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Nothing Special

It was Wednesday, a nothing special day. Dee woke and stretched and looked at the clock. My God, it was almost 9:15 am already. Daddy's side of the bed was empty, and he was long gone, for sure. He was juggling so many things these days that he was the proverbial chicken with his head cut off. Turning of the alarm was, I guess, his way of saying "one of us should get caught up on sleep". Dee smiled. He was always thinking of her and she treasured knowing that.

Dee showered quickly, pulled on jeans and the shirt she wore at home to sew in, and headed down to the studio, stopping in the kitchen only long enough to make a tea before getting down to work. Checking the fridge she saw that he had taken the lunch she threw together for him, and a note on the counter said "Thanks hon... there will be a surprise later"

What a terrific way to start the day. She loved his surprises... always devious, always thought out, and always always sexy. She resisted the urge to phone him to hear his voice, knowing that to pull his mind away would cost him dearly in getting his focus back, and it was a crucial time while he put all his ducks in a row.

Dee mulled over which project to throw herself into, and checked the computer.. Wait... there was an envelope stuck to the screen.

"Today, I wish you to comply with my requests without question." Oh my, she smiled. Then laughed to herself... his request could be to please clean the damn house, and get the laundry finished! Well, she'd do that anyhow. Doing a quick ransack of the house, she collected all his and hers things and stuffed the washer full. The machine started humming.

Entering the downstairs bathroom she was surprised to find the toilet seat down with some things laid neatly on top, along with another note.

"Daddy wishes you to wear this, and only this, while you work today. There were 3 diapers, 2 pairs of plastic pants, and a pink tee shirt that said "Daddy's Little Girl" on it. Dee pondered for a moment - I have so much to do today my love - I'm not sure my head's in this place right now. But then she rethought things


he's been so busy lately, that if he's making this effort, I sure as hell didn't want to disappoint him. And one of the essential things about exchanging power is the knowledge that 100% joyful compliance makes it all worth it and that each partner is playing by the rules, alone or not. Ok, it's a baby day.

Dee quickly shed her jeans, and donned the first diaper, grateful that he had at least left her changes. She changed into the tee, and felt that 'something' settle over her. It was like his protection, his love, his attention like a warm blanket. As close to 'subspace' as she'd ever imagined. Now, looking quite baby-fied, she returned to her studio, catching a glimpse of herself in the long mirrors placed for customers to check her work.

As she started to sew, she felt the first water leaking from her. Why was it, that a diaper immediately made her incontinent??? Why did that little protective padding have an immediate psychic effect of her letting go? She felt the warmth spread over her pussy, and her clit twitch ever so slightly. Down girl! Back to work.

Knowing that if she wanted to enjoy her baby time she had to get ahead with her projects, Dee applied herself steadily for the next hour. Every so often, she felt the renewed warmth in her diapers, and it was like hearing him whisper "I love you" each time.

The rest of the morning passed quickly, and by noon Dee stopped to change her now sodden diaper. Quickly it disappeared into a plastic bag and into the trash. She bathed herself, applied lotion, and was ready to begin again. Just about to settle back at her desk, Dee was startled to hear the front door open. Wasn't it locked? She was never in diapers without taking that precaution, but she assumed he had locked it when he left for work. Oh God. She looked around wildly for something to shield her obvious situation. Seeing the hoop skirt she was working on closest, she began to wrap it quickly to conceal the diaper. The tee shirt was going to have to survive on its own.

Hello? She called out. No one answered. What a predicament. She couldn't very well sashay to the door like this. She heard the front door lock, and quietly, Daddy stepped into the room. He looked awfully serious.

"I thought I left you explicit instructions little one! Did you not think I was serious?"

Dropping the skirt, revealing her diapers, she mumbled... no Daddy, of course I did. He broke into the smile she loved so much.

"Come here babydoll. Daddy came home to have lunch with you."

He pulled her close and kissed her long and deep, letting his hands roam over her diaper.

"Is baby wet?"

"Not right now, Daddy, but I just changed."

"That's ok, we have all afternoon pet. I cleared up some things and wanted to feel my little girl." As he said it, he ran his finger down her jaw, then over her lips. It made her quiver.

Come sit down. I picked up lunch for us. He handed over a bag... ooooooooh, Chinese take out? He pulled off his tie, and unbuttoned his shirt and sat on the couch, more relaxed than he'd been in days.

"I had a fantastic day so far, and decided to make it better. Come over here baby". She went quickly to him, and knelt beside him on the floor. He frowned mockingly..

"so baby is dry. Tsk, can't have that. Fetch us both some water." Dee scooted to the kitchen retrieving bottled water, plates, forks... and settled back down with him. She went to open the bags, but Daddy stopped her.

"No little one, I will feed us". He filled only one plate, and began to eat, and feed her in alternating turns. She felt cherry sauce drip on her chin and moved to wipe it off.

"No!" he said quite loudly.

"You're not getting this. Daddy will clean you up later.." and he leaned over to lick the sauce off her chin himself. Dee felt her nipples hardening.

"I want you to sit on your hands and do as you're told". Dee complied automatically, marveling at how easily she could obey this man. How much she wanted to obey him and please him.

The meal seemed to take hours... and he talked quietly about small things, office things, work things, as if it was totally normal to be feeding his grown up baby girl. Dee became quiet, grounded, and compliant in minutes, forgetting anything but this. Normally the one to take over a conversation, and direct the flow, she felt somehow "simpler". She just wanted to be in the moment. In that same relaxed state, she felt her body let go some more, and her diaper was wet. She must have flinched, because he stopped for a moment... and reached down to cup her plastic pussy. He nuzzled her hair, and kissed her temples in approval, but said nothing about it.

The meal over, he let out a satisfied belch, which made her giggle, and then commanded her to come and sit on his lap. She complied happily, and snuggled into his neck, smelling him, feeling his strong arms around her. His hand roamed slowly under her tee, and felt her hardened nipples, making her moan softly.

"Is baby ok?" he asked, and she murmered, "yes Daddy". He sat up suddenly and grabbed the phone, lying on the coffee table. He punched in the numbers that put the phone on "Do not disturb", which she knew meant they were alone in this magical little world.

"I want my baby all to myself today" was all he said.

His kisses were more earnest now, and his fingers trailed the edges of the elastic of her panties. She moved her legs to accommodate him more fully, and ached for his fingers to find their way inside. Oh God yes... As he teased her, he whispered...

"Show Daddy who you are, baby." And she responded by letting her bladder empty... trickling hotly over his fingers. It was his turn to let out that sound that lovers make... not a grunt, not a sigh, not a moan exactly.. but a noise that said ...

"fuck yes! I want this. Thank you" all jumbled up together.

Pushing her back on the sofa, he moved over her, raising her tee, and he grasped each nipple ring in his fingers.

"You know, " he said, "Babies don't have this kind of hardware", and she laughed back and said...

"yours does my wonderful Daddy". He lowered his mouth and suckled, tugging at the rings, and making her body let down again. She was so wet.. slick with pussy juice, and warm with pee.

She lay back passively, as she knew he liked, and waited. Knowing eventually, his mouth would work its way down to her core. She could hear his belt buckle being undone, and his shirt being pulled from his shoulders, though he hardly missed a beat on her breasts and midriff. Then came a surprise... she felt his cock slip inside one leg of her diaper, and as he leaned over to cup her face to his mouth, he said quite roughly...

"I have to piss and I don't want to leave you just now." She felt his stream start to flood her belly, her cunt, and her ass, almost making her orgasm right on the spot. She whimpered loudly, and clutched his shoulders. He grabbed her hair, and he bit her lip... getting rougher but pushing her to the edge even more.

"Baby likes that, doesn't she?" All Dee could do was whimper and nod, feeling her own fluids join his. Now drained, his cock was hard, and insistent.

He undid one side of her diaper, moving it away from his target. His fingers continued to massage her pussy, and she began to ride his hands, making those silly animal noises that she had no control over.

"Yes my love. Yes". He lowered his mouth again, and while sorry to feel the pressure of his cock taken away, the feel of his mouth was to die for. Finding a man who loved her scents... the woman, the baby, the sophisticated, and the wet... never ceased to make her feel like she'd won the lottery.

He licked enthusiastically, and she felt herself explode in his mouth. Not just the little waves of pleasure that come from such ministrations, but the eyeballs-rolling-back-in-the-head ones. Usually, Daddy waited for her to stop the shivers and the quivering, but this time, he rose up quickly and thrust his cock inside her. He held her head and her hair, and bit her neck while he fucked her deeply. It wasn't long before he exploded too, but that was ok... good in fact. She loved the feeling of being slick with his cum. The knowledge that she had taken all of him now. Been marked as "His" with his piss, his cum, his spit. How primitive. How glorious. How impossible to ever explain.

Dee lay there for a moment in a sweaty euphoria. His fingers trailed her pussy, still swollen and over sensitive. She jerked under his touch, but he leaned in, cooing softly, "it's ok, baby... it's ok. My baby is just fine, and just wonderful."

Pulling away, Daddy stood up, pulling his clothes together, and helped Dee to her feet. The diaper fell away, and she bent down to scoop it up. A resounding smack hit her ass and she jumped.

"Go little one. Bring a fresh diaper, and be ready for me again in 2 hours. Daddy has a big appetite for you today and I intend to take that lovely ass up close and personal."

Dee scampered away happily, her mind reeling with the possibilities. It was Sooooooo nice to see Daddy happy. Wednesday's would never be the same.

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