea had long, rectangular tables that had benches attached to them, and the other side of the room had round tables that had four or five chairs at them. Alex and the rest of the group got their food, and proceeded towards the tables. Nicole lead the way to one of the round tables. She sat down in one chair. Alex went to sit in the chair directly across from her. She said, "You might want to sit in one of the other two. It will be easier for everybody if you did." Alex moved to the chair to Nicole's left. James sat in the chair across from Nicole. Jess sat in the chair on Nicole's right. The four of them started eating their supper.

As they were eating, there was a loud series of claps coming from the center of the room. Nicole, James and Jess put their silverware down and turned in their chairs slightly. Nicole leaned over and wisphered to Alex, "Put you fork down, and turn your chair around." Alex sat his fork down on his tray and rotated his chair so he could see the guy standing in the middle of the room.

The man was in his late fourties. He was wearing a black suit and tie. He said, "Godd evening students." The entire student body replied, "Good evening Headmaster." The headmaster said, "Okay, first things first. This is a manitory diaper check. Every body please stand up, and make your diaper clearly visible. For the females that are wearing dresses, please pull the bottom of your dress up to display your diaper. For those of you wearing pants, please unfasten them, and pull them down to your ankles." There was a lot of noise as the student body stood up and positioned themselves so that their diapers were clearly visible.

James looked over at Alex. Even though Alex's pants were at his knees, his shirt still covered most of the diaper. James quietely said, "Alex." Alex turned to look at him. James continued, "Pull the front edge of your shirt up." Alex raised the front edge of his shirt and turned back to look at the headmaster.

The headmaster looked around the room. After seeing that every body had a diaper on, he said, "Alright, you may be seated." The girls that were wearing dresses let the front fall back down. The students that were wearing pants raised them back into place and refastened them. After everybody was seated again, the headmaster continued, "As all of you know there are rules here. And these rules are strictly inforced. Which brings me to today's aggenda." He placed his hand on a high chair that was standing next to him. He said, "Butch, can you come here and join me please." After a second or two of waiting, he added, "Now!"

Butch came through the room wearing nothing but a diaper and a pink tee shirt that said "Princess" on it. Alex did not doubt for a secon that had it been any one ther then Butch, the emtire student bofy would be laughing their butts off. But because it was Butch, no one dared to make a sound. Butch walked over and sat in the highchair. The head master locked the tray over Butch's hands. One of the cafertirea workers brought out a large box and a bar stool, and handed them to the head master.

The headmaster sat the stool next to the highchair and sat the box on it. He said, "Which one shall it be today?" The headmaster started digging through the box.

Some one on the other side of the room said, "The butterfly one!" Butch shoot a nasty look in his direction. The boy said, "Never mind!" While Butch was still looking at the other kid, Nicole said, "The Little Mermaid one." Both Butch and the headmaster turned in her direcion to see who had made the comment.

Butch said, "Okay, who said it?" James, Jess, Alex and a few other kids in that area all pointed to Nicole and said, "She did it." Because of the fact that there was at least ten people trying to talk at the same time, it came out a jumbled mess.

Butch understood it anyways. He said, "You are going to pay for that Little Girl!" He put special emphases on the last two words.

Nicole stood up and said, "who are you calling Little Girl, you oversized monkey?" THis commment brought snickers from some of the people in the room.

The headmaster said, "Nicole, I will handle this. Butch, what have I told you about insulting the other students?" Butch replied, "Bite me, Asshole!" The headmaster raised a hand and struck Butch acroos the jaw. It made a destinctive smack. Butch said, "I am sorry, Headmaster Waston. I was angry and should not have said it." Alex found out later that Butch probably didn't mean it. He just said it so that he wouldn't get smacked again.

Butch replied, "Bite me, Asshole!" The headmaster raised a hand and struck Butch acroos the jaw. It made a destinctive smack. Butch said, "I am sorry, Headmaster Waston. I was angry and should not have said it." Alex found out later that Butch probably didn't mean it. He just said it so that he wouldn't get smacked again.] The headmaster dug through the box and found the bib that had the Little Mermaid on it. He said, "Ahh! Here it is." He pulled it out of the box and fastened it around Butch's nack. Another cafertirea worker brought Headmaster Waston a tray that had a few jars of baby food and a baby bottle on it. She handed the tray to the headmaster, and took the box of bibs. The headmaster sat the tray down on the highchair tray. He opened one of the jars and spoon feed it to Butch. After a couple of more forced spoonfulls and a few sips from the baby bottle, Headmaster Waston said, "Okay, you all can go back to your meals now." Every body turned their attention back to the tray that was in front of them. Everybody except for Alex. Nicole, and James both noticed that he was still watching the headmaster and Butch. They both kicked his chair. He turned and looked at them.

Nicole said, "Turn around and eat." Alex rotated his chair around so that he was facing the table. He continued eating his meal. He said, "I was wondering, what is with the table arangement?"

James replied, "It's simple. These table are for the "popular kids". Being in Kennedy makes you "cool". That far table over there," he points to a round table at the back of the room with seven guys sitting around it, "that's Butch's table. No one but Butch and his gang sits there. Butch carved his name into it the first day he was here. No one has dared to go near it since. Techicnally every table in here is for everybody to use, but the kids in Kennedy usaully end up at these tables and every one else ends up over there. Note that not every on on this side of the room is in Kennedy. Take me for example. I am in Washington Dorm, but I have friends in Kennedy. Mainly Nicole and Jess. That reminds me, Nicole, think you can do me a favor?" Nicole replied, "James, I have already told you that I can't get you into Kennedy. You might want to ask Alex." Alex said, "Me?" At the same time James said, "Him?" Nicole replied, "If they send Brian Lockley home or to another facility, there will be in opening in Alex's room. If Alex ask the headmaster to move you in there instead of sticking a newb in there, then the headmaster might consider it. I'm not gaurenting anything though." James replied, "Okay. Alex, will you do me a ..." Before James could even finished the sentece, Alex said, "If they send Brian Lockley home, I will ask the headmaster to move you into my room. Who is your curent roomate anyways?" James repled, "Butch. Which is why I am desperatley seeking better accomindations." Alex said, "I don't blame you. Who would want Butch for a roomate anways?" Nicole, Jess, and James replied in unision, "They would." They all pointed to Butch's gang. All four of them started laughing at this.

When they got done eating, all four stood up picked up their trays, and made their way towards the garbage cans. they threw thier trash away and put the trays on the conveor belt that lead to the kitchen. The exited the building. Standing outside of the building, Jess said, "I have to go. There is something I have to go take care of. James make this quick." James looked around. He said, "I don't see anybody. But there are a few lights on in the office." Nicole position herself inbetween the office and Jess and James. James said, "Alex, keep a look out." Alex nodded. He really didn't know what was going on, but he had an idea. He turned ever so sightly so that he could see if any one was coming across the courtyard. James said, "Either of you see any body?" Both Nicole and Alex replied with a negative. James leaned in and kissed Jess on the lips. He quickly pulled back, and took another look around just to make sur nobody saw them. He said, "Will you be at the dorm later?" Jess stood there for a second. Alex couldn't decide if she was thinking or wetting herself. Later he would find out that she had in fact done both. She said, "I don't know if I will make it back before eight-thirty." When she saw the look on Alex's face, she added, "Eight-thirty is when the heard everyone back to their dorms. It wouldn't do James any good to wait at our dorm if I may not even get back before eight-thirty. James, I'll see you tomorrow at breakfast." James replied, "Seeya! I guess we should swing by the infirmary just so that he can meet Brian Lockley. And find out which side of the room to use." James lead the way to the infirmary. When they got there one of the nurses said, "Can I help you?" Nicole said, "Is Brian Lockely still here?" The nurse replied, "He is in room three. Be warned. He has a roommate in there. It is Thimothy Walker." Nicole said, "Well, that complicates things a bit. Tim is a member of Butch's gang. Let me and James do all the talking." Alex replied, "Fine by me." The nurse lead them down the hall. She said, "Just you know, the doctor had to wire his jaw shut." The nurse entered the room. The three teens followed her.

Nicole said, "Hi, Brian, how are you feeling?" Brian picked up a pencile and a notebook. He wrote his response onto it. It said, "If you don't count the killer pain in my jaw, I am felling perfect. Ha. Ha. Ha. Who is this?" Nicole said, "Brian you remember Alex Johnson, don't you?" You asked the headmaster to switch him into your room, so that you wouldn't be stuck with a newby. Remember?" Brian realizing what was going on nooded in agreement. Nicole continued, "Well, anyways, we were wondering which side of the room do you use?" Brian again wrote his resopnse on the paper. It read, "Standing in the doorway, facing into the room, I use the crib and desk that are on the left. That means Alex should use the Ones on the right." Nicole said, "Thanks. Hope you feel better soon." The group left the infirmary. Nicole and Alex returned to Kennedy. James told them that he would see them in the moring and parted ways. Upon entering the dorm, Alex saw something on television that he wanted to watch. Nicole said that she wanted to talk some more and lead him upstairs.

Nicole got to her room and unlocked the door. She turned to look at Alex and said, "Grab your chair and bring it to the door." Nicole walked into her room, picked her chair up, and carried it to the doorway. A few seconds later Alex sat his in his door way. Nicole said, "Don't worry no body cares if we talk like this. No one should brother us either. One of the unoffical rules says that if you see two people siting in the hall having a private conversation, like we are about to, either go up to the next floor or go back down to the first floor." Nicole looks down the hall and pulls the front of her seat out into the hall some more.

"There, that's better. I can see the stairs, so hopefully anyone coming up it can see me. Earlier you asked me a few questions that I refused to answer at the time. Mainly because there were other peolpe within earshot when you asked. I don't want a lot of people on campus to know the answers to those questions. Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against James. It's just that he doesn't have the ability to keep a secert. Mainly because Butch likes to torture him." Alex said, "Okay, which question are you going to answer?" Nicole replied, "Those pills that I take are anti-depressants. That girl in the picture with me on my desk was my best friend. Her name was Sara Taylor. Four years ago, we were walking to school, when a tragedy happened. We were crossing through a crosswalk, when a drunk driver ran a Stop sign and hit Sara. She flew twenty something feet. I was outraged. I pulled the drunk out of the car he was driving, and beat the living daylights out of him. The next thing I know, I'm in the back of a cop car, the drunk is in an ambulance, and Sara is in a body bag. I was charced with assult and battery. The guy drives under the influence of alcohol, kills a person in the process, and I get charced assult and battery. That just isn't right. Anways, at my trail, my lawwer got a plea bargin. I plead guilty to assult, and instead of going to jail, Iwas sentenced here for "compasionate" correction and pshycolical guidence. It was after the gudge had sent me here that my lawwer found out what the words "compasionate" correction mean. Of corse I knew what it ment all along. My uncle is the headmaster here after all." Alex in total shocked said, " what?" Nicole said, "Headmaster Watson is my uncle. He is my mother's brother. Don't repeat that to any body. I don't want any one to say that Headmaster Watson is playing favorites. The only people who know are the headmaster, Jess, and myself." She turns and looks in the direction of the staircase, "You going to stand there all night or are you going to join us?" Jess walked the rest of the way up the stairs. As she was walking down the hall, she said, "How long did you know I was there?" Nicole replied, "As soon as you got there. I wasn't going to say anything, because I knew you were running interference for us. But now that I got through the part that I don't want any one to know, it comes down to telling Alex stuff that is common knowledge. So please, join us." Jess walked into the room. Nicole moved her chair completely into the hallway. Jess put her chair in the doorway. Nicole said, "So I came here. The first thing that happened to me when I got here was, I walked into Butch. He was walking by, I Was pulling my bag out of the van, I took one too many steps backwards and hit him. He was like, 'Hey, watch were you're going NEWB!!!' I was like, 'I'm sory. it was an acceident.' He was like, 'Well, just make sure that it doesn't happen again.' I replied, 'Okay.' He was like, 'Hey, we have this dance in like a few weeks. Seeing as you're new here, you obviously don't have a date yet. So how about you go with me?' I was like, 'I think I'll pass.' Then Butch was like, 'Nobody rejects me, nobody!' he stormed off muttering something to himself. We haven't gotten along since." Headmaster Watson came up the stairs, and said, "Ahh, there you are. Nicole, please come with me." Nicole stood up and walked down the hall. They both dissappeared down the stairs.

Alex stood up and walked over to Jess, who was still sitting in the dorrway. He said, "Is she in trouble? Was it because of me?" Jess stood up, grabbed the chair Nicole had been sitting in, and carried it into the room. While she was doing this she said, "Don't worry. You couldn't get her into trouble if you tried. It just means that her parents are here to pick her up. Her sister is getting married in a few months. Nicole has to get fitted for her dress tommorrow. Don't worry, she'll be back by Monday. And James and I will still be here all weekend." Just then Mrs. White came up the stairs. She walked up to Alex, and said, "Mr. Johnson." Alex turned to face her and said, "Yes, Mrs. White." Mrs. White said, "You need to go into your dorm room and gather up all of the property that belongs to Brian Lockley, and bring it to me." Alex said, "What's going on?" Mrs. White replied, "Brian Lockley's parents no longer think that he is safe here. They have decided to transfer him to another facility. Now, please gather up all of Mr. Lockley's personal property." Alex walked into his room. He walked over to the closet, and opened it. He found the suitcase that belonged to Brian and started filling it with the clothes that were in the closet. Alex knew that all these clothes belonged to Brian because his were still in his suitcase. Alex emptied the contents of Brian's desk into the suitcase as well. He took the stuff that was in the crib last. He zipped the suitcase, carried it out to the hall, and handed it to Mrs. White. Mrs. White took the suitcase and walked down the stairs.

Alex said, "How to I get the headmaster too talk to me?" Jess said, "You are actually going to do it? You are going to see if the headmaster can transfer James to this dorm so that he can be in your room?" Alex said, "That was what James asked me to do. Wasn't it?" Jess replied, "Yes it is. I could hug you, but I'm not for mutliple reasons. One if any one sees us, we will get in trouble. Two if James found out that I hugged you, it will just start an agrument that would be better to avoid all together. Oh, and don't tell James until you find out what the headmaster's answer is. It would be best not get his hopes up. I will take you to see the headmaster after breakfast tommorrow." Just then a women that had to still be in her late twenties, possibably her early thirties, came up the stairs. She had a file folder in her hand, she was looking through it. She approaced Alex and said, "Are you Alex Johnson?" Alex replied, "Yes I am. And you are?" The women extened her hand and said, "I'm Mrs. Matthews. I'm your conselor. If you ever need to talk my door is always open." An anoncement came over the P.A. system. It said, "Ten minutes until lights out. All students that need to be changed report to the first floor desk at this time. I repeat, Ten minutes until lights out. All students that need to be changed please report to the first floor desk. Thank you." Jess said, "Have you wet your's yet?" Alex replied, "I haven't had to go yet. Truth be told I used the bathroom at the bus station, just before the van got there. When do we get to take a shower? And where are they?" Jess replied, "Wake up call is at six A.M. The showers are in the last room on the left. be warned the room is co-ed, because the dorm is co-ed. They start severing breakfast at seven. They stop at eight. Nicole, James, and myself are always in the breakfast line by seven -forty-five. You can take a shower between six and seven-thiry. Well, I need to go get changed, because I have already wet this diaper twice. See you in the morning." Alex replied, "See you later." Jess walked down the hall towards the stairs. Alex walked into his room and laid, down in his crib. He feel asleep thinking about how weird his day had been. This was differently The weirdest correctional facility that Alex had ever been in.

Durring the night, Alex woke up, and at first was disoreinted. He quickly remembered where he was. He sat up in his crib and realized that he hed to pee. He very carefully flooded his diaper. While he was wetting his diaper there was a knock on his door. Alex climbed out of bed and walked over to the door. He opened it and was somewhat surprised to see Jess standing threre. He said, "Hey Jess, you know it's one o'clock in the morning, don't you?" Jess looked up at him. She was clearly crying. She said, "Can we talk?" Alex said, " Yeah, I guess. What's up?" Jess replied, "I had a bad dream." Alex said, "Is that it? People have bad dreams all the time." Alex looked over Jess' shoulder and remembered that Nicole wasn't there. He continued, "If you tell me about it, maybe I can help you through it" Jess replied, "It was about my father. In my dream, he found out where I was, came got me and took me home." Alex said, "Well to most people that wouldn't be so bad. In fact a lot of people probably wish that would happen to them. But let me guess, your father is the reason why you are here. He did something that he wasn't supposed to do, something to you, like beat or molested you. You told your mom, she called the cops, and your dad went to jail. How close to the truth am I?" Jess replied, "Did Nicole or James tell you? Because I know that none of the conselors would have told you. And the only way that some one could know what happened to me is if some one told you. I know that in the short time that you were here yesterday, I spent even less time with you. I know that I didn't tell you, so the question is who told you?" Alex said, "Wait, That's what actually happened to you? I was just taken a radom shot in the dark. I promise you that no one told me. Where is your dad now?" Jess said, "He should still be in prison. At least I hope he is still in prison. He was sentenced to no less then ten years and it's only been five." Alex replied, "See you dad is still in jail. They wouldn't let him out early. And if he escaped, which I doubt he did, they would catch him before he got here. As long as you are at this school you are safe." Jess said, "What about when I leave campus?" Alex thought about the answer to this for a few seconds then said, "Don't worry. The conselors won't let anything happen to you. Plus you have friends that will protect you. There's Nicole, and James, and myself. I know the three of us will protect you. I don't know if any one else will or not. Besides if any one came here and tried to do something to the students, they would have to get past Butch and his gang first." Both Alex and Jess started to laugh at this. Several students were awaken by their laughter. The students that were interested in finding out who was making all that noise, stuck their heads out of their doors. Upon seeing Jess and Alex in the hallway most of them went back to bed.

Alex said, "It was just a bad dream. Go back to bed." Jess turned to go to her room. Alex thought about something , then said, "Hey Jess, when's your birthday?" Jess replied, "Arpil 19. Why?" Alex replied, " No reason. Just wondering. Now, can you please allow me to go back to sleep?" Jess said, "Okay. See you in the morning." Jess turned and walked back into her room. Alex stood there for a few seconds after she closed the door, then closed his door and climbed back into his crib.

When Alex closed his door, the few students that were watching the conversation between the two of them, went back into their rooms.

At six o'clock, a female voice came over the P.A. system. It said, "The time is nw six o'clock. Time for all the nice little boys and girls to get up and start a new day." Alex climbed out of his crib, and walked over to the door. He opened it and was surprised to see Jess standing in the hall wearing nothing but a towel. He said, "Hey." Jess replied, "Good morning. Get undressed. No body takes any clothes into the shower room. There is a trash can in there that you can put that wet diaper in. When you get done showering, go down stairs and get diapered, then come back up stairs and get dressed." Alex removed his shirt and socks and threw them in the laundary basket. He grabbed a towel out of his suitcase. He followed Jess to the shower room.

When they walked into the room some one reconized Jess and allowed both her and Alex to get in front of him. Alex wrapped the towel around his waist, undid the diaper and threw it into the garbage can. Jess reached under her towel and removed her diaper as well. After about a minute, a shower opened up and Alex allowed Jess to take it. A few seconds later, another one opened and Alex climbed into it. He closed the curtian, pulled the towel off and hung it on the towel rack, and turned the water on. After finishing his shower and drying off, he exited the shower stall. Jess was standing there waiting on him.

Jess said, "Took you long enough. Let's go." Jess walked out of the room. Alex followed her. They walked downstairs and got in line to be diapered. Due to the fact that the line was not that long, and both Mrs. White and Mrs. Mathews were both diapering students, Alex and Jess were quickly diapered and dressed. They made their way to the cafertieria for breakfast. James meet them there. They ate breakfast together. When they were done James and Jess finished showing Alex around campus.

Jess led Alex to the headmaster's office. The secertary greeted them. Jess told her that Alex had something he wanted to ask the headmaster. The secertary told them that the headmaster was busy at the moment, and they could either wait or come back later. They decided to wait. After a few minutes the secetary buzzed the office. She told the headmaster, via intercom, that Alex was there to see him.The headmaster told her to send him in. Alex walked into the headmasters office, closed the door behind him, and sat down in one of the chairs on the opposite side of the desk from the headmaster.

Headmaster Waston said, "What can I do for you today, Alex?" Alex replied, "Well, I have a few favors to ask of you. First, I was told that if there was a vacancy in my room that I could request that you transfer one of the guys from another dorm into my room, instead of puting another newb in there. If this is true then I request that you move James Rocket into my room. Second, do you know what a dream catcher is?" Headmaster Waston replied, "You mean those things the Native Americans use to ward off bad dreams and evil spirits?" Alex said, "That is exactly what I mean. Are students allowed to have them in their rooms?" Headmaster Waston replied, "I don't belive that they are covered in the forbiden objects rules. Why do you ask? Are you having bad dreams?" Alex said, "It's not for me. One of my friends is having bad dreams. I want to give it to her so that maybe she won't have any more." Headmaster Waston replied, "You mean Jess don't you? I heard that the two of you were having a conversation in the hall at one in the morning. I was wondering what she could possibly be talking to you about at one in the morning. Then I realized that Nicole was temporarly off of campus. And you are the only other person in Kennedy that she even talks to. In case you haven't figured it out already, Jess, James, and Nicole are not very socible.They keep to themselves more often then most. I was shocked when Nicole asked to go to the bus station to meet you. She never does that. I was even more surprised when they asked you to sit with them at supper yesterday. The three of them never let any one else sit with them. Now if one of them is gone, for any reason, the other two might ask some one to sit with them. If for any reason only one of them is on campus at meal time then that one sits with other people. Anyways, I will consider your request to move James Rocket into your room. Though I don't know how to aquire a dream catcher."

Alex replied, "Well, my sister has one that she hasn't use in a while. I could call her and ask her if could send it to me. Would that be allowed?" Headmaster Waston replied, "You understand that I can not allow you to use the phone at this time. The phone is restriced. It would not be fair if I allowed a newb to use the phone and made everybody else earn the right to use it. But I will tell you what I will do. I have your file here. I could call your house and talk to your sister for you. I can't promise that she will agree to send it, but I will try." He looked at Alex's file and continued, "Which sister were you talking about?" Alex said, "Katie. I gave it to her after our dog ran a way. I don't think she has used it scince we got a new one. If you asked her on my behalf, I'm sure she would send it. Actually, knowing her, she would probably talk my parents into bringing her here so that she could hand dilever it.I'm guessing that wouldn't be allowed though. As to why they took a liking to me. I think it might have something to do with the fact that my dad is a defense attorney. i know that Nicole read my file before I came. I beleive that is how I ended up in Kennedy. She saw my last name, looked in my file annd found out who my dad was. I didn't reaconize her at first. But after hearing her story about why she is here, I realized that my dad had defended her four years ago. My dad convinced the judge to send her here. I don't know if she told Jess and James. But I know she knows. Well, that's all I wanted to talk to you about Headmaster Waston." Headmaster Waston replied, "Please, just call me headmaster. Every body else does. Well except the staff. They call me Mr. Waston. But the students just call me headmaster. If you don't want to look like a newb, try to act like everybody else." Alex stod up and said, "Thank you, Headmaster." Alex turned and walked out of the office.

Jess was waiting for him. She said, "Took you long enough. Let's go. it is almost noon. Which means lunch time. I sent James to get us a spot in line. No one cares if we cut line when there is one of us in line. A lot of people do care if all three.... I guess I should start saying four... if all four of us cut line. If we walk up a group and try to cut, people get mad. If one of us gets in line, and the rest join him or her, then no one really complains. So let's go." Jess and Alex left the office and made their way to the lunch line. The found out that James had gotten there early enough to be close to the front of the line. Alex and Jess joined him in line.

James said, "So what did you have to talk to the headmaster about anyways?" Alex replied, "Oh, it was nothing important." During lunch, Butch walked up to their table and said, "And just where is her highness this afternoon?" Her highness was another nickname Butch had given Nicole.

Jess said, "I really don't think that is any of your concern, Butch. Now be a good boy, and leave us alone." Butch replied, "I will do what I dam well please." Headmaster Waston said, "Marlin "Butch" Reed! How many times do I have to tell you not to use profanity." Butch turns and sees the headmaster standing close by. He turns back to Jess and said, "We will finish this later." Butch turned and left the table.

Headmaster Waston walked over to the table and said, "Mr. Johnson, I have taken care of both things that you asked me to do for you. I had no problem convincing your sister to send the item you asked for. I then completed all of the nessecary paperwork. I took a chance that you would still be in here, and I was lucky. Now, do you want to tell your friend the good news. Or should I do it?" Alex replied, "That's okay headmaster. He should hear it from me. James, quess what? Last nite just before lights out I was informed that Brian Lockley was being transfered to a different facility. Which means there is in opening in my room. This morning I went to ask the headmaster if he could transfer you into the room. He said, that he would think about it. I then left his office. Jess and I then caught up to you here. Seeing as how he just said that he completed the paperwork, I'm guessing that he decided to transfer you into my room. Which means we are going to be roommates. That is correct isn't it? we are going to be roommates, aren't we?" Headmaster Waston replied, "Yes, you are correct in asuming that the two of you are going to be roomates." James, Alex, and Jess shouted, "Yes!" James stood up and said, "Hey, Butch." Butch turned and looked at him. James continued, "There is something I have been meaning to tell you for a long time. Now that we are no longer roommates, I can say it without fear of pain. BITE ME, You Overgrown Monkey!!!" Butch was furious about this comment, but with the headmaster standing nearby, Butch was not about to act on his anger.

Jess realized that Butch was some what pacified by the pressence of the headmaster, stood up, and said, "While you at it. You can Bite Me too, you Overgrown Monkey!" Alex realizing that it wouldn't be any fun if he remained quiet at this point, stood up and said, "Hey Monkey, want a banana?" Nicole, who had just walked in, at that very moment said, "What's the matter? Do all of these big words give the Overgrown Monkey a headache? Fine, then I'll make it easy for you. Monkey see, Monkey do!" Nicole started making monkey calls. James hopped up onto the table and also started making monkey sounds.

Jess looked over at Alex, and said, "You in?" Alex replied by putting the banana in his mouth and climbing a nearby support beam. Jess couldn't help but laugh while she watched Alex climb the support beam the same way some monkeys climb trees. Jess turned her attention back to Butch. She bent over at the waist, bent her knees a little and placed her nuckles on the floor. She started making monkey noises just like the rest of them.

The Headmaster said, "Welcome to the planet of the apes." This comment made every student in the room go nuts. They all started making monkey noises. Butch and his gang, realizing that they could not possibly take on the entire school, left the room in in angry fit. The students continued making monkey noises for a few minutes after Butch left.

As the room was calming down, Nicole walked over to the table that James, Jess, and Alex were sitting. She sat down with them.

Jess said, "Welcome back. Perfect timing by the way." Nicole said, "Yeah I noticed. I'm glad you were still in here. If you weren't here, I may heave not been able to find you." Alex said, "The headmaster came in and told me something. We were about to leave when the headmaster came over here. He told us that James would be transfered into my room. Then James told Butch to bite him. I think you came in around there so I won't go any further." Jess said, "Alex, what was the other thing that the headmaster mentioned? Something about your sister sending you something." Alex said, "Don't worry about it. It isn't important right now. Are you guys ready to leave?" The other three noded their consent. Alex picked up his tray and stood up. Jess and James picked theirs up as well. They took their trays to the kitchen and handed them to the cafertieria workers. All four of them left the cafertieria.

Alex said, "So, now what do we do?" James replied, "You come with me and help me move my stuff to your room." All four went to Washington Dorm. They walked inside and up the stairs. James went into his room. Alex followed him in. The girls stood in the hall. James threw some things into a suitcase, and handed it to Jess. Alex took the stuff that was in James' desk and threw them in a box. He handed the box to Nicole. James grabbed his clothes out of the closet. Alex grabbed the clothes in James' dresser. The four of them quickly left the dorm and made their way over to Kennedy Dorm.

When they got to Alex's room, he said, "That's your side over there." James sat all of his stuff in his crib and said, "I'll put it away later. Is that okay with you?" Alex replied, "You kidding, I haven't even unpacked yet." The four of them laugh about this.

Jess said, "I have yo go. I have a paper due monday. And I haven't finished it yet. I'll be in the library if you need me." James said, "You need any help?" Jess replied, "Now, you know you can't help me with my homework." James said, "I wasn't talking about your homework. I was talking about the fact that we just pulled a planet of the apes on Butch. You know he is upset by this. When he finds us, he will want revenge. So how about I come with you?" Jess replied, "James, I'm a big girl. I can take care of myself. Besides, Butch wouldn't try anything in the library. It is way too public for Butch's taste. You would think that when he does try to get even with us, he wouldn't want any witnesses. If some one saw Butch attacking us, they would report it to the conselors.

" Nicole said, "It's settled. We all go to the libary. James makes a good point. When Butch finds us, and he will, he will want vengence. It would be better if we were not a lone. Besides, there is something at the libary that I want to show Alex." Jess said, "Nicole, are you going to show him our secert getaway spot? You told me not to tell anybody about it. And now you are going to show him. This is truely unbelievible. Are you doing this because you like him? Or are you doing it because of who his father is?" Nicole relied, "Jess, I am doing it because he is my friend. The truth is I don't know how I fell about him. It has nothing to do with Alex's father." James said, "Wait I'm confused. Jess, why would you think that Alex's father would have any affect on how Nicole treats Alex? For that matter, how would Nicole even know Alex's father? Third, who is Alex's father, and what does he do?" Alex replied, "James, my father is a defense attorney. He has been practicing for over twenty years now. Four years ago, he took the case of an young girl that beat the living daylights out of a drunk that ran a stop sign and killed a girl. During the trail my dad heard about this school for troubled teens. My father convince the judge that sending his client to this school would be for the best for every body concerned. The judge agreed and sentenced the young girl to attend N.A.S.T.T. The girl knew that this place would be better then jail and agree to come here." Nicole said, "How long have you known?" Alex said, "About three seconds after you told me why you were here. What you didn't realize is that, I was in the court room that day. I was waiting for my father. He were leaving for our family vaction that day. My dad said that he couldn't leave until the judge reached a vertic. the funny thing is, if my dad hadn't took your case four years ago, I wouldn't be here now. The only reason we knew this place even exsisted was because you told my dad about it. When I was arrested for stealing that car, my dad took my case and convinced the judge to send me here. I am lucky that the judge agreed. If he hadn't I would be in a maxium security juvineil detinion center. The joyride was strike three. When we were in the van, I thought that I reconized you. I wasn't sure until you told me why you were here. That reminds me. Thank you for telling my dad about this place. I realize that my time here won't be a walk in the park, but it would be easier then spending time in jail." James said, "Okay. Let's go, shall we? Though I do have to say it is nice to finally know why Nicole is here. Well the entire reason anyways. Wait, you said that your father was a defense attorney?" Alex replied, "Were you not paying attention or do you just want me to repeat it for you?" James said, "His name wouldn't happen to be Steven Johnson, would it?" Alex said, "That's right. Why? Did he defend you as well?" James replied, "As a matter of fact, Yes, he did. It's kind of weird if you think about it. Three people from New York, all ending up at the same school because they all had the same defense attorney." Jess said, "James, you mean four people. Alex's father was also my defens attorney." Alex said, "I think half the kids from New York that are enrolled here had my dad as a defnse attorney. Though Nicole has probably read their files, so she could tell us for sure." Nicole said, "Alex, keep your voice down. No one is suppose to know that I read the files of every student that comes here. I am not technicly allowed to read them. The only reason the headmaster allows me to do it is because I tell him what dorm to put people in. This works great because I always put the newbs in a position that allows them to make friends easily. So are we going to the libary or not?" Jess said, " I have been waiting for the three of you to shut up and start walking for ten minutes now. Any longer and I was going to leave you standing here." Jess turned and walked down the hallway. The other three caught up to her and walked with her to the library. They were laughing all the way to it.

As the four of them were walking to the library, they ran into Butch and his gang. Butch said, "Oh, look it's my four least favorite people. The little girl, the brat, the sissy, and the uh......who are you? Oh wait, now I remember you are the person that asked if I wantd a banana. Funny I never saw you before yesterday. Why is that? You wouldn't happen to be newb, would you? How is it that a newb hooked up with these three people? You three think what you said at lunch was funny? Better question, did you think you were going to get away with it?" Alex replied, "Actually, it was pretty funny. As for getting away with it, we knew that you would want to retalate. Come on Butch, take a swing at me. You know you want to." Butch said, "Get this strait newb, if I wasn't planning to beat the brians out of your friends, I wouldn't even hesitate to give you a proper welcome to the school. But like I said, I have prior plans that have to be taken care of. Now, move aside, Newb!" Alex replied, "IF you want to get to my friends, you'll have to go through me." James said, "Alex, are you sure you want to do this? Once you start down this path, there is no going back." Alex said, "What kind of person would I be if when my friends get into trouble and need me the most, I turn tail nd run? Your three are the only people that have even said more than five words to me scince I got here. I'm staying, if it's all the same to you." James replied, "Okay, you have made up your mind, I won't try to stop you." Butch said, "You guys are breaking my heart. Not! Are you tweps ready to get pounded into oblivion?" Alex looked at Nicole. Nicole nodded in agreement. Alex took a fighting pose and said, "Come on then. I think it is only fair that I warn you. I have a black belt in several of the martial arts, including karate, and judo." Butch swung at Alex. Alex grabbed Butch's arm and twisted it. In one quick motion, Butch was on his knees screaming in pain. Alex was stainding behind him holding Butch's arm. Alex said, "You know, if I truely wanted to, I could have already broken your arm? If you ever mess with my friends or myself again, I will be forced to take more drastic messures. Understand?" Butch nodded in agreement. Alex let go of Butch's arm. Butch stood up and backed away from where Alex was standing. Butch said, "This isn't over. Mark my words, you will all live to regret this day." Butch turned and walked off. His gang followed him.

Alex and his friends made their way over to the library. They went inside. Jess went over to the encyclopedias. James followed her. Nicole lead Alex upstairs. She lead him to a door on the third floor that said storage. She looked around to make sure there was no one nearby. When she was satisfied that there was no one on the third floor, she unlocked the door marked storage. Nicole and Alex quickly went thgrough the door and closed it behind them. Nicole lead Alex up the final flight of stairs to the roof. She lead him to a bench that was sitting there. They sat down on the bench. Alex realized that they could see the enitre campus from there. Nicole seeing the look on Alex's face said, "Yeah, it is beutiful isn't it? I come here whenever I feeling sad or upset. We're not supposed to know about it. None of the other students even know about it. Jess, James, and myself are the only students that even have keys to the door downstairs. It took us forever to get this bench up here. The headmaster is still trying to figure out how I got up here the first time, and how I got a key to the door. Oh yeah, that reminds me. Here is your key." nicole reached into her purse and pulled out a key that looked identical to the one she used to unlock the door to storage with. She continued, "I had it made while I was off campus this morning. Hey, my sister is getting married in a few months and I was wondering if you would like to go to the wedding. It would get you off of campus for a few days. Your probational peiod should be finished before we have to leave. So do you want to go?" Alex said, "What like a date or something?" Nicole started to bluss at this. She said, "No just as friends. I've already invited both Jess and James. But now that I think about it, I would feel like a third wheel. With you there it won't feel so akward. Don't worry I'll convince the headmaster to give you a pass for those few days if you agree to go. So do you want to go or not?" Alex thought about the situation for a minute. He could go and be with Nicole, or he he could stay on campus by himself. If he stayed on campus, Butch would probably try something while Alex didn't have any kind of support. Alex said, "I have to go. If I don't it would give Butch and his gang the chance to get back at me. Besides, I think I would miss you too much if I didn't go." This comment made Nicole blush again. Alex said, "UH... I mean I would miss having you around if you went and I stayed." Nicole said, "Alex, are you attracted to me?" Alex said, "Well, I really don't want to admit it because I just met you. But yes, I am attracted to you. How can I not be? You are very beautiful." Alex realized that he was blushing.

Nicole stood up, leaned foward and kissed Alex on the check. Nicole left Alex sitting on the roof of the library.


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